Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 3 up )

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Re: Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 2 up

Post by bradpara » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:01 pm

Thank you to everyone who has given constructive criticism. Thanks to Scissors for proof reading for me. I hope to get Ch. 3 up some time this weekend. I also might have some other project starting, including a crossover
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Re: Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 2 up

Post by themocaw » Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:39 pm

. . . oh god.

Shizune's not pregnant. She has cancer!!! You're going to kill her!

All kidding aside, doing well. Looking forward to the next part.

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Re: Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 2 up

Post by bradpara » Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:12 pm

Sorry for the schedule slip, I hope to have the next chapter up sometime this, it has been tough going due it taking place in what is "slow" part of the story.
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Re: Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 3 up

Post by bradpara » Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:19 am

I know, I've been bad, but here's Chapter 3

Eri Nakai was a rather tired and bored little girl. This is understandable considering that fact that she had spent ten hours flying over the Pacific Ocean, and while she had music, books and even assorted games with her parents to keep her entertained, there was only so much that one could do to keep an eight year old preoccupied. Especially if that eight year old was Shizune’s daughter.

When Japan Airlines flight #1412 touched down at Honolulu International Airport, Eri Nakai was relived that it was finally over. Several hundred passengers, who shared the same sentiments, slowly rose from their seats. The three of them slowly made their way though the aisles of the plane and towards the jet way. When they were emerged they were treated to a scene that would have been most familiar to anyone that ever saw any TV program with a Hawaii episode, ever, men and women in tacky shirts with floral designs and leis playing ukuleles placing lei, Hawaii flower necklaces on incoming passengers. Eri thought it was pretty fun and even turned to her parents to tell them how pretty hers was. Hisao and Shizune (who being more worldly considered it to be unbearably tacky) told her that they both knew how nice her leiwas because they got the same one. With that, the Nakai family made their way towards customs.

When they arrived at the customs desk, an extraordinarily plain looking man promptly asked the Nakais to hand over their passports. Upon doing so he looked over everyone’s information and than towards Hisao.

“Welcome to the United States, Mr. Nakai” the customs agent said in passable but slightly accented Japanese. “If you would like, we could bring in a Japanese Sign Language interpreter for your wife in order to make this process go more quickly.”

“That shall be fine, sir” Hisao replied. “I am very fluent in sign language myself and can handle translating anything that you need to ask her.”



“Duration of stay?”

“Two Weeks”

“Do you have anything to declare?”

“Yes, I have some prescription medications” He said producing both his pills and the list his doctor prepared, translated into English.”

“What is the reason you are taking these medications?”

“Chronic Arrhythmia” Hisao replied has the customs officer looked over his pills. Shizune was standing over his shoulder looking on with a mixture of boredom and even mild anger. The idea of her husband being forced to talk about his condition to a complete stranger was something that annoyed her greatly. However Hisao himself seemed to be taking it stride, even dutifully handing over his doctor’s note to him.

After some time, the Nakais made it though customs and cleared to enter the United States. Eri found the whole thing extremely boring.

The drive from the airport to the beach house was actually rather short, taking at most about 20 minutes. Eventually, they arrived at a two story light blue house with a green roof that looked very much like it was made of sheet metal standing at the edge of a beach. They went to park in the garage only to find that there was already another car parked there. As Hisao pulled in and his family climbed out of the car he turned to his wife and began to sign.

[Who do you think that is?] He asked, [the caretaker?]

Shizune than shook her head [No,] she replied [My father told me that he usually leaves the house within 24 hours knowing that guest are arriving. ]

[Well then is it him?] Hisao asked with a harshness in his signing betraying an almost reflexive anger at the very though of dealing with his father in law.

[He said that he had a business meeting in Manila this week]

[Well then, who?]

Shizune gave a hard snap of her fingers that made both her husband and daughter visibly flinch. [My Dear Husband, you can be as bad as my cousin Eru sometimes. If it was really someone that did not have any business here would they really have parked in the garage where everyone could see….]

It was only at that moment that both Hisao and Shizune and realized that their daughter was already going inside the house, they both quickly moved to follow Eri and keep her from getting into too much trouble.

As soon as they were both inside they soon found an answer to the mystery of other car in the garage. They saw a tall and lean man in his late twenties with dark blue hair and eyes and a delicate, elfin face framed by a tasteful pair of glasses. He wore is hair long to just a few inches below his shoulders in a pony tail. His dress could be best described as “business casual” wearing an aloha shirt with rather understated light blue floral pattern, khaki slacks and brown shoes. This well dressed man, sitting in dining room sipping on a cup of coffee and enjoying what looked like a sugar covered donut without a hole was a man of titles and abilities. The most prominent of which as Supervising Director for North American Operations for The Hakamichi Group. But the one he most liked to be called as one which about to address by Eri as she ran towards him.


Hideaki Hakamichi then rose from his chair to grab Eri into his arms and pick her up, “Hello there Eri-chan. It is always so nice to see my favorite niece.”

“I am your *only* niece” Eri replied with a small chuckle.

“Then, of course, you would be my favorite” Hideaki replied with a blank, analytical voice that he used whenever he made such observation.

Shizune than gave a hard snap of her fingers to get the attention of everyone in the room. Hideaki let Eri down and turned towards his sister [It is good to see you again as well Onee-sama] He signed to her, having taken the time to learn in the years since Hisao first met him at the Hakamichi estate.

Shizune folded her arms before she began to sign [“Good to see you”, is that all you can say? It seems as though you hardly ever have time for me anymore. Ever since Dad sent you to America to manage an empire he barely remembers putting together, leaving your poor sister behind….] She paused to just long enough to crack into a beautiful smile and touch her glasses […. To be in awe of what a wonderful man her little brother has become.] She than moved forward and took him into a hug.

[You really had me going for a moment Shizune.] Hideaki signed back when he back out of the hug

[It is so good to have a brother that is so gracious in defeat.] Shizune replied [Since you have had a childhood to get used to it. It is only fitting.]

[If I remember, correctly dear sister,] her brother replied [I won nearly as often as I lost.]

[Nearly,] she replied [just enough to qualify as a worthy opponent.]

Hideaki than turned towards Hisao who was watching the exchange between his wife, daughter, and Brother-in-law with a rather bemused expression “[Oh, Hisao,]” he said, signing at the same time “[where are my manners…]”

“[Where you usually misplace them]” He replied giving his brother an appropriately brief bro-hug. “[What brings you here?]”

“[I am actually here to host a conference involving other divisions of the Company, which is really just an excuse for Japanese Businessmen to gather in a tropical paradise while their bosses pay for it.]” He said with a wry chuckle and a slight eye roll. “[My sister told me that you would be here so I decided that it was only fair to greet you properly.]”

“[Fair enough]” Hisao replied “[good to see you again]”

[Hey Eri,] Shizune signed to her daughter [why don’t you go to the bedroom just down the hall and unpack. I am sure that your father would be more than happy to help you.]

Eri smiled [Yes Mommy, can I go swimming after? The water looks very pretty from here.]

Shizune chuckled at her daughter’s enthusiasm. [Maybe tomorrow, dear, your father and I are still tired from flying. I’m sure that you are too]

Eri gave a out a huge yawn as though she only now remembered that she had just gone halfway across the Pacific Ocean. [I am a little sleepy, Mommy. Okay, I can wait until tomorrow, but remember your promised.]

[I won’ forget dear.] She replied and than turned to Hisao and Hideaki [I shall be with you in a minute, but first I have to talk with my brother, you know, to catch up.]

Hisao seemed a bit concerned by this. Shizune was never one who did anything for the sake of doing it. There is always a purpose to everything that she did. Even when she was doing something for fun, there was always an element of challenge to it, testing her abilities. She was not one who made chit chat to “catch up” with anyone. [Alright love,] He signed back [are you alright?]

Shizune looked apprehensive, [I’m alright, just a little jet-lagged that’s all]

Her husband was not convinced. [If you need help with anything…]

[Thank you Hisao, but I am fine for now]

With that, Hisao led Eri to one of the smaller bedrooms.

As soon as they were both out of sight Hideaki moved himself so that he was standing in front of his sister with his back facing towards the hallway that his nice and brother in law were heading down. He also took a quick glance to make sure that there were not mirrors on the other wall. Once he was satisfied that their conversation would not be “overheard” he began to sign.

[Nee-san, how are you feeling, really?]

Shizune took on a pensive expression, [Not as well as I thought really. On the days leading up to this, I thought that I might be able to think of this as us doing something wonderful for Eri, but with the long plane ride and now just being, here. It’s just coming back to me.]

[I still can’t believe that Dad thought this was a good idea, I am sure that he…]

[I think that he just tries to forget even more than I do, and succeeds better] was all his sister could say.

[I was not lying about the conference, but I also came here to check on you and make sure you were okay.]

Shizune’s expression darkened [I don’t need people worrying about me.]

[But you have them anyway] Hideaki retorted. [And if you need anything, please feel free to ask.]

All Shizune could respond with was a simple nod of thanks.
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Re: Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 3 up

Post by DanjaDoom » Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:54 am

Business casual Hideaki is best Hideaki
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Re: Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 3 up

Post by Zaknafein » Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:19 am

I really hope that this didn't get forgotten by the author. I feel there aren't enough Shizune fics out there and I really found myself enjoying this one.

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Re: Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 3 up

Post by hernytan » Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:51 am

Moi aussi
I like this fic too, but the lack of updates in a month normally means that the author forgot it.
It was going so well, too... :(
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Re: Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 3 up

Post by bradpara » Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:24 pm

I am sorry guys, I kinda got side tracked with another project I was working on. I shall probably give this one some love over the weekend.
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Re: Beach Vacation, (WIP, Post Shizune Good Ending Ch. 3 up

Post by Dan50 » Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:04 am

This looks cute.

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