Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Final


Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Final

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Alright, so it's been about one month since I started working on this fic, and I believe I have finally finished it. Now, I am a big fan of Marvel comics, and at one point short after I finished KS, I thought to myself "What if the characters had superpowers?" So I spent some time working out the idea, and at one point asked for advice on this forum. I have attempted to make it so that you will not need too much knowledge of comics to enjoy the fic, as generally I have included exposition to detail the characters that appear. Here is the first chapter. I will be posting subsequent chapters in the near future. Now, As I wrote this, I found that the idea of merging Katawa shoujo with the marvel universe proved to be a great deal trickier than I initially thought. This is primary due to the fact that in the marvel universe, there are often “miracle cures” available for superheroes that would negate the KS characters disabilities. I did not want to completely throw the disabilities out the window, as that would negate the entire premise of the source material. However, I also did not want to blatantly ignore the cures available, as that would defy logic in much the same way that Oracle being stuck in wheelchair for twenty years did. So I attempted to deal with any potential cure with heavy thought and consideration in hopes of making a fanfic that deals with these issues in a sensitive, yet logical way. Or at least as logical as I could considering the premise has superpowers involved. I hope I succeeded.

***Additional note: 5/5/12. I have begun revisions of the chapters. Primary changes include reworking dialog, cutting out unnecessary exposition, and making the Grandmaster more pompous. A BIG thank you to Oddball for giving me feedback. Without him, this fic would still have major problems.****

*Note: 5/13/12. Revision have been completed. Another BIG thank you to Oddball for his help.*

“Happy twenty second birthday, sweetie.” Lilly said, planting a kiss on Hisao's neck.

“Thank you,” Hisao responded and smiled, hugging his girlfriend, “Time sure has flown, hasn't it? Four years gone just like that.” He snapped his fingers for emphasis and was interrupted by a knock on the door. Hisao got up and opened it. A young women with purple hair and bangs over the right side of her face walked in, holding a gift bag. She smiled warmly

“Hey there Hisao, I've missed you.” Hanako grinned slightly

“Likewise. How was your trip?”

“Fun. Mt. Fuji is lovely this time of year. Ran into some delays on the way back, but I wouldn't miss your birthday for the world.”

“I'm so proud of you.” Lilly said “Wasn't long ago you would shy away from such an event”

“Well, I'd say three years or so would count as a long time in my book. But yes, I am aware.” Hanako nodded, her long bangs brushing against her scars.

“Given any more thought to graduate school?” Hisao asked

“Still thinking about it. It would help out, yes, but it not as necessary as it would be in some fields. There are quite a few programming jobs around even for undergraduate degrees. But I might. Are the two of you going?

“Probably,” Hisao replied “Teaching positions are rather competitive now.”

“Almost certainly,” Lilly added “For the same reasons.”

Hanako sat down and handed the gift bag to Hisao, who put it on a nearby table next to another one. She then pulled out a round stone from her pocket, looking like a cross between crystal and marble. “I brought this as entertainment” she said somewhat sheepishly “It allows people to look into parallel universes. Think it might be an interesting diversion”

“Parallel universes? Really? That's hard to believe.” Lilly remarked

“It's true,” Hanako replied “Very interesting stuff, such as the world where every human had Hulk powers. Or the one where cosmic storms touched down on Earth and turned the entire population of New York into superhumans.”

“Seriously? I have got to try that out.” Hisao chuckled slightly at the thought.. He was interrupted by a loud “thunk” at the door.
Not a knock so much as the sound of something slamming against it.

“Thats probably Rin,” Hisao said and opened the door. Sure enough, the auburn hair girl was there. Around her neck was a bag.

“Hey there, good to see you,” Hisao greeted her “How have you been?”

“Better,” Rin said and smiled somewhat. It was nowhere near a full smile, but it was more than she gave most of the time “I have medicine now. Makes me half-normal. Or was that a question rhetorical? .”

“Actually I was genuinely interested,” Hisao replied, “Glad to hear you've got your...mind straightened out.”

“Its half straight. Diagonal,” Rin replied, shrugging the bag off her neck and on the table with the other two. “My first med prevented me from painting at all. But now I am on balance. Half-Inspired-but-unable-to-express-myself and Half-Able-to-express-myself-but-uninspired. I'm now better. Than I was,” She shrugged “How are you three?”

“I'm real good,” Hisao replied, “It's great to be able to meet up with everyone. We really should get together more often. ”

“I'm doing good also,” Lilly replied, “Its nice to hear you're doing so well. Lots of interest in your paintings?”

“Decent,” Rin replied “May have to compromise and start naming them. Don't want to. Still analyzing that. Databases are tricky to use without names.”

Hanako chuckled slightly, “I bet.” she replied, smiling.

The door opened. “Hey, birthday boy” Emi bounded into the room, and dropping a couple presents on the table. “Great to meet you again!” She dropped down on the floor and scratched right above her right artificial leg.”You need to call more often. I hardly ever see you outside our morning runs!” She stuck her tongue out at Hisao

Hisao responded, “Sorry, its been busy lately.”

“No excuse!” Emi replied “I mean, you talk with Lily every day.”

“Well, we share an apartment.”

“So? Call me!”

“Yes, I'm sorry. I'll make a point to call more often. How are your studies?”

“Studies? Eh, I'm doing okay. My track team said that if I get any faster, they'll have to put me in the superhuman category! Now, they might have been joking. But can you believe that?”

“You are very fast.” Rin replied

“Yeah, but do you know how many teams there are of that level? Like, one. I mean, if I was actually a superhuman it wouldn't be a problem, but I'm not!” She pouted then added “Happy birthday!”

The door burst open. Two girls sprung into the room, each carrying at least a half-dozen bags.
“Heya Hicchan!” Misha practically shouted into the apartment. She and Shizune put the bags on the table “We kinda went overboard with the shopping. Hope ya don't mind! Wahahaha!” She leaned over to Shizune and planted a kiss on her cheek. The rest of the room did a double take.

“Um, are you two-?” Hisao began but Misha cut him off

“Yeah, we are totally together now! Only took six years, right?” Shizune nodded and made several signs with her hands “Go ahead?” Misha interpreted “All right. About a year ago, I was hurt when that giant robot attacked Sendai. Spent time recovering in the hospital. When I got out, Shicchan was waiting for me.” She leaned over and kissed Shizune again. Shizune then made several more gestures. Misha turned and translated “She says that its good to meet you all again. She is also very glad to be invited to the party. She's missed you all.”

“I've missed you too.” Lilly replied, “It's been a while since we last talked.”

“So is this everyone?” Emi asked

“Almost,” Hisao replied,“I invited one more person. He's kind of weird...Well, a lot weird. He's not that bad underneath though.”

“Kenji, I'm guessing?” Lilly asked

“Well, yes.”

Lilly nodded, her calm exterior hiding the fact that deep down she thought that was a really bad idea, and said, “Very well.”

There was a short knock on the door.

“Must be him,” Hisao said, “Come on in” He then called out.

The door opened, but to everyone's surprise, it wasn't Kenji. Two people were there. The first was a twenty-something Japanese women, dressed in a green top and black skirt. The second was a similarly aged red-headed lady in a black dress. They stood in the doorway for a moment.

“You're not Kenji,” Hisao started, but Hanako interrupted him

“Mariko?” She cried with excitement “Sunfire?”

“Oh, Hello,” Sunfire replied, “Um, sorry I didn't realize we would be interrupting something. We can come back later.”

“You know her?” Hisao asked Hanako

“Yes,” Hanako replied excitedly, “This is Mariko Yashida, she's from an alternate reality. I'm one of her biggest fans. I take it that is Spiderwoman?”

“Um, Yeah.” The red-head responded “But I prefer Mary Jane when in civies”

“Should we leave? I don't want to be a bother.” Sunfire asked

“No, it's fine,” Hisao replied “Sunfire and Spiderwoman, huh? And alternate realities?”

“Yes,” Sunfire replied, “I was on a team known as the Exiles. There were six or seven of us, and we were kidnapped from our homeworlds to go to other universes and “correct” them. At one point I met Hanako, though she knew my team from before. MJ here is my girlfriend, who I met on one of the worlds.”

“But alternate realities?” Lilly asked “Really?”

“Yes, there are an infinite number of universes stacked back to back like cards in a deck. Its quite well known among the superhero community. MJ and I thought we'd go to a planet in excellent shape for our vacation, and since I promised Hanako I’d visit her when I got the chance...”

“I'm so glad you came.” Hanako beamed and begin pointing to various people in the room, “I told you about Hisao and Lilly. That's Emi, She's Rin, and over there are Shizune and Misha. Misha's the one with the pink hair. So glad you came, your team has been my idols since I learned about you. ”

“How'd you find out about them?” Emi asked.

Hanako reached onto the table and picked up the orb she had placed there earlier “This gem allows people to look into alternate realities. Bought it at an antique store about a year ago. Here, try it.” She tossed it to Emi. Emi looked at her funny “How do I use it?” the girl asked

“Just focus hard.”

Emi nodded and stared at the stone. After a moment, she looked up, “Huh pretty interesting.”

“What'd you see?” Hisao asked

“Several versions of myself. One never lost her legs, one dyes her hair purple. One never met my boyfriend.”

“You have a boyfriend?” Hisao asked

“As of five months ago, yes. He's a cutie too. Here, you try.” She tossed the stone to him. He caught it and looked inside. After a few minutes, he winced.

“What'd you see?” Lilly asked

“There are a lot of realities...where I don't survive my first heart attack.” He shook his head sadly, “Um, you try” He tossed it toward Shizune. She attempted to grab it in midair, but missed by a few millimeters. The stone fell onto the tile floor, making a sickening crack as it did so.

“Aw, dammit,” Hisao said. Shizune turned to pick the stone up, but as she reached down, it began to sparkle. Then it erupted in a burst of light that enveloped the room as the stone seemed to disintegrate.

“Dude, are you okay?” A voice called from the doorway. Kenji approached and walked over to the dazed Hisao,“I told you not to hang out with all these girls. Getting women into groups of three or more is just asking for trouble. And why the heck are there so many at once? You starting a harem or something?”

“No, they're friends.” Hisao mumbled out, still dazed like the other people in the room.

“Friends? Why would you have so many female friends? Going undercover to infiltrate the conspiracy?”

“What on earth are you talking about?” Sunfire asked, getting up “What conspiracy?”

“Why, the conspiracy of feminists to conquer the world of course!”

“I...you...what...” Sunfire was stuck dumb for a moment, then erupted “Are you NUTS?”

“Don't get him started, please.” Hisao stated. The girls were starting to regain their composure.
Kenji however was giving his rant about being the “only sane man in an insane world” against the “feminist conspiracy.” Most of the girls were looking at him like he was nuts, which he admittedly was.

“Why did you invite this guy?” Emi whispered to Hisao

“Seemed like a good idea at the time.” Hisao then turned to Kenji “Kenji. Kenji! HEY KENJI!”
Kenji stopped his ranting.

“They're friends, okay?” Hisao said “Not part of the conspiracy. Friends. Please stop your shouting.”

“Okay. Friends you say? I trust you. You're a cool guy,” Kenji nodded and pushed his thick glasses up his nose. “So what was that flash of light anyway?”

“Well, Hanako had a stone that can see into other realities, and we dropped it, and-”

“Alternate realities?” Kenji yelped “Thats a Godstone! You know what happens when you drop a Godstone!”

“Godstone?” Spiderwoman gave him a screwed up look. “What?”

“Well, yeah. A stone touched by Gods. Thats what it is. Drop it and all the power comes flowing out into whoever is nearby. Gives them powers like... telekinesis, or mind control.”

“And how do you know this?” Sunfire asked, clearly not believing a word Kenji was saying.

“Well, when I was fifteen I hacked the Fantastic Four's files. This was one of the ones I read before they traced the signal back and told me to knock it off. Thing was rather pissed in particular. But he wouldn't hit a guy with glasses. Saved my life, let me tell you. Always wear glasses, I say. Never know when a giant walking rock will bust you.”

“Wait, what?,” Misha said as Shizune signed “That’s absurd.”

“Well, its true. Would I lie to you? Well, you're a cute girl so probably. Possibly a feminist as well. But this is true! For example, did you know Spiderman is some news photographer? And he got his powers by getting a radioactive spider to bite him? Its true! I need a radioactive spider to get bit by. And get this- the reason Bruce Banner has multiple Hulks in him is that being abused by his father gave him multiple personality disorder. And get this: DAREDEVIL IS BLIND! So if I got a billy club and acrobatic skills, I could be daredevil too!” The group had skeptical looks, except for Sunfire and Spiderwomen who were looking at each other with extremely nervous glances. “Now if I had powers.” Kenji continued “I would want time travel. Or the ability to read minds. Either would be a great help. Problem is, most superheros put great danger on the universe. Especially the X-men”

“Why, because we're mutants?” Sunfire asked, and then immediately regretted doing so.

“What? No, that’s absurd. Mutants are fine.” Kenji pushed his glasses up and then continued “Except feminist mutants, of course. No, the X-men's problem comes from the fact they keep coming back from the dead. Gums up the whole afterlife system. Did you know Pheonix alone has died like fifteen times? That's not good for reality. When I die, coming back would be a bad idea. Let the world remember me as the greatest hero of the modern era.” Sunfire almost said something at that last point, but fortunately got interrupted.

“Shall we get to presents?” Lilly asked, desperately trying to change the subject

“Presents? Oh right,” Kenji remarked “Um, I left mine in the car. Be right back.” he turned and bolted down the hallway

“And I thought I had issues.” Rin said in her usual monotone voice

Shizune signed something. Misha seemed to think for a moment before translating, “Why is he driving? Isn't he legally blind?”

“He is.” Lilly said “He is also one of those people who doesn't...” She thought hard for a polite way to say it.

“Live in the same reality as the rest of us?” Hisao finished.

“Clearly.” Spiderwoman remarked, “Sorry, but that guy's just...”

“Crazy, yes I know. But he's not that bad deep down.

“Sorry we interrupted your birthday party,” Sunfire said “If you'd like I can contact the rest of my team and have them send some food down.”

“Don't worry too much,” Hisao replied. Then he added “What kind of food?”

“Anything. Our headquarters connects to every dimension in the multiverse,” She pulled a small crystal device out of her pocket.

“What would you like? She asked the group

As the group gave suggestions, she relayed the orders into the object. Kenji walked in towards the end and plunked a large box onto the table

“Whatcha doing?” he asked Sunfire

“Getting food,” she replied, clearly uneasy “Any requests?”

“How about a large pizza with pineapples, sushi, and spaghetti as the toppings,” He grinned and added

“And a large bottle of whiskey. Actually, better make it three, we have a lot of people here.”

Sunfire gave him a funny look but relayed the order into the device.

“Alright,” Sunfire replied “It'll take a bit for them to summon the food, but it should arrive.”

“Kenji” Emi piped up, “Why are you driving?”

“I'm not driving.” He replied, “I hacked into my car's GPS and reprogrammed it to drive for me.”

“But to do that, you'd have to rewrite the entire system from scratch” Hanako pointed out, “Plus add a ton of information to control the car, obey all the rules of the road-”

“It took a lot of work” Kenji admitted, “But I got it! I can rank the self-driving car up with my robotic surgeon, genetic scanner, and personal satellite network connect on my “projects accomplished” list. Up next I think I'll see if I can get my transdimenional network connection figured out. It's very difficult, because I have to sub-encrypt the pan-universal acess to-

“Presents,” Hisao said, a slight note of exasperation escaping from his lips. “Let's do presents.”

The rest of the group seemed thankful for the diversion. Hisao picked up Lilly's present from the table and began to unwrap it. Inside was an extremely fancy ornate antique picture frame, with a large photo of Lilly, Hanako and himself framed inside.

“Awww,” he said “Thank you Lilly. It's Beautiful”

“My pleasure” Lilly responded “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

Hisao then picked up Hanako's present, and opened the wrapping.

“A kindle! Very nice, Hanako, thank you very much.” Hisao smiled at his friend

Hanako smiled back “Yes, I thought since you liked to read so much...well..” She blushed a little.

“I do, thank you very much.” He then picked up Emi's two presents. The first held a series of weights in various sizes along with a manual on various exercises they could be used for.

“Still on my case about exercising huh?” Hisao teased “Thank you Emi. I may add that to my current regimen.” He then opened the other one “A boxed set of Saikano huh? 'The last love song on this little planet?' Are you trying to tell me something?” He gave her a cheeky smile and she stuck her tongue out at him

“Of course not, I just thought you'd enjoy it.” She replied.

“Very nice Emi, thank you.” Hisao smiled, then picked up Rin's present and opened it. As he had guessed, inside was one of her paintings. As with most of her works, it was extremely abstract, this one appear similar to a crowd of faces but quite distorted.

“Thank you Rin, Your art is excellent, as always.”

Rin nodded.

Hisao then turned to the pile of presents Misha and Shizune had bought. He unwrapped them and thanked the two after each one. They had really gone overboard, and he couldn't help but wonder if they had an agenda, much as they used to when he saw them on a regular basis. But he pushed the thought out of his mind.

“So, whats the strangest universe you have ever been to?” Hanako asked Sunfire, who thought for a moment.

“There are a number of candidates for that.” Sunfire replied, “In terms of sheer bizarreness, I'd have to go for planet populated by Antelope men. And I'm being perfectly serious here. Antelope men. How the heck does something like that evolve?”

“What would be your second pick?”

“Probably the reality where the Fantastic Four were Sol Brodsky, Flo Steinberg, Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee. Or maybe that one where Galactus was turned into Elvis Presley. Or possibly the one where Conan the Barbarian was dumped into modern day New York and wound up joining the Avengers. Or maybe...”

“How many realities have you been to?” Hanako inquired

“I lost count around mission eighty.” Sunfire shrugged, “And it's not over yet. There are still hundreds of worlds left that need to be fixed. It's good to take a break though.”

After finishing opening the various books, CDs, and DVDs Shizune and Misha had bought, Hisao picked up the extremely large present Kenji had got him.

“Oh geeze.” he almost said when the wrapping paper fell. Inside was a brand new computer. Looking at the specs he was awestruck, octa-core processor, eight gigs of ram, top of the line graphics card....it must have cost over a hundred thousand yen.

“Um..Wow..” He got out

“I'll take it you like it” Kenji said, smiling

“Yes, but isn't it...a little much?” Hisao was having a hard time articulating. It was always extremely awkward when someone bought you a gift that was more expensive than the occasion really deserved. He really didn't want to appear ungrateful, but he wasn't sure if he could accept it.

“Oh, its no problem,” Kenji waved dismissively “Us fellow anti-conspirators need to stick together. You'll need a mean computer to fight back, so I got you one. Don't even bother trying to reject it. You need this man.”

Hisao thought about what to say next, but then everyone was distracted by a “blink” sound. A pile of food appeared in the corner of the room.

“Food!” Emi cried, and the group dove into their meals.
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers) (Long) (Marvel crossover)

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Heh. Rin reminds me a little of Mordin from ME2 in this story.

Its good, I dont know about the Marvel crossover yet, we'll just have to see how it ends up.

Grammer wise, there needs to be full stops after the narration that comes after speaking parts. You seem to have missed quite a few. And thats about it.
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers) (Long) (Marvel crossover)

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Chapter 2: The morning after

Hisao groaned and got up off the floor, trying to quiet the pounding in his head. He tried to remember what had happened. The food had arrived, they had eaten cake, then Kenji started passing his whiskey bottles around. Hisao groaned a second time, and then a third to emphasis the point. Why did he do these things. Every time he drank alcohol he wound up overdoing it and got a horrible hangover the next morning. “Last time I'm doing this”, he thought. Of course he had thought the same thing the last time he got drunk...and the time before that....and the time before that....all the way back to his first experience with alcohol on Hanako's birthday four years ago.

Looking around the room, he saw the rest of the group still passed out in various locations around the room. It was thankfully Sunday, so there were no classes. Trying to ignore the feeling in his head, he went into the kitchen and began to cook breakfast. Figuring that bacon and eggs was his best bet with this many people, he got out a bowl and began breaking a carton of eggs. After mixing them and beginning to scramble them, he heard movement behind him.

“Good morning Hanako,” he said “Did you sleep well?”

“Could have been better,” She replied

“Bad dreams?”

“No, good ones. Made it so much more disappointing to wake up.”

Hisao nodded. Her nightmares were long gone, but they had been replaced by dreams where her face gets healed. She seemed to have a bit of trouble with them, as they reignited the longing she had to be normal, which was a virtual impossibility. She knew this of course, but when she awoke there was always that rush of disappointment from losing something she could never have.

“I understand. I'm here if you need to talk.” Hisao replied

“No, its okay. I'm able to deal with them.”

Hisao nodded “Very well. I think you and I are the only ones up. Didn't drink last night?”

“Just a little. Whiskey tastes pretty bad anyway.”

Hisao chuckled “Its an acquired taste. For sure.”

Something was dancing at the edge of Hisao's mind, as if he was being whispered to from a long way away, but he ignored the feeling.

“So, planning anything for today?” Hanako asked

“I was thinking we might head to a restaurant, or go shopping, but the way everyone's plastered from last night, I'm not sure its going to happen. I hurt pretty bad myself, to be honest.”

Hanako laughed a little and patted him on the shoulder, “Should have been more careful with the alcohol, huh?”

“Yeah. I really need to learn my limits.”

They talked for a bit longer, and the eggs finished cooking. Scooping them onto a big plate, Hisao then started on the Bacon. As he was laying it out in the pan, Shizune and Misha walked over to the kitchen, now awake.

“Hey Hicchan,” Misha said, her voice sounding rather tired, even with its constant perkiness,“Cooking for us?”

“Yeah. You sound like I feel.”

“Everything I do, I do with gusto.” Misha grinned. Shizune was making a number of signs with her hands

“Is that you talking or Shizune?”

“Me in this case. Shicchan said that she doesn't feel bad at all because she knows exactly how much alcohol she can drink without feeling ill effects.”

“That sounds just like her.”

Misha translated, and Shizune nodded and made a couple signs

“Of course, I am always in control.” Misha explained. “So we going shopping today? I heard you mentioning that to Hanako.”

“If people feel up to it. And I thought you were asleep when I said that.”

“Shicchan was, I wasn't. I was just trying to wake her. She is a very deep sleeper. And we are most definitely up to it.” She grinned widely.

“I WASN'T ASLEEP!” a voice screamed from the main room. Hisao groaned. Kenji was up, and he probably woke everyone else as well.

As Hisao finished the bacon and strode into the other room, he saw Kenji. The guy with the glasses turned to Hisao and began talking

“Great party huh?” he began “Best one I've been to in years. Now, let me explain. I wasn't sleeping. I was planning for the counterstrike, like Sherlock Holmes did in The Man With the Twisted Lip. Soon we can expose the conspiracy for everyone to see-”

“Kenji, its alright if you fell asleep-” Hisao began

“No, Sleep is the enemy. Well, feminists are the enemy. Same thing. Feminists invented sleep to steal time away from men and non-feminist women. That way, they can have an extra eight hours to plan their global takeover. If you never sleep, you beat them at their own game. But lots of people have to not do it. So never sleep.”

Hisao started to say something but Kenji cut him off “I have to leave. I have to leave and gather supplies for my next mission. It was great hanging with you, dude. I'll contact you in the usual way to plot our next move. But keep an eye on these girls, some of them strike me as the type to stab you in the back. That one over their looks like my class leader from high school, who was in the mafia.” He motioned to the awakening Lilly, and then looked at Hisao “I have to go. I'll contact you.” he then turned and opened the door, strode out and slammed it behind him.

“Thank goodness he's gone.” a half awake Emi mumbled, strapping on her prosthetic legs.

“I fell asleep,” Rin said “I woke up in a new room. This is a new room, right?”

“Yes Rin,” Emi said ”It is.”

“I thought so, but I wasn't sure.”

“So, how did you know that guy?” Sunfire asked

“Well, I met everyone here at Yamaku” Hisao said. “Kenji was in the room across from mine. He's actually a pretty nice guy deep down.”

“Is he schizophrenic?” Spiderwoman asked

“Not sure.” Hisao shrugged “Why?”

“Well, it just seems that way. The method of talking, the long rambling speeches, the belief in a 'feminist conspiracy' it certainly strikes me as paranoid schizophrenia.”

Hisao shrugged “Maybe he is. Well, anyway. I cooked some bacon and eggs. Maybe afterward we could go shopping, if everyone feels up to it.”

“That would be very nice.” Lilly said.

Hisao nodded and went back into the kitchen, portioning out the food and bringing it to the guests.

“I appreciate you letting us join in, Hisao,” Sunfire said, “I'm sorry we weren't exactly invited”

“Oh no problem,” Hisao replied “Any friend of Hanako's is a friend of mine. And the food you got was awesome. I haven't had caviar of that quality in ages. You must have a pretty good time if you can dine on such things whenever you like.”

“Well, it was rough for a while. Minimal breaks, constant stress, friends dying... I actually got killed at one point.”

“Really?” Emi asked

“Yes. But a teammate of mine, Magick, brought me back.”

“Your team can raise the dead?” Hisao said, a bit surprised.

“Under certain circumstances, yes. But it's complicated. Don't worry to much about it.”

“So..” Emi began, seeming a bit uncomfortable “When you died, what did you see? Was there a heaven?”

“Its hard to remember, honestly. I remember being unable to breath and suffocating, I remember suddenly awakening with my teammates around me, in between is hard to say. There was a light, if I recall correctly, and I think I felt myself falling down a deep tunnel. So I think there was a heaven. I didn't visit it though, wasn't dead long enough.”

Emi nodded, seemingly assured.

“So where did Mary Jane come into this?” Misha asked

“Well, I came from a reality taken over by superpowered techno-organic zombies.” The redhead responded “The Exiles came to find a cure, and eventually did so, but it didn't make up for the fact that half the planet died in the process.”

“Sounds nasty” Hisao remarked “What was your universe like, Sunfire?”

Sunfire face clouded slightly “Could have been better. We weren't invaded by aliens or conquered by sentinels or anything like that. My problems were more of a personal nature.”

“Because you're a mutant?” Misha asked “Or because you're a lesbian?”

“Both. My parents were very strict. To say the least. When they found I was a lesbian, they hit the roof. When my powers manifested, it got worse. We fought. Eventually, they disowned me. I don't really like talking about it.” She shook her head.

“Sorry, I shouldn't have pried” Misha said, somewhat embarrassed.

“Its okay. You know, you two are really lucky to have each other. You make a real cute couple.”

Shizune did a double take. Misha burst into peels of laughter

“Wahaha! That we are!” Shizune moved back slightly so that Misha couldn't see, and made some signs.

Sunfire struggled to read them, as she had not used her sign language skills in a long time.

[Can you understand this?] it read. Sunfire nodded
When we get a chance. I want to talk to you in private. I would like some] Shizune paused and the signed [advice].

[Sure thing] Sunfire signed back. Misha's eyes opened

“Oh, you can do signs to? That's awesome! Sorry, I missed what you said Shicchan. What was that?”

[I just was asking if she was going to join us for shopping] Shizune signed.

“She'll come shopping with us? Great!”

“Yeah. I brought a car.” Sunfire said. Then trying to sign as the same time she said “How about MJ and I take Shizune and Rin. I presume someone else can carry the other five?”

“Yeah I got a car that seats five” Hisao said.

“Can't I come with Shicchan?” Misha asked

[It's alright Misha.] Shizune signed [I just want to know these two more, their tales of alternate realities seem intriguing.]

Misha translated then thought for a moment and grinned “Well, okay. We're not joined at the hip after all”
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby MystiKnight » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:02 pm

A second chapter already? Has this already been written, or are you an extremely fast writer?

Alright, now on to your grammer, you seem to have mixed up some homophones, for example,
The others shook there [their] heads

And theres a few full stops missing.

Also, making Hanako bacon? WAHAHAHA!
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Roamin12 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:19 pm

So far this is:
-Somewhat confusing as I never read marvel comics.
-Contains Kenji's ever-entertaining rants.
-A few grammatical mistakes.
-Is absurd.
-Is entertaining.

Yup, this has me interested.
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Chrono180 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:28 pm

MystiKnight wrote:A second chapter already? Has this already been written, or are you an extremely fast writer?

Alright, now on to your grammer, you seem to have mixed up some homophones, for example,
The others shook there [their] heads

And theres a few full stops missing.

Also, making Hanako bacon? WAHAHAHA!

I have this already written. Proofreading aside. I have been working on it steadily for the past month or so and only finished a couple days ago. I rarely let people see my works before I complete them since I often go back and make changes to earlier parts of the fic. I considered posting the entire thing at once, but since its about 100 pages with breaks between each paragraph,, I figured it would be better to do it in serial format
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Chrono180 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:54 pm

Chapter 3. Heart to Heart

[So whats on your mind, Shizune?] Sunfire signed as Mary Jane drove down the street. Rin meanwhile was starting out a window with her usual blank expression. [Having trouble with Misha?]

Shizune hesitated, she needed advice, yes, but was it a really good idea to trust this lady she had only known for about a day? She paused for a long time, then finally figured it was worth a shot.

[Not with her exactly] The blue-haired girl signed back

[What then?] Sunfire inquired

[Its a long story. You don't know this, but she had been trying to get with me for about six years before now.]

[So, it took you a long time to reciprocate?]

[Very long time. I really messed up. I treated her as an extension of myself, rather than her own person.] Shizune shook her head, clearly annoyed with herself.

[Don't be so hard on yourself.] Sunfire reached to pat her on the back, but Shizune shifted away

[Look I try very hard to be honest.] Shizune signed deliberately [So believe me when I say I screwed up. Big time. I like to think I do well with a lot of people, but even I make mistakes. It kills me to go around Misha's back like this, but I need to talk to someone about this, and its nearly impossible to find a psychiatrist fluent in sign]

[So you chose me]

[Yes. You know sign, and you seem to have a lot of experience on sexual issues. Also, you'll be leaving soon so you won't tell anyone. Right?] Shizune looked at Sunfire expectantly

Sunfire nodded [Right. So, you were being a jerk to Misha?]

[Yes. I really should have done better. I try to think I'm a decent person overall, because I try to make people reach their full potential and get people motivated, but well... Anyway. It was less than a year ago I had my epiphany] Shizune was clearly going through a great deal of emotions, signing faster and faster with each statement. Sunfire could tell this had been welling up for a long time beforehand.

[What might that be?]

[There was a giant robot that attacked Sendai about ten months ago. The two of us were out shopping when the robot broke into the mall and began firing into the crowd. Most people screamed and fled, but being deaf I was completely unaware. Misha noticed it, and wound up taking an energy blast for me.] Shizune winced slightly at the memory.

[I'm sorry.] Sunfire signed.

[Yes, well. The doctors thought she wouldn't make it. The blast tore right through the side of her body, and she lost a lot of blood... it wouldn't have happened if not for her depression.]

[Depression? She's possibly the most cheerful person I met on any reality] Sunfire gave her a funny look.

[She's very good at not showing it. Very subtle changes. She had been upset for a couple days beforehand, like she had on occasion in the past. I could tell, but I went on like I normally did, figuring she'd get over it. When the attack happened...she could have just yanked me out of the way, but instead she leapt in front of the blast, like she wanted to get hurt.] Shizune shook her head sadly.

[Maybe she just couldn't think, just react on instinct] Sunfire suggested

[Maybe. But I think otherwise. I think she was so down about my not responding to her desires she got to the point that she would rather die than live without me. I don't know if she actually thought that, but I think that at a subconscious level, it was there. She wouldn't act on it normally, but when this came along, she went on her gut feeling.]

[That's not healthy] Sunfire shook her head

[Maybe not, but have you ever lost someone and felt like you would never get over it? Misha is very cheerful most of the time, but on occasion she gets into these blue funks that can last for days. She would have felt better after a while, but I nearly lost her anyway. It got me thinking. About a lot of things. My relationship with her, my feud with my cousin, my ultra-competitive nature...] Shizune shrugged

[Nearly losing someone can spark that kind of introspection] Sunfire replied

[It certainly did in my case. It took a lot of soul searching, but I finally decided to change. I wanted friends, I want to mend things with my cousin, and deep down, I did want Misha. The thing is...]


The next few phrases were signed so fast Sunfire could barely make them out. [The thing is that bisexuality went against the entirety of my upbringing. My father was extremely against any form of alternate sexuality. He impressed that on me as much as he could. So being with Misha feels...wrong. Like I'm committing a crime. Even though I do love her. That’s why I rejected her six years ago. That’s why I kept her at a distance all these years. And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. It sounds like you went through something similar.]

[Very much so. My parents hated my lesbianism] Sunfire nodded briefly.

[So how did you deal with it?]

Sunfire thought for a long moment [I abandoned my parents. I decided that they were assholes and didn't deserve me as a child. I know that is a harsh thing to say, but its what worked for me. It was only after rejecting their memory that I was able to accept myself. And then I joined the X-men, who were nothing but accepting towards me. Having a loving environment did wonders]

[But how did you accomplish that? I can't just turn off the love for my dad like a switch] Shizune shrugged.

[It's not an easy thing, I fully admit that you can't do it in one day, or one week, or even in one month. Whats your dad like other than this?] Sunfire inquired.

[Let me put it this way. He spent twelve years trying to get me to talk, thinking I was just being stubborn, rather than mute.] A glint of rage showed in Shizune's face.

[That's...unfortunate Try to thing of him in logical terms, rather than emotional. Realize he's a flawed human, and that his trying to get you to reject your bisexuality is wrong. And know that you have your friends to support you] Sunfire reached out to pat Shizune on the back. This time, she didn't shy away.

[I don't know if I'd go that far] Shizune shrugged


[I don't know if I’d call most of them “friends”. I try to be friends with them, but it seems like there's a bit of a gap between us. They don't maximize themselves like I do.]

[Then build the friendships up.] Sunfire signed simply

[I suppose, it's just hard. I'm competitive to the max, and the others...aren't.] Shizune shrugged.

[You'd make a great superhero.] Sunfire replied

Shizune gave a silent laugh [Probably so, most superheros do seem to have a similar drive as me. But I don't have any powers.]

[That might change]

[What, you actually buy into what Kenji said? The guys a kook of the highest order.] Shizune rolled her eyes

[Well, when he was babbling about what he saw in the Fantastic fours files...All those things are actually true in most realities I’ve visited.]

[You're joking.] Shizune gave Sunfire a funny look.

[No, I'm perfectly serious. Spiderman is a news photographer, Hulk has dissociative identity disorder, and Daredevil is blind. All those things are well kept secrets. I highly doubt Kenji would have discovered them by accident.] There was a slight grin on Sunfire's face.

[A blind superhero? That’s ridiculous. And you're talking to people who have spent their lives overcoming disabilities.]

[It's true. And this is far from an isolated instance. When Iron Man first begin his career, his heart was constantly in danger from shrapnel lodged in his chest. His armor was all that kept it beating.] Sunfire replied [And then there's the fact Dr. Strange gained his magical powers when searching for a way to heal his hands, which had been damaged in a car wreck. The X-men were founded by a paraplegic. And then there's all the heroes with cybernetic arms or legs or eyes or bodies, along with Cable's techo-organic virus, Deadpool's scars, Chamber's missing mouth, Karima Sharpander's half-sentinel body, Puck's dwarfism, Strong Guy's chronic pain...my point is, there's no disability that can prevent a very determined person from becoming a superhero.]

[If you say so. But do you really buy into this 'godstone' idea?]

[I admit I've never encountered such a concept in any world I've been to, but its far from impossible. Concepts like solid sound and unstable molecules are absurd on paper, but they exist.]

[But to the point, do you have other advice on how I can overcome my trepidation? I just... I think I just want to be able to love Misha back without feeling like a monster] Shizune shook her head sadly.

[Generally speaking, there are a few important things you need to understand about yourself. The first is that you are not alone. Millions of people have this happen to them and need to learn to accept it. Maybe you could look up a GLBT support group in this area. The second is to realize that there is nothing wrong with you. Being bi is completely within the norms of this society. Third is that I would establish your strengths. The more you think you can do something, the better you will feel about yourself. You have a lot of things you're good at, from what I understand?]

[Damn straight. I'm smart, capable and probably the most motivated person I know] Shizune gave a quick grin.

[Good, that confidence will help you quite a bit. The most important thing I can tell you is that whatever mistakes you made in the past, you can do better. You say you weren't a good friend to Misha, but I think that even if that's true, you can make up for it. I'd say Misha is very lucky to have you. You know, when I was thirteen, I told my best friend I loved her, thinking she felt the same way. She didn't, and I spent three years trying to be close to her before my parents kicked me out and I joined Xavier's crew. It hurt for the longest time. I would have given almost anything to have her finally return to me and reciprocate my affection. I'm sure Misha is overjoyed that you finally came around, even if it is a painful process.]

[Yes, when she finally came out of the hospital and I told her I loved her, she hugged me for half an hour.]

[Exactly. She loves you, and you, while scared about it, love her. So take it one day at a time. It may not feel right at the moment, but trust me, you'll learn to accept yourself.] Sunfire grinned.

[I hope so.] Shizune looked down slightly.

[One more thing. I'd suggest you tell Misha about this.] Sunfire added.


[Because couples shouldn't keep secrets from each other.]

There was long pause.

[Very well.] Shizune signed.

“I think I'm going in circles” Mary Jane said suddenly as she pulled the car over. “Can one of you tell me how to get to the mall?”

Shizune blinked, having been so engrossed in her conversation she had completely forgotten about the other two people in the car. Sunfire translated, and Shizune nodded and began making signs with her hands.

“We're very close” Sunfire explained. “Turn right on the third street down to the right. Then take that road for half a mile.”

Seven light years away, in a golden starship, a blue figure in golden robes looked down at a computer console.

“Tre-alter energy detected.” he mumbled. “Been a while since one of those stones have been triggered.”

He looked around at a series of readouts.

“Seven recipients.” Pushing a few buttons on a console, images of seven figures appeared on the screen and profiles flicked past his field of vision

“No arms... no legs... defective heart...disfiguring scars by human standards... Ridiculous, this is undoubtedly the least capable superhero gathering I have seen in ages...”

As data flicked past on the screen, something caught his eye. He blinked as the image of a blue haired girl with glasses appeared on his screen.

“Shizune Hakamichi.” he read aloud, “Alpha level motivation, Omega level competitiveness. Deaf and mute...International Master chess title. EXCELLENT! Finally some decent competition!”

The Grandmaster let out a loud laugh, then focused his monitor on the blue haired girl.
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby BlackRockHanako » Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:30 pm

Few mistakes here and there, but overall seems like a fun enough little story, looking forward to the characters getting their powers now. :D
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Guest90206 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:29 pm

I'm terribly sorry to be "that guy", but back up in Chapter 2, I believe, you referred to the Aliens as xenoforms, when they are, in fact, xenomorphs.
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Mealforthree » Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:34 pm

Once crossovers start, the quality of a certain fanficdom usually degrades. I am hoping that this will not be the case with KS, as there is an increasing number of crossovers, which, surprisingly, aren't too shitty. Yet.

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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Roamin12 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:55 pm

Few grammar mistakes, but nothing too terrible. Enjoying the story so far, and a giant robot attack? Guess I really shouldn't be that surprised it's base off of marvel comics.
Mealforthree wrote:Once crossovers start, the quality of a certain fanficdom usually degrades. I am hoping that this will not be the case with KS, as there is an increasing number of crossovers, which, surprisingly, aren't too shitty. Yet.

The shitty ones will come, in fact one is already here. >.>
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Chrono180 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:51 am

Chapter 4: Development

“Hisao, are you alright?” Hanako asked, seeing Hisao clutching his head.

“Just aftereffects from the whiskey I think,” he replied, although he wasn't sure at all if that was the case. It was like he was hearing whispering around him coming from his the general direction of his friends. He couldn't make out details but it was bothering him. He took a couple deep breaths and mentally focused on an image of a grassy field. The noise quieted down and stopped. “That's better” he finally said.

Hanako nodded and looked around nervously at the crowds in the plaza. Despite the great progress she had made in overcoming her social anxiety, large groups of people still didn't sit well with her.

“I wonder if they got lost,” Emi remarked “Its been fifteen minutes.”

“There they are!” Misha pipped up and pointed. Sure enough, Mariko's car drove into the parking lot and parked next to Hisao's vehicle. The four girls got out and walked over to the other five members of the group. They discussed possibilities for shopping, and eventually decided to head to a nearby mall.

“So Mariko,” Hanako asked as they began walking “I was wondering, since you're from a parallel world, how do you buy things in other universes?”

Sunfire blushed a little “Well, while I was on the team one of the early members, Magnus, had created credit cards that fool the computer into letting you make purchases,” She said, embarrassed. “We didn't like doing it, but there wasn't really any other option. Now, however, we are able to take money from universes that were destroyed. It's a lot more moral.”

“Huh. So this Magnus, what was he like?”

“Not sure. I joined the team when he got killed in a nuclear explosion. None of us really knew him though since he was only alive for our first mission. From what I heard, he had Magneto's power but at ten times the level. As well as a touch that could turn people to steel.”

Hanako suddenly noticed a man running down the sidewalk straight towards her. On instinct, she put her hands out to stop the man, and the guy seemed to crash, tripping over nothing at all, landing in a heap in front of her.

“Oh, sorry miss.” He stammered out, and took off again. Hanako blinked. She had put her hands out...and the man had seemed to run into something. She shook her head and put the thought out of her mind. It was time to shop.

After a hard day of shopping, the money began to run low. The group returned to Hisao and Mariko's cars, and from there parted ways. Aside from the two Exiles, each of the seven friends had wound up with living quarters in the general vicinity of the same university. It hadn't been entirely planned. Hisao, Lilly, and Hanako had gone out of there way to live in the same building, with Hisao and Lilly sharing one place and Hanako living just a floor away. Emi and Rin wanted to stay close and so had picked rooms in a building they could be near each other. And Shizune and Misha, finally together, had chosen an apartment near the university as well. It had worked out nicely, as now the seven could stay in contact easily.

Hanako stared off in the distance in her room. Slowly, she reached out her hand and tried to conjure up whatever she had done early. The man had tripped over air, and she felt she had done..something. Something she was now trying to replicate. At first nothing happened, but as she concentrated, the air began to shimmer slightly and a nearly-clear transparent field was created before her. She reached out and touched it. It was solid. She smiled.

“I have powers.” she whispered.

It was a comforting thought in a way. She wasn't really the type to bust drug dealers or take on supervillains, but having powers was a major stepping stone. It was well known that superheroes could recover from almost anything. Break a leg, and it heals in days. Lose an arm, get a cybernetic replacement. Die, and sooner or later you'd be brought back to life. It gave her hope that somehow, someday, her burns could be healed.

Several miles away, Shizune had just finished explaining to Misha her reluctance in their relationship.

[So] Misha signed [Everything, from your initial rejection of me to the distance I have felt at times, was caused because you are uncomfortable with your bisexuality?]

[Essentially, yes] Shizune replied [I am very sorry it took me so long to be honest, but this is a difficult situation]

[Oh, Shicchan. I understand. When I first learned I was a lesbian I thought I was messed up as well. Took me years to come to terms with it. I wish I had known, I could have helped.]

[Its not an easy thing to admit. I had kept this bottled in side of me for the longest time. When I saw Mariko, I was fit to burst and I wound up pouring all my emotions out to her. I'm sorry I didn't do it with you.]

[It's alright. I'm just glad you finally can tell me. That's all that matters. However, I understand if you need some time to process things. If you need me to wait, I'll wait for you.]

[No, Misha. You already waited almost six years for me to come around. You shouldn't have to wait any longer.]

[Thank you, Shicchan. I love you.]

[And I love you too.]

[I will support you in any way I can. If I ever make you feel uncomfortable, let me know.]

[Thank you.]

Shizune grimaced. There was a spontaneous pain all over her body, like her insides were bursting to get out of her skin.

[Are you alright?] Misha signed

[I think I need some air.] Sizune got up and walked out onto the balcony, trying to calm the pain. It wasn't working. She took deep breaths and stared at the city lights before her. As the pain continued to climb clutched her gut and doubled over.

Misha walked over [Do I need to call an ambulance?] she signed

[No] Shizune signed [Get away Misha, I have a bad feeling about this.] Her insides were on fire. The pain was building to a crescendo.


[Misha, Get Away!] she signed the last two words with as much energy as she could muster. She leaned over the balcony railing and let out a soundless scream at the pain. She trust her hands out over the bars of the raining and two lances of energy came pouring out them into the night sky. Then her feet ignited in a similar fashion. She rocketed up over the balcony and began to fly. Misha gazed at her girlfriend in wonder.

[Shicchan, you're flying! How is that possible?!] She signed out, but Shizune's gaze was elsewhere.

The pain faded inside Shizune's body, and she suddenly became aware of the fact she was floating in mid-air from energy bursts emitting from her feet. Aim and blast she thought. She swiveled around to face the balcony to her apartment and then concentrated on her feet. They emitted another burst of energy and she rocked back to her starting location, though she hadn't aimed quite right and wound up hitting her face on the wall.

[How did you do that?] Misha signed [I didn't know you had powers!]

[Neither did I] Shizune replied, feeling her nose to make sure it wasn't bleeding. [I guess Kenji was onto something when he was talking about a 'godstone']

[So, you think I might gain powers too?]

[Its possible.]

[That would be awesome! We could go out patrolling together! So what was flying like?]

[You know how on the swings at the park we went on as kids, at the apex of the swing, you'd feel nearly weightless? Its like that. Quite fun, actually.]

[You think maybe you could carry me?]

[Um..I don't know, you're kinda heavy. And don't you get dizzy from heights?]

[I'm undergoing treatment for that. But you have a point. I wouldn't want to get dropped] Misha giggled and then added [Going to try again?]

Shizune thought for a moment and then replied [Yes, actually. I think I will. This is fun.]

Emi was running home late at night, her track practice having taken longer than she had planned. The streets were mostly barren of people, and the cool breeze felt good on her sweaty body.

“Um, hey!” a voice called out.

She stopped and looked into the darkness, trying to figure where the voice was coming from. She then did a double take. Under a few trees there was a man. About twenty years of age, his hair was an dark brown with a brilliant white streak in the middle. More unusual than that though was his garb. He was clad from neck down in a one-piece, bright red costume that covered every inch of his body from the neck down. There were no seams or pieces to the outfit and it seemed to shimmer and shift in the moonlight.

“Hello?” Emi asked the figure

“Hey, can you tell me where I am?”

“Main street. Right near the university” she replied

“No, I mean, what city. I was going somewhere. Or coming back from somewhere...I don't remember.”
He shook his head “My mind is missing pieces, I think I've forgotten much of what I've did.”

“Um, we're in Tokyo. How do you not know?”

The man shook his head again. “I'm not sure. I've forgotten almost everything. I know that this is wrong though.” Part of his costume retracted, exposing a hand. He touched Emi's shoulder with his palm and shook his head “I shouldn't be able to touch you. Not sure why.”

“How'd you do that with the outfit? And what do you mean you shouldn't be able to touch me?”

“I don't remember. I thought my touch could kill, but it doesn't. I touched a dog when I first awoke and nothing happened. So I figured if I could touch animals, I could touch people. And I can, though I'm not sure why. I can't...I think I've lost myself. Can you help me?”

Emi looked at him oddly, then a look of understanding came across her.

“You're suffering from amnesia, aren't you? I'm so sorry. Do you have a place to go?”

“I don't think so. I think time was broken at one point, but that might have been a lie. There was a big explosion, and I was caught. I couldn't move on. I felt myself drawn to this place. Drawn to you in particular. Nobody else seemed to notice me. But you noticed me. Do you know why?”

“I don't know what you're asking. Can you be more clear?”

The man took a breath “Ok, I remember that someone told me time had been broken. I remember being in a big explosion. Then I was yanked into this city. I wondered around for a while, but couldn't interact with anyone. Then I felt your presence. You were like a beacon. Now you can see me. I can't explain it better than that. Sorry. But I think...I think I need help. Can you help me?”

Emi gave him a funny look, trying to figure out what he meant. Finally she shrugged “Help you how?”

The man looked down, “I don't have anyplace to go. I know it's a lot to ask, but could you help me find a place to stay?”

Emi hesitated. She certainly didn't have the money to rent him an apartment. Maybe she could let him stay on her couch for a few days, but was that really a good idea? He could be a serial killer, or lunatic, or something equally dangerous...But the fact was, he needed help. She could look the other way, but then what kind of person would she be? She always prided herself on her willingness to help others when they needed it.

“Whats your name?” She finally asked

“Maxwell. Maxwell Lehnsherr”

“Alright Max. You can come to my place.” She took off running. Max floated behind her.

Emi looked back “Oh, you've got powers?”

Max shrugged “Yes.”

“Huh, interesting. Anyway, my apartment is right here.”

Rin sat on the floor of her studio, staring at her latest work. It wasn't quite right, but she couldn't place the finger on what. Deciding to take a break, she got up and walked over to the kitchen table. Reaching one foot over the surface, she grabbed a pill bottle between her big toe and the next one over and lowered it to the floor. She sat down, and with practiced dexterity swiveled the cap open by holding the bottle with one foot and twisting the top with the other. She gently shook out a bright blue capsule, then grabbed it with her foot and stuffed it in her mouth. Closing the bottle, she thought for a long moment and then finally made a decision.

“Needs more orange” she said to nobody in particular “Earth mountain orange.” She looked over at the series of paint cans to the side of her room.

“Need to mix some” she stated plainly. Walking over to her art area, she looked at the paint bowl and then at the cans, then the paint bowl again. She was about to pick up the can of orange paint, when there was a loud “pop” and some orange paint appeared in the bowl. Surprised, she looked into the orange paint can. It was slightly lower than she had left it the last time she mixed it.

“Little too light. Needs some red.”

She walked over to the red can, when another “pop” occurred and a small amount of red paint appeared on top of the orange. She blinked and gave her half smile.

“Oh. Teleportation,” she remarked “Very convenient.”

“Hisao, there's something you should know.”

Hisao looked up from the computer he was setting up and turned to his girlfriend “Of course Lilly, is there a problem?”

Lilly shook her head “Not a problem. Today something very odd has been happening. I wasn't sure at first, but it's been getting stronger.”

Hisao winced. He could guess the general idea where this was going, but he wasn't sure of the details.

“You're developing a superpower, aren't you?”

“I guess you could call it that. When I was at the mall I started...”sensing” things for lack of a better word. I seem to be developing a fifth sense.”

Hisao blinked, that wasn't quite what he expected her to say. “Really? That's great, Lilly! Whats it like?”

Lilly chuckled “Well, trying to explain it is kind of like when you tried to help me visualize colors . There really aren't any words to describe it. It's like... its a bit like a cross between hearing and touch. I can, for example, tell you the silicon in the computer you are setting up was mined in Norway, the plastic was formed in a plant in China, the whole thing was assembled in Texas...”

“So you can talk to objects?”

“Not talk. Well, sort of. Not exactly. More like I can sense their history. I can't really explain it. I do think I might be able to avoid running into them, however. I think I can sense the location of where things are”

Hisao's voice took an excited tone “Really? That's incredible!”

“It helps, yes. I still need a lot of practice though. There is a lot of information to process at once. I wouldn't exactly call it a superpower...”

“Hey, its super to me. There's something you should know to.”

“What might that be?”

“I seem to be developing telepathy. At first I thought I was having a bout of schizophrenia, but the words I am hearing seem to be congruent with people's thoughts. Let me try something”

Hisao closed his eyes and thought really hard Can you hear this? He thought out.

“Yes... that was not in my ears though, was it?” Lilly asked

“No, I was projecting mentally. So, yeah, I think I'm becoming a telepath.”

“You seem to be taking this in stride quite well.”

“I guess. At first I freaked because I thought I was going insane. I was very relieved when I was alone with you and started to realize what I thought I was hearing was actually your thoughts. And I must say, you have extremely beautiful thoughts. But more than that...”

Lilly blushed slightly. Hisao then added “There is one more thing I'd like to try, though I can't promise it will work.”

“What might that be?”

“I want to try transmitting my field of view into your head. See if you might be able to see through my eyes.”

Lilly smiled slightly “Interesting thought. Go ahead sweetie.”

Hisao smiled and opened his eyes. He looked around. For a moment he considering focusing on Rin's painting, which was hung up on a wall nearby, but immediately discounted the idea. Even he had trouble with her art. Better to do something simple. He finally decided on a nearby potted plant, and focused on it, sending the image into her brain.

“I don't understand, what is going on?” He heard her say

“Can you perceive this image?” he asked.

“I'm sorry, I don't know what this is.”

Hisao stopped transmitting the image. “I'm sorry. I was worried that might happen.”

“That what might happen?” Lilly asked

“That you wouldn't be able to understand sight. I did some reading this subject a while back, of people who recover their sight after long periods of time being blind. There’s very little research as such cases are quite rare, but in the case studies I've read the visual center of the brain is undeveloped and often taken over by other senses. Since you've been blind since birth, you can't...perceive the sights like I do. You just don't have the experience. It can be adjusted to, but it takes a long time. I'm very sorry it's not an easy fix.”

“Don't apologize. Its very sweet you thought this through to the level you did.”

“I just...I was hoping...” Hisao swallowed and regained his composure “I'd like to help you with this. This could take a great deal of practice, but I'll be with you every step of the way. However long it takes, weeks, months, years...”

“Hisao, it's alright. I've managed fine without sight for twenty two years, you don't need to do this.”

“Lilly, we've been together for four years and you know how much I love you. I want to help you see. This telepathy is a gift, and I was given it for a reason. So that you have the chance to perceive things you never had the chance to. Maybe there's no manual on this kind of thing, but I’m going to do my utmost so that you have the chance.”

Lilly chuckled, “Well, you seem to have your mind made up. How would you suggest we proceed?”

“Well, to be honest I'm not entirely sure. Like I said, there's no manual. How about we spend a few hours each day where I send you images of what I see, and work from there?”

“Very well.”

Hisao nodded and began sending images into her brain, and for the rest of the night they practiced.
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Mirage_GSM » Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:14 am

I wasn't aware Magneto's touch can kill, but if you have the suspicion it might do something like that, you shouldn't touch someone to test it.
One of Rin's paintings seems to be a bad choice for the first visual input to show to a blind person. Even sighted people would be challenged by those.
Also, you might consider to cut back on the x-men backstory. It does not add anything to the story and it confuses those who never read the comics.
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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.

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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Chrono180 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:08 am

Mirage_GSM wrote:I wasn't aware Magnetos touch can kill, but if you have the suspicion it might do something like that, you shouldnt touch someone to test it.
One of Rins paintings seems to be a bad choice for the first visual input to show to a blind person. Even sighted people would be challenged by those.
Also, you might consider to cut back on the x-men backstory. It does not add anything to the story and it confuses those who never read the comics.

Without giving too much away, this isn't Magneto. And yes, I did consider the second part, basically he winds up making accidental skin contact with another person. I just couldn't find a natural way to fit it into the story. The second point is admittedly valid. I probably should have chosen something else. And the backstory...I'm trying to work in enough exposition so that people who haven't read the comics can understand the context of the other characters. I admit there's a lot, but there's no good way to simplify it, considering how complicated the continuity is.
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Re: Katawa Superpowers (Spoilers)(Marvel crossover) Chapter

Postby Mirage_GSM » Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:38 am

Oh right, Magneto's name is Magnus, not Maxwell, isn't it?
Seems I focussed to much on the surname.
Given what I know about Magneto's background, I think the possibility of an evil - okay, good - twin is slim... Guess, I'll let myself be surprised...
Regarding the backstory: I don't know much more about the characters than I did before. Just that they travelled realities and did some - a lot of - unbelievable stuff... Most of it went right over my head, and you mentioned a lot of characters that have no relevance to yor story whatsoever (yet?).
'm not even sure what their powers are at this point...
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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.

Sore wa himitsu desu.
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