English Visual Novel panel at Fanime?

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English Visual Novel panel at Fanime?

Post by Tsundere Lightning » Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:57 pm

I'm going to be going to Fanime, an anime and visual media convention held in San Jose, California this coming Memorial Day weekend (in May), to promote a VN I'm working on called Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon - and I just checked Fanime's page on discussion panels yesterday. It's a pretty sweet deal! Reduced admission price, up to and including a free weekend badge for doing 3 hours of panels over the course of the entire convention, isn't too shabby - though of course this doesn't cover transportation and lodging.

Would anyone here be interested in a 50 minute or 90 minute discussion panel on English Language visual novels, including OELVN's? Definitely covering the success of Katawa Shoujo: other possible things to cover are the fanlation scene, the perception that all visual novels are hentai games, other breakout hits (Fate/Stay Night, Ever 17, Phoenix Wright, 999), the Lemmasoft community, the Ren'Py engine, and so on.

Also, would anyone on the Katawa Shoujo Dev-Team want to join us? As I mentioned, it would greatly reduce the cost of convention admission. We can't really do much about transportation, or hotel costs unless you're comfortable sharing a room with strangers, but $30 to $60+ bucks cheaper at a con is pretty decent.

Planning early because the alpha release of my own game is out this week, and because the sooner I plan this the cheaper it stays.
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