Getting Closer Together (NSFW, Hisao/Lily/Hanako)

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Getting Closer Together (NSFW, Hisao/Lily/Hanako)

Post by WestorEast » Mon Aug 17, 2020 12:18 am

Letting Her Watch​
I moaned as I masturbated, two fingers plunging in and out of my depths over and over again. The hot water surrounding me felt nice, but nowhere near as nice as what I was seeing. Which was almost as good as what I was doing.

Watching Hisao and Lilly together was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, just like it always was. The expression on my best friend’s face as our boyfriend moved in and out of her, spreading her pussy open with his cock, it was amazing. The way her large breasts swung back and forth underneath her was amazing as well.

And Hisao looked great, too. He was holding onto Lilly’s hips, moisture standing out all over his skin as he brought himself back and then slid back in. I could see the lean muscles moving underneath his skin and the look of concentration as he fucked her.

“Ah, ah, Hisao,” Lilly moaned, turning her head around to give both me and him a beautiful, radiant smile. “You’re going so deep inside of me.” I shivered, hearing the lust dripping off of each and every word.

“You feel so good, Lily,” Hisao murmured, his voice sending a chill down my spine. “You’re so wet today.”

“I did get an extremely enjoyable warmup in the bath,” Lilly said, looking at where I was and smiling again. “But now that you’re here…” she trailed off and started to push back against Hisao.

My breath caught in my throat as I watched the two of them. One hand came up to grab my breast, cupping it and squeezing it. The heat was spreading out from the center of my body just like it was sinking in from the water.

Seeing the two of them like that, I wanted to make it the three of us. Getting to be with them, feeling their hands on my skin, their kisses on my… I flushed at that thought. But I couldn’t, not yet.

Somehow, even though Lilly and I could… help each other out and I could do all sorts of wonderful (and embarrassing) things with Hisao, doing something with both of them at once… it made me break out in a cold sweat, thinking of them judging me. Hisao comparing my body to Lilly, which just wasn’t a contest, Lilly being able to tell that I wasn’t bringing as much pleasure to our shared boyfriend as she did…

They told me that they wouldn’t do that sort of thing and I wanted to believe them, but it was still too difficult to actually take that last step and join them. The most I could do was watch them and touch myself and maybe, when it was all over, hug one of them and press my body up against them to feel how hard their hearts were beating.

But one day, maybe it could happen the way it should. We could all be together, not just in our hearts and minds but sharing our bodies with each other as well.

That thought made me squeeze down around my fingers. I teased my nipple as well, feeling the pleasure welling up inside of me. And I could tell that Hisao and Lilly were getting close to their orgasms as well.

I wasn’t going to be able to do everything I wanted with my lovers today. But at least we could all cum together. I shifted around in the tub to get more comfortable as I watched Hisao’s cock moving in and out of Lilly’s pussy. I could actually see the arousal that was clinging to his shaft.

Soon, soon, I wanted it to be both of our arousal.

Letting Her Listen​

I shivered as I listened to my lovers. Hisao and Hanako were making some of the most wonderful sounds as they made love with each other. I was sitting on a chair while they were on the bed, slowly masturbating.

Hanako made the most wonderful noises as she made love. The sweet sounds the slipped from her lips were the sweetest sort of song I had ever heard. And Hisao’s masculine grunts as he pumped in and out of my best friend formed a wonderful counterpoint.

And there was my own pleasure, of course. Sitting here, listening to the two people dearest to me in the whole world (with a slight twinge of guilt towards my parents and Akira) was wonderful. How could I not indulge and touch myself as I listened to the sounds they made as they showed each other how much they loved one another?

That I was providing some extra stimulus to the two of them made things even better. Both Hisao and Hanako had said how sexy I looked as I masturbated. And if the sight of me giving myself pleasure helped the two of them enjoy one another even more, that was a service I was very willing to provide.

Part of me wished that I was in there with them, of course. How could I not? Both Hisao and Hanako were wonderful lovers, if not for their skill, then for what they meant to me. Of course I wanted to show them the depths of my love for them, even as I welcomed their own touches and confessions.

It couldn’t happen yet, but I sincerely hoped that soon, Hanako would be able to welcome the two of us with open arms at the same time and we could all show one another the depths of our love and attraction to one another. For now, listening to the two of them and my own time with each of them would have to do.

And it was still very enjoyable. I could hear the two of them quietly talking to one another, saying such sweet things to one another even as Hisao pumped in and out of Hanako’s wet folds. I could certainly hear how he was filling her up, the wet sounds that came from him spreading her open time and time again.

I wasn’t sure of their exact position on the bed, since they didn’t provide that level of detail without prompting and Hanako always got so embarrassed and mortified when Hisao described how the two of them were positioned. But Hanako had once confessed to me that she liked it best when he was on top of her, looking down at her and holding her in his arms. That sounded so romantic to me and I wasn’t able to entirely avoid teasing her a bit about it.

From the sound of it, they were drawing to the finish. I sped up as well, moaning softly as I felt my finger pumping in and out as I circled my thumb around my clitoris. I cupped my breast, even as I thought of Hisao doing the same to Hanako, feeling her firm mounds moving around underneath his hands. It made me shiver and squeeze down around my finger as I stroked my inner walls. Oh yes, I loved this feeling.

Hisao and Hanako both called out one another’s names as they came. I just softly moaned myself as I felt the wonderful pleasure of an orgasm washing over me. I sat back, shoulders trembling as I felt the climax sweep through my body, making me feel on top of the world for a minute.

How lucky was I to have two such wonderful people who loved me as much as I loved them?

Letting Him Watch​
How lucky was I that I got to watch two beautiful, beautiful women having hot lesbian sex in front of me? And, even better, that both of those women were my girlfriends?

It had been a long while since I had watched any kind of porn, and this was far hotter than porn could possibly be. Being able to see everything crystal clear, hearing every whimper, even the smell was all so much better than a screen or a page could be.

Of course, what made it even better than just watching two girls was that it was Hanako and Lily. I didn’t love anyone in my life as much as them and getting to see each other making one another feel good was so hot, far hotter than any kind of porn could possibly be. Especially when Lily put on a little show for one or both of us or when Hanako worked up the nerve to be a little tease who would lift her skirt up for a few seconds before letting it drop, blushing madly.

My hand was going up and down along my cock, over and over again as I watched. I could see Hanako’s pussy from where I was sitting, her white nightdress pulled up above her waist so that Lily could get to her pussy. My blonde girlfriend’s head in between Hanako’s widely spread legs, drawing some really hot sounds from both sets of Hanako’s lips. And I knew that if I went around the bed the two of them were on, I could see Lily’s naked body resting on top of Hanako as Hanako returned the favor.

Part of me wanted to stand up and just slide on into one of the two wet pussies that were being tended to. I knew how soft and wet and wonderful either one would feel, wrapped around my rod. But I didn’t. I stayed right where I was, watching and listening and masturbating. Someday soon, with any luck, Hanako would be ready for me to do that, for all three of us to be together. But not yet.

That day couldn’t come soon enough, because how could I not have thought about how nice it would be to not just watch two beautiful women being with each other, but actually joining in? Especially when I knew how great both of them were and how we had all made each other feel ever since we had started this group relationship.

Instead, I made myself stay where I was and keep on masturbating, watching Lily’s blonde hair fall around her head as she licked and kissed Hanako’s wet pussy. It was still really hot and I could feel my dick tightening up as I got ready to cum.

When Lily let out a really sweet moan, that was as long as I could stand. I groaned from the bottom of my lungs as I came, my dick twitching and pulsing in my hand as I kept on intently staring at the two of them. I could feel the hot splatter of seed all across my stomach, but didn’t bother to glance down. My gaze was locked on the pair of women on our bed.

Lily heard me cumming and looked up from Hanako’s pussy for a moment. I could see the arousal smeared across her face as she shot me a quick smile. Then she went back to what she was doing. I saw her tongue sticking out and then sliding inside and Hanako’s entire body gave a little shiver. I thought I heard a whimper.

How lucky could a guy be to have something like this happen to him?

Getting Them All Together​

I moaned into Lily’s mouth, holding my best friend and girlfriend tight up against me. I was feeling good, I was feeling so good as I felt her soft, warm body pressed up against mine. I loved this. I loved all of this.

Over Lily’s shoulder, I could see Hiaso getting ready, lining himself up. I shivered in anticipation, wondering which of us he was going to be entering first. I was fine with either choice. I was more than ready for him to slide inside of me and it would feel good if he did so. But it also looked good when he entered Lily. Being able to see every expression that was passing over her face from this close and being able to kiss her, it was amazing.

Everything was amazing these days, now that I had finally gotten the courage to let both of my lovers into my bed at the same time. It wasn’t just the sex. It wasn’t just time spent with either or both of them. It was everything. My journalism classes just flew by, the sun seemed to shine brighter, the air was cleaner, everything was better now that we could be together the way all three of us wanted to be.

I kissed Lily, pressing my lips against hers. She gasped, a bit surprised, then she kissed me back. It felt wonderful. And feeling Hisao’s tip brushing against me felt even better. I moaned into Lily’s mouth as I started to feel so full inside. It was an amazing feeling and I couldn’t believe how happy I was feeling as I felt Lily’s weight pressing down on top of me, and Hisao’s hands on my thighs and his rod inside of me.

Lily’s hands were on my body. One was squeezing down on my shoulder, though I could barely feel it through the scars. The other was at the base of my breast, rubbing it and making me shiver as she touched it.

“I love you,” I whispered quietly. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Hanako,” Lily said with a sweet smile before pressing a kiss to my cheek. It might even have been sisterly if I wasn’t wearing some lingerie that I was still embarrassed over and if Lily wasn’t completely naked. “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had and now you’re so much more.”

“I, um, I love the both of you as well,” Hisao said a bit awkwardly as he thrust in and out of me, sending warm rivers of pleasure running through my body. “I don’t want to think about what my life would be like without either of you.”

That made me feel wonderful as well. It made me feel so good, in fact, I didn’t even mind Hisao pulling out of me and sliding into Lily. Especially with the small noise she made as she got filled up. I could feel her body starting to rock back and forth on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her, feeling her soft, warm skin underneath my hands. It was so much better than my own, just like every part of her body. I even liked the blue of her eyes more!

But that was alright. Because both Hisao and Lily loved me and loved my body. I didn’t need to compare myself to Lily, I could just be with Lily. And as I saw her get fucked, as our boyfriend slid back and forth inside of her, I knew that was alright.

I had Lily. I had Hisao. They had each other. They had me. We all had one another in every possible way.

And what could be better than that?

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