Seasonal Solstice Secret Santa Short Story Sharing Session

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Seasonal Solstice Secret Santa Short Story Sharing Session

Post by ProfAllister » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:23 pm

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD - this thread is for notice purposes only. Due to the nature of this idea, it falls dangerously close to requesting, which, as we all know, is strictly forbidden. If you have a reasonable question to something I missed, a reply may be merited, but otherwise, read what's being said, and keep it to PMs. I'm asking Silentcook to sticky this, so there won't be any reason/need to bump this for visibility.

With that notice out of the way, here's the basic rundown:

What - You're probably all familiar with the concept of a Secret Santa. Participants volunteer to give a gift, and names are drawn randomly such that every participant receives a gift from another participant. In this case, the "gifts" will be short stories (500-1000 words minimum; no upper limit).

Who - To avoid any incidents or bad feelings, it's important that you only sign up if you can commit to producing something within the prescribed time period. Other than that, anyone can sign up.

How - Anyone who can commit to participation will send me a private message with a simple short story prompt - a sentence or a set of keywords of something you'd like to see written. Rules are: It MUST be KS-related; Crossovers and dependence on other works is discouraged; so as to not discomfort whoever has to write your prompt, lewdness/dark&edgy is strongly discouraged (people are free to write lewd, but it's something else to expect a volunteer to write your LillyxTaro Diaper fetish fic); Christmas/Holiday/Winter theming is encouraged but not required.
Come November 23 (Thanksgiving Day), I'll take the submitted names/prompts, shuffle them, and give each participant someone else's name and prompt (via PM).

When - The ideal posting time would be December 25 (Christmas), but, accounting for schedules, it's reasonable to allow a week's leeway in either direction (December 18-January 1), with the expectation that participants try to get as close to the 25th as reasonable/possible.

Where - Here in the Fan Fic section. Label it as an 8S submission, and include in the post who it's for, and what their prompt was. I'll try to update this post as submissions come in, so we have an index of who wrote what where.

Why - It's all part of the feminist conspiracy, of course. Don't tell Kenji.


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