Some music about Katawa.

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Some music about Katawa.

Post by Renchon » Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:00 pm

SO, I don't see any thread like this.

Here are some good beats about Katawa Shoujo.

"Katawa Shoujo Rap | Fan-Made Music Video" by VoicesFromTheDark [English]

This is pretty good for me.

"Katawa Shoujo RAP | Hanako Route" by Gabo Rústico [Spanish]

"Katawa Shoujo RAP| Hanako Route" by Gabo Rústico [English translation]

"Katawa Shoujo RAP | Emily Route" by Gabo Rústico [Spanish]

"Katawa Shoujo RAP | Rin Route" by Gabo Rústico [Spanish]

This guy has one big problem, his rhymes are good, but he has one big minus, his choruses sounds like jumping on dead cat.

I've only see those music, if you have another song, post it.
I work as voice-over in poland.

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