Katawa Shoujo raps (Yo yo)

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Katawa Shoujo raps (Yo yo)

Post by THEMADECK » Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:21 pm


Lets start off with the first person we met
that Shizune the one who is deaf
she cant, hear she cant speak
from our point of view we think her world would be bleak, but

her fiery spirit carries her forward
making commands and giving us orders sometimes the silence is awkward
if we don't learn our relationship is on the brink
so now she will be asking us "Can you tell me what you think?)

Don't ask us to play risk while we pitch in
we're working so hard to follow your mission
and now that there's a competition
you already turned on your ignition.

we know we can never beat you at this game
we might as well forfeit, go on and bask in your fame
but that's not the case your personality that is a flame
rubbed of on us so lets fight and make her remember our name

it can be a pain but in all technicality
if I remember right we met Misha first in reality
and that's if we talk about the students
otherwise there is is Mutou who is always quite prudent


now back to Misha she's as loud as can be
shouting Wahaha to declare that she's free
with no worries no troubles at least how it seems
if we go on in deeper her soul's tearing at the seams
that's under all that light that she beams
she has her dreams like every other person
one thing I will say is god speed to that lesbian

that pink hair brightens up a room
and she will zoom right to our seat
and shout in our face
with that bubbly voice about Shizune's dreams to own this place
did I mention she interprets sign language
she does it so fluidly its almost mechanic

She is a girl of action
and her drills will be the drills that will pierce the heavens
until she cuts them off and gets a look that makes her look eleven

She's got an idea for a career
being a sign language teacher
and that suits her
hopeful her dreams come true I honestly think that believe me you


if we go look to the back of the class
We have Hanako she's surprisingly fast
she has burns on the right side of her body
and she's super duper shy she's like to be a monopoly

its not obvious what she's thinking
so we feel like we're sinking
but we keep her company during her reading
lucky no student council meetings
our feelings will not be fleeting
and then the next day give her a nice greeting

She has a question so we will listen and hear
to what she has to say which might be
"Can you face your fears"
when she's a mess lets calm down and play chess
because we know we have problems too
like the scar on our chest
so we know we gotta go do our best
she secretly likes to sing
we never get to hear it
but we hear it in our dreams


"can you see what I see" is what she's asking me
its the blind lilly Satou and she's as tall as a tree
prim and proper she could be called an up scale lady
but when you get her into bed things start to get crazy

when you're half Japanese and half Scottish lets go visit a cottage
in the country if we're there we might as well forage in the forest

She's has no trouble walking around
she's learnt the ways through the town
and she raises a brow
when Shizune walks in
and they start to fight
and we're just wondering how

Lets go to that room
and get ourselves some tea
hang out with Hanako you and me
can you hear the sound in the background
its that music box that we found
we know you like and it was a great gift
and it has many meanings so keep a hold of it
and use your super sharp ears to listen while we look into your blue eyes that glisten


As fast as a rocket
never gonna stop it
impressive ambition
with one goal and one mission

Emi the fastest thing on no legs
she's so fast its a blur
it messes with your head
cheer for her

she's an optimist
who likes to jump up and down
and nags for the good
you cant resist it if she frowns
she runs to escape
the pain that she feels
and honour her father
and that's how she deals with it
in the end it doesn't matter

she doesn't let her lack of legs hold he back she keeps going forward to the future around the track
she wont let you snack
she'll make you run and that's a fact
she's and so strong and thinks she doesn't need help but instead wonders "Can you stand up for yourself?)


Here's the part where its gets a bit confusing
Rin tezuka is very amusing
she's funny
she'd probably make some kinda comment about plastic

her comments don't make sense and you cant have a conversation
at least we gotta say she might have determination
for the art she makes it takes great concentration
one day her art could be shown across the nation

this girl has her own unique charm
we'd like to hold her hand but she's missing her arms
so "Can you seize the day?"
live your life and say hooray
that you did it made it through it
and had a happy time doing it

We'll waste the day
painting away
she's one unique girl
who will make your head whirl
in the end its like hey
that's all we gotta say


Lets end it by talking about our protagonist
Hisao Nakai the one who had to transit
from a normal life to going to a disabled kids school
then there's his future that we know
before he went there he was asked out by a girl
then fell onto the snow
with a pain in his chest and a blackening world
in the hospital he finds he's got arrhythmia
a terrible heart condition then he learns some trivia

he starts reading books everyday
he's got nothing to do but wait and wait
when the doctor discharges him he's on his way
to the gates of Yamaku academy he says "they look pompous for what gates to a school should be"

No one there knew him but he saw them around
the cute girls that are new because he's new in this town
still being emo for the first act all the time
but we know in the future all of this will be fine

when they find out they're always surprised
our heart may not work right but our problems are just on the inside
we should be lucky that this is preventative
its not like we got a condition that's a death sentence in of itself

when we fall in love
we don't know what to do
our heart is broken
but it beats for you
we cant make the choices that come from our heat
because our tickers on the flicker so its kinda hard
there are lots of twists and turns and lots of bending
keep trying to get those good endings
Dat Soundtrack

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