Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

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Re: Type Moon meets KS

Post by Rednal » Mon May 11, 2009 4:34 pm

Uh, no. Mostly because I only have the demo to work from (so it's a sort of pseudo-Hanako route. Maybe. (see below)), and this is set apparently a month into his stay at the school, so it'd only be about a third of the way through the full game anyway. XD I tried to follow the concept as closely as possible, though, and I'll try to keep doing that.


Which includes the bit at the top of that first post mentioning the story being about "everyone" (being the main characters) learning about their powers and falling in love... harem? Perhaps, perhaps not. I'm not entirely sure yet. XD

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Re: Type Moon meets KS

Post by Exhau » Mon May 11, 2009 5:18 pm

Woah... someone wrote out some of my ridiculous idea! It's awesome. I might edit the OP for organization and the Rin/Emi combo idea.

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Re: Type Moon meets KS

Post by Rednal » Mon May 11, 2009 5:47 pm

^^ I expanded slightly on Lilly's power; I figured that, given the description, it might be possible. By the way, want to change the thread name to include something like "now with story"? XD Or not; whatever.

Mystic Eyes of Disability Perception Part Two:

That taste still didn't go away. The taste of purple, that is. Over the last week, I had started practicing getting the lines to appear and disappear at will, and several things became apparent. First, the fact that I was apparently tasting a color became more pronounced as I used more willpower with my sight, to the point where it was like purple sunshine in my mouth. This made no sense whatsoever to me, but it was difficult to argue with reality. If that word mattered much anymore.

I had somehow gained an... ability. Through a little practice, I had discovered that I could interact with the lines I was seeing on things; practicing on a sheet of paper had wound up with the paper turning yellow, like it had aged somehow. I hadn't tried the lines that were on people, and fortunately, I also had to concentrate on the line to get my ability to work. Somehow, focusing on one line told me what it would do if I 'activated' it.

The sad part was, I was somewhat less concerned about my own ability. I was not the only person who had developed a superpower; a number of people on campus had, and it was impossible to keep it secret. The staff, though, had been expecting this. They knew that this was going to happen, and they didn't warn any of us. Nobody was entirely sure what to do except... well... practice.

I moved through the halls of the school, then took a seat in the back of one of the classrooms. They had split classes into those who had powers and those who did not. At a more normal school, this might have resulted in people really becoming separated, but that sort of mentality just didn't exist at Yamaku. Everyone was different from what we considered normal.

"Oh, Hisao. Good morning." a calm voice said. I looked over to find Lilly sitting nearby; she was actually turned straight towards me. Her fingers were resting on the shaft of a long red spear. I fantasized for a few moments, then shook my head. "Um... those sorts of thoughts are..."

Lilly, as it turned out, was one of those gifted. Unlike me, she had actually received some sort of weapon when reality went haywire, which Hanako had named Gae Bolg after a legendary spear. Lilly often used it as a cane, more out of habit than anything else. What her real gift was seemed to be the development of super-hearing, something to the order of hearing the movement of every atom in the area and being able to interpret it.

I didn't see how that was possible. But then, how could I age a paper just by touching a line that didn't seem to actually exist? One of the side-effects of hearing the movement of atoms, though, was that Lilly could actually hear the electricity moving in my brain and understand it. In other words, she was also able to read minds on top of no longer really needing sight and having deadly accuracy with that spear. I made a mental note to avoid having any dirty thoughts around her.

"I would appreciate that." her voice said. "I'm flattered that you would think of me that way, but we are not that close."


I opened my notebook and quietly began writing things down from the board.

Hours later, I had gotten through the assigned work and strode outside. It was almost like the festival again, except this time, people had... talents. Something slammed into me at about a hundred miles an hour, and by the time my brain finally caught up, I had been forced to the ground.

"Ah! Hisao!" a very familiar voice cried. I groaned as I looked up at Emi's worried face. "I'm sorry! I was out practicing, and-"

"Miss Ibarazaki!" Misha's voice called. "You have run around too often as it is, and now that you can fly, it's even more dangerous if you hit people! Ahahahahaha!" Misha and Shizune came into sight.

"I didn't mean to!" Emi said, shrinking like a puppy that had just been kicked. It was adorable. No, wait, I still wasn't that far from Lilly... it was sad that she looked that way! Sad!

"That's no excuse!" Misha said, her happy tone taking most of the venom out of Shizune's signed words.


Misha's hair-drills pointed at the girl.

"Igottago!" Emi said as she took off running. Misha's drills returned to their normal position, and the two girls turned to look at me.

"Me, too." I said, quickly heading back inside.

I didn't want to get hit by the drills that could shake the heavens. Shizune had some sort of sonic-blast thing, but when she did it into Misha's hair... It was somehow spun around and directed so that it could burst through things it normally couldn't. This school had been odd, but friendly, to start with. Now it was just weird.

I still wasn't ready to deal with all of this. So, I went to the library.

She was there, of course. She was always there. I took a seat beside her and waited for a minute or so before Hanako closed her book and looked up at me.

I didn't know what to say. After a few seconds, I fumbled with my bag and pulled out a portable chess set. I spent the rest of that afternoon playing the game with her, though I only won about four of the ten games we played. She was getting even better at the game since she finally had someone to play with on a regular basis. I might have won more, but my mind was wandering.

How were you supposed to react to your life changing so much? I had only just started to get over the fact that my life was different, would always be different, and now this. Not only did I have a bad heart, but I could somehow cause different disabilities?

Nurse had explained it to me. He said that the school was a faultline for 'conceptual quakes', and that these occured on the eighth of eleven (ten normal + time, apparently) dimensions, doing weird things to the 'lower' dimensions. Like generating super combat suits or pointy weapons.

And the reason we had them? They had built the school expecting it. That was why it had so much funding; that had always seemed a little odd to me. They wanted to see what would happen this time around, and the U.N. thought that giving powers to people who understood what it was like to live with problems would be a good idea.


A soft voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up to find Hanako still sitting there, looking at me.

"Sorry. I was just thinking." I muttered. She just nodded, and I put away the chessboard. "I'll... see you tomorrow."

"All right." she said, voice quiet enough to satisfy the strictest librarian. I wandered out of the library and back to the school grounds. Shouts could be heard from the distance, towards the gate. I frowned and began walking in that direction. What was going on?
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Re: Type Moon meets KS

Post by Exhau » Mon May 11, 2009 6:08 pm

I should probably edit the title. Also, did some random refining in the OP. Good stuff so far, by the way. Hanako is my favorite too~

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by Rednal » Mon May 11, 2009 7:22 pm

Fufufufufu. Yes; more Hanako. XD And maybe Lilly?

Mystic Eyes of Disability Perception Part Three:

"Let us in! My daughter! I just want to see my daughter!"

"My son is in there! Let me talk to him!"

"You can't just lock them up! They haven't done anything wrong!"

"People, people!" Muto was saying. "Calm down! Your children are fine. They're better than fine. You don't need to worry about their safety!"

I frowned as I listened to Muto try calming the crowd. Nobody who had developed a power had been allowed to leave the school grounds. They probably couldn't have stopped us if we really wanted to go, but none of us had really wanted to leave anyway.Yamaku was our home.

"Hisao, it may be best if we leave them be." a familiar, elegant voice said. I turned to find Lilly standing there, smiling at me, still holding onto Gae Bolg. She looked almost ethereal in the light of the moon, the- no! No thoughts like that! "Thank you."

"What's wrong with all of them?"

"They're parents who decided to move into the town so their children could stay with them." Lilly answered. "They are very... upset... that their children have suddenly been taken away from them. It may be some time before they are calm."

"I... see."

I did, sort of. Not only did their kids have problems they would have to deal with for the rest of their lives, but now those very same kids had powers like in the American X-men movies? Which would make Yamaku the same as the Xavier Institute? I didn't even want to think about that.



"I think you're right. It can't be pleasant for you, being around all these people." she simply nodded, and we headed towards the inner part of the school. The girl relaxed visibly as we got further away from the gates. "How does it... you know... feel?"

"I have gotten used to it." she answered primly, smoothly avoiding a tree. It was so strange seeing her walk normally after she had used a cane to guide her around. "I believe that our gifts are just that. You should not be ashamed of what you can do. What matters is how you use it; with great power comes great responsibility."

That was Spider-man, not X-men.

"I know."

I had the feeling that I was never going to get used to her reading my mind. It was... awkward to know that everything I thought would be known by her whenever I was around her.

"You needn't worry about that. I believe it is rude to constantly pry into the thoughts of others, so most of the time, I don't. When there are only a few people around, I can keep your thoughts out of mine. It does not seem to work in larger groups, however."

That was convinient.

"Yes, it is."

"You're still reading my thoughts?"

"No. I guessed what you were thinking, and it seems I was correct."

Oh. She knew me better than I thought.

I followed her into the dorm that had been set up for us, an unused building just big enough to hold all of the students who had developed powers. I wasn't sure how smart that was, seeing as most of the abilities were destructive, but they all seemed to be under control. Kenji remained at my old dorm, and had actually cried when I had left, telling me that I was a victim of the conspiracy and that I had to run away or the girls would eat me alive.

I ignored him after that.

Lilly and I parted as we entered the building, as she went to her room and I went to mine. Not that either of us went very far. Men lived on one side of the hall, women on the other. Kenji would have had a heart attack. When I opened my door, I found a shape on my bed. Smiling, I shut the door and lay down next to Hanako. She was already fast asleep, curled up like a kitten.

We had started doing this the day after we had received our powers. The first time, she had simply fallen asleep on me in the library, and hadn't woken up until morning. I hadn't minded. She was so soft that it was actually quite comfortable. She was warm, too.

After that, we had moved into the new dorm, and she had come to my door looking as panicked as a puppy that thought it had done something wrong. I couldn't resist that, and had invited her inside. One thing had lead to another and, well... I was probably going to take responsibility and marry her once we were out of school. Like, five minutes after we were out.

I hadn't really 'slept' with her since then, but she had snuck into my bed to actually sleep, and I couldn't refuse her that. I lay down next to her, and before long, I was asleep as well. She was so warm...

I was almost too comfortable to notice when a rumble shook the building. Reality tasted... green. My eyes flew open as my vision twisted and the building rumbled. This was a shorter quake than the first one; Hanako was awake already as well, and we both ran out into the hall. Somebody probably saw us together, but I didn't care about that. In mere moments, Hanako and I had made our way outside, where a black blob that looked like a huge chunk of Jell-O was resting. Thick tendrils had come out of its body, and it was grabbing people left and right with them.

I suppose that it was inevitable. If we got powers, then something would appear that we had to use the powers on.

"Hanako, are you ready?" I asked.

"...Yes." she whispered. A circle of flames appeared on the ground around us. Through the corner of my eyes, I caught a glimpse of the other girls I knew rapidly approaching. Time to see what we could really do.

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by Exhau » Mon May 11, 2009 10:03 pm

I dunno about monsters. I've always enjoyed man vs man, and I was focusing on the conflict between superpowered people and regular ones. Interesting work, though.

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by LeeEzekiel » Tue May 12, 2009 5:40 am

They're taking these recent events oddly well. And I doubt Hanako would jump straight into battle like that.

Other than that, great work.

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by Rednal » Tue May 12, 2009 8:56 am

I'll just say it's like Bleach. ^^ Monsters for a bit, then the people.


Since I'm trying to have the students as a whole be fairly good (that's why they put the school there and all that...) I'm still working on an excuse for how other people would get powers. Maybe the enemies are all older... ^^

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by Exhau » Tue May 12, 2009 1:38 pm

Well, you've got a few options. If you want an epic quest, another quake can pull the cast through holes in time and space, leaving them stranded anywhere and anywhen, and they journey to find a way back home/to each other. Alternatively, one bigger quake could pull the whole cast into a single alternate reality, where abilities like those we've given the cast are common instead of rare.

If we want to keep things less transdimensional then we just need to figure out where we want the cast to go and how we're getting them there. Perhaps there's a scientist sequestered somewhere in Europe who's the go-to expert on these events? And if we want to introduce real villains, then we only need to pick another place for a fault line, and decide on who or what should be there for the quake. Anything from an insane asylum full of psychpaths (or ghosts) to the Australian outback full of animals and natives.

So, if we want an organized hierarchy of opponents, either we'd need a quake pulling the cast into an alternate reality or a secret organization who purposely threw themselves into a quake to gain powers. If we want ragtag vs ragtag it might be best to, say, make that obscure scientist into the big bad, and explain that he causes the quakes with EVIL SCIENCE. The result is these groups of superpowered beings from all over, fighting for either a cure (the cripple team) or more power (evil teams) or something else they think the quakes can give them which isn't necessarily evil (the sympathetic opponent teams).

I'm kinda leaning towards "pulled into another world" myself, and there we've got some basic options. Time travel, space travel, and reality travel. And any combination of the three. The cast meets the Arthurian knights? The cast meets aliens in another arm of the galaxy? The cast finds itself in an alternate present in which Alexander the Great didn't burn out and united the world? All of the above in sequence?

I have no definite preference and of course these ideas are open to interpretation and modification. But my talent is generally brainstorming.

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by Rednal » Tue May 12, 2009 6:20 pm

Mystic Eyes of Disability Perception Part Four:

It took only moments for the others to arrive. Lilly, with her deadly spear and reflexes, Emi with Rin transformed into some sort of flight pack, and Shizune with Misha in tow for the all-powerful drills. Adding Hanako and me in brought our numbers to seven.

It was like what Lilly had said. With power came responsibility. I didn't want to take over the world, or even take over Japan. I just... wanted to stay with my friends. They all knew about my heart and what problems I had, and they accepted me, just as I had grown to accept them.

Their problems didn't make them somehow less than human. No, that wasn't right. OUR problems didn't make us less. I wasn't an observer, looking in on these people who had malfunctioned or been injured. I was one of them.

One of the black blob's tendrils came towards us, and I held out my hand. I made contact with a line.

The line wasn't on the creature.

It was on reality itself.


Oh @#$%.

There was another reality quake, but this one was far worse than the ones before. I wasn't just tasting purple or green, I was tasting the whole spectrum of light while I smelled sound and saw scents. I felt like my brain was going to explode in about seven directions that didn't actually exist as everything around my small group became a blur of every sense imaginable.

Then it stopped, and I slammed face-down onto something soft. I just groaned.

"I would appreciate it if you would get off." a regal voice said. My eyes flew opened, and as I realized where I was, I jumped away fromLilly. "Thank you." she said, face coloring slightly. I looked around, trying to figure out where exactly we were.

"Wh-where are we?" Emi said, looking around frantically. Shizune and Misha were already signing rapidly back and forth.

It was a forest, but with different trees than Yamaku had anywhere on its grounds. Which meant... we'd moved somehow, through space or time. Possibly both.

Tasting colors had broadened my ability to accept strange things. There was a whinny, and I turned to find a horse entering the clearing, complete with a man wearing full european plate armor.


The man said something incomprehensible. It sounded vaguely like English, but it was so badly accented that I couldn't understand more than one word in ten. He didn't seem to be angry, however. More... concerned about us. Or at least the girls.

"Allow me." Lilly said. She was quiet for a moment, then slowly began talking to the man in his own language. I had the feeling that she was actually looking into his brain to figure out what to say and what he meant when he said things. "He says that though we wear strange clothes, we are welcome to stay at his estate if we wish."

"Where are we?" Hanako whispered. Lilly concentrated.

"We are in... England, I believe. His name is Percival."

That name sounded... familiar.


England. Knight. Percival. Therefore Sir Percival. I had read about him while I was in the hospital. He was...

"I believe he is a Knight of the Round Table." Lilly said, finishing my thoughts aloud for the benefit of the group.

"You're joking." Misha said, tone utterly devoid of seriousness. Lilly just frowned.

"I wish I was, but if he is not telling the truth, then at the very least he is completely convinced that he is who he says he is." she answered. Sir Percival spoke again. "He wishes to know why Emi is wearing armor.... he says he has never seen the type before."

This was getting very awkward, very fast. Maybe it would be best if we just went with the truth that Emi was injured, and the lie that a doctor had made that for her (with the help of a smith) so she could move around?

Lilly began talking again, and I focused my thoughts, though as Hanako clung to me it was admittedly a little difficult. I brushed a line of reality again, and things went haywire.

We didn't need to go to Camelot. What we needed was to find a way home.

Still, had I known what was going to happen next, I probably would have stayed in the forest...

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by Exhau » Wed May 13, 2009 12:07 am

Crucial question? Should Arthur be Saber or not? Okay, retarded question, but if we're really trying to Nasu it up, why not?

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by PCJedi » Wed May 13, 2009 1:03 am

Yes, it has to be Saber. After all, this is Type-Moon meets KS we're talking about here, some cameos would be fitting.
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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by LeeEzekiel » Wed May 13, 2009 1:37 am

Ooooh, is Percival going to be dragged along with the group?

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by Rednal » Wed May 13, 2009 12:33 pm

I'm basically writing the story based on what you guys say, so almost anything can happen. XD Katawa Shoujo is such a fan-based project that it seems fitting to do it this way...

Also, some characters head elsewhere for a bit mostly because it's HARD to write them all accurately and in the same scene. More than four characters or so is really tough. I'm not confident enough in my skills to write Rin, either. ^^; They'll all show up later, though.

Mystic Eyes of Disability Perception Part Five:

"Wahahahaha! Please stop that; I'm getting a headache." Misha said, interpreting for Shizune as reality made sense again. I looked around; we had gone from a forest to some sort of courtyard. There were more knights in armor around us.

"It would appear that we have not travelled very far..." Lilly noted quietly. I just nodded and tried to focus on the surrounding area; the knights had already drawn their weapons and were getting ready to attack. Sir Percival shouted something, though, and the other knights slowly lowered their weapons. The man added something in a quieter tone. "He would like to know if we are witches."

"No, we..." I began, thinking quick. Hanako looked out from behind me.

"Travellers who have come to learn from Merlin." the girl said quietly. "Good magic."

I immediately understood what she was going for. The stories of the Knights of the Round Table did often mention the great wizard at one point or another, and the fact that the man was allowed in Camelot at all showed that some magic, at least, was acceptable. If we could convince the knights that we had 'good' magic, then not only would they probably treat us well, but they'd avoid messing with us just in case we decided to turn then into frogs. Or newts.

Lilly continued speaking to the men in their language, and a few minutes later, the knights formed into a box around us and escorted us inside. It wasn't long before we found ourselves in a large hall.

"King Arthur." Percival said, kneeling to a woman on the throne. I stared. Arthur was a man... right? Then... why was the king a... girl? A British girl, but a girl nonetheless. A large sword rested at her waist; one part of her throne had been cut away to allow her to wear it even while seated. Lilly whispered quickly, and slowly, we all bowed. Except for Emi, who just knelt as best she could. Rin's armor-form wasn't particularly flexible.

The King (Queen?) and Sir Percival conversed back and forth for a few minutes. A few words seemed to be repeated on a regular basis, including Merlin, Kishua, and, of course, magic. The King simply watched us for a few long moments after they finished talking, then said just one word. Lilly stood up, and after a moment of hesitation, I followed.

"Well, well. You children really shouldn't be here." a voice speaking Japanese said. I looked up to find a somewhat older man walking forward, with strange red eyes, a short beard, and a face that looked like it had been chiseled out of rock.

"Excuse me, but can you tell us where we are?" Lilly asked. The man considered for a few moments, then shook his head.

"It would only confuse you, I'm afraid." he answered. "Still, I can see what you must do. You three, stand there." he gestured to Hanako, Lilly, and I, and after Lilly nodded, we stood close together. "This won't hurt a bit."

I felt like every nerve in my body had been stretched out and plunged into the fires of the sun. Every atom in my body seemed to be detonating at once, blown to shreds, reassembled, and then blown apart again. When the pain finally faded, I was lying on a metal surface somewhere. Hanako was lying next to me, curled into the fetal position and mumbling incoherently as she shook. I staggered to my feet and looked around.

The courtyard had vanished completely. So had everyone else except Hanako and Lilly, apparently leaving the three of us alone. There was a window right next to me. I turned my head, and found myself staring at a world I had never before imagined. It was like a giant fractal, spiralling down further than I could believe, with lights glittering from what I thought were cities.

"That's... not good." I muttered.

"We seem to have travelled quite some ways." Lilly murmured. "Come now, Hanako, it's all right." I turned back to see her bending down and stroking Hanako's hair. That was- no! No dirty thoughts around Lilly!

Instead, I turned to look around the rest of the area. It was a space station of some sort, with beings of all sizes, shapes, and colors moving around easily though a wide hall; they were just far enough away that I could only hear a low murmur of the noise. We seemed to have been sent to an observation post of some sort... it was Earth-like enough that we could survive, judging from the fact that we weren't suffocating, but were we actually on a whole different world now?

Or a space station above a world?

I probably should have been panicking.

Maybe I was.

Or maybe this was just too much information to process all at once. I could barely keep track of what was happening to us, and I didn't even know where my other friends were now. We needed to find them, fast, before something went wrong. I thought they could protect themselves, but they were all alone. It was the job of a man to protect the women, wasn't it?

"Lilly, Hanako. I think we need to go around and find out where we are, as well as if there's any way for us to get home." I said firmly. Hanako slowly looked at me, and I held out a hand. "Come on. And everything will be fine. I'll protect you."

Slowly, the burned girl nodded, and I helped her to her feet. Lilly fingered Gae Bolg for a moment, then held Hanako's other hands. They both seemed to relax a little, and after another moment of hesitation, we began walking further into the station. There had to be an information booth somewhere, and even if we couldn't understand whatever languages they were using, Lilly could probably figure it out somehow. I hoped. She seemed to be more reliable in these sorts of situations than I was.

As we approached the main transitway, and the strange alien beings, there was a loud squeal. Everyone turned to look at us.

A moment later, they had all thrown themselves to the ground, prostrating themselves before Hanako. I hadn't thought it was possible for her eyes to get any wider than they already were. I was wrong.

"I... I... um... I..." she stammered out. One of the beasts crawled forward and stared at her feet, then began to speak in very rough Japanese, though it seemed to get slightly better as it went along.

"We... humbled... your presence." it said, clearly making an effort to be understood. "Command us you wish."

"All glory be to she who rules the suns!" the entire crowd shouted together. Their pronunciation was quite good; I had the feeling they were saying something they had memorized by rote. They might even have understood what they were saying. "Your light illumes us, your flames protect us from the shadows and the night! Guide us ever to greater glory! Great Queen of the Stars, our lives are yours!"

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Re: Type Moon meets KS- with actual story!

Post by jijhijhet » Thu May 14, 2009 4:34 pm

Rednal wrote: "Your light illumes us, your flames protect us from the shadows and the night! Guide us ever to greater glory! Great Queen of the Stars, our lives are yours!"
damm you. You can't just make hanako queen of the universe because it is awesome
I kare not about grammer ro speling

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