The "thank you 4LS" thread.

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Re: The "thank you 4LS" thread.

Post by lblf » Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:20 pm

Itsmrrda wrote:I was told to post this in here. I posted this on Reddit earlier today and someone linked me here, so I figured I'd repost and see what other people think. When I downloaded Katawa yesterday, I found myself in Emi's storyline, which hit real close to home. When I was 8 my father died and ever since I haven't let anyone get close because of fear of going through it again. Ever since I finished the story arc, I've been feeling extremely depressed. I feel like I need to get this off my chest, and if you guys can help me at all, I'd appreciate it greatly.
I've never experienced anything close to that of the characters in KS and yet when I was done playing it I felt this weighted feeling in my chest which lasted a few days, but during those days I felt quite directionless, in the end though it made me feel like being a better person to the people I love. I can only imagine how you must feel when the story in KS hits so close to home, I'm sorry for your lost, I hate that that's all one can say in a situation like this.

I think this is a good step for you though, to talk about it here. Everyone here seems to be open and welcoming about talking about the issues, from what I've read you're not alone. There are others who can also relate to KS all too much. Like I said I'm in no position to advice you what to do, but I can only imagine that it's best not to dwell on it alone, talk about it here and with friends as much as you can. Do things you enjoy doing (running maybe?). Find the same strength that Emi found.

It's amazing when you think, how much this game has affected so many people and brought them together here. Keep your chin up buddy.

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Re: The "thank you 4LS" thread.

Post by Ax Maverick » Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:58 pm

Well, I'll copy&paste what I wrote on DeviantART.

Ok, I played KS like, what? 2 weeks ago? Damn. It still won't come out of my head, those beautiful yet sad stories, how I hated Hisao sometimes, but then he did something to make amends...

Since I played the Act 1, I decided to start doing exercise, which came out better than expected (I have never kept a routine for so long before); however, when I played the full version... I wanted to have what Hisao had. I wanted all those things, the sad ones and the happy ones; the tragical but comforting ones... All that, mixed, still going around...

Heck, even when this had some hentai scenes, I didn't get aroused or anything; just watched how they went, how they were also an important part of the story, and how they weren't just sex - there was a connection each time Hisao did it with one of the girls.

Goddamnit, even when I just wanted to get through all the endings, I couldn't help but stop when I finished Emi's route... It felt as if I wasn't there for her, she would keep on living with all her burdens by herself, and I... Just couldn't take it. She was stuck in my head, jogging near my train of thought, which usually got to and encounter with her. It was too much for me.

Three days later, when I was finally recovered, I decided to try with Lilly's route. BAD idea.
Her route was almost as touching - if not even more touching - as Emi's. All those things that happened, one after the other, how I went from happiness to depression in just some seconds... I was crying inside my head when I was reaching the end, I had made the wrong choices and now... It was all over... But then I heard it. That tune. That musicbox. I felt how all the happiness was coming back. I had actually got the good ending, but all the time it seemed like the bad one. I was almost crying, but in my head... I could have flooded my room. I think you can't imagine how happy I felt when I heard that musicbox.

Than again, I stopped playing for kind of a whole week. Or five days, I don't really know. But Lilly was still in my head. I tried everything to get her out, but it went wrong. Drawing: I drew Lilly. Writing: I wrote about Lilly (more like a ninja Lilly, but it was still Lilly). Listen to music: AMVs about Lilly and Hisao. DAMNIT. Finally, I got her out of my head, but she is still appearing sporadically.

But you know? That's not bad after all. When I think about Lilly I feel... Warm.

Heck, I need a girl. One like Lilly. Or Emi. Or Hanako (getting over her story was painful too, but Lilly's and Emi's were worse).

Thanks, 4Leaf Studios.
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Re: The "thank you 4LS" thread.

Post by Zig_Zac » Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:48 am

Hi ppls...

This is my first time posting and I just started this game yesterday afternoon and I've been hooked on it. Spent about 6 hours yesterday and got through Emi's ending, but I think I got a sad some, which sux, so will have to redo her eventually. Think I'm going down the Rin path now, so will see how that goes.

I have to say this is an amazing game, truly awesome story, writing style and I just love it. I find it hard to concentrate at work because I'm thinking about the game and what happens next and I can't wait to get off work to get back to the game. I think its just great, and how all the characters compliment each other.

Thanks again for this and I hope to be playing this for ages to come :)


Thankyou for your moving stories.

Post by Anonymous87 » Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:54 am

Hi 4ls team,

I wanted to write to you to thank you for the effort and work you put into your vn. Clearly you have taken the time to truly plumb some deep emotional stuff here and as a person who is very cynical of most things in life, i'd like to take this opportunity for genuinely moving me. It's sad that in life many people who are able bodied don't live up to their potential where those that have nothing often stive to live at their richest. Your story has given me pause for thought, not something I have found in many hundreds of books I have read throughout my life. Not to mention the humanisation you have given those who may otherwise be looked down on by society.

This is a piece of work that you should be immensely proud of. I am only saddened that there will not be another title as well made and thought provoking as this from your studio.

I wish you all the best and that you carry my thanks with you.


Re: The "thank you 4LS" thread.

Post by OneMoreAnon » Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:43 am

I just went through, did the Emi story line first...

Simply spectacular.

Makes me wish I could find a girl like that, excellent writing guys.

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Re: The "thank you 4LS" thread.

Post by Tualha » Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:39 pm

Helped lift me out of a long spell of mild but persistent depression. A lot of the writing and music, and all of the art, is simply magnificent. Thank you all.

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Re: The "thank you 4LS" thread.

Post by PineTrees » Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:43 am

I just simply want to thank 4LS for helping me shed a lot of emotional baggage and remember why I'm doing what I'm doing in my life. I had fallen into this state of apathy and began to question what the point was in trying to go on the career path I had placed myself upon, but Hanako's and especially Rin's arcs hit very close to home and forced me to look at these issues in the face instead of ignoring them.

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Thank you Devs

Post by DowncastKnight » Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:16 am

Dear Devs

Thank you. With all my heart I just want to say thank you. Like many of the people who have discovered KS, I had never played a VN before. I had a vague idea of what they were, and I heard good things online about KS so I decided to give it a try. I was not expecting this. I read in another post on the boards that this is not so much a game as it is an experience, I agree completely. Some pretty art and a bunch of text have somehow left a permanent mark on my heart. The whole thing just seems to be more than the sum of it's parts. There have only been a handful of books/movies/games/tv shows/etc... that have had such an effect on me, and even though I haven't seen some of them in years I remember each one. Something about KS resonated with me and it is definitely the newest addition to my collection of personally significant material. Without going into too much detail I will say that this game led to quite a few tears, as well as a few laughs. But once all is said and done, I am very grateful to have been able to go through this experience. I could probably ramble on for hours about how this game made me feel, baring my soul to people who are essentially complete strangers on the internet, however, I think I've said more than enough already.

In closing, I’d just like to once more thank you devs, people who in all likelihood I’ll never meet in real life, and even if I did, I wouldn’t know it was you. While we will never truly know one another, we will always be connected. I and everybody out there who were emotionally affected by KS will carry the memories with us for the rest of our lives, and I for one, am very grateful to have them.

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What i thought of the game (yes, yet another one :P)

Post by GDkitty » Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:58 pm

Sorry since obviously everyone seems to post these.. but since completeing the game, its one of those things i just feel i have to post and share.. as i am sure many of you others have as well :)

Firstly.. a little background on me. While i am a HUGE anime fan have been for the better part of 17 years or so.. i have never till recently been a fan per say of anything shoujo.. up until a year or two ago, when i started watching a few animes from the genre.. and it started to grow on me. Even so, tried, but never really could get into any of the japanese sim games... something was lacking.. maybe it was just lost in the translation.

That is until Katawa Shoujo.

I downloaded it on a whim.. saw the 4chan connection, thought i would give it a try.. and never thought i would get so involved, so entangled, so inthralled in it. Like many others who dont even get that far, and just see the disabled part and turn their nose up at it.. i was skeptical at first.. but.. in the end.. its partialy i think why it drew me into the game so much... not the disabled part... but that this part, was able to add a whole other dimention to the game, in terms of emotions and problems to work around.

Anyways, onto my views on the characters/endings (will be spoiler tags here, just incase). I will do them in the order that i completed them.

I think emi was my natual route to choose first, as her cheeryness was infectious. Luckily i got to the GOOD ending first.. if i had got a bad one may have soured me to not going on.
I think this was one of the better good endings myself. It really shows the conflict of Emi being at odds with Hisao to the point of breakup.. but being able to prove his feelings and why he wants to work and get back together.
Replayed with the bad endings.. and understood why and were they could easily happen.. i dont know if its quite foot in mouth syndrome, but sometimes Hisao needs to just shut up... but i guess he wouldnt have come to some realisations otherwise :P
Looking back, this one was probably the BEST one for Hisao physicaly in the end.. its the only one were phsicaly he truely gets healthier.

I was really psyked to do this one afterwards.. played through... and got two different endings... and just sat there blankly..
I was only for some reason initialy able to get the RAGE ending and friendzone one... and i thought that friendzone was the good ending... luckily after going through some of the flowcharts, was able to find the TRUE good ending.
The rage ending.. while obviously bad for Hisao.. i actualy really enjoyed. I think this was a MAJOR good thing for Hanako in my opinion.. yes she sort of snaps, but she really releases herself.. being able to stand on her own two legs, saying that there is nothing wrong with her, and that she doesnt NEED anyone to fix her.. which is true. Hopefuly after that ending, she was able to stand on her own.
The sex scene did seem forced.. and it made me worry this was another bad ending >.>.. but luckily it played out well in the end. Isnt that the way it is in the end sometimes.. BOTH of them had feelings for each other.. both of them didnt say anything as they were afraid that they other would not feel the same. Sometimes you just need to go out and say it. :P
I do wish he had said more when he showed her the scars.. part of me was screaming for him to say "I dont see anything wrong. All i see before me is a beautiful woman" sort of thing. :P

For the life of me, i couldnt get the good ending on this one either >.<..
Before i was able to find it.. i was sitting there with the .. "Lily, your a bitch.." feeling about her leaving..
After finding the good ending, i was really happy that she did descide to stay.. though it is a little sad, it took him getting sicker for her to stay. But in the end, i think it is the most likely to stay together into the future.

So many people hated this arc.. i really enjoyed it.. while confusing at times.. it was like a puzzle to solve, about who Rin is :) I have always loved the psycological thriller type movies, so forces you to think outside of the box a little :)
Even the bad/neutral endings.. i didnt feel angry or bad at.. that it was who rin was, and i was OK with it.
But one of my bigest smiles, even more than the hanako happy ending.. was the Rin happy ending.. that she was able to see that she could love someone and actualy understand it. I would love to see what happend to them afterwards.

I was going to do this one first, and ended up last..
In the end.. it was hard to find where your spot was in this one... at time, it often felt that there WASNT a relationship there really.. but maybe thats just how shizune is? I was sad at the bad ending.. but not supprised. But even the good ending.. left it sort of hanging.. yeah they care for each other, but we are moving on with life and will always be friends.. HUZAH!... huh?.. maybe as he didnt grow as close to her as the others.. less of a reason why they would potentialy stay together.
I always wondered why there was no Misha thread... till the reveal of why.. DID NOT see that comming, but it made sence.. poor misha :( That would have been a cool 3rd ending if her and Shizune got together in the end :)...

Kenji: OUch.. just ouch..

Again, you've probably already heard these types of things before.. i just had to get them out and on paper :)
I have tried to recomend this to friends to play.. this is one of the few games that i have not been able to put down, like a great book.. i even stoped playing WoW for a week to complete this (and that like never happens :P).

This game has got things moving in me again. I used to draw... ALOT.. i used to RP.. ALOT.. and for the last 2+ years, i have had NO drive, no inspiration to do either.
Katawa Shoujo has changed that.. and given me that drive again.. and i have started to draw again (albeit rusty).. and am collecting some of my old RP friends to start some things up again.

Thanks everyone at 4leaf.. this game will always be close to my heart for a long time, thank you for the enjoyment.

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Thank you to Four Leaf Studios, and what KS did for me.

Post by grey_ » Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:53 pm

Alright, so a few days ago I went into IRC and somewhat incoherently gushed my heart out about Katawa Shoujo to whoever was in there to listen. And I was told that if I really wanted Four Leaf Studios then I should post what I have to say on the forums. (Thank you Pimmy) So here I am, teaching myself how traditional forum software works again after about 8 years of posting strictly on anonymous imagebord/textboard channel sites, and hoping that I can formulate what I said in IRC and what is in my head into a legible and understandable post. Warning, this may or may not have spoilers in it. Play Rin, Lilly, and Shizune routes before reading. Also it is very very very fucking long. Here I go...

I first played Katawa Shoujo when act one first came out. I got Emi on accident, twice, died once, and then finally got Rin like I wanted. The fireworks scene left me with a warm feeling and I really wanted to get to know Rin more. She was my type in both appearance and personality. I drew her in one of the notebooks I should have been using for school and I came out horribly. I've never had anything I've actually been good at and drawing is certainly something I am not good at. But I was still happy I drew it. I was not sure why. I stashed the notebook on a shelf never to look at it again.
Fast forward to 2012. I get on to a small imageboard I own to see a thread about Katawa Shoujo. I thought they were talking about the demo but after reading through the thread I realised that the full game had actually come out a couple days before and tons of people had already read/played it. I later went to a friends house and downloaded it. But I could not wait to get home to play, so for the first time ever I decided to pass on playing a round of Halo with my friends, and commandeer'd his computer and played Rin's path all the way through. By the time I had finished it was 9:30AM the next day. I had chosen not to sleep. Rins path was beautiful and romantic and I loved it but it did not have as more of an effect on me than the demo did. This was because I did not want to get so much into it that I would not notice a friend waking up and seeing me looking at porn of an armless chick, and I did not know where any sex scenes were, so a forced myself into semi-aloof-ness for my first play through so I would be able to notice someone waking up and thus be able to exit the game quickly.
Afterwards I went on's video games board for the morning. Or rather their anti-video games board, the /v/ community is known for having nothing but sheer hatred for all video games ever created.
Except for today. There were Katawa Shoujo threads everywhere. People were losing their minds and all emotional stability playing this "cripple porn game." They talked about feelings they had for women who they knew were not real, they talked about their aversion to anime but loving the shit out of Katawa Shoujo. I watched as fan art of any and all characters were made, photoshoped, re-made, and had accompanying fan fiction written. Everyone found themselves unable to masturbate to anything in the game due to emotional involvement. There is an absurd amount of images of Kenji's head photoshoped onto space marines from Warhammer, for whatever reason. Flesh and blood fans of the characters were going out to live their lives to the fullest as the characters in Katawa Shoujo did, in spite of the characters varying disabilities. Fans of Emi were talking about planning jogging routes and eating more healthy, fans of Lilly were finding out how to learn a second language, fans of Hisao were talking about becoming science teachers, fans of Rin were asking what the first steps were in becoming artists, ect, ect... Overall, Katawa Shoujo, a "cripple porn game", was -literally and without exaggeration- changing the lives of a humongous group of people for the better. I felt like there was something I was deeply missing in Katawa Shoujo. After a hasty explanation to my friends that consisted something of "4LS broke /v/" I took my leave and made the 4 hour walk home through ice and snow to play Katawa Shoujo in the privacy of my own room. For real this time.
I setup my Windows laptop and I took Lillys route this time. She appealed to me most second to Rin. It took me the better part of the day and I did not actually finish it. I had to stop and save at around 4:00AM. I knew I would not be able to function at work without some sleep. And considering I had decided not to sleep the night before, I fuckin' needed it!
Got home from at at 9:00PM and fully completed Lillys route around 2:40AM. I achieved the Good End. Though I did go to sleep immediately afterwards. There was an ache in my stomach. I am not an emotional person. I consider myself to be very unemotional or lacking in emotions. In fact if you are familiar with the TV series Star Trek I am often referred to by friends as "The Vulcan." But this ache, it was not normal. At least not for me. I felt as if this must be how people feel when they cry, but no tears came. Even though I have told people that I loved them in the past I know I have never really been in love before and I know I was not in love with the Lilly character. I knew she was not real. I knew there was no "she" in the first place. I knew her most tangible form was the dimples imprinted onto the disks of my laptops hard drive by the lazer. But it was not Lilly the character that made me sick like this anyway, it was the story behind the intertwining of Lilly and Hisaos lives.
Hisao came to Yamaku High School feeling that his life was at an end. And even if it wasent he still did not know where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do after high school. Lilly knew exactly what she wanted to do and did where she was going. She wants to be an English teacher. She gave Hisao insight into her life which in turn gave him insight into his own. After her confession (beautiful scene by the way) to Hisao they were linked forever. Even through the issue where Lilly breaks up with to go to Scotland (which I did not understand at all but whatever) they come out of it all the better. And at the end of the game after the credits we see Hisao and Lilly on an unknown grassy hill, together with Akira. They speak of their futures together to Akira. They are both going to the same University. Together. Lilly to learn to become a teacher, Hisao to study science. Together. Hand in hand they leave the unknown hill, with smiles on their faces. Together. It was not untill about three quarters of the way through the game that I realized This is the last year of High School for the cast. I had imagined the story ending with Hisao and which ever woman you choose the chase after, just, I don't know, still going to Yamaku High School together I guess. Just now as a couple. But no. Hiaso enters at the end of high school. And the story ends with the two of them walking off to graduate with their love for each other and aiming for high goals. THIS what was causing the ache in my stomach.
Hisao and Lilly both by the end of the story had goals and drive and potential to achieve anything they wanted to in their lives.
I lack all these things. And Lillys route in Katawa Shoujo made me realize that. I mean, I guess I always knew it, but I never thought about it or cared. There has never been anything I've ever wanted to do as a job or career. And I've always viewed college or university as a means to move money around and and waste of our tiny lives and even smaller youth. I did not want to go to college or university just to spend all kinds of money -that I do not have- to purchase a piece of paper that says I know how to do something that I could have taught myself on the Internet, and then spending what is left of my decimated youth and the next thirty years paying off all the debt I owe for purchasing that stupid piece of paper. I always said to myself "If I ever go to college, it'll be when I'm too old to move about any more." I've wanted to spend my youth just travelling the world, learning from as many people and cultures as possible. My mom agreed with me.That's the only thing I've known I've wanted to do, is travel. But after I graduated from my own High School I looked at what the price of plane tickets out of America were, and factored in Earths current economic depression, and I sadly shelved that dream. Now there I was, sitting on the edge of my bed, feet on the floor, hands gripping the edge of the bed hard enough to tear the fabric, having just played a game that mentally took a baseball bat to my teeth and ripped apart every aspect of every thought I had ever had about a humans tiny life. I staggered out my door and went to the kitchen. I opened the fridge but did not have enough will left in me to find something worth pouring a cup of. Letting the fridge close itself I went and took some pain medication that I normally swallow for pain caused by a spinal problem I have. I got about half way out of the kitchen, stopped and double facepalmed at the sheer stupidity of the fact that I just took physical pain medication for an emotial pain. I got back into bed and whimpered. A grown man. Whimpering. Shinzune's dad would call me pathetic. I would call me that too. Yet still no tears came. Am I even able to cry? Is something wrong with me? Thoughts swirled in my head of Lillys life, my life, Hisaos goals, and my lack of goals. It is two years ago now that I graduated high school. The average lifespan of a human is 70~ years old. In less than a month I will be twenty one years old. When Alexander the great was my age he had survived great hardships, many a battlefield, a had managed to conquer half the known world. What have I done? Since high school I've been in and out of whatever temporary jobs I can find, watching anime, reading manga, doing a little web site administration, slowly teaching myself guitar, reading manga, playing video games, and very infrequently hanging out with a couple friends. What have I done? I know what Shizune's dad would say. I know I would say the same. Nothing. I felt awful. The strange pain in my stomach grew worse. But before sleep took me I had made a decision.

The next day I went to my current job in a fog. Things that people said to me did not register. I could not function. I just hoped that I did not mess up enough to warrant getting fired. On the way home from work I texted an old ex-girlfriend from high school I still occasionally email and text with. I asked if I could call her. After a few more texts I got her to agree. I called her that night and heard her voice for the first time in two years. She sounded no different except now she was in an Ivy-Leauge University. I had called her to thank her. When we dated it was not good. She played a game with me and was more curious about dating than she had romantic feelings for me. She broke it for and spent the next six months ignoring me because she felt bad about it. I eventually got her to talk to me again, and we're still friends to this day. The last few days before I graduated she gave me a letter and told me not to read it until after thr graduation party. I read it the day after the party and that almost brought tears to my eyes. It was an apology letter for all the emotional turmoil she put me through when we dated. I did not know what to say or how to bring it up with her. I procrastinated and procrastinated and ended up never thanking her. Now two years later I finally did it. She seemed happy that I thanked her but more than anything wanted to know what brought this on. I mumbled about playing a game that messed with my head and made me realise some stuff or something and quickly changed the subject. I talked about how I had made a decision to resume living my life and I was starting by tieing up loose ends. We talked about life and after I answered some of her questions she said I should become a philosopher or politician. I laughed. We ended up talking until 1:00AM. After hanging up I already knew I was feeling slightly better. The next day after work I went and started researching local University's and found one that had courses I wanted. I still have anything I want to do as a career but I am good with technology, so going for a degree in computer science can't be bad, right?
The next thing I did was gather up some medical paperwork. I had been without a doctor since I was 18 and could no longer use a paediatrician. With my current health problems, and a newish problem that I've been neglecting, I need a doctor. I'm going to start taking care of myself. Not "grey". The real flesh and blood me behind the keyboard. That me needs taking care of.
Then onto my mind. I have been learning or gaining nothing from anime, manga, or video games. (Excluding KS) As much as I love them I need to stop. They have been consuming me for too many years. I'm certainly not leaving them behind forever but for the time being and foreseeable future I'm going to take a long vacation from them. My skill in guitar is...non exsistant. (s?) And my knowledge of programming is limited to a Perl script that asks for your name, and then afterwards says your name is gay. I made it my conviction to properly start teaching myself these skills in earnest in the coming days. I am going teach myself real skills. I am going to have something I am good at.
I need to stop being such an Internet addict. I know I can never cut the Internet out of my life. But any time I get on the net is filled with nothing but browsing chans, working on two of my own sites (both of which have to do with the chans), and browsing news sites. I watch as the headlines come and go like leaves on a river and my eyes wearily read and watch, never participating, just watching. An observer on the inside looking out at the world as it passes him by. I may find other people to operate my sites in the coming months. And I'm going to ween myself off it. I'm no basement dweller. I go outside all the time. I love hiking and I walk every where. But there is nothing worth doing here, and what few friends I have, as good as they are, live two or more cities away. I am going to go out and inexperience things for real from now on. I am not going to let myself rot. I am not going to just sit around simply living. I am going to go out and find a way to be alive.

I've been reading the Katawa Shoujo dev blog backwards too. The second to last post really got to me. The only thing as magical as Katawa Shoujo itself is the story behind the people of Four Leaf Studios. Aura sounded like he felt sort of like he was being left behind too. He talked about what he thought the graduation at would be like, with the cast of Katawa Shoujo all there, going up to receive their diplomas. But not to sound too autistic or anything, but what happened to the people of Four Leaf Studios is like something right from a slice-of-life manga or anime. You were brought together by a common bond, and a common goal. You worked and your struggled and you celebrated and you cried and you laughed. Along the way cpl_crud even got married and had child (!!) if I remember correctly. You were just a rag tag group of netizens, whose lives connected and intertwined beautifully and in a fusion of your combined will, heart, soul, and artistic passion resulted in five beautiful story's people all over the world have experienced together, time and time again on the collective communal mind of the Net!
And Isn't that exciting?
How have you changed yourselves? How have you changed each other? In all those years since that omake page was first posted to 4chan's /a/ board? I was not lucky enough to be a part of what you guys are, but I can't imagine that you haven't all been affected by your time together in some way. How have you grown and changed as people? As humans? I wish I could know. Please tell if you're comfortable with telling me. And the best part of it all is that you are not done yet! Would I be right in guessing that most of you are relatively young? Your lives are not nearly over yet and already you've flourished together and created something of worth! Something of value! You read that giant wall of text above this right? In the same way that your creation has affected me it has done that very same thing to thousands of people all over Earth!! That many lives! Changed! Or even completely turned around overnight! All because of something you, the people of Four Leaf Studios created. How does it feel? Can you put it into words? Can you tell me? In a PM please? Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I do not think I am. And if I am, I do not care.

I really wish I could meet each and every one of you in the real world. I just want to shake your hands, look you in the eye and say thank you to each and every one of you personally. To thank for everything you have done for me. In a way, you saved my life. Not in the mortal way. But you saved me from wasting mine. You saved me. You saved me from letting myself live a terrible waste of a life. You did this.

So that's it. This is The Aftermath of Katawa Shoujo and what it did to me. It's a lot to read, right? Really sorry for that. I played Shizune's route afterwards because I wanted to read more of Kenjis crazyness but I don't think I can touch the game more than that. Even Shizune's Good End still left me with the same feeling Lillys route left me with. But thankfully not as severe this time. Even after all that text I still don't feel like I've gotten everything I want to say to you guys out. But I just needed you, the 4LS staff I mean, to know...I'm not sure how to word it. Everything I felt I guess. Even now I don't have the slightest clue what I really want to do with my life,(except for travelling) especially with what little of my youth I have left. And I don't know how I'm going to get into University/College, or how I can possibly pay for it without going into 30 years worth of debt since I effectively have no money, or what I am going to do once I'm in college. Most people, and all the students in my classes, will be younger than me since I'll be starting almost 3 years later than everyone else (if I plan everything right). So it will be hard for me to identify with them or make friends as easily. But the point is that I'm doing something instead of nothing. I'm moving "Forward with Gusto!" Like Lilly and Hisao. Like I said when first I connected to the Katawa Shoujo IRC to gush my heart out, "...I'd rather make bad decisions than not make any at all! I know that now!" I want to be like Lilly and Hisao. I want to be like the Four Leaf Studios staff. I want to be more like you. You people and the characters you made have inspired and changed me. Like I wrote before, you saved me from letting myself live a terrible waste of a life. Years from now when and if I graduate, you better keep that 4LS contact email running because I'm going to email you a scan of my degree and remind you all once again that you did this. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for making Katawa Shoujo in deferent languages so more people can experience it. Thank you for making it for all platforms and not just Windows, for the same reason. Thank you for making it free so even poor people like me can play it. Thank you staying together over the years, despite everything. Thank you for working so hard on Katawa Shoujo. Thank you for taking time away from your own lives to create this, even when you could have been doing other things. Thank you for Never giving up.
Thank you, Hivemind. Thank you, A22. Thank you, Cpl_crud. Thank you, Silentcook. Thank you, Delta. Thank you, Moekki. Thank you, Kamifish. Thank you, Raide. Thank you, Pimmy. Thank you, Weee. Thank you, Mike Inel. Thank you, Yujovi. Thank you, Climatic. Thank you, Kagami. Thank you, Nicol. Thank you, Suriko. Thank you, Aura. Did I forget anyone?
Thank you for changing my life for the better.
To the staff of Four Leaf Studios, past and present: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Re: What i thought of the game (yes, yet another one :P)

Post by UncleJellyfish » Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:01 pm

Wait, you decided to check out Katawa Shoujo BECAUSE of the 4chan connection? DOES. NOT. COMPUTE. *has never been to the 4chan site, ever*

Otherwise, good review. Glad to see we have another Rin♥ lover among us.
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Re: What i thought of the game (yes, yet another one :P)

Post by guest2 » Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:05 pm

UncleJellyfish wrote:Wait, you decided to check out Katawa Shoujo BECAUSE of the 4chan connection? DOES. NOT. COMPUTE. *has never been to the 4chan site, ever*

Otherwise, good review. Glad to see we have another Rin♥ lover among us.
+1 for Rin, here, as well.

Just thought I'd chime in that I also checked it out because I saw a link somewhere on a "technology" news blog that 4chan (yes I'm aware that in the end it had very little to do with 4chan) had released a VN. Regardless of the reason I first found it, I'm glad I did. It's been a good experience even if I haven't been involved with the community until very recently.
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Re: Thank you to Four Leaf Studios, and what KS did for me.

Post by Oglokoog » Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:08 pm

Too long; will read later.

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Re: The "thank you 4LS" thread.

Post by Dar » Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:38 am

First i want to say sorry for my sometimes awkward english as i'm from germany :)

Its been a LONG time since i've felt compelled to register somewhere just to thank everyone involved in making a game, because normally publishers are pretty hard to reach, but also because normal games arent just as intense. I sincerely hope that some dev will read this, as it seems it is all i am able to give back. You guys allowed me to experience this joyride of emotions, it seems utterly unfair to me if i wouldnt try to come up with some words. I'll try to explain my experience with KS:

At first i was very sceptical. I never played a dating game like this before, and i didnt know if the setting would be more of a serious one, or if its more of a fapping game. I got so lost in this game though, i still cannot believe it sometimes. I wanted to start with Hanako, but before i could do anything about it i was deep in romance with Emi :) Sure some may say she may be a bit of a cliche, but i think everything fits her headstrong nature very well and i really enjoyed it.

Hanako was a real pain in the heart sometimes...especially the adult scene. I couldnt believe that i would still be able to feel something more intense in a later playthrough :) I liked Hanako though.

Then i was going for Lilly, and i was still amazed by how much content there actually is in this game. Every Character was kind of 4h+ , some way above that. The Ending nearly ripped my heart out, and I was able to get the GOOD ending :D I like her character very much, and there are MANY things i just cant get out of my head anymore, everyday situations are not the same anymore. Although you sometimes ask yourself how old she really is, with her very mature character ( although you get to see something behind the curtains after all :) )

As i dont like Shizunes character that much ( sorry for whoever made that, i think most ppl like her that its not something bad, maybe ill give her a try sometime :D )
I thought i'd go for Rin last, not really knowing what to expect.
Can you believe it? It was the most intense storyline of all...i'm searching for words even now, its so much back and forth, and it takes you right in there. The Distance theme is a KILLER ( in a good way ^^ ), even now im going through joy AND stunning sadness just thinking about her. Definitly the most heartbreaking lovestory i've experienced so far, and i'm interested in that stuff :D

I want to express special thanks to the devs who made the music. Some people dont appreciate this, but i really do. It fits SO well, and i think its extremely well made. Without the music, i wouldnt have felt what i was feeling. I lack any more words, and im sorry for that, i got the soundtrack from the blog site, and i love every little detail about it. I hope thats enough said :)

I want to summarize my experience in something final and glorious but its really hard ^^ What i feel now is something i have not felt before. Ending this game, is even harder than reading the best book i had, and i cried often just because its at an end. Im not crying now even though i could, but i still am not sure about what to take from this experience with me. Although so much "blossomed" inside me, i feel really...really empty. I am in a relationship, and this "game" made me appreciate that even further, made me want to give it my all, in every aspect i can currently think of. Still its heartbraking to know that KS is at an end, i squeezed as much out of it as i could.

There is some comfort in the thought of devs reading this, and hopefully feeling proud of what they've done. Because you should be proud of your work. I hope it gets more popular, i hope it helps you accomplish the things you want. If there is ANY more i can do, feel free to say so. I would totally still buy this game :)
I think i'll stick to this forum a little longer as there seem to be many ppl having the same emotional experiences after playing, maybe that will ease the pain a little, but in the end this kind of pain is not the really really bad one. I want to say a thousand things more, but words fail me and this would get too long, so: - hope to see more of you guys in the future! Stay classy

to the person who is responsible for the adult content in rins atelier:
you evil evil person! how dare you to make something like this :( i could literally hear my heart break! it broke! right there! :D it was unbelievable good...and unbelievable sad. i bow to you all!

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Post by OpusEponymous » Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:35 pm

Thanks for an awesome experience
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