Okay so I played some of the game...

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Re: Okay so I played some of the game...

Post by Joshp9690 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:15 am

nyttyn wrote:Imagine hanako. Imagine any part of her route set to the music you prefer. Although the H scene might fit for hilarity but that's not the point.

This game simply would not work with that type of a musical score.
I can imagine it now: Having sex to Blue Stahli.

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Re: Okay so I played some of the game...

Post by A ghost... » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:49 am

Kanodin wrote:Sounds to me, with your warped sense of taste. You should play VN's such as Bible Black and Discipline; Oh god... the horror... No seriously, stay far far far far far away from Discipline, even someone with a warped sense of taste as yours will be scarred worse than Hanako, for life.
Actually I've played Bible Black,looked at Discipline but thought "meh more BB" also played this one called Water Closet....yea don't go there unless you're mentally strong enough! :shock:

And I've viewed all kinds of anime hentai like La Blue Girl so I've been to the very depths of depravity and none of that would work for this VN at all.
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Re: Okay so I played some of the game...

Post by ziamatt » Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:36 am

It sounds like you just want something the game was never meant to be. It's fine if you want fapping material, but that's not why the game was made. Katawa Shoujo is, above all else, a story about life and love. The sex scenes are a part of that story. They were included because the creators felt they enhanced the story. If you can fap to the sex scenes that's fine, but not the purpose of the sex scenes. I think maybe a good way to put it is that the sex scenes are erotica, not porn. They are artistic contributions to the story, not fapping material.


Re: Okay so I played some of the game...

Post by Kai » Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:02 am

The game isn't just for you, my dear thick headed metal friend. That's not necessarily a bad thing. For example, I don't like caviar. However, there are people who claim that's food of gods. Caviar just isn't mean for me. I might not like the taste, I might think it's poop, but hey, there are people who like it. It could be the other way around: Maybe I like pizza and other people don't. So you see what I'm getting at?

The fact that you have two people, naked, talking about sex, HAVING sex (As bland as it is), and stuff of that sort is something the game can just forget to tell us, even if it's not meant to be offensive. "Whoops! We forgot to mention that! But hey, who cares, right? It's not hardcore or anything!". You cannot imagine the number of complains they would have got from everyone.

Say what you wish but those scenes were done tastefully. By that, I mean it was done as an act of love; they didn't do it just for the heck of doing it. That's not your average pr0n scene where the horny mailman comes in to...deliver a letter. Then there's squirting and slapping and badmouthing and stuff like that. No, this game is not mean to satisfy pr0n addicts. It's just there to fill in the gaps, as much of a pun as that is.

Drama? Yes, the game has lots of it. But again, that's the point of the game. You're reading a love story; there's bound to be drama in there. What did you expect? Monster trucks and sword fights? Know your audience, buddy.

The music? Again, I guess it just isn't your taste. The music is great. Perhaps it's not Platinum record material, but it's pretty darn good. Each song punctuates a moment in the game. heck, there are times where music just plains stops. That adds drama to the game.

With all due respect, it appears you need to expand your horizons a bit more. If you don't like the game, may I reccomend trying something else? Trying this game was a good step (Although I'm guessing you were there for the HXC H scenes that never arrived, but whatever). Now, keep at it and soon you'll be able to appreciate things other than metal music and whatnot.

Yes, I know obvious troll is obvious but...meh. I'm in a mood where I feel like wasting my time.

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