Sample scene: Shizune H-scene

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Sample scene: Shizune H-scene

Post by TcDohl » Sat Aug 25, 2007 1:08 am

It's been a while since I've written a scene. I guess I have to kind of show how H-scenes should be done, kinda. This scene is incomplete, and I will finish later on.

"We walk down the hall to her dorm, side by side."

"I link my arm with hers, bringing us closer together."

"She leans towards my body, feeling her warmth as we walk together."

"I feel as if we were a couple on their wedding night. "

"Although we were just going to her room to plan for the New Year's event."

"We arrive at her door. She unlocks and opens it, and we enter."

"We go across the empty common room to the door to her bedroom."

"She turns to me and signs."

shi "<Wait here.>"

"This is a bit unusual. But there's no refusing this girl."

"I nod to her. She enters her bedroom."


"She comes out holding a clipboard with a stack of paper."

shi "<I've already done most of the paperwork. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and make the financial calculations.>"

"She hands me the clipboard."

shi "<The final tally of what we'll spend is in the bottom there. Double check for me, okay?>"

"It's business as usual, I guess. Without Misha around, things have been so hectic."

"I guess I miss her as much as Shizune does."

hi "<Yeah, I got it.>"

"Even though we're boyfriend and girlfriend, she still treats me like an employee."

shi "<I'll be doing my work in my room. You can do that out here.>"

"Well, so much for a night of dining and dancing."

"She goes back to her room, leaving all the work with me."

"I sit down at the common room's table, and look over the stack of papers that Shizune handed me."


"A few minutes pass, and I find myself finished doing everything that she told me to do."

"I thought it'd take at least an hour, from the size of stack of papers."

"She pretty much did most of the work for me."

"I arrange the papers as they originally were and I walk to her room."

"I know knocking isn't going to do much good, so I'll just open her door..."

"I open her door and I find her changing. "

"She's already managed to take off her school uniform, leaving her only with underwear on."

"She finally sees me and gasps. She runs toward the door to close it."

"As she closes the door, the door slams into my face, sending me reeling backwards."

"I finally fall on my butt after reeling backwards for a meter or so."

"She must have felt the impact of my face on her door and opened the door to see how much damage she caused."

"She saw what she's done and rushed to me."

shi "<Your nose is bleeding!>"

"I check to confirm her statement."


"It is correct."

shi "Hmph!"

shi "<That's what you get for trying to peep on a girl that's changing!>"

"What a time to be like this. I'm bleeding here."

shi "<Pervert!>"

"I wipe the blood off my upper lip."

hi "<I'm sorry, I didn't know you were changing! You told me you were doing your work!>"

shi "<Yeah! I just finished!>"

hi "<So have I!>"

"Suddenly I notice that she's still in her underwear. "

"Not just any underwear, it's the underwear that we bought yesterday."

"She notices me looking at her. She covers her ample bosom with her arms."

hi "<I guess you were eager to wear that underwear, huh?>"

"She now wears a big blush on her face in addition to her forcing dignity on to herself."

"I realized, responding presents a problem for her. "

"If she chooses to respond, she uncovers her sexy new bra. If she doesn't, I'll keep teasing her."

"I guess that's a win/win situation."

hi "<You were eager to show me how you looked in them so you invited me over to do a tiny little bit of work, huh?>"

"Her face looks like I've hit the nail right on the head. She now wears an even bigger blush than before."

"I think she's getting enough of my teasing. Maybe it's time for the knockout punch."

hi "<If you really were changing, you would have locked the door to your room, but you didn't. You wanted me to see you like that!>"

"It looks like she's had enough."

"She lifts her arms off her chest and starts to make a response."

"She looks like she's trying to form a response, but she can't seem to come up with one. "

"The sign language equivalent of being tongue-tied."

"The fumbling is making her breasts jiggle in her revealing bra."

"Getting impatient, I interrupt her by grabbing her shoulders."

"I lean in towards her, put my hands on the sides of her face and give her a kiss."

"I feel her breasts touching me. Their touch certainly beckons me to them"

"I disengage from our kiss, only to leave a trail of kisses down her neck."

"I silently ask for consent to move lower."

"She gives her approval."

"I swoop to her waiting chest."

"I cup my hand over one breast and begin licking the exposed part of another."

shi "Aaangh!"

"Her normally silent voice loudly expresses her pleasure."

"It sounds like she moans like any other girl."

"I pull down her bra to reveal her nipples."

shi "...!"

"While squeezing one breast with one hand, I begin licking the other nipple."

shi "Iii... aaaungh.. "

"She obviously enjoys this, but I get a sense that she gets more way pleasure from this than the average girl."

"I circle my tongue around her nipple, teasing her."

shi "Haa..."

"I move in to suck on the nipple. I can feel that her nipple has gotten significantly harder than before."

shi "Aaaah!"

"While sucking on her nipple, I squeeze her other breast, kneading her soft flesh."

"With her breasts this sensitive, I wonder if she even touches them at all herself."

shi "Uuaaah!"

"Her moans and whimpers sound like they are progressively getting more laboured."

"In response, I begin nibbling on her nipple."

shi "Hah... hah... hah..."

"She begins to sound higher pitched."

"Her hands clutch my back."

"I mercilessly nibble on the nipple, trying to see what this is building up to."

shi "Aaah... aaah... aah..."

"Her moans approach rapture as her fingers dig into my back. "

shi "Ahhhh.. aaahhh... aaanngggh!"

"At that moment she seizes up, and appears to cry out but doesn't produce a sound."

"She falls back, panting to catch her breath. "

"She looks like she came from having her breasts played with like that."

shi "Huf... huf..."

hi "<What? You came already?>"

"She shamefully nods."

shi "<I don't really... pay attention to them...>"

hi "<Oh, that's why they're so sensitive!>"

shi "...!"

"She crosses her arms, trying to hide her embarrassment. "

hi "<I guess that means there are other places you pay attention to.>"

"Her face tenses up, making her embarrassment more obvious."

hi "<Like here...>"

"I gently push her down on to the floor. She follows, probably knowing what happens next."

"Slipping my hand under her panties, I find that she has already produced a flood of her juices."

hi "<You're already so wet... Let me clean that up for you.>"

"I pull down her panties to reveal her moist slit. I move my face down to it."

"She seems to be shyly awaiting what comes next."

"I spread her lips to show her pink, juicy folds."

"I flick my tongue on to her clit to gauge her reaction."

shi "Aah!"

"She jumps at the slightest touch of my tongue on her."

"I then lick off the juices surrounding her slit."

"She seems to be very embarrassed at what I'm doing to her, but can't seem to do anything about it."

"Her face looks like she's frozen with pleasure and embarrassment."

"I attempt to insert my tongue into her."

shi "Ungh!"

"It doesn't get far, but I wriggle it inside her."

shi "Aaaah... Aaaahh..."

"I move back to her clit. I pull back its hood to expose more of it."

"I give it a long, gentle stroke with my tongue."

shi "Aaaaah!"

"She cries out in pleasure. "

"Realizing this, she covers her face in embarrassment."

"Spurred on by the erotic sounds she makes, I attack her sweet spot vigorously with my tongue. "

shi "Aah... Aaah... Aaah..."

"With every moan, her voice becomes higher pitched, but muffled under her hands covering her face."

"I lap up her juices, and move up to her face."

"I manually separate her hands from her face, and give her a kiss, making her taste herself."

"Locked in our kiss, I realize. "

"I want this girl."

"I want all of her. "

"I unhook and remove her bra, leaving her totally nude on the floor."

"Now her face looks like she knows what she's getting herself into."

"A mix of anticipation, nervousness, and embarrassment."

"I look at her to seek her silent approval."

"She nods at me, giving consent to what we are about to do."

"I continue to remove the rest of my clothing. "

"Pulling down the last piece of my clothes, I reveal my already erect shaft,."

"She gazes at it and gasps."

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