First Kisses

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Re: First Kisses

Post by minkus » Fri May 27, 2011 11:54 pm

Misha kisses Hisao in another case of confusing Shizune's words as her own. That or she makes out with Shizune, either way she interprets it wrong.

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Re: First Kisses

Post by Bringerof_D » Tue May 31, 2011 2:32 am

For Emi and or Hanako i see a trip and fall scenario.

Hanako because she's the shy reserved type and it just seems to fit that she would try and run away, trips, Hisao tries to grab her, gets dragged down, accidental kiss.

Emi because i also agree that it would happen towards the end of a morning run. Hisao's feeling a little light headed after the run, wobbles a little, emi runs to his side, but with her running legs on has no balance while stationary, lying over one another staring into their eyes, and etc.

Hanako's has other possibilities and that's just one of them i find would be cute, Emi i find that one would make the most sense as it would play in with both their disabilities while having a "good" result.
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Re: First Kisses

Post by Wrench Wench » Tue May 31, 2011 9:09 pm

minkus wrote:Misha kisses Hisao in another case of confusing Shizune's words as her own. That or she makes out with Shizune, either way she interprets it wrong.
No doubt a bad end route which culminates in Shizune and Misha fucking Hisao to death.

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Re: First Kisses

Post by griffon8 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:22 am

Wrench Wench wrote:Shizune and Misha fucking Hisao to death.
Wait, that's a bad end? :lol:
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Re: First Kisses

Post by Yatta99 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:26 pm

After considering the topic and the replies I though I'd put in my 2 cents on....

Hanako: First Kiss

Alone... always alone... except for those brief times with my only friend, Lilly. It's early Sunday morning, too early to bother Lilly and much too early to visit the one place I can find comfort, the Library. Restless, I get the book I have been reading and a small blanket. I make my way out to a semi-hidden spot in the park and spread my blanket. The morning sun and light breeze feel good in this hidden nook, almost as if I were a caterpillar wrapped in a freshly spun cocoon.
I begin to settle in when...


Startled, I look around for the unexpected disturbance.


It's getting closer and I can feel the panic welling up inside me.


I am in full panic as I see Kenji burst out of the underbrush. Our eyes meet for a brief moment and he flails his arms wildly as he yells, "Beware of the alien mind control!"

My mind goes blank in fear and my body takes over. I instinctively run off to the one place I feel safe and leave everything behind.


Locked. I am panicked, out of breath, and standing before the locked door to the library. My hands tremble as I again try to open the door that won't open. A few fear filled moments pass and my mind takes hold of my body again. It's still much too early for the library to be open on a Sunday (and it doesn't always open on a Sunday) but my body fled here out of habit seeking a place of safety.

Shaking still, I head off to another place. That place. One of the few other places where I can feel safe.


The door is slightly ajar and I and hear the light *tap* *tap* of a spoon in a cup.

Lilly looks up as I burst through the door, sobbing. It only takes her a moment to realize it's me and she holds out her hand to me. I go running over to her and she holds my head tight in the crook of her neck. I sob into her neck as she gently stroke my hair in order to calm me. Between sobs, I manage to get out this mornings awful events.

Lilly returns to her seat and sits my on her lap. She continues stroking my hair and gently rocks me. I can feel the panic subsiding inside me.
A few moments pass like this.

"Hanako, are you feeling better now?"

"Nnn...", is all I can manage.

She turns me slightly and strokes my cheek. I feel very fortunate to have a friend like Lilly. She is precious to me.

After a few more moments she softly says, "Hanako, close your eyes and I will take away the rest of your pain."

I don't know what she is going to do but I trust her. She has always been a true friend to me.

"They're closed, Lilly."

I feel her shift me slightly. Then... There is a warm, wet, and sweet feeling as something soft presses against my lips. It's Lilly’s lips. My remaining panic and pain melt away and I am left with only one thought... The taste of rose-hips is very comforting.


( no one said that it had to be with Hisao :mrgreen: )
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Re: First Kisses

Post by kulkukan » Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:23 pm

Yatta99 wrote:..

( no one said that it had to be with Hisao :mrgreen: )
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Re: First Kisses

Post by Dax » Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:30 am

Emi: I see them after a sporting event. Whether she wins or loses, she'll go to you. Lets go with her losing (Though we all know thats not humanly possible). She'll go on with her storyline with the accident that took her legs, and how after that, she wanted to still prove herself worthy. You'll will confort her, and attempt to cheer her up. Emi appreciates it, but won't buy it. You then confesses your love to her suddenly. Emi gets embarrased, but nonetheless the two end up kissing.

Rin: God only knows. You'll probably be tangled up in some philosophical conspiracies, and be kidnapped by aliens. You go into cardiac arrest before Robo-Rin and Mecha-Misha come to the rescue.

Shizune: Since she is the Studen't Council Prez, I see the two after school in the Student Council Office. Obviously Misha can't have a part in this scene, so bye-bye with her. The two decide to take out a game of Risk for old times sake. After a heated battle, Hisao manages to win. Shizune being Shizune, she'll be surprised and pout. Hisao will call her a sore loser. They don't talk for a while after that. Then she'll go on to sign her apology (this'll work whether he knows sign language or not. I trust his face-reading skills.) and he'll apologize as well. AFter that, Hisao will thank her for being a good friend, and ask if they can be more than that. Flustered, Shizune will be embarrased and rush out of the room. Next day, Hisao will get a note asking him into the Student Council Office. Hisao being a protagonist, he's bound by the laws of stupidity, and will have no idea who it will be. Shizine will avoid him until the scheduled time. When he goes into the room, he'll be surprised to see her. Whether or not he understands sign or not, depends on whether there's diologue. Quick and suddenly, she'll assault Hisao with a quick kiss on the lips.

Lily: I see this happening after whatever issues concerning her family (namely her sister?) is resolved. Lily will be grateful that you helped out or listened to her. You'll be in the Tea Room as always, then after some small talk, she'll thank you. Say that it's no problem. She'll then go on to confess her love for you, and give a small peck. Things progressively get better as the story goes on, since she's kind of the "Senpai/Older Sister" type.

Hanako: Hanako is the extremely shy type, and has deep fear in people critisizing her. We'll not to split this shell to get to the good stuff. So you slowly need to erode the exterior. I think it'll start out simple. Taking her outside on a date might freak her out, the first milestone will be the school cafeteria. Since everyone there kind of minds their own business, I don't see much of a problem here unless Shizine and Misha storming along. :P After a repeated process of date after date, she'll grow accustomed to going out. Then, something bad will happen, whether it's some jackass being a jackass, or you take a chance and mess up. She'll grow distant, but be sure to chase after! Tell her that she's beautiful even with the scars. Then go in for the kiss.

:D :) :D

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