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Who and What~

Post by PasterOfMuppets » Sun May 15, 2011 1:00 am

Didn't find anything about it yet so yeah~

What do you guys think our characters from Katawa will do in the future after they graduate from Yamaku.
As in what occupations they would pursue, what lifestyle would they lead etc.

Im out of ideas for now :P
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Re: Who and What~

Post by Ar Grathnos » Sun May 15, 2011 1:35 am

Well, as far as completely obvious answers go, Hisao's post-acadamy life will be affected by whoever he ends up with. So at least 5 alternate-universe Hisaos, each doing something different. And possibly 5 more AU Hisaos that got bad-ends, and wound up dead somewhere...
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Re: Who and What~

Post by Rocket Royal » Sun May 15, 2011 1:46 am

Lilly will join a convent if you ignore her, be a housewife if you pick her good end.
Shizune becomes an accountant if you pick her, she becomes a principal at the school otherwise.
Hanako becomes a sergant in the Marines if you pick her, while she dies on bad end.
Rin will become a successful artist if you leave her alone, but if the two of you marry, the two of you will have trouble as a pair of artists and struggle to make ends meet. You lose the house as you go bankrupt trying to afford Rin's breastcancer treatments. She survives.
Emi goes on to sell real estate.

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Re: Who and What~

Post by Ar Grathnos » Sun May 15, 2011 2:22 am

Rocket Royal wrote:Emi goes on to sell real estate.
No Emi love? Fine, I'll handle this...

Emi becomes a semi-famous para-athlete, winning some mid-level awards and placing well in big-name races if you don't choose her.
Should you choose her, she becomes a multi-gold medal winning paralympian, whose husband's encouragement and support are her greatest strength. Hisao, while becoming a good runner himself, is fully aware of his limits and beats all expectations, living well into his 80's.

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Re: Who and What~

Post by G3n0c1de » Sun May 15, 2011 2:58 am

Actually, this was discussed a while back.

It's back on page 6 so I won't fault you for not finding it. Here's what I posted with some revisions:

Shizune: I can definitely see her going very far in business, law, or politics. She's already ruthless, cunning, competitive, and intelligent. She has the tools already at her disposal. World domination is possible if she's feeling up to it.

Misha: Shizune's personal aide. If not that, she could be any manner of things because I don't know what her disability is. But really, she's the type to be stuck to Shizune for life.

Hanako: Physically, she is capable of doing anything. It's just her mental and emotional problems that may be the key here. I could see her being successful in a lot of things if her personality were improved. If she were still nervous and all that, hmm, there aren't many jobs that let you avoid human interaction. Perhaps she could work from her home using the internet? I'm afraid that she'll become a reclusive hermit if someone (Hisao) doesn't break her out of her shell.

Emi: I'm not sure what she'd do. Her attitude is pretty good though, so I'm sure she'd do well. She also works well with others. A teacher perhaps?

With Lilly and Rin, they are the most affected by their disabilities.

Lilly: I'm not sure what type of work blind people do. Perhaps she could work for Akira?

Rin: She is most held back as almost all forms of work require arms. She is already good at art, so she may have to go with that. And really, I don't think there's much else she'd rather do with her life.

Hisao: He'd be a salaryman. Or Shizune's lackey/second in command if he goes that way.

Kenji: He'll turn out to be a drunkard, living in his parent's basement, spouting off conspiracy theories.
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Re: Who and What~

Post by Silentcook » Sun May 15, 2011 10:33 am

I don't think it's much of a spoiler if I say that you essentially got all of them wrong so far in this thread, though I suspect Rocket Royale kind of tried to. :)
Besides, KS might or might not even follow their lives that far along.

Also please don't try to play an exclusion game - I ain't gonna bite, and will deliver swift retribution instead.
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Re: Who and What~

Post by Magical » Sun May 15, 2011 10:36 am

Good Ends
Shizune: CEO, perhaps military tactics specialist (Originally considered General but she wouldnt make it through the basic armed forces medical exam)

Misha: Secretary / Goon.

Hanako: Book critic. Seriously, think about it. Its perfect.

Lilly: Ever see the movie The Stepford Wives? Yeah. Yeah. That.

Emi: She becomes poplar in the end. SHES SUCH A LITTLE TROOPER

Rin: Celebrated artist. However, being Rin, she doesnt care.

Bad Ends
Shizune: Will discover online games and destroy her life crushing opponents in Real Time Stratergy games

Misha: As above

Hanako: Hikikomori

Lilly: Becomes the avatar of Zatoichi, and wanders Japan as a blind swordsman saving those who need her.

Emi: Runs into people haphazardly (like she already does), eventually ending up in prison for grevious bodily harm.

Rin: Poor artist. However, being Rin, she doesnt care.

EDIT: Actually, I think Rins would be reversed. She would probably be better off as a poor artist

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Re: Who and What~

Post by Shades of gray » Sun May 15, 2011 10:54 am

Silentcook wrote:I don't think it's much of a spoiler if I say that you essentially got all of them wrong so far in this thread, though I suspect Rocket Royale kind of tried to. :)
Besides, KS might or might not even follow their lives that far along.

Also please don't try to play an exclusion game - I ain't gonna bite, and will deliver swift retribution instead.
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Re: Who and What~

Post by ElisaMasah » Sun May 15, 2011 11:54 am

My 0.25€

SHIZUNE & MISHA: Indeed you can envision Shizune becoming whatever she want to be and Misha will be her trusted lackey.

EMI: She will go into sport, made a name for herself in some event like ParaOlimpycs and becoming a testimonial for other disable people then she will retire to be an lovely if a bit demanding housewife and mother.

RIN: She will become an artist but like all the artist she never recive neither fame nor money until she die, alone and mad, unless of course she marry you.

LILLY: She will become Yamaku new teacher for blind people.

HANAKO: Hanoko will become a novelist, writing heartwrenching lovestory full of hot and passionate sex.

KENJI: He will become Internet most renowed conspirationist expert succeding David Icke in matter of pure wackiness and popularity, and will live writing book about the Great Female Conspiracy.
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Re: Who and What~

Post by Lt. Lech » Sun May 15, 2011 10:16 pm

For some reason, I can see Emi becoming the Billy Mays of health food. She has that energetic personality.

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Re: Who and What~

Post by Felinon » Mon May 16, 2011 2:58 am

Kenji = psychologist- have to be mentally messed up to truly understand one another and figure out what is needed to help them.

Lilly = Wife- From what we seen she isn't really interested in anything, she takes care of Hanako and enjoys her tea time. So a wife.

Hanako = wife since I don't see her doing anything outside her home.

Emi = physical therapist- We've seen she enjoys working out, however she also enjoys helping others get healthier, which we've seen when she tries to dictate Hisao's eating habits and such.

Rin = Popular painter- Her interests is solely in painting so from what I can tell that will always come first. I don't see her as anything else even as an art teacher.

Shizune = Unknown- She is a leader, however Misha won't always be there. You can't also expect a company to hire a translator when many leadership positions require direct and clear orders. If a company does hire a personal translator, if that translator misinterprets what was being said it can destroy a company.

So she might create a company of her own and Hisao will be her translator and 2nd in command. Since he'll probably follow that same path in her route.

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Re: Who and What~

Post by Totz the Plaid » Mon May 16, 2011 3:50 am

Good Endings:
Shizune Prime Minister of Australia. (She'd MAKE the laws change so she could pull it off, dammit!)
Lilly Happily enjoying time as a housewife and mother.
Hanako Either a literary agent/editor or professional author.
Emi Famous athelete who later retires and runs a gym. Couldn't be in the Olympics due to her prosthetic advantage, but still on that level.
Rin Professional artist who does commissions and owns her own studio.

Bad Endings:
Shizune Middle-Management.
Lilly Caretaker at an orphanage.
Hanako Think Emily Dickinson... (I hate to think of something that depressing, but...)
Emi Personal trainer.
Rin Famous artist who can't avoid the press.

If You Don't Take Their Path:
Shizune CEO of a multi-national corporation (with Misha as her secretery/personal assistant).
Lilly Schoolteacher.
Hanako Book critic.
Emi Professional athelete, but not particularly famous.
Rin Starving artist (and happy about it).

As far as Kenji goes, in all GOOD endings, he'll be a TV pundit, still as crazy as ever (but that goes with the job), and in the BAD endings, he'll be a hermit.
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Re: Who and What~

Post by Napalm » Mon May 16, 2011 6:21 am

What I'd love to see is a scenario where Misha actually ends up being Shizune's boss. I think it'd be pretty hillarious and work well as a comedy.
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Re: Who and What~

Post by kosherbacon » Mon May 16, 2011 8:07 am

Good End

Shizune: She becomes a tame and sedate office lady who lives contently with Hisao but dies a little inside every day.

Lilly: She becomes a housewife, but eventually finds that she needs to spike her tea a little more each day just to pull through. She eventually leaves Hisao for Hanako.

Hanako: Sometime halfway through her first year at a co-ed college, Hisao helps Hanako finally get her shit together. With dread and anxiety no longer clouding her heart, she leaves Hisao for Lilly.

Emi: She fails her entrance exams because she couldn't manage being a track team captain, model student, AND girlfriend all at once. She repeatedly enters and drops out of increasingly low-end schools, with the "freshman fifteen" hitting her every time until she's Jabba the Hutt.

Rin: With Hisao fostering her talents, Rin becomes a recognized and successful artist far too soon and struggles to stay innovative and relevant. In a desperate attempt at reclaiming her old credibility, she seeks out inspiration in increasingly dangerous drugs and ODs.

Bad End:

Shizune: While Hisao becomes an unemployable, boring NEET, Shizune becomes rich and successful but increasingly frustrated with Hisao's levels of fail. She eventually ditches Hisao's punk-ass and figures out that the reason why she couldn't find men who meet her exacting standards is because men just weren't her type. She and Misha become alternative lifestyle partners and take over the world.

Lilly: While her family tolerated Hisao well enough, his crude-peasant unrefinement and low birth made them lose their shit when Hisao proposed marriage once they finished college. As a result of the ordeal, Lilly breaks down from all the stress and leaves Hisao for Hanako and they live happily ever after.

Hanako: After years of a lukewarm relationship that glows but never really ignites, Hisao suggests that Hanako move in with him. She interprets it as a marriage proposal and freaks out. She elopes with Lilly and they live happily ever after.

Emi: Hisao and Emi go to the same university together. While Emi keeps up her running, Hisao gets out of shape and gets away with it because Emi is too busy trying out for the Olympics. She wins a gold medal and Hisao dies of a heart attack sitting on the couch watching it all on TV. When reached for comment, Emi forgets she even had a boyfriend.

Rin: Without Hisao to give direction and encouragement to her creativity, Rin resorts to whoring out her talents to buy art supplies and instant ramen. She sells designs to Sanrio and various ad agencies and becomes mega rich. With all the free time she could ever want, she goes back to her roots and sprawls across new frontiers of visual expression and achieves critical adoration and immortality. Hipster!Kenji rageboners whenever she gets mentioned because he was her fan even before she sold out. And with those rageboners, he nails Rin, because they're married.

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Re: Who and What~

Post by SirMax » Mon May 16, 2011 8:34 am

kosherbacon wrote:Good End
Bad End:
I'm not entirely sure you get the idea of a good and bad endings. It's more like Hisao End and Independent End

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