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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Mag » Thu May 13, 2010 3:10 am

Snicket wrote:
Mag wrote: Can't believe Emi was mean to her. I mean she asked her how she got fit and Natsumi answered honestly. Its the same thing that Emi does and I can see why she would find it boring but it doesn't give her the right to be a little bitchy about it.
Just one more thing.
Well the girl that asked Matsumi about her 'body' wasn't Emi. It was just some random girl that asked her how she got so fit. Emi pops in shortly after Rin shows up.
Ah my apologies then In the story, it says that a girl with red hair and pig tails. I guess I only acknowledged the pig tail parts and ignored the red hair.

And as for the girls in the bathroom, I have other theories on who it could be but i don't want to say it just yet. I'll wait till your next story.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by kosherbacon » Thu May 13, 2010 3:19 am

Am I the only one who see Lilly/Hanako/Natsumi AND Emi/Rin/Natsumi love triangles forming? Yeah, it's late and I'm hallucinating :lol:

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Mag » Thu May 13, 2010 3:26 am

kosherbacon wrote:Am I the only one who see Lilly/Hanako/Natsumi AND a Emi/Rin/Natsumi love triangles forming? Yeah, it's late and I'm hallucinating :lol:
I see it too but only because you brought it up. I think she might start hanging out with Lilly and Hanako first but then might wind up hanging out with Emi and Rin. Maybe Natsumi might not like Lilly being all proper. She might think, "I should be the only proper one. If I can't be, then I'm not going to be around Lilly." But that's just me making stuff up. I didn't create Natsumi so I wouldn't know how she would react to Lilly at the moment. Just one meeting isn't enough to see where this would go. In the end though, when she meets Hisao, she will hang out with whoever really as long as she's with him. It just depends on if Snicket makes Hisao hang out with Lilly and Hanako or Emi and Rin. If both, well then that would be interesting.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Sat May 15, 2010 5:30 pm

I do believe you are hallucinating a but there KB.

Anyway, here is another 'short'

Day 2.5

As I approach the front of the class, I notice all eyes are on me. I take a quick glace around the room before I introduce myself. The room looks rather spacious for a class room. It think it’s even bigger the then the ones at my old school.

Everyone here seems pretty normal, like any other school. Though as I look around, I notice a student with two mechanical legs protruding from under there desk, while another is missing his right ear. Continuing to scan the classroom and notice the girl who helped me earlier with my bags. She looks up at me, and then turns away. As I avert my gaze I turn to the front of the class.

“We have a new student, please welcome her.”

I receive the usual generic clap at the teacher finishes talking.

“Hello everyone, I’m Natsumi Wakana.”

‘So far, so good.’

“I enjoy reading and long walks.”

‘Long walks?’

“I’m still new here, so please take care of me.”

‘Jeez, what a lame intro.’

As I end my introduction, a few of the students start rooting and conversation with each other. I manage to make out a few of the words in the otherwise mess of words. Most of them are the usual kind of worlds I’m used to hearing, but a few of them are a bit unsettling.

While some of the others are intently staring at me, giving me a funny look.

‘Eww! I know that look, great now my likeness is going to be used in some perverts fantasy. ‘

Trying not to cringe at the thought, I notice a person sitting by the window. Unlike his fellow classmates, he isn’t compensating with the other students around him or staring at me pervertedly. Instead he is just sitting quietly giving me a gentle smile, waiting patiently for me to continue my introduction.

Suddenly the teacher clears his throat. “Ok everyone quite down, let’s let her continue.”

The class turns quiet once again.

‘Uh what else can I say?’

As I attempt to say something, Muto turns towards the clock and then towards me.

“It’s Looks like we’re going to have to cut this a bit short.”

I smile. “That’s ok; I don’t want to take up any of the classes’ time.”

‘Plus I really didn’t have anything else to say.’

I continue to stand in front of the class as the teacher takes a quick glance around the room.

Suddenly Muto notions his hand towards an empty seat in the far right of the room, right next to a window.

“You can sit there.”

I smile again. “Thank you.”

As I start towards my new seat I notice everyone staring at me as my left leg clicks when making contact wit the hard stone floor. It’s then suddenly a student intervenes before I can sit down.

‘Well that was short lived, now everyone is going to ask why my leg is making noise.’

“But teach; that spot is already taken.” I stop as he says this.

‘Wait what?’

Muto pulls a clip board off his desk and looks over it.

“So it is, but the person who usually sits there, is absent today. So it’s fine.”

‘I guess it would be rude for someone to ask such a thing. Then again, you’d never think I’d have such mechanics attached to me. Since the rubber coating on them makes them appear almost real.’

Continuing towards the temporary spot; I notice a girl wearing a yellow hair band, staring out the window, in the spot next to mine. As I sit down, I turn towards the girl and smile.



Getting the reaction I was expecting, I turn my attention towards my school bag and start removing my books. After removing a small mountain of books from the bag, I hang it the small hook attached to the desk.

“You’re a lot prettier then the person that usually sit there.”

I turn to the girl. “Excuse me?”

“The person that usually that sits there is this morphs blob that blocks my view of the window.”

‘Is she serious?’

“One should not talk badly of a student like that.”

The girl frowns. “Wait till you meet him, you’ll probably agree with me.”

As I make an attempt to say something, the girl turns forward and slumps over in her desk.

‘I guess that her way of stopping a conversation.’


A sudden clap from the front of the room breaks me from my tangent thought. Looking towards the source, I see Muto standing in front of the room, holding a stack of papers in his hand.

“Alright everyone quiet down. Today we’re doing a group assignment. So everyone get in a group and…”

The teacher trails off and turns towards the row I’m sitting in.

“It’s Misha!” A pink haired girl shouts.
“What ever, why don’t you and Shizune work with the new student.”
‘Has he forgotten my name already?’
“But where already working with Hicchan and…” A blued haired girl next to her elbows her in the side and flashes a few hand signs at her.
“I mean, sure we’ll be in a group with Miss Wakana. Wahahahahaha~!”
‘Ugh, that laugh.’
“Alright then, I assume your working with Nakai as well.”
“That is correct; we are like the Three Musketeers. Wahahahahaha~!”
Muto says nothing and hands the pink haired girl a small stack of papers and notions me to come over.
I take my books and sit in an empty seat across from the two girls and next to what I assume is this ‘Nakai’ person.
As I sit down, I’m greeted by a warm smile.
‘It’s the boy that was sitting by the window; apparently the only ‘non pervert’ in the entire class. Now that I see him up close, he’s actually kind of cute.’
“Wahahahahaha~! Hicchan you’re such a ladies man.” The sudden laugh catches me by surprise, causing me to jump a bit.
I see the boy start to blush. “Now don’t start making wild assumptions now.”
“I just call them like I see them, Hicchan.”
“Then I think you may need to get your eyes checked Misha.”
“Eh...welll...uh.” The boys comment leaves the girl unable to reply.
Suddenly the blue haired girl sitting across from my, pokes the girl in the side and starts flashing a few hand signs at her.
‘Oh she’s deaf. I kind of fingered after seeming her ‘persuade’ the pink haired girl into letting me join the group.’
“It seems that we got so caught up in this, we never introduced ourselves.”
The blue haired girl adjusts her glasses and flashes a few more signs.
‘Wait did she just call me cow tits?”
“Ok I’ll start I’m Shiina, but everyone calls me Misha.”
The pink haired girl points to the blue haired girl. “This is Shizune, she’s deaf. So I’m her interpreter.”
*Tell the cow tit girl I said hi.*
“She says it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
‘That’s not what she said.’
Then the girl points to the boy sitting next to me. “And this is Hisao, but we call him Hicchan. Wahahahaha~!”
The boy frowns at the pink haired girl. “No you call me that. Shizune doesn’t call me anything.”
‘This ‘Misha’ person seems to think everything is funny. Maybe that’s why she’s here.’
I try not to smirk at my own lame joke.
Suddenly the blue haired girl pokes Misha in the side and flashes a few hand signs at her.
“Shicchan is right; we need to get to work.”
‘Wait, did she just call Shizune Shicchan?’
Shizune adjusts her glasses and flashes a few hand signs at Misha before turning back towards me and Hisao.
*You guys better get to work, or else I’m not going toe help you and you’ll never get done in time.*
“Wahahaha~! That’s right.”
I turn towards the girl and try not to frown at her sudden statement.
“You shouldn’t make such assumptions like that.” I sign as I say this.
Shizune gives me a weird look, the kind you give when you’ve freaked out about something.
“Y-You know s-sign language? Misha shrieks while pointing at me.
“Yes and please call me my given name and not the one you’ve given me.” I once again sign this so Shizune understands. I find myself almost unable to keep my usual tone as I say this.
The two girls are dumb struck by this and now sit with there mouths hanging open.
Suddenly I fee la tap on my left shoulder. Looking over I see me boy smiling at me kindly. “I’m going have to stick with you, so that I know what those two are saying about me.”
I feel myself blush slightly.
“Hicchan!” The pink says with a harsh tone.
“What is was a joke.”
The girl frowns. “Joke or not, that isn’t something you should say.”
“What ever.”
“What ever nothing, you don’t…”
To my surprise, Hisao grabs the pile of papers from Shizune’s desk and sets them on mine. “Do you know how to do this?”
“W-what are you doing?”
“Try to get work done.”
“B-but why with her?”
“Because she’s not the one freaking out right now.”
‘Great now I’ve unwilling got smack dab in the middle of a lover’s quarrel.
*Don’t expect us to help you.*
I tap Hisao on the shoulder. “Shizune has offered to let us work on the paper separately.”
“Very well.” Hisao flips the paper over so I can see and scoots his desk closer.
“Eh!” A brief shriek is all the loud girl can muster before giving up and turning around.
“There is no need to leave out you’re friends like this.” I say trying to sound sincerer.
“Na don’t worry about it, those two do that from time to time. Just give them a few hours and they’ll get over it.”
“Why do you say that?”
Hisao suddenly smiles. “Well they still talked to me after I sided with there mortal enemy, so this is nothing.”
‘I wonder who that is.’
With the two girls trying to stare holes in us, Hisao and I start on the assignment.
Most of the questions are review for both of us, thought I ended up doing most of it. I don’t really mind, but I wish he would at least tried to do a few more questions. Oddly despite our previous ‘incident’ we still end up finishing before everyone else; including Shizune and Misha. Which only strengthens there glares at us.
‘Those two are probably never going to let this go.’
The lunch bell rings and everyone starts filing out into the hallway, I watch as every one tries to push past one another and out into the hallway.
Looking around the room, I notice only a few students remain; some still working on there assignment, while other are either reading or waiting patiently for something. Even that shy girl that helped me yesterday is still at her desk. I take a quick glance down the row and notice that Hisao is still sitting in his seat, flipping through the pages of some unknown book.
My scan of the room must have been noticed, since now Hisao and that purple haired girl are now looking at me. I make an attempt to speak, but I’m cut off as the shy girl’s friend walks in.
“S-sorry I’m late, guys. I had to attend to some matters in the class room before coming here.”
“Na, don’t worry about it, Lilly. We just got done with class yourself.” Hisao says as he closes the book.
The shy girl says nothing and joins Lilly by the door.
“Are you ready to go Hisao?” A voice says from the doorway.
Hisao places the book in his bag and closes it. “Yeah, give me a sec.”
The boy starts towards the door, but then suddenly stops and turns towards me. “Hey you want to come?”
‘Wait did he just ask me to go to lunch with him?’
“You want to come have lunch with us? Unless you have something else planned.”
‘Of course not, I just moved here.’
“Not at the moment.”
Suddenly Hisao turns towards the two girls. “Hey you don’t mind if Natsumi comes do you?”
“Oh Miss Wakana is here?” Lilly says as she steps into the room.
“You guys have met?”
“Yes, but only briefly.”
As start to pack up my books and other supplies, I notice Hisao saying something to Lilly and that Hanako. I can’t make out what there saying, but I have a feeling that it’s about me or the events that occurred today. Since why else would they trying to be so secretive about it.
As they exit into the hallway, Lilly pokers her head back into the class room. “Are you coming Miss Wakana?”
“Yes I’ll be right there.”
‘Yep they were talking about me; I just hope this wasn’t a pity lunch.’
Grabbing my lunch I follow the three out into the hallway.
The clicking of my left legs echoes in the empty halls, it’s a little unnerving that no one has asked ‘what that sound is.’ Maybe they already figured it has something to do with me and decided not to talk about the matter. Then again Lilly’s cane it tapping the walls and floor. Right when my leg makes contact with the floor. Maybe they think it’s her.
‘Yeah right.’
I follow the three into a small class room. Small stacks of desks and chairs fill sit crammed into the corner, leaving only a cluster of large white tables and chairs for use.
As I step into the room, I notice that Lilly is fiddling with something on the other side of the room. After further examination, I realize that she’s making tea.
As I open my mouth to say something, Lilly turns towards the cluster of tables.
“Does anyone want some tea?”
“I would like some, Lilly.”
The girl jumps as I say thing, almost dropping metal tray she’s holding in her hand.
‘I guess I was quieted on the carpet.’
“N-Natsumi, what are you doing over here?”
“I was going to offer my assistance, but it appears that you already have it covered.”
“Thank for the thought, but I’m ok.”
“You’re welcome and sorry for scaring you.”
“It’s quite alright; you were only trying to help.”
Leaving the girl to her vices I take a seat at the table, across from Hisao and that shy girl.
“That’s kinda Lilly’s thing.”
Hisao smiles. “The tea brewing here is Lilly’s thing, so we usually just sit down and let her handle it.”
“B-But it’s was a nice t-that you tried.”
I smile at the two and wait Lilly to deliver the tea.
As time passes, the four of us almost consumed the entire pot of tea that Lilly has brewed. It’s different form the tea I usually drink, but its still goon none the less.
‘I guess when you’re given a choice to drink tea, rather then given the option to drink it or nothing. It can have a better taste, despite if it’s actually a higher quality.’
As we consume our lunches, no one seems to want to talk much. I get the feeling that I may have over stepped my bounds by coming to lunch with these guys.
“So Natsumi, Hisao tells me that you have an altercation with a certain set student counsel presidents this morning.”
I’m a little trough off by Lilly’s sudden statement. The incident must have been what Hisao was talking about before be left.
“I wouldn’t call it an altercation, more like a heated discussion.”
“W-what happened?” Hanako says from the other side of the table.
“Some things were said, I’d rather not repeat it.”
“Who would have thought you would have known sign language.” Hisao say form the other side of the table.
Lilly turns to me. “You know sign language?”
“Yeah, it’s something I picked up a while back after….I transferred schools.”
‘Phew! I almost spilled the beans there.’
The girl smiles at me. “I see, well that puts you at the advantage when you cross paths with them.”
“I guess you could say that.”
Having cleared the awkwardness, the 4 of us conversant till the 5 minute warning bell rings.
“Oh my, is it that time already?”
Hisao looks as his watch. “It would appear so; time just flew by didn’t it?”
“Indeed it has, I suppose we should call it a day.” The blond girl says as she rises to her feat and gathers the empty tea cups on the tray.
I gather the bits of missed trash and toss it into a near by garbage can. Hanako and Hisao strengthen the tables and push the chairs in.
Finishing the four of us exit the room and venture a short distance towards another class room. Room 3-2.
‘I assume this is Lilly’s room.’
“It was nice to meet you, Natsumi.”
“Same goes for you, Lilly.” I say in my usual tone.
Lilly then turn towards the others. “You guys better get going, or else you’ll be late for class.”
“Alright then, see you Lilly.”
As the two turn to leave, I notice Lilly standing in the door way facing them as they head towards the class room. She must not have noticed me still standing there, since Lilly lets out a sad sigh and enters the class room.
‘Is she jealous of that shy girl and Hisao...More importantly are they in that kind of relationship?’
I enter the class room right behind Hanako and Hisao. Muto looks up to say something, but glances at Hanako shuts his mouth.
Classes continue as normal. Apparently they decided to give me a gym class, despite my ‘disability’. Maybe it was some sort of mix up or maybe they decided that I was ‘able’ enough to participate in some way.
As class ends for the day, I find myself more tired then usual. Maybe it’s all the extra tasks I had to do today. Or maybe it had something do with the new change of scenery.
What ever it was, I’m exhausted. Though I don’t show thins, since I’ve become a custom to hiding any thing that doesn’t appear lady like .
I return to my room and plop down on the bed, it feels soft and soon I find myself start to drift off to sleep.
That is until there is a sudden knock at the door.
[To be continued]

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Mag » Sat May 15, 2010 6:23 pm

Nice story Snicket.

Shizune got what she deserved. Calling Natsumi cow tits. Funny yes but to Shizune and Misha's surprise, Natsumi knows sign language. Only one thing came into my mind when Natsumi signed to Shizune. BOOOYAH! Nice to see someone teach Shizune a little lesson.

I'm a bit surprised to see Natsumi worry so much about her disability. I mean, it's all she thinks about. Meh its who she is and this is her second day at Yamaku. Guess she's not used to the fact that everyone there has some sort of disability.

Now I was wondering which route you were going Snicket. I thought you were going the route which Hisao is hanging out with Shizune and Misha but you made it clear when Hisao said that he sided with her worse enemy. Sad how Lilly wants Hisao but believes that Hisao prefers Hanako. Which this also brings something up I noticed. Why is it that Lilly is forgetting about Natsumi? Not very ladylike if you ask me to forget about the new person hanging out. Since she forgot Natsumi was there, she showed, without intention, that she is interested in Hisao. Somehow I have a feeling Natsumi might use this in some way for evil. I don't know why.

Also, this may be a dumb question but I'm asking it anyway. Who is the girl with the yellow band in her hair and whos the guy that usually sits where Natsumi sat?

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Sat May 15, 2010 7:15 pm

Well there is a reason why Natsumi is like that, which i'll get into in a later short. Also i wasn't trying to portray Lilly an unladylike like, rather that she thought that Natsumi was with Hanako and Hisao. A lot of these things will come together as the story progresses, I'd rather not spoil things by giving away the whole plot.

i'll try to post a continuation later tonight or tomorrow.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Mag » Sat May 15, 2010 8:34 pm

Well I guess my mind is just going haywire a bit thinking on Lilly being unladylike. My bad.

Take your time. No need for rushing here. Its not like someone is threatening you............teehee

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Xuan » Sun May 23, 2010 9:45 am

Yeah well, after reading through the story my head is still replaying 'cow tits' over and over again.
" It would be hard to believe I was nearly killed by a love confession."

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:42 pm

It's been a while hasn't it? Over a month since my last entry and almost just as long since i was last here. I've made several attempts to draw my char, but all have failed miserably.Though if you're curious of what i was going for click here. So basically her, with mechanical limbs instead of the bug ones and different colored eye instead of the insect one. It should help give you guys a mental picture of my character when you read these.

Anyway here is another ks short for you folks


An unwanted visitor

A sudden abrupt knock foils my attempt at an early slumber; I attempt to quiet the sound by placing a pillow over my head. This how ever proves futile since I can still hear the knock enough to still keep me awake.

I let out a frustrated sigh and sit up on the bed.

“Yes, who is it?”
There’s isn’t a response on the other side of the door, as the person continues to knock.

“If you don’t answer, then…Wait a minute.”

I stand up and walk towards the door. Grabbing the door knob, I give it a twist.
‘If it’s who I think it is then….’

I cut myself off in mid thought as I open the door.

As I swing the door open, I notice that my intruder of piece and quiet, is none other then Shizune.
‘How ironic.’

She looks up at me and flashes a few hand signs.
*Where you asleep?*

I try not to frown at the question. * No, I was just reading.*

The girl seems to know that I’m lying, but doesn’t make any notion towards it.

Shizune adjusts her glasses and looks up at me. *Good, because I need to talk to you about something.*


I bit my lower lip as I try not to scowl at her.

*What would that be?*

I sign while giving the girl a fake smile.

The girl drops her head for a few moments before responding. * I would like to apologize for my actions earlier today.*

‘Wait what? She’s apologizing?’
After swallowing her pride and admitting her wrong doing, Shizune holds out her hand and notions me to shake it, if I were to accept her apology.

I factor in my choices here; I could either accept her apology or shake her hand, hopefully ending what ever discrepancy she had with me. Or I could slam the door in her face and further exasperate the petty squabble that would continue.

If I were to shake her hand, I may come off as a push over, but it could also show that I don’t let the little matters bother me. But if I deny the offer to resolve the conflict, it would show that I stand my ground and not take crap from anyone. Though it could also back fire and make me look like a bitch.

Deciding to take the high road, I decide to put the matter behind me and shake Shizune’s hand. She seems a bit surprised by this action, probably thinking that I was going to not accept it and tell her to go away.

With the matter resolved, Shizune looks up at me with a slight smirk on her face.

*May I ask, what’s so funny?*

Shizune waves her hands a bit, in an attempt to reassure me that it’s not something to worry about, before finally giving me a reply.

*It’s nothing really, I just didn’t think you let this matter go so easily.*

*What are you getting at?*

*Nothing, I just didn’t think that you react the way you did, I’m impressed.*

‘I don’t know if Shizune is giving me a complement or mocking me.’

Deciding not to put much thought in the matter, I give the girl a nod and flash a few hand signs at her.

*Is there anything else?*

Shizune shakes her head and signs back. *No that’s it, I just wanted to apologize. I’ll see you tomorrow.*

And just like that, the girl turns and starts heading down the hallway, not giving me the opportunity to conversant with her further; which is a shame since I still had a few questions to ask her, one being why she called me ‘cow tits’.

With the invader of my solitude no longer preventing me from my slumber, I take a quick double take down each end of the hallway for any other possible annoyances and then close my door behind me.
This ended up being one of things that would have probably escalated into something bigger if it wasn’t resolved early. Though I am curious on how she found my room.


After shutting the door behind me, I plop down on my bed and attempt to sleep once more. It doesn’t happen; despite what position I lay in or if I’m covered or uncovered. Sleep refuses to come.


Despite changing into something a bit cooler, sleep refuses to come. I even resort to writing my usual weekly report to the corporation. (This usually puts me to sleep, just thinking about it.) This time how ever it doesn’t, in fact the exact opposite. I’m more awake then ever, but with that worn out feeling that gives you little drive to do anything.

So I decide to pop in a movie and watch it till I fall a sleep.


A loud shriek jostles me from slumber, smashing the alarm in the process of turning it off.

Shaking off the feeling of fatigue, I grab a fresh change of clothes and head off to the bathroom.


As I enter the now foggy room, I slip past a group of giggling girls and head towards an empty stall.


After taking a hot shower, rather then the lukewarm ones I’ve been forced to take for the last few years. I dry off and exit the stall and then head towards the locker that holds my change of clothes.


As I head towards the lockers, the muffled disjointed sound of conversation starts to become clear.
“If you’re going to make such while accusations then…”


An unknown girl and I collide with one another. As she comes from around a corner. The girl is the first to step back and apologize.

“Sorry about that…” The unknown girl says as she looks up at me.

It’s then that I notice that she has short blond hair, with odd red eye pigmentation.

“No it’s alright, it’s my fault. I should have been….”

I cut my self off as I notice the mysterious girl intently staring at my chest.

“Uh hello”
“Holly shit, those things are HUGE!” The girl says, emphasizing the word ‘huge’. While holding out her hands out mocking the size.

‘Wait did she just say what I think she did?’
“Eh, excuse me?”
“I don’t mean to be rude, but damn.”
“NAOMI!” Another girl shouts as she charges towards us.

I notice that she has long brown hair, braided into two pig tails. Glancing down, I make note that she has two prostatic legs protruding from under neither her skirt.

‘Wait these two are in my class.’

“What they are, it’s not like I’m being…”

“Rude? Oh you’ve gone far beyond that.”

The pig tailed girl walks towards me and holds out her hand. “Sorry about that, my friend has a tendency to say or do things before thinking them over.”

I take her hand and give it a shake. “It’s quite alright, no harm done.”

The girl frowns and pulls away her hand.

‘Did I say something wrong?’

“No it’s not alright, you shouldn’t have to…”

“Jeez Molly, you don’t have to that far to apologize for my accounts.” The red eyed girl scoffs as she crosses her arms and leans on a near by locker.
The pig tailed girl frowns and turns towards the red eyed girl. “Well if you didn’t always do things like this, then I…”

Suddenly I feel a cool draft sweep in, reminding me that I’m still standing in just a towel.
I cut the girl off mid sentence. “Uh excuse me, but could we continue this conversation in a few moments after I’ve changed?”

The pig tailed girl blushes slightly. “S-sure.”

With an abrupt action, the pigtailed girl dashes off taking the red eyed girl with her; leaving me alone amongst the rows of lockers.


After the girl’s depart, I waist no time changing into my undergarments and then uniform. Despite it being crammed into a small locker, it still remains pressed and neat.

‘It must have something to do with the ridiculous amounts of starch they put in these things.’

I make a mental note to wash my other uniforms before wearing them.


Buttoning up by blouse and tying the bow to my uniform, I grab a brush from my locker and start running it through my hair. Just as I finish and fling my hair back, the pig tailed girl pokers her head out from one of the lockers on the corner. I give her a smile and she shyly approaches me.

“S-sorry about earlier, I didn’t m-mean to keep you from…”

The girl cuts herself off as I wave my hand in front of my face.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Still, I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted.” I say with a smile.

The girl smiles back and takes a few steps towards me. “I’m Molly by the way and the girl you met earlier. Is my friend Naomi.”

‘I thought as much.’

“Natsumi.” I say bowing to the girl. Molly quickly does the same, but stumbles back a bit as he almost gives herself whiplash from the sudden bow and upright motion.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Molly says as she regains her balance.

“Like wise.”
I attempt to continue the conversation, but stop as I notice Molly glancing at something, with an expression you’d expect to see on a kid who just got a new puppy.

The girl suddenly takes a small clump of my hair and starts funning her hand through it. “Molly what are you…”

I’m cut off as the girl looks up at me, still bearing the same expression as before. “You have pretty hair.”

Suddenly it occurs to me that I’ve herd these words before, though I can’t exactly recall when. As I try to remember an abrupt voice cuts off my train of thought.

“Hey, you alright?”

“Y-yeah I’m fine, why?”

“You’re crying.” Molly says pointing to me.

I touch my face and hold up my hand and see that my hand is damp with fresh tears. E-Excuse me, I-I got to go.”

Leaving the girl with a confused expression on her face, I grab the contents out of my locker and dash off to my room.


I grab the door knob to my room and swing the door open just enough for me to slip in and shut it behind me; placing my back to other side of it.

‘What was that all about?’

All of a sudden the previous time I herd that comment comes to me. The memory comes to me and I’m able to recall the event.

For some one reason or another, I’ve been knocked to the ground. A young boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old is standing before be. Smiling at me, reviling that he’s missing his two most front teeth. He then holds on his and I take it with my right hand; my real right hand.

“I don’t know why Taya did that, I think you have pretty hair.”

The boy smiles again. “I bet you’d look really cute if you grew it out.”

Suddenly the memory fades and I’m back to where I was when I recalled it. Hot tears continue to stream down my face, blurring my vision.

“H-how could I have forgotten?” I say with a high pitched voice, as I try to fight back the tears. My attempts are wasted as I collapse to the ground, cover my face with my hands, and begin to cry into them.


Time passes, I can’t recall how much at first; since I’m nowhere near a clock. Though it must have been a while, since now my hands and face are sticky from crying. I attempt to wipe it away, but only manage to smear what little remains of my eyeliner across my face.

I stand up and lurch towards a desk in my room. The pain from earlier has subsided, but it still feels like the water works could start at any minute. If something were to stir up the memory again.

‘I’d rather not go out while in this state, since I’d probably start crying again.’

It’s weird; I don’t know if I feel sad for the person in my vision or that I’m depressed because I forgot.

‘Maybe it’s a combination of the two.’


Some more time passes, glancing at my clock I notice that it’s still pretty early and that I have plenty of time to make it to class.


After rewashing my face and reapplying my make up and putting my contacts in, I gather my books and head off to class.


Despite the crowded hallway, I manage to make it to class with a few moments to spare.

‘I guess it helped that the hallway was so noisy and packed, that I could walk at a normal pace and not the quiet slow one that I’ve been using since I got here.’


As I enter the class room, I notice the oh so common glazed over empty expressions that occurs during ‘home room’. I turn towards my ‘temporary’ seat and notice that it’s empty, so I start to head towards it; though before I take a seat, I’m stopped by a certain pair of student counsel presidents.
Shizune takes a large step in front of Misha and glares at me, but then suddenly holds out her hand.

Suddenly the pink haired girl clears her throat. “I apologize for my actions yesterday, they where not someone befitting of someone of my position of this school. So I’d like to ask for you’re apology.”

The girl’s words come off friendly yet cold, as if she rehearsed them several times, but still wanted to add her own twist to them.

Just as the girl finishes Shizunes’s message, I notice that the class room have got eerily quiet, as if some thing just happened that they couldn’t believe.

‘Well I guess technically it just has.’

I take a quick glance around the room, and then turn back towards the two girls.

*I though we already settled this.*

*We did, but by doing this way it makes it official.* Shizune sighs, adjusting her glasses, and then returning her hand to its previous position.

I attempt to make sense of this, but give up and just shake the girl’s hand.

The class erupts with a mixture of laughs, cheers, and some undecipherable comments.

‘This wasn’t the reaction I was expecting, but then again if I had to make an educated guess. I’d say that Shizune doesn’t admit defeat easily.’

As the commotion dies down, we start to part way, but sudden shout of the pink devil stops us.

“So Sicchan, why did you call Natsumi cow…”

Misha’s question is cut off as Muto comes strolling into the room, with an annoyed look on his face.

“Why are you three standing here? Class has already started.”

The pink haired girl tries to say something, but is pulled to her seat by the silent student counsel president; leaving me standing alone in the front of the class.

“Uh miss…”

Muto grabs a clip board off his desk. “…Wakana, why haven’t you taken you’re seat.”

I turn to him and smile. “You haven’t given me one yet.”

“Oh well, you can just sit in the same place as before….The individual that was seated there before isn’t hear again today.” Muto says while scratching the back of his head.

Smiling I give the man a slight bow and take a seat in the back, next to the window. The hair band girl gives me a slight nod before returning her attention to what’s going on outside.

“There is no need to be so formal, Wakana. We’re not that strict here.”

“My apologies, I’ll work on that.”

“Well it’s not something you need to work on, just that it isn’t necessary.” The teacher says while tugging at his tie.


Classes go on as usual, though to my dismay none of them have a ‘group activity’ I kind of wanted a chance to talk to those two girls about what happened earlier today or at the very least clear up the matter some what. Aw well maybe tomorrow.


As the lunch bell rings, most of the students leap from there desks and make a break for the door. Demonstrating how a tube of tooth past works, as they all try to cram them selves through the doorway.

I take a quick scan around the room and notice only a few people remain. Most are either finishing up the assignment or are waiting for the room to clear out. As I scan the area, I notice Hanako reading some unknown book. She peaks up from her book and gives me a quick nod before returning to her reading.

Just as I rise up from my desk and start towards the door, I feel a hand place itself on my shoulder. Looking back, I notice that it’s Hisao.

He smiles at me and retracts his hand. “If you’ve waited this long, you might want to give it a few more minutes before heading into the hallway.”

“Thank you for the advice, Hisao.” I say with a warm smile.

The boy blushes instantly and nervously scratches the back of his head. “I-It nothing, I just thought you’d want to know.”

He’s kind of cute when he’s like this; it’s a shame that he’s seeing someone.


The two of us continue to condensate, while the hallway traffic depletes; eventually emptying completely. Seeing this I grab my lunch and turn to Hisao.

“I guess this is where we part ways, Hisao.”

“It doesn’t have to be.” The boy says with a smile.

“What do you mean?”

“You can eat lunch with us again.”

I smile at the response, which causes the boy to blush again. “Thank you for the offer, but I wouldn’t want to impose on you three.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem at all watch….Hanako.”

The shy girl peaks up from her book. “Y-yes?”

“You don’t mind if Natsumi has lunch with us again, do ya?”

“N-no not at all.”

Hisao turns to me and smile. “See what did I tell ya?”

‘Ok he’s got me there, but what about Lilly?’

Suddenly Lilly appears in the doorway, holding her cane in her left hand, she taps on the door frame to get our attention. “Hisao, Hanako, you ready to go?”

“Y-Yeah.” Hanako says while she closes her book and walks towards Lilly holding a small box lunch in her hands.

“I’m ready, but can I ask you something?”

“Sure what is it?” Lilly says as she steps into the class room.

“Do you mind if Natsumi has lunch with us today?”

“Mind? Why would I mind?”

“I didn’t think you would, I just thought I’d ask to see if its ok…err I mean.”

Lilly giggles. “It’s ok Hisao, you don’t have to change you vocabulary around me.”

The boy laughs nervously a bit before turning back to me. “What did I tell you?”

“So you did, now if you’d be so kind.” I say holding out my hand.

Hisao instantly grabs it and starts heading towards the door. “That not what I meant, Hisao. I was asking if you’d lead the way.”

The boys face turns redder then most tomatoes I’ve seen. He instantly retracts his hand and takes a few steps back. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…”

I smile at him, which causes Hisao to cut himself off. “It’s alright Hisao, no harm done.”

It’s then that I notice that the two girls are giving us some weird looks. I make an attempt to correct the situation, but Hisao steps in and resolves the situation himself.

“Slight misunderstanding, shall we?”

The two girl nod and step into the hallway, while Hisao and I follow them out.


Our venture to the tea room is awkwardly silence, except for the light tapping of Lilly’s cane and my left leg the trip is completely void of any interaction.


Even as we enter the tea room, no one had anything to say. It’s not till Lilly asks what kind of tea we’d like that anything is said at all.

I’m the first to say anything, breaking the odd silence that has fallen on this group.

“I’ll have some black tea, if you have any.”

“Of course.” Lilly says fiddling with small metal boxes.

“M-Me too.” The shy girl manages to force out.

“I’ll have the same.” Hisao says while folding his hands together.

“Oh my, everyone wants the same thing.”


With the ‘tea agreement’ the awkward silence from earlier has been dissolved. I had no idea such a small misunderstanding could lead something like this.

I add this to the numerous mental notes of what to do and what not to do here.


Lunch passes by fairly quickly and end kind of sneaks up on us as we conversant with one another. As the 5 minute warning bell rings, we gather up our things and assist in the clean up, then head out into the hallway.


The voyage to our classrooms seems to go by a lot faster the trip down here did.

‘Probably do to the fact that we aren’t still in that awkward mode from earlier.’


Reaching Lilly’s class room first we exchange out good byes and part ways, arriving to class a few moments before the final bell.


Class goes by fairly quick and the ends almost abruptly as the teacher slams him book and notions towards the door a few moments before the final bell.

I wish I could say that school was over for the day, but I still have one class left….gym.

[To be continued]

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Leotrak » Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:07 pm

I'm not sure if the term "shorts" applies any more :P

Good read, though ^_^
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Re: KS Shorts

Post by kosherbacon » Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:31 pm

I'm glad to see Natsumi is still alive :D I enjoy your use of the background students from 3-3.
I've made several attempts to draw my char, but all have failed miserably.
Do you have any examples of other original artwork at hand? That'd also help give an idea of how you envision your character looking.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:57 am

well i may have some on a flash drive or something, since I've re-imaged my computer since my last attempt at drawing my character. I posted the link of that spider girl, since that was the inspiration that help me come up with my character.

Anyway, i'll try to write a 'short' later tonight or tomorrow before work. Since i'd hate to have you guys wait another month to see what happens to my OC.

Also i was kinda debating on having other users OC's in these. Though i wasn't going top have them have an effect on these. Rather my character see's them in the halls or notices them talking to another oc or main character.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by kosherbacon » Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:06 am

Feel free to use any of mine, just let me know how you'd plan on them showing up.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Mag » Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:00 pm

Poor Natsumi. She forgot about that boy. That or she felt sad for the person. In the end, poor Natsumi. Wonder why she felt bad for him. Can't be because of the missing teeth. Maybe something happened to him? The mystery begins. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha................

Anyways, cool story Snicket. Shizune is evil and she is definitely plottin something. And the whole classroom laughter scene was definitely on Natsumi, not on Shizune. Well, that's how I feel like when I read that scene.

Silly Hisao trying to get with Natsumi. It may seem like he donesn't want to, but subconsciously, he does. Either that or Natsumi winds up falling for him. But hey, your character, your story, my interests.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:14 pm

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for a while. Been doing major over time at work lately, so i haven't had time to work on these much.

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