Opportunity. (Part 2 now up)

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Opportunity. (Part 2 now up)

Post by Wren » Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:53 pm

Well my first attempt at a fan-fic in over 12 years. Might be somewhat OOC/AU/SCIFI type, but I will try my best to make it work. This story has been floating in my head for some time, so time to put it on my screen here. It may be a bit too technical in a sense; I am an engineer in real life and also a bit of a mecha junkie. I will do my best to clear it up. Hope you all enjoy it. I would like to thank kosherbacon, smoku, neumanproductions, and Extremist_Line in pre-reading this with me and giving me advice. I tried my best to scan for grammar errors, and other problems. I hope to keep them at a minimum. Please feel free to give me any feedback, with that I can hopefully improve my lost skill in writing once again.

“…” Dialogue
‘..’ Thought


Part 1 - Opportunity


33 Years Later…

“Well, will it work?” a young woman’s voice is heard. “Remember last time you attempted a test, it nearly blew up the lab.”

“I know. I know. Back then I didn’t compensate the particle variant that we know now. Also I implemented a fail-safe into the test prototype. So there is little chance that will happen again.” I spoke with some slight concern.

Down in the floor of the lab, there is what looks like a large jet engine. But this isn’t a jet engine, and what I was about to undertake would possibly push humanity either to a path of peace or its own destruction. I felt what Einstein and Oppenheimer felt when they saw their ideas take its own destructive path, all in the name of science.

Part of me wanted to continue this pursuit, part of me didn’t. I stand there looking at the prototype, my decision was made. The proverbial Pandora’s Box was in my hands. Finally after some minutes of thinking, it was time to open this box wide open.

“Begin the particle injection. Start up the engine, 10% power.”

“Yes sir. Starting particle injection now, and starting the magnetic containment field in the core.” the female voice said.

I stand there looking and hearing as the engine comes to life, a glowing blue light starts to emit from it, behind in the exhaust there is diffusing light coming from it. I start to think to myself, my past where it has brought me here to this point.

‘Who knew I would have found the answers and inspiration at Yamaku?’

At that moment I had a flashback of a girl I remember from my class, dark blue hair with glasses and her friend next to her with pink drill-shaped hair. I couldn’t remember their names at that moment. Another memory flashed before me, I remember I was in a room playing a game of Risk with them.

‘Risk….I remember your face when I beat you on my first attempt at the game. Never seen someone get livid like you did that day, you couldn’t let me get away from that. Day after day you kept on challenging me and even changing the rules, and I still won. You did teach me something about that, never give up and keep at it. I guess I could chalk it up to you being a bit of a sore loser, but you looked so cute every time when you challenged me. You were one of my closest friends I had there and I wish I had another chance to be with you again.’

I shake my head then I looked back to the engine on the floor. It is sounding well with no issues, now would be the time to kick up a notch.

“Bring the power to 50% now.” I said to my assistant.

“Yes sir, going to 50% power now.” She replied.

The engine starts to roar as the power in it increases; the glow is getting much brighter and starts to fill the lab in a blue like aura. The engine starts to shake on its brace; it really wants to take off now.

“How are the braces holding?” I asked.

“Holding well, we can probably push to 75%-90% now.” My assistant replied.

“I want to, but we had containment failure at 85% power. Luckily you were able to shut down the engine. I don’t think our investors will like the idea of me blowing up this lab, or start a Three Mile Island.”

“Sir, this thing doesn’t use plutonium or uranium.”

“It’s a figure of speech. Well we hope we solved the containment problem from the last failure. Might as well go for broke and push this engine to what it is capable of. If everything goes well we will have the most powerful propulsion system ever known to man, all by using the power of the Sun.”

I went back to the computer terminal next to my assistant. I typed in a few commands in and now the engine is set to manual control.

“I will take it from here, be ready though to shut it down if there is any sign of a failure coming, going to 75% now.” I told my assistant. “Anna thanks for helping in this, you are one of the few who believed in this project when others laughed it off as a joke.”

I glanced to my assistant. She has a slight blush on her face after hearing that.

Sakura "Anna" Suzume, she is beautiful young woman in her early twenties. A smart college student with a passion for quantum mechanics; trying to find the mysteries of the universe down to its most basic components and fundamentals, she wanted to know all of it. I met her about 1 year ago after a lecture I did about the technology I was testing out this day.

Several rivals tried to discredit me saying it was all science fiction and I was off my rocker. What it finally amount to was my lecture being considered a laughing stock.

Feeling defeated, I was walking out of the room when I saw a short and slender young woman there looking at me with a smile, with her dark brown eyes. I take a moment and scan her; she is wearing a light blue blouse with matching business skirt, and on her feet simple blue short-heeled shoes, and to finish it off wearing the open generic white lab coat. She had long raven black hair going down to her lower back and her complexion was very fair. She started to approach me, to my surprise.

“Personally I think it will work, just need to find a way to generate strong containment field and better way to utilize the compressor and condensers properly.” She said to me walking next to me.

I was floored on her answer. “You really think it will work? You saw what happened in there everyone there thought it was a joke, no matter what I had said about it.”

“Well those people in there are fools. Sometimes you have to be aggressive and get your point across. All those people who ridiculed you shared one common trait, fear. Fear of not knowing what might happen. Therefore limiting their possible discoveries; you on the other hand need to be aggressive and see this through.”

I look at her with transfixed eyes; I have heard this before in my life. I let out a small chuckle.

“You sound like someone I used to know a long time ago in high school. The same passion that you are showing to me now, so do you wish to assist me in this if you are interested?” I told her.

“I would be very interested in assisting you sir. I didn’t properly introduce myself, my name is Sakura Suzume, but my colleagues call me Anna.” She said and places her hand out for a handshake.

She is a strong woman indeed, in the months that followed, she was able to secure a generous amount of investor funding with her contacts into this project and secure a testing lab. We both began to work long hours to build the first prototypes of the engine. Two failures later, we both considered this one to be lucky. That old saying, “Third times the charm.”

I come back to my senses and I look back at Anna. I never really questioned her why she chose the name Anna.

“I am glad I am here sir, it is now time to make history now.” Anna looked back at me. “Power control is now yours.”

I started to move the dial slowly. The engine responds to my input as it roars louder and glows brighter.

“60% … 65% … 70%... 75% power and holding, how is it looking over on your end Anna?”

“No signs of any problems yet sir, you are clear to go to 90% power. Output is near 1.5 gigajoules. At this point sir, the order of magnitude will increase exponentially.”

“Ok going for 90% now. Again keep an eye out if you need to shut it down.”

Start moving the dial again, suddenly started to get flashbacks again of Yamaku. Suddenly I remembered their names, Shizune and Misha. Also I remembered that Shizune was deaf and Misha was her close friend and interpreter of sorts. A loud laugh hits me like a ton of bricks.


As my thoughts were sent into a slight sensory overload, there are some sounds you do want to forget. I continue to move the dial more.

“80%....81%...83%....84%” My voice start to tremble as I near the highest this engine reached before the last failure.

“Systems are coming in OK sir; Output is now at 3.6 terajoules of energy. The braces are holding the engine in place like those dyno’s that those gear heads use to test out those hot rods. You can push it to 90% sir.” Anna said with a humorous tone.

‘At this distance you have a chance to reach the door before I can if something did go wrong and unable to shut this engine down.’

I shake my head of those thoughts. Going go for broke, not going to 90%. I am going all the way to 100%.

“Anna, you have time to leave if you wish.” I said with a normal tone.

“What?! What are you going to do?!” Anna said with a serious tone with a hint of panic.

“Going for 100%, that is the goal. Have to take the risk and see this through. We both know what can happen, even if you were to shutdown the engine on time, there is so much energy output. I am giving you a chance to leave with a head start. Don’t worry about me; I will do my best to contain…”

Anna turned to me with a look that would make even the most un-emotional person flinch. Her dark brown eyes are piercing me down to my soul, I felt a bit of fear.

“That’s not funny Wren! Nothing is going to happen, we both checked out the models and simulations. This engine now has a rating of 100% and even can overdrive it. Now lets get to 90% then make the final push.” She said with a bit of anger and determination in her voice.

It has been a while since anyone used my nickname like that. At that moment more flashbacks of my past started to flow in my mind. More faces started to appear and names, Hisao, Hanako, Emi, Rin, Lilly, Hanako, Kenji, Yuuko, Nurse and countless other faces. Why all of a sudden I am getting these flashbacks and even stronger than before. I refocus myself and move the dial once again.

The engine starts glowing from blue to a green-white glow now; the noise it is making is loud but not high enough to damage the ears.

“85%....86%...88%...90%” I said as looked at Anna. “I am going to for it.”

Anna nods to me. “Output is now 4.2 petajoules now. So far you have the energy yield of 1 megaton of TNT. And yet the engine remains stable on the bracing there. It is time to make history today and help push humanity with a compact drive, Sir.”

“You know you could have always called me by my nickname all this time.” I chuckled. “But here we go.”

I grabbed the dial and began my trek to history.

“91%....93%....95%....96%” I replied looking at my terminal.

The engine is now glowing white and the noise is much more profound.

“Systems are ok. No warnings yet Wren. Keep going.”

Moving the dial again, another flashback hits me. My first kiss, but I couldn’t make out who I was kissing. Then another hit again a dance of some sorts, my memories are becoming a bit hazy now.


Then an alarm started to go off. My heart starts to beat very quickly.

“Containment is starting to drop, compensating. Was a minor drop Wren, should be good now.” Anna said typing away at the terminal.

I move the dial one more notch forward and to my surprise nothing happens.

“Still holding at 99%, Why?”

“Trying to find out Wren, but the photon particles are changing inside the core. I am trying to find out why.” Anna said with some worry in her voice.

At that moment another alarm goes off, followed by a red box on the terminal.


“Shit! Losing containment here, the changing particles are messing with the containment field. Everything is running fine, but this particle is screwing around in the core. I am trying to compensate again, but if I can’t we have to shutdown the drive.” Anna shouted over to me.

“Do what you have to do Anna; I will try to find out on my end what this particle is.”

Upon looking at the particle from the data on my screen; I have never seen such a particle before. Could this be dark matter or dark energy, or another type of photon? It’s has a gravity field and there is a dilation when it passes through the containment field. Then a sudden white pulsing flash fills the room. Then engine revs even faster.

“What was that Anna?!”

“I don’t know Wren, I have containment back on.”

“So much for the damn fail-safe working, smooth one there Wren.” I mutter to myself. Then I look back to my terminal, my eyes widen on what I was seeing. I turn to Anna with panic.

“Anna! We are at 105% and rising! 110%! It’s starting to overdrive! SHUT THE DRIVE DOWN NOW!”

“I can’t shut it down! It’s not responding to my commands now! Containment is holding still, but if we can’t stop this runaway engine it will fail catastrophically when its limits are reached.”

“I will have to manually shutdown the drive.”

“You can’t Wren! The energy output in there will kill you if the engine jumps and also we don’t know what this particle do to you if you are exposed to it!”

“We don’t have much of a choice here what is the energy output now; you said earlier it had the output of 1 megaton of TNT. And if current scaling holds, we have a very strong weapon of mass destruction by this point now. If we allow it to fail this drive will not only take out this lab, but possible most of this city here. I am going in. Call out any alarms to me and keep me posted on its power status.”

I grab a com headset, and open the sealed doors. I begin to approach the drive, the air feels energized. I can feel it course through me. More flashbacks start to hit me as I walk closer to the drive. Why now? Flashbacks of my childhood, then my early teens, then my time at Yamaku, then graduation, and then college life, my career at the university as a professor, are these particles affecting my memories?

“125% and rising, we are beyond safe design specifications now.” Anna’s voice comes through my headset. “Containment is holding so far.”

As I near the engine, I can feel its power. Glowing white in front of me yet there is no heat from it surprisingly as one would expect. I reach the side panel of the drive and remove it. It is pretty intricate design of my own; I start the manual shutdown process. Then without warning, a bright pulse comes out. I am blinded for a moment.

“Wren are you alright?! The drive is starting to show signs of failure is imminent its now at 150% and rising pretty fast. You need to shut it down quickly.”

An alarm goes off then a series of alarms and warning lights start to flash on all terminals.


“Containment is starting to fail! We may only have about 30 seconds or so before total failure Wren!”

I regain my senses. And continue the manual shutdown. Another pulse of light fills the room, and this time I “felt” it.


I kept pushing the buttons and trying to stop this engine. My senses starting to go haywire, it felt like time was slowing down around me. At the moment the engine started to glow red-white. Another pulse of light fills the room.

“WREN...” is all I can hear from Anna.

I kept working on the last bits of the shutdown. Another bright pulse fills the room.

“Engine is now at 250%...containment is almost gone…..the….room….is….filled …wit…” Anna’s voice starts to fragment on my headset.

“Almost there.” I said. Pushing the last buttons of the panel, then an image of Shizune appears in front of me. She is smiling at me. I can almost sense her next to me. A sense of calm fills me suddenly. The image grabs my hand almost consoling me. I look at the image of her, accepting my fate.

“Please forgive me Shizune. I wish I could see you once more and make it work.” As my last spoken words came out of me and pushing the final button, my sense of being was gone.

The drive suddenly filled the room with a white light. I felt my body suddenly fade from this existence. Anna in the terminal room covers her eyes and braces herself. My last logical thought was of Shizune looking at me with her smile and holding my hand.

Then everything went black.

(To be continued)
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Re: Opportunity.

Post by Smoku » Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:33 pm

This is an original story.
me likes.

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Re: Opportunity.

Post by Member22 » Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:00 am

A very nice and unique fanfic! BTW, welcome back to fanfic writing.

Although shizune studing quantum mechanics was quite unexpected... but the story was very good, especially the ending, good job! :D
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Re: Opportunity.

Post by Wren » Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:11 am

Thank you guys for the feedback so far. I am currently working on part 2 of this story. I was worried that I may have been out of touch with writing for so long I might be writing a train wreck :).
Member22 wrote: Although shizune studing quantum mechanics was quite unexpected... but the story was very good, especially the ending, good job! :D
I think you are confusing with Anna's real name, Sakura. :)

Shizune is being depicted here in the final moments of his life is acting like an angel of death. Her relationship with Wren was implied as very special to him. Part 2 will be more interesting in ways of plot.

Again thank you for your comments and feedback.
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Re: Opportunity.

Post by Xuan » Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:58 am

This is an awesome story, regardless that the flow was rocky at the start.

Oh, I hope you don't go time machine btw, still hoping to see something new.
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Re: Opportunity.

Post by Wren » Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:59 pm

Xuan wrote:This is an awesome story, regardless that the flow was rocky at the start.

Oh, I hope you don't go time machine btw, still hoping to see something new.
Thanks for your feedback. Yeah I am not trying to go too much in time machine per say, no 88mph crap and stuff, lol. But if you see part 1 how part one goes, his memories are playing a role in this time line. In part 2 you will see what is going to happen :), just in a small writers block atm with the conclusion of part 2.
"They leave. Because they should, or they find someone else. And some of them...some of them, forget me. I suppose in the end....they break my heart." - Tenth Doctor talking about his companions.

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Re: Opportunity. (Part 2 now up)

Post by Wren » Wed May 05, 2010 8:31 pm

Well after some time and rethinking on how part 2 was going to be done. I decided to show Wren's first day Yamaku. This was a difficult part for me to write and trying to continue with part 1. Part 3 is now in the works which will hopefully reveal more of the story. Again thanks to kosherbacon, smoku, neumanproductions, and Extremist_Line in reading this and giving me advice. I hope you all enjoy part 2.


Part 2 – Another Chance


Present day…

It’s about 3:45 in the morning, I lie in my sleep. Today is a big day for me; I will be attending my first day of school at Yamaku. New student in a new school, this should be fun. My family has known the founders of the school for several generations, and essentially gave me a free pass to attend and live there. I know the school was designed to assist students with disabilities, I think the experience there will be great asset for me in my life. Granted I have no disabilities, but I have a few family members that have varying disabilities and have attended Yamaku at one point. I wonder if being a social outcast can be considered a disability of some sorts.

My last school wasn’t that great, always the target of bullies because of my small body, and for being the “smart guy”. Girls not even giving me the time of day, though I wasn’t actively pursuing girls; I was not the ladies-man one would say.

My gift is engineering; I could design things and look at objects with a mechanical mindset. Naturally I am a mecha junkie and my room is filled with model kits from several mecha series.

My mother and grandfather decided to send me off to Yamaku for a few reasons, one being that we knew the founders of the school, and another is exposing me to other kids that do have disabilities. I hope to use my expertise in engineering to design devices that will help these students live more normal lives or improve their quality of life.

Suddenly I hear static in my mind, it sounds like the TV was turned on in my room. I thought I may have accidentally turned on the TV via the remote in my sleep. I slowly open my eyes, and to my surprise see that the TV is off.

“Huh? Very weird, why I was hearing that?” I reply with a yawn.

I lie back down, close my eyes and once again hear the static start up again.

“Where the heck is that coming from?!” I groan.

I sit up from my bed and look around, trying to find the source of the noise. To my confusion I could not locate it. The noise goes away and I finally lie back down and close my eyes.

Within moments I start seeing weird images flash in my mind, one that looks like and engine of some sorts also a young woman sitting on a terminal typing away. Then a sudden flash of light, to my left I see a shadow of a man. Then the images go away. Being as tired as I am now, it didn’t take long to finally go back to sleep.


I slam on the alarm clock with such a fury unleashed silencing it quickly. I hear a cracking sound followed by a small chirp.

“Crap, going to need to get a new one, 05:30.” I mutter to myself under my covers.

I open my eyes; the sun is entering my window. Part of me wants to go back to sleep, but then I realize what day it is. I get up, gather my clothes and head off to the shower to wake me up.

Showered and refreshed, I continue to get ready and put on my new school uniform. I then head downstairs and meet my mother in the kitchen. She is preparing my lunch for school.

Ever since my father left my mother when I was an infant, she essentially raised me as both mother and father. I can see it in her face that she is proud of me.

“You know they have a cafeteria there mom.” I replied.

“I know, but today is a special day. I wanted to make lunch for you. I know you are not a little boy any more, but to me you will always be my little boy.” She said with a smile. “17 years old soon you will be an adult. I hope I raised you right.”

I hugged my mother she is shorter than I am, and kissed her forehead.

“Thanks mom. My ride will be here soon, so I need to finish up here.”

“Okay Osamu.”

“Mom you know I don’t like being called by my real name. I am used to Wren.” I said then looked at my mother, she has this sour look on her face.

'Hear it comes!'

“I named you Osamu Kouki , not Wren, when you were born. As long as I am breathing, you are my Osamu. Your name means disciplined and great brightness. Your natural skill with engineering is proof of that. You should be proud of your name.” My mother spoke with a defiant and stern tone.

“I know mother, its just…” I look at my watch. “Crap my ride will be here any minute now. We’ll talk about this when I call home.”

“Don’t forget your lunch!”

I grabbed my lunch, my backpack, my cell phone, and checked my wallet had to make sure I have some cash handy. I hear a honk outside, my ride has arrived. I put on my shoes and headed outside. I see my grandfather and he is waiting for me in a small red car.

“Ready to go Osamu... I mean Wren?” he spoke with a friendly tone.

“As ready I will ever be.”

I get into the car and we start off for the campus.

Takashi Kouki, my grandfather, an engineer also, mostly for the aerospace industry, he was one my influences in becoming an engineer. After my father left my mother, he made sure we both didn’t suffer much. He instilled me my discipline and respect for others.

He knew about the problems I was having at my old school, and decided to call in a few favors with Yamaku’s founding family, and was able to get me into the school for free. He told me he wants me to see how others that are at a disadvantage with normal life and for me to try to help those with my skills in engineering, hoping the experience there at the school will make me look at the world in a different light, and in turn make me into a better person. He is also one of those “cool” grandfathers, he called me by my nickname even at first he disliked it, but eventually got used to it.

“Looking forward to your first day at school?” he replies.

“Yes I am. This will be an interesting experience for me.”

“You do know about the students there. The school allows anyone to enroll, but it is tailored to students with special needs for their disabilities. Don’t be shocked if you see something that might be disturbing. I know you have an open mind about things in the world, but you need to prepare yourself mentally for some things you may see there. It sad that in this world that there are those who call those with disabilities, freaks of nature, waste of resources, should have been left to die at birth, a burden to society. But these people are human beings like you and me, they have a purpose in this world just like anyone else.”

“I understand grandfather. I know what I was getting into when you asked me if I was interested in attending this school. I want to help others, you taught me engineering to help create things to help others out. I want to be able to do that. I know there may be hurdles ahead of me in life, but I want to surpass them.”

“I am proud to have you as my grandson. Osamu.” He looked at me with a smile.

Normally I would get a bit angry with him using my name. But this time I didn’t mind it. He is all business when it came to these types of discussions. At that moment, the static noise came back.

“Is the radio on?” I asked my grandfather, while scratching my head in confusion.

“No it’s been off since we left your house. Why do you ask?”

“Ever since early this morning I have been hearing this static noise around me; it woke me up naturally. I thought I turned on the TV by accident with the remote. But the TV was off.”

“Might be your brain trying to catch a good radio station. Or signs that you need a tin-foil hat.” He said with a chuckle. “It’s probably nothing.”

The static started to go away.

“We will be arriving at the campus soon. Most of your stuff will be coming over to your dorm today. I hired a mover to setup your room. We will make sure to check you in at the main office. After classes today see the head nurse, they will want to check you out; it is standard policy with any new student. Probably can talk to him about the static noise you are hearing.”

Thirty minutes pass and we arrive to the road leading up the hill to the front gates of Yamaku. I am amazed how the school looks from this vantage point.

“Just as I remembered it.” my grandfather said.

We both exit the car, I grab my backpack, and then start our walk to the school. Passing the front gate, you can see the school's size. The main building to the center, surrounded by auxiliary buildings. The the dorms rooms to the sides, the two buildings there, one for the females and males. It is still early for classes to start, and I see some students are walking around the campus. As we walked further inside I noticed the a mural on the wall adjacent to one of the buildings. It is a nice abstract piece of art. At the bottom I see the signature, “Tezuka, R. - 2007” After a minute or two pass by we both continued and entered the main office building.

My grandfather talked to the secretary at the front desk, he starts the paperwork for my enrollment. After a few minutes, he waves his hand to me to come over.

Another few minutes pass as I am explained the rules and regulations of the school, about the curfews and how they will be strictly enforced. I am given paperwork to sign and initial. Once everything was completed, I am given my keys to my dorm which is room 123, and my schedule. I am to attend homeroom at class 3-3, Akio Mutou will be my teacher.

We both exit the building, it is still about half an hour before classes start. My grandfather starts to chuckle a bit.

“What is so funny?” I speak while looking at him.

“About the curfew thing, man the things I used to do here. Not saying for you to go out and break the rules, but their “strict enforcement” tends to not apply. It is more like just don't get caught. There are teens here, hormones flying around, doesn't surprise me if there is some funny business going around here from time to time.” My grandfather spoke with a smile. “I had a few “encounters” here in my day.”

It made me blush a bit, to hear my grandfather say such things. I was not used to it, he noticed my slight discomfort of the subject.

“Don't tell me you haven't stopped and checked out a girl before in your old school?”

“Not really. I was focused on my studies and really didn't have time to do that stuff.” I replied.

'Also being bullied daily didn't help me out also. Then that jerk of a science teacher challenging me like that. I can see why I was an outcast to all of them, girls not even giving me a glance, and only come to me when they need help with homework.'

I suddenly stop my thoughts right then and there, I couldn't start my day being angry. What happened in the past stays there to remind me to make a better future.

“Maybe you will get lucky here at Yamaku. But don't do the things I did, if you find a pretty girl, treat her like a lady, I am sure your mother has told you about those kind of things. Also you can always call me if you have any problems, okay?” My grandfather said looking at me with a smile.

I felt a bit relieved at that moment.

“I will.”

“Now you should be heading off to class now, introduce yourself to the class, take a tour of the school. There is a nice library here you should check it out when you have a chance, they might have some engineering books there you might wish to read. But for now, get moving. I will be staying in town tonight to catch up on some old friends here. Call my cell if you need anything. Also remember to see the head nurse after your classes are over.” My grandfather said as he starts to head to the front gate. He gives me a handshake, then follows it with a hug.

“No problem grandfather. And thanks.” I looked back at him with a smile.

I see my grandfather leave via the front gate, waving goodbye to him. Then I turn around and head into the school building. Finding a map near the entrance, I make my way to class 3-3. Once I arrive I see some students entering the classroom, few of them smile and nod to me. Then this older man stands next to me.

“You must be Osamu.” the man said.

“Yes sir.” I turn to him. He is a tall man with black hair with dark brown eyes, wearing a black buttoned shirt with brown pants. He is holding a stack of papers next to him.

“I am Mr. Mutou. But you can call me Mutou. You are the new student transfer here? Just recently had another student transfer here also. Seems my class is becoming popular. Well do you wish to come in and introduce yourself to the class?”

“Sure.” I reply with a nod. We both enter the classroom.

I stand in front of the teachers desk, looking at all the students in the classroom. I scan the room looking at the various students, all wearing the standard school uniforms. I did notice a few of their disabilities. I look to my left I notice a young woman with dark purple hair looking at me with her amethyst eyes. We made eye contact and then she looked away from me. I noticed scars on her right side, she was trying to hide them. I move to the middle of the room, I see the other students there, one with a bandage on his ear, another what looks like an amputated left hand. Then gradually look to my right, I see another young woman with dark blue hair with glasses looking at me, next to here is another young woman with pink hair with drill like curls. Both are looking at me, and the pink haired girl is apparently signing to her friend. I can assume the dark blue haired girl is deaf or has some issues with hearing. Next them both is a young man with brown hair sitting there, he nods to me. I look back to the blue haired girl with glasses, she is staring at me. Our eyes lock, almost in a gaze. Are we trying to read each others thoughts? At that moment, the static in my head starts up again.

“Class we have another new student here. Please introduce yourself to the class Osamu.” Mutou said as he looked at me.

My gaze is broken, and the static in my head stopped.

“Yes sir. My name is Osamu Kouki. My friends like to call me Wren, I am 17 years old. I am studying to become an engineer. That is my plans for a major when I start college. I love to build things from scratch and I am a mecha otaku. I also love to read and draw once in a while. It is nice to meet you all.”

“An engineer?” Mutou replied. “What have you created so far?”

“Several devices for simple things.” I said. I didn't wish to reveal too much of my expertise. “Few deterrence devices.”


I looked at him with a pained look. He understood what I meant.

“We'll leave it at that.” Mutou said. “Well go ahead and take a seat. There is an opening in the back next to Hanako Ikezawa. The student there recently left the school due to a major illness. Also the class rep is Shizune Hakamichi.” He points to the dark blue haired girl with glasses. “Next to her is Shiina Mikado. But everyone calls her Misha, she is Shizune's interpreter.”

Misha waves to me first, Shizune looks at her, then follows suit. I nod back to them. I then proceed to take my seat in the back next to Hanako. I sit down, and drop my backpack on the floor, not making a loud sound, it is enough for Hanako to notice. She nearly jumps out of her seat in fright. I can tell she is very timid by the way she was trying to avoid looking at me. I let her be and I pull out my notebook and my pencil and started my day in class.

Nothing else too eventful going on as the morning progressed, taking notes and reading the textbook. It wasn't too long before the bell goes off for lunch. Other students start to leave, and I see Hanako get up very quickly and head out the door. I prepare my backpack to get ready to leave when Shizune, Misha and the young man with them walk up to my desk. I turn to them.

“We were wondering if you wish to join us for lunch today, and show you around the school.” Misha spoke to me.

“Sorry, I haven't introduced myself properly.” the young man spoke. “My name is Hisao Nakai, and also sorry guys I have to take care of some stuff for lunch, I will see you all around later.”

Hisao quickly leaves the room. Shizune gives him an odd look. I then turn my attention back to Shizune and Misha. Shizune starts to sign at me.

“Shicchan wants to know 'if you are ready to head to the cafeteria?'” Misha interprets as Shizune continues to sign. “'It is the responsibility of the student council to assist new students and help their transition here in the school.'

I look at Shizune and give a smile at her, nodding my head.

“Yes I am ready.” I reply.

The three of us head out of the classroom and reach the cafeteria in a few minutes. The line wasn't long, granted the menu choices are not that great either. I grab my lunch bag out of my backpack. I silently thank my mother for making me lunch today. The girls got their lunches and motioned me over to them to where they were sitting. I take my seat as Shizune starts to sign at me.

“Shicchan wishes to know 'how your day has gone so far? And is there anything we can help you with?'” Misha said.

“So far my day has been good. So far quiet, its a nice change of pace from my other school.”

What happened next floored me, literally.

“WAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!” Misha laughed out. She looks over to me on the floor, I am laying on my back. “Osachan, why are you on the floor?”

Shizune stunned, stands to her feet and looks down over to me, then she looks looks to Misha she starts to sign. Misha signs back to her, Shizune looks back at me and gives me a silent laugh and smiles and takes her seat again.

I stand back up and dust myself off then take a seat once more. 'She can wake the dead with that sound! Also Osachan... I don't want sound like a jerk on my first day in school here, but reminder to myself to try to ask them to use my nickname.'

“Well that was odd. But back to the topic at hand, is there any engineering clubs here in the school?” I asked.

Misha signs to Shizune my question. Shizune has and odd look on her face as she thinks about it, then she signs back.

“Shicchan says 'no there really isn't one, the closest would be the science club that Mutou runs.'

Shizune signs again with Misha, the signing goes on for a few minutes. Shizune has this grin forming while Misha starts to giggle loudly. Part of me is wondering what are they planning, and it makes me worried with Misha giggling like that.

'What are they thinking about? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?'

“Shicchan wants to know 'if you might be interested in joining the student council? You don't have to make your decision now but we'd like for you to come with us to the student council room after classes today.'

“Student council?” I was a bit surprised, being my first day of school here and I am being asked to join the student council. Might not be a bad idea, just as I begin to ponder about it, another thought popped like a reminder on a calendar. I remembered that I had to see the head nurse after class right away. “I would be interested to go with you both, but I have to see the head nurse right after class. I don't think it will take long there. Can you wait for me after that? I can come back to the classroom and meet up with you then?”

Misha signs again to Shizune my response. Shizune nods her head in a yes motion, she signs back to Misha.

“Shicchan says 'that will be no problem at all. School policy first! She will get the student council room ready and for you to meet Misha outside the class 3-3 when you are done.'” Misha replied. Misha suddenly has a confused look on her face, then as if a light bulb went off in her head. “Wait... I am Misha! I guess I will be waiting for you Osachan. WAHAHAHA~!”

I slightly cringe at her laughter, still not fully recovered from the last one. Finishing up lunch just as the bell rings for class once again. I continued my day as normal.

Before I realize it, the final bell rings indicating that class is over for the day. I gather my things and start to head out of class. I make my way over to the office building, then to the head nurse's office.

As I arrive there, I see a man with dark-purple hair kneeling in a white lab coat on the ground next to a young girl. He is adjusting what looks like a prosthetic of some sorts, he is working on her right leg. From my view she is a double amputee. She turns to me and smiles. She has light brown hair done in pigtails, and very stunning green eyes. She is wearing a PE uniform. Her smile gives me an uplifting feeling, she turns back to the man.

“Nurse can you adjust them any more? My stumps are hurting a lot more now.” the girl spoke.

“Emi, I can't adjust these anymore, you are wearing them out with your running. I am shocked that these things are even wearing it out, and they're titanium based. You will need to calm down on the hard running or risk breaking these prosthetics of yours.” the nurse said to her.

The nurse turns to me. “I will be with you in a few minutes.”

As I wait, I started to think about what she and the nurse said about the prosthetics wearing out. My engineering side started to kick in, started to think of materials used, forces involved, angles and math started to pour into my thoughts. I started to think from an engineering stand point on how to reduce the impact shock that those prosthetics are taking. All of a sudden the static in my head starts up, I feel slightly disoriented that I have to take a seat. The static gets louder and louder in my mind, nearing the threshold of pain. During this an equation appears in my head. I couldn't make it out, but it is very defined. The static starts to lessen in volume but it is still there, impulsively I bring out my notebook and a pencil and I start writing what I see in my mind down, almost sub-consciously. Just as finish writing, the nurse calls me in and Emi exits, at that moment the static stops. Emi smiles to me once more as she makes her way to the exit. I put my notebook back into my backpack.

I walk into the nurses office, he shows me to a seat and I sit down.

“Sorry about the wait. So what brings you here?” he replied.

“I was told to come here after classes, I am a new student here. My name is Osamu Kouki.”

“Nice to meet you. Everyone around here just calls me Nurse.” He turns for his desk and pulls out a file about me. “Your grandfather sent the school ahead of time your records from your previous school. So far you check out okay. I am going to ask you a few questions and do a quick exam of your eyes, hearing, etc. This shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes.”

After the questions and exams were finished, Nurse checked me off with a good bill of health, good enough to attend the school.

“Any questions that you may have for me?” Nurse asked.

“Who was that girl, Emi? If you excuse me, I sort of overheard about her prosthetics wearing out.”

“Ah. That is Emi Ibarazaki, she is a frequent visitor here. I am always adjusting her prosthetics, but now I can't adjust them anymore. She just runs too hard on those blades of hers. They have a titanium base, yet she uses them so much they are starting to wear out. She has been complaining of her stumps getting sore after running, just the sheer impact she is giving those blades is one of the reasons she is sore. Why do you ask?”

“I am studying to be become an engineer, while I was waiting for you to finish with her, I was thinking of possible ways to help her out. But I didn't want to treat her like a test subject if I offered.”

“I see. Well I can not give you any of her personal information, per policy and law. You would need to ask her yourself. But if you can think of a design change that I can possibly adapt to her current situation, I will be glad to relay the message to her. I can give you the model number of the prosthetic she uses, from there you can probably find the design specs on-line somewhere.”

Nurse writes down on a sheet of paper the model of the prosthetic blade Emi uses.

“You are not doing this in hopes for getting a date with her?” Nurse asks with a chuckle.

“Not at all Nurse. I just want to help her out, and using what I know to see if I can.” I replied quickly with a blush on my face.

“Sure. Well if there is anything else, you are free to go now.” He says with a fox-like grin.

“Thank you Nurse.”

I didn't want to ask about the static noise, the situation was awkward enough as it is already. I started to realize the static that happened earlier, it actually was close to hurting to me. As I exit the nurses office, it dawns on me about the equation I wrote down. Pulling out my notebook I looked at the equation, it was an advanced chemical formula. I barely can make it out.

'Maybe grandfather might be able to make this out. This chemistry is still beyond my comprehension.'

I look at my watch, another reminder pops up in my mind. It is starting to become a habit now.

“Oh yeah, need to meet up with Misha outside of class 3-3. I am sure she is waiting for me. I just hope she tones down a bit with her laughter.” I mumble to myself as I head back to the school.

Entering the school I start my way to class 3-3. After a minute or so, I see Misha waving at me. Misha despite her bubbly appearance is attractive. Her gold colored eyes, her smile, and even her pink hair. She has a cute appearance about her, the laughter is what is so odd about her.

“Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.” I replied.

“I said I was going to wait for you Osachan. WAHAHA~!”

I again wince at the laughter. I am starting to get used to it.

“Shicchan is waiting for us now in the student council office. She should have the room ready by now.”

She leads the way to the student council office. We both enter, Misha walks up to Shizune who has her back to us, and taps her shoulder. Shizune turns to see Misha next to her and signs to her. While all this is going on, I see a familiar game board on the table. Upon closer inspection, it is the game of Risk.

'Risk... A game grandfather and myself played a lot. Does Shizune want to play a game with me? Its kind of odd, but I think it will be fun.'

“Shicchan wants to know 'if you have played Risk before?'” Misha says. Shizune stands and turns to me, she adjust her glasses and her green skirt, then signs again to Misha. “Shicchan 'wishes to make a wager also.'

“Yes I have played Risk before, and a wager? I don't think a friendly wager will mean any harm. What are the terms?”

Misha signs back to Shizune. Shizune suddenly has a smile on her face, she signs back to Misha once again.

“Shicchan says 'when she wins, you have to join the student council. And if you win, she will do anything for you.' WAHAHA~!”

I am stunned by how forward Shizune's wager is.

'Aggressive wagers. She is confident in beating me, which means she will try to put pressure on me in the game. I must think carefully about this. I remember grandfather once told me that an opponent using such aggressive tactics have a fundamental flaw. Use the momentum they build against them, but stand your ground.'

“Well do you accept?” Misha said to me with a smile.

'Well I have nothing to lose. I wouldn't mind being in student council should I lose. These girls are very attractive. But part of me is thinking I am dealing with femme fatales.'

“I accept your wager and terms.”

Misha signs my response back to Shizune. Immediately Shizune leads me to a chair in front of the table where the game board is setup on. She takes a seat on the other side of the able, while Misha sits next to me looking on. Shizune's look to me is now with a wide grin. I am her enemy now. The game commences with her first move.

After a few minutes pass, Shizune has the upper hand of the board at the moment.

'Just as I thought she is very aggressive in her tactics, I need to stand my ground and try to find an opening. I assuming she knows this just the way she has her troops placed. Maybe I can lure her forces into a trap and allow me to rebuild a turn, then go after her. But also I think she might be anticipating this. Grandfather was the same way also, but I have beat him before, I just need an opportunity.'

Shizune signs to Misha something. Then looks at me with a sly grin.

“Shicchan saying 'you are holding your ground very well, but it will not be enough to beat her.' WAHAHAHA~!”

“Don't count me out just yet.” I reply and started my next move. Misha signs her my response. Shizune's face once again has a sly look, I think she is enjoying it.

Another few minutes pass again, I start to reverse her aggressive tactics. I start to have the upper hand.

Shizune is starting to show signs of panic. Looking at me with frown. She signs to Misha.

“Shicchan says 'she is impressed so far with your skill. She didn't see that coming with the Americas route you took. Though it is only a setback, she is still going to win.'

“We will see.” I reply as I look at Shizune. Misha signs to her my response. Shizune adjusts her glasses and leans a bit forward on the table with both elbows on it. The look on her face is cute is has a hint of worry in it, but it is barely noticeable.

A few minutes pass again, the tension in the air is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Shizune looks at me with a defiant look, she is stunned beyond belief. I finish the final turn of the game, sealing her defeat by conquering Australia.

“End game. I win.” I reply as I look at her respectfully. Misha signs to her my response.

Shizune slams her fist on the table, the game pieces shake from the impact. She looks at me with a look that can kill you if it could. That old saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” applies here. She signs quickly to Misha, then gets up from her chair and storms out of the room slamming the door behind her.

I was shocked by this as well as Misha, she turns to me.

“Shicchan says 'good game. I will honor my end of the wager. Excuse me but I must take care of business now.'

“I did not intend to anger her that much.”

“Don't worry Osachan, she is a person that doesn't like to lose. You beat her at her own game. I warned her about this many times she has challenge others into playing Risk. Though this is the first time she made a wager this bold. She will cool off in a bit.”

I hear the door open behind us.

“Wow! What happened to Shizune, she looks like she is out for blood right now?!” a familiar voice is heard.

“It's nothing Hicchan. Shicchan just lost to Osachan here in the game of Risk.” Misha replied

“Wait? What?” Hisao takes a double take. “You beat Shizune at Risk?!”

“I did. Though I did not expect that response from her. I almost regret my decision to play against her, if I knew that it would upset her so much.” I replied with a sad tone.

“Don't worry about it Osachan. Let her sleep it off. I will talk to her in a bit while she cools off. WAHAHAHAHA~! ”

“Well I should be heading to the library before it closes.” Hisao said.

“Mind if I tag along, I need to check out some books also.” I asked.

“Sure Osamu.”

“Please call me by my nickname Wren. It is easier to remember.”

“Wren, interesting nickname. Sure thing Wren, lets get going.”

“Osach...I mean Wrenchan. I will see you tomorrow in class, and again don't worry about Shicchan. It will blow over by morning. I will clean up here and close up. Take care you guys.”

Both Hisao and myself nod to her and we both exit the room and start our way to the library.

“So Wren, what brings you here to Yamaku exactly?”

“Change of scenery. But actually I am here because I had problems at my old high school. I was always the target by bullies there, constantly being picked on by everyone, including the staff. My grandfather contacted the school here, pulled a few strings and here I am. You?”

“I transferred here about two weeks ago. It would be hard to believe I was nearly killed by a love confession. I don't like to talk about it much but my heart isn't doing that well.”

“Understood.” I nod with my reply.

We both arrived to the library. Upon entering it I see several rows of books on shelves, with books running along the walls. I see about three book carts full of assorted books, with a sign saying “To Be Shelved.”

“Yuuko are you here?” Hisao asks.

A moment later we both hear some books crashing to the floor, followed by a muted groan. A young woman comes in to view. Her auburn colored hair is down on her shoulders, she is wearing glasses. Her blue-green colored eyes make contact with me, for a moment I am at peace looking at them. She has light freckles on her face, in my mind she is angelic to me. She is wearing a simple outfit, black top with white sleeves, and rest of her in a lavender colored dress. I start to regain my senses.

“Hi Hisao, sorry for not getting here sooner.” she replies with worry in her voice.

“No problem Yuuko, I would like to introduce you to the new student.” Hisao says.

“My name is Osamu Kouki. My friends call me Wren. Nice to meet you Yuuko.” I extend my hand to her for a handshake.

She shakes my hand. Her hand is very soft and warm. I slightly blush. As she lets go also, I notice a blush on her face also.

“Nice to meet you Osamu. My full name is Yuuko Shirakawa.”

“Well I need to get some books here, I will let you both be. See you tomorrow in class Wren. Also if you do have a dorm room here, watch out for Kenji Setou. He is in the same dorm hall as myself. He will probably talk to you about some weird things, but he means no harm. But catch you later.” Hisao says as he starts to head to the back of library.

“Take care Hisao.” Yuuko replies.

“Yeah see you in class in the morning.” I reply.

I look back to Yuuko. She is looking at me with a slight blush in her face still.

“Is there something I can help you with Osamu.. I-I mean Wren.” she looks at me with those blue-green eyes. Those eyes you can get lost in them and still be happy.

“U-uh...is there any books about engineering available?”

“There are a few, unfortunately they're slightly antiquated books. The are located near the west end of the library.”

I nod and make my way to the west end. She was right, they're old.

“Well it gives me something to read at least. See how it was done in the old days.” I mutter to myself as I pull the books out.

I walk back to the front desk to get ready to check out the books. I notice Yuuko placing books back on the shelves. She sees me and smiles as she walks back to the front desk.

“Is that going to be all?”

“Yes for now. By the way, do you do all the work here by yourself? That is a lot books to put back and doing other things around here also. Do you have any help?” I said pointing to the book carts.

“I work here part time, so I don't get much help to start. I just go at my pace that I can do. Sometimes though I do wish there was some help, never-ending piles of books around here.”

“Well I am not doing much at the moment here at the school. I can be of some help to you if you wish. I used to work in the library in my old school when I was a bit younger.”

“I do not wish to impose on you. It is my job here to get things done. I wouldn't think it would be fair to you.” Yuuko said with a trembling lip.

“I wouldn't mind at all. Sometimes you need to call for help when it is needed.” I look at her with a smile.

After some thinking, Yuuko decided on her answer.

“Very well, as long it doesn't interfere with your normal study here at the school. You can start tomorrow around 17:00.”

I nod to Yuuko. She checks out the books to me. I place them into my backpack, then I look back to her, and extend my hand to her.

“Tomorrow it is then.” I said with a smile. She shakes my hand, again it is so soft and warm, once again I blush. I notice she is doing the same thing also.

“Well I better get going back to my dorm. Take care Yuuko.”

She nods to me and I start to make my way back to the boys dorms.

As I head outside, the sun is starting to set, the red-orange glow fills the campus. I see several students walking back and forth between the building, some going for dinner, others socializing with friends. Today wasn't that much of a bad day, with the exception of Shizune storming out of the room earlier. I didn't expect her to be a sore loser, but I guess if I was in her shoes I would have probably have done the same thing. Then my thoughts were on about Yuuko, she is definitely very attractive, I never felt my heart race like that. I knew she noticed my blush and to my surprise she was doing the same. Then I remember about Emi's prosthetic leg issues, I need to remind myself later to find the design specs on those things.

'I had a good day today, hope it repeats again tomorrow. Time to head to my room and see what I need to setup there.'

Entering the boys dorm, walking down the hall, I see some of the doors open, and seeing some of the guys in their rooms doing various things, one was watching TV, another was playing games on-line, one was reading, another one on the phone. Few nodded to me with a smile. I pass by the rooms 118 and 119. I suddenly hear locks unlocking coming from one of the rooms. The door opens to my left.

“Who are you?” the voice said.

“Pardon?” I reply.

“Are you a spy?! Who are you, identify yourself?! Were you sent here by the feminist conspiracy?!” the voice demanded.

“I am a new student here. My name is Osamu Kouki. I was heading to my room, number 123.” I was a bit confused on this guys behavior. Then it dawns on me again, this is the guy Hisao was talking about.

“Is your name Kenji Setou?”

“How do you know my name?” Kenji speaks with an annoyance in his voice. He comes out to confront me. He is wearing thick glasses, and wearing an orange-red striped scarf, his hair is messy looking. He is wearing a school uniform. He really gets close to my face squinting at me, the smell of garlic coming from his breath is very strong, almost making me ill on the spot there.

“Hisao told me about you.” I replied while trying to muster all my strength to keep myself from purging my contents in my stomach.

'Breath mint... great invention of man. USE IT!' My mind screamed at him.

“Oh Nakai told you. Then he must have recruited you as another brother-in-arms against the feminist conspiracy here at this school.”

I decided to play along, just so I can get to my room. Sanctuary was only a few feet away.

“You could say that. But I need to head back to my base of operations to prepare. It was nice to meet you Kenji.”

“Very well, fight on brother!” Kenji shouts with his fist in the air. Then he turns back to his room, closes his door and the series of locks are being engaged again.

'Hisao... you owe me big time.'

As soon as I hear the last lock engage, I rush to my room with key in hand. I unlock my door and enter as fast as I can, shut the door behind me and lock it.

I place my backpack on my bed, then I turn to see most of my stuff is already unpacked and my computer was setup on the desk and powered on. There is a note on my screen.

Hope today has gone well for you Wren. I decided before I left to town this morning I was going to help you unpack your things. I set up your computer with all the peripherals you need and left a few CD's with some engineering and chemistry software, the same software I use in my work. I put your clothes away for you and all of your hygiene stuff is in a black bag next to your bed. There should be a weeks worth of uniforms in the closet for you and a few pairs of shoes. If you have any issues or problems please don't hesitate to call me at anytime. Anyway I will be in town tonight. Take care my grandson.



P.S. Don't forget to call your mother when you have a chance to.

I pull my cellphone out of my backpack and call to my mother. I sit down in the chair by the computer desk. After a few rings, she answers.

“Hello, Kouki residence.”

“Hi mom.”

“Osamu! How was your first day in class today?”

“It was eventful today.”

I told my mother the highlights of the day. She sounded pretty happy to hear that I was having a good time so far at Yamaku.

“Well try to keep contact with me as best as you can my son. It is pretty lonely here, the neighbors have been coming by they say I am starting to get the Empty Nest syndrome.”

“I will try my best to keep in contact mom. Rest well, and I love you.”

“You too my son, I love you. Rest well and have a great day in class tomorrow.”

I place my cell phone on my desk. Looking at the time it is only 19:45. I start up the e-mail program on my computer. Then I grab my notebook out my bag from the bed. I pull the sheet off with the strange equation I got earlier. I load the sheet onto my scanner and made it into an image. Then I start an e-mail message to my grandfather. Once I sent it off, I grabbed my cell phone and called him.

“Hello Wren.”

“Hello grandfather, I was just calling you to let you know you will be getting an e-mail. I need you to look into it, and if it can be made into anything, I need a few pounds of it. This equation popped up in my head and I couldn't make sense to it. If it something that can not be made, let me know.”

“Odd request, but I will check it out when I head back to the office tomorrow. Is there anything else?”

“No that is pretty much it, other than I had a good day in class today.”

“Meet any pretty ladies?”

I let out a sigh.

“Yes there were a few. And no, I am not on the dating scene yet.”

I hear a hearty laugh on the phone.

“I am just kidding Wren. It is good to hear that though. Sorry but I have to make this call short, I am heading over to dinner with a few old friends of mine from college. But if you have any problems, please don't hesitate to call me.”

“Thanks grandfather, and thank you for unpacking my stuff today.”

“No problem Wren, take care.”

He hangs up, then I pull out the sheet that Nurse gave me earlier. I placed the sheet next to my keyboard, I pulled out a red pen and write the word “Reminder!” on it. I lie back on my chair, letting out a sigh of relief. I start to realize I was starting to get a bit hungry, I sit back up and take off my shoes, and place them under my bed. Then I notice a small box with a note from grandfather, I open it up there are some granola bars and other snacks there. I grab a few and unwrap them, then start to dig into them.

After eating, it was time to get comfortable, I pull out a white shirt and black shorts. Once I was dressed into sleeping clothes, I pull out the old engineering books from my bag an I lie down in bed to start reading. I start to think about Yuuko, there is a blush forming on my face. I am happy that I will be assisting her tomorrow in the library. I still remember how soft her hand was. A smile forms on me.

After about a hour of reading, I place the book down on the nightstand next to my bed, and set my alarm to wake me up early to take a morning shower. I get up to turn off the lights and set my computer to hibernate. I then lie back in bed, and close my eyes. In a matter of minutes, I am out cold.

In the middle of the night the static in my head starts to form, but I am not aware of its presence. Deep in the sub-conscious area of my mind something begins to stir awake.

'Where am I?'

(to be continued)
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Re: Opportunity. (Part 2 now up)

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This is so interesting, I get the idea he's either traversed through time as a young I-before or his future self's experiment creating those weird statics...

And, this needs to be quoted.

" It would be hard to believe I was nearly killed by a love confession."
" It would be hard to believe I was nearly killed by a love confession."

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Re: Opportunity. (Part 2 now up)

Post by Wren » Sun May 09, 2010 7:09 pm

Xuan wrote:This is so interesting, I get the idea he's either traversed through time as a young I-before or his future self's experiment creating those weird statics...

And, this needs to be quoted.

" It would be hard to believe I was nearly killed by a love confession."
I am glad you are enjoying it. Part 3 is still on the works atm. Just taking my time on this next part, a lot of things are going to happen in it so taking my time with the story.

It is nice to write again after for so long. Thank you guys for your feedback.
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Re: Opportunity. (Part 2 now up)

Post by Hamadyne » Mon May 10, 2010 1:19 pm

I'm really looking forward to Part 3.
This has been a great read.

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Re: Opportunity. (Part 2 now up)

Post by Wren » Mon May 31, 2010 10:20 pm

Well an update is needed. I have completely scrapped part 3 and starting it again from scratch. After nearing 25 pages, I realized I was losing base to the story itself. Some of the plot is salvageable. But I will be taking my time on this part 3, I guess I am still rusty in writing still. But just letting you know what is going on :).

Here is something for lulz.

- - -

Shizune looks at me with an intent stare. It is like she is saying, “I will get you...”. At that moment I had a sudden thought of Wizard of Oz playing my head. Shizune is dressed like the Wicked Witch of the West, though a lot sexier, and Misha hopping up and down next to her as one of the flying monkeys, pink hair with drills, while screaming “WAHAHAHAHAHA~!”. I suddenly shake my head a few times.

'Man gotta lay off reading old stories before going to bed.'

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"They leave. Because they should, or they find someone else. And some of them...some of them, forget me. I suppose in the end....they break my heart." - Tenth Doctor talking about his companions.

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Re: Opportunity. (Part 2 now up)

Post by Member22 » Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:43 am

Wren wrote:Well an update is needed. I have completely scrapped part 3 and starting it again from scratch. After nearing 25 pages, I realized I was losing base to the story itself. Some of the plot is salvageable. But I will be taking my time on this part 3, I guess I am still rusty in writing still.
Wow... its a sign of a good writer when he scraps a part/all his work to make way for better writing... its even better when writers can realize that their writing is getting off track (if you know what I mean). Thats good... I think the key to good writing is by having time on your side with a good source of inspiration. :)
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Re: Opportunity. (Part 2 now up)

Post by kosherbacon » Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:20 am

I've been privy to some of the side-stories from this continuity.

One word, four digits.

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