Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(END)Iwanako, Nakais, Trap

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Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(END)Iwanako, Nakais, Trap

Post by kosherbacon » Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:16 pm

This one gets its own thread because it's got multiple parts. Here's the first two chapters. Enjoy!

Starting out, I felt like I was going to hell for this. :lol:

Silver Entrance

"You are one gorgeous son of a gun!" Professor Nomiya said to his reflection in the mirror, after meticulously grooming himself. He was glad that he changed his mind about coloring his hair. Silver hair was a mark of experience and sophistication; an earned badge of honor, really.

Jammed into the frame of the standing mirror was a business card from "Amy Poplar" of Madame Lillian's Specialty Recreation and Delivery Service. He had no qualms about seeking company from compensated dating and escort services. After all, teaching culture to disadvantaged children could only go so far when it came to impressing ladies. Nomiya wasn't really a dirty old man, but a big old softy who enjoyed pampering young girls. For some reason, his last two wives didn't think it was such a harmless hobby.

Nomiya did a quick survey around his flat in preparation for his visitor. Since he lived far from the school, the staff housing just outside Yamaku High School served as his home away from home. All the better anyway, since his children still lived at home, as did his current wife. Intent on having his dwelling ooze as much class as he was, he strategically planted several high-society publications and coffee table books from trendy artists throughout the apartment.

A ring of the doorbell brought him standing at attention. At the door stood a teenage girl of about 150cm with wavy fair hair, wearing a baby-doll dress and thigh-high stockings.

"Hi! I'm Amy! Nice to meet you!"

With a name like that, Nomiya was hoping for a foreign girl but was happy nonetheless. After taking the young lady's coat, Nomiya offered her a drink.

"I'm not into alcohol, but I would like some water or juice."

"Sure, sure, make yourself at home, dear."

Amy threw herself onto the couch and sprawled out on it. Nomiya returned from the kitchen with a bottle of designer drinking water and a box of melon juice.

"Oh my. Are you tired?"

"Wha? Sorry!" Amy jumped into an upright sitting position and chastised herself for getting too comfortable on a customer's couch. "I'm sorry, I'm a little worn out from exercising."

"Ho ho, don't worry about it, Miss." Nomiya laughed as he sat next to her. Gently, he grabbed Amy's lower legs and planted them on his lap. "Your feet must be tired. Here, allow me to..."

"No! Don't!"

"Eh? What's this?" Nomiya pulled off Amy's shoes and found that her feet had a hard, rubbery, artificial feel to them. Perplexed, he toyed with her ankle joints, which seemed to have a springy mechanical hinge to them.

"Do... I know you from somewhere?" Nomiya analyzed Amy's face, and matched it to a different name. Just as he was about to call Emi out on her deception, the scared puppy-dog eyes on her face melted his heart.

"Oh, well..." He reassuringly smiled. "I guess I must have you confused for someone else. Now how about we have ourselves a good time?"



"I'm sorry Hicchan."

"It's okay, Mom. I understand. I'm sorry about putting you guys through all this."

"No. It's okay, really. You're more important than money and material things."

Hisao looked up at the cieling, at a loss for words, waiting for his mother to say something less heart-wrenching. After what seemed like forever, he decided to cut things short.

"I-I I gotta go, mom." Hisao choked as he fought to keep his tears inside.

"Goodbye, Hicchan."


Hisao sank into his bed, his heart as heavy as the burden he's placed on his family. His conversation with his mother revealed that his parents rented out his room to an obnoxious young couple to help make ends meet. Having strangers soiling his cherished room was a troubling thought, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the sacrifices his parents were making for his health and his education.

The first signs of trouble came when his mother called asking permission to sell some of Hisao's old toys and childhood belongings. She claimed that they were taking up room and regrettably, Hisao refused. Hisao started to realize how bad things were getting when he learned that his parents sold the family car and bought an older, second hand Korean subcompact. Then he found out that his father took up a second job as a night shift manager at a convenience store. Then his mother took up not one but two jobs, an office lady during weekdays and a babysitter during nights and weekends. It would only a matter of time before Hisao's cell phone would get disconnected, leaving him comepletely stranded and alone at school.

Even if Hisao dropped out of Yamaku, his family would still be swimming in debt. After his surgery, convalescence, and school expenses so far, Hisao's family was certainly tens of millions of yen in the red. The ongoing drug costs and medical checkups from dedicated specialists continued to dig the Nakai family deeper into Hell.

Hisao opened up his empty wallet to illustrate how the dire situation managed to trickle its way all the way down to himself. Over the last couple months, Hisao's allowance gradually dwindled into practically nothing. Hisao stepped out of his room to do something he never in a million years thought he'd be desperate enough to stoop to.

"Hey Kenji!" Hisao hollered as he knocked on the door. "Are you home?"

"Oh hey, Hisao. What's up, bro?"

"Do you suppose you can help a fella out and spare me some dough?"

"Do I owe you anything?" Kenji's unusually cheerful mood gave way to his more usual abrasive paranoia.

"Well no..." Hisao momentarily considered faking a debt, seeing that Kenji didn't immediately remember that he paid back the money he owed Hisao. "I was just wondering if you've got a few hundred yen I could borrow. It's for food and stuff."

"Oh. Well yeah I'd totally spot you some cash right now if I had any. The thing is, all my funds are tied up in various investments and assets."

"I see. It's cool." Hisao turned around, hoping to find some odd jobs he could do for the other students for cash.

"Hey man, you don't sound too good." Hisao was taken aback by Kenji's unexpectedly genuine concern. "Are you okay?"

"Honestly, Kenji... I'm hurting real bad. I'm out of cash and I don't know if my parents will send me any more allowance this year. And I don't even know how I'm going to pay for any more books and school supplies either."

"Wow. That is bad. So, you need a job or something? I might be able to help you out. The pay is pretty good if you can handle the work. All under the table, cash right up front."

"Really?" Hisao's face lit up with hope. "Yeah, I'm down!"

"Cool. Follow me."

Kenji and Hisao left the boy's building and entered the school's main halls. Their destination was a familiar location, Lilly's tea room. Instead of the usual barging in, Kenji tapped on the door seven times.

"Who goes there?" Lilly's voice asked from the other side of the door.

"It's Papa."

"What's the password?"

"Ahem!" Kenji cleared his throat and recited a poem in English.

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Better have Lilly's money
Or she'll fucking kill you."

Cheerfully, Lilly opened the door and greeted Kenji.

"Who's this with you?"

"It's Nakai."

"Oh! Hisao!" Lilly politely smiled towards Hisao's voice. "What brings you here?"

"He needs a job. I was wondering if he could give us a hand with the business."

"Oh does he now? I'll be the judge of that."

As soon as she found it, Lilly grabbed Hisao by the arm and pulled him into the room. With her fingertips, she examined him from head to toe, nodding and mumbling to herself periodically. Finally, she grabbed Hisao by the gonads and cupped him with her palm.

"Hmm... Okay. You're hired."

"Really? Thanks, Lilly. So what do I do and when do I start?"

"We'll get started as soon as we have you ready, Hisao. And please, call me Mama from now on."

"Haha, sure thing Lilly."

Lilly grabbed Hisao by the neck and clenched her fingers around his windpipe.

"NO, Hisao. You call me Mama from now on, got it?"

"S-sorry" Hisao wheezed. "Okay, Mama."

"Good, good!" Lilly clapped her hands together and smiled menacingly. "We'll get started on you right away!"


Hisao could barely contain his horror as he looked at himself in the full length mirror. It was like a scene from a really bad pornographic anime movie. He was dressed in a schoolgirl's sailor suit, consisting of a white blouse with a navy blue pleated skirt and matching collar. A choker made of broad pink ribbon was placed around his adam's apple. His chin and upper lip stung from getting his facial hair waxed off and his legs tingled at the unfamiliar sensation of having just been shaved.

Kenji stood beside him, swapping various wigs on and off his head. Hisao had been told to start growing his hair out, and would wear a wig in the meantime.

"Hm, you know," Kenji decided, tossing the last wig aside. "I think we could get away with just teasing out his hair into a more girly style. It's long enough."

"So how does he look?" Lilly inquired.

"Pretty good, actually." Kenji nodded, proud of his handiwork. "He's kind've got that awkward tomboy vibe about him. I'm glad we went with this instead of that played out Gothic Lolita getup."

"Well then," Lilly reached from behind and squeezed Hisao's stuffed bra with her hands. "Welcome to the family, Hi-sa-ko. Now let's begin your training..."
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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Recreation and Delivery Service

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Amy Poplar
What you did there. I see it. :mrgreen:

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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Recreation and Delivery Service

Post by Extremist_Line » Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:49 pm

Hell yeah, now we get to see the fruits of Smoku's and I's 'suffering'.
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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Recreation and Delivery Service

Post by kosherbacon » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:17 am

Poor Nurse-kun just wanted to give Hanako the chocolate.


"8888, 8889, ah! 8890." Muto followed the ascending numbers listed on the back doors of the building. The place he was looking for was located in a quiet industrial park a near the school. Several years ago, these suites would have been occupied around the clock with bustling machine shops and small electronics manufacturers. Now, they sat mostly empty, with a few struggling retail stores inhabiting the buildings. Mr. Muto knocked on door 8890.

"What do you want?" A nasal male voice sniveled from beyond the door.

"Um, I'm here for a pretzels and whiskey." Muto replied, reading off the hand written directions Nomiya gave him.

"You a cop?"


"Oh. Well, even if you were, not like you'd tell me anyway, huh? Get in."

A bespectacled young man opened the door and ushered Muto inside. In contrast with the stark, anonymous exterior, the inside of the establishment was a dimly lit, seedy looking place with a bar, several tables, and jazz music playing from hidden sources. A handful of faceless figures chatted with each other at the bar and at the tables, while the muffled sound of social activities creeped in from the back rooms.

"Kenji Setou, is that you?"

"Don't know who you're talking about. You new here? Why don't you go talk to the lady of the house?" Kenji pointed at a lone blonde in a champagne white Chinese-style dress at one of the tables before scurrying off to tend to the bar. Next to her was an ornate cane made of some exotic hardwood with a marbled grain, decorated with an ivory handle and gold inlay.

"Excuse me Ma'am?"

"Why, hello, there." The young woman stood up and smacked the tip of her cane into the ground. Although she faced Muto, her face drifted around completely independent of whatever was currently had her attention. She appeared to be unhindered by the black lace veil that cut a thin swath across her eyes.

"Hey aren't you Lilly Sat..."

"Ssh! Let me tell you how this place works, Mister." She scolded. "Our establishment runs on assumed anonymity. You don't know who we are and we don't know who you are. You have a professional life and a reputation to worry about, yes? So do we. Leave it outside."

"Oh, okay. Sorry, Miss. Say, is this... legit? Or is this the real deal?"

"Good sir, intercourse in exchange for money has been against the law for over fifty years." Lilly put her finger up to her lip in a silencing gesture. "Everyone knows that. Rest assured, I have yet to actually see anything illegal happen here."

"Heh, okay," Mr Muto laughed as he understood the not-so-subtle hint. " I read ya. Sorry about that."

"It's quite alright. Help yourself to a seat and make yourself comfortable. Let me know when you're ready for some company."

Muto sat down at a table and looked around at all the "strangers" around him. Most of the working girls were familiar faces from his classes. He wondered what sort of circumstances brought them into this line of work. Were they seeking adventure? Or perhaps attending a private specialty school like Yamaku financially brought their families to their knees. Now wasn't the time to give lectures on morals and virtues. These were hardly children and they all had their own reasons to live their lives the way they do.

Most of the guests were strangers from town that he recognized only by face. A few of the school staff were present, most notably the head nurse, who appeared to be in drunken negotiations with Hanako Ikezawa. She was almost unrecognizable, with her hair clipped back and wearing a dress that exposed her shoulders. Muto wondered if her work instilled her with a sense of confidence that she never expressed at school.

"C'mon baby. Just this one time!" The nurse pleaded, begging Hanako to partake in some deviant fetish activity that Lilly warned her against.

"No means no." Hanako protested without her trademark stutter. She then placed an amber cigarette holder to her lips and defiantly blew a ring of smoke into her customer's face. "I won't do that, no matter how much you'll pay me."

"Look, bitch." The nurse grabbed Hanako by the upper arm. "I'm the one with the money here and that means you belong to me and you do what I want you to do, got it?"

"MAMA!" Hanako shrieked.

In a flash, Lilly jumped from her table and dashed towards Hanako. Drawing a blade from her walking cane, she lunged towards the nurse, severing his necktie. Upon sheathing her sword, a fine red line slowly seeped across the nurse's shirt.

"H-How did you..." The nurse shivered in his bar stool.

"Don't let my appearance fool you. Zatoichi ain't got shit on me. Get out, or your balls are next."

"B-But I..."

"Click-Clack!" Kenji returned to the bar from attending to one of the back rooms, bearing a pump shotgun.

"The lady says get out." Kenji said, pointing the barrel at the nurse's groin.

"Thank you Mama." Hanako, or rather "Hannah" fell into Lilly's arms and held on tight.

After everyone calmed down, Muto approached the bartender and told Kenji that he was ready.

"Girls! If you're not busy, we have a visitor!" Lilly yelled out and loudly tapped the floor with her cane repeatedly.

A group of unoccupied girls emerged from various spots and lined up at the bar. Muto immediately recognized most of them. After some commotion from the back, Rin Tezuka emerged from a back room, accompanied with a giggling blonde businesswoman.

"Hey sis, how 'bout a discount?"


"C'mon. Not even for family? Or one of your best customers?"

"What kind of example would I be making if I displayed favoritism among customers? Now pay up."

"Aw, fine." The woman dropped a wad of cash at the bar and stormed out after Kenji counted it. Her date jumped in line with the other girls.

"Well, you've already met Hannah, my favorite." Lilly started introducing the girls one by one. "If you treat her badly or make her cry, I'll hunt you down myself."

"Next, we have Sasha and Michelle." Lilly stood between Shizune Hakamichi and Shiina Mikado, who stood there holding hands. Shizune was wearing a patent leather dominatrix uniform accessorized with jackboots, a peaked cap, and a riding crop, while Misha was dressed as a belly dancer. "They're a package deal. How much you pay depends on how much you want from each of them."

"And here's Amy." Lilly petted the head of a small, fair haired girl who wore a western-style cheerleader's uniform. "And moving on..."


Lilly then planted her hands on Rin's shoulders. "This lovely lady is Renée, our masseur. She's proficient in many forms of massage, especially barefoot techniques. Don't be shy about asking her for a happy ending, she takes pride in giving them."

"Finally, we have Hisa- erm, Hisako. She's a little different from the rest... And she's new at this, so be sure to give her plenty of constructive criticism! As for myself... well, you couldn't afford my company even if I was offering it."

Muto scanned over the gangly tomboy in the sailor suit who stood there blushing, trying to avoid eye contact. Her thin but toned limbs and broad shoulders suggested that she could handle some rough play. He was drawn in by her shyness and the fact that he didn't recognize her, or at least she was easy to not recognize. Hoping to have a tender time with someone as uncomfortable as he was, Muto picked Hisako.

"Way to go, Sakochan!" Misha cheered at Hisako, using her new nickname. "Your first customer!"

"I'm H-Hisako." Hisako struggled to look her homeroom teacher in the eyes and addressed him with a restrained, slightly raspy voice. "Please be good to me."

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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(Ch.3, Enter the Muto)

Post by Zahlman » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:36 pm

a giggling blonde businesswoman.
Akira amirite?

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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(Ch.3, Enter the Muto)

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Zahlman wrote:
a giggling blonde businesswoman.
Akira amirite?
"Hey sis, how 'bout a discount?"

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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(Ch.3, Enter the Muto)

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I'd like to thank Misha #245 for coming up with the perfect name for a Hisao-Trap in this here shimmie picture by weee.


Hisako sat in a corner at Lillian's, as far away as possible from the bar, where a rowdy party of visitors from out of town were drinking it up with some of the other girls. She spent the whole evening making herself look as unapproachable as possible, interacting with the guests as little as she could. Hisako feared the Madam's wrath she would endure from ending the night empty handed, but she feared seeing her old classmates even more.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Lilly snuck up from behind and sat at Hisako's table, startling her.

"I'm sorry Mama. I know those kids. I don't want them to see me."

"You know those out-of-towners?" Lilly replied in her usual serious but tender business manner.

"Yeah. Before I came to Yamaku, I went to school with them." Hisako nervously grabbed at her skirt. Although it was never stated outright, she was always under the impression that excuses were frowned upon in her workplace.

"I know those boys and they'll recognize me for sure," She continued, putting effort into keeping her voice down so that the customers cannot hear. "I-If word of my work gets back to my parents, it'd kill them. And the girl that came with them... We were once..."

"I see." Lilly raised up her hand, and Hisako braced herself for a backhanded slap, but got a hug instead.

"My poor dear. This must be so rough on you," Lilly consoled Hisako, holding her to her chest. "Fortunately for you, the boys from your old school don't seem to need you. They all sound quite inebriated at the moment. I'm sure they wouldn't remember you even if you took them to bed."

Lilly frowned, worriedly, when she noticed that Hisako still had not cheered up. "However, Papa says that the girl has been sitting there alone looking sad all night. Why don't you go talk to her and make her feel better? There are many forms of companionship we offer, you know."

"Okay, Mama. I-I'll go."

"That's my girl," Lilly dismissed Hisako with a relieved smile. "Now go make your Mama some money."

Realizing that she had run out of excuses, Hisako got up from her table and slowly approached the customers. It wasn't the boys she was really afraid of, but rather the girl that came with them.

She swallowed her fear and stealthily sat down at the bar, unnoticed, next to the lone girl. She creeped her bar stool into just the right position to keep her face as much in the shadows as possible.

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

"No, I'm fine," The girl replied without even turning her head. "I guess. Thank you, though."

"Why aren't you partying with your friends?"

"Friends?" The girl slouched in her stool and replied with a bitter sigh. "I'm not sure if they're really my friends. All this time, I thought these guys were a bunch of goofy math geeks. And now they're... I dunno. I'm sorry, no offense to your colleagues, but now I'm seeing a side of them that I didn't think existed."

"Ho ho, no offense taken." Hisako tried giving a ladylike laugh. "W-Would you like something to drink?"

"Nah." The girl briefly turned her head to face Hisako and then back forward with her chin resting on her fist, bored. "I'm only seventeen, anyway."

Hisako's heart began to race when the girl looked her straight in the face for a moment. She spent the better part of a year trying hard to forget how beautiful she was. Hisako reached into a corner of her mind and referred to the standard procedure for dealing with a party's melancholy stragglers.

"Kecchan!" Hisako pounded her fist on the counter top to get Kenji's attention. She was supposed to refer to him as "Papa" but neither were all that comfortable with it so she was allowed to call Kenji anything but his real name. "Two cosmos, for me and the lady."

"Sure, 'Sako." Kenji replied, putting down the glasses he was drying.

"Thanks, but, um..." The client rolled her eyes at the floor. "I don't really have much cash."

"Don't worry about it!" Hisako rebuked the girl's refusal with a limp-wristed fanning of her hand. "Your friends are treating us."

"Heh, alright then." The girl turned again to face Hisako and locked eyes with her, giving a faint smile.

"Here's your drinks, ladies." Kenji's interjection dislodged the runaway daydream that Hisako found herself stuck in.

"So what brings you and your classmates into town?"

"We're with the math club and the private school here is hosting a competition. I was kinda hoping to check out the campus and meet some of the students, but these knuckleheads just want to drink and party since we don't have a chaperon."

"Oh well, the school isn't much. It's surprisingly ordinary."

The customer took a sip of her cosmopolitan and coughed rapidly, exhaling as her face turned bright red. Kenji did everything manly, even girly drinks.

"Maybe," she redirected as she fanned the invisible flames that were shooting out of her mouth. "But there was someone there I wanted to see."


"Yeah, an old boyfriend of mine." She sorrowfully stared past Hisako's head before trying to change the subject. "We... Nah, you wouldn't want to hear about this. It's a dumb sob story."

"I don't mind," Hisako gently laid her hand on the girl's own. "I'm actually a professional listener."

"Oh, well then. There was a boy I liked." The client bit her lip and looked distressed, as if she was seeking permission from herself to share painful secrets. "This is going to sound really bad but... I asked him out but then he got really sick and had to stay in a hospital. We were kind've together for a while but eventually I just stopped seeing him."

"Oh my," Hisako put her hand up to her mouth, genuinely taken aback. "That's unfortunate."

"The kids teased me for a while saying I was cursed but it really didn't bother me."

"So, why did you stop seeing him?" Hisako was already accustomed to discussing risque and private topics with customers, but talking about her own history while pretending to be someone else consumed all of her wits. She clenched her fists under the table, restraining herself from wanting to either embrace or strangle the girl, depending on her answer.

"I... got scared." The customer ashamedly let her head hang, resting her eyes in her palms. "He really needed me but I just couldn't do anything to help him but sit there and talk. Then I'd get sidetracked and couldn't visit him that often. After a while, it got scarier and scarier to face him after every time I missed a chance to visit. I took the easy way out and just stopped seeing him. I felt like there was nothing I could do, you know? I know, I'm horrible."

Hisako took a deep breath as she cautiously let go of her hate for this woman.

"Sounds like you were doing fine at first. Sometimes having someone to talk to is all people really need..."

"Heh, I guess you're right." The girl forced out a laugh and pretended to have cheered up. "After letting it out, I do kind've feel better. Thanks, Miss...?"

"It's Hisako."

"Hello, Hisako." The girl reached out and shook Hisako's hand. "I'm Iwanako. It's nice to meet you."

"Oh no, the pleasure is mine."

"You know, you kind've talk like a boy, sometimes."

"R-Really?" Hisako covered her mouth and tightened up her brain-to-mouth word filter. Lilly drilled her in the ways of speaking like a woman, and she must have slipped up when talking to Iwanako.

"Don't worry about it," Iwanako chuckled. "It's kinda cute."
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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(Ch.3, Enter the Muto)

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kosherbacon wrote:Iwanako

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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(Ch.4 HisaoTrap+?)

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Ha ha ha ha holy shit

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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(Ch.4 HisaoTrap+?)

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If Hisao wasn't so goddamned bishie that his heart asploded, he wouldn't be in this mess.

Rage Red

"Nine thousand yen?! DAAAAAMN!" Hisao trembled in disgust at the price tag on Lipgasm's "Rage Red" lipstick. It was a designer brand that made his lips itch and was a color that Hisao didn't particularly care for. However, Lilly said that was the kind he would be using and her word was law. Hisao wondered how she could even tell the difference between brands and colors of lipstick anyway. Even Kenji probably couldn't see the difference between something fancy and something cheap from the hundred yen store. Hisao had the next two days off and was using his free time to buy much needed groceries for himself and cosmetic supplies for Hisako.

Even with the expensive makeup, Hisao still would have plenty of cash left over to keep himself fed and entertained. Lilly and Kenji told him that many people in his line of work get paid only in food, clothes, and shelter, and that he should be grateful that he gets to see any money at all. His rear end may have been hurting, but he had a wallet bloated with ten-thousand yen notes to show for it. If it wasn't for the inevitable questions he'd have a hard time answering, Hisao would have been sent money home to help his parents out.

Since it was well within his budget, Hisao tossed the lipstick into his shopping basket without any further thought. Pricey cosmetics had become as routine as having to buy both men's and women's deodorant as well as different brands of condoms. He laughed at the revelation that actually having an opinion on makeup and accommodating the preferences of male customers had somehow become normal to him. Perhaps he was becoming a little too comfortable being Hisako.

Hisao laughed to himself, perversely proud of how well he's pulled off his transformation. Just the previous night, he managed to carry on a long conversation with a ghost from his past without being found out. Surely, there must have been some organization out there that gives out medals for pulling off strange accomplishments like that.

"Hisao? Hisao Nakai?" A girl's voice from behind caught his ear. "Is that you?"

"I-Iwanako? What brings you all the way out here?"

Although he had gotten over the initial shock of being reuinited with her the previous night, he was still surprised at the coincidence of their meeting at the grocery store.

"I'm visiting on some math club business," she replied cheerfully.

Iwanako stood on the tips of her toes to grab a large bottle of antacid from the top shelf. Her shopping basket was full of painkillers and hangover remedies.

"But right now I'm just here doing some grocery shopping for my club mates. Hey, you go to Yamaku, right?"

"Yup, I transferred in a few months ago. Are you guys visiting my school?"

"Yeah, we're here for the Math-A-Thon. How have you been holding up, anyway?"

"I guess I've been alright. I'm doing much better now. It took a while for me to get adjusted to this place, but it's been good."

Had this conversation happened a month earlier, Hisao would've been a nervous wreck on his way to a heart attack. Hisako's time with Iwanako did much to soften the blow.

"Oh wow. Lipgasm? That's some expensive stuff..."

Hisao threw his hand into the shopping basket and quickly shook around the contents to better conceal some of the more incriminating items.

"Oh? This? Haha yeah, it sure is." Hisao's eyes darted around as he grabbed at pieces of a little white lie like items for a grocery list. "One of my friends can't see very well and she gave me some cash to buy some things for her when I go shopping."

"I see, is she a student at Yamaku as well?"

Iwanako smiled, oblivious to Hisao's nervousness.

"I met some of the students already. It was a little weird at first but they all seem pretty nice. Think you can show me around the school sometime?"

"Sure. I'm pretty much free today and tomorrow."

"Great! I'll see you tonight?

Dry Cleaner

"Wow, so this is what a boarding school dorm looks like?" Iwanako looked around Hisao's room with impressed eyes. "This is nicer than my room at home!"

"It's not that great. It reminds me too much of a hospital."

Hisao wondered if Iwanako really had such a lousy bedroom or if she was fibbing for his sake.

"A hospital, huh?" Iwanako's cheerfulness drained away and she began looking distant.

"What's wrong?"

"Hisao..." Iwanako looked away and nervously fidgeted with her hands. "Do you hate me?"

"Hate you? No, why?"

"B-Because I abandoned you when you needed me." Iwanako looked down at her toes as they ground into the carpet.

"When I fell in love with you I thought I could stand by your side no matter what happened. And then you got sick and... I messed up."

"Hey, hey, all that is in the past." Hisao reached out to touch her shoulders but stopped, thinking that it might not have been the appropriate thing to do.

"I'm better now. I'm not mad at you, really."

"To tell the truth," Iwanako said, "I came along for this trip so I could see you again. I-I..."

"What is it?"

"I still love you, Hisao!" She shouted. "I want to start over, but..."

"But what?"

"Hisao?" Iwanako tented her hands over her mouth and took a deep breath. "A-Are you gay?"

"What? No!"

Hisao gritted his teeth, fearing that he had just been outed.

"So, you do like girls then, right?"

"Of course I do! What made you think I didn't?"

"Um, it's nothing. I'm sorry. I just had to get that out of the way. Forget I said anything."

Hisao uneasily laughed it off and smiled. "So, you want to start over?"

"Y-Yes. But I understand if you don't want..."

"We can't do that. You see, we never actually broke up, did we? So let's just pick up where we left off."

"That's fine with me." Iwanako gently put her arms around Hisao and slowly closed in for a kiss, only to stop abruptly.

"Oh my God, it's gonna happen again...!" she cried, covering her mouth out of fear.

"What's going on?"

"Last time I felt this close to you I... I almost killed you, Hisao!"

"That's not gonna happen this time. My heart is better now. See all those medicine bottles on my desk? That's the entire sum of medical science ensuring that I don't die on you today."

"You're silly, Hisao." Iwanako wiped the tears from her cheeks. "I want to do everything I can to make sure you don't die."

"Oh? Like what?"

Iwanako ran over to Hisao's closet and started shuffling hangers around, searching for something she hoped would be there. To Hisao's horror, she pulled out a white and blue sailor suit, sheathed in plastic and fresh from the cleaners.

"Uh, um. Where'd you get that, Iwanako?" Hisao's words stumbled as he feigned ignorance.

"I was thinking... if I'm too dangerous for Hisao to touch, then maybe it's Hisako I should be kissing."

"Wait..." Hisao tried comprehending Iwanako's rationale. "So, you knew?"

"Of course I knew." She furrowed her eyebrows, insulted that Hisao took her for a fool. "I'd recognize your face anywhere."

Hisao drooped his head and ashamedly averted his eyes from Iwanako.

"Please, Hisako." Iwanako tipped up Hisao's chin and ran her fingers through his hair, trying to rearrange it into Hisako's hairstyle. "I don't know if I can handle this without you."

Apprehensively, Hisako tore the plastic sheets off the schoolgirl uniform and retrieved the makeup kit from Hisao's desk.

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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(Ch.5&6 Iwa-FKN-nako!)

Post by Smoku » Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:17 am

I knew this story will make people lol. It's good xD

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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(Ch.5&6 Iwa-FKN-nako!)

Post by kosherbacon » Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:03 am

Only one more chapter after this, y'all! Hang in there.

Still Alive

Iwanako traced over Hisako's surgical scars with her fingertip and smiled.

"You're still alive. I'm glad."

"See? I can survive a kiss, and then some."

"Yes, yes you can. Hisa... um." Iwanako raised her eyebrows in confusion as she wiped up some of the makeup smeared all over Hisako's face. The makeup was necessary for Hisao to perform the charade in comfort.

"Either is fine."

"Okay, I think I'll call you Hisao for a now." She snickered. "My girlfriend Hisao and my boyfriend Hisako."

"Hey hey, as if I'm not confused enough already." Hisao's voice replied. "Are you sure this sort of thing doesn't bother you?"

"I'm fine with it. I've had a lot of time to think about things since before and I do love you, busted heart, sailor suit and all." Iwanako stretched her arms and legs across Hisao's bed and changed the subject. "So, all this you learned for work?"

"Yeah, Mama... er, my friend Lilly taught me how to service a girl. But this is the first time I've actually done this since then."

"So... who taught you how to pleasure men?"

"Lilly did that too..." Hisao frowned as he dredged up some unpleasant memories.

"I don't want to know... Oh!" Iwanako dropped the subject. "But what I am curious about is... why? You said that you like girls, so why do you do this?"

"I didn't really have a choice. My hospital bills, my tuition, and my living expenses started to pile up."

"Oh. I'm sorry." Iwanako gave a sympathetic kiss to Hisao's forehead and jarringly changed subjects again. "Hey, you really do like girls, right?"

"Yes, Iwanako." Hisao shrugged with annoyance as he spelled it out as thoroughly and unambiguously as possible. "My relationships with men are strictly professional. I am physically attracted only to women and they're the only ones I desire romantically."

"Yes! Sir!" Iwanako saluted Hisao teasingly and got a pillow in the face for it.

"So, it's about money huh? Do your parents know about this?"

"What do you think? Of course not! They're really hard up because of me right now."

"Can you do a favor for me when you get home?" Hisao put his hand on Iwanako's cheek. "If it's not too much trouble for you, I'd like you to check on my folks once in a while. Let me know if they need anything. I can't just hand them cash and not tell them how I got it, but when it comes to like things for the house, I might be able to help them out."

"Sure. I'll tell them you said hi and that you're doing well." Iwanako burst out giggling. "And that you're a model student who is most definitely not a gay-for-pay transvestite prostitute."

"Hey, hey..."

Hisao was growing weary of Iwanako's teasing but he decided to cut her some slack considering how accepting she's been of Hisao's lifestyle.

"Oh yeah, would you like to go out tomorrow? I want to see some of the stuff in town while I'm still in the area."

"Sure, I'll still be off of work."

"Good. And bring Hisako, too. I really like her."

Herbal Tea

"Hmm, remind me to teach you how to do your makeup. You kind've look like a whor- erm, what I mean to say is that subtle, natural colors would look better on you."

"Iwa..." Hisako tugged at the dress that she borrowed from Lilly. All of Hisako's other outfits were either too fetish oriented or too revealing to be considered appropriate for a lunch date. "This feels so... weird."

"Psh, you look nice." Iwanako replied. "How would this feel any weirder than a schoolgirl uniform? Next time you come home, we should go shopping together."

"It's not the dress, it's just that I've never been a girl out in public or broad daylight before. Just at work and a few parties at customers' houses and stuff."

Hisako and Iwanako resumed eating their lunch at Shanghai. The whole time, Yuuko was visibly uncomfortable serving them because of Hisako's appearance. Not because she was a boy, but because Yuuko recognized her well enough to know that she should treat Hisako as a frequent customer, but could not match her face with a name.

Hisako took mildly sadistic pleasure in confusing the poor waitress, but not nearly as much as Iwanako was getting from dragging her mannish girlfriend all around the school and surrounding town. Hisako didn't get as much unwanted attention as she feared, however. Not only was Yamaku High a place where everyone was accustomed to seeing just about everything, but Lilly's business was probably the worst kept secret in town.

"Hey, Iwanako..." Hisako sheepishly stirred her tea with a spoon. "Do you like girls?"

"Actually, yes. I do." Iwanako replied in a deadpan manner, barely moving a facial muscle.

"Really?" Hisako jumped in her seat and nearly tipped over the teacup, not expecting that answer.

"Well, I do now." Iwanako laughed; she enjoyed Hisako's and Hisao's tendency to overreact. "Don't worry, I'm in love with Hisao. I just enjoy having a pretty girlfriend too."

"For two, please." A gentle sounding older woman's familiar shot across the room from behind, by the entrance of the cafe and paralyzed Hisako with dread.

"Right this way." Yuuko led the woman and her husband to a table on the opposite end of the establishment.

"So after lunch," an older man said, "we'll go to the school?"

"Psst!" Iwanako whispered as she passed her hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses under the table to Hisako. "Don't move! Your parents are here!"

Hisako nervously put the sweatshirt and sunglasses on and pulled the hood over her head. The sweatshirt was conspicuously tight on her boyish frame, but it would do.

"Iwanako?" Mrs Nakai called out as she approached their table, completely petrifying Hisako. "Is that you?"

"Oh hey, Mrs. Nakai! What are you doing all the way out here?" Iwanako was also shaking in her seat, unsure of her fate if Hisao's secret were to be discovered.

"We're actually here to pay Hisao a surprise visit! He goes to school here. How about yourself?"

"I'm here with the math club. Hisao goes to Yamaku? Wow, I ought to check up on him too huh?"

"I'm sure he'd like that. Who's your friend here?"

Despite her best efforts, Hisako simply could not bestow upon herself the power of invisibility. Not confident in her disguise, she folded her arms on the table and buried her head in between.

"Oh, this is my friend, um, Sako. She's pretty sick right now so we came here for herbal tea to make her feel better."

Hisako feigned a cough into her hand and pretended to fail at choking out a greeting.

"Oh, you poor dear. Take care of yourself, okay? Maybe it's best if you not bring her along if you see Hisao. He's kind of frail..." Mrs. Nakai cut things short after she looked over her shoulder and saw that Yuuko was waiting at her table waiting to take an order. "Oh! Sorry, I'm imposing on your lunch. It was nice seeing you Iwanako, Sako. Tell your mom I said hi!"

"Hisako? You okay?" Iwanako inquired after Mrs. Nakai was out of earshot. "Don't tell me that after everything, THIS kills you."

"Mrph, I'm fine." Hisako groaned, her head still down on the table, buried in her folded arms.

Hisako and Iwanako cautiously continued their meal, carefully avoiding eye contact with Hisao's parents.

"Hisako?" Iwanako tried alleviating her girlfriend's tense state. "You can chill out now. They just left."

"Thank God." Hisako relaxed, throwing the hood and sunglasses off. "You think she recognized me?"

"I doubt it. It's not like she saw you face to face like I did."

"I know, but still. She IS my mom... Oh no. Oh no. N-No!"

"What? What's wrong?"

"They just left? Then they're heading to the school!"


"So they'll probably go straight to the dorms and get let into my room!"

"What's wrong with that?"

"All my girl stuff is lying around from when I was getting ready today! If my parents see it, I'm soo dead!"

"Oh no. What do we do?"

Hisako threw a bill on the table, told an elated Yuuko that she could keep the change, and dashed out the front door with Iwanako.

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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(C.7&8 IwanakoxTrap)

Post by Esa94 » Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:29 am

This is getting weird.


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Re: Madame Lillian's Specialty Service(END)Iwanako, Nakais, Trap

Post by kosherbacon » Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:45 pm

Aaaaand here's the end. I probably had more fun typing this up than I should have.

At the time of writing, 900,000Yen is $9,970.37US or 7,362.07 Euro...


Despite careful pacing and repeated breaks, Hisako still stumbled into the doorway of the boy's building, wheezing and fighting the urge to vomit from running up the hill to the school with Iwanako. Had they both been healthy, the two teens would have easily overtaken two middle aged parents who weren't in any particular rush. While Hisako was at the drinking fountain clutching her chest, Iwanako asked the dorm staff if Hisao Nakai's parents have arrived yet.

"Hisako! They just got here a moment before we did. Can you make it?"

Hisako nodded, pounded her chest with her fist as if was an old machine that needed to be knocked into functioning, and ran down the hall with Iwanako following. To avoid running into Hisao's parents, Hisako chose a longer, less direct route that visitors were less likely to take.

Finally arriving at her hall, they saw no sign of the Nakais. Hisako turned the doorknob to face her fate, her heart stopping for a moment as she felt that it was already unlocked, probably by someone with the housing department to let the Nakais inside.

"Hisao?!" Mrs. Nakai's eyes bulged as she saw the dolled up girl who used to be her son standing at the door. "What happened to you?"

Disgusted, Mr. Nakai averted his eyes away from Hisao/Hisako. Instead, he tried to make sense of the feminine clothes and sleazy lingerie that were spilling out of the dresser and closet.

"Iwanako!" Hisao's mother screamed at the figure hiding in the hall, just beyond the door. "Did you do this to him? What did you do to my baby?!"

"Um, um... me and Hisao are..."

"Are what? What kind of sick game are you playing with my son?"

"N-No, mom. My girlfriend has nothing to do with this. I-I..."

"You're coming home with us." Hisao's father finally spoke. "Get your things ready. We're leaving tomorrow. After all we've done for you, you had to become a... a... a freak!"

"Stop it! It's our fault" Mrs. Nakai collapsed into the chair by the desk and began to weep. "Our little boy was sick and he needed us! We should've never abandoned him and sent him away to live with a bunch of strangers."

"Is that it, Hisao? Are you so pissed off at your mother and I that you became a queer to get back at us? We only did what we thought was best for you."

The Nakais took turns scolding their child and berating themselves for their apparent bad parenting. Meanwhile, their child struggled to get more than two words into the mix, not that s/he had really anything to say. The commotion in Hisao's room attracted the attention of his eavesdropping neighbors who have been listening since the beginning, and the door to Kenji's room creaked open.

"Excuse me." Lilly walked through the open door, knocking on the hallway wall on her way in. "Is Hisao in?"

"I'm sorry, miss." Hisao's father answered, embarrassed. "We're in the middle of something. We'll try to keep our voices down for now."

"Oh no!" Lilly felt around for Hisako and Iwanako and dragged them together so she could put her arms around both of their shoulders. "It seems that I have caused a bit of a misunderstanding!"

"Who're you?"

"I'm Lilly, one of Hisao's friends. I'm sorry to say that I'm responsible for the clothes you see here. There was a broken water pipe in the women's building and my room got flooded. Hisao was kind enough to lend me some of his closet space until I get relocated." Lilly tapped her temple with the handle of her cane. "I apologize if it's messy and disorganized, I have a hard time with these things. It's only temporary."

"If all this is yours, then why is my son wearing a dress?"

"Oh, this?" Lilly patted down Hisako's shoulders and back to inspect her outfit. "I'm afraid that you caught Hisao while in the middle of a silly school tradition. You see, Hisao signed up for the western-style fencing team, who have this little ritual where the new recruits have to go around for a few days wearing women's clothes to build up their confidence."

"I see. Yeah, I remember hazing like that back in the day. I didn't know they still did that." Mr Nakai seemed to have been buying it. "Fencing team, huh?"

"Yup!" Lilly struck a fighting stance, holding her cane like a foil. "I'm the captain, in fact!"

That, he didn't believe.

"Sorry about the whole mix up. Fortunately, I just happened to be on my way to spend time with Hisao and his visiting ladyfriend."

After seeing that Hisao had a girlfriend, a very affectionate exotic female teammate who apparently had a very mature taste in undergarments, and several boxes of condoms he found in the desk earlier, Mr. Nakai breathed a sigh of relief worthy of a condemned man who just got pardoned.

"Come on dear." He took his wife by the hand and gestured her to get up. "Let's go have dinner at the school cafeteria and take a long walk around campus. Maybe we'll go to the library too."

"B-B-But we still have things to discuss. And we just ate!" Mrs. Nakai protested as she was dragged towards the door.

"No we don't. And I'm still hungry." Mr. Nakai turned to face Hisao and his girls.

"Ha... sorry about that. We've just been so worried about you, with your health and things back home being how they are. We found your friend's clothes, then you came in wearing a dress, and we overreacted a bit. Give us a call later tonight when you're ready to show us around. And... please wear something appropriate."

"Um, sure. Thanks, Dad."

After hearing the Nakais' footsteps disappear into a staircase, Lilly closed the door to Hisao's room and locked it.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" She asked Hisako.

"T-Thank you Mama!" she buried her face in Lilly's chest. "I was so scared! I owe you for this, big time!"

"No, no. It's my duty to watch over my girls. I'd be a terrible Mama if I let anything happen to you."

"As for you..." Lilly turned her attention to Iwanako. "You've been sampling my goods for free, haven't you? You owe me for her time."

"Wh-what? But she's my girlfriend!"

"Now now, Sakochan is girlfriend to a lot of people. First and foremost, she's my girl, then girlfriend to her clients, one hour at a time." Lilly reached into her purse and retrieved an abacus and a talking calculator. "Oh my, what you've probably stolen by now adds up to about..."

"Actually, she's telling the truth, Mama." Hisako interrupted Lilly's calculations. "Iwanako and I were dating long before I came to this school."

"Oh, is that how it is?" Lilly put her adding machines away. "Well in that case, it seems that I've just been kicked down a notch. Still, she is my girl, and you're going to have to earn my trust before I can allow you to see her any further."

"Wait, what?" Iwanako squirmed as Lilly began gently "looking" at her with her hands. "What do you mean? What are you doing?!"

"You'll see." Lilly reached up the back of Iwanako's shirt and unclasped her bra, while sniffing her hair. "Hisako, why don't you come join me and help make your lovely girlfriend feel at home?"


"I don't understand." Mrs. Nakai asked as she choked down her disgustingly nutritious cafeteria dinner. "Why did you want to leave so badly? We had so much explaining and catching up to do with Hicchan."

"Look," Mr. Nakai spelled it out for his wife, pointing with his spork. "Our boy is alone in a room, with two pretty girls- one is his girlfriend and the other is probably a kinky sex fiend, and a year's worth of rubbers. I just saw my only son in a dress today, and as God as my witness, I'm not going to let him grow up into a sissy!"

"Eh, what's this?" Mrs. Nakai pulled out a gift Hisao planned to send home, but instead snuck into his mother's coat pocket as she left his room.

"Wh-why there must be..." She opened up the envelope and pulled the rubber band off a stack of banknotes. "There must be seven, eight, no, nine hundred thousand in here!" She unfolded a handwritten note that came with the stack of money.

From my tutoring job.
Hope this helps.

Love, Hisao.

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