Flutter - Level Twenty One: Footsies [25/3/17]

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Re: Flutter - Level Six: Cooldown [21/3/16]

Post by Sharp-O » Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:40 am

TubaMirum wrote:I'm guessing the comment about mysterious desserts had nothing to do with the kit-kats mentioned around the same time?
Just Molly showing appreciation for Taro's step-mom's cooking. Kyoko has a penchant for foreign desserts, which is why Taro is so large :lol: I'm just doing some subtle world-building to contrast against what I wrote in Monomyth. Some of the characters are the same but different; here, Akio's bisexuality leaned more towards guys, Molly has met Taro's parents and Ritsu isn't part of their group. There's some other stuff too but that'll be revealed in time.

I'm glad everyone is liking Fuuka and don't worry, she will still be participating in the story but it's not going to be like Monomyth where the Akio-like character ends up having more of a starring role :lol:

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Re: Flutter - Level Six: Cooldown [21/3/16]

Post by swampie2 » Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:54 am

Sharp-O wrote:I'm glad everyone is liking Fuuka and don't worry, she will still be participating in the story but it's not going to be like Monomyth where the Akio-like character ends up having more of a starring role :lol:
I'm not sure there's anything you could pull out for Fuuka that'll put her above Genki Rika and Senpai Hisao, they're a match made in heaven.

It feels like things are going well. Too well... and there hasn't been a heart problem for either side for a while... :lol:

I swear to god if you make this story have a bad ending so you can make some parallel to broken hearts I'll hunt you down. :mrgreen:
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Re: Flutter - Level Six: Cooldown [21/3/16]

Post by Alpacalypse » Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:05 pm

You make my vagina sad, you know that?
Well, that was entertaining. I do enjoy the exploits of Misses Onodera and Katayama. May they never cease to be an excellent comedy duo. Also, Molly piling on the British with Russell Howard - I approve *insert thumbs up gif*
Sharp-O wrote:I don't think I'm capable of such a thing...
That laugh is not encouraging, Sharp *distrustful squint* -------> -_-
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Flutter - Level Seven: Draco Marinus [27/3/16]

Post by Sharp-O » Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:14 pm

The end of day bell rings and I’m still no wiser on what the deal with Taro and Molly is. It’s still bugging me, even as Fuuka rolls off to Drama Club with a smile and a wave. I follow the stream of people out of the main people and continue to the girls’ dorms.

I think about going to see Hisao but Fuuka told me to play a little hard to get. I sorta see why that works… Offer a taste and wait for them to come to you. Wait, isn’t that what drug pushers do? I grab the drawstring bag holding my swimming gear and a fresh towel from my wardrobe before heading out to the pool.

I haven’t been floating as often since Hisao took an unexpected dip and I’m not sure I’m really in the mood for it but that’s kind of the problem with being a shut-in; you become a creature of habit and old ones die hard or so the saying goes. I reach the pool but before I can push the door open, it’s pulled inwards.

“Oh! There you are!” A warm smile on a handsome face greets me and I can’t help but feel a little surprised.

“H-Hisao? What are you doing here?” I ask, utterly perplexed as to why he would want to return to the scene of a near-drowning. I know I’d never want to go back to a place I almost… Died. Damn. Alright, I'll admit that's a little hypocritical of me.

“I was looking for you, naturally! And look!” He holds up a large plastic carrier bag that seems to be visibly straining to hold it’s contents; given the lighter stretch marks around it’s bulk. “I made sure I was actually prepared to get wet this time.” He smiles and it takes me a couple seconds to realise what he means.

“You mean you’re actually getting in the pool? Like, in shorts and everything?” I smile, probably more than I should, and he nods.

“Yup. I figured having a nice relaxing float would be a good way to unwind after the day I’ve had…” He explains, holding the door a little wider for me to step through before we walk around the edge of the still waters. “And it would a nice opportunity for us to talk.”

Ah, yeah, I guess we would need to talk about me kissing him. I just didn’t expect him to show up here. We part ways, in opposite directions, into the respective gendered changing rooms. It’s not until I’m down to my underwear that a familiar thought occurs.

Like last time, I’m going to be scantily clad in lycra around Hisao… But now he’s going to be too… A shudder runs up my spine and I can’t tell if it’s nervousness or excitement. I continue getting changed but my mind continues to wander to the boy in the other changing rooms.

Speedos or trunks is the main question on my mind and imagining both doesn’t bring any less of a smile to my face. Oh, Hisao… It’s not even my birthday!

Braided hair all wrapped in bun and secured under my swim cap and dark navy swimsuit arranged neatly, I grab my towel and peak out of the changing rooms. Hisao must still be getting changed, which allows me to sneak out and get in the pool before—

“So, uh, what do you think?” The quiet question makes me freeze in my tracks. I slowly turn and Hisao stands with an unsure look on his face. My eyes wander and are immediately disappointed to find him wearing a black t-shirt but not as disappointed, or as amused, at those swim trunks.

“Oh my god!” I snicker, a hand quickly covering my mouth as I stare at the most garish, multi-coloured, Hawaiian shorts I’ve ever seen. “I d-didn’t realise we were heading to Baja. Hope you brought your lotion and surf board, duuuude!” I finally double over and the entire pool is filled with my echoing laughter.

“That’s it, I’m getting changed…” He goes to turn but I quickly grab his arm.

“Oooooh, no you don’t! I need to hear the story behind those bad boys!” I grin maniacally and his expression lightens a little, seemingly coming around to how funny they are. “And why are you wearing a t-shirt? Body not beach-ready?” A suggestively raised eyebrow and his face goes flushed.

“N-not exactly, no… I spent months in hospital so I’m not exactly in the best shape…” He sheepishly admits but it’s painly obvious what he’s really hiding. The same thing I am, a big scar down his chest.

“Don’t worry about it, senpai! It’s not like I’m one to judge with my pasty skin and thin-ass arms!” I toss my towel onto the bench nearby and step cautiously to the edge of the pool. Hisao does the same with his towel and follows, waiting patiently as I clamber down the ladder, fighting every urge I have not to sneak a peek up those ludicrous shorts of his. I slip into the water and wade backwards, content to watch Hisao’s butt shake from side to side as he climbs down the ladder after me.

“Woof! You’re right; it is a little cold, isn’t it?” Hisao observes as he wades towards me. I smirk and gently paddle around him.

“Yeah… But I think it’s sorta refreshing.” I make a full circle and twirl on the spot, acclimatising to the water. Hisao, meanwhile, hasn’t moved an inch. “You really don’t know how to swim?”

“Never really saw the need. I’ve lived in the city all my life.” He says, waving his arms through the water but keeping his feet firmly planted on the bottom of the pool.

“So… You don’t even know how to float then.” I remark with a giggle, Hisao blushing a little. “What were you planning to do once you got in here?”

“Apart from making myself look like an idiot in these shorts? I don't know!” He jokes, scratching his cheek. “Why don’t you show me how it’s done?”

I stop and put my own feet on the tiles while I think about how best to show him. I’ve done it in front of him but that’s not a great way to teach someone… I snap my fingers, which reverberates around the room.

“Okay, Hisao; just do as I say, alright?” I move to his side and he nods with a trepidatious look on his face. I place a hand lightly on his back. “Right, ease yourself backwards, bending your knees like you’re almost sitting.”

He begins to lean back, my hand pressing firmly against him. “I’m going to lift your leg, but try to stay limp and let your other leg follow, alright?” He nods and I do as I explained. I run my hand along the underside of his calf and lift gently. I’ve almost got him horizontal before I feel his leg tense in my hand and he rolls out of my grasp, dunking himself face first before popping straight back up.

“Nope! Nuh-uh! Can’t do it!” He gasps, panic in his eyes. I quickly slip towards him and place a hand on his chest to reassure him. I can feel his heart pound through the soaking wet fabric.

“It’s okay! No worries! Let’s try something else…” I smile warmly and his breath slows, as does his pulse. He gulps and nods and I move to the edge of the pool. I drape my arms along the concrete edge, giving a ‘come here’ gesture with both hands.

“Do as I do.”


Hisao follows my instruction, his draped forearm a little bit behind mine. I let my legs go limp and my lower half floats a little less than usual but still enough to illustrate my point. My body bobs gently and Hisao watches before attempting himself. I feel his hand grip my bicep. I cast a glance sideways to see how nervous he is and I do the same as him, taking a firm hold of his arm too.

“I got you, Hisao. Just let your legs go limp.” I say softly and, eventually, he manages to get his legs to float in the water. His smile is crooked, like he’s nervously relieved if you could be both things.

“This isn’t so bad, right?”

“N-no, I guess not.”


It takes him a little while to finally get comfortable to float solo while I do some lazy laps to either side of the pool, a slow and steady breast stroke allowing us to chat.

“They were Akio’s fault. He ‘helped’ me pick them out and I should have known better really…” Hisao snorts with amusement, his hands pointing down the length of his body to the garish shorts again. I pat the edge of the pool next to him and turn.

“He got you pretty good! It’s definitely not what I was expecting to come out of that changing room.” I giggle.

“Oh, I bet.” He responds and I can’t quite nail his tone. It sounded light-hearted but it was said low, like maybe he resented it? Can’t quite tell without looking at him. I stop swimming and turn back towards Hisao who looks deep in thought, looking roughly where his feet should be.

He looks so old when he thinks; becoming so serious that it adds twenty years to him. A real weight-of-the-world-on-his-shoulders-type of look.

“Yen for your thoughts?” I ask as I drift closer, causing him to look up pensively.

“Don’t sell yourself short.” He responds with a sly smile. So he’s thinking about me? Awww. “What made you kiss me the other day?”

“That should be pretty obvious, silly senpai!” My body warms at the thought of where this conversation is leading. “Because I like you.”

My answer makes him smile but he still looks serious. I’m a little more than a foot away, to his right, when he puts his feet down and sinks until only his head and neck are above water. I can feel the tide of his arms moving underwater and I sink too, just so I can look him in the eyes.

“I like you too, Rika…” The faintest hint of scarlet streaks across his cheeks and my heart, figuratively, skips a beat. Yes! “But…” No, no! No ‘buts’! You can’t do that!

“You don’t th-think it’ll w-work?” I stammer and he doesn’t even look me in the eye. Is it because we’re in different years? Because I’m a shut-in? What is it?

“I’m sorry, Rika. Truly, I am, it’s just… I can’t. I don’t think it would be very good for either of us…” He speaks quietly and I inch closer.


“Because of…” He stops himself from saying the words out loud but the quick glance down to his chest tells me all I need to. I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes. Seriously? He’s letting his arrhythmia hold him back? Dammit. I should have known…

It was always going to come down to this, wasn’t it? Maybe it’s too early for him, he’s still adjusting after all, but it’s not like I’m not risking anything either. I am in just as much danger as him, maybe even more so, and I didn’t let that stop me the other day.

Why should I let it now?

“If you’re worried about my heart, you really shouldn’t be. I’m stronger than I look!” I beam and it does little to change his expression.

“I have no doubt about that, Rika. I’m just worried that… If anything were to… happen… between us, that you could get hurt.”

“My heart is already pretty broken, senpai…” I smirk. “Remember when I said you could ask me anything? Now would be a good time to voice those concerns.”

His old man façade remains firmly cemented to his usually handsome face, now looking guilty as sin. He looks me dead in the eyes for a second before sighing.

“Okay… Have you ever dated anyone before and, if so, what kind of impact did that have. Medically speaking.” He asks and now its my turn to feel down.

“I have and… It did have an impact, admittedly.” I say grimly but I reach out and take hold of his hands under the veil of the cool water. “But that was a long time ago and I’ve gotten stronger since then. Even if I wasn’t, I still wouldn’t let my condition stop me.”

“Really?” He asks and I squeeze his hands.

“Of course! You know from experience that I’m a pretty sore loser!” I joke and I finally get him to crack a smile.

Our eyes meet and my heart pulses wildly, like a ripple of thunder. I pull at his hands and we drift closer.

“Rika… I…”

Shhh. No more words, Hisao. Time to play a new ga—The doors of the pool swing wide open and both Hisao and I jolt our necks in that direction, to the person hobbling in with great difficulty. She looks at us and I can hear her tongue click and feel her disapproving gaze all the way from here.

“Canoodle on your own time, Katayama!” She decries as she limps around the pool, her cane supporting her bad side as always. “I need to get my laps in!”

“Who’s that?” Hisao whispers once she disappears into the female locker room and I release my grip on him with a lamentable sigh, drifting backwards.

That… would be Saki Enomoto.” Queen of the cock-blockers.

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Re: Flutter - Level Seven: Draco Marinus [27/3/16]

Post by Hoitash » Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:51 pm

Dun dun DUN!

I regret nothing.

Well, Rika may be different, but looks like Saki still get's to be a bitch :)

I'm gonna need my popcorn and my Jack for this one.
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Re: Flutter - Level Seven: Draco Marinus [27/3/16]

Post by TubaMirum » Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:00 am

Hey, it could have gone a lot worse, really! Saki could have waited until they were making out to butt in :D

Brilliant end tagline though, kind of sad my eyes caught it when I was scrolling up from the bottom, but it didn't wreck how fun this chapter was.
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Re: Flutter - Level Seven: Draco Marinus [27/3/16]

Post by Yukarin » Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:38 am

Dammit Saki!


(Rika's too adorable. I'm liking this keep going)

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Re: Flutter - Level Seven: Draco Marinus [27/3/16]

Post by Gajzla » Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:25 am

To be fair given what happened the last time these two started messing around in the pool Saki probably saved at least one life. She’s the hero Yamaku deserves, but not the one Rika needs right now. ^_^

Cute chapter, looking forward to more. :D

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Flutter - Level Eight: Heart Piece [29/3/16]

Post by Sharp-O » Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:52 pm

Author Note: I've added a theme song to this fic on the front page, mostly because it's what I was mostly listening to as I wrote this chapter and I felt it was a good choice.


I envy Hisao so much right now… At least he can get changed without the oppressive atmosphere in here. I picked the furthest cubicle away but apparently that wasn’t enough of a hint that I didn’t want to talk.

“You and the new boy, huh?” She calls out, the slight echo just elongating the time her stupid voice hangs in the air. “Looks like I lost some money! Ah well, the year’s still young… Plenty of time for him to pick up wherever he left off with our esteemed Student Council president. Or maybe even her lapdog. Whatcha think?”

Ugh… Even in a school without the usual cliques, some people still fall into the same tired roles. Case in point — Saki Enomoto, your typical, walking Mean Girls stereotype. She’s pretty, popular, talented, and an S-Ranked bitch.

“Oh, Riiiikaaaaa~ It’s rude to ignore people, you know? Come on! You must have had a go in betting pool too!”

Just block her out like usual. She’s all flash and no substance. Absolutely nothing she can say can get under your skin…

“Who knows; maybe he’ll be enticed to the music room by a sultry violin solo… Wouldn’t that be something!”

Oh, you blonde-haired…

“Not biting today, Rika? Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go see if I can catch some fresher fish over on the boys’ side! Ciao~!” I hear the door shudder closed behind her and it takes every ounce of self control not to go out there and beat her with her own cane.

I finish drying and getting dressed, exiting the locker room to find Hisao waiting opposite me, leaning against the wall with folded arms. He looks a little flushed and I can guess why…

“What did she do?” I ask, almost sighing with exasperation and Hisao’s cheeks burn brighter.

“She’s, um…” He stumbles nervously and I scowl at him. Well, not really at him but at Saki for whatever she did.

“Let me guess… it was the swimsuit, wasn’t it?” I ask and he nods sheepishly. I shake my head at him. “Wouldn’t be the first guy she got with that damn thing… Let’s head this way. Doesn’t look like you’d survive seeing her wet in that thing.” I gesture to the second exit, the one that leads to a path behind the medical building, with my thumb and Hisao follows sheepishly.

“You don’t seem to like her very much…” Hisao comments quietly and I’m certainly not going to disagree.

“Not one little bit but the feeling’s mutual so at least that’s something we have in common.” I shrug and smirk a little but Hisao doesn’t smile like I’d hope. “Don’t worry about it, senpai. If she’s what this school can consider a bully, I’m pretty sure I can survive a chatty blonde who spends half her time with a dick in her mouth.”

“If you say so.” He bobs his head with seeming understanding but he double-takes when he actually realises what I said. “Wait, what?”

“How long have you been here again? Thought you would have heard!” I laugh, nudging him the relative newbie in his side with my elbow. He turns crimson again, whether because I’m making fun of him or because he’s imagining what I just made up.

Wouldn’t surprise me if it were true though!

We reach the crossroads before we need to part ways and I turn to Hisao, one hand holding the drawstring of the bag slung over my shoulder casually. His plastic carrier bag is barely holding together so I better make this goodbye quick.

“Apart from the rather rude interruption, I think you made some real progress today!” I smile genuinely. “I’ll have you on your back in no time!”

“Uhhhh…” Hisao’s jaw drops and three seconds later I realise what I’m implying.

“W-W-Wait! I m-mean… Floating! Yes, floating on your back! Like an otter! You’ll be an otter in no time!” God strike me down. To my both my relief and embarrassment, Hisao laughs and flashes a great smile at me, the best of the day.

“Sounds like fun! I look forward to it.” He beams and turns. “I’ll see you soon, Rika!” He says over his shoulder with a wave.

“Take care!” I smile and spin on my heel, taking a few steps forward before I feel a tap on my shoulder. I’m barely turned back to face Hisao, who is suddenly less than a foot from me before I feel the warm pressure of his lips on my cheek. My white skin fades to red and I look up at the boy’s ochre eyes as he steps backwards with a goofy grin on his face.

“Almost forgot that.” He says before turning around and walking towards the boys’ dorms.

He. What. That. He. That’s not fair! He can’t just do that, that’s a total tease! I want to chase after him, grab him by the scruff of his uniform, and tell him that sneak attacks are for cowards but my legs seem to be struggling to keep me standing right now…

Hisao kissed me. Eeeeeeeeeeee! I feel my cheeks spread in a massive grin and I swear I pirouetted into the girls’ dorm on a cloud of pure sunshine and rainbows, stopping only at the archway to the common room to close my eyes and touch the spot where HISAO KISSED ME! My heart beats like a jackhammer as I swoon and I feel lighter than air. Like I don’t even have a body. Like I’m… falling

That’s not ri


My eyes squeak open and the florescent lights above me are eerily familiar. Nurse’s Office. I squint as I rise, my arms and torso feeling heavier than they should. The dull hum of the air conditioner is only drowned out by the whispers from the other side of the drawn curtains.

Three silhouettes. One large in size, one petite and one that is unmistakably the Doctor’s.

“… to your quick thinking, you two may just have saved her life.”

“It was nothing, sir… Just glad to help.”

“Will you let her know we hope she gets better soon when she wakes up?”

“…Mm’up.” I groan, just about managing to slump forward into a sitting position when the curtain is pulled aside. The Doctor’s narrow eyes peer at me analytically and I can’t shake the feeling this will end in a lecture. Or a call to my mom.

Crapbaskets, it’s going to be both

“Ah, she’s awake now. Just a quick visit though, I need to make sure she’s alright.” The Doctor draws the curtains back further to reveal Molly and Taro from Hisao’s class. Did they find me?

“Heeey, Silverlocks… Are you okay?” Molly says quietly as she approaches cautiously and softly sits at the end of the bed. I nod weakly and she smiles sympathetically, rubbing my right leg gently. “Good, good... Me and Taro just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Thanks.” My voice is weak and my head hurts. I look up at Taro. “Both of you.”

“We’ll let Hisao know what happened and that you’re okay. Just take it easy, alright?” His voice is sincere, as is his worried expression. I can only nod in response and the Doctor soon ushers them out. He turns his attention back to me, bringing his chair and clipboard over and soon begins the barrage of tests that I’ve experienced before.

He pokes and prods and takes my temperature and measures my pulse; the Katayama special. It’s not until he’s checking his watch while holding my wrist that he finally chimes in.

“That was all very dramatic, wasn’t it?” Not what I was expecting but I nod silently as he seems satisfied with my results. He begins making notes on his clipboard. Probably another incident report sheet for my file. “Was there anything you can think of that brought this on? Any exertion, shocks or prolonged bouts of intense emotion?”

Despite feeling like hot, heavy garbage; I smile and the Doctor is quick to raise an eyebrow at me quizzically. “Hisao kissed me.” I admit. I’m not going to admit it was on the cheek. The embarrassment of that revelation probably would kill me.

“That’d explain it.” He comments, scribbling quickly. “So how was it?” He smirks, casting his glance sideways at me.

“Heart stopping.” I glibly respond. It’s the best I’ve got right now but it does get a chuckle out of him. I know he’s like this with all his patients but it makes frequent visitors like me feel less like a patient and more like… a friend, I guess.

“As your physician; I would strongly advise against any such activity in the future as to not incite further attacks.” His lecturing tone soon gives way to a softer, warmer tone. “But I know that this is a big step for you considering what happened last time so… I’m happy that you and Nakai are getting along.”

“Thank you, Doc.” I sigh as I ease myself down onto my back. I still need a little more rest before I can get back to my room.

“But take it slow, eh? I don’t want to see you in here every time you and he are feeling… amorous.” His joke is the last thing I hear before I drift off, a comforting warm feeling creeping into my chest.


Eventually, I do make it back to my room. It’s some time before curfew, I think, but my concept of time is shot after that little nap — plus I’m swimming in pain relief and my heart medication right now. I’m barely into my nightdress when there’s a knock at my door. Placing a pillow behind my back so I can rest against the wall, I brush my nightdress flat against my thighs before responding to it.

“Come in!” I raise my voice as best I can and the door slides open, revealing exactly who I thought it would be. “Hi, Hisao.” I smile demurely at him and he rushes over to the side of my bed after closing the door behind him, huffing and puffing as he collapses onto his knees at the edge of my bed.

“Oh my god, Rika! I only just heard from Taro and-and I went to the Nurse’s Office but you weren’t there so I rushed over here as fast as I c-could!” He wheezes, grasping at my hand and I squeeze it firmly.

“Hisao, calm down… Breath slow. I think one heart flutter is enough for one day, don’t you?” Last thing we need is you keeling over too, senpai…

He gulps for air and his eyes flit between our conjoined hands and my face as he calms over the next few minutes, the panic in his face soon giving way to concern. I pull at his hand and he joins me on the bed, sitting with his knees raised right next to me, our hands still connected.

“It’s sweet of you to come over, senpai.”

“I had to. I had to make sure you were okay. I hope… I hope I didn’t cause this.” His sombre tone hurting me more than the actual flutter did.

“Bound to happen. Totally worth it.”

“I… I can’t see how it is…” He looks at me disturbed and I tilt my head lazily. Feel so heavy, still.

“Haven’t you ever had your heart skip a beat for someone you like?” I giggle without opening my mouth. He frowns a little at me but keeps quiet. His lips purse like he wants to say something but can’t. He closes his eyes, inhales deeply and releases a lamentable sigh from his nose.

“Actually, yeah… I have. It’s how I ended up here.” He confesses and even with a head that feels like it’s made of cotton wool, I understand the gravity of the situation. I squeeze his hand and he looks to me, just as my eyes flutter closed. Gotta stay awake.

“You don’t have to… If you don’t wanna…”

“No, I think it’s time. I think, out of everyone, you might understand. Way back then, before I found out I had…” He pauses to steel himself and I open my eyes, determined to pay attention. “I have arrhythmia. You know what that is, I bet.” I nod slowly in response, causing him to chuckle in spite of his grim face.

“Thought so. Apparently I’ve had it all my life but I only found out when… When…” He stumbles and I squeeze his hand for reassurance. “There was a girl, Iwanako, and it was snowing. She called me out to this field and she confessed to me. Came as a shock in more ways than one because the next thing I knew; I was in the hospital.”

He takes his time; explaining about his first heart attack and what happened in the months that followed. Poor Hisao… Seeing everyone he knew and loved slowly abandon him, even as he abandoned himself… No wonder it’s taken him so long to open up about it. In contrast, I’ve been aware of my condition for as long as I can remember. I’ve had the time to adjust, to learn to live with it; even if each operation to fix me has left me gradually weaker, I know my heart is stronger than it was. Today being the exception.

“So that’s my story…” Hisao rests his head back against the wall, looking like a heavy weight has been lifted off him. I lean closer and rest my head on his shoulder.

“Thank you for sharing that, Hisao…” I mutter sincerely, nestling against him. “It makes me feel less silly for this happening after you kissed me on the cheek.” I titter and Hisao sighs, a slight note of annoyance in his voice.

“Too soon. Senpai.” My head swivels on his shoulder to look at him looking down at my confused expression. “What? When it comes to this; you’re my upperclassman.”

Awww, that’s sweet. I smile demurely before scooting closer, lifting his arm to rest across my shoulders. I cuddle into his side and let out a contended sigh.

“Do you mind if I just lay here for a while?” I ask and Hisao laughs, adjusting his position to be a little more comfortable.

“I don’t really have a choice, do I?”

I shake my head as the fatigue and medication take hold. Nuh-uh.

“Okay then… Sweet dreams, Rika.”
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Re: Flutter - Level Eight: Heart Piece [29/3/16]

Post by Dash9 » Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:13 am

OK FINE! I'll register so that I can post my thanks to Sharp-O for his ultra-super-adorable Rika! JEEZ!

Thank you for creating the most adorable Rika of all time!!! (Am I allowed to put that in all caps?)

Also, I'm not sure if I found a typo or if I'm just too tired to parse normal English.
--scruff of his uniform, and tell him that’s not on but--

Thanks for sharing this with us,

P.S. I'm saving Monomyth for when I have a day to read it all in one sitting, but it's firmly at the top of my list and I'm looking forward to it.
Also, I think I had more things to say, but I've been awake for about two days, I promise I'll proofread my post and (re)read all the rules and faq's and such when I wake up, which will hopefully be a few years from now.

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Re: Flutter - Level Eight: Heart Piece [29/3/16]

Post by Alpacalypse » Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:09 am

Well, despite the totally obvious hints, I did not see that coming. I am now concerned for my observational skills.
Anyway, that was fun. Rika seems to be taking the kiss/heart-flutter with far less mortification than I would have expected. Another victory for Sharp-O-branded adorableness(tm).

Now, onto another subject at hand:
Dash9 wrote:OK FINE! I'll register so that I can post my thanks to Sharp-O for his ultra-super-adorable Rika! JEEZ!
I consider this an adequate reason to register for the 'renai - welcome aboard!
Dash9 wrote:that’s not on
This is fine. "That's not on" is basically "that's not fair," but with added Britishness.
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I also write now, apparently. Since everyone else does it, I'm putting it here
I have also discovered that I'm a decent proofreader. Anybody with SPaG problems is free to PM me their work for a thorough analysis and/or evisceration. Depends on how I'm feeling.

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Re: Flutter - Level Eight: Heart Piece [29/3/16]

Post by Sharp-O » Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:42 am

Dash9 wrote:OK FINE! I'll register so that I can post my thanks to Sharp-O for his ultra-super-adorable Rika! JEEZ!

Thank you for creating the most adorable Rika of all time!!! (Am I allowed to put that in all caps?)
This. This is why I do what I do. Welcome to the boards, Dash, and I'm glad that you're enjoying the story so far. You humble me with your kind words :D

As 'Paca said; the 'that’s not on' line is correct but it's got a touch too much British sneaking in. Unless I'm writing Molly, I try to keep using more American terminology and phrases.
Alpacalypse wrote:Well, despite the totally obvious hints, I did not see that coming. I am now concerned for my observational skills.
Anyway, that was fun. Rika seems to be taking the kiss/heart-flutter with far less mortification than I would have expected. Another victory for Sharp-O-branded adorableness(tm).
Heeeey, Al! I figured this would be a good place for the reveal but there's definitely more conversation to be had, especially concerning how they approach things differently. Just not while Rika (and myself) is tripping balls on painkillers :lol:

Thanks for reading, guys!

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Re: Flutter - Level Eight: Heart Piece [29/3/16]

Post by Hesmiyu » Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:14 am

stahp! I may die from too much adorableness. This Rika is quickly becoming my favourite Sharp-O character, of not already. Looking forward to the challenges you'll no doubtlessly add :).

p.s. Don't actually stop :)
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Re: Flutter - Level Eight: Heart Piece [29/3/16]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:43 pm

Alpacalypse wrote:
Dash9 wrote:that’s not on
This is fine. "That's not on" is basically "that's not fair," but with added Britishness.
I always saw it as short for "That's not on the menu" - or even longer "on the list of acceptable options"
“Not one little bit but the feeling’s mutual so at least that’s something we have in common.”
Cute Rika, bitch Saki... I like it. But they do have another thing in common apparently - swimming :-)
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