Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Complete]

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Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/6/15]

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Chapter Seven: Partners in Crime

[If you’re not up by the time I get there, you will feel my wrath!]

I put my phone back on my bedside table and close my eyes. Akio already tried and failed to get me out of bed. I had a big day yesterday and a pretty restless night so I can afford five more minutes. Wrath be damned. I feel myself drift off again.

Before long, I become acutely aware of a weight on my stomach. Nothing heavy but it’s definitely intrusive. Then I hear the crack of knuckles. “How did you get in?” I groan with neither the energy to fight back or open my eyes.

“Your door was unlocked.” The voice responds.

“No, it wasn’t.”

“I have a spare key.” - “No, you don’t.”

“I can phase through walls?” - “Then you’re in the wrong school.”

“Miki taught me how to pick a lock…” The voice admits finally.

“I fucking knew it! That girl is trouble…” I laugh, opening my eyes and focus on Ritsu; the morning sun casting a resplendent halo around her, even in her school uniform. She’s confidently straddling my belly and thumbing her nose with a grin. “Yeah, well you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?”

“{Exactly}. That’s why I’m concerned that, a few days after your OCS, you’ve already graduated to breaking and entering…” I shake my head in mock disappointment.

“If you don’t get your lazy ass out of bed and come to class, you can add ‘assault’ to the charge!” She playfully shakes her fist in my face.

“There’s two problems with that plan, Ritsu. One: the nefarious {cat burglar} that broke into my room has me pinned under her. Two: I am only wearing boxers.” I state deadpan, confident that one of these will get her off me.

“Big, bad Taro scared of little, old me? I’m flattered! But I highly doubt you’re not wearing pyjamas.” She challenges me with a confident smirk, leaning on my chest.

I push myself up into a sitting position, causing Ritsu to slide back onto my lap and my duvet to fall forward and reveal my bare shoulders and chest. “See?” I raise my eyebrow, daring her to challenge me further.

“Y-you’re not going to sleep in just your boxers!” She’s flustered, but still intent on doing this.

“You’re right! That was a lie.” I smile genuinely.

Ritsu breaths a little sigh of relief.

“I sleep totally nude.” And I have never been more thankful of these thick bed sheets.

“You… Pervert!” Ritsu cackles, landing a playful bop on my chest.

“Hahaha! Now, are you going to let me get dressed or not?”

Ritsu sits there quietly for a fraction of a second longer than she really needs to but she relents and hops off me. She stops at the door and gives me the slyest grin I’ve ever seen on her lips.
“Just so you know… Your sheets aren’t nearly as thick as you’d hope.” She gives a knowing wink and leaves. Today‘s going to be a real test of willpower.

“And hurry up!” She shouts through the door. Yes, ma’am.

After dutifully getting dressed and locking my door, my phone buzzes with a text from Akio.

[Where the hell are you, man? Less than half the class showed up and most of them are DEAD. I can hear Mutou SNORING. Please don’t leave me to the horde…]

I laugh and show the message to Ritsu who giggles.

“What do you think? Do we brave the horde to save our friend?” I ask with raised eyebrow.

“That depends, how does the Hero of Yamaku Festival feel about truancy?” She retorts, adopting her hands on hips stance.

“Why, Miss Tainaka, I do believe you’re going to be a terrible influence on me…”

She laughs and slides a finger under my chin as she walks towards the stairs. “That’s what I’m hoping, Mr Arai~” I'd be a moron to turn that down.

[Sorry, Akio. I’ve been shanghaied by a cat burglar.]


We eventually reach the infamous Shanghai and enter. Despite how popular it is with Yamaku’s students, it always seems to be dead in here. First thing on a Monday morning is no exception.

“Welcome to the Shanghaaaaaaaaaiiii~” We hear, followed by a crash.

Ritsu lets go of my hand as I peer over the counter at the chaotic pile of teapots and Yuuko. You’ve gotta feel for her, she’s always in such a muddle about everything. I sidestep the counter and give Yuuko a firm hand hold to pull herself up. I bend down and collect the various metal teapots scattered around her.

“I-I-I-I’m sooooo sorry, Taro! I was just taking inventoryandthenthedoorrangan--” Her erratic apology and explanation is hushed after I replace the last teapot on a shelf under the counter and place a hand on her shoulder.

“Deep breaths, Yuuko. Deep, slow, breaths.” I say with all the authority of her senior, despite her being both the school librarian and a few years older than me. She seems to respond well to this practiced method. “Slow down. Breathe. Take your time.” I offer a warm smile and take my hand away. Yuuko calms and finally smiles.

“W-Welcome to the Shanghai, Taro.” She beams, bowing a little.

“Good morning, Yuuko,” Ritsu smiles. “Could we have two of your delicious lattes, please?”

“At your own pace, of course. Take your time and remember to breath.” I say before finding a cosy booth with Ritsu.

“Th-thank you, I will…” Yuuko says, resuming her duties.

I remember the first time I met Yuuko in the library at school. She was frantically rushing around reorganising book stacks as usual. She missed a step on one of the shelf ladders and fell, luckily I was there to catch her. Well, that’s probably a little generous. I let her fall on me. First bruise of my Yamaku career was having a ditzy librarian breaking her fall on me.
The second was from Miki, but that’s a different story. I’ve tried to help calm Yuuko’s nerves whenever I’m around and, for the most part, it works.

Speaking of the devil, Yuuko appears with our order. “Thank you for dining with us today.” She gives a courteous bow and a smile in my direction before turning to leave and suddenly stopping.

“W-w-wait… Aren’t you two supposed to be in class?” Uh-oh, she’s rumbled us.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in the library?” I offer what is possibly the weakest counterattack of my life.

“Not on Monday mornings, as well you know!” Yuuko’s stern stance is new to me. Then again, I’ve never blatantly flaunted school rules around her. Me and Ritsu share an uneasy look before I step up.

“I’m going to be straight with you, Yuuko. I spent yesterday nursing an unconscious girl with heatstroke and then carrying her, on my own, to the dorms at the behest of the nurse. Since I knew a lot of people would be pulling out of class because of the festival, I thought I could recuperate from my arduous, selfless deed. I thought you, of all people, would understand the need to de-stress.” While not untrue, I’m kinda manipulating Yuuko a little with my wording. Don’t feel great about it to be honest.

“O-oh! I heard about Tezuka’s accident from the other faculty. I’m so glad you were there to help!” Yuuko’s praise makes me blush.

“I only did what I thought was right. Wasn’t that big a deal.” I rub the back of my head and feel Ritsu’s hand on my shoulder. “You were a real hero, Taro!” She beams, making me blush harder.

“W-what about you, Ritsu?” Yuuko turns her attention to my companion who responds with some serious, deadpan delivery.

Menstrual cramps.”

This shakes Yuuko a fair bit, who only responds with a hushed “Say no more.” Yuuko looks around the Shanghai and then at us, bringing a finger to her lips with a wink.

“You were never here…”

We both give an appreciative nod before she leaves to attend a pair of old women who have just entered. I feel my bad arm be moved around Ritsu’s shoulder and my companion snuggle into my side.

“Menstrual cramps? Really?” I say with an unimpressed look.

“It’s a woman’s ‘get out of jail free’ card, I have a duty to use it.” She responds with a cheeky grin.

“That’s pretty devious.” I laugh as Ritsu buries herself deeper into my side.


“It’s a good thing you’re cute,” I smile, taking one of her hands in mine.


After two or three more rounds of some of the best coffee outside of the city, we decide not to push our luck at the Shanghai any longer. We give Yuuko a wave and return to the real world.

“Awwww man, I wish we could have spent all day in there!” Ritsu laments, wrapping her arms around me.

“I know, it was really… nice to just spend time with you.” I smile down at Ritsu and plant a kiss on her forehead. “C’mon, let’s go grab some lunch from the Aura Mart and head to the park.”

“We’re not going back to school?” She ponders as I stride off towards the store.

“Date’s not over yet, Miss Tainaka!” I call back. I hear frantic running and feel a sudden vice grip in my left hand.
“So you’re saying this is a date?!” She bounces happily. I think it’s high time I took some initiative here.

“If you’re going to make me cut class, I’m going to make this a date.”

“Damn, Taro! I dare say I’m rubbing off on you!” She laughs with a little too much confidence. I’m leading this dance, missy.

“Like I said… Date’s not over yet.” I reply with a devious smile which sends Ritsu’s face flush. Today’s going to be fun.


We retrieve a small assortment of snacks and soft drinks and make our way through the park. The mid-day sun is strong but as we reach the far tree line, we find a nice secluded spot next to an old, disused grass roller. It’s well-worn, around eight feet across and wide enough to comfortably perch on for a spur-of-the-moment picnic.


I snatch up my curry bread and greedily tear into it. It feels like I haven’t eaten in a week. Ritsu contents herself with a box of banana flavoured Koala’s March, crunching the tiny snacks one at a time. Little is said but Ritsu shows me the cute koala pictures on her snacks before gobbling them up. We finish our snacks, sliding off the roller onto the warm grass, each with an ice cold soda.

“You know what? Considering the rather rude awakening this morning,” I say, Ritsu almost choking on her drink, “Today has been great.” I lean back and rest my head on the roller and let out a happy sigh.

“Yeah, this date has been pretty fun~” Ritsu merrily chimes in before aggressively shifting over onto my lap and holding my face in her hands. She smiles before kissing me deeply, her tongue twirling around mine. She still tastes of watermelon soda.

“And speaking of this morning…” She says, leaning back. I guess there’s no hiding my arousal now. “Do you really sleep naked?” She asks with a curious smirk.

“Heh, actually, yeah… Pyjamas are too stuffy and restricting for me. Same with wearing boxers really.” I chuckle softly as I explain, no doubt blushing as I do.

“Huh, I never thought about it like that before!” Ritsu raises a finger to her cheek in thought, idly rocking back and forth. So much for taking the initiative, I lost control of this situation the moment kissed me.

I try to shift a little to get more of my back against the roller but the biggest thing I accomplish is inadvertently grinding my bulge against her crotch, causing her to collapse onto my chest with a shudder and a surprisingly loud gasp.

“Crap, are you okay?” I put a hand on her shoulder but she just grips my shirt tight.

“Just… gimme some… warning next time, big guy. That was… Yeah.” She holds my cheek and kisses me slowly. I reach my good hand around to the back of her neck.

“D-did you just…?” I timidly whisper into her ear and she buries her face in my neck, nodding slightly.

“Wow… That’s… I’ll be honest, that’s never happened to me before.” I chuckle, rubbing her back. “I usually have to work a little harder for that kind of reaction, haha.”

“Sn-snuck up on me too…” She titters. “I’ve… kinda been… turned on since this morning…” She reluctantly admits. “And last night…” Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed she’d be so…

Wait, what do you mean ‘usually’?” She suddenly bolts upright and I can see a slight shiver run up her body again.

“This… isn’t the first time I’ve done this kind of thing?” I offer cautiously. I don’t know how Ritsu’s going to react to that. I’m sure I’ve told her about previous girlfriends before.

“Oh…” She sulks, folding her arms across my chest. “And there was me thinking I’d be more of a corrupting influence on you.” She idly twirls a finger on my chest, only to be interrupted by a gentle flick of her forehead.

“I’m skipping school, getting dry-humped in a public park in the middle of the day by my delinquent girlfriend. Trust me, Rits, you’re corrupting enough.” I roar with laughter and she can’t help but join in, burying her face in her arms.

“Don‘t tease me, Taro…” She meekly pleads, not budging from her position.

I have to, right? It’d be wrong not to.

“I haven’t even begun to tease you yet,” I seductively taunt, lifting her chin and planting a kiss on her soft, inviting lips. “Date’s not over yet…”
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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/6/15]

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I hadn't gotten round to reading this fic until now, but I'm glad I did. :mrgreen:

Keep going, I look forward to the next part!
One Shots - My stories thread.

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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/6/15]

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swampie2 wrote:Awesome.

I hadn't gotten round to reading this fic until now, but I'm glad I did. :mrgreen:

Keep going, I look forward to the next part!
Thanks, Swampie! :D Glad you're enjoying and thanks for reading :)

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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/6/15]

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This was originally part of Partners in Crime but it ran long so I expanded it into it's own chapter and decided to post two chapters today. Be forewarned, this will be SMUTTY :wink:

Chapter Eight: Sleight of Hand (18+)

This is an immensely stupid idea. Very, very, stupid. We’re exposed, even if we’re far removed from the main path. Our uniforms are distinct so that’ll give us away, not mention we’re clearly playing hooky.

“Aaa-aah,” The trembling gasp escaping Ritsu’s lips casts all my concerns aside. My attention is refocused to the slightly dishevelled girl on my lap as my hand explores her chest.

You’d be amazed how easily you can unbutton a shirt, or blouse in this case, with one hand; a trick I picked up early in my Yamaku career. Bras are a little harder though, but I as I gently lift the rather plain garment over Ritsu’s breasts, I don’t think she’s going to complain. If anything, the devilish grin she gives me only tells me she’s wanted this for a while now.

I lean forward and press the small of her back with my hand, bringing us closer. As she wraps her arms around my head, I plant kisses along her collar bone and down between her pert B-cups. She gasps again and hugs my head to her chest. I let out a muffled laugh and rub her back as I kiss her delicate mounds, the skin depressing with every peck.

Her chest is heaving as I reach her right nipple. I flick the stiff little nub with my tongue a few times before taking it into my mouth. Another tremble, a moan in her throat. I find myself amused by the noises she makes, especially when and slide my hand around her torso and cup her left breast, giving that nipple a few playful flicks while my tongue does the same to her right.

“You’re… you’re going to have to tell me where you learned to do this.” Ritsu breathes quietly. Her right nipple leaves my mouth with an audible ‘pop’.

“A gentleman doesn’t {kiss and tell}, Miss Tainaka…” I offer with a sly grin. She laughs and pushes me hard against the grass roller.

“I’ll get it out of you, Mr. Arai. I have my ways...” She leans in close for a deep, long kiss. Our tongues writhing against each other, a primal dance of passion containing our combined heat.

“Your feminine wiles aren’t going to work, especially when I’ve got you under my thumb.” I retort, spinning her left nipple with my thumb for emphasis. Our playful teasing is soon becoming a war of attrition. One that I full intend to win.

She giggles and grinds slowly against my crotch. She’s going to have to do better than tha-- What’s… touching my foot?

(Thanks to Munchenhausen for the fan art!)
I cautiously look behind Ritsu to see a white, fluffy dog sniffing around my feet. The Kishu seems to be snuffling at my discarded curry bread wrapper. It finally takes notice of me and gives a happy ‘Arf!”, the sudden noise snapping Ritsu out of her lustful trance and sends her spilling off my lap onto her side. My eyes quickly scan the field and locate the owner, who gives a wave. I throw my hand in the air reflexively and then give the dog a scratch behind the ears. Content to have ruined the moment, the Kishu bounds off towards it’s owner.

“You okay?” I question the pouting Ritsu, who is laying on her side, buttoning up her blouse. She sits up with a sigh, her cheeks flushed.

“Yeah… But the mood’s kind of dead. I was so close to another…” She trails off. I take her hand and smile. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to leave things for now.” I offer.

“Heh, right? We’re already going to be in trouble for skipping school, I don’t think I could show my face in class if we were caught doing… that.” She snorts.

I let go of her hand and gather up our trash, tying them up in the grocery bag we brought them in. Ritsu has retrieved a small mirror and hair brush from her bag, making herself a little more presentable. I dust off my pants as I stand, offering my hand to Ritsu who bursts into a fit of giggles.

“T-Taro! I am so sorry!” She titters pointing at my crotch. It appears she left her mark, so to speak. Hopefully it won’t be noticeable once it’s dry.


We walk hand-in-hand through the school gates as the end of day bell chimes. Looks like we made it just in time to slink back into the dorms unnoticed.

“You okay? You’re walking funny.” Ritsu asks, a sly grin forming on her lips.

“Just feeling a little… strained, I guess,” I laugh. “Do girls even have an equivalent of ‘blue balls’?” The question seems to hang in the air as Ritsu seems to give it some genuine thought.

“I guess but I don’t think there’s a name for it…” She ponders. She seems to be taking this very seriously for light-hearted banter.

“What would you call it?” The least we can do is give it a name.

“Sad vagina?” She responds, all too sincerely.

Oh god, my lungs are burning. I feel myself double over but the laughs just aren’t coming, they seem content to rumble around inside as I wheeze uncontrollably. It doesn’t stop Ritsu from holding her side and roaring into the afternoon sky.

“Hurrrgh, I think you blew my funny fuse…” Is all I can verbalize in between gasps for air. The all-too good mood is soon shattered by a shout from amongst a crowd of students.

“YOU BASTARDS,” Akio sounds pissed. “I can’t believe you two left me behind! Why would yo--” He stops his tirade mid-sentence when he spots our conjoined hands. He huffs through his nose and smiles warmly. “I guess making myself scarce last night paid off…”

Ritsu and I shoot each other a look but before we can say anything, he’s ambled over and brought his arms around our necks.

“I’m so happy you kids finally figured it out.” The genuine affection is a little off-putting coming from Akio but I give an appreciative nod.

“Thanks, man.”

“Thank you, Akio.” Ritsu gives a few grateful pats on his back.

Akio beams and turns, slamming the end of his cane on the ground with a loud clap. “You do realise you now owe me the all the dirty details, right?” He strides off towards the boys’ dorm confidently.


“God damn, that’s romantic as fuck!” Akio applauds our recounting of our first kiss, myself and Ritsu exchanging an affectionate glance.

“Yeah, It was really…” I begin.

Explosive?” Akio offers with a grin.

“God damn it, Akio!” I laugh, Ritsu joining in.

“He told me not to say that last night!” Ritsu covers her mouth, rocking back and forth.

“You have to follow up with a pun, man! It would have sounded cool!” Akio protests.

“And when did you become the Master of Romance?” I shrewdly question.

The three of us take a good while to make small-talk, running through the days events but leaving some details out on our part, naturally. Akio checks his watch and gets up to leave, I go to stand but I’m barely on my knees before he waves me off. “Don’t get up on my account, man.” He smiles, grabbing his bag. “Just make sure you’re both in class tomorrow or I will throw you under the bus.”

“See you tomorrow then,” I nervously chuckle as he leaves. I breath a sign and turn to Ritsu but before I can, I’m pounced upon. We hit the floor with a muted thud but I bang the back of my head pretty hard.

“Ow! What’s the big id--MMPH!” My protestations are quickly silenced by Ritsu’s tongue, her whole body lying along the length of mine.

“I thought he’d never leave…” She huskily breathes into my ear as her arms wrap around my shoulders. I move my arm around her back.

“I guess I never did say the date was over, did I?” I ponder.

“Nope and I had you right where I wanted you too.” She giggles, kissing my neck.

“I believe you were at my mercy, Miss Tainaka.” I playfully reply, my hand sliding up the tender skin of her back.

“Then by all means, Mr Arai,” She leans closer to my ear. “Give me your best shot.”

I growl and roll us over so Ritsu is giggling on her back as I loom over her, my good arm giving me some precarious support while my other hangs limply at her side. I lean in for a kiss before turning my attention to her blouse. I’ll just…

“Huh.” I look between Ritsu’s heaving chest and the only appendage keeping me from collapsing on top of her. She’s clearly on the same wavelength but does nothing to help, merely folding her arms behind the back of her head.

“Didn’t think this through did you, big guy?” She mocks, licking her lips just to tease me.

I give her the stink eye and lean back onto my knees, reaching down and plucking the buttons one at a time. She takes full advantage of this and wriggles her butt against me, her legs slung over my thighs giving her more than enough purchase. When her blouse is open, I simply force her hips down again, displaying my dominance. She seems more than willing to comply as I lean in again, kissing her collar bone and chest.

“Mmmm, what about my bra? Same trick again?” She raises an eyebrow with a smile.

I don’t rise to her taunt, merely focusing on the task at hand. With a little coaxing, I manage to use my tongue to gather the seam between her breasts into my mouth. She looks on in bemusement as I pull her bra over her breasts with my teeth. She seems impressed by my ingenuity at least. I let the bra loose, the garment softly snapping back onto her chest.

“Ow. You didn’t have to be mean about it…” She pouts.

I smile and kiss her pert breasts, alternating pecks between them then alternating licks around her nipples before sucking. She squirms underneath me, giggling. I gently nip her flesh before kissing the same spot. I make my way back to the centre of her torso, leaving a trail of kisses down her body. She eases herself onto her elbows.

“Just how far down are you going, Taro?” She asks inquisitively.

I give her a mischievous grin, moving her pleated skirt so I can kiss her thighs. I lie on my stomach so I can more easily do so, and give myself access to the real prize. I plant kisses along her inner thighs, stopping just short of her panties, which are equally as plain as her bra, barring the distinct dark patch. I stay there, letting my warm breath tease her. She’s breathing heavier now but that’s not what I want to hear. She looks down at me and I just look back, my smile barely hidden by her pelvis. Her face turns sour when I don’t immediately attack her.

“Grrrrr, just do it, Taro!” I guess she‘s had enough teasing… I reach under her butt for the seam of her underwear and, with one or two practiced tugs, remove the barrier from my goal. Her legs widen again and I plant a kiss on the small tuft of ochre coloured hair. The sights and smells overloading my senses, I trace a long line up and down her glistening lips. She quivers and I do so again the opposite way. Her taste is… more than I could hope for. I happily lap at her privates with abandon, my tongue exploring her folds with care and savouring her plentiful juices.

“Ta-roooo~!” She moans deeply as my nose brushes against her clitoris a few times bringing gasps of delight. I turn my head and focus my tongue there, licking around her nub clockwise, then anti-clockwise, then a rapid flick side to side.

“You j-jerk, you never told me you were good at thiiiis~” Her hips are writhing but that just spurs me on, as does her fingers brushing through my hair before gripping tight as another wave of pleasure crashes over her.

“You never asked…” I tease, in between breaths and movements. A sharp tug of my hair is either displeasure at my joke or that I’ve stopped. I continue my assault on her clit and as her breathing becomes heavy and more rapid, I play my trump card. I slide a finger into her wetness, causing her to gasp but, with a little concentrated stroking, I can…

“OH MY GO-mmmmmmph!” Her euphoric shriek is muffled into a guttural moan as her hands dart to her mouth. Her back arcs, toes curl and I can feel her insides pulsate around my solitary finger. She slowly breathes out a sigh of blissful satisfaction as she wipes her forehead.

“That…” She purrs. “That was amazing. I guess… I underestimated… you.”

I slowly remove my finger, giving her g-spot a goodbye stroke as I withdraw and earning me one last gasp. She bolts upright as I lean back against my bed, licking my fingers clean.

“Did you think that was my best shot, Miss Tainaka?” I can‘t help but continue to taunt her, but I do feel satisfied that she enjoyed my performance. She crawls over and slumps on my belly, a look of utter bewilderment on her face.

“I… I’m still processing. Check back soon.” She huffs and I give stroke her wild mane of light brown hair. “I mean… how?”

“A gentleman doesn’t {kiss and tell}, remember?” I chuckle softly as she looks up at me with huge hazel eyes.

“That was more than kissing, big guy. Whoof.” She laughs. “I don’t know if I can top that right now… Do-do you mind?” She regretfully asks..

“Not at all,” I smile warmly “Though I‘m going to chalk that up as my win.” I laugh. Ritsu barely lifts my hand by the wrist.

“Round One goes to you, Taro…” She meekly sighs, closing her eyes as I wrap my arm around her shoulders. I’ll let her rest until curfew.
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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/6/15]

Post by HoneyBakedHam » Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:11 am exactly DOES Taro know how to do all that? I wanna know, myself.

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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/6/15]

Post by Sharp-O » Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:37 am

HoneyBakedHam exactly DOES Taro know how to do all that? I wanna know, myself.
Three years is a long time, my friend and Ritsu isn't the first girl to show interest in him. :wink: All will be revealed in time...

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Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 28/6/15]

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Chapter Nine: Just Rewards

Ritsu was the last person I saw last night and the first person I saw this morning.

“I’m going to invest in a deadbolt,” I explain to the pretty girl who somehow found her way into my room again this morning. She’s pinned me down under the bed sheet again with her entire body and is idly toying with my fringe.

“I’ll just scale the building and climb through the window.” She smiles, utterly fascinated by my hair.

“From {Catwoman} to {Batman} in 24 hours… That’s quite the transformation.” I observe, a flash of inspiration glints in Ritsu’s eyes as she sits up. Channelling her inner Takeshi Hongo, she performs an elaborate series of arm movements.


“And now you’re a Kamen Rider? I can’t keep up with these surprise twists!” My eyes wide in mock amazement.

“I am the Rider of Hearts! A protector of Yamaku! Kamen Rider… Ritsu!” She announces happily, throwing poses left and right. I think I’m rubbing off on her as much as she is on me. She seems to have forgotten that she’s straddling me. Then again, given the events of the past 24 hours, she probably hasn’t. Before the festival, I never would have imagined that Ritsu would be this… amorous but I guess she was equally surprised to learn I had some previous experience. I wonder if she even cares what my past is or…

“So what’s our mission for today, Hero of Yamaku Festival?” She pounds her chest twice before pointing down at me with a cocky smile. The finger is mere millimetres from my nose.

“I would recommend going to class to maintain our cover. We can’t risk our identities being exposed and our loved ones becoming targets.”

“Roger! What’s our first step?” She salutes with a wide grin.

“You get off me and let me get dressed.”

“Awww…” She gripes as she slinks towards the door.


Akio either wasn’t awake or had already gone to class before we got our act together but we still had plenty of time before Mutou would be characteristically late for homeroom. We enter the classroom, not giving a second thought to entering together, let alone holding hands but this appears to have played right into Akio’s nefarious revenge for yesterday.

He was standing at the head of the class with all attention on him and as soon as we entered, there was a chorus of cheers and one particularly loud wolf-whistle from Miki.

“Well played, you son of a bitch.” I can’t help but smile and shake my head at his masterful dick-move. He beams and gives a cheeky double thumbs-up before heading to his desk, content that now the whole class has me and Ritsu squarely in their sights.

“We should have stayed in your room…” Ritsu whispers behind me, my bulk hiding her quite well.

“Follow my lead.” I walk towards the blackboard, Ritsu following, a little meeker than her usual self. When we face the class though, she stands beside me with pride, a firm grip of my hand telling me she‘s ready for whatever I have planned. Showtime.

“Fellow classmates of 3-3, we greatly appreciate your warm welcome this morning,” A chorus of laughter around the room emboldens my performance.

“I don’t know what baseless lies or crass innuendo my dear friend Akio has told you,” He stands, taking a bow. “ But I will gladly answer any questions you might have about this new development in our humble class but, for the sake of time, let‘s limit it to just three.” Here it comes…

“Have you banged?” Akio calls from the back row. Thank you, my friend, for being such an easy mark.

“Your mother? Yes, I have. Please send her my regards.” I give a polite bow to sell the gag. Our classmates laugh and Akio nods with a smile, offering a couple polite claps.

Misha claps her hands excitedly, much to Shizune’s disdain. “Go for hair-drills.” I nod my head towards her.

“Oohmygosh, when did you get together?”

“At the festival. Specifically in the gardens during the fireworks.” Several of the girls coo at this answer, especially Misha. I notice Suzu’s hand, barely supporting it’s own weight.

“Last one, {Sleeping Beauty}. Make it count.”

“What was your first kiss like?” She sleepily asks with the faintest of smiles, causing some interested murmuring. Okay, this one’s a little embarrassing but, luckily, Ritsu’s confidence seems to have returned in spades.

“We kissed under the light of the last fireworks and, suffice to say, it was explosive~!” She adds a lilt to her voice and raises our coupled hands. The pun seems to go down well, considering how much the class eats it up.

“That’s all folks!” She announces, dragging me to the back of the class as they politely applaud. We take our seats just as the revelry dies down as Mutou enters the room, running late again. He doesn’t seem to care about yesterday as he calls attendance.


The lunch bell rings and, almost immediately, Ritsu turns to hammer Akio in the arm. Thank god she’s wearing her braces, both for his sake and hers.

“You unbelievable jerk-ass! That little stunt was mortifying!” She glares. Akio laughs, holding his arm.

“I’m sorry! I had to get you back for abandoning me yesterday,” He sticks his tongue out. “Besides, I knew you and Taro could turn it around. And it was funny!” I shake my head at him.

“She’s never going to let you live this down, man. Take your lumps.”

“Yeah!” Ritsu punctuates with another bop to his arm. While those two squabble, I catch the attention of Sweet & Sour plus Nakai.

“Just so you know, Taro~” Misha begins, clearly translating for Shizune. “We didn’t forget about your little absence yesterday either, wahahaha~!” I grimace, prepared for a telling off from our student council president.

“But given your efforts to support a fellow student during the day and the events of the fireworks display as you explained, I don’t see any reason to reprimand you this time. Awww, Shicchan, you’re such a hopeless romantic~”

This brings me out in a blushing grin. “I appreciate your leniency, Shizune. I hope you had a nice time at the festival?”

“It was very nice indeed, thank you.” Misha translates. “I had fun too, Taro!” She adds and I give her a big smile.

“What about you, Nakai? How’d you find it?” I turn my attention to our shaggy-haired newbie.

“Um, it was good, thanks,” He turns to give a smile, taking a quick glance at Shizune before meeting my gaze. “I had a lot of fun.”

“{Good man}.” I offer a thumbs-up, which he returns before Sweet & Sour catch his attention and Ritsu catches mine as she sits on my knee, placing her bento on my desk. I look to see if Akio is still breathing and find him happily tucking into his lunch.

“Thank you for not killing him,” I pat her knee gratefully. She slurps her juice box with a smile before sliding a rice ball to me.
“He owes me money. That is the only reason he still breathes.” She gives me a stoic nod.

I shake my head and take a chunk out of the homemade rice ball. The peaceful din is interrupted by a familiar tac-tac-tac racing through the halls followed by a sudden screech.

“Hey, Miki! Is he here today?” A voice comes from the door but Ritsu is blocking my view, I can however see Miki turn and call out to me.

“Yo, Taro! Your fan club’s here!” She laughs. Ritsu looks to the door and carefully removes herself to let me see the small frame of Emi Ibarazaki hopping from blade to blade in the doorway. Before I even cross the threshold, she’s wrapped her arms around my torso.

“Taro! Thank you soooo much for what you did!” I gently pat her on the back while looking around at the gazes of my classmates.

“It’s fine, Emi. I was glad to help. How’s Rin doing?” I ask with genuine concern.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Ibarazaki giggles and steps back as Tezuka’s head flops into frame. “Hello.”

With all that’s been going on with Ritsu, I hadn’t had a chance to go see Tezuka but I feel a great sense of relief to see her up and around.

“You’re looking better, Rin,” I say as she steps through the doorway. “I’m glad to see you’re…” I’m cut off by a soft thud against my chest. “Um, Rin? What are you…?”

“I’m hugging you, Taro. Thank you for helping me.” She plainly states with her eyes closed. This… is a new one. I’ve had many bizarre interactions with Tezuka but this is by far the oddest. Still, I can’t help but smile at her bona fide attempt to thank me. I put my good arm around her shoulder and give her a reassuring pat.


What the hell was that? I scan the room but the culprits are obvious. Natsume Ooe and Naomi Inoue of the newspaper club. They look at the screen on the back of their camera and give me a synchronised OK gesture. All I can do is shoot them an incredulous ‘Really?’ glare and step back from Tezuka giving her hair a small ruffle.

“I’m always happy to help, Rin. If you ever need anything, just let me know.” I smile and Tezuka seems to mull this over before nodding and leaving. Ibarazaki gives a wave and jogs after her.

I shake my head and make my way back to my desk, rubbing my eyes. Today has been really weird.



I flop backwards onto my bed and close my eyes. “I hope you guys won’t be offended if I just passed out for, like, 47 hours…” I offer to my two friends, who filed in after me.

The rest of the school day passed with little incident and we agreed to go over any notes me and Ritsu missed yesterday.

“I’m not writing your notes for you!” Ritsu jabs, sitting next to the bed and Akio sitting at my desk.

“Why not?” I ask, looking down at her. She twists her body and presents her gauntleted wrists.

“And?” I ask, half-jokingly.

“Don’t make me come up there and bop your face!” She threatens, putting up her dukes.

“I’m sure that’s exactly what he wants.” Akio chuckles, sliding his notebook toward Ritsu, who scans the pages.

“I dread to think what Ooe and Inoue are going to do with that picture…” I mumble into the room. I don’t mind people knowing what I did or being praised for it but a story in a newspaper, even a school newspaper, makes the whole thing… seem like a bigger deal than I think it is.

“They’ll probably just run a story about your heroic deeds… Akio told me they were asking people about it yesterday while we were out.” Ritsu idly answers.

“Or they’ll twist it into a scandal! All it takes is one misleading account...” Akio laughs. “One-Armed Bandit pilfers No-Armed Girl’s innocence!” His arms sweeping the air as if to print the slanderous headline.

Both myself and Ritsu shoot him filthy looks. “That’s not funny.” I say.

“You better not have.” Ritsu continues.

“They’ll never reveal their sources.” Akio folds his arms in confidence.

“They’ll never find your body.” I throw a threatening point at him before my arm gives up. Akio doesn’t get a chance to laugh before being slapped in the face with his textbook. “What was that for?”

“I doubt a comparison of each of our classmate’s ‘cute butts’ will be on the test, jerk-ass.” Ritsu yells and I can’t help but laugh.

“You never know!” is all Akio can offer as he stuffs his notebook back in his bag. “I guess I’ll go do some reading since I’ll be no help here.” He laughs, giving a wave to both of us. “See you love-birds tomorrow~” I close my eyes as he leaves, a heavy sigh leaving my lips.

“I know what you’re going to say, Taro.”

“I wasn’t going to, I swear. Thought about it though.” I chuckle as my girlfriend clambers up onto the bed and lies on my stomach. I reach out into the darkness for her face and find it.

“The last few days have been pretty hectic, huh?” She states, nuzzling my hand.

“Mmmm.” I nestle my back into a more comfortable position, holding Ritsu by her shoulders and planting a kiss on her forehead. I can feel her hand slip into my shirt and rub my chest.

“Heh, that feels nice,” I whisper, as she runs her fingers through my chest hair. Ritsu’s presence makes me feel so relaxed.

“I know what you mean, it’s nice just to be here…” She mutters back, a yawn betraying her own fatique.

I don’t know when, but eventually we fall asleep in each others’ arms.
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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 28/6/15]

Post by Path » Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:02 pm

I'm really liking the story so far. Love the characters, as they seem active when interacting. Also love how you made Yamaku more lively in sense the students act like students when finding out what other students are up to. Looking forward up what's going to happen next. :)

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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 28/6/15]

Post by HoneyBakedHam » Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:22 pm

We do need some darkness to this story at some point. Can't have it be too bright. :wink:

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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 28/6/15]

Post by Alpacalypse » Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:57 pm

Okay, I missed out on commenting on two chapters, so here's a summary of my thoughts on them:
Parteners in crime
Hey, this is a fun chapter! Taro and Ritsu skipping class to do things as a couple. It's cu-
Sleight of Hand
Oh. Oh. That escalated quickly.
Um, 'scuse me for a minute :oops:
One cold shower later
Also, "sad vagina" - I died :lol:
However, I did notice a few mistakes in that chapter (the fact that you got 8 chapters in without me finding any is a testament to your ability).
flicks with my tongue does the same to her right
Shouldn't that be "while my tongue"?
you under thumb
"under my thumb"
thumb for emphasise
"emphasis" (no "e" on the end)
Sharp-O wrote:warm breath teases her.
"tease" (no "s")

Okay, newest chapter - more main trio banter, yay! :D
I'm going to reiterate this point, because it keeps coming up - the chemistry that your main trio has is excellent.
I'm interested in what the conflict is going to be - for a story named after the Hero's Journey, we haven't even gotten to The Call yet (unless we're already at Woman as Temptress :lol: )
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I also write now, apparently. Since everyone else does it, I'm putting it here
I have also discovered that I'm a decent proofreader. Anybody with SPaG problems is free to PM me their work for a thorough analysis and/or evisceration. Depends on how I'm feeling.

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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 28/6/15]

Post by Sharp-O » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:37 pm

Path wrote:I'm really liking the story so far. Love the characters, as they seem active when interacting. Also love how you made Yamaku more lively in sense the students act like students when finding out what other students are up to. Looking forward up what's going to happen next. :)
Thank you for checking it out, Path and I'm glad you're enjoying it! I hope the rest of the story holds up :)
Alpacalypse wrote:Hey, this is a fun chapter! Taro and Ritsu skipping class to do things as a couple. It's cu-

Oh. Oh. That escalated quickly.
The escalation is real and only climbs higher with the next chapter. Here's a teaser: It's called 'Midnight Snack' :wink:
Alpacalypse wrote:Also, "sad vagina" - I died :lol:
I racked my brain to find something both genuine and funny. Honourable mentions go to: forlorn quim, weeping widow and, the runner-up, hose-pipe ban. :lol:
HoneyBakedHam wrote:We do need some darkness to this story at some point. Can't have it be too bright. :wink:
Alpacalypse wrote:I'm interested in what the conflict is going to be - for a story named after the Hero's Journey, we haven't even gotten to The Call yet (unless we're already at Woman as Temptress :lol: )
Two conflicts have the groundwork laid for them and one that's yet to be revealed. I've been having so much fun writing the characters (and I'm so thankful that everyone is enjoying them) that I haven't found a good enough in to kick it off but it's coming.

You wanna get nuts? LET'S GET NUTS! :twisted:

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Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 29/6/15]

Post by Sharp-O » Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:15 am

Chapter Ten: Midnight Snack (18+)

I peer into the darkness at the luminescent numbers on my clock. [12:53am]

“Nearly 1am?” I grumble. I guess that means I’ve been asleep for three hours or so. I shift my weight to get out of bed, only to be held fast by my surprise companion for the evening. I guess Ritsu fell asleep too, but not before removing her wrist braces. I smile to myself and ease her hands from my bad arm, replacing the sheet as I stand. Ritsu mumbles in her sleep. Cute.

“Gah!” I cringe at the sudden burst of dazzling white fluorescence. I wait for my eyes to adjust before stepping in front of the sink and mirror. I turn on the cold water tap and remove my tie. I slowly unbutton my shirt and throw it onto the laundry pile; turning to look at my reflection. I trace the dull red marks along my chest; thin, fading lines where Ritsu’s nails had been scratching. I chuckle and lean over the sink, cupping a lone hand under the tap and splashing my face a few times. It’s so refreshing that I let out a sigh. I notice movement reflected behind me and focus on it. The shambling form of Ritsu stumbles into the bathroom without a word, yawning.

I step aside and let her use my glass to grab herself a drink. With a few gulps, she dumps the water back into the sink and gives herself a refreshing splash. “Mornin’.” She mumbles, leaning against the sink.

“Evening.” I respond, patting her back softly.

“Whaaa’?” She looks to me, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“It’s nearly 1am. We fell asleep.” I bat the tap switch to the off position as Ritsu’s arms wind around my torso.

“Why are you shirtless?” She asks, nuzzling me.

“Can’t sleep in clothing remember? Too restricting.” I really should have worded that better.

“So you were going to strip down and get back in bed with me? You’re so naughty, Taro…” Her sleepy smile tells me that she wouldn’t have minded one bit.

“And you are incorrigible. I was going to keep my boxers on.”

“Well… Don’t let me stop you.” She turns slinks back into the darkness and, with a flip of her hips, closes the door slightly. Clearly, she’s plotting something. I shrug and unbuckle my belt, sliding off my trousers. Should I keep my socks on or not? Would that prove my pure intentions? Screw it, I’m not going to be any more uncomfortable than I have to be. I carefully balance and remove the plain black socks.

I slide the bathroom door open, a column of light cutting through the darkness, along the edge of my bed, where Ritsu lays.

“I knew you were up to something.” I lean against the door frame, trying to look as nonchalant as I can.

Her pale skin seems to radiate a soft glow in contrast to the darkness. Her thin yet curvaceous form is on full show as she leans on her side, head resting against her palm. Her underwear is a white and blue striped affair, a step up from the plain white. Her hair, unrestrained by her trademark headband, is a wild mane of brown. It’s quite a sight.

“I’m not the only one who’s up… to something.” The extra emphasis making me gaze down. There goes my façade of nonchalance.


“As if this isn’t the reaction you were aiming for…” I shake my head, flicking off the light switch and walking back to the bed. She even went to the trouble of opening my blinds to give the room some ambient light from outside. If only she’d use her problem-solving skills for good. She scoots up to the wall corner as I approach.

“Mmm-hmm… And yet you continue to surprise me, Mr Arai…” She coos as I lean back against my headboard. She snuggles close on my right side and swings one of her thighs over mine. “I can see why you find sleeping in boxers to be so… restricting.”

She slides her palm slowly against the material of my boxers, along the length of my bulge.

“Usually it isn’t this bad, but yeah…” I whisper, quite embarrassed as her attention is solely focused on me or, rather, one part of me. I move to stroke her shoulder with my good hand but it’s quickly slapped away.

“No, you don’t! I know what you’re capable of with that hand, Mr Arai…” She playfully scolds, pressing harder against my body, her breasts compressing against my torso.

“And I want to show you what I can do…” Her sultry tone, as well as her stroking, is driving me wild. I lean in for a kiss and, thankfully, she’s willing to allow me that much. Our tongues embrace passionately as her fingers trace the edges of my member. The material is tight so she’s having no troubling getting a reaction from me.

“This is {payback} for the other day, isn’t it?” I close my eyes and lean my head back.

“Damn right it is,” She whispers into my ear. “You’re not going to win this round, big guy… You are mine.” Her fingers idly glide up and down my length before a vice grip is applied through the material to emphasise her point.

“Haaa~” I gasp. She seems pleased with my reaction and she’s defintiely upped her teasing level but I‘m not out of the game yet..

“If you want to win, you need to start playing,” I stare into her gorgeous hazel eyes with lust and a lewd growl leaps from my throat. “Give me your best shot.”

Goading her with her own words has the desired effect as she forces her face against mine for a raunchy kiss as her grip tightens around me; slow teasing becoming a violent gyrating of her wrist. I spare a thought for her CT but a wave of pleasure surges through me and the thought of asking her to stop falls right out of my head. She finds a rhythm where she’ll stroke me and grind against my thigh at the same time. We break from our kiss and stare into each other’s eyes, like we’re trying to psyche each other out. Another battle of wills.

“That feels great,” I almost choke the words out as I regain my breath.

“That’s what I like to hear,” A soft chuckle escaping Ritsu’s lips. Our eyes remain locked.

“It’s definitely a good start, Miss Tainaka.” I whisper, a smile creeping across my lips as her eyes narrow. God, she’s hot when she’s angry.

“I’m just getting started!” She announces, sliding down the bed, her hands gripping my boxers and taking them with her. I’m suddenly and totally exposed in the moonlight, Ritsu discarding my boxers and creeping back up my body as I scoot more to the middle of the bed. Her hands run up my thighs and belly as she reaches my swollen member. She’s breathing against the underside of my shaft, no doubt trying to tease me with my own move but her eyes betray her as she studies the erect cock inches from her face. I think I’m only an average length but I’m told that my girth is my defining trait down there. She seems to agree.

“Huh. I guess ‘big guy’ was a good moniker in more ways than one…” Ritsu ponders, seemingly breaking character. I can’t help but laugh.

“Well if you’ve bitten off more than you can chuuuuuu-ah~” I almost shout out when Ritsu gives me a long, slow lick from my base to my tip sending a shudder throughout my entire body.

“You were saying?” She raises an eyebrow, planting a kiss on my twitching head. Alright, she’s back in character.

“Nothing, ma’am…” I sheepishly answer.

“That’s what I thought.” She reprimands as she grips my shaft, slowly working it up and down with a little twist. Her tongue dances playfully across my tip sending more shocks of pleasure through me. My breathing is becoming erratic, each touch causing another gasp to escape my lips. A loud moan rumbles in my throat as she takes me into her mouth.

“God damn, Rits… You’re… really good.” I breathlessly compliment her, making her chuckle around my dick, which is weirdly pleasant. She continues, working my shaft as her head bobs. Lewd, guttural moans in her throat making each motion even more erotic.

“Ritsu, I’m going to…” I gasp as a familiar euphoric feeling churns in my loins. She firmly presses her thumb against the underside of my shaft and removes me from her mouth.

“Now then…” Uh-oh. There’s a wicked glint in her eye.

“Are you going to tell me where you learned to do what you did other day?” Oh, you…

“{Cl-clever girl}.” I pant, my face no doubt a mix of lust, frustration, and being a tiny bit impressed. “I’ve told you about my… Junior High ex before…”

“You learned to do that with her?” …Mostly.

“I could ask you the same… You’re pretty… damn good yourself... Where’d you learn?” Pressure’s getting to me. I’m gonna pass out or die. Either way, I accept gladly.

“The internet, of course.” She grins devilishly. “How else is a young girl like me going to learn?”

I have to laugh or I’m going to cry. “You’ll… have to… give me the URL…”

She chuckles and applies more pressure to my shaft. “AH! Fuck!” I growl.

“Starting to regret all the teasing you gave me?” With me now under her thumb, I don’t have any other recourse but to answer. Our previous encounter flashes through my mind and my cock twitches in her hand. I grip the bed sheets and glare intently at her.

“No... I don‘t regret one second.”

She keeps her gaze and brushes her wild hair behind her ear. She leans in closer and before breaking eye contact, she whispers. “Good… Me neither.” And engulfs me in her mouth once more, her hand going into overdrive as my climax erupts from me and into her throat.

Ritsu~” I growl, her continued sucking carrying my climax for a few more seconds. She swirls her tongue around me once more, sending shivers through me, before removing me with a triumphant ‘pop’. She slides up my body and I lunge forward to meet her, wrapping my arm around her and kissing her passionately. Her arms slink around my neck.

“I guess that makes us even…” I sigh, unsurprisingly satisfied with my loss. She offers her right hand and I courteously raise it. “{Round Two} goes to you, Miss Tainaka.” I declare with a smile, before planting another kiss on her lips.

“I guess that means we need to have a tie-breaker…” She proposes, sending my eyes wide with alarm.

“U-u-um…” I stammer before being forcibly pushed back on the bed.

Next time, dummy. We’ve still got class in the morning and I suggest we get up earlier to shower.” She laughs, curling up next me, my arm wrapping around her waist.

“Good night, Ritsu…” I plant a peck on her forehead.

“Good night, Taro…” She closes her eyes and nuzzles into me.
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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 29/6/15]

Post by HoneyBakedHam » Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:42 am

Well damn, you're just making me jealous of Taro now. As a heavier set guy with strength (like him), I was no where as suave and shit as him. If anything, I got tossed to the side a lot (and still do today). Makes me wish I had his pointers.

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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 29/6/15]

Post by Sharp-O » Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:06 am

HoneyBakedHam wrote:Well damn, you're just making me jealous of Taro now. As a heavier set guy with strength (like him), I was no where as suave and shit as him. If anything, I got tossed to the side a lot (and still do today). Makes me wish I had his pointers.
I know the feeling, HBH. I based some of Taro's mindset on some of my own feelings from around that time in my life. Making up for self-perceived or socially enforced "flaws" by being a larger than life character. Overweight? Be the gentle giant. Lost the use of an arm? Be the best damn artist you can be. Trouble with girls? Be the suavest motherfucker alive.

Be everything except what others might label you as. Or, as Rin would so aptly put it: "Do things you can't do, just because you can." :mrgreen:

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Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 29/6/15]

Post by HoneyBakedHam » Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:10 am

Hmm that can be tricky with Asperger's.

"Trouble interpreting neurotypical behavior and cues? Become a psychologist."

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