Awesome "Out of Bounds" 16-bit remix by Triple-Q

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Awesome "Out of Bounds" 16-bit remix by Triple-Q

Post by Woody Alien » Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:05 am

Long time no see.
Being a new fan of Kill la Kill (btw, any KS crossovers with that one?) I was looking for some content and I stumbled upon the channel of this Triple-Q guy who made remixes of the KLK soundtrack, and also this remix of "Out of Bounds" made with the EarthBound soundfont.
It's spot on, and the guy also does art in the videos: this time he made a mock-up of an EarthBound screenshot with Kenji as Ness (or Jeff?). It's funny as hell. ... zxHqPKYQLg

I put the link for the playlist so you can hear yourself how good this dude is at remixing various anime, videogame and film songs.
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