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Hope progress is still good Doc.

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Ryan von Steiner wrote:Hope progress is still good Doc.
Progress is actually done now, this is the update post.

I know that this one is later than promised, but some home issues started acting up. I hope that the quality of the update will be enough to make up for the time it took to get to you all though!

Once more, if you spot any errors while reading do feel free to bring them up!


It was a freeing and exhilarating rush, to be honest. For the past week Hisao had the worry of these stalkers, the Cybermen, hanging thick on his shoulders. Constant reminders of their eyes on him at every turn, little time to not worry about what they might do. However, now the Doctor, a man with a time machine that was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside, had managed to actually free him from the pressure of it all.

Maybe not for too terribly long, but for now, Hisao was just happy and excited to be able to get up to the roof of the class building with only a fleeting concern of the Cyberman, who was still probably hopefully distracted by the 'past' him and Doctor. Hisao chuckled at that: the idea that he was existing at the same time as another him from his past. Most people didn't even think time travel possible, but here Hisao was having experienced it first hand. Of course, he didn't understand how it worked at all, but hey, he traveled back in time. That had to be worth something.

'Not being assimilated by the Cybermen for one.' Hisao reminded himself, before pushing himself up the stairs of the building with renewed gusto. He could marvel at having traveled through time later, for now the Doctor needed him to get this stuff to the roof for him. Moments later, Hisao made it to the roof, taking in deep gasps of breath as he walked out onto the roof, the gravel crunching and grinding beneath his feet.

As he set the electronics down on the bench that he and the others normally sat on, Hisao decided that it would be best if he simply waited for the Doctor to show up before looking around for an antennae or something for him to use. The Cybermen were still around, according to the Doctor, and really, Hisao would rather not be spotted and caught simply because he was up and moving around.

With that, Hisao decided to lay out on his back and rest for a bit. After all, the staff meeting couldn't last too terribly long if the Doctor was in such a hurry.


'Oh, what I go through to protect these humans.' The Doctor thought to himself as he quickly descended the stairs of the staff building. Twenty minutes, and only about eight of them served his purpose of stopping the Cybermen. The other twelve was dry, old nonsense that was always brought up at these staff meetings and deciding funding for various purposes. He might've lost more time than he'd like, but he at least did manage to set things into motion on the school end of the ordeal. Now, all he had to do was get to the roof so he and Hisao could do their part.

As the Doctor ran across campus towards the class building, he caught a glimpse of Shizune walking around campus with various building materials on hand . Misha was notably absent from the Student Council President's side, although the girl was probably out and about working on other facets of the festival.

It was actually a rather nice coincidence; now, rather than wait for the staff to inform the Student Council, the Doctor could do so himself. With a grin on his face the Doctor ran up towards Shizune, pulling out a pen and paper from his jacket pocket and before he scribbled a message.

'I have some good news for the Student Council!'


'Oh God, yes it could.' Hisao thought to himself, checking his watch for about the tenth time in the last thirty minutes. While Hisao did idly ponder whether the Doctor needed to take this long for the meeting or if the meeting was just dragging on beyond either of their expectations, Hisao couldn't say that he liked it either way. The longer he waited, the more time the Cyberman could spend looking around for him. The Law of Probability basically guaranteed that it'd eventually stumble on him, if not sooner then later, after all.

Hisao tried to shake off the thought. Constantly doting on the fact that he could be captured at any moment wasn't going to get him anywhere and would only accomplish stressing out himself and his heart. Hisao closed his eyes and took deep breaths as he tried to center himself. A few minutes passed before Hisao heard the door to the roof open up. The young man opened his eyes and tilted his head back to look, and sighed in relief when he saw the Doctor standing there with an amused look on his face.

"My, my, my. Aren't we relaxed for someone on the run." The Time Lord chuckled as he spoke, Hisao laughing as he stood up.

"Hey, I wasn't relaxing. I was laying low." The response was met with a groan, the Doctor palming his face as Hisao just laughed.

"... Blimey, you said that on purpose didn't you?" The Doctor shook his head. "Never mind, we need to get to work. It'll take some time for me to put all this together." The Doctor walked over to the electronics on the bench, gathering them all up before he looked around the roof.

"Yeah, good idea." Hisao agreed, walking around the roof. "But if you don't mind me asking, why isn't this already assembled, whatever it is?"

"Hisao, I might pride myself on being prepared, but I don't have something in the wing for every occasion.” The Doctor nodded in the direction of the other side of the roof, Hisao following the alien close behind. “Sometimes I have to wing it. Like now: I’ve never known the Cybermen to be too terribly subtle when it comes to their plans, so I’ve never had an occasion to have to search too hard to find them.”

“So now, you need to build something to track them down through their communications network.” Hisao finished, the Doctor nodding.

“Bingo.” The Doctor said, half in acknowledgment of Hisao’s statement and half for having found an old television antennae. “Just about as old fashioned as we can get for communication with resorting box radios and telegraph wires, but it’ll do.” The Time Lord ran up to the antennae, laying out the electronic equipment before him.

"Very, very lucky that this campus is so old. Otherwise we might not have had much to go on at all." The Doctor said, laughing a bit as he pulled out a pair of glasses from his coat pocket, putting them on as he got to work. "Just big enough for our purposes too. Love it when a plan comes together.”

“Does this thing even work anymore?” Hisao asked, crossing his arms across his chest as the Doctor shook his head.

“Probably not as per its original purpose, but with a little bit of jury rigging and with all this... stuff, it should do what we need it to do.” The Doctor said, extending his hand out to Hisao. “Now, Hisao, do me a favor and hand me the bit that looks like a capital letter L... unless, you're that bad at English?"

"I can at least get the alphabet right Doctor!" Hisao said in faux indignation as he handed The Doctor the described piece. "Besides, that can't be its name."

"Oh it isn't. But if I were to ask for it by name you'd just stare at me, go 'whot' and then I'd have to use the simple description anyway. As clever as that helps me feel Hisao, we don't have that much time." The Doctor sniffed at that, before frowning. "My goodness, all this time later and I'm still rude."

Hisao shrugged as he sat back, handing the Doctor parts and pieces or assisting him with the construction of the device as required. Eventually, curiosity got the better of Hisao and, after a few moments of shifting around, his curiosity burst forth.

"So, Doctor... you do a lot of this time traveling, right?" Hisao asked, the Time Lord pausing for a moment..

"I suppose you could say that, yeah. Why?"

"Well, just curious is all... do I end up famous or successful in the future?" Hisao asked, leaning forward slightly.

"Ah, first question a time traveler gets asked by most anyone: 'what is my future like? Well, either that or 'what is the future like'. Such a silly question if you ask me, what's the good of knowing if your future is good if there's no surprise in it ending up good?" The Doctor rambled for a bit before shrugging.

"Anyway Hisao, even if I was inclined to tell you, which I'm really not, I can't say for certain. One, I'd be telling you about your own future. Depending on how good or bad it was you could end up altering your behavior, making different choices then you would if you were uninformed..."

"Changing the future via information you wouldn't get normally. I'm guessing that's bad right?" Hisao asked, the Doctor shrugging.

"Well, time really is a fickle old girl. You can never tell what might end up setting her off. However, generally best not to test her too much. So yeah, it could be a really bad thing." The Doctor said rather forcefully, before continuing on. "Then of course there's the fact that your timeline is now in flux, so even if I did know anything about how your future went, it'll probably be far different now."

"... Wait, what?" Hisao asked, actually taken aback by this information.

"Well, I'm a time traveler Hisao. People might not notice that I'm not where I should be, but according to the universe I shouldn't be in most places I visit. So, my presence makes whatever timelines I touch pretty volatile. They can make for changes to the time stream, some good, some bad. Course I always try for good, and a lot of the time I end up doing what the timeline general says happened... if in a bit of a roundabout way."

"For example, in any of your English classes throughout all these school years, did they talk about Shakespeare?"

"Well... yeah, obviously." Hisao arched a brow as he spoke, wondering where the Doctor was going with this.

“You know about his lost play, Love’s Labors Won?” The Doctor snapped his fingers back as the electronics sparked for a moment, wagging them as Hisao shrugged.

“Well its lost. Other than that, I don’t know... but then most people really don’t know what happened with it, right?”

“Well, I do.” The Doctor said with a smirk. “Needless to say, it was all a bit mad.”

“Considering what we’re doing right now, I wouldn’t be surprised.” Hisao said with a laugh.

"Oh believe me Hisao, this isn’t even a drop in the bucket." The Doctor laughed as he got out two jumper cables, connecting them to bits of the electronics, before walking around looking for some source of power. "So yeah, I travel the universe, meet interesting people and lots of times end up playing a vital part in history. So long as I’m careful and don’t do anything stupid, like cause a paradox, I’m fine.”

“Sounds easy enough.” The young man said offhandedly, causing the Time Lord to waver a bit.

“You’d think so. Like I said, time is a fickle old girl and even the precise definition of what is and isn’t a paradox can get really muddy. Even the simplest paradox of all, meeting yourself in the same location in the same moment in time, I’ve violated more than a few times. Course there were special circumstances at work during those times, but still, I was shaking hands with other selves from past times. You know how weird that is? I mean, oldest me was like ‘oh great, look, I become a clown and a dandy’.”

The Doctor’s anecdote fell flat with Hisao, who just seemed to be somewhat horrified at the notion. The Doctor, meanwhile, snapped his fingers and walked over to an air conditioning unit, popping it open with his Sonic Screwdriver before connecting the jumpers there. A small spark flew from both ends of the jumpers as the electronics began to spring to life.

“Ah, molto bene! Just a few more tweaks and we’ll be ready Hisao!” The Doctor said enthusiastically and he knelt back down by the electronics, Hisao still rather stunned.

"... So, how do you not end up destroying the universe then?" The young man asked cautiously, the Doctor laughing a bit as he looked up to Hisao.

"Well, I try to be really careful for one. Two, I try to fix whatever damage I might cause. Finally, who is saying I haven't?" The Doctor's grin threatened to split his face as Hisao's eyes went a bit wide, The Doctor going back to work shortly thereafter. "Course, everything works out alright in the end. Traveling around in time and space might be dangerous, but then that's time, space and the universe for you. Brilliant, big, beautiful and dangerous."

Hisao considered all this and nodded, smiling slightly as he thought of all the possibilities. Shortly thereafter, though, a thought occurred to him.

"So, why have you been around Yamaku so long then, if traveling around the universe is so great?" Hisao asked, the Doctor's grin fading a bit as he turned back to his work. “I don’t know how long, but you didn’t just show up when the kidnappings started if everyone’s familiarity with you is any indication, or at least ‘Mutou’ didn’t-”

"I have my reasons.” The Doctor said rather flatly, Hisao bristling a bit at his tone which, along with his answer, conveyed a very clear message of ‘drop it’. The Time Lord brought out his sonic tool and, with a few whirs aimed around the now constructed machine, nodded his head.

“We’re good. Now, we can use the Cybermat to reverse their signal and start tracking them.” Hisao looked at the Doctor’s device, amazed that he had managed to make such a thing out of the various pieces but, there it was. “Hopefully, it’ll be quick.” The Doctor said as he pulled out the Cybermat.

“Yeah, hopefully. We need to find them as soon as possible.” The young man said firmly, while the Doctor merely nodded.

“Indeed, it’d also be nice if our special tin can friend didn’t end up finding us before we did.” The Doctor said as he placed the Cybermat into the machine, Hisao snapping his head to look at the Doctor.

“Come again?”

“Well, this little bugger needs to be transmitting his signal for the machine and the antennae to start trying to project and intercept theirs. Without his signal we’re getting nowhere fast.” The Doctor grimaced as he spoke, aiming his sonic tool at the Cybermat. “Unfortunately, that means that tall, gray and gruesome will be able to start tracking us again.”

“... So, how long until he finds us?” Hisao asked, nervously rubbing his arm as the Doctor shrugged.

“Dunno. Could be one minute away could be dozens! It all depends on where he is when we turn this little puppy back on!” The Doctor said, the Sonic Screwdriver whirring to life as it reactivated the Cybermat.

“Oh. How long until this figures out where the Cybermen are?” Hisao’s face was slowly paling, even as the Doctor stood up, placing his Sonic Screwdriver back into his coat pocket.

“Well, anywhere between five to fifteen minutes.”

“... So, we just going to sit here and hope it doesn't find us?” Hisao asked incredulously, the Doctor clapping his heads together with a nod.

“Yep. Unless you'd like us to go hide and leave the only means of tracking the Cybermen down alone out in the open for them to stomp all over?”

“Point taken.”

“I thought it would be.” The Doctor flashed a grin as he walked over to the wall of the building's roof access, leaning up against it as he watched the machine whir and run. Hisao, noticeably more nervous, followed the Doctor's lead, twisting and turning his head to look around for any Cybermen at the same time. Several minutes passed as the two waited for the machine to finish with its job, the Doctor drumming his fingers against the wall they leaned on and Hisao still nervously glancing around.

Soon after, the two heard the stair access door open up, footsteps crunching in the gravel of the roof. The Doctor and Hisao glanced to each other, each immediately freezing in place as they heard the steps meander about aimlessly.

"It might just be Rin, she usually ends up here a while before Emi or anyone else." Hisao whispered, the Doctor shrugging as he slowly slid over to the corner of the wall. The Doctor tilted his head out, quickly snapping it back as he slid back towards Hisao.

"Afraid that might've been a wee bit optimistic on your part Hisao." The Doctor whispered, Hisao swallowing nervously as he looked over to the machine.

"Is it done yet?"

"No, it'll go 'ding' when it has the signal." The Doctor said, Hisao just staring at the machine as he paled.

"So, what're we going to do Doctor?" He asked, his eyes locked onto the machine, as if a stern enough glare could get it to work faster.

"Be deleted."

".... Well, that's really pessimistic of you." Hisao commented, turning his head to look at the Doctor, who was looking over to the corner.

"That wasn't me Hisao, that was that." The Doctor pulled away from the wall as he went backpedaling away from a completely covered Cyberman in a brown coat, Hisao practically choking as he quickly followed the Doctor's lead. The covered Cyberman merely watched them move as he raised his right arm.

"Wait, wait." The Doctor said, raising both of his hands in the air as he nudged Hisao to do the same. "We give up! We are willingly handing ourselves over!"

"What are you doing?!" The young man growled at the Time Lord, even as he raised his hands.

"Play along, we might be able to salvage this and get into their ship if he's the right type of Cyberman." The Doctor whispered, looking straight at the Cyberman.

"Well, what if he's not keen on letting us go once we're on the ship?" Hisao whispered back, the Doctor shrugging.

"Haven't pieced together that part of the plan yet." Hisao had to hold himself back from snapping his head towards the Doctor, instead settling for another low, whispered growl.

"As 'clever' as you can be, you're awfully thick sometimes, you know that?"

"It happens from time to time." The Doctor muttered, before returning to speaking to the Cyberman. "We are willing to hand ourselves over to be integrated into the Cyber Empire. There's no need to harm us."

The Cyberman merely stood silently for a few seconds, before speaking.

"The human, Hisao Nakai, is to be integrated into the Cyber Empire, in service to the Cyber Emperor. Records indicate that taking in The Doctor would prove far too risky to the integrity of the mission. The Doctor is to be, deleted." As the Cyberman spoke in the subdued voice that Hisao had initially come to associate with them, the right arm of the Cyberman's coat once again ripped open, revealing the metallic cylinder.

"Well, at least we know they're from this universe. That's a load off my mind." The Doctor said, Hisao staring incredulously.

"Yeah, only to be replaced with the fact that you're about to be deleted, right?" The young man once again found himself stunned by the Doctor when, in response to this, the Doctor's face contorted into a grin.

"Mmm, no. Not really."

As if on cue, the school's lunch bell began to ring, the Cyberman glancing about as Hisao jumped a bit at the sudden interruption.

"Go ahead and fire off that laser if you really want to my metal friend. The only thing you'll succeed in doing is alerting an entire school to your presence. Even as we speak, kids are pouring out onto the grounds. If they don't end up seeing the bright flash of light from your little arm pistol, then they'll sure as heck hear it... and maybe my pained death screams." The time traveler jokingly grimaced as he spoke, lowering his hands into his coat pocket. "You've been needing to keep this covert because you know what happens if people find out you're here. You won't blow it over little old me."

Hisao risked a quick glance over his shoulder, largely finding the Doctor's threat to be right. A lot of students were already out and about on campus, either to head down to the Shanghai or to have a picnic on Yamaku's pristine grounds. If the Cyberman did fire off that little laser, he might as well be screaming in that robotic tone of voice about where he was.

Imagine the relief that both Hisao and the Doctor felt then when the Cyberman's laser withdrew back into its arm.

Only to be replaced with worry and fear again when the Cyberman's right glove suddenly erupted in flame, sparks of wild electricity dancing between its robotic fingers as electricity built up in its hand.

"Ah, right, that little electric shock thing you've got going in your right hand. Forgot about that." The Time Lord muttered as he looked on at the Cyberman, as three lumps suddenly popped up across random points on his body. The lumps quickly made their way to the nearest opening in the clothing covering the Cyberman, pant legs or sleeves and the like, revealing them to be Cybermats, only these were several times bigger than the one that had latched its tiny self onto Hisao's head.

"Ah, and more of those slug things to make sure we don't just run from it this time. He came prepared." Hisao said, a grim expression on his face as he attempted a quick quip, as the Cybermats positioned themselves carefully around Hisao and the Doctor.

"If we could distract him for a few seconds I could dispatch him and these Cybermats pretty quickly..." The Doctor whispered as the Cyberman began to march towards them, its right arm outstretched towards them, while the Cybermats also slithered their way towards them.

"Yeah, well, can't exactly distract them if they're right on top of us now can we?" Hisao practically spat back, the Doctor nodding.

"True, but, who did you say normally got here after this Rin girl you mentioned earlier?" The Doctor asked, sounding a bit leading, as Hisao raised an eyebrow.

"I said Emi. Why?"

"You think Emi could distract this, stopping him from killing me and dragging you off to who knows where?" The Doctor's tone had definitely shifted, sounding as if he was egging something on, while Hisao just shrugged.

"I suppose so, but-"

Hisao's counter was interrupted by a very, honestly, surprised sounding robotic growl from the Cyberman as it stumbled forward and backward, starting to swing itself around. Hisao's jaw dropped a bit as he saw Emi and her twin tails hanging on for dear life on the back of the Cyberman, banging her fist on its head.

"Ow! What's up with this guy's head, it feels as hard a rock!" Emi shouted as she continued to hang on.

"Perfect timing!" The Doctor said, pulling both hands out of his coat. With a quick flourish one hand brandished the Sonic Screwdriver, pointing it at each of the Cybermats and, with a blast of sonic whirring, deactivated each of them in turn. The Doctor then quickly ran up to the Cyberman, pressing his sonic instrument into his other hand while Emi continued to ride the cyborg.

"Oi! Drone!" The Doctor shouted at the Cyberman, just barely ducking underneath its arm as it swung itself towards him. The Doctor quickly reached up to the Cyberman's head, knocking off the hat covering it and pulling away at the collar protecting the bottom half of its head. Bringing up his other hand, the Doctor blew into it, fine, glittering particles flying into the face of the Cyberman as a sickly grinding sound began to churn out from its 'mouth'.

The Doctor backed away from the cyborg, pulling Emi off its back as the three stared at the Cyberman flailing about, the grinding growing more and more loud and soon become accompanied by choking sounds. Soon enough the Cyberman collapsed onto its hands and knees, the grinding and choking quieting slightly before the alien cyborg fell completely to the ground.

The Doctor grinned a bit as he wiped a bit of sweat from his brow, Hisao stared at the body of the Cyberman, an unbelieving expression on his face, while Emi stared most directly at the head of the Cyberman, her jaw hanging open as she tried to comprehend what she was seeing.

"Doctor, what did you do?" Hisao asked, the Doctor chuckling as he slapped his hands together, bits of glittering dust flying off from them.

"Mondas Cybermen Hisao, unlike their other universe counterparts, are entire humans in stasis inside those metal tins. To make sure the bodies don't end up just dieing, the metal shell has to simulate a lot of functions for the body, like breathing." The Doctor said, blowing away the dust. "The Cyberman's automated respiratory functions can filter out a lot of compounds Hisao, practically evaporating them to ensure that the function doesn't get clogged. But there's one material that the system can't filter out: gold."

"Basically, I filled that Cyberman's respiratory system with gold, effectively suffocating it."

"... And you didn't do this earlier because?" Hisao asked, the Doctor biting his bottom lip.

"Weeeell, I couldn't be sure if it these were Mondas Cybermen or Cybus Cybermen. If they were the latter from the other universe, all I would've done is annoy it and then get shocked to death. Besides Hisao, I can't just collapse a 16th Century Spanish coin into dust every time I run into a Cyberman. That's just wasteful."

"As opposed to getting killed?" Hisao asked, nevertheless laughing at the Doctor who just shrugged. Before the Doctor could retort, both his and Hisao's attention was dragged back to Emi, who very quickly pointed at the Cyberman's head.

"Th-that things a cyborg-robot thing?!" Emi asked quickly, quickly walked over to the Cyberman and kicking it with her foot, practically shrieking when her foot's clunk against the Cyberman's head confirmed solid metal. "It is! A-and its from another planet, or something, you said?" Emi pointed an accusatory hand back to the Doctor, who only nodded. "And you didn't call him Mutou, you called him... 'Doctor'. Doctor what?" Emi then pointed to Hisao, who just kinda shrugged.

"Just 'The Doctor'." Hisao answered, the Doctor chuckling a little as Emi looked between the two of them. "That's his name."

"... So, is he from space too? Is that how he knows all this stuff?" Hisao actually was getting a little worried about Emi, the girl seemed to be on the verge of passing out as she continued asking her questions.

"That's right. One-hundred percent alien right here. I even have a space ship." The Doctor answered with a grin, Emi seemingly stopping completely as she just stared at the Doctor.

"That's.... that's...." Emi seemed stuck for a few moments, Hisao slowly approaching her to try to comfort her. As he approached Emi broke out into a huge grin, bringing her hands up as she jumped. "Amazing!" The loud scream nearly deafened Hisao, who slapped his hands onto his ears as he saw Emi quite practically break out into a fit of giggles.

"I can't believe it! I mean, here I thought that this was just all some weird guy trying to hurt Mutou and you, but no, cyborg-robot thing! And those slug things! And Mutou's an alien named the Doctor!" Emi was practically laughing, excitement written all over her features as the Doctor joined in with her laughter.

"A little hard to believe isn't it?" The Doctor asked, Emi nodding as Hisao just stared.

"A little, but the robot thing, what'd you call it, Cyberman?" Emi pointed at the prone form of the Cyberman. "That's really hard to just wave off." Emi said with a wide grin, the Doctor nodding his head.

"Well, she's adapting really well to this, isn't she?" Hisao said with a small bit of sarcasm, the Doctor laughing as he pat him on the back.

"Certainly taking it better than you did." The Doctor said with a laugh, Emi's excitement waning slowly as she seemed to come down from her high, looking over at the electronics and the Cyberman again, a questioning look on her face.

"So... what exactly is going on here anyway?"

"Ah, you are a bit behind compared to Hisao aren't you. Well, you see Emi, these Cybermen-"


"-AH! Got their signal!" The Doctor said, running over to the machine with his Sonic Screwdriver. Emi and Hisao stared at the Doctor for a few seconds while the Time Lord examined the device, nodding in satisfaction as he returned his screwdriver to his coat pockets. "Right, Hisao, mind carrying this while I fill Emi in on our way back?"

"You're actually going to fill her in? What about how dangerous this all is?" Hisao asked, earning a small look from Emi as the Doctor chuckled.

"Too late to ask her to ignore it now, isn't it Hisao? Besides, she's the fastest thing on no legs, I'm sure she'll be able to handle it." The Doctor said, a beaming grin lighting up Emi's face as he began walking back towards the staircase. "Now come on then, back to the TARDIS!"

“That’s the name of his space ship." Hisao informed Emi as he picked up the device, Emi nodding in excitement as she quickly ran up beside the Doctor.
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I like the way this is going.

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I like how this is going.

More. We want more!

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Definitely worth the wait.

Although I figured Rin would be more likely to go with it then Emi. 'Course, of all of them, Emi would be the one to actually try and fight the thing :)
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Hoitash wrote:Definitely worth the wait.

Although I figured Rin would be more likely to go with it then Emi. 'Course, of all of them, Emi would be the one to actually try and fight the thing :)
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Aww, please tell me this hasn't died...

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No, not dead, just being put off while I'm attending a summer class for University.
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Right, so, that summer class last July eventually turned into the fall semester that featured prominently my Political Science cornerstone and a spring semester that prominently featured my History cornerstone, and both semesters also featured four other classes. Listen well young lads and lasses, Double Majors are not easy. Especially when you line up one undergrad thesis after another.

Now with my final major looking to be finished and the mountain of research and writing work I needed to do for my last thesis getting tossed to the side I feel relatively comfortable coming out and saying that this story, despite appearances to the contrary, is not dead and that I will begin work resurrecting the story of the Doctor and his new companions in short order. I should be able to produce the next bit of this story shortly. Until then I'd like to apologize for dropping off the face of the Earth.
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Oh great. Now I'm going to have to reread this whole thing again! :wink:
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griffon8 wrote:Oh great. Now I'm going to have to reread this whole thing again! :wink:
Are you implying that that's a bad thing?
Mut-Who wrote:Double Majors are not easy
I'm doing a Double Degree, so I know that feel.
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Re: Doctor Mut-Who

Post by Dumanios » Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:06 pm

This is awesome. Much better than I had expected.

I wonder, will any of the other classic Who-verse characters show up?

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Re: Doctor Mut-Who

Post by griffon8 » Mon May 06, 2013 10:56 pm

BlackWaltzTheThird wrote:
griffon8 wrote:Oh great. Now I'm going to have to reread this whole thing again! :wink:
Are you implying that that's a bad thing?
I would think the winking smiley at the end answers that question.
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