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My thoughts on the game.

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:23 pm
by Mckimmskie
Hello there,

I recently finished Hanako's path and I have to say I found it truly amazing. This is the first game that I have been able to really feel for the characters of the story and understand their emotions. It was an absolute pleasure to play that one story-line and now I have several more to complete. All of which I hope to be as good as each other. My only complaint is that the story can sometimes move very slow but that is a minor thing and I can ignore it very easily. I have recommended this to everyone because of its sort of enlightening experience. Katawa Shoujo has really touched a nerve which gives the player a real connection between the characters. I hope that this gets a lot more attention because it is a truly amazing thing to play.

Thank you Four Leaf Studios. :D