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Feedback :)

Post by Uzlz » Sat May 12, 2012 6:34 am

So yeah, started playing KS a week ago or so and I love it, this game is a very touching game, IT'S MORE THAN JUST A GAME! The emotion put into it is just unimaginable. I love the characters the stories and so far I've completed good endings of Hanako, Emi and Rin and I have loved it. This game has changed it making me think about more decisions in life, this game has changed me, I've been trying to be nicer to people recently. It's just this game which is totally amazing. After I completed Hanako arc I got the feeling and I can't forget about her, her cuteness and her life, I just want it all to be REAL! Like me being Hisao and going what he's going through. I want the anime world to be a real world, it's much nicer in the anime world, hopefully we'll find a planet where anime is a real life species.

Now lets feedback the characters

Hanako - Great character I loved her storyline (good ending) and it's just amazing, the writers definitely deserve a good reward. The part where Hanako goes on the floor and then Hisao hugs her because she thinks she's a burden was very heart-warming. Luckily I'm not the crying type, even though I'm 13 This game is totally amazing the ideas of it are amazing and i just want to live in a better world like this. The sex scene was pretty weird but after I understood, because Hanako thought she was a burden to everyone because she got help, she wanted people to think more of her, especially Hisao. I've never spent this much time on a single game, I spent around 5 hours completing Hanako's good ending arc.

Emi - Love this character too, her enthusiasm is just what I'd want to see from her, she's a beautiful girl. Her storyline was pretty dramatic as well seeing as her father died during the car crash which made her have to have prosthetic legs And to still see the happy side of her was just very great and makes me want to be more enthusiastic aswell. There were a few funny part with her story line where they try anal penetration in the school shed It's a really funny scene. Like most other characters in this game, Emi will truly become an inspiration to me, making me want to be more enthusiastic and making me try and run more.

Rin - Rin is a character that had me worried aswell, she seems as she's a normal person not thinking about much emotions, but when I understood her I knew how she felt. Her good ending route was great thinking and how Hisao tries to persuade her to express how she feels and try to make Hisao understand. The emotions kept inside of Rin were unexplainable for her, she couldn't think of much words and I love it. Her personality is great too, the only friends she really had were Art resources/equipment and that's how she tries to express herself and I want to know more about her in detail, she was a great character and worked me up too.

I haven't completed other characters but I'm working on Shizune's and so far it's look good.

10/10, Great game, Thank you 4LS!

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