Another Review [Spoilers]

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Another Review [Spoilers]

Post by Darkish-One » Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:28 am

I heard about this game basically through the fandom and comedy images seen here and there so I decided to check it out, only to find out it wasn't out yet so I waited patiently. I'm glad I did cause when KS was finally released I got a chance to ... words cant describe, feel? Yeah I got to "feel". I haven't had emotions over games in along time except boredom or slightest bit of fun a millionair in a batsuit can give... but KS, no 4LS knew how to grab your heart and they knew exactly what they wanted to do with it. Sadness, happiness, anger, this game has it all. I'm actually not finished with it either I have one route to go. Maybe I should go into some detail, there will be some spoilers though I'll keep them mild, not saying what exactly happens they are still spoilers so dont read them if you don't want any idea of what happens.

The first route I completed. Seemed very light hearted and fun to read. Though it gets bitter when you find out she's hiding her past. All in all Emi has a nice story, with some cute moments and actually one moment that...well you'll crack up at that moment if you havent seen it... if you follow the Shimmie boards you already know! ehem bottom line Emi seems like a basic route.

Rin (personal fav route)
My second route... I don't think I can explain this route without heavy spoilers so I won't. I will say this though This man typing right here, I fought back many tears during a certain scene fearing what might happen later once I seen what became of her at that moment... I lost that fight. At least I was wrong whew. Good Ending left a small hole in my heart because of part of the dialog but its understandable with the whole story but hey I still loved it anyway.

Third route, I feel a bit connected to this character, both being bullied at a young age though her reasons and mine being different, and being socially withdrawn because of it. Anywho, her story is cute as you help her progress by being her friend. It's not all nice though but you'll see for yourselves, all in all the Hanako route is an amazing story and if you have a certain heart condition... well go ahead an play it it will be worth dieing for.

Fouth route, alot of Wahaha in this route as you're around Shizune and Misha.You see how far one goes for someone he and she loves those who finished this route know exactly what I mean. This route has fun, drama, drills, no drills :O, and a bear in a Hawaiian shirt? whaaaaaa? It was an interesting rout to take and I enjoyed it.

Last Route, I've finally gotten around to it and it seems so... perfect and makes me wonder is Lily suppose to be the main choice if this even had sequel or anime/manga adaption. For one it's the only route with an epilogue, Hisao seems to learn alot from her. This route also expands on Hanakos situation showing that Hanako can do just fine without having Hisao as a lover since here she's happy for Lily and Hisao and still manages to interact with people. As a bonus from an extended timeline compared to her own route it shows that she became a member of the journalism club and will even travel over the break without Lily or Hisao... <3 Sorry I feel happy. What really blew my mind is how passionate Lily is, she had quite a few kissing scenes that needed displays and she cares alot, never say I'm fine around her if you really aren't. The last couple scenes before the ending made me think I stumbled on a bad end, ya know heart attack, portability that he can die, and he went though that to see Lily off one last time, to say he's sorry. That's love right there, to face death for your woman. Luckly he lives and good end happens. One more thing, I veiwed the library to see how I missed the bad end because I wanted to get both endings... NO BAD END!!! Doesn't that strike anyone else odd? Guess she is the real deal if there isn't a bad ending at all. Hehe I kinda over did it with spoilers on this route

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