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My great experience with KS

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:09 pm
by Komamura
First of all two things: Sorry for my grammar, im argentinian and english isnt my native language. Second, sorry for the long post.
I encountered about KS just by a post in 9gag, some meme of hisao complaining abouth other eroge characters having fantasy girls and he only have crippled with problems, being the parent of a child with some disability i felt it will be interesting to try the game.
Im 31 already, that means im a true 90 kids, i was 6 in 1990 and i always loved to read, first impression about KS with his style of visual novel was "i already remember something like this in my childhood", then i remembered a type of book i loved back then, they were called "choose your own adventure", simple written books about adventures with choices in some pages, much like the choices in KS they could lead to and early grave, victory or even some so so endings. Something i remembered is that my first reading of the book was like THE read, i should seriously consider every choice carrefully and if that choice lead me to a "bad" ending like dying early or failing it was a feeling of "thats it", that was the final of the line for me, of course i would later explore all the book and his endings, but that first read were the only one who sorted my feelings (joy, sadness or even anger), that being said i confronted KS with the same approach, i didnt watch any guide or know how to make things go well for Hisao, so i followed my gut.
I did things the way i felt i will do it myself in that HS time, for the first time i saw the character i liked Emi, but then i saw the choices were looking so unimportant, plus my total lack of XP with eroge games that i felt like it was impossible for me to steer things my way, i suffered every little part of the game like i was watching an old friend struggle to make a bond with that girl, when the game ended but that "What do you want to do today?" i was happy for a moment, then it happened again like with every great book, comic or anime i have looked, i felt sad because i have lost Hisao and Emi, for that short two days i was his friend and their were mines, but even now in my mind i could picture Emi trying for the olympics and Hisao doing well in the university, so i want to propose something for the braves who read this. How it turned out KS the first time u played? because for me even if im going to explore the game for the alternate endings i dont think i will fall in love with the characters like that first time, then again, sorry for the long post.

Re: My great experience with KS

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:15 am
by Hisao
What does "HS" mean ?

Re: My great experience with KS

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 3:20 pm
by Oddball
The first time I played KS, I got Hanako's bad ending. That hurt. Really bad.