Summer's Clover (Miki Path)

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Re: Summer's Clover (Miki Path)

Post by ATHINK » Thu Sep 02, 2021 7:40 pm

Since I'm a long-time lurker here who just made an actual account, I must leave my praise on this thread.

The Suzu path for Miki here is still my favorite Katawa Shoujo route, including those within the game itself. Miki is such an interesting protagonist and there's really a certain sense of true identity to her throughout both the Common path and the later diverging ones that makes the big moments hit home in a way that I just didn't quite get as often with Hisao. The ending of the Suzu path still gets me emotional even years after first reading it, and I'm so glad that this story exists and was told.

Thank you, Suriko.

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