Lustre: A Misaki Kawana Route [Update 11/05/2014]

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Re: Lustre: A Misaki Kawana Route [Update 11/05/2014]

Post by Numb » Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:01 pm

I figure I might as well say it here now that this thread is back in main view. This isn't dead, it's just untouched as of right now. I recently left BCube for reasons I'll probably go into in another post over on their forums, which freed up some of my ideas for written work. However, I'm currently in my final year of school and sitting four rather content-heavy courses, with exams and coursework deadlines approaching fairly quickly, so this will still be untouched.

Beyond that, come June I'll be looking for a job and, if things go well, settling into university life. I'll also be starting my first novel, because why not? Because the novel will be written at my own pace, I will also have other projects running; this will be one of them. As much as I'm movin away from fan fiction in general, I do believe that I have a long way to go before I can write a large project without feedback, and what better way to get it than post something in a casual environment with talented writers like Leaty, Helbereth, Brythian and Dewelar (these are the names I remember after my hiatus, apologies to anyone I forgot).

So, expect this to come back to life eventually, but don't wait with baited breath. I have other priorities, and honestly haven't written romance/slice of life in months because of coursework obligations. You may or may not see some horror/mystery creep its way in here for a scene or two because of that.

TL;DR not dead, but still not getting updated for a while to come.
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