After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good route)

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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by monkeywitha6pack » Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:32 pm

Another great chapter!

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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by sg1cat » Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:06 am

monkeywitha6pack wrote:Another great chapter!

Thanks! Most appreciated. :)
After Graduation - a Shizune/Hisao story (post-good route)

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Chapter 14

Post by sg1cat » Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:07 am

Shizune and I look over at the doorway to her dorm room in surprise as Lilly stands there, waiting.

[What does she want?] Shizune signs, glancing at me with an irritated expression.

Shrugging, I answer, [I don't know, she hasn't said yet.] I glance at the blonde in the doorway. She's stands in a pose of perfectly polite stillness, her expression patient as she waits.

[Ask her,] Shizune commands me, [we need to hurry up to catch our train.]

I sigh, thankful she can't hear it, then call out to Lilly while I sign for Shizune's benefit, ["Hi there, Lilly. Can we do something for you?"]

Lilly visibly stiffens at the sound of my voice, her expression briefly betraying her surprise before she quickly composes herself. "Hisao? I...assume Shizune is here, also?" she asks as I sign her words. My girlfriend frowns as I translate.

[Why wouldn't I be?] Shizune signs, [It's my room!]

As she signs, I tell Lilly, "Yes it's me, and Shizune is here. What's up? We need to hurry into town to catch our train."

"Ah, of course," she replies, my response seeming to answer her unspoken question as to why I was here. "I'll get to the point then," she says, her voice growing cool with irritation. "Shizune, I relayed your message to your father, and he's most displeased." Nervously I swallow as I sign for Shizune, remembering the subject line of Hidekai's email that I glimpsed on my girlfriend's phone last night. A vision of a rage-filled bear man swinging a katana at me flashes before my eyes.

Lilly draws in a deep breath and goes on, "He demands you come home for our reunion and graduation celebration. If you behave yourself, he says he might consider letting you see Hisao during your break." Lilly stops talking, tightly gripping her cane in her hands as she braces herself for Shizune's undoubtedly sharp answer.

My hands are shaking by the time I finish relaying the message to Shizune. I watch her intently as I do, gritting my teeth at the angry scowl I see there. After a moment's pause, she starts to sign.

[I am not going home. I am going to visit Hisao,] she signs with finality, her hands angrily slashing through the air. [Tell my father I won't be threatened, so he might as well stop with the bluster.]

"Shizune says she won't go home, she's leaving with me to visit," I explain to Lilly, hesitating before I continue, silently debating whether I should translate the last half of what Shizune said. Drawing in a deep breath, I then add, "She says she won't be threatened, he can stop trying."

Lilly frowns at her answer, sighing heavily. Clearly she doesn't like being in the middle of this and I can't help but wonder whether she disapproves of Shizune's choice in this matter.

Her next words answer that question for me.

"Shizune," she goes on, "our family has gone to great expense and trouble to put this celebration together for us." I sign for her as she goes on, "My parents have even flown in from Scotland for the occassion. I think it would be appropriate for you to at least make an appearance."

My girlfriend's face turns extremely dark as I translate Lilly's words. I grit my teeth as I prepare myself for the onslaught that's about to follow. In no time at all, her fingers are flying to sign her answer.

[I have no intention of missing out on a visit with Hisao just so I can surround myself with people who can't even speak my language!] Shizune's hands slice through the air in a flurry of motion, making it hard to keep up as I translate her words for Lilly. [What would you have me do if I were to join you there, miss prim and proper?! Sit in the corner and twiddle my thumbs while you and everyone else talk and socialize without my being able to participate? Not that I'd expect you to understand what it's like for me,] she chides her cousin. [Maybe I could just spend my time reading and drinking tea.] I faithfully translate every word, and see Lilly flinch at the harshness of Shizune's rebuke.

Normally, I would have softened her message, but this argument wasn't just the girls bickering over deadlines for paperwork and who shoulders how much responsibility. This is deep stuff. I feel like I'm intruding as it is, just being in the middle of it as translator. Truth be told, though, I definitely think Shizune's in the right to be upset. It still galls me that her father never bothered to learn sign language for her. At least Hidekai showed an interest, even if it was only this past summer.

Lilly hesitates before answering, "Shizune, I..."

[I won't be going,] Shizune plows on as I parrot her words for Lilly. [I'm going to stay with Hisao. At least he made the effort to learn my language, so he could speak with me.] She pauses, then adds bitterly, [be sure to tell my father that, won't you?]

Lilly's jaw clenches at Shizune's words in my mouth, frowning and furrowing her brow. She stands silently, making no motion to answer.

I glance at my watch, suddenly worrying about the time. It's eight o'clock. Looking back over, I see Shizune watching me. Her face is still flushed in anger as she signs, [What time is it, Hisao?]

["It's Eight o'clock,"] I sign back while answering aloud for Lilly's benefit, thinking it's probably best we don't continue this conversation, anyway. ["We should get going,"] I say and sign further.

[We should,] Shizune answers, abruptly grabbing most of her bags and heading towards the door. She tries to push her way past Lilly, but we're both surprised when the tall blonde puts her hand against Shizune's chest and stands strong against her. I half expect her to knock Lilly to the ground, but instead Shizune pauses, looking up at her cousin. Then she looks back at me, frowning with an expectant gaze.

I hesitate for only a moment, then speak and sign, ["Lilly, Shizune would like to get past. We have a train to catch."]

Lilly nods, but doesn't say anything in answer. Instead, her hand moves to find Shizune's shoulder, quickly traveling down her arm. Lilly moves her hand over Shizune's hand, touches the handle of the suitcase, then gives a gentle tug on her cousin's wrist. A moment later my girlfriend releases the bag she carried in that hand, the heavy weight falling to the ground with a loud thud. Lilly pushes her hand into Shizune's, then starts to silently move her fingers rapidly against Shizune's palm.

I watch in awe as Shizune's bitter expression cracks, the anger giving way to pain and sadness.

Lilly's fingers stop, and Shizune hesitates. The two stand motionless for a moment or two before Shizune grips Lilly's hand tightly, drawing in a deep breath. She then thrusts her hand into Lilly's, making similar movements. Shizune's jaw clenches as she makes the signs, her hand forceful in its movements agaist Lilly's palm, the tall blonde's expression faltering as she closes her eyes. I fear what Shizune may be telling her cousin and I wonder what Lilly told her, but I can only watch and wait.

Shizune stops then, and the two switch up again, Lilly signing now to Shizune. They go back and forth a few times like this, the room thick with the silence as they converse.

Finally, they stop. Shizune hesitates as she stands next to Lilly, looking down at the floor with a clenched jaw.

To my utter shock, Shizune then removes her hand from Lilly's and and flings that same arm around her cousin's neck, pulling her into a tight embrace. Lilly's arms wrap about Shizune's waist to hold her tightly. They squeeze each other for a few seconds before Shizune pulls away. Leaning down, she picks up the one bag she dropped, then looks back at me.

I'm surprised to see her eyes glistening with unshed tears. Stepping forward, I reach out to her, but she frowns and shakes her head, then nods out towards the hallway. Turning around, she walks past Lilly to proceed down the hallway, carrying her portion of the luggage.

Scrambling, I pick up the rest of her bags with mine, and hurry to quickly get past Lilly, intent on chasing after Shizune. I'm stopped when the blond puts her hand on my chest, just as she had with my girlfriend.

"Lilly," I begin, intending to tell her that I need to catch up with Shizune, but then she interrupts me.

"Hisao," she says firmly, her voice thick with emotion, "do you love Shizune?"

I'm so stunned by the question that I can't manage to answer for the space of a breath. Looking up into her unseeing eyes, I see that she's also on the verge of tears, just as Shizune was.

"Yes," I say, quickly adding, "absolutely, completely."

She nods in satisfaction at this, her hand moving up to grip my shoulder. "Good," she says, "because she loves you very much."

"I know," I start to say, when she interrupts me.

"Shizune hasn't had many people close to her in her whole life," she goes on to say. "You can probably count them on one hand. This makes you special, but it also makes you dangerous." I furrow my brow and am about to interject, when she continues on. "Please take care not to hurt her, Hisao," she says.

Again I pause, stunned by her words.

"I won't hurt her," I finally answer, somewhat in a daze. "I promise," I spontaneously add, feeling compelled to do so, somehow. "I only want to make her happy." Lilly nods at this, seemingly satisfied.

"Thank you," she says simply.

"So...are you two...reconciled now?" I ask, my confusion slipping into my tone.

Lilly chuckles at this, shaking her head as she withdraws her hand. "It's not that easy," she answers. I nod sullenly, a little disappointed.

"But," she adds, looking thoughtful, "maybe we just took the first step."

I hesitate, then hear a banging from down the hall, like the sound of someone hitting a metal panel with their hand. Glancing around Lilly, I see Shizune waiting in the elevator, holding it open with one of her bags in the doorway as she glares at me. She points at her wrist with her fingers, even though she doesn't wear a watch.

"You should go," Lilly says, just as I was about to say the same.

"Good bye, Lilly," I tell her, adding, "Thank you."

Now she hesitates, looking confused. "For what?" she asks.

"For looking out for Shizune," I say simply.

She smiles, then answers, "Well...thank you, for making yourself a part of her life. I know that's not easy to do..."

I chuckle slighty at her words, nodding. "True,'s worth it."

She smiles wryly at this. "Good bye, Hisao."

"Good bye, Lilly," I say, then walk past her. Hurrying down the hallway with our bags in tow, I make my way to the elevator. Shizune glances at me as I come to stand beside her. She removes her bag from the way, allowing the elevator doors silently close. The car lurches and starts to make its slow descent.

Shizune casts her gaze down at floor, lost in thought. The look on her face is a mixture of anger and the painful sadness I saw upon her face when Lilly was speaking to her. I wonder at what the two of them shared and worry about the affect it had on Shizune. After a moment, I reach over to touch her cheek. She glances over at this, looking at me with a furrowed brow.

[What?] she signs, a little sharply.

[Are you okay?] I ask, watching her with concern.

[Why wouldn't I be?] she asks.

I frown slightly, shrugging while signing, [Whatever you and Lilly talked about...]

She grabs my hands, silencing me. Shizune doesn't say anything, but studies me intently with that penatrating stare of hers. I look back at her with a confused expression.

Finally she releases me, signing, [It was nothing.]

I scowl at this, meeting her gaze with a disapproving glare. At first, she looks back at me with a hard countanance. After a few moments, though, she starts to falter. My brow furrows as the hurt from her refusal to tell me what upset her so starts to steep into my soul. I make no effort to hide how I feel. As the elevator dings, her face falls, a sad demeanor coming over her face the longer I watch her, staring into her eyes.

[Look,] she signs hesitantly, [it's nothing...really.] I cross my arms as she goes on, letting my disbelief show on my face. Her discomfort grows as she shifts nervously before me.

[Hisao,] she signs, [if it's important, I'll tell you...] I lift an eyebrow at her words, my frown persisting. [I promise...] I keep my eyes locked on hers.

[Please?] she pleads, staring hopefully into my eyes.

I wrestle within myself at her protestations, and her refusal to let me in. All these months, she'd been opening up to me more and more, but suddently I've hit a brick wall. Given the pain I saw in her eyes after she and Lilly spoke privately, I'm worried for her, but also upset and a little scared that she wouldn't share with me what was so troubling her.

Still, I sense that she's not going to yield on this one. I have little choice.

With a reluctant sigh and a disappointed gaze into her eyes, I finally nod. Shizune smiles in relief, wrapping her arms about me and pressing her head against my chest. My arms encircle her waist as the doors to the elevator open, though there's a bitternes in the pit of my gut as I do.

Pulling away, she smiles up at me, kissing me briefly on the lips.

[Thank you,] she signs, staring into my eyes.

Glancing up at the open doors behind her, I then look back at her and sign, [we should go, if we want to make our train.]

Shizune hesitates at my cool response, then nods. Picking up her share of our luggage, she leaves the elevator, as do I. Rushing out into the dormitory lobby, we hurry out of the building in a mad dash to town and the train station.
After Graduation - a Shizune/Hisao story (post-good route)

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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:04 pm

Great chapter. Really like how Shizune and Lilly have started to reconcile. It's obviously going to take a while, but I'm glad to see they're trying.
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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by sg1cat » Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:07 am

AntonSlavik020 wrote:Great chapter. Really like how Shizune and Lilly have started to reconcile. It's obviously going to take a while, but I'm glad to see they're trying.
Thanks much Anton. As always, your feedback is very appreciated. :)

We may yet see more of Lilly as our two young lovers carry on...stay tuned! ;-)
After Graduation - a Shizune/Hisao story (post-good route)

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Chapter 15

Post by sg1cat » Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:08 am

We make good time down the hill, hustling along at nearly a jog. My breathing quickly becomes labored, but I manage to keep up the pace Shizune sets. As we go down the hill, my mind drifts back to her refusal to share what upset her so about the private conversation she and Lilly shared. It bothers me that she shut me out, but I remind myself of her promise. If it were important, she would share it with me.

But, if it isn't important, then why was she so upset by it?

Shizune keeps glancing back as she leads the way, looking me over with a concerned gaze. At first I think she's worried about my mood after our exchange in the elevator. Maybe she is, but as my heart starts to thump heavily in my chest I realize that she's probably also concerned about how I'm handling the stress of our mad dash to the train station.

In truth, I've started to wonder the same thing, as my heart hammers uncomfortably. Figuring it’s best to play it safe, especially after last night’s episode, I slow down a little. At her next glance, Shizune sees that I have and adjusts accordingly. We still make good time, but it doesn’t strain my heart as much.

My mind drifts back to the wall Shizune tossed up. As much as it hurt, I decide it’s best to play it cool for now. I wonder if whatever Lilly said has anything to do with the upcoming reunion and graduation party this weekend. I can't be sure, but I'm betting that's why Lilly took her own initiative to push Shizune to attend, after my girlfriend refused her father's demands.

Then an idea strikes me. The reason Shizune didn't want to go to the party was that she would rather stay with me. That, and she didn't want to spend time with people who couldn't speak with her. Maybe she can have her cake and eat it too. I could offer to go to the party with her, once we've settled in at my parents' place. I'll play translator for her with her family, and after the party's over we can return to my parents' home and resume our vacation.

Maybe in the process, I'll find out what has upset her so.

As we rush through the gates of the train station, I glance at the clock on the schedule board, panicked about missing our train. It's just a bit past eight thirty. I get excited, thinking we've got it made, but then see the line to the cashier. Shizune sees it too, frowning slightly as she glances at the clock. Without hesitating, she grabs my hand and drags me over to the queue, assuming the next place in line.

We set our luggage down. My breathing is labored, and my shirt is drenched in sweat as I struggle to catch my breath. Shizune looks at me with an expression of concern. Seeing her worry about my condition still bothers me, as does her not opening up to me about whatever upset her. I don't acknowledge her worried gaze.

Touching my arm to get my attention, she signs, [Are you okay?]

[How do you mean?] I ask, looking into her eyes.

She hesitates, her fingers wavering as she pauses to consider her answer. She signs back, [You're out of breath and sweating profusely, are you going to be okay?]

I nod, answering simply, [I'm fine.] She frowns at this, but I ignore it.

Glancing at the clock, a feeling of dread passes over me. [We're screwed,] I sign, looking at the ten or so people ahead of us.

[We'll be fine,] Shizune assures me. [We've still got plenty of time.] I give her a dubious glance, but don't argue the point.

We stand together in tense stillness, and I look away, my gaze switching between the clock and the line. As we wait, I feel her eyes upon me. Glancing over at her, I briefly catch her watching me with a worried countenance before she quickly looks down when my eyes meet hers. She shifts uncomfortably, and I swear I see a hint of guilt painted over her face.

Being that my breathing has started to return to normal, I figure this is now more about our issue than my health.

I take her hand in mine. She quickly turns to look up at me as I do, immediately meeting my gaze with a hopeful eye. I smile at her, squeezing her hand. Her lips lift into a sweet smile of relief as her she entwines her fingers with mine, gripping my hand tightly. We stare at each other for a little while until she finally looks down, her smile still going strong as she leans in to nestle close against me with a happy sigh.

In spite of what happened in the elevator, I can't stay angry at her. I decide to try and be confident that when the time comes, she'll tell me what's the matter.

The minutes tick by and the line moves up by one. Reluctantly, Shizune removes her hand from mine and we move our luggage forward. I go back to watching the clock and the line in turn. My anxiety about our issue mingles with the worry about missing our train, though the former is quickly becoming eclipsed by our more immediate concern.

As I look at the clock for the umpteenth time, I feel her hand caressing my cheek. I look down at Shizune and she meets my gaze, signing with a smile, [Would you quit worrying?]

[You were worried too,] I point out.

[Only about making it to the train station in time,] she signs. [Now that we're here, we're fine.]

[You seem pretty sure of yourself,] I reply. [That's a long line ahead of us. There's a very good chance we won't make it in time.]

She smirks at this. [Don't you have confidence in me, Hisao? Your girlfriend has assured you that we don't have anything to worry about. That should be enough.]

I lift my eyebrow at her. She giggles silently at my reaction, adjusting her glasses and meeting my stare with a haughty gaze. The cashier calls the next person and the line moves up again.

[There's still eight people ahead of us,] I point out, [and we only have just over twenty minutes.] She only grins more at this. [It took them seven minutes to deal with the last two people. At this rate, we won't make it in time.] Shizune shrugs, her confidence unshaken.

[Well, if you're so certain, would you care to make a wager on that?] I ask, smirking.

Her eyes light up at this. [You want to bet on whether or not we'll miss our train?] she asks with an amused expression.

Shrugging, I answer, [Sure, why not? If we're going to miss our train, then I might as well score a win out of it.]

She giggles silently at this, covering her mouth with her hand.

[It won't even come close to that.] She adjusts her glasses again, watching me intently before signings, [I bet you we'll be at the register by eight fifty five.]

I glance at the clock, which reads eight thirty seven. [Oh?] I ask.

She nods, looking into my eyes with a steely gaze.

[Okay,] I sign and then ask, [What are the stakes?]

She smiles wickedly, answering, [If I win, you have to do whatever I say for the whole train ride to your parents.]

Nodding, I stare back into her eyes intently, [and if I win, then you do what I say for the whole ride home?]

She nods solemnly, holding out her hand.

I grin, shaking her hand. [Okay then,] I answer. [You're on.]

She smiles from ear to ear at me as the line moves forward. After we move our luggage up, I sign to her, [Seven to go and it's eight thirty nine.] She lifts an eyebrow at me, smirking wryly as I go on, [Sorry to say, dearest, but you're going to lose this one.]

She giggles silently again, covering her mouth with her hand. [We shall see, Hisao Nakai!] she signs with an excited gaze into my eyes. [But I predict you'll be doing my bidding for our rather lengthy train ride to your parents' house...] She giggles again, her excitement growing as she looks at the clock, then back at me with a wider smile still.

A scowl crosses my lips as I watch her. She's far too confident, given the line ahead of us. It's natural that she'd be so excited at another competition, but this goes beyond that. I look over at the clock, and see the time is now eight forty. Glancing back at her, I meet her gaze with a suspicious eye. I cross my arms indignantly.

Something's up.

We stand together wordlessly, waiting for the line to move. We continue to hold at seven ahead of us, and I watch the clock count up to eight forty one. The line still hasn't moved. I glance back at Shizune and smirk, expecting to see her start to worry. Instead, I'm greeted by a gleeful grin, her eyes sparkling. That look is unmistakable. It's how she gets whenever she knows with absolute certainty that she's won. I furrow my brow in frustrated confusion. She giggles mutely while covering her mouth, then points to the front of the line. I stare at her for a moment more, my worry growing before I pull my eyes away to look.

My mouth falls open as I see what's got her so excited. They've opened up a second cashier's window. The person at the front of the line moves up to the new spot just as the person at the first window finishes up, and the line moves forward by two. My shoulders slump as I realize what just happened here.

I look over at Shizune as we move our luggage forward. She's smiling from ear to ear, looking positively giddy. After we move up and settle our luggage again, I lift my hands. [You knew that was going to happen,] I sign accusingly. She doesn't seem bothered by the charge.

[Of course!] she signs with a jubilant look in her eyes. [I've been going to Yamaku for three years now! I know this train station well,] she explains with a smirk, further elaborating, [If there's any kind of line, they always put out a second cashier at twenty minutes before the next train.]

I frown, lifting my hands to answer her, when the line moves forward again. We pick up our luggage and move forward another place. After we settle once more, I sign to her, [That was cheating.]

Her eyes flash at my accusation. [Hisao Nakai!] she signs with sharp, slashing motions, [how dare you accuse your girlfriend of anything so dishonorable!] She's forced to pause as we move our luggage forward when the line advances again.

After she puts down her bags, she adjusts her glasses before signing further, [For one thing, this game was your idea, not mine!] I sigh at her point, not being able to refute it. She's not satisfied with that, however, adding, [besides, we never established a rule against my knowing that, and you never asked if I had any special knowledge. It was a perfectly legal tactic for me to take advantage of!]

As I stare at her with a defeated gaze, we're suddenly forced to move forward yet again. When we put down our luggage once more, I find that we're now at the front of the line. Glancing up at the clock, I see it's eight fourty eight. We'll be at the cashier's window in just a minute.

Lifting my hands, I'm about to sign to her, but her hands move first.

[Now, give me your ticket,] Shizune signs.

Furrowing my brow in confusion, I hesitate. [What? Why?] I sign, pointing out, [my ticket doesn't need to be changed, it's my train that we're taking.]

Shizune snaps her fingers, causing me and everyone around us to jump. [No questioning!] she signs with a sharp gaze. [You lost! That means you have to do what I tell you for the rest of the trip!]

Smirking back at her, I lift my chin defiantly and point out, [Actually, the bet was specifically for the train ride home.] She frowns, shifting in frustration as I add, [the train station was never mentioned.]

Furrowing her brow, she attempts to justify her demand, [the train ticket has to do with the train, so it's covered as part of our agreement!]

I sigh as she's clearly not backing down. One of the cashiers calls for us to step up to the window, drawing my gaze away from Shizune. I glance back and nod my head towards the window, starting to pick up my share of the luggage. She follows suit, and we head over to the window. Glancing up at the clock, I see it click to eight fifty one just as we reach the window.

It's official. She beat me.


Shizune puts her ticket down on the counter with a heavy thump and glares at me with an expectant gaze. With a sigh, I pull out my ticket. Before I can blink, she snatches it out of my hand and slams it down on the counter atop of hers with a triumphant grin.

[Now,] Shizune signs to me, [tell him to change our tickets for two first-class tickets on your train.]

I blink at my girlfriend's words, lifting my hands to protest. She snaps her fingers loudly, causing me to jump along with the cashier and everyone else in earshot. She scowls at me as she reads my expression. [No arguing!] she signs firmly. [Now tell him!]

Glaring at her for a moment, I sigh, turn to the cashier and ask with a defeated voice, "Could you change her ticket out to my train, and upgrade us both to first class, please?"

The elderly gentleman behind the counter has been waiting for us patiently. He smiles at my words, looking at me with a sympathetic gaze and a knowing smile. "Certainly, sir," he answers, picking up the tickets from the counter, looking first at mine, then Shizune's. He glances over at the computer and starts pecking away at the keyboard. After a minute, he turns back to us.

"That will be eighty-two thousand, four-hundred, fifty nine yen," he tells me. I blanch at the price. Shizune sees the expression on my face and looks at the electronic display on the cash register. As I turn to her, intending sign that we should just ride coach like my original ticket was for, she simply nods matter-of-factly and puts a credit card down on the counter.

My mouth hangs open as the cashier picks it up and swipes it. After the register shows the payment processed, he tears up our original tickets and presses another button. Two new tickets pop out of the printer on the counter, which he slides to us through the cashier window, along with Shizune's card and a receipt.

"Thank you, have a pleasant journey," he tells us with a kindly voice.

Shizune takes the bundle of paper and plastic from the counter and hefts her share of the luggage, meeting my gaze with a smirk. She walks away, looking quite pleased with herself. Hesitating for a moment in shock, I then hurriedly pick up the bags I've been carrying and follow her, wondering what just happened.

Shizune walks over to a bench near the platform that our train will arrive on. Seating herself as she puts down her baggage, she sorts through the papers and plastic as I seat myself next to her. With a grin, she puts her card and the receipt back in her purse and hands me my ticket. I take the offered paper, still looking at her with a surprised expression.

Lifting an eyebrow, she signs, [What?]

I can't help but smirk as I answer, [You spend money like a drunken sailor.] She frowns slightly at this as I continue, [you didn't have to be extravagant, we could have just ridden in the main car with everyone else.]

Her lips curl into a mischievous smirk as she replies. [We could have,] she agrees, but then adds with a glint in her eyes, [but then my winning our little bet wouldn't have been nearly as fun.] My brow furrows as she explains, [first class cabins are private. Now I'll have you all to myself from morning till dark, and I can do whatever I want with you...]

I swallow heavily at her words as I stare into the intense gaze of her dark blue eyes. A chill runs down my spine as I feel both excited and terrified at her words.

What have I gotten myself into?
After Graduation - a Shizune/Hisao story (post-good route)

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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by Oscar Wildecat » Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:53 am

What have I gotten myself into?
The train equivalent of the mile high club?

The moral of this chapter is : Never go into a battle of wits unarmed. :wink:
I like all the girls in KS, but empathize with Hanako the most.
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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by dewelar » Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:03 pm

A very nice thing to find after my first good night's sleep in a couple of weeks. This might be my favorite installment of this story to date. Slice-of-life isn't the easiest genre to make engaging, but you've definitely managed it, and this chapter is a great example. The interplay between Shizune and Hisao was bang on here. Well done.
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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by Mournful3ch0 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:20 pm

Oscar Wildecat wrote:
What have I gotten myself into?
The train equivalent of the mile high club?
Welcome, Hisao Nakai, to the mile long club.

Thanks for posting, thoroughly enjoyed!
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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by griffon8 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:44 pm

dewelar wrote:The interplay between Shizune and Hisao was bang on here.
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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by motokid108 » Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:43 pm

WHY CAN'T I WRITE LIKE A PRO LIKE YOU?! Great chapter good sir/maddam. I eagerly await the next installment!


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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by sg1cat » Sat Jan 11, 2014 4:20 pm

Oscar Wildecat wrote:
What have I gotten myself into?
The train equivalent of the mile high club?
No comment. ;)
Oscar Wildecat wrote:The moral of this chapter is : Never go into a battle of wits unarmed. :wink:

Think our protagonist has learned his lesson? :P
dewelar wrote:A very nice thing to find after my first good night's sleep in a couple of weeks. This might be my favorite installment of this story to date. Slice-of-life isn't the easiest genre to make engaging, but you've definitely managed it, and this chapter is a great example. The interplay between Shizune and Hisao was bang on here. Well done.
Thank you so very much for the kind words, they always inspire me to write more. :)

I'm really glad the timing was good for you, it's good to know my writing makes my readers happy. :D

Mournful3ch0 wrote:Thanks for posting, thoroughly enjoyed!
Most welcome, thanks for saying so!

motokid108 wrote:WHY CAN'T I WRITE LIKE A PRO LIKE YOU?! Great chapter good sir/maddam.

VERY flattering, thank you so much. Keep working on your writing, read lots, and don't be afraid of constructive criticism. Improvement will come with time and practice.

On that note, I should take a moment to once more thank Mirage_GSM for his help on my story. He's been a fantastic editor, and I owe a great deal to him.
motokid108 wrote:I eagerly await the next installment!
Wait no more! ;)
After Graduation - a Shizune/Hisao story (post-good route)

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Chapter 16

Post by sg1cat » Sat Jan 11, 2014 4:23 pm

I'm staring into Shizune's eyes, feeling both nervous and eager about the train ride home, when I hear a train whistle blowing off in the distance behind me. It's either calling for my doom or my triumph.

Maybe both.

What will Shizune command me to do? She's got possession of me for a full day.

[Feeling nervous?] she asks with a wry smile.

[Should I be?] I ask playfully, yet with an undertone of seriousness.

She grins all the more. [Only if you don't trust me,] she signs with laughter in her eyes.

Damn. What could I possibly say to that?

She giggles silently at the look on my face, covering her mouth as she does.

[Don't worry,] she goes on to sign, [I won't make you do anything too outrageous...] I lift an eyebrow as she adds, [at least, not right away...]

Shizune looks as giddy as a child on Christmas morning. If I was looking to put her at ease after her refusal to share with me what bothered her, I seem to have succeeded in that strategy beyond my wildest dreams.

From the speakers above us, I hear the announcement of the arrival of the inbound train that we'll be taking to my parents' home. Behind me, I hear the train chugging along as it approaches the station.

Shizune briefly pulls her gaze away from mine, glancing over my shoulder to look at the oncoming train. My girlfriend's lips curl into an even more wicked smile as she stares at me, looking like the cat that got the cream. My mind whirls with the possibilities that lay ahead of us, though my anticipation is mixed with a sense of dread.

Looking into my eyes, she signs, [The train's on it's way.] The noise gets louder as she adds, [we'll be boarding in just a few moments...then you'll be mine.] Her grin lilts all the more as I start to shift uncomfortably in my seat. My discomfort seems to feed her excitement for the upcoming trip and the collection of her winnings.

The train rushes noisily into the station, the gusts of air it kicks up ruffling our hair and clothes, its brakes squealing loudly as the large vehicle comes to a halt. I stare back into Shizune's eyes, then start to answer her smile with a devilish one of my own. She lifts an eyebrow at my change in demeanor.

As the train doors open and people start to file out of the train, I suddenly lean in to deeply kiss Shizune full on the lips. She sucks in her breath in surprise, but answers in kind. I quickly pull away and meet her gaze again while signing, [I'm already yours, Shizune,] her smile sweetens at my answer, but then I add, [do your worst.]

Her eyes flash in excitement at my words, watching me intently as I stand and gather the bags I've been carrying for us. She looks giddy as she watches me for a moment before she too stands. Gathering her own share of our luggage, she then turns to walk towards the train.

I follow her across the platform. We're greeted in turn by an attendant, who scans our tickets and nods with a smile as we each enter into the door. I note the words "First Class" on the side of the car as we proceed. My heart thumbs with excitement as I walk behind her down the aisle. Of course I'm nervous, and truth be told a little excited, about what the train ride will be like in light of her winning our bet. But that's not what really gets my pulse racing.

The floor beneath me lurches as the train starts to move.

I smile from ear to ear as the vehicle starts accelerate.

This is it.

She's coming home with me, to visit for several weeks.

We're on our way.

As the train rumbles beneath my feet while it gets up to speed, Shizune reaches our compartment and opens the door, walking inside. Following her in, I see a small, cozy room. It consists of two benches, facing one another, and a large window that spans the width of the room. I notice that to the right of the door is a smallish closet with a door, which I presume to be for storing luggage.

Before I can think of much else, I glance back to Shizue to see her smiling devilishly at me.

[Now,] she signs with deliberate motions as a grin slowly spreads across her face, [I have you for the whole day at my beck and call, dearest Hisao...]

Crap. Here we go.

She goes on with a glint in her eye, [and since we're on a train, there's no chance for you to escape.]

As if I'd actually try to.

Furrowing my brow I ask, [What on Earth are you planning to do to me?]

She chuckles silently, shaking her head. [That's for me to know and for you to find out!] I sigh heavily, which only serves to increase her glee.

She snaps her fingers, causing me to jump. [First, stow our luggage!] she commands.

I groan quietly as I look from the small closet to the seven sizable pieces of luggage that we've been hauling around for the last hour. It's a good thing that I played a lot of Tetris before coming to Yamaku. I glance back at Shizune, who has just seated herself on the bench, stretched out and relaxed. She looks at me with an expectant gaze, lifting an eyebrow. With a sigh, I start the task. It takes several minutes and a couple of tries, but I eventually fit everything in, except for her satchel and purse, which I leave on the bench opposite the one she's sitting on.

That was something of a workout, I'm a little sweaty again.

Looking back at Shizune, I meet her gaze as she nods approvingly. Her face is a portrait of excited glee as she gives me my next command, [Now, for breakfast!] she signs, sitting up and adjusting her glasses. [I'm very hungry, and I'm sure you are, too.] I shrug and nod, to which she answers, [So your next official order is to go to the cafe car and fetch us both some food.]

With a heavy sigh, I nod, then pause and sign, [What are the prices like?] I don't have much money left, but I really don't want to have to ask her to cover yet more of our bills. How much she spent on Misha and me in the last 24 hours simply boggles my mind.

[Use your first class ticket,] she explains. [You can bring back as much as you want.]

Impressed, I fish the paper out of my pocket and look at it. Sure enough, it has "unlimited cafe car pass" printed on it.

[Okay then!] I sign dramatically. [Lady Shizune, I shall return forthwith, bearing yon breakfast!] I bow deeply with a sweeping motion, causing her to giggle mutely behind her hand. She claps silently, acting impressed.

[Oh, very good, Hisao,] she answers. [You're starting to get the hang of this...] I scowl slightly at her answer to my sarcasm, rolling my eyes as I turn to open the door to our chamber. Glancing back, I see her giggling all the more, a few noises slipping out as she tries to stiffle them.

My trip to the cafe car is uneventful enough. Being immediately adjacent to first class, I only have to walk the length of our car to arrive. The line turns out to be reasonable, which gave me time to look at the menu. When my turn comes, I place orders for each of us consisting of steamed rice, miso soup, some grilled fish, and tamagoyaki with a cup of tea. Stacking the trays, which are loaded with clear-covered dishes that cloud over from the steam, I struggle to get back to our room.

As I slide the door open, I see Shizune sitting face-forward on the same bench, leaning up against the outer wall with her hands folded neatly in her lap. She's looking out the window, a gentle smile upon her face, her attention fixed upon the world whizzing by outside our window.

Her face is a portrait of contentment, the sight of which relaxes me. I pause to watch her, balancing the trays in my arms as the train jostles me to and fro. My girlfriend appears very calm and happy, moreso than I ever remember seeing her throughout the year. She looks exceptionally beautiful as the scenery rushes by, her lovely face and shapely figure bathed in the sunlight streaming in from the morning sun as it slowly makes its way upwards in the cerulean sky.

My heart swells up at the sight of her. How I do love her so.

Stepping into our room, I seat myself next to her. She turns to look at me as I sit, the depression I cause in the bench drawing her attention away from the window. Her lips curl into a loving smile as she sees me, meeting my gaze happily. [Thank you, Hisao,] she signs.

I nod at her as she signs further, [Now, if you could be so kind as to extend the table?] I furrow my brow at her words, looking around the cabin. Shizune taps her foot on the wall beneath the window. It's then I notice that the wall of our cabin has a flat panel with some apparatus beneath it. Standing up and putting our trays of food down on the seat, I go to investigate.

It's a simple enough matter to figure out. I lift the bottom of the panel, which is attached at the top by a hinge. A pair of legs unfold from beneath as I raise the surface into its proper place as a table. The legs drop down as they fall open, and I keep lifting until I hear a click.

Shizune watches me, smiling sublimely. I take our trays and place them on the table, which extends about halfway into the cabin from the outer wall. The table is so short that I'll have to sit opposite her for breakfast, which is preferrable anyway, so we can look at each other while we eat.

Smiling at her, I take my tray off of hers, setting it opposite, and remove the lid for her plate with a bit of a flourish. She smirks with amusement as I present her food to her like a maitre'd at some fancy restaurant. I take the cloth napkin from her tray and unfold it dramatically, placing it in her lap, staring into her eyes the whole time. It's clearly an effort for her to keep from giggling.

Smiling nonstop, I then sign, [Miss Hakamichi, I present to you your breakfast: a lovely assortment of rice, fish, tamagoyaki, and miso soup. I do hope they're to your liking.] As I bow deeply, the giggles win out and she covers her mouth with her hand while watching me with a delighted and bemused expression.

[Why thank you, good sir,] she compliments me, her fingers dancing as her eyes sparkle in the morning light. Grinning, I seat myself opposite of her and place my napkin, then remove the lid from my own plate. I notice Shizune watching me the whole time as she slowly picks up her chopsticks, a submlime smile painted upon her lovely face. Retrieving my own utensils, I meet her gaze. We linger for a few moments, contentedly looking at each other through veils of steam that rise from our plates before us. We start on our meal, our eyes still fixed upon one another between glimpses at our food.

We eat our meal wordlessly, as always, finding it easier to simply finish our meal as quickly as possible. Idly, I wonder if that's the way it will always be, but for now I see no reason to change the norm. We eat quickly, our pace quickening as the meal progresses, with each of us watching how fast the other is eating, and each of us trying to out do the other.

Soon enough we finish up, Shizune laying her chopsticks down first, after hastily taking her last bite, her cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk's with multiple bites. I'm not much better, and yet I lost for my troubles. She smirks as she struggles to chew the overly large mouthful of food, smirking in spite of her bulging cheeks.

[I win!] she signs simply, her eyes dancing with joy at such a simple victory. I glower at her as I shove the last bite in my mouth. Because she had put the last bite in her mouth, I took my time on swallowing the previous bite I was working on, before taking this last bite. As such, I'm able to much more easily chew and swallow it. Although both our plates clear, she's still chewing on the excessive amounts of food she stuffed in her mouth. I grin as I swallow the last of mine.

[Actually,] I sign with a wide grin that displays my teeth, which I part to show my empty mouth, [I think I win.]

She scowls at this while she swallows more of her food but continues to chew. [I got the last bite in my mouth first!] she insists, proclaiming, [that makes me the winner!]

Shaking my head, I sign playfully, [but you're still chewing all that food. I've swallowed all of mine, that makes me the winner.]

Frowning, Shizune crosses her arms beneath her breasts as she starts to pout. My God she's cute when she does that.

It takes her another half minute, but she finally swallows the last of her food. [I ate the last bite first,] she insists, glowering at me with an irritated stare. I can't help but grin at the sight of her like this, she's too adorable. Of course the way I'm looking at her only serves to further annoy her.

I decide to tweak her a bit more.

[Nope!] I sign in a lighthearted, spirited manner. [I was the first to swallow the last of my food, so clearly, I'm the winner.] I grin at her as I sign, [sorry that you came in second place...]

Knitting her brows together, she looks exceptionally cross, signing, [Oh, that's okay, darling...] Something in the way she's looking at me makes me feel very worried right now, [You're still mine to command until we leave this train,] she says, her stare darkening, [so you can have this little victory, because you already lost the competition that matters!] Her hands move in harsh motions as she conveys her words, that dark blue stare drilling into my gaze.

Her childish response is too much. Try as I might, I can't keep the giggles down as I watch her pouting face, the way she crosses her arms as she sits back and sulks, glaring daggers at me as if I'd just neglected some important Student Council task she'd assigned to me. Of course, my laughter only serves to further sour her mood, to the point she can't contain it anymore.

[Okay, mister,] she signs forcefully, [you'll pay for that. You can start by taking those dishes back to the cafe now!]

Chuckling still, I stand up and bow at her request, gathering up our refuse. Stacking our trays, I leave the cabin, flashing her a grin as I do. It's not long for me to take our garbage back to the cafe car and returning to our cabin. When I do, I'm greeted by a grinning Shizune. She's sitting where I left her, propping her elbows up on the table with her fingers laced together. Dark blue eyes are waiting for me as I turn into the doorway, instantly locking into my gaze as I take in the sight of her. Upon the otherwise bare table before her is a computer tablet, its display lit up with a very colorful view.

Narrowing my gaze as I enter the room, I look down at the tablet then back to her, to see her grin twist all the more in anticipation. I close the door behind me and lock it.

[Hello,] I greet her.

[Hello,] she reponds simply, her smile wide and gleeful.

[What's that?] I ask.

[A tablet,] she answers just as plainly.

[What's it doing there?] I enquire.

[Waiting for you,] she grins, barely containing her giggle.

[Oh, is that a present for me?] I ask with feigned excitement, knowing full well the answer.

[No,] She scowls, irritated at my answer. I can't help but grin now at her, which causes her to frown all the more. [It's waiting for you to make your move,] she signs.

[Make my move?] I repeat, [but I've already got a girlfriend!]

[Not for long at this rate,] she shoots back, glaring at me with a very cross expression.

Chortling, I walk into the cabin and seat myself across from her, then look down at the machine sitting between us. I thought I had recognized the colorful display its presenting right now. The Game of Risk, but on a tablet computer.

Glancing up at her, I lift an eyebrow. [So you want to fight me again for world domination?]

She grins excitedly, barely able to contain her enthusiasm. [Of course! I told you there would be punishment, and I figured I'd start by beating your pants off.]

[But you just did that last night,] I protest, unable to contain my smirk.

Again, she glares at me. [Make your move, Hisao Nakai.] she insists, her brows knitting together in irritation. [You're going down.]

I grin at her, my hands hesitating as another joke springs to mind.

[Be very careful with what you say or do next, mister,] she warns me as she sees the look in my eyes, staring intently at me. [You can either be beaten in the game or out of the game. It's your choice.]

I meet her gaze, very curious as to what being beaten outside of the game would entail, but it occurs to me that it might be best not to tempt fate.

At least, not this time.

With a grin, I turn my attention to the game and take my turn.

This is going to be a fun ride home.
After Graduation - a Shizune/Hisao story (post-good route)

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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by monkeywitha6pack » Sat Jan 11, 2014 4:40 pm

Another great chapter :D I really like the way you wrote shizune

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Re: After Graduation - A Shizune/Hisao story (post good rout

Post by Oscar Wildecat » Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:40 pm

Small grammatical question:
I thought I had recognized the colorful display its presenting right now
Should the its be an it's

Otherwise, another great chapter.
I like all the girls in KS, but empathize with Hanako the most.
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