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Re: Blossom - Chapter Four: Cityscape [Part Two]

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:00 am
by Numb
motokid108 wrote:
Numb wrote:“Oh, right, I forget not everyone knows about it. Basically I can’t feel pain or temperature.
I see what you did there, before i even read on :twisted:
No idea what you mean :roll:
Honestly, the only reason he has the same condition I do is because I couldn't think if anything else for a disabled runner. A missing limb would be boring, and there aren't many conditions that fit either. This just worked out :lol:

Re: Blossom - A Miki pseudo-route [Update: 25/09/2013]

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 5:40 pm
by Numb
Just going to say now, the next chapter hasn't even been started yet. I've had a fairly busy weekend, the main thing being hitting 100 subscribers on YouTube. I promise you all this, I will never let this die. To prevail as a writer, one has to break free from short stories, and if I can't finish my first long project then I might as well give up. Either way, I might get part of chapter six out tomorrow, no promises though. Felt the need to update for some reason, might be paranoia of the curse :lol:

Re: Blossom - A Miki pseudo-route [Update: 25/09/2013]

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:28 pm
by azahk101
Eh, don't fret too much. With the progress you've made so far I'm sure you'll break the curse!

Anyways, we can wait for as long as you need. As long as you keep pumping out all these great updates! :D

Re: Blossom - Chapter Six: Faculty Favours

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:56 am
by Numb
This chapter is short, mainly because of my screw-up with the timeline. I managed to figure out a way to fit two chapters into the last day before the festival though, so I'm fine with this :D

I am again woken by my alarm far too early in the morning. I still have it set to “Emi time” to wake me up for our non-existant runs. I should probably set it to a later time, but I ignore it for now. I grab my clothes, and a towel, and make my way to the bathroom.

I double check to make sure the door is locked before stepping in to the shower. I don’t want to risk another Kenji invasion, one is enough for a lifetime. My mind drifts off to last night. Shizune said to meet her for lunch in the Student Council room. I’m sure it’s just a trap to get me to do their work, but I’m kind of intrigued. Misha will be there either way, so I have somebody to talk to.

Stepping out of the shower, I dry myself off. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, but I barely recognise my reflection. The face staring back at me is happy. Even before the hospital, my default expression was a slight frown, but now… When did I start smiling so much?

I shake my head, I shouldn’t be thinking negatively about this. Smiling is good. I pull on my uniform and adjust my tie. Everything is in order, so I head back to my room and grab my books. I still have a few hours for breakfast, so I make my way to the cafeteria. Slowly.

On my way out of the dorms, I see Rin working on the mural outside the girls dormitories. It’s pretty weird, disembodied limbs and faces cover the wall, but I’m sure it has some deep artistic meaning I just can’t understand. I don’t go over to attempt conversation with her, mainly because she looks busy, but also for the sake of my own sanity. My first and only encounter with her left me confused.

I make my way across the quad, where only three or four other students wander, towards the cafeteria. I’m early enough to see Emi heading out onto the track, and now she doesn’t even have to wait for me. I feel a little bit guilty for leaving her alone, but at least I am still keeping healthy. She’s probably proud of me, she just won’t say it.

I enter the cafeteria, but it’s relatively empty. I scan the tables, trying to find somebody I know. Kenta. He looks up and smiles at me, inviting me over to sit with him. I motion to the serving station, and he gives an understanding nod before I head over to grab some food. I take some sweet bread and a small portion of rice before making my way to the table.

“Mornin’ Hisao, still on the Emi clock?”

“Yeah, how’d you know?”

“Only she would wake up this early, hell, the only reason I’m awake is because I didn’t sleep at all last night. So, how’s things with you and Miki?” He talks through a mouthful of food, pointing his chopsticks at me.

“Nothing new happened since yesterday, I went to the nurse alone after she invited me to the festival-“

“Oh, so she did invite you! Good to hear, was worried I would be stuck with her all day, heh.” He gulps down some coffee and belches loudly. A few heads turn, but he ignores them.

“Well now I’m going too.”

“I’m going for a third serving, you fine here? Yeah, you’ll be fine.” Kenta stands and picks up his tray, walking away before I get the chance to say anything. I take the chance to start eating, quickly realising I’m very hungry. I might need to get seconds.

The cafeteria starts to empty as the morning bell rings. Kenta and I ended up having four servings of breakfast each, but not much talking happened. I guess we only have a friend in common, not much else. I mean, we get along, but we don’t share many interests.

Class finishes for the day, and before I realise what is happening, Shizune and Misha are dragging me to the Student Council room.

“Woah! What’s with the rush? I would have come with you anyway!” The girls just look at me, arms crossed over their chests. “Okay, maybe I wouldn’t have, but my point stands!”

Shizune unlocks and opens the door, and Misha promptly pushes me inside and closes it behind her. Even if I wanted to, there was no chance of escaping now.

“Hicchan~, Shicchan says you shouldn’t worry so much. We don’t have any work to do… in here~!” She skips over to a desk and opens a drawer, pulling out a hammer, some nails and a rather large ball of string.

“Wait a second, what about lunch? If I’m going to work, I can’t do it on an empty stomach you know.”

“Wahahaha~! Hicchan~, lunch is down by the stalls~! Now pick up some plywood and let’s go~!” She points at a rather large stack of wood in the corner of the room. Neither of the girls show any intention of helping, so I grab as much as I can and let them lead the way.

We pass a few students on the way there, and they shoot me sympathetic glances. I’m guessing this has happened before…

“You couldn’t have helped with that?” I ask as I drop the plywood on the grass and turn to the girls, who are already opening their lunches. Misha turns to me, grinning and shaking her head.

“Nope~! We~ had to carry the tools~ Hicchan~! Those things are heavy~ you know? Wahahaha~!”

I sigh, taking out my lunch before sitting with them. Shizune signs something to Misha, to which she replies with even more gestures I will never understand. I try my best to ignore them, but even though they are completely silent, it is very difficult.

“So why aren’t the stalls finished already? I thought you were efficient Shizune.” Misha blinks at me, clearly confused at my statement. It’s almost like she forgot I was here. A few seconds later, she translates for me, and Shizune looks pissed.


“They aren’t finished because you~ kept stealing Misha~ when she was supposed to be- wait~! Shicchan~, that was my fault~!” It’s strange sometimes how Misha can translate without even thinking about what she is saying. Shizune just looks at Misha dumbfoundedly for a minute before sighing a silent sigh and turning back to her lunch.

“Sorry Misha, I didn’t mean to get you in any trouble. It was more of a jab at Shizune, I wouldn’t do that to a friend.”

“She gulps down a mouthful of food. “Friend~? I guess we are~ Hicchan~! Wahahaha~! But~, friends share stories! You first~!”

Of course. Misha likes gossip, so she wants a story to spread. I can’t tell her about my old life, it was so boring, and I haven’t told anyone about the hospital either.

“Fine. I can fill you in on what you missed in the city, when we were at the café. The truth this time. Miki dragged me there instead of looking for you. We weren’t even talking before you showed up, I just tried to lighten the mood…”

“She told you~?”

“How did you-“

“Why else would the mood need lightening~? Wahahaha~!” She doesn’t give me a chance to say anything else before shoving the last of her lunch down her throat and picking up a hammer and getting to work on a stall. I put my leftovers back into the container and follow her.

“So what’re you doing for the festival tomorrow Misha?” I hope the change of topic is enough to get some conversation going, but she just hums away merrily to herself. “Misha?”

“Oh nothing~! I’m going with Shicchan~, we need to make sure everyone is having fun~!”

“That doesn’t sound like fun. Are you sure you don’t want to come with Miki, Kenta and me?”

“Wahahahaha~! Hicchan~, I have to do this~! It’s part of being on the Student Council~!” She places her hands on her hips, thrusting her chest out as though to prove her point.

“Alright, fine. So what exactly do you do in the Student Council anyway? I imagine Shizune does all the paperwork.”

“I help~! Are you trying~ to say I’m lazy Hicchan?” She frowns in the way only Misha can, with a massive grin on her face, folding her arms over her chest and huffing.

“No, just that I don’t imagine you doing paperwork. This is the kind of work that suits you, you know, outdoors and fun?” I start work on another part of the stall. It actually is kind of nice, being out here in the sun working on the stalls. I’ll never tell Shizune that of course.

“Fun~? Hicchan, do you like doing work with us~?”

“It’s alright I guess. I won’t join the Student Council though, I have a running schedule to stick to now, remember? I can help out with this kind of job though, it’s relaxing.”

“Hicchan~… Your running schedule~? Shouldn’t you be at the track right now~?”

I check my watch, and she’s right. I only have five minutes to get there, and I haven’t even changed yet!

“Crap, thanks Misha! I’ll see you later!” I run off to the dormitories and hear her laugh getting further away.
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Re: Blossom - Chapter Six: Faculty Favours

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:23 am
by Fc360
Numb wrote: I double check to make sure the door is locked before stepping in to the shower. I don’t want to risk another Kenji invasion, one is enough for a lifetime.
About time he had a shower ;)

Re: Blossom - A Miki pseudo-route [Update: 29/09/2013]

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:26 pm
by Joonwoo

Re: Blossom - A Miki pseudo-route [Update: 29/09/2013]

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:20 am
by Mirage_GSM
You know he hasn't used the toilet once since the start of the story...
Sometimes it's okay to leave such details out when writing a story.

Re: Blossom - A Miki pseudo-route [Update: 29/09/2013]

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 5:53 am
by Machoman
So far pretty good, interested to see where this goes

Re: Blossom - Chapter Seven: Running Late [Part One]

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:21 pm
by Numb
The process for this one was a little bit rocky, I deleted and rewrote the entire thing probably seven or eight times before coming to this draft. As always, enjoy! :D


I quickly change into my running clothes before dashing out of my room. Did I lock the door? No time to check! I can hear somebody behind me shouting something along the lines of “watch it!”, but I pay them no heed and rush out towards the track.

A few students have to get out of my way as I launch across the grounds, and by the time I make it to the track, I am already out of breath. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to run to my running appointment…

“Woah, Hisao, what’s the rush? You can be late, it’s fine! Just don’t kill yourself on the way here!” It’s Kenta. He’s helping Emi rub some antiseptic lotion on her legs. She must have pushed too hard, it looks pretty bad.

“Heh… I... Hold on…” I have to lie down on the bleachers to catch my breath, and I can hear Emi laughing at me. Laugh it up, I still ran here. I would have skipped out with you.

“Alright Emi, you should be fine to walk to the nurse now. No running, got it? Now go, I’ll deal with Hisao.”

“God Kenta, you sound like my mother. I know how to handle myself.”

Kenta mutters something under his breath as I hear Emi’s footsteps getting quieter. I sit up and look at him, and he is holding out a bottle of water.

“Thanks. I’m fine now though, so I don’t-“

“Hisao, don’t be stubborn. I already have to deal with Emi, just drink it. You need to rehydrate after that, you look pale.” He shoves the bottle into my hand and sits on the bench next to me. “You aren’t running today Hisao, you look like hell already. Next time just walk here, alright? I’m happy to stay behind after practice and help you out, it isn’t a problem. I’m sure Miki is fine with it too.”

“Thanks. Again. I’ll just do some laps walking, I need to do something or I’ll feel like an idiot.” I stand up and start to head down to the track, but Kenta puts his hand on my chest, stopping me.

“Just as I thought, it’s fast. You aren’t doing anything Hisao, you’re going to the nurse. Go catch up with Emi, you can go in together. Don’t complain, just go, alright? I’ll see you tomorrow at the festival, I’ll tell Miki you said hi today. Now go, Emi is probably stopping right now, regretting not taking my advice.” He turns me in the direction of the auxilary building and gives me a small push.

I keep going, but turn my head to see Miki stopping by Kenta with a confused look on her face. I turn back, and see Emi up ahead leaning against a tree. I approach her slowly, she might still be pissed off after I ditched her schedule.

“Hey Emi, Kenta said I should go with you to the nurses office. Oh, and something about how he told you so.” She turns her head to me, and I see her wince as she takes a step closer and puts her finger on my shoulder.

“Why are you still here, huh? Why couldn’t you just stick to my regime? You know what, I can answer that. You don’t like me, do you?”

“Emi, I do like you. You’re a good person, you just have a funny way of showing it sometimes. I saw you and Miki racing yesterday, why are you always competing with her?” She quickly withdraws her hand, looking briefly apologetic, but that expression is quickly replaced.

“I run because I love doing it, she doesn’t. You know how intimidating that is? She’s almost better than me, and she doesn’t even like doing it! I didn’t spend all these years learning how to run again to be beaten by some casual, I did it so I could win and-“

“Emi. You’re getting worked up over nothing, Miki runs like she does because she wants to beat you. You piss her off sometimes with your attitude, so maybe reel it back a bit? I don’t want two people I care about fighting.”

“You… Care about me? Why Hisao?” She isn’t fighting anymore, she looks genuinely surprised that I care.

“You made me run. I’m still running today, and though it isn’t with you, it’s because of you. You started me on the right track Emi, I can’t hate you. I can’t like you if you don’t like Miki though, she is my friend after all. Anyway, you alright to walk to the nurse or do you need help?”

She tries to wave me off and start walking alone, but she stumbles forward and yelps in pain. “Damn…”

I sling her arm over my shoulder and she starts hopping along beside me as we head to the nurses office together. She keeps muttering something under her breath, but I can’t quite make it out.

“You sure you’re alright Emi? Your leg looked pretty bad earlier-“

“I’m fine, let’s just go, alright?” She squeezes my shoulder, telling me not to press her about it. Clearly this is something that she doesn’t like, and I’m not obliged to help her in any way.

When we reach the nurses office, I see Emi hesitate, and she looks like she wants to run away. I guide her through the door before she can try anything, and the nurse looks up from his computer with raised eyebrows.

“Nakai? Emi? You’re both early, what’s wrong?”

“I was an idiot and Emi did something to her leg. Unrelated incidents. I think I’m fine though, so Emi can go first.” He looks at the ceiling and rubs the bridge of his nose, sighing.

“Emi, what have I told you about running too much? It’s dangerous, you don’t want to end up in a wheelchair before the track meet, do you? Hisao, sorry you had to deal with this, usually Kenta brings her here.”

“Yeah, he kind of sent me with her. I ran to my scheduled run, then tried to do cooldown laps, but he sent me here instead. I’m fine though, just a little tired.” I don’t know why I am making excuses, Nurse knows what’s wrong, and he knows how bad it is.

“Fine, Hisao, go sit on the chair over there while I look at Emi’s legs-“

“It’s fine, he saw them already. He can stay.” Both the nurse and I raise eyebrows simultaneously, looking at each other, then Emi, then each other again.

“Well Nakai, I suppose you can stay. Alright Emi, let me have a look…”

She removes her running blades and protective socks, showing the stumps just below the knees. Both are a nasty shade of reddish brown, and one even has a fairly large cut on it. It’s quite disturbing seeing them like this.

“Alright Emi, I’m sorry to do this to you, but you need to go back on the painkillers, and apply the lotions five times a day this time. I don’t want to stop you from running, but be careful, alright? Take it slow for a week or so and you should be fine.”

“Damn… You know what? That’s fine. I can still do the track meet, and that’s all that matters right now. Alright Hisao, your turn.” She replaces her legs and slides off of the bed, and I head over and take her place.

“Alright Nakai, shirt off. You know the drill by now.” I pull it over my head, I don’t care if Emi sees a little scar on my chest after I just saw that. I shouldn’t care who see’s it really, it’s just like a birthmark. Surprisingly, she doesn’t react to the mark. She just looks at it, then at me, and proceeds to watch the nurse inspect my heartbeat. It’s a little disconcerning.

“Well Nakai, it looks like you were wrong. Your heart is behaving erratically, so you need to rest here for a while so I can monitor it. You’ll be fine to go to the festival tomorrow, but I’m afraid you need to cancel any plans you had for tonight. Emi, you can tell Miki, or perhaps tell Kenta to tell her. I don’t want you getting in another fight.”

Emi hops up from the chair, wincing as she lands and drawing a funny look from the nurse. She clearly isn’t used to being slow. I give her a quick smile as she turns to leave, one which she returns with a wave and a “See you later!”.

The nurse motions for me to lie down while he returns to his desk, offers me some water and begins sorting through files. I decline his offer, I already drained Kenta’s bottle earlier and don’t think it is a good idea to have more. I lay back and close my eyes, listening to my heartbeat for the first time today. He was right, it sounds like a timpani orchestra rolling down a hill.
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Re: Blossom - A Miki pseudo-route [Update: 29/09/2013]

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 2:16 pm
by Fc360
Awesome :)

I'm really enjoying reading this, keep up the good work Numb :)

Re: Blossom - A Miki pseudo-route [Update: 29/09/2013]

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:55 pm
by Malbio
You're doing great with this Numb, I really love reading it.

Re: Blossom - Chapter Seven: Running Late [Part One]

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:13 pm
by motokid108
Numb wrote: I’m happy to stay behind after practise and help you out, it isn’t a problem. I’m sure Miki is fine with it too.”
Dont know if you're looking for Grammar Nazis/Spelling Spetznaz, but practice. Sorry to be a pain.

Re: Blossom - Chapter Seven: Running Late [Part One]

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:41 pm
by Numb
motokid108 wrote:Dont know if you're looking for Grammar Nazis/Spelling Spetznaz, but practice. Sorry to be a pain.
I'm alright with corrections being pointed out. I've been training myself to use the correct form of "practice/practise" lately, it's one of those things I have always hated. Anyway, fixed :lol:

Re: Blossom - Chapter Seven: Running Late [Part Two]

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:31 pm
by Numb
The festival approaches! Sorry if the ending to this chapter seems a little rushed, I was pressed for time and really wanted to finish this block. It seems fine when I read it, but reading your own work is always different :lol:

A knock on the window behind the bed disturbs me, causing me to quickly turn my head to identify the noise. Too quickly. Now my head is spinning. I let out a groan, which causes the intruder to laugh. I rub my eyes and look up to see who is visiting. It’s Suzu, and she has some food with her, both on a plate and her shirt.

“Hey. I brought you some food. There were some books too, but they were heavy, so I left them outside. Here, it’s curry.” She hands me the plate and ducks outside to grab the books. I hear a thump, but before I can voice any concern Suzu returns with a small stack in her arms. “I managed to keep the food away from these.”

“Thanks Suzu… Uh, how did you know I was in here anyway?” I set the plate on my stomach and move the books to the bedside table before she answers.

“Miki told me, Kenta told her. I thought you could use some company, since everyone else is busy and I would just be reading alone anyway. So you feeling better?”

“Yeah, a little groggy, but that’s probably because I was asleep before you came. I’m guessing you were asleep on the walk here too, half of my meal is on your clothes.” She blushes, looking down at her sweater. It’s a few sizes too big for her, but I guess if you’re going to be lying around reading it doesn’t matter. Her sweatpants seem like a last minute addition so she could go out in public though. “Hey, don’t worry about it, alright? I’ll eat plenty tomorrow at the festival anyway. You decided what you’re gonna do yet?”

“Same as last year I guess, sit in my room and read. Big events are dangerous for me, I could get trapped and trampled if I get very sleepy very quickly. I don’t really like celebrations like this anyway, so it really isn’t an issue.”

“Oh. Right. Uh, thanks for coming I guess. I think I can leave now, I’ll have to ask the nurse when he gets back though. Any of these books interesting?” She points at one near the bottom of the pile, and I pull it out to look at the summary on the back. It’s a romance based in a school, and the two characters meet at…

“Really? Are you trying to say something about Miki and me? It says here that the two characters fall in love at a festival in their school… We aren’t characters Suzu, we’re people. It probably won’t work like this anyway, I haven’t had a chance to talk to Miki since yesterday’s run.”

“That’s a good thing Hisao, it gives her time to think. Listen, if I know Miki, she’ll say something tomorrow during the fireworks show. Just relax Hisao, it’ll happen eventually.”

“Why do you assume I want it to happen anyway?”

“You don’t?”

I do, but I can’t tell her that. She told me last night, Miki is like a sister to her, and they tell each other everything.

“You do, don’t you?” Damn. I didn’t answer her. “I had a feeling I was right. I get that feeling a lot, but this time I actually was right, which is weird. I’m usually wrong about these things.” I can feel myself going red, but I don’t deny her accusations. I just lie here, waiting for her to say something else. She doesn’t, she waits for a reply.

“I’m her friend Suzu. That’s all.” She gives me a funny look, but decides against pressing the matter. “So what other books are interesting? I don’t think this is something I would enjoy.”

“Fine, I’ll take that one back. It’s pretty boring anyway, I just wanted to mess with you anyway. This one is probably closer to your interests.” She pulls another book from the pile, almost lying on top of me while reaching for it. It’s a detective novel, based somewhere in Europe. It really does look pretty good.

“Ah, Suzuki! Visiting Nakai, are we? Well, you can walk him back to his room, he’s fine to leave now. Unless you want to finish eating first Hisao?” He grins at both of us, surprising me with his sudden appearance.

“Uh, yeah. I’ll be out of here soon...” An awkward silence falls over the three of us. I can’t remember what Suzu and I were talking about, and the nurse doesn’t show any signs of leaving us to whatever it is we were doing. I take now as an opportunity to start eating. It’s good.

I eat in silence as Suzu reads one of the books she brought me. The only sound in the room is the tapping of the nurses keyboard as he sorts through documents, probably something to do with dosages and treatments for other students.

I finish eating and have to nudge Suzu with my leg to get her attention. We look at each other for a few seconds before I glance down at the plate. She realises I don’t know what to do with the empty plate, and smiles before taking it and putting it in a tray on a countertop. I get up to follow her out.

“Ah, leaving now you two? Have fun tomorrow!” The nurse offers a friendly smile and a wave goodbye before turning back to his computer and loading more files.

“Wanna head out to the track?” Suzu asks, with no hint of irony in her voice. “Miki’ll still be out there, so we can sit on the bleachers until she’s done.”


At the track, practice is over. Miki and Kenta are the only two left, and it looks like Kenta is setting a pace for her to keep up with. I guess training is the same as exercising, but faster and harder. Suzu pulls me to the lowest bench on the bleachers before lying on it and opening the book she started in the nurses office.

“She’s really dedicated… Is this what she does all day now?”

“Yeah, pretty much. It’s working though, she’s almost faster than Emi. If she keeps this up she might win at the track meet next Sunday.” Suzu flips the page of her book, not even looking up to converse with me. I would probably consider it rude, but I do it sometimes too.

“Wait, the track meet is next week? Damn, so she won’t be in class next week either?” Suzu peers at me over the edge of her book, but she doesn’t say anything. Her eyes say it all. “Don’t say it.”

“Say what?” She looks at me, her eyes teasing again. She lowers her book and smirks at me. “Anyway, no, she’ll be back in class on Monday, she just needed a few days extra training.”

“Uh, right… So why didn’t they give her the extra training closer to the actual event?”

“In case of injury Hisao. Come on, think a little. If she sprained her ankle while training just a day before the event, she couldn’t run at all.”

That makes sense. I look back to the track and see Miki slowing down on the further away turn. She looks exhausted, her shirt is drenched in sweat. Kenta skids to a halt and runs back to her, and they talk animatedly about something before Miki holds her hands up and walks away, towards me and Suzu.

“Jesus, Kenta is strict. I can’t feel my legs anymore and he wants me to do another two miles! Come on, let’s go. I need a sho-“

“Miki, at least do some cooldown laps. These two can accompany you on them, I’ll do some more running then we’ll all head back to the dorms, alright?” Kenta somehow made it here without any of us noticing him, and he now has everyone’s direct attention… Not Suzu’s, she is reading again.

Miki sighs, apparently giving up. “Fine, I’ll do two laps walking then we’re going. I want to be able to wake up tomorrow, I’m not missing the festival this time!” She starts walking back to the track, stopping only to look back at us. “Come on, I wanna get this over with!”

You don’t need to ask me twice. I hop down from the bleachers and catch up to Miki, leaving Kenta to deal with Suzu.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow Hisao, you coming with Kenta and me?” Festival talk.

“Yeah, couldn’t convince Suzu or Misha to come along though.”

“Pfft, screw those two, tomorrow is the runners day out! So where’d you wanna meet?” Ah. Meeting up. I’d completely forgotten that was an aspect of going to the festival.

“Uh, by Rin’s mural? I kind of wanted to see it finished, since I helped her mix paints before. What time?”

“Lunch, I like to sleep, is that alright?”

“Perfect. I would be late if we were meeting early. What about Kenta, where will we meet him?” Miki frowns a little at the mention of his name, still sour after that session.

“He’s running a stall, we’ll pick him up there. Lunch first though, I want fried food and he won’t let me. You know, healthy lifestyle and all that crap. Anyway, we’re done, let’s go to the dorms. Kenta can carry Suzu, she fell asleep back on the bleachers.” She’s right, Suzu is hugging one of the benches and Kenta is trying to gently pry her off. It isn’t working.

We walk across the grounds together, mostly silent until Miki asks what she has been missing in class.

“Nothing really, I can help you catch up if you need it. Mutou will probably do the lesson again though, lots of people looked really confused.” She looks relieved that she won’t have to do extra studying to catch up. Turning to me, she is smiling again. Not grinning like she usually does, but smiling. Like the time in the city.

“Thanks for the offer Hisao. Really, it’s good to know you’re there to help me out if I need it. Kenta isn’t the best academically, so he helps me with sport. Now I have a nerd of my own!” She punches my shoulder with her bandaged wrist and the smile is replaced by that grin.

Outside the dormitories, we see Rin working on her mural. Neither of us want to disturb her, nor do we want to try to converse with her. Miki just gives me a quick wave before jogging into the building, reminding me to meet her tomorrow. As if I would forget.

Kenta catches up to me on the way in to our own building, patting me on the shoulder and smiling. For some reason he follows me to my room, leaving me with the awkward decision. Should I invite him in?

“Uh, what’s up?”

“Just wanted to see where your room is, just in case. Anyway, g’night!” He jogs off down the hall and around the corner, leaving me wondering. Just in case? What the hell does he mean? I sigh, pushing my door open and flopping down on to my bed. Sleep Hisao. Lights off.
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Re: Blossom - A Miki pseudo-route [Update: 03/10/2013]

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:25 pm
by Fc360
Fantastic, sorry Numb but I gotta say this is probably my favourite part so far :)