Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 2/26]

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Act 2 Finished: 3/21]

Post by Dr.Worm » Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:34 pm

One Shot: To Start a Fire [18+] (Or a molotov, if we rip up this shirt and stuff it into that bottle of scotch.) Part 2

"And then Molly dropped your laptop and I was sure that you were going to kill her!" Miki pokes me in the cheek with her finger as I take another sip from my glass.

"Molly didn't drop my laptop. That was you." I reply, staring into my glass.

This is my third glass. And even with the water added, I can feel my head swimming. At least I think it's swimming. It might have started drowning after the second glass. I don't even remember if I got up and put on this Billie Holiday cd or if I made Miki do it in the name of being classy drunks.

Miki leans against me so she can join me in staring into my empty glass. Her head droops and rests on my shoulder. She places her half empty glass up to mine and we contemplate their differences in silence for a few moments. She sets her glass down on the floor in front of us.

"I don't remember it like that." Miki mutters, before picking up the bottle of scotch again and lifting it to my glass. I push it away before she can start pouring.

"No way. No more. I don't want to be vomiting all night."

"No no no. You have to do half a glass more." Miki points at her glass. Or at the floor next to it. "We have to drink the same amount or it's not fair."

"Fair?" I question.

Miki lifts her head from my shoulder and nods furiously. "Yeah. Fair."

"Okay, okay. If you're going to be a loser about this."

Miki pours me a little more than half a glass, giggling.

"Loser? Didn't you just admit to inventing a girlfriend because your mom was being pushy?"

"Shut your stupid face." I hold up my glass. Miki picks hers up again and clinks it against mine.

We both down half our glasses.

"I should have known. Only Molly and I can stand you anyway."

"And only Molly would like me." I mutter, staring into my glass again.

Miki nudges me with her elbow.

"No man. I mean, yeah, Molly did like you in our first year but you were too busy being a dick to notice... But there are definitely other girls out there who like you."

I turn to her.

"You think so?"

"Yeah. They're freakin' crazy for falling for you, but they've got to be out there." She giggles before holding up her glass again.

I sigh before lifting my glass and clinking it against hers. We drink the remaining half of our glasses. Miki puts hers down and grabs the cap for the scotch bottle off the mini-fridge.

"And you don't get to be a mopey drunk. That'll be my job in like three hours when I'm bawling my eyes out over being alone." Miki sighs.

"Har har. Like you couldn't go out there right now and get a boyfriend without even trying." I reply, narrowing my eyes, trying to get the two Mikis to reform into one.

"Pfft. Yeah. Sure."

"Oh you so could. You aren't bad looking, stupid." I attempt to shove her lightly and only kind of miss. "Just stupid."

Miki makes a fart noise with her mouth for a whole fifteen seconds.

"Please. I meant I'm Miki. I can't have some gross walk-in off the street. I have to have the best." She holds her hand to her chest.

Ha. You know what? She's right! Miki's my friend and she deserves the best.

"Hell yeah you do!"

Miki slaps her knee. "I deserve nothing less than perfection!"

"Freakin' right you do! And so do I."

Miki frowns and pats my shoulder sympathetically.

"Oh no no no. Yuuto... Yuuto you should find the first girl who gives you a passing glance and latch onto her."

I make a fart noise with my mouth at Miki for twenty whole seconds.

She just shoves me.

"See, you can't even come up with original material!"

"Har har."

Miki groans quietly and leans back onto the bed.

"I'm so hot."

"Eh, you're like a solid six."

"I meant it's hot in here, assbutt. Can I take off my pants? Are you cool with that?"

I sit up straight. That a slightly sobering slap to the face.

"What? Your pants? What?"

Miki sits up too.

"Slow down, Yuuto. I have on boyshorts under this. Is that okay?"

I shrug. "I am seriously too drunk to care right now."


Miki hops up and immediately peels off her purple pajama bottoms. She tosses them to the hamper and misses by a meter. With the scotch fueling my courage, I sneak a peek at Miki's bottom.

She may be a pain in my ass, but she does have a nice ass.

Miki turns and grabs me by the shoulder. "Alright, assbutt. Your turn."

I stand after almost falling twice. Miki has to support me as I wobble up straight.

"What? I'm not taking off my pajama pants."

"It has to be equal. If I'm in my underwear, you have to be too." Miki grabs the waist of my pajamas and pulls them down before I can stop her.

"Ugh. Goddamnit Miki. What if I wasn't wearing boxers?"

"Haha. Gross."

Eh. Oh well. I step out of them and Miki kicks them into the hamper. She shoots. She scores!

"Haha! Go me!"

"Miki, I'm tired. I think I need to go to bed." I blurt as the haze only gets stronger. Yep. I've definitely hit that sweet spot of exhaustion and inebriation. Time to call it quits.

"What? No! We have to catch up and reflect on our high school hi-jinxes!" Miki shakes me by my shoulders. I groan in frustration and try feebly to swat her hands off me.

"Miki, I've been on trains all day. I am going to fall asleep standing up, if I do not lay down right now. We can reminisce tomorrow." I mutter, closing my eyes. "Lay me down on my stupid futon."

Miki sighs. "Fine, you big baby."

My friend gently guides me to sit down. I'm greeted with something softer and less damp than my cruddy futon. I open my eyes and glance down.

"My bed? Are you sleeping on the futon?"

"Pthbthl. As if." She says as she walks across the room. She flicks the light switch off and the room goes dark. "Roll over stupid, we'll share the bed."


I hear Miki pad back over to the bed. She places her hand and wrist against my shoulders and guides me down and across the bed.

"We'll share the bed. It is yours anyway. Just stay on your side and keep your hands to yourself. Got it?"

I arch my back and pull the quilt and sheet down, with quite a bit of struggling. Miki helps me, with a few sighs of frustration, pull the covers down and then over me. I roll onto my side. The bed squeaks as Miki joins me. She presses her back against mine and we somehow have just enough room on the bed to lay moderately comfortable.

"Not that bad, right?"

"I guess."

"Shush. You're sharing a bed with a cute girl. I bet this is the best you'll ever get."


The silence stretches for a while and I can feel myself fading quickly. A thought pops into my head and it seems like a great time to bring it up. It might just be the alcohol talking though. I open my eyes.

"Hey Miki."

"Yeah, assbutt?"

"Remember last year when I switched medication and I was having seizures like three or four times a day as my body adjusted to it?"


"And I vomited all over my dorm room floor for like thirty minutes straight that one day."

"You started crying about how you wanted to die and asked me to smother you to death."


"You're really melodramatic, you know that right?"

I bump her with my shoulder and grunt. She giggles and sighs.

"Well, yeah. What about it?"

"Thanks. For being there. I was really scared."

Miki just shifts in her place. Her hand slides over my side and finds one of my own. She gives it a little squeeze.

"It's fine Yuuto."

"Don't tell me I said all that tomorrow, alright?"

Miki's hand slides away and she giggles again.

"I'm drunk. I probably won't remember you being nice. How sad."

I close my eyes again. Sleep draws closer.


"Engh." It's all I can muster.

"If I start spooning you in your sleep, just go with it okay? But don't tell me tomorrow."



Something throws back the quilt and tears the flat sheet away from me. I instantly start freezing, goosebumps forming on my skin. Sliding across my waist, it straddles me, skin on skin, hip to hip, certain things only separated by thin bits of cloth. I open my eyes and squint, trying to focus through the haze of alcohol and sleep. Goddamn. How much did we drink? I can barely feel my head.


"Shut up." She mutters.

She grabs the bottom of my Billie Holiday shirt and pulls it up and over her head. As it's tossed to the side, I wonder why I would have ever wanted her to wear it in the first place. Or any shirt for that matter.

In the moonlight, I see her bare for the first time. Her dark hair frames her face, leaving it as the only thing I cannot make out clearly in the pale light. Her breasts are as tan as the rest of her, full and perfect, nipples dark and erect. She had definitely been keeping up with her running, as she said. Her stomach is taut, and the curve of her waist only makes the swell of her hips even more prominent.

I had always thought of Miki as being pretty, but now she seemed to have an almost unearthly beauty. As though she had been hand sculpted and given life. Like she had been sent here by the moon itself.

"W-What are you doing?"

She reaches down, sliding her hand across my cheek and down my neck to my shoulder.

"Yuuto..." She whispers, leaning down. I can smell the remnants of my gift scotch on her breath .

"Miki, are you trying to-"

Miki's hand slides over my mouth, cutting me off short. She lifts it and brushes her hair off her face. Her eyes, half-closed and watery, shine with something I've never seen in her before. Miki's always been the tough girl and I've never seen her sad or downbeat. The worst I've seen her get was mopey.

But there they are.


"I said shut up, assbutt."

She leans down and kisses me, hungry and desperate. I close my eyes, falling into what's happening and she breaks away from me. My head follows her up until it strains my neck to move anymore. As I open my eyes and push myself up into my elbows, Miki's hand slides back down to my shoulder.

"Swear to me that you don't have a girlfriend at your university."


"Swear to me there isn't another girl." She repeats, a little more forcefully this time. Her fingers tighten into my shoulder.

"Miki, are we actually going to have this conversation now?"

"Swear to me, Yuuto." She growls. It isn't angry. It isn't playful. It's a sort of desperation.

I stare up at her in silence before closing my eyes.

"Miki. Come on."

She digs her fingers in deeper, actually making it painful.

"I said swear."

I open my eyes.

"It was a stupid lie to my Mom. I swear, Miki. I would never lie to you."

Miki turns her gaze to the window. She lets go what I can only assume is the breath she's been holding since she first asked. She drags her stumped forearm across her face, drying the tears that have run down her face.

"Thank fuck for that." She mutters, releasing her death grip on my shoulder.

I roll my eyes. "Jesus, Miki. What are you doing?"

Miki's body shakes with a quiet laughter. She slides her hand down to the middle of my chest and shoves me back down to the bed. Before I can react, or say anything, she kisses me again. Hungrily. I kiss back, my whole body reacting and kicking itself into gear. I want her. I need her.

Miki breaks away again, just long enough to stare into my eyes. She says two words, low and throaty, filled with greed.

"You're mine."

She kisses me again. Harder. Her teeth pull against my bottom lip, before she moves down my body. Each inch, she places a kiss, trailing down my chest. I groan softly as she moves her hand down my stomach, heading lower and lower. She slides her fingers over me and I harden almost instantly at the touch of her fingers. She wastes no time in pulling my boxers down, exposing me to the night air finally.

Miki wiggles on top of me, moving downward until she's pressed against me. She lifts herself up and pulls her boyshorts to the side.

She stays there until I look up at her. Miki's mouth hardens into a thin, almost straight line before she lowers herself down and I slip inside of her.

Warmth immediately flows through my whole body and I can feel the goosebumps I had moments ago melt right off like magic. Is this all from Miki?

I don't have time to think about it more as she starts to rhythmically move up and down and I realize just how wonderful what's happening is. She's closed her eyes now. Biting her bottom lip, Miki looks like she's fully concentrated on just keeping time. Her hand slides down my chest and then up her thigh and to her breast.

She places her wrist against me to steady herself. I don't dare grunt with the sharp pain as she places her weight against it. I don't know what to do. I'm still not sure if this isn't a dream or not.

Miki opens one of her eyes and snatches my hand. She places it in the same spot on her breast her own hand was on.

"Touch me, moron." She whispers in that same throaty tone she used earlier. Her eyes snap shut again.

I obey, probably clumsily groping her as she continues to move. Her whimpers and heavy breathing reassure me that at least something is going right here. She opens her eyes again and I swear they're glowing.

In one fluid movement, Miki lifts herself a little further up, her back arching, and then brings herself down. I cross over the edge and cry out, my back arching to match her own.

Miki falls onto me and locks her face into the side of my neck. I slide my arms around her waist and hold her as she shivers against me. I hug her tighter, hoping to make that stop if it's bad.

Miki slips off of me and clings to my side, her face never leaving my neck. After eons of silence, I finally cough.

"Uhm... This isn't a dream right?"

Miki laughs into my neck and lifts her head to look at me.

"I mean, because I was really drunk and probably still am and-"



"Shut up and kiss me."

I obey.


I stare at the bite mark on my shoulder in the mirror. My finger traces over it. I had gone into the bathroom twenty minutes ago just to splash water on my face and clear the last dredges of alcohol from my head. When that didn't work, it sank in that I was experiencing my very first hangover. I swore at Miki under my breath before jumping into the shower with the intent of never leaving it ever again.

That was until my father pounded on the door and told me if I didn't get my ass out of the shower, I'd miss breakfast.

I leave the tiny bathroom I used to share with both my siblings and my parents and head back into my room. I haven't seen Miki all morning and If it weren't for the bite mark, the round bruise on my other shoulder and the scratches on my back, I would have sworn I dreamt all that with the power of alcohol.

I dress myself quickly, reclaiming my Billie Holiday shirt from the corner of the room. No matter how hungover I am, there's no way in hell I'm missing one of my Dad's breakfasts. I take the steps downstairs two at a time and push the swinging door open into the back of the kitchen.

My father, bald, wiry and wearing the same red bandanna he's always worn, doesn't look up from cutting up vegetables. He simply points out into the dining room with his knife.

"Food's out there."

"Thanks dad."

I push open the other door and step into the front of the restaurant. Only one other person is here with me, sitting at the table in the middle of the dining room.

Miki, in a striped sundress, looks up from a plate of bacon, eggs and toast, a piece of bacon still hanging out from her lips. She tears it off and waves me over.

Right. Like I was going to sit anywhere else. My plate is right across from her. I walk over and pull out the chair.

"Morning, assbutt. Sleep well?"

"I think I might be hungover as all hell." I pick up the mug of coffee next to my plate and take a sip. "Did you sleep well?"

"Nope. Too busy having sex." Miki says, smiling.

The bang of my head hitting the table reverberates through the whole restaurant. Miki laughs and starts poking the top of my head with her fork.

"Doing all right there, Yuuto?"

"I don't know." I groan into the table top.

"Stop being a baby. Drink some coffee and eat your breakfast. It'll help it go away." She pokes me again.

"I'm not concerned about the hangover. It's the other thing." I continue speaking into the table.

"The sex?"

"Yes. That."

"The sex."


"Say it."


"Say "sex". Say it."


Miki laughs again.

"Okay, what about it? Did you not enjoy it?"

I lift my head from the table.

"I mean, I know I sort of shoved the first time right in your face." She goes on, not looking at me. She's staring out the large plate glass window at the people walking by.

"But what about the second time? Or the third?"

"Miki. What if my mom hears?"

"Dude, if she didn't hear either of us last night then she's going to know when she sees you in that shirt." Miki indicates to my reclaimed shirt with her fork. I glance down at it and frown.

"I told her I wouldn't give you it back unless you were mine."

"Oh..." I stare down at my shirt and then shake my head. "Wait, what?"

Miki sighs and puts her fork down. She scrunches her nose up and sizes me up.

"You want the serious talk, Yuuto? We'll do it."

I blink as Miki places her hand against her stump.

"I like you. I have for a while." She starts. Miki shifts in her seat and looks around the restaurant as if someone might be listening in on us.

"And here's the thing. I'm pretty sure you like me too. Otherwise, why would we put up with each other, right?"

"How long have you uh... liked me for?"

"Second year. But I wasn't just going to do anything about it because Mol-Mol had just given up on you." She picks up her fork and stabs the scrambled eggs on her plate. "You don't mind if I eat while we do this, so you? Rampant sex tends to make a girl hungry."

My stomach growls at the mention of the word "Hunger".

"You seem like you're there too."

I blink and pick up my fork.

"Oh, go ahead, assbutt. I'm not waiting on you to reply to me or at least tell me you like me."

I sigh and put my fork down.

"Alright. Well, I like you. A lot. God knows it's the only reason I put up with your annoying ass half the time."

Miki smiles. "Good. And my ass is fabulous, assbutt."


Miki stabs a piece of bacon on my plate and relocates it to hers.


"You're eating too slow." Miki remarks, lifting the bacon to her lips. "Besides, I might be eating for two now."

I drop my fork to my plate again. Miki starts laughing.

"Dude, I'm on birth control. Relax." She bites into the bacon.

I'm now sick to my stomach. I push my plate across the table to her.

"Oh my god Miki, what am I going to do with you?"

"Uh hopefully more of what we did last night."

I groan and hit my head against the table again. Miki's fingers wrap into my hair and she yanks my face off the fake wooden surface.

"Yuuto, if you could stop freaking out for a second, that'd be great."

"I just-"

"I mean, I sort of just gave myself to you and you're moping about it. Are you not happy?" She frowns and I can hear that little waver if desperation in her voice again. The same tone when she asked me to swear to her last night.

I sigh and scratch the back of my neck.

"I just... I don't know what to do, Miki."

"Ya don't say."

"Like, what does this change? What does this make us?" I wave my hands in front of me in frustration until Miki grabs one of them.

"Hey. Assbutt."


"Do you like me?"


"Say it."

"Miki, I like you."

"A lot?"

"A lot. Since last year, when you helped me get over the music club throwing me out and sat with me through all my bad seizures when I switched medications..." I sit up a little straighter in my seat, as Miki watches me, smiling. "But you always talked about how big of an ass I was and then there were the jokes about me never getting a girlfriend..."

"Ask me to be your girlfriend."

"Uhm... Do you want to be my girlfriend?"


My mother steps up to the table and picks up the two plates in front of Miki. She shakes her head at me.

"It's about time."

Wha- When did she get here?


"If I ever find out you lied to me again, I'll disown you. Got it?" She gives me the "Mom look".

"Yes mam."

"Oh take it easy, Aunt Tsubaki. He just got his first girlfriend." Miki grins at me from across the table.

"His first real one, anyway."

"I'm going to punch you, Miki." I mutter.

"Yuuto, you need to take this girl out today. On a real date. Do I make myself clear?"

I nod once at my mother.

"Good boy. I suggest going now before I change my mind and have Miki work today."

And with that, my mother walks away from us and disappears into to kitchen.

Miki stands first and I follow her to the front door. Her hand reaches for mine first and it she intertwines her fingers with mine. She squeezes my hand.

"Buy me ice cream?"

I smile at her.

"If you want."

She squeezes my hand again.

"You know I don't just like you, right? I love you, Yuuto." She says quietly.

"I'm fond of you as well, moron." I nudge her with my elbow.

Miki frowns but shoves me back. Her frown turns to a grin to match mine as I nudge her again.

"I love you too, Miki."

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:06 pm

Well that was a fun read. I do prefer Shizune over Miki if for no other reason than Shizune isn't used alot, but I enjoyed this well enough.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:17 pm

So a few days ago, I said I'd not be posting anything for a while. While digging through my bits and pieces of scenes I wrote for Yuuto, I found this. It's one of the first pieces I wrote with him, back when I was planning on using him for a Miki story. It was supposed to be a short story, consisting of five pieces, each one taking place a year after the preceding chapter. This is also my first attempt at writing smut. So I polished it up a bit and decided to post it as a one shot.
So everyone and their uncle are trying to write a Miki route, struggling with the curse, and he has one catching dust on his harddrive^^°
Yuuto and Miki are a little different. I'm sure you'll catch on. Anyway, enjoy. Hopefully this will hold over anyone who needs it until I can finish the next act up.
Both are still recognizable. This Miki is not quite as annoying as in the main story, but maybe she's grown up a bit in the meantime.
I recommend to remove that one corny euphemism ("hardness") from the H-scene, but otherwise, that wasn't too bad either.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by Dr.Worm » Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:01 pm

Mirage_GSM wrote:So everyone and their uncle are trying to write a Miki route, struggling with the curse, and he has one catching dust on his harddrive^^°
Can this go in my signature? Because I'm pretty sure it needs to go in my signature.

And I'd post more of it if I thought it was any good. This chapter was pretty fluffy and cheesy, and I feel it's the lightest one.

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:56 pm

Dr.Worm wrote:
Mirage_GSM wrote:So everyone and their uncle are trying to write a Miki route, struggling with the curse, and he has one catching dust on his harddrive^^°
Can this go in my signature? Because I'm pretty sure it needs to go in my signature.

And I'd post more of it if I thought it was any good. This chapter was pretty fluffy and cheesy, and I feel it's the lightest one.

The horrors of the other three are not meant for mortal eyes.
I think the bit you posted stands pretty well on it's own.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by Kejmur » Wed Mar 26, 2014 3:32 pm

In recent chapters I actually found moments in which I actually don't dislike Miki as hard ;). That's something for sure :D.

Yeah, good read as always so nothing new here :). And by the way on your Miki/Yuuto oneshot this Miki version was certainly less annoying and I actually found likeable moments with her, so that's good to see :D. Also I wouldn't mind seeing continuation of this story as well one day if you ask me (or some older flashbacks including Miki x Yuuto future pairing). Also I didn't mind this cheesiness, so I don't think this is something you should be worried ;).

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by Mader Levap » Sat Mar 29, 2014 3:55 pm

Mirage_GSM wrote: So everyone and their uncle are trying to write a Miki route, struggling with the curse, and he has one catching dust on his harddrive^^°
I don't think it counts. This is oneshot, not full-fledged route.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by Dr.Worm » Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:53 am

Mader Levap wrote: I don't think it counts. This is oneshot, not full-fledged route.
Actually, It's a chapter of a short story I wrote revolving around Miki and Yuuto. It was supposed to be a full-fledged route, albeit an incredibly short one.

I just shortened it and put it up as a one shot, because I think the rest of the chapters are ungodly and may result in someone revoking my writing privileges.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by Dr.Worm » Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:13 am

Previous Chapter:Paper Moon
One Shot:To Start a Fire [18+]

Author's Note: Oh my! It seems that two weeks ago was this story's one year mark! I've actually managed to stick to writing about this Assbutt's stay at Yamaku for a year. While I'm not too sure how many actually read my story, I'd like to say that it's been a blast so far. The story's changed quite a bit from how I first imagined it and gone through a few plot-point rewrites already. I'm looking forward to maybe wrapping it up this year, if I can keep at it.

Anyway, to those who read and comment, thank you very much. I'm glad you're enjoying the ride with me.

Welcome to Act 3.

Chapter 1: Mighty, Part 1
"You may feel small, but you are mighty."

Getting Shizune alone has been an unsuccessful ordeal over the last week. Sure, Miki has a great idea of bringing both Misha and Shizune to my home for the short break coming up, but I feel bad for inviting both of the girls under the pretense of a friend's weekend when I'm just trying to work up the nerve to ask Shizune if she'll be my girlfriend. I don't know if she's caught on to any of my intentions, but that doesn't matter. While all three Student Council members are now reunited, I've been assigned a new load of work to keep myself busy. The Queen Bee has tasked me with helping both the Newspaper club, who has not stopped hounding me about using that piss poor excuse for an interview for the paper, and keeping Lilly loaded with tons of useless paperwork.

And those two things have been taking up all my free time.

All of it.

So on top of not seeing Miki or Molly for more than a passing second in the halls, I actually haven't spent much time with Shizune or Misha.

Nope. I've spent the entire time helping the two girls from the Newspaper Club clean up their room or hounding Lilly about her class representative duties. Shizune really has a keen interest in keeping Lilly up to date on anything new happening in the world of forms and paperwork. Sometimes multiple times for the same forms!

Now that’s schools over, I have to check in with them, lest I face the wrath of the girl I have a crush on. So, while I may have nothing left in my snack box up in my room and laundry to do, this comes first. It always comes first. I could have been stabbed in the neck and I’m sure Shizune would still have me fill out some sort of obscure “stabbing report” form before I ran screaming to one of the nurses.

So, once again I push open the door to the Student Council room after a long day of trying not to fall asleep in class. I'm not sure how my grades are managing to not dig themselves a grave. In addition to the three seizures forcing me to skip certain classes this week, I've managed to ditch out on my nightly study sessions with Miki and Molly every night this week. Each night they’ve walked into my room only to find me collapsed on my bed in my school uniform, dead asleep. The only reason I know they’ve even been there to check on me is that Molly’s left me a note every single night. In each one apologizes for not having any time to spend with me and for Miki raiding my snack box.

"What am I doing today, Misha?" I call out as I hang my head in defeat. At this rate, I'm not even going to have the energy to explain or ask them about coming with me to my parent's.

For once, there's no noise. That’s a bad sign. Or a good one! Maybe Misha’s off on an errand and Shizune’s alone?

I look up to see a very empty Student Council room. No Misha. No Shizune. Just Yuuto. I frown. This isn't right. Any time I push open this door, one of those two girls has to be here. I wonder if it'll change if I step outside and open the door again?

There's a large box sitting on one of the tables. No doubt it's something for me to do.

As I trudge over to it, I spot the note taped to the top. The girlish, looping handwriting can only belong to Misha, since I've seen Shizune's robotic handwriting before.

"Yuuchan, take this up to the newspaper club and set it up for them. Don't leave before you're done or you'll be sorry. And don’t just put it together! Shicchan says to make sure to install everything for them too." I read quietly. Out loud. For some reason. I assume it's because I'm starting to forget the sound of my own voice with all the sign language.

I pull open the top of the box.

What's this? Cords. A keyboard. A monitor…

I sigh.

A computer.

It's a freaking computer. Unbelievable. The newspaper club that's failed to put out a newspaper all year has actually managed to convince the administration they needed a new computer. Hell, it's even a new computer. The monitor isn't one of the oversized bulky tube things. It's flat.

How'd they pull this off? Shizune must have had a hand in it. That's the only thing I can think of.

A new computer. A few months ago, when I was still clueless in the Music Club, I would have died laughing if someone suggested we request a computer. But the newspaper club gets one in a little under two weeks. Fantastic.

And they want me to install everything on here? I spot the paper sleeve with the operating system disc.

Set up the operating system? My sister set up my stupid laptop for me. I only know enough about computers to break them. Even if I knew how to install a stupid operating system, I wouldn't stick around for it. Those two need to realize that I have a life outside of Student Council. I have other friends and family and hobbies. This is going to take me all freaking afternoon to figure out and I've already got plans to head downtown for a recycling pick-up for Daichi. Looks like those plans are dashed against the rocks before I even started on them.

I still wonder sometimes if there might have been a better club to join some days. Maybe I should have taken Miki up on her offer to join track. Then again, if I didn’t, I wouldn't have spent so much time with Shizune and well...

Yeah. That certainly wouldn't be an issue anymore.

Damn. Well, if this is everything they've got for me today... I might as well get it over with.

I pick up the box with both arms, grunting with the weight. Did they really have to put it all in one box? I’d rather have made two trips. I shift the box in my arm and realize that no, I would not have wanted to make two trips. That would take longer. Just lying to myself here.
Maybe Shizune and Misha know me better than I think they do. I would have probably complained my butt off to them about having to carry two boxes up to the newspaper room. I’d rather just do it all in one big struggling trip.

Ugh. Miki was right. I should start working out more.

I grunt again as I backpedal my way back to the entry door. It takes a few tries until I find the point of balance for the box on one arm while I search frantically for the doorknob with my other hand. Sweat forms on my brow as I feel my balance start to go haywire. Stupid heavy box! Why couldn’t they just deliver the computer to the stupid newspaper club room?

I finally find the doorknob before I have a chance to topple over with the probably somewhat expensive computer. Still, I manage to stumble out of the room as the weight of the thing carries me all the way across the tile and into the opposite wall of the hallway. As my back slams into it, I nearly drop the box again. I hiss in agony and frustration, clamping my eyes shut. Stupid box! Stupid newspaper club! Stupid Misha making me do this!

I let out a string of curses that my mother would murder me over as I push off the wall again.

I open my eyes and nearly drop the box again as I realize I’m not alone.

A familiar girl with long, dark hair is staring at me from under her bangs. A hand covers her mouth in what I can only assume is shock at my choice of words. The large, frozen stare she’s giving me only supports my suspicions.

Time to pull on the wool mittens so I don't scratch her.

“Ugh. Hello Hanako.”

“Y… Yuuto. H-Hi.” Her voice is so quiet that if I was breathing any heavier I wouldn’t have heard it.

I shift the box on my forearms again, trying to find that sweet spot of least annoyance.

“How’s it going?” I half hiss as my back throbs. Yeah. Pretty sure that Student Council work is going to kill me sometime before I get to talk to Shizune and Misha again.

Hanako seems to be frozen to her spot. “I’m… okay.” She mumbles into her hands.

Holy hell. She’d get along great with Molly. Well, except I don’t think Hanako talks to anyone but Lilly and the occasional five words to me when I’m stuck waiting for Lilly to fill out the latest batch of Shizune’s busy work. Molly can at least talk to other girls and me. Though that wasn’t always the case, I guess.

“I wasn’t swearing at you.” I explain, not sure as to why. She has to know I wasn’t swearing at her. I doubt she’s an airhead like Misha. Or Miki, for an even better example.

She nods once. It moves so quickly I would have missed it if I even thought about blinking.

“I’m having trouble with this box is all.”

That lightning flash nod goes off again. She lowers her hands from her face and to her side.

“And I almost fell.”

One more nod.

Why am I explaining this to her? Just change the stupid subject, Yuuto.

“Where’s Lilly?”

Hanako glances to her side, as though she expects the blonde to suddenly be there. She lowers her hands slowly to her sides and refuses to look me in the face again.

“She’s b-busy with her… class representative duties.”

"Oh right. Yesterday. I dropped off those stacks of... uh... You know, I don't even know what those forms were." Hanako shifts in place like a deer about to run off. Wait. Is she about to run off? She looks unbelievably tense.

Oh Christ, is she scared of me?

Well, okay that’s not a huge leap. As Naomi pointed out before, my reputation at the school isn’t the greatest thing in the world. And Hanako is definitely a shrinking violet. I’d guess the only reason she managed to say a few words to me when we played chess is because Lilly is there. I guess Lilly grants her some sort of bravery boost or something. I’m just the big bad wolf staring down the little rabbit here. I hope she isn’t thinking this is some sort of trap.

“You know I’m not going to punch you or anything, right?”

Hanako’s eyes widen even more and she takes half a step back from me.


“I mean unless you beat me at chess again. Then I might think about it.”

Hanako looks to her side for shield again. No. Yeah. Lilly still isn’t there, Hanako. I don’t think she’s just going to pop into existence because you’re frightened, nervous or both or whatever. Pretty sure the laws of physics don’t work like that. Or the laws of any sort of reality that I know of.

“That’s a joke. I’m joking.” I assure her as best I can over the box in my arms. “I’m not that bad of a guy, Hanako. I wouldn't punch a girl.”


“Well, Miki's an exception. But that's the only way to get her to shut up…” Hanako’s gaze darts around as if she’s looking for assassins in the shadows and planning her escape route. It lingers on a window and I bet she’s contemplating jumping out of it. It wouldn’t be that bad.
We aren’t particularly high up or anything. I mean, the large shards of glass would be a problem. But she would look like a complete fucking badass.

“That’s another joke, Hanako.” I add hastily before she bolts for the opening. Even though it's really not a joke. I can't even keep track of how many times I've punched Miki. Doesn't matter. She punches harder.

Hanako stops glancing around and snaps back to me. She gives me the weakest nod in the world.

I lower the box slightly, so she can see inside. Hanako takes about seven thousand years to get the hint that I’m lowering the box for her benefit. She takes that half step forward again and actually seems interested in the computer parts in the box.

“Look, could you do me a favor and take the monitor out of there? This box is an ungodly amount of heavy and I’m struggling.” I wheeze.

Hanako’s eyes switch between the contents of the box and my expectant gaze for centuries. Daintily and unsure, Hanako takes a step forward.
And then another. I hold my breath, just in case I accidentally exhale on her and she dashes off to hide somewhere. That seems like something she’d do.

Slowly, she reaches into the box and pulls out the flat monitor. She sets it on the ground next to her and looks back into the box.

“If you could grab the cords for it too, that’d be a great help.” I tilt my head at the box as she nods at me. “They’re the uh… Oh.”

I trail off as Hanako pulls both the power cord and the VGA cable from the box and starts to coil them up properly. She doesn’t try to loop them over her palm and elbow, she actually coils them into tight circles. Well well well, looks like rabbit here might know a thing or two about technology. Or at least rolling cords up properly.

“I guess you know what you’re doing there.”

Hanako freezes, the cords half rolled in her hand. She glances at me and nods once again and then finishes coiling the cords. Even with just removing those things, the box feels about seven thousand tons lighter.

“Are you uh… going anywhere?” I venture again.

“Y-Yes. The l-library”

“Is it urgent?”


“Could you help me carry this upstairs then? Just the monitor and the cords for it. I’m not a slave driver.” I add, trying to sweeten the deal.

Hanako glances to her side again. Does she always need Lilly to make decisions for her? I’m not a total stranger. I’ve talked to her before.
We’ve sat through who knows how many games of chess or rounds of “Stay in complete silence while Lilly finishes her paperwork”, a game Hanako seems to be the reigning light weight belt holder in.

“I promise it’ll be really quick. I just need to go set this up for Naomi and Natsume. You can leave as soon as I get into the newspaper room.” I inch the idea forward.

Hanako blinks at me and then slowly kneels to pick up the monitor on the ground with both hands. She hoists it up just as slowly and cradles it against her chest. Jeez. It’s a monitor. Not a baby.


“Thanks. You’re being a big help, I swear.”
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

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Chapter 1: Mighty, Part 2
"You may feel small, but you are mighty."

I thought a compliment would at least draw some sort of smile out of her. I don't exactly dole them out regularly. But no, she just clutches the screen tighter against her chest and nods at the floor. Ugh. She's somehow even less talkative when she's alone.

I guess that's the best I'm going to get. Man, today sucks.

"You're sure you're okay with helping me?"

Hanako nods, but lowers her gaze to the floor.

That's probably a yes, right? Hanako's silent language is even worse than trying to learn sign language. How did she even start talking to Lilly? Half of our conversations consist solely of Hanako's clearly awkward body language. Lilly's freaking blind! She has to be the most patient girl I've ever met. I can't see Hanako as getting along with anyone else. Certainly not any of my friends.

Well, maybe Molly. Maybe.

"Alright. Lets go."

The walk down the hall is painfully quiet as well. Not to mention that Hanako is trailing me by about half a kilometer, keeping a steady snail-paced, ass-draggin walk. It's a good thing I'm not carrying a giant freaking box or anything or this would be really annoying. And since this is Hanako, I can't just tackle the problem head on like I would with Shizune or Miki. Being direct would most likely end with her dropping the monitor, getting the lecture of a lifetime from Shizune for breaking school property and then having to apologize later.

Yelling "Get your ass in gear!" is right off the table.

Eventually, I realize that the reason she's so far behind me is that she's only stepping on the dark tiles on the floor. In fact, she's hopping from one to the next. She's playing a game. The tile hopping game? Seriously? Now? Ugh. Maybe I should have pointed out how I had other things to do today. That might have put a little bit of speed in her. I reach the stairwell first and place the box down on the first step. My arms are glad for the break.

Does she always do this? Weird. I mean, it's not like I've never done it before. But I think the last time I played that silly game, I was ten.

She stops next to me, freezing as her eyes meet mine. Oh boy. Here we go. Time to extinguish the fight or flight.

"Do you always do that?"


"Step on only dark tiles."

Her mouth opens and shuts. Oh! I know this! She's trying to come up with an explanation. Also, she's trying not to look at me. But that's pretty hard since I'm practically staring her down. I sigh. It'd probably be best to stop staring at her too. She doesn't do too well with that even with Lilly around.

I offer her a small smile. I have to force it.

"Do you pretend that the other tiles are lava? My brother and I used to play that game all the time when my Mom took us grocery shopping."

Her one visible eye widens to the point of nearly popping out of her skull.

"I mean, it was so boring and she took us shopping nearly every damn day. Got to do something to pass the time, right?"

Hanako's eye goes back to normal and she gives me a stiff, quick nod.


Wait! What's that? Is that a- Ah! A smile! It's a smile! I caught a rare Hanako smile.

I hoist the box up again and take the first step. My arms riot against my decision not to take a longer break. I do my best to ignore them.

"Well come on, we aren't getting any younger, Hanako."


"It's alright. You don't have to apologize. You're helping me."

We don't say anything for the rest of the walk up the stairs, nor as we walk down the hall. Hanako's stopped her tile game now. That's a relief. As we get to the door, I just jerk my head at the door and give her my best "If you would be so kind" face. I hope it's not coming off as a "DO THIS OR I'LL SKIN YOU ALIVE" look. It probably is.

Hanako, still avoiding even treading into the remote waters of looking me directly in the eye, turns the doorknob and pushes the door to the newspaper club's office in. I heave the box in my arms one last time as I carry it into its new home.

A wave of heat greets us as it rolls out of the room. Christ. Did those two leave the damn windows shut again? And the heater on or something?
Why does this room always seem to be an ungodly amount of hot? Is this actually my own little personal slice of hell? Are Naomi and Natsume my very own torture demons sent to destroy me?

I hope not. Miki would be upset someone was taking her job.

I was hoping that no one would be up here when I arrived. I'm not in the mood to deal with my fellow seizure buddy or her robot. And now that I' ve got Hanako with me, adding them into the mix is the headache I don't need. This one can barely handle being around me without Lilly. I'd hate to see her deal with Naomi and Natsume. At least they've finally cleaned the place up. There aren't any more towers of loose papers or soda cans littering the cramped office. And someones gotten rid of their diesel powered clunker of an old computer for me already.

Much like the student council room, this one is devoid of life too. Lucky me.

Or maybe they both just died of a heat stroke?

Still. Lucky me.

I place the box down on the desk that dominates the room as Hanako scurries into the room after me. The door clacks shut behind her. She places the monitor and cords next to the box and takes a second look into the box. That flash of… something that crosses Hanako’s face before she steps back. I’ve seen it before. On Miki when she’s come up with a new nickname for me. Or on Molly’s face when I ask her about whatever game she’s currently playing. Hell, I’m sure that it’s been on mine when I find a new piece of music I want to learn.

"Thanks." I peel my jacket off and toss it onto the table.

Hanako nods, but doesn't take her eyes from the computer box.

"Do you like computers?"

Hanako' eyes snap to me and widen.

"Uhm..." She starts and turns back to the box.

"A-A little."

I pull the rest of the cords out of the box.

"Looks to be more than just a little. Do you want to help me set it up?"

Hanako glances back to the door. Seriously? That scares her?

"You don't have to, but I'll let you beat me in our next chess game if you stick around."

The girl's mouth twitches almost too briefly for me to catch. Was that a smile? I think it was a smile. How nice. Miki would normally punch me for spewing out such a lame joke.

"Also, I don't think I know how to do this part..."

I dig around in the box and pull out a small paper cd case. I pass it to Hanako, who takes three years to gingerly take it from my hand. I’m pretty sure it’s the operating system disc or something. That's what those things come in, right?

"I can probably not mess up the cords though. So if you could stick around and help me, I'd really appreciate it."

Hanako nods.

"O-Okay. I can... do that."

"Cool. Thanks."

In the same complete silence that I've gotten used to over the past few minutes with Hanako, we set up the computer. It doesn't take long to do the physical set up. After I pulled the desk from the wall, she handed me the cords as I plugged them into their respective slots. Hanako took a seat while I looped the cords neatly behind the desk and secured them using a little bag of zip-ties from the box.

Hanako's already turned on the computer and is navigating through some weird menu by the time I step out from behind the desk. I pull out the other chair in the room and take a seat next to her.

"What's that you're doing?"

"Th-the operating system. I'm i-installing it..." She mutters, sinking into her seat, trying to hide from me.

"How do you know all this? Are you part of the computer club or something?"


"Oh. I just know enough about computers to actually use them. Maybe enough to break one."

No reply.

"What's a bios?"

Hanako shakes her head, eyes not leaving the computer screen.

"I... I'm not sure."

"Is it important?"

"Y-Yes." Her voice is quieter.

"Then why don't you know what it does?"

"Be-because I don't know th-that much." She whispers.

"Oh. But you know how to install the operating system?"

"S-Sort of." I barely heard that one.

"Oh. Well that's a lot better than me, I guess."

Her head moves a fraction of a centimeter up and down.

Yeah. I definitely prefer talking to Lilly.

Both Hanako and I turn to the door as the doorknob turns and it swings inward.

"Are you crazy? Why wouldn't I put it in the newspaper? He's funny."

"I think it's sad that he's so wrapped up in his delus-Oh."

Natsume stops whatever she was saying as her different colored eyes land on me.


Naomi drops her hands to her side as her gaze bounces back and forth from Hanako and I.

So here I am sitting with another girl, in what was previously an empty room, and the Queens of the Yamaku Rumor Rag themselves walk in. This sounds like the set-up to a rather excruciatingly horrid joke that I want to be no part of. Who knows what devious thoughts are whirling in Naomi's skull right now. Some sort of international incident, I'm sure. I'm not too keen on seeing how Shizune might react to me spending time with her arch-rival's best friend and Naomi would definitely stir something up there if she thought it would make a good story.

Her mouth opens and she starts to make some word.

Natsume strides past her, knocking into the blonde with her shoulder and crowds between Hanako and me.

"You brought us a new computer."

"Yes. That is what I did."

The girl with two different colored eyes, which I am trying not to stare at again, reaches out almost as timidly as the girl I brought up here would, and runs her hands over the keyboard. I don't know how I can manage to not stare at the scarring over Hanako's face but Natsume's eyes always seem to pull me in. Maybe it's just because I think they're cool. And she's probably not as self concious about her eyes as Hanako is about the burn marks.

Hanako and I have the same idea and lean out and away from Natsume, so that our cheeks don't accidentally touch hers.

"Wha-Hey! Yeah!" Naomi barrels over and shoves herself into the group too, leaning in to get a better look at their new computer. I have to lean into the table next to us in order to get any breathing room. I can't even see Hanako anymore with these two between us. I'm going to get even sweatier. Naomi's arm snakes around my shoulders and she digs her fingers into my flesh.

"Looks like you're capable of being nice after all, Yuuto!"

"I only brought it up because the student council told me to," I retort as I try to pull her fingers from my shoulder. "Also, let go of me."

"Looks like you're still capable of being an ass, Yuuto!" Naomi keeps the same cadence as her previous exclamation. She then digs her nails deeper into my shoulder.

"Anyway, what's Hanako doin' up here? Is Shizune going to get mad?"

"Why would Shizune get mad?"

"Uh, aren't you two dating?"


"Are you sure? I could swear that-"

"Hanako helped me set the computer up. I don't know any of the actual technical aspects of setting this damn thing up. But she did." I jab my thumb in the general direction of where I saw Hanako sitting last. I haven't heard her get up... or say or do anything since these two showed up. But I can imagine that she's debating jumping out of this window like she did in the hallway.

I hope she at least opens it first.

"Eh? She did?" Naomi peels herself away from me and stands up. Natsume follows suit, like she's been programmed to follow Naomi exactly.
There's Hanako, still sitting right where I left her, eyes stuck to her lap. She's got her hands clasped together there and is wringing them against one another.

Oh boy. Having to brace her nerves to spend time with me sans Lilly is one thing, but it's pretty apparent that Naomi and Natsume are out of Hanako's comfort zone. Damn. I thought she was doing so well too. We should have left already.

"I didn't know you knew anything about computers, Hanako."

"W-Well, a l-little..."

At least she's responding, right?

"So you just made the ape here set the thing up and did the smart work? Good for you." Naomi and Natsume switch places faster than I can blink and the blonde leans down next to Hanako. The timid one flinches as though Naomi's licked her cheek and scoots her chair closer to the wall, in order to get away. And she's shaking. Wonderful.

What did I drag her into?

"That is what Yuuto said." Natsume adds.

"That is not what I said. I said she helped." I shift in my seat, trying to free up some space to breathe properly. Natsume just wedges herself into the group further, once again blocking my view of Hanako. "Don't talk about me like I'm some kind of moron."

"Shush, we're talking to Hanako." Naomi waves me off with her hand.

"Listen, hey, Hanako. Since you're so keen on spending time with assbutt here-"

"Not you too."

"Why don't you spend time with us? The newspaper club could use some fresh blood, especially someone as tech savvy as you are."

"Ah. I... I..."

"Maybe you could be our editor or something? I don't know a lick about these hunks of plastic and Natsume can't use one without spilling apple juice on the keyboard. "

"Cherry soda."

"You still spilled it, Natsume. And didn't tell me and we had to do a bunch of stupid paperwork-"

"Which got us a new computer." Natsume points out.

"Ah... Okay. True. Keep up the good work then." Naomi's head swivels back to Hanako in time for the shaking girl to stand up from her chair.
It topples over behind her. And just like that, Hanako pushes away from the Newspaper club, sending them right into me, and dashes out of the door.


The door slams shut behind her, causing the two girls I'm left with to jump up and grind my back even further into the table. I let out a little hiss of pain that neither of them seem to hear.

"I think you scared her off, Naomi."

"Yeah. I think so."

"Will you two get the hell off me?"

I push them away from me and rub my poor back as I stand up properly again. Naomi and Natsume mutter some sheepish apologies as they step away that I barely register. My eyes are firmly fixed to the door that Hanako ran out of. She was doing so well too. Well, at least with me. I actually had her say more than five words to me today. Do these two realize what an accomplishment that was?

"So uh, Hanako really helped you with the computer?" Naomi attempts to start up a pleasant conversation again.

"That's what I said, isn't it?" I shake my head and wave it off. "Sorry. Yes."

"An apology? That's new." Naomi smirks.

"Don't start."

Naomi holds her hands up to say "no offense" and picks up Hanako's knocked over chair. She plants herself down into it and crosses her arms over her chest.

"Well that was pretty brave of her, isn't it, Natsume?"

"Yes. It was."

"You know, Yuuto, she pretty much leaves in the middle of class every day. Just picks up her stuff and out the door. Woosh." She sweeps both hands to the office door and drops them.

"Kind of wish that I could do that."

"I wish she had said yes." Natsume takes my former seat for herself.

"Yeah. Well, why don't the two of you apologize the next time you see her?" I sigh and grab my jacket from the table. "It might do you some good if you're really serious about getting her in your club."

"Are you actually suggesting we apologize? For what?"

"For being a couple of idiots."

Naomi stands again and pokes me in the forehead.

"Look at you. Yuuto the Student Council Bulldog-"

"You talked to Takamichi?"

"No. It's just a nickname you've got going around. Don't you pay attention?"

I shrug at her.

"Anyway, look at you. Telling us to be nice. What happened to you?"

I roll my eyes and step to the door. Naomi sits back down, lowering her head into her shoulders as I fix her with a level gaze. I imagine it's the look samurai gave someone just before killing them in a duel.

"That's not some friendly advice. That's an order from Student council."

I slam the door behind me.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

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Chapter 1: Mighty, Part 3
" You may feel small but you are mighty."

"Hey Yuuuuuchaaaan!"

I slide my foot off the pedal of my bike and back onto the pavement. The unmistakable call of my fellow council member dashes any hopes I had of taking all the recycling back to my room and just passing out for a quick nap so that I would be awake to hang out with Miki and Molly tonight.

I turn my head to look over my shoulder. Sure enough, Misha is jogging down the walkway to the main entrance towards me, hair drills and... other things bouncing up and down with each step. Wonderful. A lesser man would start drooling. It's a good thing I'm hung up over Shizune or I might start having strange thoughts about how Misha's undone the top buttons of her blouse because it's so damn hot.

Actually, I'm glad that Misha's managed to once again run into me. With the start of summer break looming just around the corner, I have to ask Misha and Shizune if they want to come to the restaurant very soon or I'm sure they'd already have plans. Actually, I'm sure that they already do have plans. I was starting to think I'd have to ask Miki where their rooms were.

Misha slows to a trot since I'm no longer about to wheel off and takes her sweet time to close the distance between us.

"At least this time you can't cover my damn eyes."

"Don't be so mean, Yuuchan. You should be excited to see me." Misha pouts for almost a whole second, but it eventually gives way to her silly smile. "After all, it's not every day that a cute girl goes running over to you."

I successfully resist the urge to mount my bike again and just pedal off the hillside. Don't let Misha turn into another Miki. One of those is more than enough.

"Uh huh. So did you need me for something?"

"Huh? Oh yeah!" Misha slams the bottom of her fist into the palm of her empty hand. At least she's not half-signing everything to me. "I needed to follow up on the job I sent you on today! Did you just get back from town?"

I look down at my bike. Seriously?

"I think that's a safe assumption. I mean, I am sitting on my bike and all." And that's about as nice as I could put that.

"Yeah. Okay! Can you give me a lift next time I need to go?" She pats the back bars of my bike. "Shicchan said you gave her a ride once."

"Uh huh. And did she mention how scared she was to do it?"

Misha taps the bottom of her chin, lost in thought.

"Uhm... No. I don't think so. Shicchan isn't scared of anything anyway, Yuuchan."

I'm sure that Shizune wants to keep up that invincible appearance. Less hassle from the commoners if they think she's fearless and untouchable. Too bad I know that my bike fills her with dread.

"Where is she anyway? I haven't seen either of you at all today."

Misha frowns.

"Shicchan's got a cold and I've been trying to fill in for her today." She peers down the road that weaves it's way to town. "But I had to go shopping and I said that I was going to get her food." She holds up the bag in her other hand to make it clear that she's brought back food. Yep. Bag full of take-out. I can defintely see that, Misha.

"Same here. I wanted to have my shopping done hours ago but I had to go set up a computer for the newspaper club." I poke Misha in the shoulder hard, making it clear I'm not happy about my duties today. "Do you have any idea how sweltering that damn office is with four people in it?"

Misha shakes her head.

"No, I've only been in there with Naomi and Natsume. But I'm happy to hear that you-" Misha stops as something sinks in and she brightens up to eleven. "Oh! Yuuchan did you meet one of the other newspaper club members? What are they like?"

"No. It wasn't one of the first years that are in that gossip rag. I ran into that girl from your class, Ikezawa."

Misha blinks a few times at the name and works her mouth into something that can make words. It doesn't work at first.


"She helped me carry the computer upstairs and set it up."

Okay Misha. I said she helped me set up a computer. That's it. You can stop making that face. Misha. Stop. What are you doing? Stop.

"Hanako? You got Hanako to talk to you?"


"You weren't mean to her, were you Yuuchan?" Misha gives me a puffed-up angry look. It isn't so much intimidating or scary as it is ridiculous. I still do my best not to laugh.

"No." I poke her in the shoulder again, and she lets go of her breath with an exaggerated puff. "I'm only mean to people I like. Such as you, Shizune and Miki."

"Wahaha! You must like everyone then since you're such a grump, Yuuchan! But wait! What about Molly?"

"No one is mean to Molly." I almost snap at her.

"Well at least you set up the computer for them. And you got to spend time with Hanako too."

I shrug and swing off of my bike. I guess it was pretty cool to see Hanako step slightly beyond her comfort shell to help me out. At least I hope I haven't scarred her for life. Maybe I can ask Misha to make sure that Naomi and Natsume apologize to her and follow up on them nicely asking her to join Newspaper club instead of doing whatever it was they were trying today.

Or I could just work up the nerve and ask Misha to take me to see Shizune at her room.


What the hell? If tiny, scared Hanako can be tough and mighty like that and spend time with me, I can ask two girls to spend their break with me. It’ll be a piece of cake. Certainly a lot easier than managing Hanako was.

"Could you take me to see Shizune?"

Misha's pout returns. That’s not a good sign. Come on Misha. I’m asking you to take me to see someone. Not asking for you to saw off your own legs to give to that one chick in track that’s missing both hers.

"Do you mean today?"

"No. I mean right now."

Misha's pout reaches dangerous levels.

"I just said she was sick, Yuuchan. I don't know if Shicchan would want to see you right now."

"But I have something important to ask the two of you." I push my bike down the path and Misha, thankfully, follows. "And I'd rather just ask the two of you today, since it involves our upcoming break and I don't want to be a pain at the last minute."

Misha brightens up with the force of a thousand suns. It actually hurts my eyes to stare at her. They get all... watery.

"Really? Is it a secret, Yuuchan?" She whispers, shaking birds from nearby trees.

"Not really. It's just easier to ask you both in person at the same time since plans would have to be made." I explain.

"What is it?"

"I already told you I'm not telling you until I see Shizune too." I sigh. "So if you want to know, then you'll just have to take me to her."

Misha shoves me.

"That's not fair, Yuuchan."

"I didn't say it was. I just said that was how it was going to be."

Misha's pout returns, dimming the thousand suns she just channeled. I feel bad about it for a second.

"I don't know, Yuuchan. I already said Shicchan was sick and I don't know if she wants visitors."

"You're visiting her, right?"

Misha nods. "Well, yes, but I'm-"

"In student council? Capable of reading and using sign language? Holding food?"

"... A girl."

I shake my head. Right. Good point. Well, let's try this then. It usually works with Shizune.

"Tell you what. If you can answer my riddle, I'll drop it and you don't have to take me." I hold up my hand to stop Misha from interrupting me. "But if you don't, then you take me straight there and I have a few sick masks at the bottom of my bag so I'll be fine."

Misha frowns.

"And I've got some drinks in my bag we can share. If you guys are in the mood for cherry soda." I certainly have been since Natsume mentioned it earlier. Just a little something to sweeten the pot.

"I don't know..."

"Shizune wouldn't back down from a simple riddle, Misha. And what would she think if we, her hand-picked student council, were to shy away from a challenge? Especially yoU! The senior member! From me! A lowly worker bee!"

Misha grins up at me. There we go!

"WAHAHA!~ You're right, Yuuchan! Okay! It's a deal."


"I promise."

"Alright then... What do a duck and a bicycle have in common?"

Misha's face scrunches into deep thought and she starts tapping her cheek again. Hey. Look at that. She really does look like that when she's deep in thought.

The minutes pass and she looks up at me again.

"They both honk?"

I shake my head."


"What is it then?"

"Are you going to take me to see Shizune? You can't back out on me. You promised, Misha."

"I said I would, Yuuchan! Don't be mean." Misha pouts.

"Fine. They both have handlebars..."

Misha blinks at me slowly.

"Except the duck." I add coolly.

Misha's face bounces rapidly back and forth from confusion to... oh. I think I actually made her mad. Yep. Her eyebrows are definitely narrowed. Yeah. She's glaring at me, alright.

"That's not fair, Yuuchan!" She shoves me with both hands.

I shrug again. "I never said it was a good riddle or fair for that matter. Are you going to take me to Shizune's room or not?"

"I shouldn't take you! You cheated!"

"You tricked me into helping the newspaper club with their paperwork!"

"That's different! Shicchan said you'd fall for it!"

I groan, dragging my hand down my face. There has got to be some way to get through to this girl. But what?

Oh. Duh. Food. I'm taking her to a restaurant, right?

"Look, Misha. I'm sorry it wasn't a fair contest, alright?"

She just continues to glare at me. It's not intimidating in the slightest. It's actually just... very Misha. I don't know how else to put it.
I've never met anyone quite like her. The closest thing is a Miki, but she's twice as annoying as Misha is.

"But if you take me to see Shizune, you might get to eat that Peach Melba thing I told you about."

Misha's glare disappears.


"Yeah. I'll make sure we get some during the break. Deal?"

"Why didn't you say so, Yuuchan! Come on!"

Misha bounds off and I'm forced to lug my bike as I trail behind her. Now I wish I had mentioned stopping at the boy's dorm to unload all my stuff for my brother. It's going to look weird chained up outside the girl's dorm with all this cardboard strapped to the back. Well, whatever. According to Naomi, Takamichi's nickname for me, The Student Council Bulldog, stuck. I don't think anyone's going to bother me about some stupid boxes on my bike.

I leave it in the bike rack outside the girl's dorm as Misha patiently waits with the door held open for me. I think she's even tapping her foot as I take my time to make sure my bike is locked securely. The door clatters loudly against the frame as Misha rushes past me and up the stairs.

The girl's dorm isn't new to me. In some rare joke, I'm sure at my expense, the universe has gifted me with a gaggle of female friends. So
I've been inside before up to Miki's room and even Molly's. Miki's room is worse than mine. She tosses her clothes everywhere like I used to, and leaves all the stuff she's borrowed off Molly and I with it, such as my clothes and Molly's notes and homework. Her walls are covered in bright posters of stupid bands that she likes, such as that kid's pop group from a few years back. The only thing that's remotely clean is her bed, since she's in the habit of using it every day.

Molly's room is Spartan compared to that. Everything's put away where it belongs and she doesn't do much along the lines of decorating. She has a small shelf of books and game cases. There's a few pictures of her family and that's it.

It used to make me feel like such a hopeless slob.

But Shizune's room? What's that like? I'm assuming she has a sword to slice off the heads of her enemies just above her bed. That seems like something the Tyrant of Yamaku would have. But what else? Various leather bound copies of the rules and regulations of Yamaku? A four poster bed? A horse saddle and riding crop?

Wait. I don’t want to think about those last things.

Misha stops outside of a door on the second floor. There's a doorbell next to it. She pushes it a few times and turns to me.

"Wait out here, okay Yuuchan?"

"What? Why? What's that button?"

"It's a doorbell for deaf students. It makes a light in Shicchan's room go flick on and off."

"Why can't I just come in? Just stick your head in and let her know I'm here."

"Just stay here! I have to make sure that Shicchan is going to be ready to see you! You're going into her room!" Misha stamps her foot down, pouting at me again.

Oh. Okay. I guess... That could be something she might worry about. What with Shizune being a girl and me being... not a girl. I just nod and lean against the wall.

"I'll be right here. And no backing out, Misha. Told her I won our contest."

"You cheated though!"

I frown.

"Yeah. Leave that part out when you tell her. Please?"

Misha smiles at me. "Okay Yuuchan. For the peach melba."

I nod again and Misha slips into Shizune's room.

Alright. Here I am. About to ask these two girls to my house for the break. Because Miki thinks it'll be easier to get Shizune alone at my house, rather than here at the school. And, to, as she put it, give me a home field advantage. Though I'm sure it's more likely that she's counting on me striking out and at least at my house, I've got my family to fall back on for the rest of the trip.

I shake my head.

Come on, Yuuto. You're here, right? You made it this far. You're mighty! You're going to step foot into Shizune's room, point at her and say: "Come to my house for the break! We'll work in my parents restaurant and it'll be a ton of fun."

I close my eyes and wiggle against the wall until I'm comfortable.

Just take it one step at a time. Baby steps, even. They'll add up.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:20 am

In the same complete silence that I've gotten used to over the past few minutes with Hanako, we set up the computer. It doesn't take long to do the physical set up. After I pulled the desk from the wall, she handed me the cords as I plugged them into their respective slots. Hanako took a seat while I looped the cords neatly behind the desk and secured them using a little bag of zip-ties from the box.
Inexplicable jump to past tense in the middle of this paragraph. that I would be awake to hang out with
With whom?
Misha nods. "Well, yes, but I'm-"
"In student council? Capable of reading and using sign language? Holding food?"
"... A girl."
Nice one!
"Yeah. I'll make sure we get some during the break, alright?"
"Why didn't you say so, Yuuchan! Come on!"
Something is wrong with the dialogue here... Is Yuuto saying two lines in a row?
...all the stuff she's borrowed off Molly and I...
Molly and me

Good chapter. Best part was the interaction with Misha, but did you have to end it on a cliffhanger like that?
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

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Dr.Worm wrote:"Really? Is it a secret, Yuuchan?" She whispers, shaking birds from nearby trees.
This line killed me. :D
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by griffon8 » Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:58 pm

Dr.Worm wrote:Are Naomi and Natsume my very own torture demons sent to destroy me?

I hope not. Miki would be upset someone was taking her job.
I laughed quite a bit at this.

Are people really that concerned about stolen bicycles? I was under the impression that nobody would worry about that in Japan.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by Umber » Sat Jun 21, 2014 12:41 am

griffon8 wrote: Are people really that concerned about stolen bicycles? I was under the impression that nobody would worry about that in Japan.
Maybe since there isn't as much of a focus on roads in Japan, the biking scene stays local. That way, it'd depend on the area. Not that I'd assume bike theft was a problem at Yamaku, either.
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