Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 2/26]

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 1/17]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Fri Jan 17, 2014 5:40 pm

Interesting take on Natsume and Naomi. I don't think I've seen them portrayed this way before.
I can't see Shizune and Yuuto as a pairing either, but who knows. This story has surprised me a few times so far.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 1/17]

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:00 pm

Interesting take on Naomi and Natsume. And Yuuto's anger at them is understandable. Naomi had started to ask personal questions, and he's pretty quick to anger in the first place. Anyway's, until it is said otherwise, I'm gonna assume the mystery boy that Molly is hanging out with is Hisao.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 1/17]

Post by Kejmur » Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:21 am

BTW the fragment with Worker Bees and DRONES was one of the funniest things I ever read. Good job man, I enjoyed your exchanges between Miki/Shizune/Yuuto alot and I really enjoyed your sense of humour in those. And in overall good fanfic and while main hero was indeed an assbut, it made him just different from all those main OCs on this forum (and Hisao).

Also interesting view on newspaper club and I think I like this vision the most. It's like a Yamaku version of paparazzi group with their aggresive way of journalism. Me gusta.

Anyway this story is a good proof why making your main protagonist OC is just much more enjoyable than making Hisao main hero of the story. While I enjoyed game alot, Hisao was someone I couldn't force myself to like. He was just... boring. There wasn't anything 'wrong' or 'out of order' with him per se when it goes to character (and actually... maybe it was the problem ?), but I didn't enjoy seeing him in-game at all. But I guess that's me. So yeah, I really don't understand dislike for OCs on this forum, as I think well made OC can be faaaar more interesting than Hisao ever can be.

And about Yuuto/Shizune pairing - for me they actually look like a good couple material. And even if they argue all of time ? It's not like their arguing gets out of control and it's a sign of good relationship (in reasonable amount that is) in my book, we all argue with our parents/lovers/family and for me it's something totally normal as long as it doesn't get out of control too much. For example you wouldn't force yourself to clean up your room without that high pitched voice behind door reminding you of this or something similar. Sometimes I feel strange if I don't argue with someone close for too long time :P. And let's face it, he's the guy which needs someone over his head (mess in the room when Molly isn't around to clean it up is one of those examples). Maybe he's the masochistic type, who knows ? :D And we can't deny that Student Council had some really good effect on him. I root for this pairing, he's just a guy which needs a bat around his ass. And I think he kinda enjoys it . Also the idea of 'ruling the school with iron fists couple' sounds interesting, I think few people in this school kinda needs some forced discipline in them (yeah Takamichi, it includes mostly you :D).

Anyway I'm your next reader from now on. Keep up the good work.

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 1/17]

Post by Umber » Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:33 pm

Holy hell. Liked the dialogue at the end, and Yuuto's assbutt-ness. Been missing your writing for quite a while now. From someone working on those two very characters in the Newspaper club, it's refreshing to see a different take.

Also, I wasn't expecting Misha getting anywhere in the mental mind-game department. You have my support! Awaiting updates.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 1/17]

Post by Kitsune Spirit » Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:23 pm

Suddenly my world goes dark.

"Guess who, Yuuchan!"

Well don't try to make it hard for me or anything.

"Auguste Escoffier, original chef of the Peach Melba?" I guess.

The hands covering my eyes quickly drop and I can see again. It's a miracle! Or it's just Misha. I turn around to face the girl who wanted to play this little game with me.

Ah. It's not a famous French chef. Just one very confused Misha. That's a good thing too, since August Escoffier has been dead for about 80 years or so now. I don't think Yamaku would be prepared for a French culinary legend zombie outbreak.
This made me laugh so much. I love this guy, he's so much more interesting than Hisao and is cardboard personality. I really like this depiction of Miki and Molly too, I wish I had friends like them in high school or college for that matter.

This was seriously a fun story to read. I was hoping that Molly would be the love interest, because she was adorabetes in the one-shot, and she's like my favourite side character anyway.

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 1/17]

Post by Dr.Worm » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:27 pm

Previous Chapter:Bad Reputation

Chapter 4; Part 1: Moral of the Story
“ "Work! Till your arms fall off. Till your abs get hard and your bone’s all soft.”

[I told you that having them help would be a mistake.]

I pick up Shizune’s can of soda off the table and hold it out to her. Off in the distance, Miki and Molly are continuing to argue about who’s side of their stall is crooked. Well, I guess it’s mostly Miki yelling at Molly. If I were Molly, I’d hit Miki over the head with that hammer she’s holding. But this is Molly we’re talking about, so that’s probably out of the question. At least until she goes on her rampage.

I hope she doesn’t kill me. As Miki’s pointed out before, I’ve kind of been an ass to both of them.

Shizune takes the can from me but puts it right back on the table. She gives me that famous Shizune look of disappointment and snaps.

[We already took a break.]

[Okay, but I thought we were on another one.] And besides that, I’m already sweating like a dog. We’ve been working out here behind the main school building, under the sun might I add, for the past hour and a half. I don’t get how Shizune does it. She hasn’t even broken a sweat, and she’s still wearing her entire school uniform too. I already took my button up off half an hour ago because I was afraid of heat exhaustion. My t-shirt has soaked through to the point that it’s nearly translucent. Is she even alive? Or am I really just that out of shape?

I’m amazed I haven’t had another seizure yet. After all, this is sort of how my last tonic-clonic started. At least this time I’ve got Molly and Miki here. Those two have seen so many seizures over the last few years that they’re nearly nurses when it comes to taking care of me during an episode. When I found them standing with Shizune outside of their class after the final bell, I thought she was kidding when she told me they’d be helping us. Apparently she found them quite willing to help us out since we’d be down Misha today.

It’s a little odd. Miki’s never volunteered herself for additional physical work unless there was something in it for her. And Molly? I don’t think Molly’s ever even held a hammer before today.

But I guess with how little time we’ve been able to spend together, Miki and Molly must be desperate to see me or something.

[And I think we deserve a break. We’re almost done, aren’t we?] I indicate to the seven stalls behind us. The seven that Shizune and I built. Though, technically, I guess Shizune made four of them and I only made three.

[Besides, we’ve been watching those two for at least five minutes now.]

Miki wrenches the hammer from Molly’s hands and starts swinging it at the stall. I hope she’s aiming for nails.

[That’s because they’re very amusing.]

They’re amusing. We aren’t taking a break, but we’re going to not work to watch my two best friends argue? Wonderful. I will never understand this girl’s train of logic. Normally, she’d chastise me for slacking off, but today I just so happened to take a look up from hammering and see Shizune frozen in place, eyes glued to Miki and Molly’s attempts to build their first stall. What gives? I thought I was the one who slacked off when other people weren’t paying attention.

Ah! Of course!

[I think I might be rubbing off on you.] My smirk disappears as soon as I finish signing. There was probably a better way to say that to the very literal Shizune.

[What does that mean?] She asks, completely glossing over the embarrassing word choice on my part. Thank god. I’m still shivering at the thought of my “drones” slip-up.

[It means that you’d rather watch those two fail at putting one stupid stall together than fix it.]


[It means you actually know how to have fun.]

A loud clatter of wood pulls me from the conversation. Miki and Molly have managed to knock over their entire stall to the ground. And apparently they don’t know how to nail boards together properly, because the entire thing is in pieces again. Molly’s on the ground, rubbing her butt and glaring up at Miki, who’s trying her best to look nonchalant with the hammer hanging loosely from her fingers. I roll my eyes, pick up my soda, and march over to them.

Shizune passes me in a brisk walk, heading straight to Molly. She helps the girl off the ground before I even reach them.

“You okay, Molly?”

“Yes…” Molly mutters, still glaring up at Miki.

“Then what the hell are you doing, Miki?” I rear on my taller, dumber friend. It’s probably not the best idea since she’s holding a hammer. Miki would probably hit me with it given the opportunity and the motive. Or neither and she just had the passing fancy of hitting someone with it.

“Nothing. The stupid hammer just doesn’t work is all.” She rubs her nose with her bandaged stump, doing her best not to look at me.

“The hammer doesn’t work.” I repeat.

Oh boy. At least that’s a new one.

Miki throws her head back and groans loud enough for the next town over to hear.

“This is so stupid. Stall building sucks. It’s hot out here and I’m all sweaty. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever had to do and I hate it and I hate you and I hate my life. I wish I was dead then I wouldn’t have to work on these stupid stalls with you.” Miki tries to hand me the hammer, but I push it away.

She throws her head back again and bellows out a groan that shakes my bones.

“Well other than that, Mrs. Asanuma, how was your husband’s speech?”

Miki’s head snaps back to me and her face is a livid red. Good. I was trying to piss her off. She’s pissing me off.

“Are you being a huge assbutt right now?”

“You’d know if you paid attention during history.” I grin.

A few seconds of silence pass between us before Miki swats the can of soda out of my hand without breaking eye contact with me. It clanks against the ground and the remaining half of my orange soda starts spilling out.

“For fuck’s sake… Did you seriously have to do that, Miki?” I stoop and pick it up before more of my money is wasted.

“Yes. Someone had to knock you off your high horse. Anyway, I’m done. We’ve been out here forever and Molly and I can’t even put together one stupid stall.” Miki pathetically kicks the pile of boards on the ground. My boss joins the “scowling at Miki” party and crouches next to the pile.

“Can I just go now?” Miki continues whining.

Shizune starts stacking the boards up again, taking care to avoid the nails that Miki half-ass hammered into them. I should help. She’s done a lot more work than me today.

“No. You can’t just “go now”, Miki. You told Shizune you’d help us, so the least you can do is finish one stupid stall. We did seven.” There’s no way I’m going to point out that Shizune did four by herself. I hunch over and pick up the remaining boards and slide them on top of Shizune’s pile. Shizune pulls her hands away, just avoiding pinching them under my addition of stall pieces. Her glare clearly says she was able to do that herself and I’m just getting in her way.

I ignore that and round back on Miki.

“And you’re going to build a stall.”

Miki holds the hammer out to me. “You build it. I didn’t want to do this crap all afternoon. I just wanted to spend time with you and Molly.”

I push the hammer away again. “You’re building this stall, Miki. Even if I have to help you.”

“Can’t my contribution just be that I go get you a new soda?”


“Come on! Please?”

“No. You’d either shake the can or drink it all before you came back.”

Shizune taps me on the shoulder, effectively putting my argument with Miki on hold. Oh. She looks even more annoyed than me.

[What are you two talking about?]

I sigh. Right. With Misha gone, it’s up to me to keep Shizune in the loop. It’s sort of easy to forget about the barrier between Shizune and everyone else when I get sucked into something. I lift my hands and try to find the right words to describe that Miki’s being a whining bitch and I hate her. I don’t understand why she’d agree to help if all she wasn’t going to do anything.

Hold up. That’s the problem. Miki agreed to help us.

[Did Miki actually agree to help us this afternoon?]

[Well, not exactly.] Shizune adjusts her glasses and turns to Miki. I snap my gaze over to my friend.

“Miki if you kick that board pile over I swear I’ll kill you.” I bark.

“Shut up, assbutt. I wasn’t going to do anything.” Miki’s shoe scuffs against the ground as she swings her foot back down.

“Uhm… If… If we’re not doing very well, is it okay if I go?” Molly raises one of her hands, as if I’m her teacher. As though she needs permission to speak. Come on Molly. I’m not your freaking teacher.

“Wha- You too Molly?”

Molly drops her hand and immediately starts fiddling with the hem of her sweater. “Well, it’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you or anything Yuuto because you’re my friend and -and don’t get me wrong I l-like spending time with you and Miki b-but-“ Her words come flying out of her mouth as she keeps glancing at Shizune. Hell, she can’t even look at me. “But I had plans this afternoon with suh-someone and now I’m going to be late and I just want to know if we’re going to be m-much longer.”

I sigh and drop my head. I can argue with Miki until the day I die, but Molly is a different story. Molly doesn’t argue. She just collapses under any sort of pressure and looks adorable the whole time. I switch back to Shizune, who hasn’t stopped giving me that annoyed look yet.

[Molly has someone she’s supposed to meet and Miki isn’t going to be any help at all.] I jerk my head at the girl standing behind me. If I know her, and I’ve been her friend for nearly three years now, she’s making faces at the back of my head.

Shizune turns to Miki as I indicate to her.

Miki’s reflection in Shizune’s glasses reveals I know my friend way too well.

[Do you mind if we just finish building the last stall on our own?]

Shizune frowns at Miki and starts signing at her. Okay. That’s definitely not going to work. I haven’t been showing Miki anything about sign language. With how clueless I was two months ago about sign language, I don’t’ think Miki’s going to be any better. She’s pretty dense.

“What’d she say?” Miki holds the hammer out to Shizune.

“She wants to know why you want to leave.” I sigh. I wish everyone knew how to do this. I don't know how Misha manages to puts up with it.

Miki nods once. “Tell her it’s because you’re being an ass.”

“What? No. You do it.”

“Suit yourself." Miki tosses me the hammer. I catch it as Miki turns to Shizune. She points at me and then points at her butt. “See ya, Yuuto. Shizune.”

I close my eyes and regret the last few seconds of my life.

"Come on, Mol. We'd best get you looking good for your date."

"It's n-not a date, M-Miki."

"Sure sure sure." Miki thuds her arm against Molly's back, nearly knocking the poor girl over, as they walk off.

I watch them disappear around the corner of the school building before focusing on Shizune again.

[So how exactly did you get Miki and Molly to help us?]

Shizune stands from the pile of boards between us and dusts off her skirt. Then she fixes her glasses before finally turning her gaze on me. She gives me that look that only she can and my stomach bends over backwards and attempts to strangle itself. How does she do that?

[Miki said that Misha and I were hogging you all to ourselves. So I suggested that she and Molly should join us this afternoon.]

Right. "Suggested" isn't a word I see as being part of Shizune's vocabulary.

[Then you have no one to blame for this but yourself.] I hold both my hands down to the plank pile at our feet. [Miki doesn't respond well to any sort of physical labor. We actually got off pretty easy today. You should see her help out at my parent's restaurant.]

Shizune just holds that look. My stomach attempts to eat itself.

[But whatever. Let's just finish this last stall and be done with it.] I crouch down and start sorting through the pile before Shizune can respond. Or before I wilt under that stupid authoritative gaze of hers.

Miki's managed to pound nails into half the boards. Not many of them actually go through the board to connect them to anything, of course. That's why the stall fell apart.

I shouldn't have let her leave. This is unacceptable. She's supposed to be my friend. I can't believe I was happy about the thought they were willing to do this just to see me. I should know them better than this.

[Looks like Miki managed to ruin just about all the boards. I can't believe those two.] I relay my frustration to my boss.

She shakes her head at me.

[Complaining won't get the job done, Yuuto.] Shizune pulls two of the stall legs out from the pile and sets them aside.

[I don't understand though. Miki and Molly are my friends. I know that Miki's lazier than a sloth... Don't they get that this is for them? I’m certainly not doing this for my help. Last time I built stalls, I had to send Misha running to the Nurse.]

Shizune blinks at me, her lips pushed thin and tight against each other.

[I mean we're putting so much work into this because we want Tanabata to be amazing, right? And they ruin this!]

Shizune's head moves a fraction of a centimeter up and down.

[They can’t even help out with one stall and leave us to pick up the pieces.]

Shizune nods again.

I groan and push the pile of wood over and the boards clatter as they knock against each other. My boss scowls at me and starts sorting the planks up into the pile again.

[Are you trying to be Miki now? Because you are not helping.]

[Why do we even bother?]

[Because we're the Student Council.] Shizune signs sharply back at me.

That again? I'm so tired of hearing that. We're the Student Council. It's our duty to do it. Blah blah blah. So what? If the general masses are going to be as unappreciative as my two best friends, then I don't think I really can have the sense of pride I felt with my work here. It just feels pointless.

[That line is wearing thin, Shizune.]

Shizune pulls the other two legs off the top of the pile and sets them aside.

[Well, it is true.] She replies quickly.

[I don't understand why you work so hard for them. All they do is call you a tyrant or complain about your rules or-]

Shizune clamps her hands over mine and gives me her look.
Is she technically holding my hands? That’s not going to be good if someone sees us like this. Especially if they don’t see Shizune’s face. All we’d need is for word to reach Naomi, which, it will because she’s the freaking head of the Newspaper club and apparently the Duchess of the Rumor Mill.

Shizune finally lifts her hands and pushes her glasses up on her nose. [I am well aware of my reputation at this school, Yuuto. I do not have to be reminded. We do this because we are the student council. I do this because I enjoy doing it.]

Ah. Okay. I think I hit a nerve.
[It does not matter that people don't thank us directly. If they enjoy the festival, then we know we have done a good job. That is the reward.] Her knuckles crack as she signs to me. I've only heard them do that after that day she fought with Lilly.

Yeah. I definitely hit a nerve. I probably even sucker-punched it.

[If you are just going to sit there and be unhelpful then leave. I have no need for you.]

Damn it. I'm relapsing pretty hard. Here comes angry, bitter Yuuto again. I shouldn't be making Shizune's job harder than it is already. If she didn't have me here today, all these stalls would be her responsibility. And I know the work bothers her too. Or at least annoys her. No one in their right mind would actually like repetitive hammering over and over and over again.

I rub the back of my neck before replying.

[I'm sorry. I'm just frustrated.]

[If you really are sorry, help me put this stall together. And quit complaining so much. It is not helping.]

[Ah. Yes, your majesty.] I give her a little salute.

Shizune silently sighs.

[I'll build this one. You've made one stall more than me already.] I offer. Hopefully she’ll accept that as a real apology.

[This is not a contest, Yuuto.]

I double over in laughter. I can almost feel the tears welling up int the corners of my eyes. Shizune glares at me as I collect myself. I wipe the imaginary tears from my eyes.

[I am rubbing off on you.]


[Come on. It's always a contest with you.]

Shizune’s smile returns for a brief moment.

[Then I refuse to let you build this on your own. A tie is just as bad as a defeat.]

I shrug. That's probably the closest I'll ever get.

[Let’s get this over with then.]
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 1/17]

Post by Dr.Worm » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:30 pm

Chapter 4; Part 2: Moral of the Story
“ "Work! Till your arms fall off. Till your abs get hard and your bone’s all soft.”

No one would even be able to tell Miki mutilated this stall now. Not after I fixed it so expertly. I'm not one to toot my own horn but...

Toot toot.

Okay. And Shizune helped, but I am glad to say I ended up doing most of the work this time.
Not to further brag, but it’s also the ice cream stall. So I had to build the additional section to hide the little freezer thing for the frozen treats.

I throw the tarp over it, just in case it rains tonight. And with that, we're done. Not a moment too soon either. The sunlight is quickly dwindling to that orange-pink sunset. I'm sad to see my masterpiece go. But we're done with these stalls finally.

Painting and decorating them falls to whoever's running them. Thank god for that. I think I might be better at cooking than I am at painting. I dust my hands off against each other and turn to Shizune.

[There. We're tied.]

Shizune smiles. [Not at all. I still finished before you.]

Oh har har, Queen Bee.

[Are you the one who taught Misha to trick me today?]

[Of course not. Don't be ridiculous.]

I shake my head as I pull my button-up on again. Of course Shizune told Misha what to do. She had to. Misha isn't the master manipulator of the group. That'd be the one standing in front of me right now. She's the brains of the operation. Misha's more like the heart.

Guess that makes me the...


The pancreas?

[Do you have the forms from the newspaper club with you? I'd like to go over them as soon as possible.]

Ah. There we go. Shizune doesn't waste time does she? We finish stalls and she's already asking about other student council business.

[No. They didn't finish them. I dropped them off at my room. It’s just a bunch of number crunching now. And with the training I’ve gotten from all your budget reports, I think I can handle that. I’ll have them for you tomorrow.]

[Why didn’t they finish them?] Shizune raises an eyebrow.

[They interviewed me. About Student Council and why I joined. And why I'm sticking around.]

[And what did they have to say about that?]

Ah. Crap. They seem to think we're romantically involved but I don't really want to go down that road.

[No idea. They just asked why I of all people stayed in Student Council when everyone else left.]

[Odd. Naomi said she asked if we were dating.]

I close my eyes and sigh.

Right, so first I kill Miki for this stall fiasco and then Naomi for this. Bury their bodies in the woods. Bury them deep so they're never found.

[Yes, there was some mention of that. Apparently, we'd be an unstoppable force and really rule the school together.] I had better not be blushing again.

Shizune shakes her head. I hope it's because she thinks Naomi is being crazy and not that I'm some undatable monster. I mean, apparently Molly liked me at one point. So that has to count for something right?

[Well, whatever. I don't pay much attention to the rumor mill here.]

[A wise decision.] Shizune nods.

Laughter erupts from me again. I don't stop until Shizune gives me that look for hopefully the last time today. At least she picks up on when I'm laughing at her intentionally.

[Why would you phrase it like that? "A wise decision." I didn't know I was talking to a wizard.]

Shizune frowns.

[Or sorcerer. Whatever.]

Her frown deepens.

[Shouldn't you have a beard to go with that?]

[Are you done?]

[One more.]


[You should put on your robe and wizard hat.]

Shizune rolls her eyes. I wave my hands and try to clear the air before this actually turns ugly.

[Sorry. Just... That was funny. And really awkward. I couldn't just let it pass by without saying something.]

[I see.]

[And concerning Naomi's little rumor, which I'm sure we won't be hearing about at all tomorrow, doesn't she know there's no such thing as a King Bee?]

[But there is such a thing as the King Baby Duck.] Shizune pokes me in the shoulder.

I freeze, one foot in the air. King Baby Duck? Okay. I'm not going to flip out at Shizune. But I am definitely going to make good on the thing about killing Miki and the burying her body in the woods.

[You've been talking to Miki.]

Shizune holds her hand to her mouth in a crude imitation of a duck beak. She opens and closes it. It’s just missing the quack. Wonderful. How does this girl go from her no-nonsense President mode to this childish thing before me? Is there a switch on her back?

I scowl. I may have to go back on that not freaking out on her.

[Don't get your feathers ruffled over a nickname, Yuuto.]


Shizune smiles.

[One more.]

Well. I should have seen that coming. Shizune always topples me in the end, doesn’t she?

[No thanks. I think I'm going to lie down before you give me a seizure.]

[Very well. I’ll stop by tomorrow morning before class to pick up those forms then.]

Did she… Is Shizune going to stop at my room? And look inside of it? The place where I’m sure the trash is becoming sentient and eating my socks to survive?

[Right. Okay. See you tomorrow.] I give her a wave before attempting to casually walk away. I turn around when she snaps her fingers at me.

[And if you can keep yourself from punching anyone at Tanabata, you should escort Misha and me around the festival.] She teases. Someone flipped that stomach switch on her again.

Tanabata huh? I suppose I do owe it to them after all the hard work they’ve put into helping me integrate into student council. And saving my ass from any further punishment on the Administration’s part.

There’s just one problem with that.

[If you don’t mind Miki being there. Molly’s got her date so Miki’ll probably glue herself to me.]

[If we must.] Shizune’s childish manner deflates instantly.

[We must. We’re student council. It’s our duty.]

Whoops. I’ve drawn out the Shizune stare again. I’m not sticking around anymore. I give her the same little wave before dashing off. I think it might be time to clean my room. I don’t want another thing for Shizune to lecture me on.

Next Chapter:Bad Moon Rising
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 1/17]

Post by Dr.Worm » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:38 pm

So I wanted to post a little something before another project I'm currently involved with actually starts consuming my life. Also because it's been nearly two months since I last posted.

So I split this chapter up. The last part of it is now the start of the next chapter yada yada. Basically, whooooole lotta self editing went on this week.

Thanks for all the support and comments about the story!

If Yuuto had a heart capable of feeling warm and fuzzy, and was also a real tangible living being, I'm sure it would be that way right now.
At least I still have The Worst Miki

I'll leave the front unlocked because I can't hear the doorbell.
Also, I write Fanfiction, apparently. [Once More] & [Breaking the Sound Barrier]

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 3/13]

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You know what?

I actually like your Shizune. It's probably the first fanfiction I read where that happened...
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 3/13]

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Mirage_GSM wrote:You know what?

I actually like your Shizune. It's probably the first fanfiction I read where that happened...
I've liked Shizune in most fanfics she's prominent in. Then again I like her in general, so there's that.

As for the chapter itself, really enjoyed it. Molly absolutely adorable. Looking forward to Tanabata.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 3/13]

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Guess that makes me the...


The pancreas?
The D-*whap* ow!... What, you were all thinking it...
Did she… Is Shizune going to stop at my room? And look inside of it? The place where I’m sure the trash is becoming sentient and eating my socks to survive?
Bwahahaha! Have I mentioned your sense of humor is awesome?
I actually like your Shizune. It's probably the first fanfiction I read where that happened...
Agreed. Her character just never really appealed to me. I think there might have been one other one I liked, but I don't remember what it was...

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 3/13]

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I am happy it is as funny as before. Carry on.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 3/13]

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Previous Chapter:Moral of the Story

Chapter 5: Bad Moon Rising, Part 1
"I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way."

"So are you planning on punching anyone tonight?"

I look over the top of my laptop to my constant half-unwanted companion. Currently, Miki's lying on the floor, on her back. Her eyes are glued to mine and her hand is running over her exposed stomach, left to right. Right to left. Left to right. Right to left.

"You know, 'cause you punched that guy at the last festival? Is that going to be your thing now? Punching? Falcon Punching?"

"Ha ha." I roll my eyes. "No. Are you rubbing your stomach?"

"Yeah. I'm starving." She whines.

"How does rubbing your stomach help?" I turn back down to my computer screen. My mom sent me an email this morning asking about, well, the usual parent and kid stuff. How is school going? Fine. Are you doing all your homework? Yes, somehow. How is student Council?

It's almost as hard as working for you back at the restaurant.

"Cause it feels soooooo good."

"Why don't you just go get something to eat?" I look over my laptop at Miki again. She's still rubbing her stomach.

"Cause I'm saving my appetite for all that delicious Tanabata food..."

I nod. I guess that makes sense. In Miki's non-functioning brain.

"And also because the cafeteria is closed today."

"I do have a stash of bread and stuff in that box." I point to a small cardboard box on the top of my desk.

Miki just groans.

"But it's not Tanabata food."

"If you're hungry, eat. It's not good to starve yourself. You're being stupid."

"And you're being a dick." Miki smirks and flops over onto her stomach.

"Yeah . Okay. Whatever."

"Hey. When'd Molly clean your room?" She asks, sweeping her arm out to indicate to my finally barren floor and completely missing giant piles of clothes."I thought she's been super busy with that boyfriend of hers."

I look up. "Who is she dating anyway? She doesn't even talk about the dude."

"Probably because she thinks you'll scare him off."

"Har har. Very funny."

"Wasn't kidding. You freakin' punched a guy in front of him. Anyway, she's dating Beret-Boy, Takashi."

"That the guy with Tinnitus?" Didn't know he was in the hall for the infamous Takamichi incident. I guess Molly is avoiding introducing us formally. Makes sense.

"Is that the ear thing? Yeah. When're you gonna ask Shizune out?"

"Good for her. And I don’t know. When're you going to ask the Nurse out?" That's definitely a suckerpunch. They're the only way to get Miki's mouth shut. I don't need to get into the Shizune dating thing with her too.

"When are you going to shut your big fat mouth before I shut it for you?" Miki mutters, her face flaring up like a volcano.

I continue reading my email. Are you done with your school punishment? Yes. I said that last time. Are you dating Miki yet? Blegh. No. We just went over all this last night over the phone! Why are we going on about it again now? Mother! You are worse than the stupid Student Council Budget reports!

"So when'd she clean your room?"

"Uh... she didn't. I did."

The lack of a smart-ass retort or any sort of snorting on Miki's part is enough to warrant me looking at her again. Miki's sitting up now and just staring at me. I raise an eyebrow back at her.


"You cleaned your room?"


"You?" Miki continues.

"Yes. What is so hard to comprehend here? I cleaned my room."

"That! You're saying that you cleaned your room!"


Miki springs up from my floor and pounces at me. Her fingers wrap around my shirt collar and she pulls me close. Luckily, my laptop just slides right off my legs and onto my bed as she hoists me up.

"You never clean your room." She growls.

I frown and grab her wrist. "It's not that big of a deal."

"It totally is." She practically spits on me. "You didn't clean your room for two years and suddenly, just before Tanabata might I add, you do?"

"Will you let go of me?"

Miki gasps and gives me her biggest grin. It actually stretches from ear to ear.

"I knew it! You're hoping that Misha or Shizune might come back to your room, aren't you?"

I shove her off me. Miki, thankfully, lets go of my shirt as she falls back and lands on her butt. It's not like I can tell Miki the real reason I cleaned my room is because I'm worried what Shizune would say if she walked into the complete disaster that it used to be. To Miki's ears, that's basically a love confession. Whereas I'm more concerned that Shizune would step in and clean it with a huge lecture for me the entire time. Thankfully, I already thought up an excuse to give her.

"No. I cleaned it because I can't rely on Molly forever. I'm not you." I straighten out my shirt collar, scowling at the girl sitting on my floor. “How much money do you owe her so far this year? More than you’ll ever see in your lifetime, I’ll bet.”

"Oh, go blow it out your poop-cannon." She retorts.

"Now who's being the assbutt?" I place my laptop back on my lap.

Miki responds in her usual mature manner by making a fart noise with her mouth for ten whole seconds. I groan and turn back to my email.

I frown at my Mom's last question. It's not one of the usual email questions. It’s not asking about my classes or my grades or usual school crap. She’s asking about that long weekend coming up. The one I’m coming home for.

"Mom wants to know if you're coming over for break again."

Miki jumps up and plops her butt next to me on the bed. She leans over and consumes my line of sight with my laptop screen.

"What? She said I can come? Even after that fire thing that happened last time?”

"Yeah. For some strange, freakish reason, my mother actually likes you. She keeps asking when I'm going to ask you out."

"Maybe when you get like twenty pounds of muscle and a properly working sense of humor, I'll freakin' consider the idea of thinking about dating you."

"Well it's a good thing you're so goddamn annoying then. We won't have to worry about that, will we?"

Miki makes the fart noise again as she moves away from my computer.

"What should I tell her?"

"That I'm never going to date you ever."

"Not that you moron. The other thing."

"Well, let's see. Go home where I have to sleep in the living room because I have three younger brothers and my parents gave the oldest one my old room, or go to your house where I get to sleep in your guest room and eat your Dad's fantastic cooking?"

"So, yes then?"


My fingers tap across the keys. I don't write out Miki's exact reply. That would be stupid.

Miki says she's coming. I'll try to convince her to actually work at the restaurant this time, without you having to threaten physical violence.

"You are going to actually help out this time, right? At the restaurant? Because you know the reason we're going is to give my parents their anniversary off."

Miki hops off my bed and stretches her arms over her head. "I tell you that Molly bought her first yukata for tonight? I helped her pick it out and everything."

Nice. There's the classic Miki avoidance method again. Why even bother talking to her about work? It always ends the same way. I grunt so that she at least knows I've heard her.

"Whelp, I best get going so I can get ready."

"Why? Are you also going to wear a Yukata tonight? Shizune and Misha promised me they’d wear them."

"What? A yukata? No. Ugh. Bleck. Oh god no. Never." Miki holds her hand to her chest as though she's just had a massive heart attack.

I glance at my clock. Nothing's really going to start for another hour or so.

"Why're you leaving so early then?"

"Uh, because while I might not be putting on a silly yukata, I’ve still gotta look good. I’m a girl, last I checked. Besides, I figured you'd want to do the ol' knuckle shuffle before you take us three girls out."



"Cause I read that guys last longer if they rub one out beforehand-"


"-so I figured since you're hoping either Shizune or Misha would come back to your room, you'd probably want to fiddle with yourself."


"... You didn't clean this hoping I'd sleep with you, did you?" Miki twirls her finger in the air and scrunches her mouth up to her nose.

"I am not discussing any idea of having sex with you, Misha or Shicchan."

Miki’s grin rears its ugly head.


"Shizune. I meant Shizune. Shut up. And I certainly am not going to talk about my masturbation habits with you. Ever."

"WHY NOT? MASTURBATION IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY FOR A GROWING BOY SUCH AS YOURSELF, YUUCHAN!" Miki bellows. She could give Misha a run for her money with a voice like that. "IT CLEARS THE MIND."

Of course, she happened to try that out in the crowded dormitory. We may be alone in my room, but these walls aren't exactly sound proof.

I whip my pillow at her so fast that the air cracks around it. She stumbles back as it nails her in the face. Miki doubles over with laughter.

"Get out of my room, Miki."

She stands and waves her hand at me, still laughing.

"Just get out. I'll see you in an hour."

"That... That should give you enough time... t-to rub two out then!" Miki chokes out through bits of her laughter.

Her laughter dies down under the flat look I'm giving her. Shizune would probably be proud.

"Get the hell out of my room, Miki."
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 3/13]

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Chapter 5: Bad Moon Rising, Part 2
"I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way."

By the time I take the first step out of the dormitory, it's already evening. I still haven't sent my Mother the email. I sort of took part of Miki's advice, not the playing with myself bit, and took a shower before heading out. Miki, true to her word, isn't wearing a yukata when I spot her sitting on the low wall that surrounds the boy's dormitory. She's sporting jeans and a tight black leather jacket. And she's pulled her hair back to a low, slung ponytail, letting it run down her left shoulder. Miki gives me a lazy wave as I trudge over to her.

"A leather jacket? Really? That’s why you had to leave an hour early? To put on a jacket and some pants?" I stick my hands into my pockets.

"Shut up. You know I look amazing." She runs her hand and stump over her curves. I roll my eyes and tuck my hands into my pockets.

"Yeah. Okay. Whatever."

"Well, thanks for telling me I look good, assbutt." She spits out with a frown. Miki fans her hand up and down at me. "What's up with your get-up?"

I glance down at myself. My most comfortable pair of jeans. My beat up canvas sneakers. A white t-shirt and my favorite jacket, an almost threadbare red hoodie.

"What's wrong with it?"

"You wear that jacket like all the time! Don't you want to dress to impress for once?"

"I don't have anything else clean and this is my favorite jacket. Not another word."

"Didn't you just clean your room?" Miki stops and wipes her mouth on the back of her hand. "Ugh, I'm never going to get used to saying those words in that order."

"Har har. That doesn't mean I did laundry. I didn’t have time." I sigh.

"Well at least zip that jacket up so it looks nice."

"It'll get too hot if I do that," I complain. "I'm only wearing the jacket because there's a tear in the armpit of my shirt."

"Oh my god, Yuuto, you're hopeless. But fine. Baby steps, I guess. But how are you going to impress those girls when you dress like you don't care?"

I roll my eyes again before walking away. Miki hops off the wall and jogs up to me.

"So what's the game plan?"

"We're going to run around Tanabata with Shizune and Misha. And you're going to try not to annoy the hell out of them after the stall building shit you pulled." I check the time on my phone before sliding it back into my pocket. We’re already fifteen minutes late, because I couldn’t find a clean shirt that didn’t have a hole in it."Didn't I say that already?"

I shudder. Now that it's directly looming in front of me, I just know Miki's going to ruin tonight. Maybe she'll set Misha on fire. Drive Shizune to kill her. Slice off my thumbs with a pair of blunted chopsticks. I don't know how it's going to go bad, but I know that it's going to go bad.

And not just bad.

It's going to go bad-bad.

"Are we meeting them somewhere?" Miki nudges me with her elbow again.

Damn. Okay. That was definitely not discussed. It's not too crowded out here, but it would still take too long to just go around looking for them. I know Misha's hair is kind of a beacon for a weary sailor like me, but the fact that both of them are supposed to be wearing Yukatas and everyone else is wearing one too sort of makes it all blend together. I wave for Miki to follow me and join the crowd of kids headed the same direction as us. The first place we should look is the front gates. It's the first place I'd wait if I thought they were looking for me.

"The front gates, I guess. That's where I'd wait."

"Lead the way, King Baby Duck."

"Don't call me that."

Sure enough, we find both of the girls at the front gates. Shizune spots us first and her hands start moving before Misha even notices us.
Both the girls are wearing the yukatas I was promised I'd see them in. Misha's green one looks way too modest and traditional with her bubblegum pink hair. And for some reason, she's added an extra drill tonight. It kind of hurts my brain to think about how odd her hair is with that classic style yukata.

Shizune.... Well, she kind of looks like a big kid tonight. Her yukata is, well, the best word is "cute". It's red. It's got a pretty floral pattern. And it's certainly not what I thought she would be wearing. In fact, it kind of looks like the girls got their outfits mixed up. And Shizune's hair accessory for the evening seems to be an expensive looking pearl flower. I'd let out a low whistle at how fancy it looks, but Miki might mistake that for something else. Besides, I'm already staring at her, because I never thought Shizune would dress like this.

Miki's definitely going to read into that way more than she should.

[Hello!] Shizune makes a grand sweep to puncutate her signing. Okay then. Time to look at Misha again.

Misha gives me an over-enthusastic wave, which slowly dies down as she seems to finally notice Miki standing next to me. Or more specifically, what Miki's wearing. Misha gives her a once-over and pouts.

"Miki! How come you're not wearing a yukata?"

Miki lifts her nose into the air. "I don't do that girly crap very well. I don't even try anymore."

Both of my fellow student council members seem a little disappointed in Miki's fashion sense. Misha opens her mouth, most likely to say something about how Miki's no fun or something. Another little lecture about tradition would come out Shizune. And Miki would probably respond by making a fart noise.

Like she does.

Best to just nip this in the bud now.

"You two look very nice."

"Oh you big ol' flirt you." Miki slaps me across the back.

Right! I should have known bringing her would be a mistake.

"Haha! Yuuchan is too serious to flirt, Miki." Misha laughs, shaking the birdnests out of the nearby trees.

[Thank you, Yuuto.] Shizune's smile is the first good feeling I've gotten tonight. [Why does Miki think she can't wear a yukata? I think she'd look very nice in one.]

I shrug. [I think it's more that she doesn't know how to put one on. She'd probably put her head through the arm-hole or something.]

"Whaaaat? Put her head through the arm hole? You don't know how to put on a yukata, Miki?"

Oh right. Misha knows sign language but doesn't know how to keep a secret. Fantastic!

Miki punches me in the shoulder. It's only half-playful.

"The hell are you telling them? No private conversations, assbutt!"

I punch Miki right back in her shoulder.

"Why don't you learn to read sign language then, idiot?"

Shizune steps between Miki and I before we can take another swing at each other. Both of us drop our balled up fists as she turns the stern look up to max. Yeah, Great start to the night. I already feel like Shizune's even better at being a mom then my own mother.

[No fighting.]

"What'd she-"

"She said we're not allowed to fight."

Shizune snaps her gaze back to me.

[That goes especially for you, Yuuto.]


I rub the back of my neck and look at anything but the Queen Bee. Nice guilt trip there. She's right though. I just finished my school sanctioned punishments. I don't need any faculty member to see me doing this crap with Miki and take it the wrong way.

"Wahaha! It looks like Shicchan really put you two in your places, huh Yuuchan?"

Misha's stupid grin repels any attempt of a dirty look I give her.

"Why don't you two apologize to each other before we go into town? That way everyone's happy, right?"


"Sorry." Miki does add a silent "assbutt" to her apology when Shizune and Misha turn away from us.

I'll kill her for that later.

"Well come on then~! If we don't hurry into town all the good food will be gone!" Misha whispers just loud enough for everyone in a five-mile radius.

The mention of food seems to catch Miki's ears and her stomach growls in appreciation. My friend throws her arm around Misha's waist and pulls her close.

"I knew we'd get along famously, Misha. Come on!"

Miki drags Misha away with her, leaving Shizune and I standing at the gates, watching our friends disappear into the crowd of students headed down into town. Shizune shakes her head, but I can see a faint smile on her face.

[Shall we then?]

She nods.


Shizune's hand extends and she wraps her fingers around my arm. A new feeling takes over me. It's like I'm riding my bike down the hill. After all the stress of this week, with the newspaper club, Miki's antics and the extra work we've been putting into this damn festival, it'll be nice to unwind. Who am I kidding? I desperately need to unwind. And I usually hate the idea of socializing.

Tanabata, here we come.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 3/13]

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Chapter 5: Bad Moon Rising, Part 3
"I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way."

"What're we doing next?" Miki asks, tossing her second chocolate-bananaless stick into the trash. "I vote that we visit that Yakisoba stand again."

"We've been there twice already!" I shove Miki, very playfully, just because I know Shizune's watching.

We've been in town for quite a while now. And I hate to admit it, but now that Miki and I promised to be on our best behavior, it's been kind of enjoyable. Most of it has been spent doing what Miki's been dreaming off all day, sampling the various foods from stalls. We played a few games, and by "we" I mean Shizune and Misha watched and cheered Miki and me on. And in a true testament to my manliness, Miki managed to beat me in practically every single stupid game we played. She's already got herself a festival mask from a ball throwing game. For some reason she's decided to wear it on the back of her head.

Thankfully Miki's actually brought her own money tonight, or at the very least bummed more off of poor Molly.

"Well it's the freakin' best thing here. As long as we don't go get any more of that sponge-cake stuff. That stuff tasted like butt."

Ah, Miki. Classy as ever. Thankfully, I have two other girls to talk to when I get tired of Miki.

I turn to Shizune and Misha. My saviors once again.

[Are you two sure we can't just leave her here to stuff herself to death?]

Shizune smiles and Misha does what Misha does best.


"What'd you-" Miki grabs my shoulder.

"I asked if we could leave you here with the food stalls." I brush her hand off.

"Did you do it like an assbutt?"

"What do you think?"

"Yes. And if it's that time of the month for you, we can stop at the bathrooms before anything else."

"Miki, don't-"

"Because you're a great big woman."

"Miki, shut the fu-"

"And you're having your period."

I sigh and close my eyes. Yep. Classic classy Miki.

"Miki, remember when I said I wasn't going to punch anyone tonight?"


"I'm going to punch you if you don't stop." I open my eyes to shoot her a death glare.

Miki sticks her tongue out. I roll my eyes and turn to Shizune and Misha. At least these two are being civil now.

[You two argue a lot.] Shizune points out.

I raise my eyebrows at her. Really?

[So do we.]

[That's different.] Shizune retorts.

[How is it any different?]

[We don't hit each other.]

[Do you want to start? You aren't as annoying as Miki is. But there’s a first time for everything.]

[That is no way to speak to your Queen.]

[Consider this mutiny then.]

[There's no mutiny! I forbid it!]

[Really now? Am I rockin' the casbah, Shareef?]

Finally. I asked Misha how I could sign that last month. She actually had to look it up!

But of course, Shizune doesn't get it. I guess she wouldn't, considering she isn't exactly the type to be into mildly obscure references to music from the eighties.

Or music in general.

I guess that makes me the worst kind of idiot. A Miki.

"Actually, I'm pretty tired. I think I'm going to go to bed early." Misha interjects.

Shizune and I struggle to find a reply. Her hands start and freeze up then start again as I work my mouth into finding the right shape. I'm beaten to the question as Shizune's fingers find it first.


"Yep yep."

I shake my head at her. "We haven't even been here that long."

"Eh, time flies when you're having fun, right?" Miki throws out there.

I sigh and turn to Shizune and Miki.

"Should we head back up then? We can check out the school grounds before we all head in at least." I finish asking Miki and sign it all for Shizune. Misha looks pretty set on heading back to the school. I wouldn't feel right just letting her head back up the hill by herself in the dark like this. I wouldn't even let Miki or Molly go up there alone.

And Miki punches a thousand times harder than I do.

Shizune frowns and starts to reply but Miki places her hand over the other girl's before she can sign anything.

"Abuh buh buh. You two obviously aren't tired so why don't ya stick around downtown? I'll take sleepyhead here back up to the school."

What's this? Miki? Offering to do something nice? This is as odd as me cleaning my own room. I open my mouth to say something but Miki shoots off of Shizune’s and clamps over my mouth.

"Not another word, assbutt. You just keep ol' Ironsides there safe. The school wouldn't work without Madam President, now would it?" She lifts her hand and nudges me in the side with her elbow.

"Anyways,I wanna check in on Molly and Takashi before we all meet up later." Miki grins at me. "Make sure that boy is treatin' my main squeeze right."

"Uh... okay."

Miki steps away from me and wraps her arm around Misha's shoulders.

"Welp, come on now Misha darling. Let's get our sweet butts up that there hill."

"Haha! Whatever you say, Miki!"

I know my mouth is hanging open. I should close it, but Miki is... being weird. I mean, this sort of stupid silly behavior is totally Miki.

But she's... forcing it. She hasn't pulled this kind of crap since our first year, when she kept leaving my room to "use the bathroom". Which was just her way of leaving Molly and me alone in the room, where we'd just keep studying like normal...



Miki's trying to leave me all alone with Shizune.

"Ah, Miki!" I hold up my hand. No. I am not trying to get myself set up with Shizune. There's no way. For one, she's my boss. For two, UGH NO. She's an even worse choice than Miki! Just because I've been having fun with her tonight does not make me interested.

"Don't worry. I won't make Misha here buy me any more food, MOM." Miki throws her head back with an overexagerrated groan.

"No, Miki I just-"

"Have fun you two!"

Miki pushes off and takes Misha with her. Shizune and I stand motionless, watching them go. I can't even feel my lungs fill up. How am I breathing? I'm... I'm mad. Is Miki trying to set me up with Shizune, as if I actually like her or something.

I mean, she's pretty. And we get along... most of the time. But it's Shizune. It's the Queen Tyrant of Yamaku! Queen Bee Hakamichi! This is the girl that basically started my pathway to punching Takamichi. Sure, he deserved it. But she's the reason I spent the last two months working my ass off. And there is no way that Miki or Naomi and Natsume were right about this. I refuse to believe it.

Miki and Misha disappear into the crowd around us and my body suddenly starts moving again. I turn to Shizune and she signs the question I don't want to answer.

[What was that?]

I pick my hands up and somehow manage to make out a reply.

[No idea. Do you want to get a snowcone?]

I don't even like snowcones. It's just that the stand is right there in front of us and it's the first thing I could focus on that wasn't this girl standing with me. Shizune blinks, staring at my hands. Her gaze snaps up to my face and she gives me that smile she always gives me when pulling out a game board.

[Yes. Shall we play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who pays for them?]

I sigh. This damn girl and her damn games.

[No. I always lose.]

[Well that's because you always throw rock.]

I roll my eyes and put a fist on the flat of my palm. Let's just get this over with then. Shizune smiles with that "Haha. I win." look of hers and does the same.





Annnnnd I lose.

[You always throw rock!]

[I do not!] I just did that time because I thought you'd think that I'd throw something besides rock. Or is that why you brought that up? Ugh.

Head games with Shizune over a stupid rock-paper-scissors competition? What is wrong with me?

[It doesn't matter, you lost.]

[Fine. After this what do you want to do? Make a wish?]

Shizune frowns. [No.]

[Why? Isn't it tradition to make a wish at Tanabata? Why won't you do one?]

[It's a secret.]

[What? You're being weird! Why's it a secret?]

[It isn't the place of the worker bee to question his Queen.]

I roll my eyes and half-heartedly salute her. I'm not going to argue with her. I know where that gets me. I'll just get the stupid snow cone.

[As you wish, my Queen.]

Next Chapter:Paper Moon
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