Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 2/26]

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sat Jun 21, 2014 4:09 am

I wouldn't bother chaining up my bike in downtown Tokyo let alone on the campus of a private school.

You could probably leave your wallet on a seat in Shinjuku station and if you came back an hour later it would still be either there or at the next Lost and Found.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by forgetmenot » Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:39 am

Umber wrote:
griffon8 wrote: Are people really that concerned about stolen bicycles? I was under the impression that nobody would worry about that in Japan.
Maybe since there isn't as much of a focus on roads in Japan, the biking scene stays local. That way, it'd depend on the area. Not that I'd assume bike theft was a problem at Yamaku, either.
Neither would I. Although that's probably because there's a limited amount of students that could actually ride a bike at Yama- *shot*

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by Oscar Wildecat » Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:52 am

griffon8 wrote:
Dr.Worm wrote:Are Naomi and Natsume my very own torture demons sent to destroy me?

I hope not. Miki would be upset someone was taking her job.
I laughed quite a bit at this.
That had me laughing as well.
Dr.Worm wrote:But Shizune's room? What's that like? I'm assuming she has a sword to slice off the heads of her enemies just above her bed. That seems like something the Tyrant of Yamaku would have. But what else? Various leather bound copies of the rules and regulations of Yamaku? A four poster bed? A horse saddle and riding crop?

Wait. I don’t want to think about those last things.
Now, Yuuto, for all you know, Shizune may be training to compete in the paralympic equestrian events.

Anyway, Yuuto's inner snark never fails to amuse.
I like all the girls in KS, but empathize with Hanako the most.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [One Shot: 3/25]

Post by Vempele » Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:09 pm

"No. It wasn't one of the first years that are in that gossip rag. I ran into that girl from your class, Izekawa."
Ikezawa. Her name is Pondswamp Flowerchild.

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier

Post by inthewind » Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:35 am

As much as I'm enjoying this story, a re-read had me wondering...
Dr.Worm wrote: "Sure you can, Yuuto! Just like this see?" Miki turns my head towards her and grins. Then she shoves two fingers into my mouth and tugs the corners of it out and up.
... how?

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier

Post by Dr.Worm » Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:34 am

inthewind wrote:As much as I'm enjoying this story, a re-read had me wondering...
Dr.Worm wrote: "Sure you can, Yuuto! Just like this see?" Miki turns my head towards her and grins. Then she shoves two fingers into my mouth and tugs the corners of it out and up.
... how?
Place the index and middle finger of one hand in your mouth and spread them apart.

I guess it isn't so much as tug as it is push.

I should edit that soon.

Alternate explanation: Miki's a mother-fucking sorcerer.
At least I still have The Worst Miki

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by inthewind » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:57 am

That makes SOME sense, at least. Hah.

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:27 pm

Really enjoyed this chapter, especially Yuuto's internal dialog. That was a great as always. The Misha conversation was fun too. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by Galasii » Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:22 pm

This thing is definetly one of the best things. Keep up the great work!
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by AnImpatientUser » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:43 pm

10/10 bretty good

I like the character so far, also the pictures were nice







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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by AnImpatientUser » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:11 am

question, are we allowed to bump/necro a thread?

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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:23 am

AnImpatientUser wrote:question, are we allowed to bump/necro a thread?
Yes, though it tends to be discouraged.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by Silentcook » Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:43 pm

AnImpatientUser wrote:question, are we allowed to bump/necro a thread?
Depends. According to the forum rules, you can necro all you like as long as you're making a pertinent comment. Bumping, not so much. And by that I mean not at all. :evil:
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 6/20]

Post by Oddball » Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:35 am

Molly is just adorable in this and Shizune is far more likable here than in her own route.

Your Miki annoys the hell out of me though. Especially when she keeps referring to the lead as “assbutt” every third line... and when she's not doing it, he's telling other people that's what she calls him.

It wasn't that funny to begin with and it's gotten really old and really annoying fast. I've gotten to the point where whenever I see it I find myself going, “GODAMN it! Can't your characters say anything else? ANYTHING!”? No wonder your character is in such a bad mood all the time. That annoys the hell out of me just reading it and I'm not the one having to live with it.

As for your lead... it's nice to see how he's grown but at the same time he's got a very hard time being likeable. Every once in a while he pulls it off for a scene or two but then he does something that puts him firmly back into the annoying dick category.

Another thing, the To Start a Fire one shot? Not a bad story, but in the future, I'd suggest not putting a chapter from another story right in the middle of a story you've already got going. It's a bit of a mental whiplash.

I did like how you handled Hanako, but having her play her tile game while carrying things for somebody that she isn't even comfortable with just didn't seem to fit.
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Re: Breaking the Sound Barrier [Update: 2/26]

Post by Dr.Worm » Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:25 pm

Many thanks to Umber for proofreading/editing this chapter!

Previous Chapter:Mighty

Chapter 2: No One Knows My Plan Part 1
”Why the dancing, shouting, why the shrieks of pain? The lovely music? Why the smell of burning autumn leaves?”

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Excluding Miki's room, which I've been in countless times over the last three years, because a long time ago I came to terms with the fact that Miki isn't a girl, but some sort of lower, annoying lifeform, I've never been in a girl's room before. Well, okay. I was also in Molly's room that one time for like ten seconds because Miki was convinced Molly had died and wanted me to check for a body.

But that didn't count either.

And I suppose there's my sister's room too.


So besides those three rooms that happened to belong to girls, or in Miki's case, a "girl", I have never been in a girl's room before.

And here I am, standing in the hallway of the second floor of the girl's dormitory, waiting for Misha to let me into Shizune's room. So, it wasn't just some girl's room. It wasn't the room of the girl next door or anything like that. No. It was the room belonging to the de-facto tyrant of Yamaku, the Queen Bee herself, Shizune Hakamichi.

What can I say? When it comes to choosing the first real crush of my high school stint, I definitely know how to pick her.

The two first-years walking past me won't stop looking at me. Yeah. I get it. I'm a guy. This is the girl's dorm. Why is it that I seem to spend half my life waiting on my fellow Student Council members in hallways?

I ignore them, focusing on the floor. Sure, I played up to myself that if Hanako could grow a pair and spend time around me, that I could go ask Shizune out. Or at the very least, ask them to spend the break working at my parent's restaurant, which is more accurately what I'll probably be able to do with Misha there.

At least that'll give me a ton of chances to get Shizune alone. It's not like she's capable of taking orders. It's pretty likely she'll get stuck in the back of the kitchen with me. And if all else fails, Miki's sworn to me already that she has a foolproof plan to get me and Shizune some alone time.

Though her exact words were "I'll have you two humping in no time."

Why? Because it's Miki. I don't know why I expect anything else from her.

The first-year girls both dip into a room and I'm alone in the hallway again.

Good. I was worried I'd have to make another show of the "Student Council Bulldog" like I did for Naomi. And I don't think I'm going to be able to do it right now. I'm too busy trying not to freak out about how Misha and Shizune are in there, right now, probably trying to figure out why I want to ask them something. They're plotting. They're scheming. And Misha, oh god Misha, is probably skewing everything out of proportion.

I just want to ask them to my parent's restaurant! It's not that big a deal, right?


I mean, yes, it's sort of an excuse to ask Shizune out but-

No. Forget it. Screw it. This is taking too long. I'm not just going to stand here, separated from what I intend to do, by a stupid door. I shove off of the wall and start pressing the button next to Shizune's door. Misha said it made some light in Shizune's room flash on and off, right? And if I were to push it, say, fifty thousand times, eventually one of them will have to come out and check on me, right?

Or I could give them a seizure, which... Oh. Well, I mean they aren't epileptic like I am, right? So it shouldn't matter.


Based on principles alone.

And the fact that it's Shizune.

And I'm about to ask them a favor...

I stop pressing the button.

That was sort of a bad idea.

But the door opens a crack and Misha sticks her head out into the hallway. The glower on her face is enough to know that, yes, they've remembered me and, no, they aren't too happy about how I grabbed their attention. Fantastic. This is already off to one hell of a start, isn't it?

"Yuuchan! What are you doing?"

Oh crap. Misha's hissing. Misha. Misha is hissing at me. She's actually dropped her usual bubble gum and sunshine voice and is hissing at me. This is bad.

I'm supposed to be the one in the bad mood all the time.

"I... uhm." I point at the doorbell. "I just thought maybe you two had forgotten about me."

What is wrong with me? Why am I stuttering like a child? This isn't how someone acts when they're trying to be confident! They are... confident! Yeah. I guess. They're confident.

And that's what I should be.

I nod at the ground and snap back to Misha.

"Are you two almost ready in there?"

Misha whips her head back into the room and slams the door hard enough for the doorknob to fall off. It doesn't. But it might as well.

I thump the back of my head against the wall again and groan. Maybe this is a sign. Maybe I should just wait until tomorrow when I can catch both of them in the student council room. I might not have the nerve to ask them then, but it's a chance I'm going to have to take. There's no way that I'm getting in there.

But I'm already here. And it would be rude to just leave them after making such a big deal about it with Misha. And that button. That stupid button.

Just before I make up my mind about leaving, the door opens again and Misha, looking slightly less angry now, pops out into the hall again. She shuts the door behind her and takes a deep breath. I expect her to say something, but she smooths out the wrinkles of her blouse and takes another breath.

"Shicchan wants you to know that this is a once in a lifetime, super special invitation into her room," She informs me. It sort of sounds like she's reading a prepared statement. This is more or less something that Shizune would probably say.

"And that while it goes against school rules, the Student Council, in light of this being an emergency student council meeting, will overlook this trans... transgr..." Misha trails off, looking a little tongue tied. Yeah. Shizune definitely had something like this prepared beforehand, in case someone of the opposite sex showed up.

"Transgression?" I ask, pushing off of the wall.

"Yeah! Transgression!" Misha thumps her fist into her open palm, drops her hands and begins reciting again.

"She also wants you to know that after our meeting, you are to promptly leave the girl's dormitory before any sort of rumors are started." Misha's face attempts to harden into something stern and authoritative like our boss's face would. It isn't even close. I have to cover my mouth with a fist and pass off my laugh as a cough.

I wave her off and nod.

"Yes. I understand." I indicate to the room with my thumb. "Were you just in there memorizing that this whole time or-"

"Yuuchan, Shicchan is still sick and said this was going to be a short meeting." She reminds me, pouting.

I hold out my hand, indicating that Misha should go first. Her pout disappears and she turns back to her cheerful self. Misha pushes open the door. I pick up my bag from the floor and follow her inside.



Well, I'm actually really disappointed that there's no sword in here. Nor a riding crop. Maybe she hid them?

What I do find, however, is a pretty normal looking room. Maybe a little cleaner than what I'd be used to seeing from my friends. Shizune's room has the basics: a bed, a desk and nightstand. The whole, basic dorm room package shebang. But there's a small bookshelf with a few books. They aren't leather bound. Her desk has a neat little stack of paper on it, most likely from Student Council.

But beyond all the order, there are little touches that make it obvious this is a girl's room. There's a few stuffed animals in the room. Most prominent is a small stuffed cat, much like the one from the ring toss both I failed miserably at, sitting on her bed. She even has a small little potted plant on the edge of the desk to add a touch of nature to the room. I have no idea what the plant is. Some kind of fern?

The room doesn't smell weird like a teenage boy's room, mostly mine, would. Or Miki's. Miki's room smells like dirty laundry and sweat that she tried to cover up by spraying air freshener over.

Miki's room smells like lemons and armpits.

Shizune's room smells like a girl's room. Maybe some perfume or something? I don't know exactly. Neither Miki or Molly wear perfume.

And it's very... light blue.

And it's very, very Shizune. All that seriousness and order with just the right rounded edges that I've found over my time spent in Student Council.

In the middle of the room is a small, low table. Shizune, with a sick mask covering most of her face, is sitting across from me at it. With a white bathrobe over what I can only assume are her pajamas. They're the same light blue as her bedsheets. Where do you get those sorts of things? Matching bedsheets and pajamas? Is there some sort of specialty store that carries them?

She holds her hand out to the opposite side of the table as the door clicks shut behind me. Misha strides past me and sits at the right side of the table, with her back against Shizune's bed.

[You can sit if you'd like.] She carefully words the offer into a command.

I drop my bag next to the table and sit across from her.

[You know,] I start, looking around the room again. [I was expecting something more from your room.]

Shizune raises her eyebrows. I assume that's an invitation to continue.

[I'm very upset that you don't own a sword.]

Shizune blinks and Misha giggles. She giggles like I just made a joke and I don't know it.

"Something I'm missing here, Misha?"

She waves her hand and grins at me.

"Nothing. Nothing at all, Yuuchan!"

She fails to hide her second giggle, even though she does it into her hand.

[What was so important that you had to come up to my room, Yuuto?] Shizune forces the conversation back onto the real reason I'm up here. The dark rings under her eyes only look worse with the sick mask right under them. This is different from her usual look of concentration when we're working.

Dear lord, I'm bothering her.

She doesn't want me in here. Because she's sick. And because I was an ass and made that light thing go off and on a bunch of times.

I turn my head looking for it.

Sure enough, above her door is a red light under a small metal cage frame. It's pretty ugly and totally offsets the look of the room. I'm kind of mad that I saw it.

[Sorry about the light thing. I wasn't thinking and-] My hands stop. [Well, that's about it. I wasn't thinking]

Shizune glances at the light in question and then back to me. She sighs silently and her look of irritation softens just enough to where I don't feel like I'm going to be stabbed.

[Just don't do it again.]

I smile.

[So you want me to come back to your room again?] I tease.

Shizune sighs again and shakes her head. Maybe it's not the best time for me to start being a smart-ass.

[Why are you here, Yuuto?]

I turn to Misha, who's been sitting there quietly for once. Okay. If I take this slow enough, with the extra practice I've had lately, I can talk and sign at the same time. Surely? There's got to be some level of comfort I can find with doing both. Heck, I've been doing it day in and day out for a few months now.

I shake my head and turn to Misha.

"You'll sign this right? Because I wanted to talk to the both of you and it's a lot faster if you just do it."

Misha's hands move immediately, signing my question. I don't even think she's realized she's done it.

"Perfect." I give her a thumbs up.

"Huh? Oh." Misha suddenly becomes aware of the movements of her hands and smiles. "Of course I will, Yuuchan! But you knoooow~, you could really use the practice."

I roll my eyes.

"Plenty of time for that when Shizune's not sick." I respond, and open my bag. From it, I produce two cans of soda and push them forward in front of each girl. "I said I'd bring drinks, right?"

Misha does what Misha always does at the drop of a pin.

"Wahaha~ Yuuchan! I didn't think you were serious about that."

Shizune pushes her can to her side. I think it's more of a polite acceptance of something she isn't going to use, but... well, it's the thought that counts, right?


Why couldn't she just accept my gift like a normal person so that this awkward, bothersome air between us could go away? It almost feels like those first few days of being shanghaied into the Student Council again. Sure, I know that deep down I'm probably still the jackass that I was when I was forcibly added to the ranks, but I like to think I've polished a few edges now.

"So..." I scratch the back of my neck. My courage reserves are suddenly going empty. "You know how we have summer break coming up?"



"Well," I cross my arms over my chest and concentrate really hard on a spot just above Shizune's left shoulder so I don't have to look her in the face as I ask. "I was wondering if you had any plans for the first few days. B-Both of you."

Shizune raises an eyebrow. Misha stares at me, mouth slightly open.

Right. Continuing. Somehow.

"W-Well, maybe we could spend it together? A-At my house?"

Misha's hands stop halfway through the sentence, like they did when I had originally asked to join Student Council. She gasps as quietly as an elephant trumpets. Her mouth and eyes widen. When the world catches up to her, her jaw snaps shut and she grins.

"Yuuchan! You want to spend summer break with us?"

Haha. Not really. I want to spend a few days of summer break with Shizune. You're more of a tag-along, Misha. A rather loud and highly noticeable tag-along that I'm going to have to deal with eventually.

Shizune looks lost, her eyes bouncing back and forth from Misha to me. I nod at Misha and turn to her.

[Do you want to come to my house for part of summer break?]

She blinks and shifts in place, looking at Misha. Her eyes widen at the apparent giddiness of her best friend.

"It wouldn't be for very long. Maybe a few days? My parents are having their anniversary, and I usually help my sister run the restaurant for a day so they can have it off. And we could really use the help because Molly isn't coming this year." I explain, waiting for Misha to start signing again. She does so, nearly breaking her fingers with the speed she translates everything.

I should have guessed that Misha would be excited for this. She's always excited. But now there's promises of food to back all that fire up.

"And we would probably have to help out on the day before as well, if that's alright with you two..."

Oh god, this is a terrible plan, isn't it? I'm asking them to work for my parents. For free.

"But my dad would cook us dinner for the first night at least and-"

Misha nearly dives over the table in an effort to get closer to Shizune. Her hands move as rapidly as her mouth.


Shizune cuts her off with a quick, sharp signing.

[The offer is nice, Yuuto. But we already made plans with my family.]

Damn it. I knew it. It's too late. I'm asking them to come to my parent's restaurant the week that our break starts. Why did I even bother doing this?

"But Shicchan, maybe Yuuto doesn't live really far away?"

And Misha comes in with the save! Maybe I don't live very far away. Okay. So, maybe they don't come to my house on the weekend of my parent's anniversary, but there's still a chance. I'm sure that Miki can work something out for whatever time they visit.

[Where do you live?] Shizune asks.

[Numata... In Gunma?] I venture, not sure why I'm still trying. Misha may look like she saved the whole thing, but what I can see of Shizune's face doesn't give me any hope.

Misha slaps the table, causing me to jump in my seat. Shizune even looks shocked by the action.

"Shicchan! Yuuchan isn't even far away from Saitama! You just have to tell your dad that we're going there first." She gives the Queen Bee the biggest puppy eyes I've ever seen in my life. "And we'd be helping Yuuchan's family out."

[I mean, it's okay if you can't come and all but-] I start, hoping to fuel the fire that Misha's started.

[When would we leave?] Shizune interupts.

I blink once. Then twice. Three times. Is that... interest? Is this actually going to work? Dear god, this is going to work? It's harder to tell what Shizune's thinking with that mask on. Usually, she's got her emotions slapped right there for the world to see. Now that most of her face is covered, I've only got her eyes to go off of.

[We would leave early in the morning on Saturday. Which would get us to the restaurant after the lunch rush, when we're closed before dinner.] I explain. [We might have to help them get ready for the dinner rush and I might have to work for part of it, but I don't think you two will.]

Misha's eyes dart from Shizune to me and back, waiting for one of us to sign something again.

Shizune flicks her gaze to Misha, who lets out an almost inaudible whine of desperation. Well, at least one of them really wants to go. Too bad it isn't the one I really want to go. Misha is welcome, of course. She's techincally my friend, I suppose. But she isn't the target of this. And I suppose it's sort of underhanded of me to use her like this. But... well...

I glance at the other girl in the room.

Why can't Shizune be this excited for the chance to spend more time with me? I get that Misha's in it more for the food, but still.

[And my sister can take you both shopping that day.] I add. Well, maybe. I'm not too sure on that front. Nanako likes Miki, but I'm not sure how she's going to react to me asking her to take Shizune and Misha out too.

Misha whines again. Both of Shizune's eyebrows shoot up again. Did her eyes flash? Did I use the secret girl word? Was it "shopping"? Is that some sort of word of power with girls? Am I a magician?

Shizune finally closes her eyes and shakes her head from side to side.

[Very well. I will tell my father.]

Her father? I can't even imagine what sort of beast of willpower and authority her father must be. Some sort of Dictator of a small country, I suppose.

Misha explodes, her arms in the air. I cover my ears to dull the screech of elation that threatens to level the entire building. But it doesn't stop the smile from breaking through and onto my face.

Holy crap. They're coming to my house.

[But we will only be able to stay long enough to help out with your parent's anniversary, Yuuto. We will have to leave afterwards. I have a family as well.] Shizune signs to me, though she's clearly saying this for Misha's benefit. The pink-haired megaphone's grin doesn't let up for a second despite the warning.

"What kind of food does your Dad make, Yuuto?"

Right. The food.

The whole reason Misha is excited.

"Pretty much anything. We get him cookbooks every year for his birthday and he just sort of works through them until his next birthday," I explain, still a bit unsure of just how I managed to get them to agree to this. "I guess he could, in theory, make anything you wanted."

"Like that peach melba stuff you talked about?"

"Yeah. Sure. I'll talk to him about it." I nod my head a few times. Sure. It shouldn't be too difficult. As far as I know, it's not a particularly complicated dish. So long as we have peaches in the restaurant, Dad won't mind.

Misha's shriek of approval could probably shatter glass. I have to cover my ears. Kind of wish that I could switch disabilities with Shizune for the moment.

"Are you sure we can't stay longer, Shicchan?" She suddenly pleads. There are those puppy dog eyes again.

Shizune nods, not looking at her friend. [We already promised my family that we would visit them.]

"And it would be mean for us to bail out even more, huh?" Misha's grin turns into a pout.

"Well, I mean if you wanted to stay longer, as long as you both helped out..." I begin. But I slow to a grinding halt as Shizune turns her look onto me.

"... or not. That's cool too." I tug at my shirt collar.

[Misha and I will have to stay at my home, at the very least, a night before we go to your house, Yuuto. What day is your parent's anniversary?]

[Why do you have to go there first?] I ask, before answering her question. [Sunday.]

"Because, Yuuchan! We already told Shicchan's dad that we were coming home for break!" Misha explains, arms crossed over her chest. A nod of sureness follows her explanation.

[It would be rude to not follow through.] Shizune's mask twitches. I think she moved her nose or something. [Also, because Misha and I have already purchased our train tickets.]

Damn. Okay. Still, that'll complicate things and shorten the time frame.

"Well, okay. But my parent's anniversary is Sunday. So it would be best if you got to Numata on Sunday morning, at the very latest." I scratch my head. They'd be cutting it close. "And I'd have to know in advance when you were coming in that day, so I can leave the restaurant and meet you at the station...."

I shake my head.

"There'd be planning there."

Misha and Shizune look at each other. I don't like the grin on Misha's face.

"I have an idea, Shicchan~"

[What?] Shizune's brow furrows. Good. I'm not the only one concerned.

"I'm not too sure I'm comfortable with any idea you have, Misha."

"No no no! It's a good idea!" Misha drums her fingers against the table in anticipation. She wiggles in place and grins even wider. "Why doesn't Yuuchan come with us, Shicchan?"

"Come where?" I ask, glancing between the two. "Where would I be going?"

"To Shicchan's house, Yuuchan." Misha slaps the table again, matter-of-factly.

No. No. Absolutely not. My parents would kill me. Nanako would kill me. I'd kill me. Having to behave myself around this girl's parents?


I need an excuse. Any excuse. Something that is going to make it clear that I am not going to be going with them.

Not that it would matter right?

Shizune wouldn't actually go along with that.

[It certainly would ensure that the days events go a bit smoother.] Shizune looks me over. Is she appraising me? Or maybe just trying to gauge my reaction?

Oh, fuck me. She's going for it.


[Events?] That's a word that certainly worries me.

[Yes. I have-] Shizune shudders before continuing. [family visiting us that day.]

"And you both want me to be there for that? For this family event?" I ask, wincing.

Shizune straightens her glasses and taps her fingertips together before continuing. [You would serve as a convenient excuse to leave early. And to spend less time with them.]

"Oh, is this the side of your family that's a biker gang? Or do they eat children?" I finally feel comfortable to push back into teasing her.

[No, it is-] She begins. Shizune's whole body stiffens and straightens as she starts getting ready to go into Queen Bee Mode.

"Ties to Organized Crime?" I push again, taking the wind out of her sails.

Shizune shakes her head and hunches forward. [Are you done?]

"Oh! Even worse than that? Do they talk during movies?"

"WAHAHA! Yuuchan! You're so funny!" Misha reminds us both that she's still in the room by roaring back into the conversation.

[And now I am done.] I smile across the table at the glowering Shizune.

[As I was trying to say,] Shizune shakes her head again. [I do not see eye to eye with my cousin and would prefer to spend as little time as possible with her or her sister.]

"So, I really am an excuse, huh?" I frown. Well, short end of the stick for Yuuto.

Misha lets out a small whine. Oh right. Not that she knows it, but I'm sort of using my parents as an excuse to bring them over. Well, Shizune. Misha just happens to be coming along too.

"Not really, Yuuchan. If you were there with us, then you could also make sure that we stick to our schedule and Shicchan's father doesn't make us stay longer." She explains.

"I believe that still makes me an excuse, Misha." I sigh.

Misha gives me a sheepish smile and shrug. She isn't even trying to explain how it isn't. Fantastic. At least I'm trying to hide my motivations.

So, to them, I'm nothing more than a distraction. That's a pretty raw deal. However, the idea of seeing Shizune's family, specifically her weird younger brother who wears tights, is too good to pass up. It might give me some insight into just why she's such a rule-sticking hardass too. And as an added bonus, that's more time with her. I might even work up the courage to ask her out and not have to rely on Miki's "plan".

So, Shizune's house?

It sounds like fun.

Actually, it sounds terribly awkward and uncomfortable, so I'm using the word "fun" wrong here.

[If that's alright with you, Shizune, then I would like to come with you two.] I sign. Right. No going back now. At least no going back without seeming like an ass.

[Yes.] Shizune nods once. [I will purchase your ticket.]

[Nonsense. It will be easier this way.] Shizune's knuckles popping cut my signing short.

She's daring me to fight her on this. I can tell that even through the mask. And since I'm not one for exercises in futility, it'd be best for us all to just drop the subject.

"Fine. Have it your way." I hold up my hands.

Misha giggles. "You know better than to argue with Shicchan, Yuuchan!"

[Now, is there anything else we need to discuss?]

"Tickets from your home to-" Shizune's knuckles popping cut me off again.

[I will handle those as well. Anything else?] She challenges me. Even Misha is giving me a smile that is a little off. It's not as goofy and cheerful as it should be. In fact, it looks like she's channeling Shizune at the moment.

But anything else? No. I suppose not. Shizune, as usual, seems to have everything under control. Maybe there wasn't so much to worry about after all? Well, with inviting them at least. There's still the whole asking Shizune to be my girlfriend thing. Which is still terrifying. And is still somewhat of a mystery since Miki hasn't let me into what her foolproof plan is exactly.

"So... That's it then? I'll see you both tomorrow?" I ask, standing.

"Yep! I think so, Yuuchan!" Misha stands up as I do and starts ushering me back towards the door. "We should get you out of here before people start thinking the wrong things about you and Shicchan!"

Hate to break it to you, Misha. But people already do think the wrong things about me and Shizune.

Shizune snaps her fingers and we both stop. She fixes her glasses and stands up from the small table.

[Actually, if we'll be going to your house, there's something I'll need your help with before we go.]

I can't tell, but I think she's smiling under that mask.
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