Blame (Post-Shizune Bad End Misha route) (Complete)

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Re: Blame (Post-Shizune Bad End Misha route) (Complete)

Post by Kain » Mon Feb 09, 2015 5:10 am

The first time I ever played Katawa Shoujo, I was instantly drawn to Misha. I then attempted to join student council as that was obviously what Misha would be doing. I'm sure a lot of you and especially you, Pip; were disappointed when it became apparent that the game took Shizune as the focus. And so, when my friend (whom I dragged into playing and have since addicted to almost everything Katawa Shoujo) showed me this, I was overjoyed and immediately read the entire thing in one sitting. Ignoring the bad end, which like any sane person; made me hate Hisao, I absolutely loved this story and really wish it had been implemented into the VN. Now someone just needs to make a mod of this story. Anywho! Thank you for this, Pip. It was extremely well written, and tore at my heart strings in just the right ways.

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Re: Blame (Post-Shizune Bad End Misha route) (Complete)

Post by KatamariD » Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:02 pm

I had to register in order to say thank you for that amazing piece of fan fiction, which really salvages the bad ending and really ties up the lingering question of how Misha deals with her affections for Shizune, other than simply "getting over it" in Shizune's good end. I felt the dramatical event of the car accident was great and full of tension, and Hisao's resulting anger clouding his judgement over that was justified.
I particularly liked how each character was a shade of grey, not all with pure intentions, and would be best captured as simply "human". Fantastic work good sir.

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Re: Blame (Post-Shizune Bad End Misha route) (Complete)

Post by tanos_wins » Fri Oct 23, 2020 6:58 am

Hello. May I translate your fan fiction in russian to publish it on a russian fan fiction website?
It's naturally that I will mark your authorship and leave the link.

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