Akira x Miki oneshot (explicit)

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Akira x Miki oneshot (explicit)

Post by Req » Tue May 21, 2013 8:00 am

The world seemed so far away, as if a layer of invisible foam insulated her from her surroundings. It wasn’t like she’d had a choice though, did she? It was for the best. Then why did the everything seem so bland? The chattering voices, the live music playing on stage, even the drinks she threw back faster than the bartender could refill them, nothing about it seemed right. She was beginning to doubt herself, to relive every discussion she’d had up until she’d actually told him. Akira had hoped that would pass once the deed was done, but it seemed that a part of her, fueled by alcohol, appealed the decision.

Had she really explored every option? Was there no way for him to go with her? Was her promotion that much more important than him? Tired, she slumped over on the bar, leaning on her arms as her chin rested on her wrist. Tired of her current trail of thoughts, she pushed the glass away from her. Beyond the foam a girl next to her cried out, but it didn’t bother Akira. All she wanted was to just stop thinking about Scotland for a while. The bar seemed sympathetic to her needs, offering all the comfort the wooden furniture could provide. The hand that grabbed her shoulder and shook, seemed far less so.

“-ou have no manners at all? Look at me!” The foam gave way to a loud voice, as the hand shook her once more. Akira’s eyes looked at the girl’s direction, then slowly at the girl’s face, straining to focus.
“Whut?” She knew her reply wasn’t even close to witty. Her eyes darted to the empty glass the girl shoved at her and Akira connected the dots. “Oh. Sorry.” Feeling that she’d met the requirements of apologizing to a stranger, she turned away again, only to find the girl’s right hand on her shoulder once more.

“Hey! The least you could do is take responsibility, I don’t come here to have glasses shoved at me by crossdressing drunks ya know!” The girl seemed to be more upset over this than she should be. Guess she had a bad day too. Akira’s eyes darted over the girl, her tan skin and long dark hair. She wore an elegant black dress, though its properties hadn’t quite carried over to the girl who seemed uncomfortable in clothes that showed off her curves. Something white drew Akira’s attention, and for a moment she thought the girl might be wearing a glove, until she glanced down and saw the bandages on the girl’s arm, which stopped at the wrist. The girl caught her glance, but didn’t show any response. Instantly Akira’s thoughts drifted to her sister. This girl looked older than Lilly, but that alone was not enough to dissuade her from her next question.

“So, are you from Yamaku Academy then?” The girl’s fingers tensed around the empty glass before letting go, her eyes darting over at the bartender to make sure he hadn’t heard.
“Got it in one. I’d give you two thumbs up, but you know…” She waved her stumped left arm in emphasis, as a grin forced its way onto her face. Even inebriated, Akira recognized that expression. To an outsider, a place like Yamaku might have more negative connotations than it did to her.
“I only asked cuz my sister goes there, Lilly, ya know her?”
The girl’s grin changed from forced to genuine. “She’s in 3-2, right? Lilly Satou? Everybody knows that amazon! Uh, no offense.”

Akira grinned. “It’s fine, it’s fine. She’s taller than me now , you’d almost think she’s the older sister. Anyway, I’ll take responsibility, like you said. I’m Akira Satou, what can I get ya?”

* * *
Her name was Miki Miura and Akira had been right, she was having a bad day. She was supposed to go out with friends tonight, but in the end they’d all backed out, even the one who’d convinced her to wear that dress. Miki had been very clear about two things over the course of several rounds: she hated dresses and her friends were all cowards, every last one of them. Akira also noticed Miki had a remarkable affinity for alcohol and was easily keeping up with her, downing beers like water while cursing the traitors. Sometimes she misspoke and cursed only a single person.

When Miki ran out of ways to rephrase her disdain for her friends, she tried asking Akira why she was drinking by herself. Akira shrugged, a muffled gesture since she was resting her head on her hand. “Stuff.” That was all Miki needed to know, as far as Akira was concerned. A sudden prod in her side made Akira jump, just barely able to keep a yelp from escaping her throat. Miki laughed as she rested her left arm on the bar again.
“Stuff huh, must be some stuff if you’re this eager to drink it away.”
Akira could only nod. She was vaguely aware that she was trying to get drunk, but so far even that seemed out of reach for her.

“It’s ridiculous… I’m a lawyer, a responsible adult, well, most of the time anyway, I mean Lilly turned out pretty great, right?” She briefly looked at Miki pleadingly as if seeking agreement, but then the torrent came. “But the old man dangles one promotion in front of me and here I am, a little girl again, obeying his wishes and giving up everything I have just to take away his shitty guilt. My home, my car, even…” Akira’s cheeks were burning as the tears flowed, only to be absorbed into the sleeve of her suit. The girl keeping her company was silent, unsure of how to act.

Slowly she rose from her seat and sat down on Akira’s left hand side. Maybe from this position she would be able to comfort the woman. Her hand gingerly reached out and wrapped around Akira’s shoulder in a comforting gesture, the kind of half-hug that formed the entirety of Miki’s arsenal of comforting gestures. Akira, now crying without restraint, automatically turned to her and pulled the girl closer, into a full embrace. As the blonde buried her tears in Miki’s neck, the tan girl slowly wrapped her other arm around her as well. It was weird, ever since the accident she’d never used that arm to comfort anyone. It felt weird to do so, as she was painfully aware that a gently rubbing hand was far more soothing than a stump. Hoping Akira somehow might not notice the difference, Miki’s hand slid up her back and began patting her blonde hair.

If Akira had noticed, she gave no sign, grateful to have someone who allowed her to vent her frustrations regarding the move. Time seemed to pass at a different rate, until finally the last of her tears forced its way out and Akira broke their embrace. Her reddened eyes met with Miki’s and she managed an apologetic smile. “Sorry. About all that, I mean, I shouldn’t-“ Miki raised her hand to interrupt her. “It’s fine. It was just stuff, right?” Despite herself, Akira met the girl’s grin with one of her own. Remembering their location, Akira looked around and reached for her wallet.

“Do you wanna get outta here? I think I’ve had enough to drink.”

* * *
The door closed soundlessly behind them as Akira and Miki left the club. Akira’s car was parked nearby, but she had enough sense to know driving would be a bad idea. Instead, she arbitrarily chose a direction and started walking, with Miki following her lead. “Where are we going?” Akira shrugged. Turning this way and that, the two walked in silence, as they headed away from the busy streets, until finally they found themselves in one of the city’s few parks. They reached a bench and coincidentally the blonde no longer felt like walking and lowered herself on the wooden seat. Miki peered around in the darkness, as if looking for a better place to rest, but eventually sat down next to Akira, still a little unsure of how to gauge her company’s behavior.

“So, what kind of guy stood you up tonight?” The question caught Miki off guard. She shook her head. “No, I wasn’t stood up, I told you, my friends bailed on me.”
Akira shot her a sideways glance that left no questions about her believing the lie. “Most girls don’t dress up like that if they’re just going out with friends. Who is he? You can tell me.” The girl sighed, letting her shoulders slump.

“He’s on the football team with me. I’ve had my eye on him for a while now, but I always thought he just saw me as one of the guys because of the way he acted around me.” Miki rested her arms on her legs, staring at the ground. “Guess I was wrong there. He asked me out and joked about wanting to see me in something other than boys’ clothes for once.” She flashed Akira a weak smile. “Looks like I was wrong again though, when I got to the club tonight he sent me a text saying he couldn’t make it. Didn’t even bother to make up an excuse.” The smile contorted into a scowl as Miki gritted her teeth.

Akira took it as her signal to return the favor and pulled the girl closer in a gentle embrace, softly stroking Miki’s tan shoulder. “That guy’s an idiot ya know, you look amazing in that dress.” Their eyes met, and the most confident smile Akira could muster finally managed to reach Miki.
“I hate this dress.”
“I know.”
“I’m never wearing it again, either.”
“Can’t say I blame ya.”
Miki’s eyes scanned the suit Akira was wearing and chuckled.
“Maybe I should start wearing suits too.”
“You wanna try mine?” It had been a playful remark, as the cool night air had allowed Akira to regain just enough of her senses to no tap into her sense of humor. That didn’t seem to have come across well with Miki though, as she was blushing quite visibly.

“O-out here? Someone will see us!” Akira cocked her head, intrigued both by the girl’s inability to pick up on the joke as well as her willingness to give something like this a try. There was no choice, she had to see how far the girl would go, right?
“Nah, there should be a public toilet nearby, we can change there if ya like. Only if I can try on that dress of yours though."

The two girls stumbled into the public toilet, giggling as they held on to each other’s arm, more to make sure the other would follow suit than out of affection. What they were about to do was enough to make both of them forget about their worries, if only for the moment. There were several stalls available, all empty, yet none too appealing. Instead they stayed by the wall of mirrors that hung over the sinks. For a moment Akira stared at their reflections, illuminated by the pale fluorescent light. If she squinted just a little, the two of them almost looked like a couple out on a date. Maybe that’s what the people they’d passed along the way had thought as well. Akira noticed Miki staring as well and smiled as she shrugged off the jacket, giving it to the girl to hold as she began to unbutton her shirt. Even with her eyes focused on the shirt she was now taking off, she could feel Miki’s eyes upon her and it made her smile. It was only after she let the shirt slide down her arms that she noticed the girl suddenly seemed intent on not staring. Akira smiled.

“It’s okay, you can look. Not much to see though, yours are so much bigger.” Miki’s expression was frozen , but her eyes seemed grateful for the offer. Akira’s perky breasts looked like two humble mounds of sculpted perfection and Miki caught herself liking the blonde’s lack of bra. Akira handed her the shirt and began taking off her pants, her shoes carelessly kicked off and shoved towards the girl with one of her feet.
“I don’t get to say this often, but I think it’s your turn to strip, Miki,” the blonde said, winking playfully at her. Akira took the bundle of clothes from the tan girl and held them to her chest, as Miki slowly began to lift her dress. The black fabric crept up her legs, revealing more and more of the girl’s soft skin, in a manner inadvertently made playful by Miki’s shyness.

“Never done this before, huh?” The girl shook her head in response, unable to meet Akira’s gaze.
“You should, you have such a great body! I’m jealous, you know!” Miki didn’t reply. Her right hand clutched the black dress as she subtly tried to hide her left arm behind her back. Whether she was joking or not, Miki didn’t mind Akira’s commanding tone at all. In the face of this much interest from the blonde, it was hard not to feel insecure about her shortcomings. Still, it wasn’t like Akira was unaware of her missing hand. She seemed interested in her regardless.

“Alright then, but if you end up falling hopelessly in love with me it’s your own damn fault!” Miki’s trademark grin was obscured for the briefest of moments, as she took off the dress in one fluid motion, leaving her lingerie clad body exposed. Akira could tell that she’d been hoping for her date to get the best possible outcome. She moved closer, as if to exchange her pile of clothes for Miki’s dress, but instead her free hand reached out for the girl’s stomach, Akira’s fingertips grazing the skin just enough to feel the muscle underneath. Seeing a woman’s body in this kind of shape was a wholly new experience for her and she wanted to make the most of it. She traced the lines formed by Miki’s abdominal muscles and could feel the tan girl’s warm breath. The blonde’s red eyes darted up and met with Miki’s. Akira found herself wanting more, to experience more of this girl’s body, to explore every inch. Was it curiosity or lust that gave her these desires?

Sirens in the distance broke the spell, reminding the two that outside the small building remained a populated world, half of which likely to walk in on them any minute now.
With an appropriate sense of urgency the two put on their clothes. While Miki was doing up the buttons of her shirt, Akira discovered an unfortunate oversight on her part. Lacking her new acquaintance’s curves, the dress was a lot more revealing on her than it had been on Miki and it made Akira wish she was wearing a bra. She adjusted the thin straps every so often to keep them from sliding down her shoulders and her nipples from poking out and looked over to Miki. It was uncanny to her how the tan girl could give even something as masculine as a suit a feminine sort of charm. Miki seemed a lot more comfortable in these new clothes, especially when she assessed the fit of her dress on Akira’s smaller frame.

“That dress looks better on you than it does on me, you should keep it!”
Akira laughed and shook her head. “No way, if I move at all I give everyone in the room a free peek.” She adjusted the straps again, as if to emphasize her point.
“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Miki teased, her confidence bolstered by the suit.
“Hmph, maybe you have a point after all. Less than a minute and already you’re all over me.”

Miki smiled and started for the exit. As she passed Akira, she put her hand around the woman’s waist. “You don’t seem to mind. Not here though.” She draped the jacket around Akira’s shoulders and together they left the bathroom, looking even more like a couple than before.
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Re: Akira x Miki oneshot

Post by naxxar » Tue May 21, 2013 12:23 pm

ITS REQUESTOR! YAY! Yeah I really like this.
Thank you Cyanizzle for that grand request
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Re: Akira x Miki oneshot

Post by Parliament » Tue May 21, 2013 1:45 pm

I really, really enjoyed this!

The exposition at the beginning was just long enough to give a good feel of time/place, the only thing that wasn't completely smooth/flowing was Akira crying in the middle of a bar, but those kind of character traits are up to the author when working with characters like this who weren't 100% fleshed out in the VN. Alcohol does lower inhibition as well so I guess any form of Akira could conceivably drink enough to break through any kind of initial shyness.

All in all, one of my very favorite one-shots in these forums =)
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Re: Akira x Miki oneshot

Post by Req » Wed May 22, 2013 5:25 am

I'm glad you two liked it.
This one hasn't really gone through any editing so I guess I could smooth things out, though in my mind having it be the night Akira breaks up her own relationship, along with the booze, would be enough of a reason for her to be emotional.

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Re: Akira x Miki oneshot

Post by Req » Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:35 am

Been ages since I last updated this thing, but it's something I felt like doing.

Together they walked back to the bar, through the park and the empty streets. Akira clutched at her suit jacket, which she found preferable to adjusting the straps of Miki's dress every few steps. Miki walked beside her, wearing the suit with confidence, as if it had always been hers. The two glanced at each other, admiring the way the other's body filled out their clothes. Watching Miki made Akira feel like ripping the white shirt open. She could keep the tie on, but everything else had to go. Her eyes met with Miki's and the blonde suspected that Miki was thinking of something similar, with perhaps a minor difference in the cast. They walked past an alley, which Akira only noticed because Miki slowed, gazing at it longingly."

"Not here, either. My car is close, just be patient for a little longer," Akira said as a playful smile curled her lips, forcing the tan girl to avert her eyes. Akira couldn't help but smile, noticing her companion's impatience. It was a weakness she would keep in mind for later, she thought as the image of Miki squirming in her bed was conjured up by her imagination. With a renewed sense of urgency she started off in the direction of her car again, the jacket trailing behind her like a cape. To her right, Miki's long legs allowed her to keep up effortlessly, her long flowing hair adding natural grace to every step. The two continued in silence, with only one thing on their minds.

Finally they arrived at the parking lot, where Akira pointed out her car.

"Whoa… Nice ride! I've always wanted to drive one of these!"
Akira smirked and slid her hand into the pocket of Miki's pants, caressing the girl's hips in seemingly accidental fashion.

"Do you have a license?"
"I can drive a car."
"Cute, but that's not what I asked." Akira pressed the keys against the palm of her hand, shifting closer to the girl's inner thighs, for as much as the pants allowed. It made the girl gasp."

"O-out here? No, I don't have a license yet, my parents are paying for one when I graduate."
"No not out here, in there." Akira's hand slipped out of the pocket and with the push of a button unlocked her Lancer Evo. She opened the back door of the black car and put her suit jacket on the back seat. When she stepped back to close the door Miki slipped past her and sat down behind the driver's seat.

"What are you doing?"
"I wanna sit here."
"I thought you wanted to know what it's like to drive one of these, the view's better in front."

"The view's fine back here, I'm sitting here." Miki couldn't quite suppress a mischievous smile. Akira raised an eyebrow at her. What's this girl up to? She shrugged and closed the door behind Miki, content with letting her have her way for now and got in the car. With a rumble the car's engine roared to life, as Miki let out an excited giggle.

The walk to the park and back had sobered Akira up enough to feel confident she could drive. The clicking sound of Miki putting on her seatbelt behind her reminded the blonde to do the same, if only to avoid getting pulled over later. She looked into the mirror and saw Miki sitting behind her, with an almost feline expression of glee. Akira reversed out of the parking spot and moments later they were out on the road.

"As they drove along the highway towards Akira's apartment, she looked into the mirror every chance she got, to see the look on Miki's face. The road was theirs, with barely any traffic in either direction, though Akira was still more interested in what was behind her than in front.
It didn't take long for Miki to catch on and the next time Akira glanced over to her, the girl winked, making her feel oddly self-conscious.

Neither of them spoke, Miki was visibly enjoying the drive, while Akira shifted her focus to getting home as fast as possible. She started picking up speed, when she felt a cool hand slide down her shoulder, caressing her right arm. The reason Miki wanted to sit in the back became clear now. Akira shivered at the girl's touch, which made her chuckle in response. One glance in the mirror was enough to reveal that Miki was leaning forward, her head resting on the seat by Akira's left shoulder, as her hand was exploring the right side of her body. It wasn't exactly unpleasant, so instead of telling Miki off, Akira slowed down. Miki saw this for the permission that it was and her hand made its way back up to her shoulder, this time slipping inside the front of Akira's loose fitting dress. Her fingers traced the shape of her breast, cupping it, squeezing it. Akira tried to stay focused on the road, but when she felt her nipple pinched between the thumb and index finger of her playful companion she was unable to stifle a moan. Miki unbuckled her seatbelt and inched closer, delighted to have the blonde at her mercy. She leaned over the seat and took Akira's earlobe into her mouth, gently tugging at it as her breathing sent shivers up the woman's spine. At this rate they wouldn't be driving for much longer, having reached their destination or not. Akira didn't want her to stop, she wanted to pull over and have her way with the girl. She knew she could do better, though, so she steeled her resolve that when they got to her home she would eagerly repay her for teasing her like this. She opened her mouth to speak, but gasped instead when Miki pulled her hand back from Akira's breasts. Instead her fingers slid underneath the right strap of her dress, while at the same time she kissed Akira's neck until she reached the left strap and held it between her teeth. In one motion she shifted to the left while moving her hand to the right and the straps slid down Akira's shoulders, causing the dress to slip off her slender frame, exposing her from the waist up.

"What are you doing?!" Akira tried to lift the straps back up, but Miki was faster and her hand instead pulled the dress straps off the woman's arm.

"Relax, with this car's speed it's not like anyone will see." Akira could feel her cheeks get hotter and hotter as the girl behind her resumed massaging her breasts.

"I'm gonna get you back for this," she said in a voice that was meant to sound menacing, but came out brimming with desire.

"I'm counting on it," was the only reply from the back seat as Miki played with her right nipple, tugging at it and making Akira feel short bursts of delightful pain.

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Re: Akira x Miki oneshot (explicit)

Post by SemisoftCheese » Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:57 am

yes req

top miki game

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Re: Akira x Miki oneshot (explicit)

Post by Req » Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:04 am

I... I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not...

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Re: Akira x Miki oneshot (explicit)

Post by Carighan » Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:41 am

Very... distracting story. *coughs*
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Re: Akira x Miki oneshot (explicit)

Post by Req » Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:50 pm

Just another update. One more to go and it'll be done, I'd say.

Akira didn't remember much of the drive home, beyond the lust welling up inside her. With Miki behind her, the blonde was completely at her passenger's mercy and found that she was given none.
When she finally did pull into the underground parking garage of her apartment building, it only took her one fluid motion to park, another to readjust the dress she'd been loaned and a third to pull Miki out the backseat of her car.

For a moment she considered having her right there, but the glare of another car's headlights made her reconsider. Instead she grasped the girl's wrist and half pulled, half escorted her to the elevators. With one hand she frantically pressed the button to summon the elevator, while the other had managed to slip inside the back of Miki's pants and was currently feeling up every bit of her firm behind.

Miki gladly returned the favor and pulled Akira into a kiss, their lips pressing roughly against each other as their tongues melded into one. The blonde gave up on pressing the button, putting her hand to better use as she began to unbutton her own shirt, very nearly ripping some of them off completely. By the time the elevator announced its arrival, Miki's toned midriff was exposed as the tie hung seductively between her breasts. It was the first time a tie, especially one of her own, looked sexy to Akira.

The blonde grasped for the tie and pulled Miki into what she only hoped was an empty elevator. Her Miki pressed for the doors to close the same time Akira pressed for the right floor. As the elevator zoomed up, Akira had managed to unhook Miki's bra while the girl's only hand had already managed to hike up her dress to expose her from the waist down. The two were completely devoted to exploring each other's body, to satisfy their lust for one another.

Much quicker than either would have liked, the elevator came to a halt and the doors slid open soundlessly. Fortunately for the two half-naked girls the hallway was empty at this point. Treating Miki's tie like a leash, Akira tugged and the girl followed as she walked her to the right apartment.
They came to a stop in front of one of the many doors lining the hallway and as Akira fumbled with her keys, she could feel the dress slipping off again. She didn't even bother to fight it. Miki giggled and with a simple tug the dress lay on the floor. Akira was glad they were alone, even though a part of her was turned on by the idea of getting caught. After the third try, the key finally slid into the lock and clad in nothing but open toed heels and her panties, Akira pulled Miki into the darkness of their apartment.

With a flick the lights turned on, revealing the comfortable living room, as Akira closed the door behind her, first making sure the dress made it inside. Once the door was shut, she kicked off her heels and wrapped her arms around the waist of her guest. Miki would have plenty of time to admire the furniture in the morning, right now the girl was all hers. Akira tugged her jacket and shirt off the girl's shoulders and cast aside her bra. Miki moved to take off her tie as well, but Akira stopped her.

"Leave it on."

She then nudged Miki towards the bedroom, as the latter kicked off her shoes along the way, and shut the door behind them, leaving only the sound of Miki's belt hitting the floor.

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