Once More [Update: 9/26]

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Once More [Update: 9/26]

Post by Dr.Worm » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:41 am

Hi. I'm new. I started writing this a while ago. I decided to post it...

It's post Yamaku Graduation and focuses on Hisao and an OC, named Katsuo Yoshida. [Pictured here.]

And then eventually two of the girls from the main cast.

I do the occasional quick sketch for my stories. I'm not super great. But I'll post them here. Spoilers will be marked.

[Movie Sign] -Spoiler for Chapter 5

Enjoy? Yeah. I guess that works.

Chapter 1: A Favor and A Friend - [1][2]
Katsuo makes a new friend.
Chapter 2: The Expedition - [1][2]
Hisao and Katsuo look for a new place to eat.
Chapter 3: Planning The Weekend - [1][2]
Katsuo arranges a weekend getaway.
Chapter 4: Reunion - [1][2]
Everyone meets everyone else.
Chapter 5: Dinner and a Movie - [1][2][3]
Both are incredibly awkward.
Chapter 6: ConveRINtion - [1][2][3]
Katsuo and Rin do something important.
Chapter 7: Friends - [1][2][3]
Just play nice for once!
Chapter 8: Showdown at Shogun's Castle [1][2][3][4]
Bring the fucking thunder.
Chapter 9: Reminiscing - [1][2][3][4]
Katsuo talks about pills, mothergrams and ninja instincts.
Chapter 10: Flexibility - [1][2][3][4]
Katsuo talks about ill fitting shorts, disappointing girls and curry bread.
Chapter 11: Movie Sign! - [1][2]
Katsuo talks about his sanctuary, scratching the negatives and soba omelet sandwiches.
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC]

Post by Dr.Worm » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:44 am

--- Chapter 1, Part 1: A Favor and A Friend
The phone on my nightstand goes off.

Ughhhh. No.

It can’t be time to get up yet. I had a two hour staring contest with the ceiling again last night.

He won.

I just want to sleep more.


I manage to slide my hand out from the covers and grope blindly on the nightstand for the offending piece of noisy plastic. I’m fully intent on smashing it on the table until it shuts up. I know I set the alarm so that I would get up for classes but I’m still allowed to be angry with it for waking me up so early.

Oh crap. That’s not my alarm. Someone’s actually calling me.

I sit up, letting the sheets fall from my head and flip open the phone. I don’t bother checking the screen to see who it is, seeing as I wouldn't be able to read it with my eyes glued shut like this.

“Mmngh… Hello?”

“Hello. You’re not busy are you?”

My eyes strain and snap open. I blink a few times, trying to clear the sleep from them.

Hold on. I know this voice.

“Uhm… No?”

“Wonderful! I hoped your father gave me the right number. Oh, I didn't wake you did I?”

I give the man on the other end a nervous laugh.

“Y-yeah. Kind of. It’s alright. I’ve got to get up for classes anyway.”

“Oh, right. That’s what I called you about. I have another student starting at the same university you’re attending today.”

I blink a few times.

Wait a second…



Oh man. No wonder the voice sounded so familiar.

“Sorry. I didn't realize it was you… You sort of forgot to say who you were.”

“I did? Oh. That’s unfortunate. My apologies.”

I shake my head. Wait. Phone. I’m on the phone. He can’t see that. Man, I’m tired.

“It’s fine. I’m just surprised to hear from you. I didn't think high school teachers called their former students.”

“Well, normally, I suppose they don’t.” He returns my earlier nervous laugh with a nervous chuckle of his own. “But there’s a reason for this call. It’s not just social. I wanted to ask you to do me a favor.”

“Okay. Fire away.” I mutter, still in shock that Mutou called me. He was my homeroom teacher for my senior year. True, he wrote me a letter of recommendation for this university after helping me pick it and prepare for the entrance exams, but I never thought I’d get a phone call from him a year after I graduated. I only gave him my parent’s home number in case Yamaku had an opening in the science department in a few years. It’s networking. It’s a valuable thing to have when you want to be successful.I’m glad I didn't turn out to be a Ronin. I don’t think I could actually take disappointing Mutou after all he did for me.

“Like I said, I've got another student starting at the same university you’re in today and he’s got the same head for science like you do. He’s a bit nervous and I was wondering if you could show him around. I’m sure you two would get along.”

Is it because we’re both from Yamaku? Or is it maybe because of the whole science thing? Because I haven’t exactly done a great job at making friends with the same major here. Then again, I haven’t exactly tried. I think the closest friend I have right now lives in Kyoto and I just know him as “Efreet”. I usually track down old movies for him to download.We’re pretty tight.

But honestly, I don’t want to drag anyone around the school. That sounds too much like work.Still, Mutou did help me. This is an opportunity for points with someone who can help me with my future… And it would be an excuse to get out of my room for something other than classes and instant ramen.

“Sure. Why not?”

Who knows? Maybe it means I’ll have someone to talk to who doesn't just stare at me the entire time. What are those called again? Friends? Yeah! Friends.

“Wonderful! I’ve got his number here somewhere.”

I clench the phone between my head and shoulder as the clattering of drawers and shuffling of papers fills my ear. Sounds like Mutou is just as disorganized as ever. I can’t wait until he’s old and actually becomes a mad scientist. I’ll put him on all my job applications. Dr. Mutou, AKA: Dr. Laser-Death. It takes him a few good minutes before he starts talking again. I take the time to find a pen and something to write on.

“Right in front of me. Of course. Anyway, his number is…”

I copy the number down on a notepad I found on my desk. I think it’s got some notes on the idea of tricking your body into thinking you've eaten with just some chemical formula or something. I don’t exactly remember it all. It was just something I saw on the internet a few weeks ago. Huh. Maybe I’m the mad scientist.

“Give him a call as soon as possible. I told him to expect a call from a former student today.”

“Yeah. No problem, Mutou.”

“Thank you. I suppose I owe you one.”

I smile.

“Yeah. In about three or four years when I’m looking for a job, I’ll hold you to that, Mutou.”

We exchange goodbyes and hang up.

Okay. So, I've got to show the new kid around.

In college.

Anyone who says that college is nothing like high school is a liar.

I manage to pull myself out of bed and stumble out of the room with a towel and clothes to the bathroom. The hot water manages to pull me out of the land of being half-awake and into the land of the living. I’m still kicking and screaming the whole way though. No way am I getting pulled out of dream land without a proper tantrum.

I'm tired. Why is everything so damn fuzzy?

Right. Because I wear glasses. That's why.

I grab the rectangular frames off my nightstand and slip them on.

My room is pretty much the same deal I had set up at Yamaku, which is empty. I just managed to add a few posters to the walls. There’s one of Tetsujin 28 above my computer. The wall above my bed is dominated by a reprint of the original release poster for Shichinin no Samurai. That was a birthday gift from my Dad. He even went and framed it for me. He’s pretty thoughtful at times. There’s a few more for some stupid bands that I don’t even know. I just got them at the student center store to appear somewhat normal if anyone ever came over.

Twenty minutes later, I've managed to get dressed, go through the basic routines of personal hygiene and fight off the urge to go back to sleep seven times. I pick up the phone on my nightstand and punch in the number that Mutou gave me. I fidget with the pale blue collar of my button-up as the phone starts to ring.

Why am I so nervous? It’s just some guy. Not a cute girl who gave me her number last night. A few rings later, a sleepy voice answers.


“H-Hi there. I got a call from Mutou this morning about you starting up your University classes today?”


“Oh. Oh!” He suddenly brightens up and I can hear his bed springs squeak. He must have just sat up. “Yes! Thanks for calling! I didn't actually think Mutou would remember.”

“I don’t think he really did. He only called about half an hour ago.”

The guy on the other end gives me a little laugh.

“Yeah, that sounds like him alright.”

This is really weird. It’s like Mutou set me up on a blind date or something.

“Anyway,I’m more than happy to show you around if you want. After all, Yamaku kids have got to stick together, right?”

“Ha. Yeah. That’s a good idea.”

“Oh right. Mutou never gave me your name.” Introductions are always good. Good thing I’m so great with people or I wouldn't have remembered that.

“Uh, Hisao Nakai. You can call me Hisao, I guess.”

Oh shit. I didn't tell him my name! Okay. So maybe I’m actually really bad with people.

“I’m Katsuo Yoshida. Call me Katsuo. I know that Yamaku kids are pretty informal.”

“Katsuo. Got it.”

I can picture him nodding on the other end, though just as a teenage Mutou. I doubt that’s what he looks like. If he is, then Mutou’s discovered cloning and I think I know how he can pay me back for this.

“Cool. So, you know where the cafeteria is right?”

“I think so.”

“Great. We can meet up there if you want and I can show you to your first class.”

“Alright. That sounds good.”

“Just give me a call when you get there and we’ll find each other. See you there, Hisao.”

“O-Okay. Thanks again, Katsuo.”

“No problem.”

And we hang up. Well, that was possibly one of the more awkward conversations of my life. I suppose I just sort of set up a date with this kid, didn't I? Huh. That’s… different. Well, damn Mutou. I ask for his help a year ago and now I get to show some fresh face around the campus like I’m the head of the friendship committee. I don’t know how my guide put up with me when I got to Yamaku.

I blink a few times.

Huh. I haven’t let my mind venture there in a long time.

It takes a few seconds for me to realize that I’m rubbing my jaw. I drop my hand instantly, shoving the thoughts away. There’s a reason I haven’t ventured into that territory for a year.


Focus! Okay. So. Hisao. He sounded normal enough. I doubt that Mutou would have sent me one of the “normal” kids from Yamaku. They would fit in with no problem. There’s got to be something off about this Hisao guy. I let my mind wander through the various disabilities or medical problems he could have. It’s a bad habit I picked up at Yamaku. Like they’re my personal collection of freaks that I have set up to entertain me. Which… is a terrible train of thought. You can’t collect people. I can see someone collecting beetles or something. A coleopterist? I think that’s what a beetle collector is called. Or at least someone who studies them. I read that on the internet once. And someone who studies butterflies is a lepidopterist?

Ugh. What do I care? I’m here for fish. Not insects.

I fix my glasses in place and stretch. Okay. First day of my second year. I’m going to take this Hisao guy under my sheltering wings and guide him through his first year. Or at least his first day. Then again, I’m pretty socially starved. There’s only so much that internet relay chat can provide me.

More importantly, I could use a friend. I’ve kept myself locked up for so long now I’m probably becoming a hikikomori. If it weren't for the fact that I actually go to all my classes, I would have never left my room.

I hope our disabilities complement each other. Or maybe we could get some robot parts. We could be some sort of crime fighting duo. I’d watch that. That would be an awesome show.
It would need a catchy name. I tug my sweater over my head and pull a jacket on over that. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. Books? Those would probably be good. I mean, I’m in college and all.

Haha. College.

I pull my bag onto one shoulder and head out the door.

Well, time to make nice.
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:38 pm

Original concept and good use of language.
I like it.
You had me going until "Because I wear glasses."

Two (very minor) nitpicks:
1.) The word you were looking for is "hikikomori"
2.) Black hair is not really much of a distinguishing feature in Japan.
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC]

Post by Umber » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:48 pm

Enjoyable read, and I liked how you played out your OC in these first two sections. You've got someone waiting for the next scene.
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC]

Post by Dr.Worm » Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:49 pm

--- Chapter 1, Part 2 : A Favor and a Friend
The dormitory hallways are already packed with frantic, scrambling students. I collide into a few and collect a few stares. I got used to that pretty quickly last year. This is a normal college, not a school out in the country-side hand tailored to helping kids who are differently-abled. I mean, it’s got wheelchair ramps and all those things it’s legally supposed to have. But there isn’t a 24-hour nursing staff on call. And they don’t exactly give you any special treatment here. You’re just another kid paying their dues to get additional education. It’s your responsibility to get everything done.

I make pretty good time crossing the campus. Compared to the hallways of the dormitory, the grounds are pretty empty. It’s bright out already this early in the morning. I pass a few students as I make my way down the path to the cafeteria. It’s pretty much just like the cafeteria at Yamaku or any other high school. The main difference here is that the food is about seven times worse than Yamaku’s or even the school I went to before that. There’s an overabundance of vending machines to make up for it. There’s a second floor to make up for the fact that the floor space is a bit less than a normal cafeteria. Hisao hasn't called back by the time I get inside, so I grab two cans of coffee from one of the vending machines. I’ve got to make nice on the first day, right? I take a free table, avoiding any lone students eating breakfast on the first day. If it weren't for Mutou, I’d be sleeping in for another half an hour or so until my first class.

Damn him! I could in sweet, sweet dream land. Halfway through my coffee, my phone starts ringing. I fish it out and open it up.


“Hey, it’s Hisao. Are you in the cafeteria?”

I look around at the other occupants of the cafeteria. Okay. There are a couple of guys on their phones. And none of them look like Yamaku material. They look pretty normal actually. Damn. He must not have something as blatantly obvious as I do. I notch the phone between my head and shoulder before raising my hand over my head.

“Yeah. Look for the guy with glasses and black hair with his hand over his head.”

“Sure. Be right there.”

A guy on the opposite end of the cafeteria starts to walk quickly across the room. I slide my phone back into my jacket pocket and stand up to meet him. We give each other short stiff bows before he sits down across from me. I sit down again and slide the other can of coffee across the table.

“You’ll probably want that. It’s nice to meet you, Hisao.”

He gives me a little grin. “Yeah, I didn't sleep a wink last night. Thanks Katsuo.”

“I didn't either the first night.” I reply before taking a sip from my can. “Then I continued that for the next year. There’s not a lot of time for sleep when you’re in college. You’ll get used to it.”

He nods at me before opening his coffee.

Okay. So Hisao is pretty average looking. Hmm. Brown hair, medium length. It’s a bit longer than mine and, despite being messy; it looks a little tamer than mine. He’s fresh-faced, right out of High School. And if Mutou has an interest in him, he’s probably not stupid at all. That sweater-vest, however, is absolutely hideous. I think I’m his height. Maybe a few centimeters taller even. But with how I slump forward when I walk, I don’t think anyone will notice.

And he looks sad. Like a lost puppy.

I give him a tight lipped smile.

“So, let’s get this out of the way first, just in case it comes up in an emergency,” I start, putting the coffee down. No one likes this part. I suppose I’ll just start us off to make it a little easier.

“You've no doubt noticed that one of my arms isn't all there.” I lift the aforementioned right limb up as high as I can. It’s not very much. It hurts to bring it up to a ninety degree angle these days. My jacket sleeve is rolled up to and pinned shut at the stumped end, just below my elbow. “In addition, I've got chronic back pain. There were seizures a few years ago too, but it’s been a long time since I've had one. I’m on a lot of medication for everything.”

Hisao nods, looking away from me.

“You seem relatively normal though.” I add, before taking a sip of my coffee again. “Mind if I ask what’s up with you?”

Hisao rubs the back of his neck. Okay. So this is uncomfortable territory. I hold up my hand.

“I’m just asking in case of emergency. If it’s not going to be an issue, you don’t have to talk about it. I know how some people are.”

He nods.

“Unless it’s something wrong with the whole plumbing.” I point down at my own crotch. “Because then you don’t have to tell me because I don’t want to even imagine the pain there.”

He puts his coffee down.

“Why does everyone assume there’s something wrong with my crotch?” Oooh. He’s a little annoyed. Too bad. He better get used to me teasing him.

“Damn. I thought I was being creative with that.” I mutter. “So do I need to know or not?”

He stares at his can of coffee. I hope he’s debating to tell me and not just trying to use telepathy with his drink or something.

“Heart Arrhythmia. My heart beat is irregular and I get minor heart flutters.” He finally says.

Arrhythmia. Ah. He’s got a stupid heart.

I've got missing arm and stupid back. He’s got stupid heart. We’re quite the duo.

“I've got a bunch of medication and the Nurse back at Yamaku recommended that I exercise. ” Hisao continues, playing with the can of coffee I so graciously provided him with.

“Ah. I’m supposed to walk at least an hour a day to help with my back pain if you’d like to join. I could use some company.” I finish off my coffee, waiting for a response. That might be why I’m sleeping so terribly, considering I can’t remember the last time I went for an hour long walk.

Come on, Hisao. I’m offering to be your friend. I mean, if we get along. You certainly look like you need a friend. And I sure as shit know I need one.

Hisao gives me a little shrug. “If you’re offering.”

“Sure thing. And hey, don’t look so glum. You've got all these years of college to dig yourself into soul crushing debt and depression with. There’s no sense going into it with such a bad outlook.”

“I've got my whole future ahead of me?” He asks, giving me a small smile.

“Exactly. And you’ll learn to hate every single person who tells you that in no time.” I thump my fist against the table.

His smile gets a bit wider.There we go! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

“So, Mutou mentioned you’re going for some field in science. Have you got a major picked out yet?”

“Uh, not exactly. I’m thinking of trying out chemistry right now.”

“If you’re looking for basic lab work, that’s a good idea.” I give him an approving nod. “I’d avoid taking any classes with Professor Iwata. He’s one of those professors who will assign a lot of busy work and not enough actual learning.”

Hisao gives me a little nod.

“You should have time in the next two weeks to change your schedule around as you want. Go to all your classes and see how they play out. Some might not be your thing and some just might not feel right at the time. Everyone else will be doing the same thing, so don’t you worry about being annoying or anything like that.” I go on. Hisao gives me a little nod again to confirm that he’s still listening. This might not be so bad. Two disabled dudes sticking together through college and helping each other out?

Oh right! The television show! I’ve finally got a name. We’ll be Lefty and the Heart Breaker. That’s pretty catchy.

“What’re you majoring in?” Hisao pulls me back into reality.

“Marine Biology.” I give him a smile. “I’d like to do field research somewhere near the Bahamas or something.”

Hisao blinks and tries to avoid looking at my missing arm.

Yeah. People do that when I mention wanting to be a field researcher. Swimming looks like it would be pretty hard with only one arm. Though, really, I’m not sure. I haven’t actually been swimming since I lost my arm. It would probably be a good idea to see if I can still keep my head above the water.

“I’ll probably end up teaching, of course. But if I get a field researcher job, I can tell girls that I lost my arm fighting a shark.” I flex my half-arm and give him a wink.

Hisao actually manages to chuckle.

“ Couldn't you just tell them that now?”

“Yeah but what nineteen year old kid is a Shark Fighter?”

That’s a better name!

Heart Breaker and the Shark Fighter! Breaking women’s hearts and shark’s teeth, airing this fall.

Hisao actually allows himself to laugh. It isn't that nervous little chuckle I heard on the phone either. I give him a grin. Yes, Hisao. I've got a really wacky sense of humor. You should definitely be my friend. Dooooooo iiiiiiit.

“So where’s your first class?”

Hisao blinks a few times before digging a piece of paper out of his pocket. He works his jaw as he stares at it before actually saying anything.

“It’s a Bio-Chemistry class in Building 7.”

“Is it a lab?” I ask immediately. “With Nakamura?”

Hisao stares at the paper.

“Yes. Bio-Chem with Nakamura.”

“Well then,” I stand up and grab my empty coffee can. “I’m headed there myself. That’s quite the coincidence.”

Hisao stands up. “Wait, you have the same class?”

“Seems that way.”

“But you’re in your second year, aren't you? I thought it was an entry level lab course.”

“It is.” I respond. “And the school denied me access to any lab courses last year because of this.”

I wave my stump arm as best I can as Hisao joins me on the other end of the table. I head towards the doors with my new companion in tow.

“Considering a lot of the equipment is heavy and very, very expensive and I can’t carry anything by myself and blah blah blah. There were a lot of excuses from the Science department.” I toss the empty can into a nearby trash can before heading outside again. “It’s stupid, considering it’s a course I have to take for my degree. I was prepared to get into a fist-fight with the Dean of the Science Department over it.” I hold the door open for him with my right shoulder. He’s got that thinking face on as he jogs past me.

“It’s a good thing you didn't. They probably would have brought a shark.” Hisao finally quips back.

I grin. There we go. I throw my arm around his shoulders as we head down the path to our Bio-Chem lab.

“Very good, Hisao. Tell me. Do you like shows about giant robots?”

“Not particularly.”

Ah. Well. We’ll fix that soon enough.
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC]

Post by StudyOfWumbology » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:23 pm

I'm starting to think that this OC is half Rin and half Kenji. Regardless, I do see some potential in this story. Keep it up!
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC]

Post by Dr.Worm » Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:27 pm

---Chapter 2, Part 1 : The Expedition

I emerge out of the lab with my fist held high in the air, a thick wad of papers crumpled between them. Hisao is sitting on a table waiting for me outside of the building. We decided to pick up our practical results separately, since we made a bet just before taking it. And not a gentleman's bet, either. We've actually got a wager. He stands as I approach him, triumph written all over my face. I drop my arm and wave the stack of paper in his face.

“I've got you beat this time, man. Ninety-three percent on the practical.” I snap my arm back to my side and the papers slice through the air.

“Nakamura doesn't give anyone anything higher than a ninety-five. I know she doesn't because I haven't gotten anything higher than that.” I shove him with my right stump and walk past him.

“So suck it. Suck it, Hisao. I’m just so much better at lab work that I’m pretty much beating you with one hand tied behind my back.” I wheel around and thrust the stack of papers at him. He looks absolutely defeated. Good. After being on par with each other in the class for so long, it’s only fit that I drive him into the dirt like this. We may be friends, but we’re always going to be intellectual rivals first. That was apparent on the first day of class. One of us had to be the smarter one. That's just how these great dynamic duos work. Smart guy and the strong guy.

“I believe that our wager was that the loser has to buy lunch?” I tap my practical results against my chin. “And I’m thinking that we’re going to that noodle cart on the other end of campus sounds good.”

Which is exactly why we’ve already eaten there five times this week. My companion slowly unrolls his practical results. Hisao’s frown turns into a wicked grin.

Oh no. No no no.There’s no way. He flashes the number at me.

Ninety-fucking-nine percent.

“Read it and weep, Katsuo.” His words are practically dripping smug. He is leaking copious amounts of smug. I am going to drown in his smugness.That son of a bitch. He knew I wouldn't do better than him. He knew! I should have known better than to trust that look of faux-disappointment on his face when he picked up his results first.

“Looks like I’m just better with the hands-on work than you.” Hisao gives me a shrug.

And then his eyes widen in shock at the words that left his lips. I give him a flat look as he starts to stammer an apology out I don’t give him time to get everything out before retaliating.

“How dare you, Hisao…”

He can’t meet my gaze. That’s good because I’m doing absolutely nothing to hide my crafty little smirk.

“You’re breaking my heart.”


Hisao looks up again with a pretty good copy of my flat look. I just keep grinning until he can’t hold the look anymore. His mouth twists into a small smile.

Okay. So we’ve been hanging out for the past month. It’s pretty safe to say that Hisao and I are friends. I think he’s got some other friends from his other classes, but I haven’t met them. I’m pretty alright with just the one friend for right now. Besides, when Hisao is busy, I just hop online and talk to one of my six billion faceless internet friends. I've told Efreet about Hisao already. He affectionately refers to him as my "boy-toy".

“So, Heartbreaker, where are we going for lunch since it’s on me?” I thump him across the back with my good arm to spur him into walking away from the science lab building with me.

“No idea.”

“Alright. So the noodle cart it is then.”

Hisao lets out a little groan. “We’ve eaten at the noodle cart five times this week.”

“Nothing wrong with that. We’re starving college students, buddy. And the noodle cart is cheap.” I shove my papers into my jacket pocket as we make our way down the path towards the noodle cart anyway. It's cheap and delicious. The best of two worlds!

“Yeah, but can’t we branch out a little more? I’m sick of noodles.”

“We could. But you have to choose.”

Hisao mulls it over as we walk in silence. He tends to get lost in his own head a lot. I mean, I do too, but eventually it slaps me across the face that I’m wandering into oncoming traffic. So we wander along the pathway through the campus, headed somewhat towards the Noodle Cart. There’s a few other little food outlets there. Hisao trails behind me, seemingly still lost in thought. If he doesn’t hurry soon, we’re just going to end up at the Noodle Cart like the last time I asked him to choose a place to eat.

“Is there anything like the Shanghai here?”

The Shanghai?

“Wait…That weird ass coffee shop with no menus?” I scratch at my cheek. I remember that place. I went there a few times when I went to Yamaku. Not that there was much of a choice. I was dragged there after all.

“Yeah. I’d like to actually sit down and eat indoors for once.”

“Man, only girls go to coffee shops.”

“I went to the Shangha-”

“So you're a girl?”


“Did you go with girls?”

“Well, yes. That was what I was trying to say.”

“Well there you go.”

“Oh shut up, Katsuo.”

“Haha. Okay. Okay. So you want to find an expensive ass coffee shop to sit down with me and eat?”

Hisao nods. Okay. Can’t resist.

“You are such a girl.” I moan.

Hisao punches me in the shoulder in reply and shoves me to try to knock me off the pathway. I apologize to the couple that I nearly topple into. I start laughing again. I know I’m just digging into his skin, but Hisao is smiling too. This is just what guys do. One hundred percent of great male friendships are formed on insult based humor. That’s just a fact. A scientific fact.

“What? I’m paying! That makes you the girl! It’s only logical.”

“Forget the bet then. I’ll pay for my own stuff.” Hisao grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I’m just kidding. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Hisao.” I pat him on the shoulder again. “I think there’s a coffee shop somewhere around here. I mean, it’s a college. There has to be at least one incredibly overpriced café somewhere near or on campus.”

“We don’t have to find something like that. I just want to eat something besides noodles for once.”

“No no no.” I shake my head. “You want something like the Shanghai. We’re going to find something like the Shanghai. Even if it kills us.”

“Anything is fine, Katsuo. Really.”

I hold up my hand to block his idea. “No. You want a coffee shop. It’s our mission now.”

“It's our mission?”

“Yes. To boldly go where no man has gone before.” I thump my good arm against my chest.

“I’m not playing this game with you, Katsuo.”

I grab him with my hand and twist his sweater-vest between my fingers.

“This isn’t a game, Hisao.” I pull him closer.

“This is your life.”

I pull tighter on the garment in my fingers.

“And you are going to find someplace like the Shanghai, Ensign Nakai. Or we are going to die trying.” I finally let go and head out in front of him, waving my hand for him to follow me. Hisao groans behind me but I can hear him jog to catch up with me.

“Why someplace like the Shanghai anyway?” I finally ask. The Shanghai isn’t even that great. It’s bland. It’s empty. And it doesn’t even have a menu. That’s just… wrong. How does anyone know what to order? That’s just poor business sense. I don’t understand how a place like that stays in business. Maybe it has some sort of rich, eccentric owner in a white suit who just keeps it open for his sick pleasure.

“I don’t know. It just popped into my head when you mentioned choosing a place to eat.”

I purse my lips, looking around for something similar to that little weird coffee shop. Hell. I just want to find a coffee shop. Hisao is kind of mopey at times. And if he wants something like the Shanghai then I am going to get Hisao something like the Shanghai. It’s the least I can do for him after hanging out with me. Wait no. This is just what friends do for each other.

Yeah. Friends. Hisao and I are friends. So it's only natural that I want Hisao to be happy. If the Shanghai has great memories for him at Yamaku and he wants to relive those, then I should do my best to help. Ohhhhhh. I think I know why Hisao wants to find a café like The Shanghai now.

“So we’re going to pick up girls?”


“That’s why you want to go to a coffee shop, right? You want to find a cute girl to hit on and take back to your room for a little party?” I give him a wink.

Hisao shoves me. I apologize to the girl I collide with. I hope he actually isn't planning to pick up on girls. Because if so, he's got the world's worst wing-man at his side.

“Would you cut it out already? “

I laugh again, as we continue down the path through the campus. I’m sure that everyone we pass is starting to find us annoying at this point. Hisao keeps shoving me into people after all.

“What? There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Well, I’m not.”

“Well, you should, buddy. People are going to start asking questions if you’re just spending all your time with me.”


“I mean it would probably help if you didn’t wear that sweater-vest all the time.”

“There is nothing wrong with my vest!” Hisao shoves me again. I manage to avoid hitting a passerby finally.

“Then why don’t we ever get any girls to hang out with us?” I ask. It's because of me, probably. It's the unkempt hair and how I slump forward when I walk and just my general ineptitude with the opposite sex. But let's not let Hisao know about that yet. We'll just let him think that it's because of his sweater vest.

“It’s probably because of your stupid sweaters. My vest happens to look amazing on me.”

I stop. Huh. You know what? It is kind of nice on him.

“You’re right. Give it here then.I mean it would probably make more sense for me to wear that thing than you. I only have one and a half arms. I’m wasting valuable sleeve with my ensemble. You can have my sweater.”

“What? No! You’re bigger than I am.”

“Are you sneaking peeks at me in the shower? Naughty boy.”

Hisao’s face flushes red as a group of girls walking past us start laughing. I continue to scan the horizon for any signs of overpriced food and coffee. Okay. There’re a bunch of girls coming out of that place. It sort of looks like a café. Which probably means it is. Ooh. Maybe even a tea house. We could go old school.

“I meant that you wear bigger shirts. You’ll stretch this out.”

Oh that’s a good point. The Shark Fighter does have to have more muscle than the Heart Breaker after all. I’m the bruiser in our duo. Hisao is the charmer. That’s how all great duos work. They have to have different skill sets. I guess Hisao is the smarter one too. And this isn’t REALLY muscle. I’m just built a little broader.

“Good point. So where did you get it? Maybe I’ll pick one up.” I stop again, putting my arm out to stop Hisao. He bumps into it and shoves my arm out of the way.

“Captain. I think we’ve found it.”

“How’d I get from Ensign to Captain so quickly?”

“A few promotions. Massive casualties amongst the crew. Maybe you slept around, you slut. I’m not in charge of these things, Hisao. I’m just the messenger.” I hold my arm out to the cafe in front of us.

The sign out front is in English, but says Apollica Café. Through the windows, it looks like exactly what Hisao wants so badly. A few customers stare back at me as I nod approvingly at the glass windows. It’s a pretty normal café. They don’t have any tables outside, but everything inside looks rather… well, expensive. Like the whole shop was carved from the finest mahogany. The lights hanging above the tables are some sort of black metal and made to look like they were out of a Victorian romance novel.

“I think you’re scaring that couple,” Hisao finally pipes up. “You’ve kind of got a serial killer look to you.”

“Nonsense. Come on, let’s find you a girlfriend.”

Hisao shoves me again. I love this schoolyard bullshit we go through.

“I already have a girlfriend, Katsuo.”

“Right hand doesn't count.”

“It’s not my-”

“Nor the left.”

Hisao just stares at me. Not his hands then?

“Feet? Feet don’t count either, but I’m impressed either way.”

He groans. Maybe it's time to stop?

“Alright. Alright. So you have a girlfriend already. That’s good.” I tilt my head to one side. Naaaaaah. A few more good jabs and I'll call it a day.

“Wait. If you have a girlfriend, why do you spend all your time with me?”

Hisao opens his mouth.

“Are you talking about me? Is this your way of asking me out?”

“Katsuo.” He grumbles again.

“I mean, I accept if you’ll take me someplace fancier than this but-“

I stop as Hisao shoves me one last time. Okay. It’s finally time to cut it out for a while. Let him cool down and lull him into that false sense of security before I hit him hard again.

“Because she doesn’t go here.”

Ahhhh. That explains it. That might even be why he’s so mopey and tightly wound so much. He’s lonely. Or he’s sexually frustrated. It’s probably the second one. Why’s he complaining? The boy’s got two perfectly good hands to tackle that problem with. That’s called “having options”. He should just deal with it and be happy.

“Ah. You guys are doing the long distance thing, huh?”


“That’s cool. She’s lucky to have someone so devoted.” I’ll bet that’s tough. Time to be a good friend! I pat him on the shoulder.

“I just told you I have a girlfriend.” Hisao gives me a smirk.

I finally have an excuse to shove him back. I do so immediately.

“Shut up, asshole.” I laugh.

Hisao starts laughing. He dares to take the upper hand? I’m supposed to be the funny one.

“Come on, let’s get something to eat. I don’t think we should stand in front of the window anymore, Katsuo.”

Huh? Right. Because I apparently look like a serial killer. God this place looks expensive.

“You’re sure you don’t want to go to the noodle cart?”
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC]

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---Chapter 2, Part 2: The Expedition

Hisao holds open the door for me to walk into the Apollica. The heavy scent of roasted coffee beans smacks me in the face as I stride in. There are a few other smells lingering there too, possibly drifting in from the kitchen. Is that cinnamon? I hope it is.

A girl, probably about our age stops in front of us. She’s got to be a server, judging by the dark purple uniform and black apron she’s wearing. She gives us a tiny bow as Hisao lets the door shut behind him. Her long brown hair slides over her shoulders and back as she comes back up. Okay. She’s really cute. Please just show us to our seat and have an ugly man take our orders.

“Welcome to the Apollica!”

Hisao seems a little taken back. Why? All she did was greet us at the door. I mean, I’d get if he was frightened of the pretty young thing in front of us like I am right now. But no. He just looks confused.

“Come right this way.” She waves for us to follow her to an empty table. Hisao still seems bewildered by this whole exchange. I don’t get it. We walked in. A waitress greeted us. Now we’re going to take a table. Was he hoping for? A burly Scotsman and a slap across the face? What the hell happened to the Shanghai since I was last there? Yuuko still works there right? Or did she become a burly Scotsman while I was away?

Hisao and I follow the girl to an empty table and take our seats. She hands us each a tiny, laminated menu. She points to a necklace hanging loosely over her apron.

“My name is Arai! I’ll be your server today.”

Oh look at that. Her name is written out in the beads on that necklace. That’s an inventive nametag. I was too busy looking at… other things on her person.

“Can I get either of you something to drink?”

“Coffee?” Hisao ventures. As if they wouldn’t have coffee here. It practically reeks of it.

“S-Same.” I give her a tiny nod of my head. Well that was a minimal amount of stuttering.

The girl nods back, smiling still. God, I would hate to work at a place like this. My face would get tired so quickly having to fake cheeriness all day.

“Very good. I’ll be right back with that and to take your orders.”

Arai walks away and I can’t help but watch. The black skirt really does wonders for where she’s got that bottom part connected to the top part. What? I’m a healthy male adolescent! I can stare if I want. It’s a free country. And that’s a compliment. She should be proud that I’m staring.

Across the table, Hisao coughs.

I look up from my ogling to him.


“Nothing.” He says quietly before picking up his menu.

Okay. So he knows I was staring. So what? He’s the one with the girlfriend. Not me. He can’t stare at girl’s bottoms. I can! I’m single and free. I happen to be quite good at ogling. So shut up, Hisao. Don’t judge. I bet you did it too when you were free like I was. Besides, it’s not like I’ll do anything but ogle her when she walks away.

“Something wrong with me checking out the waitress?” I bluntly whack the statement over Hisao’s head.

“No no no.” Hisao shakes his head, still looking the menu over. He’s smiling. Great. I bet he’ll try to use this against me in the future.

“It’s just that… Well, let’s just say you have a different approach to women than my last friend.” He gives me a tiny shrug.

What does that mean?

“Oh Hisao. You know nothing. You never tell your date about your exes.” I reply casually. I pick up my menu as Hisao glares at me from behind his.

“Kenji wasn’t my boyfriend.” Hisao mutters.

“So unrequited feelings?” I continue. Yeah. This is for your earlier remark. I’m the funny one. You’re the straight-man. Get used to it.

Hisao just shakes his head.

“More like he was scared of them.”

Oh ho ho. Well then. There’s not that much different between him and I after all, Hisao. I have a healthy appreciation for the female form. I however, appear to be allergic to approaching them and forming a simple sentence.

“He was shy?”

“Uh, no. Actually…” Hisao scratches his nose and puts down his menu. I guess he knows what he wants. I should probably look over my menu instead of just using it to occupy my hands.

“He was more frightened of them taking over the world.”

Uh… huh.

“That’s… okay. Wow. Did you pick this guy up at some insane asylum? “ I laugh.

“What? No.” Hisao frowns at his menu. “I met him at Yamaku.”

“So you just have terrible taste in friends then.”

“Yeah. I ended up with you.” Hisao prods me again. Oh ho ho. Very good, buddy. But you shouldn’t poke the bear.

We will see who has the last laugh, Hisao. We will see.

And it’ll be me.

“Har har. Very funny, Mr. Scared to start College.” I shoot back, frowning. I’ll get you Hisao. If it’s the last thing I do.

Ugh. What do I want? Everything is so expensive on this menu.

Okay. I’m getting cake. I’m just going to be fat and eat cake for lunch. Who cares? Cake is delicious and this meal is purely for social interaction. Why mess around with chicken or soup? Cake. I’m getting a fucking cake.

“So Yamaku started accepting the crazy kids too?”

“No. I think that was something just… in addition. He was practically blind.”

Oh. Okay. We’re saved from further conversation as Arai returns to the table with our coffee.

“You guys ready to order?”

Hisao and I exchange a glance before we both nod at our waitress. She stares at us expectantly. Oh. I guess she doesn’t need a notepad or anything. I wonder how many orders she can keep track of just like this. Fifteen? It’s probably something like fifteen. Oh man. She’s got a body like that and a steel-trap mind? This girl is a double threat. I’m not sure how I’m going to piece together a sentence for her. Hisao. Speak first. Look at me. See this look I’m giving you? It means that you need to speak first so I can find my tongue.

“I’ll have the turkey sandwich.”

Arai nods and looks at me.

“Cake. I will have cake.” I manage to get out. Is that my voice? Oh god. That’s my voice. I have a terrible voice. Why do I sound like that? Did that really come out of me? Oh no. Oh god.

Arai raises her eyebrows at me. Probably because I sound like a strangled duck.

“Cake. Okay. What kind of cake?”

“Chocolate.” I spit out. The words hang there like an awkward passing of gas. I might as well have farted, for all the good I’m doing in front of our waitress.

Hisao has to stifle a laugh with his hand. It seems I’ll have to murder my only friend later.

Arai nods and smiles again. “Okay. I’ll be right back with those.”

Hisao and I watch Arai leave. My eyes are firmly planted to her backside. I make a noise. It’s the same noise as when you put something in or remove something from a cat. Oh god it’s been a long time. Too long since I’ve had a real go over at appreciation of a female form.

“Yeah, you’re nothing like Kenji.”

“Who’s Kenji?”

“My friend. Do you listen to me when I talk?”

“When it’s important.” I reward him with a big, cheesy grin.

Hisao sighs and closes his eyes.

Wait. No. This is it.

“Oh, wait. Yeah. Kenji. Your boyfriend from Yamaku, right?” I smile again.

Hisao gives me his best death glare from across the table.

“Shut up, Katsuo.”
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC] [Update: 4/5]

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---Chapter 3, Part 1: Planning a Weekend

Click. Click. Click click cliiiiick.

After about three days of exams, there’s nothing like some good old-fashioned bad television programming to take your mind off the stress. I should probably study for the next two days, but I really need to take a break. I lean back in my computer chair, nestling my aching lower back against the deep-heat pad, as tonight’s selection comes up. I’ve queued up a few episodes of Gekkō Kamen and Jaianto Robo tonight. Maybe if I’m still up when they’re done I’ll watch an old monster flick. The night is young though. There might even be time for two movies. It’s not like I have anything else planned to celebrate the end of the first part of exams. In fact, I haven’t moved from this chair for two and a half hours and I don’t plan on changing that for another two or three. Not like I have anything better to do right now.

I suppose that I would normally hang out with Hisao. Alas, he’s promised some alone time to his girlfriend, despite the distance between them. The poor sap just brought up the idea of picking up a webcam last week. After a lot of jokes about how I wasn’t going to help him with his dirty business, I went with him to the campus electronics store to pick out a decent model. Then I even hooked it up to his laptop for him. Now if only I could put this sort of commitment into finding a girlfriend of my own.

That would be nice. There hasn’t been a girl in my life since I was enrolled Yamaku. And there really wasn’t one before her. At least not one that reciprocated my feelings. Or wasn't a still image on my computer screen. I know what I’m working with here. I’m a one-armed loner with an almost fanatical obsession with old superhero movies and television shows. I’m an overgrown child. I’m well aware of who I am and after six or seven years of struggling with it through middle school and high school, I’m finally comfortable with the fact that I am a huge nerd.

So I’ll just ease myself into socializing again.

I’m okay with that.

I think.

About fifteen minutes into the episode, I realize that I've been staring at the wall behind my computer more than actually watching. I guess Gekkō Kamen isn’t going to hold my attention tonight. I pull up Jaianto Robo instead. It’s the first episode, where Daisaku and Jūrō find the Giant Robot. It manages to keep me more involved tonight. I've seen the entire series enough to actually quote every episode word for word. This, once again, goes to show that I’m really going to need to ease myself back into society.

As Daisaku and Jūrō climb up into Giant Robot’s hands to fly back to Tokyo, my cell phone starts chirping away. I just got into the idea of assigning my contacts different ringtones so that I can tell who’s calling without having to look. And the Kikaida theme means…

Huh. Well, I’ll be. He’s calling me pretty late. I pick up the phone and flip it open.

“Hi Dad.”

“Katsuo! I’m glad you’re up.” My Dad's voice is warm and cheery. It matches his body shape. It's a Santa shape. He's even got a beard!

“Yeah. You know me. Never getting enough sleep.” I hold the phone between my shoulder and ear so I can scratch my head.

“I wanted to wait in case you were out at a party or something.”

I frown. Yeah. Me. Party. Come on, Dad.

“Then I realized that you were probably just up in your room watching old episodes of Tetsujin or something.” He laughs. Ah father. You know me so well.

“Close. I’m watching Jaianto.”

“I see.”

I grunt. What follows is about thirty seconds of uncomfortable silence. Dad has a problem with his fully grown son watching these old kid’s shows. He finally breaks it by coughing and picking up the conversation.

“Soooo. You’re probably wondering why your old man is calling you so late.”

Well, yeah. It’s past midnight already. Everyone knows parental units shut off after the news. I don’t think he’ll appreciate that thought. Best keep it to myself.

“Yeah. What’s up?”

“Well, your mother and I know that you have a small break from school coming up…”

Oh boy. Here it comes. They want me to visit. Time for the old guilt trip about how I never call and never visit until vacation rolls around. Then he’ll go on about how I don’t actually spend time with them and just lock myself in my room again and stare at my computer the whole time.

“Your Mother and I are going to see Chieko and her husband for the weekend. We were wondering if you could come home and watch the house.” He says instead.

Huh. Amazing. He’s actually going to see my sister for the weekend? No guilt trip to come home? This isn’t my father.

“Why? Is it going off at night and molesting other houses?”

My dad groans. We're both funny guys, yet he doesn't like my jokes. That's okay. I don't like his either. Trust me. They're terrible.

“No. But someone needs to feed Nori.”

Oh right. The cat. They have a cat. Because he was my cat until I went to Yamaku.

“What about the neighbors?”

“Well, I don’t want to intrude…”

Ah. Alright. So it really is a favor this time.

“I probably have enough to catch the train home. But maybe I want to go see Chieko too.”

“We can pay for you, if you’d like. And please. You two would be at each other’s throats within seconds. We’re your parents. Don’t think we haven’t remembered how you two are around each other...” My father reminds me. It’s true. I’m pretty sure Chieko would kill me for showing up unannounced at her home. Probably say that I’m a negative influence on her family.

“Okay. At least tell her, Takashi and that brat she popped out that I said Hi.”

Giant Robot on the screen in front of me punches a sea monster in the face. It’s all guys in cheesy rubber-suits, but I still think it’s pretty freaking amazing considering when it was made. This show is almost as old as my dad. I throw a fake punch as Giant Robo does and almost drop my phone. I manage to slap my hand up at the last second to catch it and push it back into place. Okay. Don't do that again. Best close the video window so it doesn't distract me anymore.

“I don’t think I’ll use those exact words. But I can mention it. And the brat’s name is Nana. You should remember that. She’s your niece.” My Dad replies sternly. Ah. Gotta put on the ol’ father routine so your kids play nice, I guess. Besides, Hana is the niece I've seen like twice since she was born four years ago. Chieko probably doesn’t want her daughter around her freak brother.

We pass the next few minutes with small talk. I ask him about work. He asks about school. You know… The usual kid and parent stuff. He doesn't have to lecture me about my grades though. I chose grades and sleep over a social life a long time ago. However, I mention that I’ve actually been spending a lot of time with some other kid from Yamaku. Which… Well… That might be a good idea. I should see if it’s okay though. I mean, it is my father.

“Hey Dad. Would it be alright if I brought a few friends over?” I stack a few of the notebooks on my desk up. Uncomfortable questions lead to fidgeting.

“A few friends? Didn't you just say you had the one?”

Ah. Okay. He was listening.

“Well, yeah. But… He’s got a girlfriend and I thought that…” I trail off, not sure if I want to go into this territory with my father. You know. About how my new best friend is probably sexually frustrated and lonely without his girlfriend.

“You want to bring your friend and his girlfriend over? We aren’t running a love hotel here, Katsuo.” My Dad replies dryly.

Ughhhh. I hate it when Dad makes dirty jokes. It makes my brain need a deep cleaning.

“No. It’s not anything like that. She doesn't go to school here and they haven’t seen each other in like three months and okay I guess I’m sort of running a love hotel if I do this.” I manage to combine the two sentences like a champ as the realization smacks me over the head.

“Yes, you are.” My father finally says. I can picture him closing his eyes and nodding, like the wise old sage that he is. “However, if you clean the sheets afterwards, it’s fine. Your mother and I were young once.”

“Gross.” I throw in a few gags of disgust. Normally I have to fake them. But not tonight, apparently. No, Dad is actually making me feel more and more uncomfortable with each sentence. Dirty old pervert.

“Though I wish you’d put a little more effort into finding a lady friend of your own.” He adds. Oh god. Not one of the girlfriend talks again. I already have this discussion with myself on a daily basis. I already whimper every time Arai walks away from our table and my eyes travel south. I don’t need to have this from you tonight too, Dad.

“You haven’t had one since that girl at Yamaku.”

“Dad, I reeaaaally don’t want to talk about that.” I whine.

Oh boy! More of that uncomfortable silence.

“Duly noted, son.”

“Thanks... Can you ask Mom to cut up some vegetables and stuff for us then? I’d like to make shrimp stir-fry for the first night.”

I make one hell of a stir-fry. And Curry. I’m really good at Curry.

I’ll put a fire in your stomach and in your pants. The fire in your pants is for more curry. God. I need to stop with these sex jokes with my Dad. These are all exclusively for making Hisao uncomfortable. I wonder if this is how Dad thinks all the time. I do get my funny from him. Sort of. I guess.

Damn it. No. Stop.

“I think I can manage that.”

“Cool. So, you should get to bed. You’re old and ugly. We all know you need lots of beauty sleep.”

“Har har. Just think, you’ll look just like me in thirty years, kiddo.”


“I’ll let you go then. So you’ll be here on Saturday?”

“As early as I can be.”

“Good. Night son.”

“Uh. Night Dad.”

We hang up.

I put on Jaianto Robo again and try to forget about that last part of the phone call with my Dad. The part about a girlfriend.

Eventually I shoot Hisao a text about maybe coming to my place on the upcoming weekend. He’s probably asleep, so I might just have him actually tell me when I see him tomorrow. Which means that was all a bit unnecessary. And I might have woken him. Which is annoying. I know I hate being woken up. One time, when I was eleven, I actually bit Chieko because she tried to shake me awake on a Sunday.

I finish the two episodes of Jaianto, barely able to concentrate on them, and close my laptop.

I just want to sleep. And that bed looks so inviting. I crawl into it and pull the covers up to my shoulders. Eyes. You need to close.


Brain. Shut off.

You do not have to dwell on what he said about that girl from Yamaku.

No. No no no no.

My eyes open.

Damnit Dad. Damnit, brain.

Hellooooooo ceiling.

It’s time we faced off again.
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC] [Update: 4/5]

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---Chapter 3, Part 2: Planning a Weekend

“So you’re serious about this weekend?”

I look up from my slice of cake and give Hisao a short nod. I’m sure that he knows that this look I’m giving him is bewilderment. Did someone lie to him about a sleepover or something when he was a kid?

We’ve been coming to the Apollica pretty much every other day since we found it. Hisao’s gotten tired of eating at the noodle cart every day, despite how amazing it is. I guess this little café isn’t so bad. It’s not that overpriced and the coffee is actually pretty good. The two servers, Arai and Onohara, already know our names and that we order the same thing every time we come in. So that means I’ve been having a thick, rich piece of cake every other day. I’m pretty sure that my pants are going to stop fitting soon. But if that means I get to keep eating that one, delicious and moist slice of chocolate dreamcloud, I think I can deal with it.

“Yes. That’s why I asked if you wanted to come.” I say each word slowly and precisely, which Hisao gifts with a roll of his eyes.

“I mean I get that you invited me. But you said I can bring-” Hisao goes on.

“Yeah. I remember what I said, man.” I cut him off and shovel another bite of my cake into my mouth. I jab at the air between us with my fork as I chew. “Ishfine.”

“So you’re just going to be a third wheel?”

I swallow my delicious, moist chocolate cake and give Hisao a shrug. That wasn’t exactly the plan. I’m not going to be much of a third wheel if I’m in my room for most of the weekend.

“I just figured you’d like a weekend alone with your girlfriend. And while this is MY house you’d be going to, I’ll just give you guys some space. I can go for walks around town and check out the old comic shop I used to hang out at.” I put the fork down on my plate as Hisao nods slowly.

“Besides, it’s cheaper than a hotel or something. You’d just have to get the train ticket.”

Hisao picks up his sandwich and stares at it. He stares at his food a lot. I don’t get it. Did that sandwich insult his mother or something at some point?

“I just don’t feel right about it. It’s like we’re taking advantage of you.” He finally says before biting into his food.

Yeah! Rip that sandwich’s head off! No one insults Mrs. Nakai and gets away with it Hisao!

Wait. Damnit. I’m getting myself lost here. Focus. Hisao is being a wimp. Drive it home that he needs to stop this, Katsuo.

“Would you stop it? I asked you if you wanted to bring your girlfriend. I wouldn’t have brought it up if I had a problem with it.” Geez, Hisao. What is wrong with you? You’re an adult. I’m an adult. I know what couples do together. Just take the nice gesture and go have sex with your girlfriend at my house and stop being so damn mopey. You’ll be in the guest room anyway. There’s no way in hell you’re sleeping in my room.

I take another bite of my cake as Hisao shakes his head. He’s probably still got doubts about my motives for bringing him on this trip. Come on. I’m just trying to be nice, Hisao. If I wanted to kill you, I could have done it already. It would just take one nice, big scare.

“Well, why don’t you bring someone else along?” He suggests, putting his sandwich down.

“You don’t want to go now?” I ask, raising my eyebrow. Why wouldn’t you want to come? We’re best buddies. We’re bros. We’re inseparable. Damnit, Hisao! We’re the Shark Fighter and the Heart Breaker. We can’t just not hang out this weekend.

Hisao. Buddy. I’m hurt.

“No. I do. But why don’t you bring another friend or something as well?”

Because you’re the only one I have, Hisao. Well, at least the only one who isn’t a name on a computer screen, I guess.

“Uh, I already asked you. I don’t think I know anyone else well enough to ask.”

“I meant a girl, you moron.”

A girl. Bring a girl. To my house. Hisao wants me to bring a girl to my house. When my parents aren’t there. Well there’s a whole set of problems right there. That’s not creepy at all. Just invite some girl to my parents place for the weekend. I might as well grow a pencil thin mustache and start collecting used panties. I suppose I should clue Hisao in on the problems with his suggestion. Let’s start with the most obvious one.

“What girl?” I lean forward in my seat. “I spend all my time with you. I’m not exactly swimming in offers, Hisao.”

Hisao shrugs. “I figured you might at least know one or two.”

Haha. He would think that. But he would be so wrong. So terribly, terribly wrong. I don’t think I’ve really spent much time around girls since Yamaku.

“I know of girls. I’m not too sure they know about me.” I mutter. My fork clatters against my plate. This is venturing into dangerous territory, Nakai. Have you not picked up that I don’t talk about my nonexistent love life by now? I’ve only spent every day with you since we met two and a half months ago. You’ve seen my room. You’ve seen the sort of crap I’m interested in. Do I look like I’m some master of romance?

“What about Arai?” Hisao jerks his head at the server cleaning a table across the coffee shop.

Arai? Okay. Arai is a girl. I’ve talked to her a lot, true. She’s aware of my existence because I come here and order food. But I’m pretty sure that she’s not interested because she’s heard me talk about Kikaida to Hisao on more than one occasion. She actually had to wait for our order once because I wasn’t done explaining why Kikaida would kick the original Gorenger’s collective asses. I live for those kinds of debates. However, I’m pretty sure they turn off any would-be admirers.

As I’ve already discovered and studied thoroughly, Arai is definitely hot, with that dark brown hair and dark green eyes. And she’s almost as tall as Hisao and I. But I’m pretty sure with how friendly and polite she is, in conjunction with those pretty, pretty body and face things, she’s got a lot of customers hitting on her. The last thing she needs is the one-armed nerdling to ask her out.

“I don’t think she’s interested.” I mutter.

“She flirts with you when we’re here.” He says quietly.

“She does not.” I hiss back.

“She totally does. I’m pretty sure I can spot flirting better than you can.” He waves the half of his sandwich at me.

“Says the guy with the track record of one girlfriend.” I retort.

“Would you cut it out and just ask?”

“I barely know her! I don’t even know her first name!”

“It’s Junko.”

“Come on. Me? Ask that lovely arrangement of girly parts? Do you see what I’m wearing?” I point at the Cyborg 009 t-shirt currently covering my torso. “And I can barely talk to her without mumbling or stuttering everything.”

“That’s stupid. She talks to us more than other customers.”

“Because we’re suckers who come here every day!”

“She flirts with you!”

“That’s part of her job!”

“This is a normal café! Not a Maid Café!”

“What are you two whispering about?”

Hisao and I suddenly straighten up in our seats as our server approaches, her voice hitting us in the head like a dump-truck full of bricks. We’ve been whispering very urgently at each other in a very quiet room. And this room happens to be so quiet because there’s only one other person in here besides us right now.

“N-Nothing.” I manage to get out before looking everywhere but the curious gaze of our server.

“Hello Junko.”

“Do you guys need a refill or anything?”

I shake my head.

“No thanks.” Hisao gives her a little smile.

“So what are you two up to this weekend?”

Hisao gives me what I can only describe as a “look”. I return his “look” with a helpless look of my own. He can’t seriously think I’m just going to ask a complete stranger to come to my house this weekend. That’s creepy. That’s… well, okay maybe not THAT creepy, but it takes guts.

“N-Nothing.” I reply honestly. “I’m g-going home for the weekend to house sit for my p-parents.”

“I’m going with.” Hisao adds, lifting his sandwich to his mouth.

Junko raises an eyebrow at us.

“Are you two a couple?”

My companion nearly drops his sandwich. Hisao’s face turns a violent shade of red as I start laughing.

“I told you!”

Junko crosses her arms as Hisao starts stuttering that he has a girlfriend. Oh no. He’s not going to get out of this that easily. I may not be able to talk normally to Arai, but I definitely can make fun of Hisao in front of her. I live to make this boy uncomfortable, after all.

“Poor thing’s just embarrassed.” I tell her, putting my chin in my hand. “No one’s ever picked up on it so quickly.”

“We are not dating.”

“We’re just sleeping together.” I give him a wink.


I start laughing again. Junko gives us a wide smile.

“You two are weird.” She giggles.

“We know.”

“We know.”

Hisao and I exchange a glance. Oh god. We’re talking in unison now.

“Maybe we do spend too much time together.” I remark, giving my friend a grin.

Hisao gives me a shrug. “Probably.”

Junko shakes her head and walks away. My eyes follow her backside. Okay. So Hisao has good taste. I do like the way that girl is put together.

“Chicken.” Hisao takes another bite of his sandwich.

“No that’s turkey.” I correct him.

Oh. Wait… He’s talking about me.

“Maybe I’m not interested.”

“If you were staring any harder, her skirt would have combusted.” Hisao takes the last bite of his sandwich and gives me that look again as he chews it up.

Okay. So I think she’s pretty. Big deal. That doesn’t mean I’m just going to act on those feelings.

“I’m playing it cool. Give me a few months and maybe I’ll talk to her outside of the shop.”

Hisao shakes his head.

“Anyway, we would love to come over this weekend. If you’re sure you’re okay with it.”

I groan. When will he stop with the questions?

“No. I’m not. I was hoping it would be just a romantic weekend for the two of us oh my god Hisao why do you keep asking me if it’s okay I told you it was okay you moron.” I lean my head back as I slump in my seat. Hisao chuckles in front of me.

“Alright. Alright. I think I get it.”

“It’s about time.” I pick up my fork again.

“Now shut up. I have cake to eat.”
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC] [Update: 4/12]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:03 pm

I’ve queued up a few episodes of Gekkō Kamen and Jaianto Robo tonight.
Interesting coincidence. I'm also watching Giant Robo at the moment. Can't remember any giant lizards though, and I don't think it's older than his dad, so there is probably an earlier season of that franchise..

Anyway you posted part 1 twice. Happens to the best of us.

And I really like the scene in the cafe, but by now it's painfully obvious that you're trying not to have Hisao mention the name of his girlfriend. It just feels very unnatural to always have him refer to her as "my girlfriend".
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC] [Update: 4/12]

Post by Dr.Worm » Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:11 pm

Mirage_GSM wrote: Interesting coincidence. I'm also watching Giant Robo at the moment. Can't remember any giant lizards though, and I don't think it's older than his dad, so there is probably an earlier season of that franchise..

Anyway you posted part 1 twice. Happens to the best of us.

And I really like the scene in the cafe, but by now it's painfully obvious that you're trying not to have Hisao mention the name of his girlfriend. It just feels very unnatural to always have him refer to her as "my girlfriend".

I'm most likely mixing things up in my head. Will fix when I have the time later today.

I am... not a big fan of Giant Robo. Nor any of the other shows Katsuo is all about. I know more about Kikaida, as it's very big in Hawaii.

And I know. It's supposed to be a biiiig reveal, but I'm getting frustrated with it already.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC] [Update: 4/12]

Post by griffon8 » Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:23 pm

I'm enjoying this quite a bit.

But once again I must point out that there is no culture of tipping in Japan.
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC] [Update: 4/12]

Post by Dr.Worm » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:46 pm

griffon8 wrote:I'm enjoying this quite a bit.

But once again I must point out that there is no culture of tipping in Japan.

Thank you!
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Re: Once More [Hisao x OC] [Update: 4/12]

Post by Dr.Worm » Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:05 pm

---Chapter 4, Part 1: Reunion
I don't know Hisao's girlfriend's name. Is that rude? I mean, he hasn't exactly told me it. I haven't asked. I guess that would save me from being a rude jerk, right? After all, I'm about to meet her in a few hours and I haven't the foggiest idea of who she is or what she's like. Then again, that makes it sort of fun. Like a surprise. Just one that can talk and think for itself.

Wait. Is that rude? To think of her as a surprise?

I glance at Hisao over the cards in my hands. I should just ask.

In fact, I will. Then I won’t have to worry about being a jerk.

"Hey. What's this chick's name anyway?"

Hisao stares at his cards. We've been playing some form of poker over the last hour. I don't exactly know the rules. Hisao does. So I'm pretty sure that he's been making up the rules as we go along so that he wins every hand. It's fine. We're just playing for the junk food we brought with us. It's just a way to pass time on the train ride.

"This chick? Who?"

The Queen of France. Jeez. Who the hell do you think, Hisao?

"Your girlfriend. You never told me her name."

According to Hisao's stare, this is actually the dumbest thing I've ever said. I manage to throw my gaze back down into my cards. Well, this is awkward.

"Seriously, Katsuo?"

I shrug. "Well you haven't."

"I have! Several times!"

Silence passes between us as the train rumbles along the track, landscapes passing by through our window. We had to take the bullet train to the end of its line early this morning. Then came waiting for the normal train to my hometown. We're pretty far out in the country. Mom and Dad like their peace and quiet. When I mentioned how long the train ride to my place would be, Hisao's face turned... murderous.

That's nothing compared to the look he's giving me right now.

I guess I am a jerk.

"You did?"

"Several. Times." He places his cards down on his lap. "In fact, we've had this exact conversation before."

I narrow my gaze at him. Is this a joke? As I open my mouth to ask, Hisao holds up his hand.

"No. I'm not joking. We have had this conversation before." He says, rather sternly.

Really? We did? My lack of sleep must really be getting to me again.

"Okay. Well, I'm sorry that I keep forgetting your girlfriend's name. What is it?"

Hisao picks up his cards again. "I cannot believe you, Katsuo."

"Are you going to tell me her name or not?" I ask again, pushing a few pieces of chocolate forward for my bet. Hisao shakes his head, pushing a few of his own into the pile in the middle of the table.

"Really? You aren't going to tell me?" I place my cards down in front of me and lean over towards him. "Do you know what that'll make me look like?"

"Like an ass." Hisao replies casually. He slaps his cards down in front of him and returns my steely gaze with an annoyed one of his own.

"Like an- Hey!" How dare he.

That is not cool! Even if that was what I was going to say.

"Okay. Fine. Look. I'm sorry."

"You know this wouldn't happen if you just listened to me when I talk for once."

"I listen to you when you're saying something important." I grumble. My back hits my seat as the train bumps and rattles along.

"You have selective hearing." Hisao drums his fingers against the table. Oh he's starting to look absolutely delighted now. It's not often that he gets to see me squirm like this. Usually, I'm the one dangling the bait over Mr. Sulky-Butt. But now? Now with the prospect of seeing whatever her name is in just a few short hours, Hisao's been on the attack.

And as great as it is to see him in a good mood, I am going to murder him if he keeps taunting me like this.

"Geez, Mom." I roll my eyes for added effect. "Fine. Here's what we'll do. If I win this next hand, you tell me her name. If you win, I'll look like a big, fat inconsiderate jerk-"

"Which you are."

"Shut up- And you can lord it over me all weekend. At my house. Where I am letting you stay."

"Are you trying to guilt me into telling you my girlfriend's name?"

"Absolutely not. Oh and let me add that you're staying at my house free of charge so that you can see this girl for the first time in two months and possibly rip her clothes off and give it to her."

Hisao stares at me blankly.

"Give it to her hard."

The woman seated behind Hisao turns her head and glares at me. Am I talking too loud?

"I'm talking about sex. Sexy sex. In all sorts of positi-"

"Okay. I got it. I got it." Hisao cuts me off, shuddering in his seat. I give the old woman glaring at me one in return. She promptly turns back around in her seat.

Hisao flips his cards over. A nine. All four aces.

He gives me that little stupid grin. The same grin that I get when he scores higher on a test than I do. I hate that my competitive nature has rubbed off on him. Mostly because he's smarter than I am. Well, at least with biology. One of us spent his teenage years watching bad American films and reading subtitles, skyrocketing him through English like... well, a rocket.

Do you want a hint as to who that is?

It certainly isn't the old woman who glared at me.

"Well, well... It looks like you're going to be a big, fat inconsiderate jerk this weekend." Hisao says, grabbing the winnings pile to pull it towards him. I slap his hand away and shake my head.

"You can't possibly beat that, Katsuo."

I shake my head again, letting my wide "I got you" grin slowly creep into my face.

"According to you, this does."

I flip my cards over, one by one.

Two of hearts. Three of hearts. Four of hearts. Five of hearts. Six of hearts.

A straight flush.

Hisao stares at the cards in front of me. Which is terrible, because he should be looking at my face so that he can see what a look of glorious triumph looks like. After what seems an eternity, he pushes the candy towards me and slumps back in his seat. I laugh, and I assume that it is quite sinister, before picking up a few pieces to shove into my mouth.

"I'm still not going to tell you her name." He mutters.

"Booooooo." I throw a chocolate at Hisao. It smacks him in the left cheek. He grabs one of his own and flings it at me. It bounces off my glasses.

"Would it kill you to be mature for five minutes?" Hisao pops a chocolate into his mouth.

"Probably. Haven't tried."

Hisao shuffles up the cards and starts to deal them out again. We've still got another hour ahead of us until the train stops in my hometown. Then we'll be stranded there for the weekend. I live pretty far out in Nagano. . Well, not super far out. We'd have to take a cab from the train station to my house if my parents weren't sticking around to take us home. I'll have to catch the bus into the city if I want to give Hisao and his lady some free time.

"It's Rin."

I glance up from my pile of winnings.


"My girlfriend's name is Rin."

"I thought you weren't going to tell me."

"I had a sudden change of heart."

"Oh you big ol' softie, you."

"Shut up and play the game."

I place my hands on my cards. Rin. Wait. Wait wait wait.

"Wait... Rin?"

"Yes. Rin." Hisao confirms.

Huh. I wonder...

I open my mouth to ask, but Hisao picks up his cards. The determination clearly slapped on his face. I guess we're going to play again. I pick up my cards as Hisao pushes five pieces of chocolate to the middle of the table. I shrug to myself and push seven pieces into the pile.

Besides, what are the chances, right?

Probably less than me getting another straight flush.

"I see you and raise you two."


"You didn't have to wear the sweatervest to impress my parents, Hisao." I toss my bag into the trunk of my Dad's black nondescript company car and Hisao shuts it.

I live a short distance outside of the city. It's far from Tokyo and even the city just outside of Yamaku is bigger than this. Just the closest thing to modern civilization out here in the sticks.

"I'm not trying to impress anyone. I wear this thing all the time." He protests.

"I know. I'm sick of looking at it." I chuckle. Hisao punches me in the shoulder. I roll his punch off and stretch. It's a lot colder than I remember it normally being this time of year. My Dad, looking more and more like some old sea captain each day, circles around his car to us. I can see the top of a horrible knit sweater peeking out from under his black jacket.

"You wear that stupid sweater and jacket ensemble all the time. You look like you're going on an expedition to the arctic tundra." Hisao snipes back.

"I think you mean that I look amazing." Besides, it's certainly coming in handy now.

“And you didn’t shave your chin.”

“Actually I think this is all the facial hair I can grow…”

"You boys all set then?" He asks, smiling.

I did the nice thing and introduced Hisao to my father when the old man showed up to pick us up. I even refrained from calling Hisao my "boy-toy" or any other variant of boyfriend too. After forgetting his girlfriend's name, I should probably play it nice for a while. At least until I meet her.

Then I am going to embarrass the ever loving hell out of Hisao.

"Yep. Thanks for picking us up, Dad."

"Thanks for letting me stay here for the weekend again, Mr. Yoshida." Hisao pipes up.

My Dad turns to Hisao and fixes his glasses. He strokes the chin bit of his salt and pepper beard before replying.

"Just wash the sheets, Mr. Nakai."

I nearly vomit.

"Dad! Gross."

Hisao turns a shade of red I wasn't sure was humanly possible. My dad starts laughing loudly, showing off the creases in his aged face and causing a few strangers around us to look over. This needs to stop before he starts embarrassing me too.

"Hey, Dad. Can we get home? I'm sure you and Mom don't want to be driving all night and miss dinner with Chieko."

My father hustles over to the front of the car, jiggling as he does. "Right! Right! Let's get going boys!"

I pat Hisao on the shoulder as I pass him towards the passenger seat.

"I see where you get that annoying teasing side from."

I laugh.

"No. You haven't met my mother yet."


My house looks a lot like all the other houses out in this area. When I was a kid, some housing developer put up a bunch of white, western style houses up in the area and my parents snatched one up. Mom called it her dream house because of the bay windows. Dad was just glad to have more than two bedrooms so that he could stop the nightly fights between Chieko and I.

My Mom greets us in the driveway. She's wearing a very comfortable looking jacket and jeans ensemble. She's obviously prepared for the long drive ahead of them. She's nowhere near as big as my dad. She's a little slip of a thing. My Dad is a mountain. My Mom is the river. That's how I've always seen it at least. She pulls me into a tight hug, my face drowning in her frizzy, black hair.

"Welcome home! We've missed you so much, Katsuo."

I don't dare speak. Her hair might slither into my mouth and strangle me.

She kisses me on both cheeks before moving onto Hisao. He gives her a traditional bow of respect. My mother seems to ignore it and pull him into an equally tight hug.

"And you! Welcome to our home, Hisao!"

Hisao looks to me for help. I motion for him to hug her back. He does so, incredibly stiffly. I cover my mouth with the back of my hand, stiffling a laugh. My mother doesn't let go of Hisao for quite a long, awkward amount of time. And even then she just holds him out at arm's length.

"It's so nice to finally meet Katsuo's boyfriend!"

There's that inhuman shade of red that Hisao seems to be able to turn to again.

"Come in, come in. You two boys must be starving. You'll need lots of energy for this weekend, won't you?" My mother gives Hisao a playful wink before shoving off from him and heading into my house.

"I told you I didn't get it all from my Dad." I tell Hisao as I walk past him. Hisao picks up his bag and follows me, muttering under his breath. I catch a whisper of it.

"No, this would be Hell if Chieko was here. She's even worse than my parents." I correct him.

"Cheer up, buttercup. You'll get to see Rin in two and a half hours."

"I just can't wait for you and your family to stop beating on this dead horse." He sighs.

I wrap my arm around his shoulder and pull him into the house with me.

"Yeah. Don't hold your breath. We're ranchers."

Hisao groans quietly.

"When do we go back again?"
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