Risky Business (Shizune and Hisao play Risk)

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Risky Business (Shizune and Hisao play Risk)

Post by Frosty69 » Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:47 pm

Shizune spins on her heel, revealing an elusive smile as she pulls me into the Student Council room. She walks towards a cabinet holding board games, but not before planting a kiss on the side of my cheek. I'm left wondering what the future holds as Shizune grabs Risk and begins separating the pieces. I take the blue set, and Shizune takes the black. After divvying up the territories on the board, I try my best to stay focused.


It isn't working very well... I've already lost almost half of my territories in just a few turns. I reluctantly pick up the dice, but not before wishing I had never started this game. It's such a waste of time, I'd rather be studying, or even doing Student Council work. Hmph, that sounds pretty weird inside my head. I shrug my shoulders, remembering that nothing - usually - ever comes out of our games.

Just as I move to throw the dice, Shizune catches me off guard, lightly grabbing my hand. With a sincere smile, she signs, [Hey Hisao, want to make a bet?] I falter, wondering what the circumstances of the bet will be. Shizune would never do anything too brazen, but then again, why would she offer a bet if she didn't have something crazy to do?

I'm a little skeptical, and maybe even fearful, of Shizune's motives. After a few seconds of mulling the thought over, I decide I need to know. I anxiously sign, [A bet on what? And what will the wagers be?]

She quickly signs back, [A bet on this game, of course!] She pauses for a moment, adjusting her glasses with an almost masochistic look in her eyes. [How about this: the winner gets to punish the loser? And of course, nothing too painful...] Her emphasis on "too" scares me a little.

I'm not sure what to think. On one hand, I have never come close to beating Shizune. On the other, it would be really nice to be able to rub it in her face. I decide I may as well take the bet, because I really have nothing to lose. [I'll take your bet. So, are you ready to lose?] Shizune gives an analytical stare, and beckons me to roll the dice. I do so, to no avail. Another terrible roll. My first meaningful turn, and already things aren't looking too good. Oh well, complaining won't change the past.

Shizune's turn. She grabs the dice, and in the same motion, tosses them, knocking down a few of my soldiers. [Hey!] I sign, [You did that on purpose, didn't you?]

She flashes a sarcastic set of puppy dog eyes, and casually responds, [Gee, Hisao, I'm really sorry.]. I'm starting to think she was acting sweet earlier to lure me into this bet. I'm starting to get irritated, but I can't let her actions affect me. I've got to win this.


After a dozen or so uneventful turns (if you consider Shizune steamrolling me uneventful), Shizune has trapped me in Australia, with a few of my troops sprinkled throughout Europe and South America. At least this way I've gained a little more solid ground, even though my opponent is still much more likely to win.

If I ignore the scattered armies in Europe and South America, I might be able to reinforce my soldiers in Australia at the bottleneck. That would give me the best odds against Shizune. If I make a strong enough upset here, I might be able to push out and make my way towards another continent. The question now is, what continet should I head towards. Going for North America is too far, and going for Europe leaves me way too vulnerable. That leaves Africa. It's the shortest distance from where I'm at, and provides a solid-

Shizune gives me a light shove. [Hisao?] I look up from my blank stare into nothing. [Hisao, it's your turn! Why do you have such a strained look on your face? You look like you're constipated!] I stumble on my words a bit, and Shizune gives an innocent smile. [If you surrender now, I'll make your punishment treating me to some cake and tea at the Shanghai. That's not too bad, is it?]

That's pretty nice of Shizune, but I don't think it would do me (or my wallet) any good. She usually says what she means, but I've already gotten myself in a bad situation, and I won't learn anything if I take the easy way out. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'll play this game all the way through, and see if I learn anything from it. [Thanks for the offer Shizune, but I'm afraid I'll have to decline.]

She looks a little shocked at first, but her expression quickly turns sinister. She signs, [You're up then,] and mechanically points to the dice.

I shrug as my roll didn't end up too great, but, surprisingly, it doesn't discourage me any. I'm not really worried about the outcome of this game. This is pretty weird; my attitude has taken a complete 180 from what it was just a few minutes ago. Shizune picks up the dice, and rolls them. She methodically takes the last of my territories, and the end of the game presents itself. With a sly expression, Shizune lightly taps my shoulder to get my attention, [How's it feel to lose to a girl so many times?]

I shrug, then sign, [Eh, I don't really care. It's not that big of a deal to me.] Not getting the reaction she expected, Shizune looks down at the board, and starts putting the pieces away. Since it's usually the loser that puts the pieces away, I decide I should at least help her. Shizune stops for a second, looking up at me with a thoughtful look on her face. I stop as well, giving her a puzzled look, [Anything wrong?]

[Not much,] she starts, [just thinking of how to punish you.] I look at her for a few seconds, but end up brushing off her statement, and continue to put Risk away. Not content with my answer (again), Shizune puts a hand on my shoulder, and just as I look up at her, she's already kissing me. I can already feel the blood rushing to my pants. This can't be my punishment, can it?

After quite some time, Shizune pushes me to the ground, and straddles me. While pinning my arms to the ground, she kisses my neck and starts to grind against me. Still kissing my neck, Shizune unbuttons my school uniform, to move lower. She makes her way down my chest and abdomen, stops at my belt, and starts rubbing the bulge through my pants. She take the belt off and unzips my trousers. With my member in front of her face, Shizune looks more aroused than I've ever seen her.

She slowly starts working my penis with her adept hands while kissing the head. After opening her mouth, Shizune sticks out her tongue. Starting at the top, she works her way down, licking side to side. Once she reaches the base of my shaft, she quickly licks all the way back up to the tip of my penis. Shizune repeats this process a few more times. She stops, her hand and lips return to what they were doing before. With saliva as lubricant, she moves her hands much faster.

Some time later, I see that Shizune is starting to use her tongue to playfully make circles around the top, and I can't help but shift around from the enjoyment. She notices my movements, looks right at me and signs, [Tell me when you're going to cum, I've got a surprise.] She winks, gives a slight smile, then returns to my length with her tongue.

After about a minute, she slowly starts to slide most of my member into her mouth. With Shizune's nose almost touching my lower abdomen, she starts to back off. Her lips drag over it, revealing my penis inch by inch. She removes her head from my crotch, a single strand of saliva runs from the tip to her mouth. Breathing more heavily than before, Shizune rests in between my legs for a few seconds. She brings her mouth back to my cock, and starts to move her head vertically up and down, her hair moving with it. While she sucks, a surge of pleasure runs through me causing my muscles to tighten.

Shizune takes one of her idle hands, and moves it back under her dangling skirt. When she starts flicking her wrist back and forth, her eyes close shut, and I hear her let out a few muffled whimpers. Shizune's other arm is moved from my leg to the ground next to it, for support. With the added sturdiness, she is able to move her head a little faster.

With Shizune working away at both of our groins, the noises coming from below my waist are pretty loud. I tap her on the shoulder, and she looks up, breathing heavily. [Shizune slow down a bit, you don't want anyone to hear us, do you?] She blinks, gives a slight smirk, and shoves my penis into her mouth, until it's no longer visible. She stays there for a few seconds, closing her eyes tightly. I can still feel her moving her tongue back and forth, even while my entire length is filling her mouth. A few more seconds, then she moves her head back, coughing and gasping for air.

With her breathing returning back to normal, Shizune bites her lip, and looks up at me. Moving the hand that disappeared under her skirt, she grabs my member and starts jacking me off. My hips involuntarily thrust forward, as I'm nearing climax, and Shizune let's out a short giggle. She starts rotating both of her hands around the shaft of my penis, and slowly moves her head forward. When her tongue reaches the head, her hands start moving up and down, continuing to rotate. She starts to make circles with her tongue again, and I can tell I'm going to orgasm soon.

Remembering what Shizune told me earlier, I put my hand on Shizune's cheek, and bring her head up, [I'm going to cum really soon.] Flashing an artful smile, Shizune dips her head to the base of the shaft, tilting her head sideways. Her lips being firmly planted on my penis, she slowly moves up to the top and begins lightly sucking. Putting more of my member into her mouth, she sucks with a little more pressure, and moves her tongue from side to side.

The muscles in my legs start to contract, as the sensation of Shizune's mouth brings me nearer to climax. Sensing this, Shizune stops for a second, and looks up at me, [How close?] [Very,] I reply, [This feels amazing.] She stands up and smirks, [I'll leave you to finish this yourself.] I look up at her, tilting my head slightly. [Wha...] I trail off.

She starts walking towards the door, looking content. Before she opens the door, she turns to me with a smug look and signs, [Oh, and don't forget to put Risk away.]
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Re: Risky Business (Shizune and Hisao play Risk)

Post by CptSalsa » Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:33 am

Pretty good for a first post. (I wish I had a story at my disposal when I first joined) or even be able to think of one at all

You have pretty good grammar and spelling, nothing stood out except:
[Hisao, it's your turn! Why do you have such a strained look on your face? You look like your constipated!]
You could say "look like you're" or just leave it out and simply say "you look constipated."

Another thing that I've noticed is that many stories with Shizune involve a game then coitus.
Good job though.
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Re: Risky Business (Shizune and Hisao play Risk)

Post by Frosty69 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:24 pm

Fixed. Also, I don't know why a lot of Shizune stories are like that. I just saw the idea for it floating around and decided to try it out.

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Re: Risky Business (Shizune and Hisao play Risk)

Post by nemz » Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:43 am

CptSalsa wrote:Another thing that I've noticed is that many stories with Shizune involve a game then coitus.
Probably because it's something she would almost certainly do. Find a way to also involve pissing off Lilly and you've got the trifecta.
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Re: Risky Business (Shizune and Hisao play Risk)

Post by Steinherz » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:19 pm

I read this story and must say, you're quite good.
nemz wrote:
CptSalsa wrote:Another thing that I've noticed is that many stories with Shizune involve a game then coitus.
Probably because it's something she would almost certainly do. Find a way to also involve pissing off Lilly and you've got the trifecta.

Also why does this story remind me of what Shizune "says" during her second H-Scene? ("[I should just stop now, and leave you stewing in your lust]") Shizune you tease :lol:
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Re: Risky Business (Shizune and Hisao play Risk)

Post by YZQ » Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:03 pm

Shizune's that kind of man-eater.
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