Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:11/11/13*

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Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:11/11/13*

Post by Inc » Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:07 pm

First thing I'd like to note is thank you to 4Lstudio's. I've really enjoyed this game, and as a brief disclaimer - I own none of their characters - this is purely a work of fiction, etc. The second thing I'd like to note this is my first attempt at fictional writing at all. What I'm handing you is the measly connection between my mind, and yours.

With that being said, I do hope you enjoy it, and I am very much so welcome to critique so I can perhaps take this in a stronger direction. Furthermore, these characters are a touch different - this is a personal introspection of if Hisao stood on his own for a single moment to me from the other side of the table.

Furthermore a part of the story will be inspired by another anonymous writer I found from last March who I could not track down. His story and idea was bleak, but touching - and I thank you for it. This story will be a important role later, as it truly inspired me.

Finally I would like to give my deepest thanks and regards to Markus R. for bringing my English up to a standard that would hopefully not make my poor English teacher for high-school roll over in her grave. You have a brother in me for your unrelenting patience, and keen eye.

I have an idea of where I want to take this now, although I doubt my own ability to make the story ring true - I will make my best attempt. Also a fair note is I will try to make anything dealing with +18 content 'optional'.

Thanks for having me, again,

Part 1: (You are here.)
Part 2: (You can stand.)
Part 3: (You can bond.) +18
Part 4: (You can climb.)
Part 5: (You can balance.)
Part 6: (You will make mistakes.)
Part 7: (You will speak softly.)

I cautiously state, "Some... time." I feel my eyes burn, and I know this statement is a half-truth at best. Hisao's chest quickens, yet his breath holds heavy in the air threatening to condense with the rain outside.

This doesn't feel right, today hasn't felt right, Hisao doesn't feel right. I couldn't present indecision - even though I'm unsure what, if anything, Scotland holds. A broken home and a tired place that won't know me... but Mother can be kind, and Akira will be at my side. I'll be in my homeland, I can truly learn English, yet it will be alone. Will I become accepted ther-

"Lilly..." His voice shears though my train of thought.

I need to disarm this, "I'm sorry, I just... I wanted to think this through completely. I wasn't trying to take advantage of you, please-" His breathing is measured and steady. So much for backtracking.

"I know, Lilly. I know. This is just really sudden," his voice carries softly, yet there is not the slightest hint of waver. He takes a moment and steels himself further. "I guess this means once you go, we'll be breaking up?"

He drew that line from his heart. Today does not feel right. Hisao's demeanor is strange, like an entrenched anchor. Were those final words a threat?

I don't want to lose him, I don't want to hurt him. I can't, I can't deal with this. I am not as strong as you right now, this is too sudden.

The silence after the last line rings, I have to reassure him for my own sake, "W-we could try pursuing a long-distance relationshi-" Thunder cracks outside the Shanghai, somehow I feel Zeus missed his mark.

His hand takes mine. It is steady in all the ways I wish mine was. I find my eyes fighting hard against the waves crashing into them. Today doesn't feel right. I feel him starting to rise to his feet. This will be my last touch of Hisao. I will not weep here in this cafe, I refuse.

His hand is still holding mine - what the hell are you waiting for?


I've abused your trust, I've lied to you... yet something warm contacts the back of my hand... lips. His other hand lightly runs across my cheek, wiping a single thread that has fallen from my eyes. "Let's step outside, I don't mind the rain." Hisao, are you crazy? The rain has been slowing as far as I can tell, but did you not hear that thunder?

I stand anyway. Perhaps he knows something I don't. I have his hand, and it's one that right now I would follow to the end of the earth. I realize we haven't paid our tab, I barely touched my tea, from the lack of movement of tea cups from Hisao's side I doubt he had either. Yet... I smell the vanilla from where his lips graced my hand, mixing with the scent of rain is beautiful. This was to be a beautiful date.

"Yuuko, the money is on the table. We'll see you soon," he speaks to the back of the cafe. I hear Yuuko start to say something, yet her words do not materialize. He's fumbling with his phone in the other hand and leading towards the door at a determined pace. This is quite a turn, and despite the sour mood, I am intrigued. Is he taking me outside to reassure me that I am, in fact, the worst partner in the world?

I am escorted outside though the held door into the soft winds. The damp air holds heavy, yet the sounds of the dying rain struggle to live up to their former glory.

We walk to one of the patio tables under the awning of the Shanghai. I hear him set his phone and cane down at a table, yet he moves neither him nor myself to it. We're awfully close to the edge of the awning Hisao-

A light piano starts playing from Hisao's phone. Awfully strange ringtone... No. Gnossienne #1. I knew it from the first measure.

"Would you join me for a dance, my dear?" His words warm, friendly, above all passionate.

Why are you doing this? Yet, I can't. Right now, after this? My heart races back to an evening of wheat fields.

"I would love to." Why did that pass my lips?

He takes my hand a little tighter, and weaves his fingers between the other as we step into the rain. The music dampened, yet it beautifully threads though the rain to my ears. Each footfall lightly coerces the pooling water of the street to dance to our same beat.

He laughs heartily. It's good to hear. "I'm sorry I am not well versed at this," follows thereafter. As far as I am concerned Hisao you're the best dancer in the world. This is your version of the Foxtrot, and I'll follow it for as long as you'll let me.

The final chord rings, replaced by the heaven's tears. He wraps me into a deep embrace. I stand there enveloped by Hisao. I lean my head upwards, he brings his lips to my own. The soft scent of vanilla, the warmth of kindness, an ever so slight smile graces him. As our lips unravel from one another he lets out a short laugh. He makes a small gesture with his left hand. I hear a door open.

"How long have you been watching us, Yuuko?" rings out towards the Shanghai. I swear I could hear her bow from where we stand. I laugh now too, despite knowing there are tears still mixed with the rain on my face.

"I-I... am sorry. You two just are pretty dancers. It was cute. I am sorry, sorry, sorry I shouldn’t intrude. Sorry!" is the threshold's reply.

"Nah it's okay, just didn't know we had observers." Through his face resting against mine I could feel a broad smile come across it. I hear the door shut gingerly to the Shanghai. Hisao, this is different. How, and why are you being so strong? He unlocks from the embrace, and leads me back to the awning.

He sets me down on the table, and takes up his phone. He makes a short phone call, if I had to guess - with a cab company. There's a silence once he finished the call and puts the phone away. I feel bad to ask the question, but curiosity is relentless, "Hisao, you really shouldn't be doing this. Why are you being so kind?"

I feel his hands gently take the back of my head, him press his nose against me, and glide into a gentle kiss. Soft words afterwards are the reply I was looking for, although I'm not minding the physical attention considering our previous circumstances, "I'll have an answer for you one day, but for now, let's head back to our dorms and dry a bit."

I'm not entirely inclined to disagree, and quite frankly would be happy if the subject never came up at all. This isn't the way I planned it, but this is the way it will be. I wrap my hands around his waist, as my knight flags down our chariot.
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Haiso x Lilly)

Post by DanjaDoom » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:45 pm


Otherwise, good job
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Haiso x Lilly)

Post by Inc » Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:33 pm

DanjaDoom wrote:*Hisao

Otherwise, good job
Talk about embarrassing. I've been misspelling it this entire time. I think I fixed all instances of it above. Thanks again.

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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly)

Post by Inc » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:22 pm

We sat hand in hand in silence throughout the short drive. As the door opened I could feel the rain had tapered almost to a halt. Thunder roared deep in the distance. Though the storm above has passed, the one in my heart is furious. I don’t understand Hisao’s response to this, then again, I don’t understand why I myself caused it.

Hisao’s calm voice tickles my ears, "Would you mind if we went to your dorm to dry off?" You silly bastard, I just admitted to leaving you, and yet you danced with me in the rain. If you asked me to go with you to the moon without a spacesuit my only answer would be yes. I nod a strong affirmative. Our hands tied together cut through the heavy evening air.

We change out of our clothes. I can never over-appreciate the comfort of warm soft silk pajamas. Like an embrace you don’t have to worry about ending.

"Can I borrow a towel?" I can hear him hanging his clothes over the radiator.

I swallow before my reply, "Of course," I note my voice is a bit sharper than normal. Emotions do that.

A slight chill runs down my spine as the remains of the rain part with my skin. I sit at the side of the bed, what do we discuss? What do we do? My lie is in the open, and it’s not like he disregarded or rejected it, he simply... is handling it? I hear his feet move against the carpets, he is striding with purpose.

"Lilly, I love you. You know this, right?" his voice is a calm and cool breeze on a gentle autumn morning. Sharp enough to drive a point, soft enough to do so with precision.

I smile, I feel my eyes wide. "I do, as I hope you know I love you too." I wish I would have said the sentence in a different order.

He takes my hand and intertwined his fingers with my own. I now notice from the angle he is sitting lower than I. His pulse flowing through his fingers is gentle, like a light waving breeze over the plains of Scotland. I miss the land, but certainly not all it entails.

"Lilly I’m not leaving you. Not now, nor ever. You asked me to stay with you, and I gave you my word. This much I know from my heart, for what that thing is worth, but I will let it guide me through whatever happens," his voice quakes on the latter part, but continues, "but if you wish to go, if it is your destiny, your passion, your wha... whatever - then I will not stop you."

I rest my other hand on his shoulder, it is bare. I trace up his neck, around his jaw, and take his cheek in my palm. "Hisao I lied to you. I kept this from you, and I can’t tell you how sorry I am. This is an incredibly hard decision."

I hear no inflection in his breath, his heart is steady, and yet I feel a droplet of warmth fall on my hand. Hisao I’ve hurt you again. Again and again today, yet here you are before me, strong as a stone despite what you’re going through because of me.

This is how you feel, this is what you fight for, huh? A homesick idiot who doesn't have a clue. For the first time tonight his voice is weak, “I just am not ready for you to walk out of my life too, I can’t. If you go, it is because it is for your future, your happiness.”

I rise him to the bed though our interlocked hands, and bring him into a strong embrace. His skin is cool but soft. I’ve noticed I’m crying, far harder than I have in a long - long time, and yet... I can’t but help stifle an inner chuckle at the fact he’s wearing my towel as a kilt right now. It’s always awkward to smile and cry. My hand travels across his face, and I feel him smiling too, even as his cheeks are moist.

"So which one was right?" he asks quietly. I ponder his question, it doesn't quite make sense.

"I’m sorry Hisao, which one of what was right?" I calmly reply.

I feel a very slight laugh emanate from within him, "In the cafe you said you had chosen for quite some time. And now, you said this is a hard decision. Have you answered your parents' summons?" His observational skills under duress are top notch. There’s a reason why he’s good in the field of science, I guess. I had chosen the words wrong, but I have been under pressure from my family, from Akira, and this was all too sudden, yet to be honest, he’s right.

"No. I have not given a formal response. Although I believe they are under the impression I will go."

Hisao rises from me slightly, his presence is temporarily imposing. This streak of boldness could really grow on me if at this particular moment I wasn't so scared. "Lilly," his voice is not harsh, but rather firm, "do you think you will be happier in Scotland than you are here? Please answer as honestly as you can."

I’d say I’m lost in thought, but I’m not. I know the answer to this question, and have known it since we walked out of the Shanghai.


I'm proud of my voice holding quiet, yet resolute. It felt good. I will stand my ground, with my heart in the right place. This is, in his arms, where I should be - where I can see a future. A genuine smile passes my face, I bury my face into the nape of Hisao's neck in both tears and mirth. I broke down to Hisao, and he was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I owe him one, a lot, a whole life. Right now though, I need to gain the upper hand.

I reach for where he is and embrace him tightly. "I’m not leaving," I whisper into his ear, "... and as far as I’m concerned you never are either." in a smooth movement my suitor is now down a kilt.

"Hey now, that was a touching moment!" Hisao blurts out flailing backwards. I catch a hand behind his back, and bring my lips to his straddling atop of him.

Gloating is all but inevitable, "Felt touching to me." After a few tender seconds, curiosity gets the best of me - "When did you learn to dance anyhow?"

Obviously not a question he was expecting, "I uh... don’t really know how. I've just seen it in movies," Hisao concludes. Fair enough, guess he’s a quick learner with a lot of things.
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly)

Post by Fiandra » Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:05 am

but I have been under pressure from my parrents
Parents* ;)

Other than that, 'tis a nice fic.
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly)

Post by Negativedarke » Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:11 pm

Hmmn... So is this a sort of take on what it would have been like if Hisao were a little less reliant on Lily, and were able to express that he didn't want her to leave when she first brought it up? Seems like it might be. I'm interested in seeing where this goes. Well other than the obvious, what with the healthy adolescent sex drive.
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+)

Post by Inc » Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:32 am

Beware your step, below gets lewd.


Quick learner indeed. I can't help but drag my fingertips across his chest, his scar. His body I know so well - but every time I retrace it is enthralling. Arousing. This gallant man whose lips again attend mine right now has earned me. The smell of rain that permeates the room is soon challenged by the primal sweet smell of sweat. I trace my hand back to the base of his neck and unlock from our kiss.

"You've been really brave today you know." my frank observation laced with a little chuckle. "Your hormones must be a cruel slave-driver, right?"

I feel him set up to meet me, straddling my legs across his I know I'm sitting slightly above him, and bend my neck down slightly for a kiss. One that doesn't come, and I quickly realize my shirt is being undone.

"Oh what a gentleman..." I mock-sigh. After the final button pops off I'm not assaulted by his hands - instead my still lowered face is engulfed by his. I feel one of his hands trace around the lower of my back, eventually cradling under me.

His reply for my last quip finally comes after our kisses venture from one another, "Oh, I just wanted to give you a touching moment too." Why can I feel a mischievous grin emanating for Hisao right now?

Suddenly I am dazed, if I had to pinpoint this feeling - it would be one of floating. He just tossed me. Could be worse, this is actually quite comfortable though. Having a spread of pillows across the bed has it's perks. Why on earth would he have tossed me thoug-

Oh my. Oh MY.

I feel Hisao's hands running up my torso from where he sits. Electricity undulates though every fiber mercilessly. Happily humming he sits at the foot of the bed as he kisses and plods away at the most tender of areas, as if rejoicing in his victory. When is the last time I had this much trouble compiling a thought or sentence together? And how on earth can I ask him to do this more often? My back arcs against the bed, my open nightshirt hanging on by my shoulders alone. My voice struggles to hold back from resigning to the cries welling up deep within.

Irresistibly my fingers dig into the sheets, unable to contend with this wonderful feeling. The thought of dragging him away from this moment right now is a personal hell, but I want him. All of him.

I lift my fingers to his face and cradle both of his cheeks to lift them up slightly. Pulling my right hand away to give a small come hither garners his obedience. He crawls slowly on all fours up towards me, each hand and kneefall gently causing indentations in the bed - every single breath he takes across my body radiates across my skin. As the path connects our lips I'm almost certain I felt a spark run across them. The faint hint of vanilla still remains.

He pulls me upright against him on the bed, and I graciously take his lead wrapping my legs around him. Spears of fire trace over my back from where Hisao runs his fingertips, quickly cooled by the ever growing perspiration from both of our bodies. His fingers anchor into my skin, enveloping me.

I certainly hope after this day Hisao isn't over-exerting himself, but my graciousness to be melting into him right now is overbearing. Tearing my lips from his, I pray a burst our air would help sate myself - to no avail. My head rears back, my back only held back by his firm grasp of my lower back. He quickens his pace; I feel him surge into me. Every ebb and flow, every single nuance of his body. I find myself forcibly tensing and contorting, losing whatever control of my body.

With a final cry I collapse against his shoulders like laundry destined to be folded. Regaining composure, I manage a whisper, "Hisao... I love you. That was pretty fantastic... but you could do better."

Perhaps I should have waited until after we fully decoupled, as he gives a decisive thrust to remind me of where we sit. I dig my fingers into his back, the feeling overwhelming. I hear a winded, but joyous voice, "Yeah. That's what practice is for."

Casually I re-position my arms around his neck and tackle him down to the bed, kisses the entire descent.

Curiosity starts to cross my mind, but perhaps it's best I never knew how he got my pajama bottoms off. A little bit of sleep in in his arms may serve me well after today.
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:05/24/13

Post by Inc » Fri May 24, 2013 4:59 pm

Why did those glimmering weeks shudder to a halt? The wasn't the way it was supposed to be. The audacity of Mr. Satou was despicable. He came back to Japan to reign dominion over his family, and did so with startling efficiency. In a matter of two days Akira's resistance had been squelched by a through relocation to Inverness, and Lilly's disagreement simply fell on deaf ears.

I despised the man, for these things alone. I tried so hard - yet Mr. Satou wouldn't even give me the time of day to meet him. He completely denied me the opportunity to stand beside my love, and my dear friend for the right to live their own lives.

My stomach twists farther as I remember our final night in Yamaku.

I would call it bitter-sweet, but to be honest there was hardly a sweet thing left. Lilly's stark room, already vacant despite the intruders who sat inside it now. Her voice cold in the air, "I don't want to go. Yet I have no choice." Her voice sounded as if it was miles away, retreated to formality.

She had conceded to his request, and furthermore she didn't want any more pain and strife than what had already crashed into this week.

"I care about you Hisao, and always will. I want to thank you for what you've done, you were kind above all, and for that I am grateful."

You care about me?

How about love?

How about bringing me to stand up to your father with you?

If Akira can't stay that's fine, that doesn't mean we won't or can't make it... Yet... I can't bring myself to conflict with her. That distant voice almost seems content with what is happening. The stale air no longer hinted of tea steeped with love in the background. No casual stacks of books lining the borders of this beautiful sanctum. It's over.

"I love you Lilly, and I always will." I leaned in to kiss her, a kiss of mere compliance. Painful, forced. I felt it die, her spark to be here was gone.

I grit my teeth at the memory.

I really wish I could push it out of my head during inconvenient times like these. I turn to my right and see Misha staring at me in confusion, Shizune following out the class looking a mix of disapproval, and disappointment. Shizune's talking head chimed in, "You should manage your anger a little better young man." Probably teasing, but I didn't stay to hear anymore. Turning heel, I walk back towards my dorm. She's right, this isn't healthy, but it's been over 3 months since Lilly left, and over a week since the last letter arrived.

Now those really are bittersweet. Short, and elegant. It's always Akira's handwriting, and she leaves her mark on the bottom - but I can hear Lilly's voice though the distance. Always polite, a joke or two, but overall it's the Lilly I first knew. Formal, friendly, and nothing in the world could disturb her.

I'm glad Akira leaves her footnotes, for her words are the ones of truth. I feel bad to have Akira betray her sister. For letting me know how she has not settled well back in Scotland, how her family is in the constant state of a shouting match, and how Lilly can only hold her composure for so much longer. It's quite striking, to read the first two thirds of a letter with a smile, and the final part's truth slashes though the serene state of mind.

Each letter inches closer to Iwanako's. It's simply a matter of time. I can't bear it.

It burns me up inside.

It's an unholy fire, and I'm sick of it. I made that a promise to myself at Hokkaido. I love this woman, and I'm certain she loves me. I can't help but tilt my head back at the roaming clouds and shield my face from the scorching sun. This is my time.

I'm tired of acting like I'm strong, I'm going to be fucking strong. Inverness, Mr. Satou, I hope you're god damn ready. I was never to let Lilly cry like she did that day.

What exactly is holding myself back from going to her? I formulate a plan and refine it with every step I take. I can do this.

I arrive at my dorm and take a few minutes to calm myself, and to steep a cup of tea. I pull out my phone, it's time to give Mom and Dad a call anyways, it's been a while. It was good to hear their voice. I invite them to see if they're off work tomorrow to get dinner together, and they gladly agree. After exchanging pleasantries I try and focus on studies - to moderate success. I'm nervous about tomorrow, but perhaps they'll be supportive.

I'm not sure if I was more focused on my coursework or my explanation for tomorrow when I fell asleep at my desk, what I do know is my dreams went a darker route - what if Lilly has moved on when I am finally reunited with her?

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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:05/24/13

Post by 13loop » Sat May 25, 2013 11:14 am

I didn't like the fact that Lilly still left Hisao behind, but I'm glad that Hisao is going to make the move. Looking forward to the next part.

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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:05/24/13

Post by Guest Poster » Sat May 25, 2013 2:15 pm

You used the word "home" and "homesickness" a few times, but from what I recall Scotland has never been Lilly's home. She was born and raised in Japan and if she's ever been in the UK before the events of the KS, that was most likely merely a short vacation. She's never actually lived there.
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:05/24/13

Post by Oddball » Sat May 25, 2013 9:59 pm

Hmm... the whole thing feels a bit too polished and perfect. The story has the feel of a overly sentimental romance novel. It's not bad, but it lacks the rawness and believability of the game. Everybody is just too perfect here, even the weather seems to bend to fit the mood.
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:05/24/13

Post by Inc » Sun May 26, 2013 11:41 pm

The dinner with mother and father was surprisingly pleasant, the meal was good, and the conversation to be honest was great. It felt good to be off the school grounds for a little while again; Hanako has recently been more and more involved in the school's reporting so the trips with her were growing more and more a rarity. With the exception of our small romps into town for groceries I've mostly contained myself to the dorm. This little outing was a real treat.

When I told my parents I had a girlfriend they were thrilled. I gladly accepted Mom giving me a big squishy hug and a pinch on the cheek, and Dad shooting me a knowing look of approval and a quick nod. I spoke fondly of her, and told them a few select tales of how we came to know each other, of Lilly's disability, but overall her utter respect and kindness. They really appreciated knowing more about my life and what was going on with it, and our conversation rambled on for quite a while.

As our table became more sparse and plates were taken away I finally broke the news, however, that she was in Scotland now. Father's gaze for a moment became piercing, one thing I would never discredit from him is his intelligence. I should have accounted for this.

"So you want to go see her?" he spoke quietly, a voice of conclusion. I clear my mind for a solitary moment, the air tense having him catch my agenda so well. "I do, I want to visit her. Letters only tell so much, and I miss her a great deal." I keep my voice strong despite my throat wanting to close on me.

He's going to shut me down. This is my only plan and route, yet I couldn't even discuss it on my own terms. I can't believe I messed this up.

"Damn boy. Never have I heard you so happy when speaking about anything. Your grades have been good, and you're doing well to prepare for college. I am proud of you, I want you to know that," his voice drops it's subtle understanding and transitions into a sturdy laugh, "I have some spare frequent flyer miles - you deserve a vacation anyhow."

Mother looks ecstatic, she reaches across the table to take my hand. "We were so afraid after your condition came to light. I'm so glad to see you open up your heart. I can't wait to meet Lilly too."

I can't help but blushing deeply. I see father pulling out his new smart phone as Mother and I exchange words, "Both of you, thank you. I can't tell you how much this means to me." Father pulls up his card information, and tells me I can have a green light for a flight a week and a half into Inverness.

Unrestrained I stand up and hug Dad, hard. I've neglected them though this growing experience of the past few months, yet they are here for me. I can't express my gratitude enough. Mother has a few tears rolling down her face, I take pride in them finally acknowledging my drive. We enjoy dessert laughing and making plans the whole way, and mother making it a point that I call her every night I'm there to update her.

Lilly I'm coming.


The next week screamed by - I slam though my exams with a new-found confidence I've never thought to see in myself. With one exception they were 'A's across the board. I couldn't help but call up Mom to tell her the news, she was thrilled - besides jabbing in jest at the 'B' in English. Father gave me a decent sum in traveler's checks to see some of Scotland's country side, and just in case I needed a hotel. Despite their excitement on my behalf I know they had inner trepidation for the trip, perhaps warranted, but it didn't matter to me. I would see Lilly, at worst, as a dear friend.

Two days to go, and I can't find anything to do but fill out the time with light exercise, and brushing up on English. It's a beautiful day for a walk. Perhaps for the first time in a long time I'm able to clear my head and enjoy the air when the serenity is chipped at by my phone.

Akira scrolls across the caller ID, how convenient. I was planning on calling her and letting her know I was Scotland bound in a few days. Perhaps the angels are watching over me.

"Hisao!" Her voice sounds entirely too strained.

"Hey Akira... it's been a while."

A short silence juxtapositions this situation entirely too much. "Hisao, I need you in Scotland post haste. I'll purchase you a ticket for the next available date."

I inhale deeply, this is a turn of events is strange to say the least, what in the hell is going on anyways? "No need. I have a flight scheduled for the day after tomorrow."

I can feel as though I caught her aback from halfway across the globe, no phone required. I'm glad she's a good actor at the very least for not vocalizing what she had in mind, "Well uh... good. I'll see you soon. Call me before you depart. I'll be sure to pick you up." The last sentence is punctuated with malice. No goodbye, no asking to speak with Lilly, just a dead line.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop, Akira. Then again, I haven't with her. Communication is always a bridge too far. What a beautiful day.

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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:05/26/13

Post by TacticalBacon » Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:50 am

Bookmarked this shit. Let the feels flow through me
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:05/24/13

Post by Carighan » Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:39 am

Oddball wrote:Hmm... the whole thing feels a bit too polished and perfect. The story has the feel of a overly sentimental romance novel. It's not bad, but it lacks the rawness and believability of the game. Everybody is just too perfect here, even the weather seems to bend to fit the mood.
Slightly unrelated, you just put one thing I find highly unique about KS into a very short set of words. Thank you. :)
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Re: Beyond the Rain: (Hisao x Lilly) (18+) *Updated:05/26/13

Post by Inc » Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:31 am

It's been a long time since I've updated this. The following is not as well edited, or polished as I'd like to be. Perhaps in time it will be - but for now hopefully it's just good enough to tell a story.


My thoughts of the phone call with Akira started as wonder, then trepidation, and then again to fear. As I proceeded though security there was minimal hassle about a teenager bringing aboard a veritable array of medication; a thought kept pinging at the back of my mind. Why was Akira so wound up, and furthermore, if a call was warranted why wasn't the phone handed to Lilly? Not calling her back was hard, yet whatever is happening is more than enough than to warrant me intruding.

Ten minutes to boarding, now or never, she will put up with my call. Though a light tremble my fingers stumble to the contact list and dial though to Akira.

"Heyo Hisao. Any delays?" Her voice is a lot closer to normal, this is reassuring.

"Yeah, no delays. I'll be there at 11:30 A.M. your time, gate C. I'll call you when I land."

"Alright Hisao, I'll see you then. Black Cadillac, heavy tinted windows. With any luck I'll be there before you are though. Cya." Before I can complete my goodbyes the line falls off again.

I readjust this wretchedly uncomfortable suit, pick up the handle of my luggage, and join the line to board. I'd be lying if I said I was anything less than uncomfortable with this entire situation.

If anything would benefit me now, it would be sleeping this off during the flight.


For such a long flight the sleep was quite restful, only being disturbed by the violent popping in my ears as we landed for our connecting flight to Inverness. For the remainder I attempted to push into a book I checked out prior to leaving, to no avail. Too verbose, too silly, and the characters weren't right at all.

My ears are finally awarded by another assault on our final descent. As we cut though the clouds I strain to see Scotland. I'm sure it's a beautiful place if you can see though the torrent of rain. I muse it's about time I put back on the tie, despite my inner objections.

An uneventful landing and baggage check. This could be far worse. I pull out my phone to call Akira and notice a voice-mail. Eh, not the highest priority right now. Right now I need to get a hold of my chaperone, figure out her problem, and see Lilly again. Simple. Well unless Lilly is with Akira, then I can figure out what her deal is later.

"Heyo Akira - plane didn't fall into the ocean. It's a good day."

I hear the wipers of the vehicle strain against the rain in the background. "Yeah, I'm about a minute or two out. You said gate C right?"

"Yeah, I'll see you soon. Focus on the road, weather looks a bit rough."

"Welcome to Scotland" is her cheeky goodbye. It seemed a bit pained though.

I walk out the automatic doors and the pristine tile floors of the airport, to the sharp flow of asphalt and steel for the exchange of people and goods of all flavors. Despite the summer rapidly approaching the highlands still hold a bitter chill. A quick survey yields a young blonde lady next to a Black Cadillac... smoking a cigarette. What a disgusting habit to pick up over the past few months.

I throw up a hearty wave and as broad a smile I can muster. I receive the two finger salute as I draw myself nearer to the vehicle.

"Where'd you get the new duds?" Feeling my face flush, I really hope that was meant to be a compliment. "I uh... wanted to make a good first impression." She flicks the still half-way un-smoked cylinder aside, "Too late for that. Toss the luggage in, let's go."

Too late for a good impression? Oh hell. I chunk my bags in the back, and take passenger side assuming no one else is there. Sadly, I'm not wrong.

I should be used to this woman driving like a banshee, but some things will never settle well with me. Despite it, I have some air I need to clear here. "So what's the situation? I've certainly seen you more chipper."

Akira's voice is short, "Lilly is still in ICU, she's stable now, but she hasn't been very responsive."

I'm sorry, what? ICU? Hospital?

I'm confused enough I don't even know how to state my confusion, "I... uh... I'm sorry. I don't understand Akira."

"Hisao, maybe if you'd take the time to talk to her and I every now and then you'd know."

Whatever color I had in my face was most certainly gone. "We write letters, every week or two, I don't even-"

My protest is quickly ended, "No, it's been three and a half weeks since your last letter. I've noticed, and Lilly certainly has too. And what's with this already had a ticket sheaniagins?"

That inner fire? Scotland's rain has certainly doused it by now. "I wanted to come see you two, and meet your family. I really didn't want to tell you two until the day or two before to be a surprise. When you called I... was really just about to call."

As my own voice rings in the cabin of the car it feels dishonest, even if it was the damn truth.

Akira's voice burned a bitter fire, "Didn't I tell you how upset she was? In every, single, letter? Least you could have done was give a week warning like a sane person. Now she's had this damn accident, and I'm sure thinks you've forsaken her completely."

I really can't tell if rain has leaked inside the car or I'm sweating like a pig. "So... what... happened?"

"Lilly went for her morning walk, it was rather cold and icy. On one of the bridges in the park she slipped, and fell into the creek there. A passerby found her, by the time she was in the ambulance her core temperature was around 30C, her body is still sort of in shock from what I understand."

There's a brief delay for this to sink in, before Akira continues, "Look I'm sorry I have been on edge. I just think had you of been in contact it would had been different. She just started the walks after it had been a while from your letters. I may have jumped to conclusions."

My throat is in multiple knots, "It's alright. I'm just glad you let me know. Is it safe to assume we're bound for the hospital?"

Akira gives a nod, and lights up another smoke.
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