Rin : Dreamy Encounters (UPDATE 10/30)

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Rin : Dreamy Encounters (UPDATE 10/30)

Post by Ben KSTF » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:57 am

Hi! Basically this fanfic is Rin's first encounter with all the other girls, Kenji and Hisao. From her point of view. Here's the first chapter, enjoy.

Also, it was written in a canon spirit. The past scenes were of course made up but linked to how the girls react to Rin in the VN, and chapter 4 happens in Shizune's route... according to Kenji, at least.


Sky. Perfect. The only perfect thing. Today it looks different. Like every other day. I'm watching it sideways, then upside-down. Try to get a new perspective.

Roof is empty. Emi is late. Maybe she forgot me. Her head is filled with bubblegum. But I'm a bit hungry now.

The door. Here she is. I didn't see any butterfly around here. I should paint one. Oh, it isn't her.

Two people, must be girls since they wear skirts. But I don't and I am one, so you never know. They didn't notice me.

This one is tall, she has a cane. I wonder why. Is she a paranoid person who hits people with it? She hits the ground with it many times. The other one is clenched to her arm. I wonder how it feels to have someone clenched to my arm. Is it like a hug? I can't hug, like butterflies. Or fishes. Hugs ability isn't given to everyone. They sit on a bench.

Oh wait, they have food. I'm hungry. And I wonder why they're here. I stand up and slowly walk towards them. The food looks good. The blonde girl tilts her head like she has a question.

"Is someone here?" she says.

The other girl (now that I'm close I see that they're really girls, with more chest than Emi. Or me for that matter) jumps when she notices me. She was looking at the ground. That's not interesting, the sky is much better to look at. Maybe it's her perspective.

"Y-Yes Lilly... Someone..." She looks at me. She has only one eye. Is that her disability? Or that she can't talk normally. I look at her. She seems to not like it. Oh wait, she has an eye hidden behind her hair.

"Well, good afternoon." says the cane girl. She opens her eyes... Ooooh. Her eyes... are blue, exactly like the sky. Totally blue. I'm sure that if I looked closely I could see clouds. She makes me want to paint. Her eyes are fascinating, I stare at them for a bit. Oh, maybe I could answer. Emi told me it was rude to not say hello.

"How can you be sure it is good?" I ask. Is that polite? But her statement was questionable. She giggles. Not like Emi though. Less annoying.

"Well, for now I'd take the risk to say it is quite good. Pleased to meet you, I am Lilly Satou and here's my friend, Hanako Ikezawa."

She is calm, that changes from Emi. The other girl looks like her legs are on fire though.

"I'm Tezuka. Rin Tezuka. Tezuka Rin."

The sky-eyed girl smiles. The other... wait. What's that on her face? And on her hand? She has a mosaic on her. Interesting. It's like she was half-cooked. I'm even more hungry thinking about that.

"Care to take a seat, Miss Tezuka?" says the cane girl. I want to see her eyes again but she closed them. I sit on the ground in front of them, still lacking food. I look at their bentos with interest.

"U...Um.... y-you don't have any food?" asks the half-cooked girl.

She's observant.

"You're observant. I have not. My friend forgot me. I'm hungry."

The calm girl giggles again. "I am sure we could share. Would you like some rice?"

"Yes. No. Yes. I do... I'd like." I try this politeness thingy, but it's hard.

The girl smiles and hands me some rice. She's not really observant, not like her friend. I stay still, waiting for her to realize. But it's the other who talks, still stuttering. How annoying.

"Um... L-Lilly... She..."

"What is it Hanako?"

"Tezuka... S-She can't take the bowl..."


This girl is really slow to understand so I help her.

"I have no arms."

She seems surprised and bows her head quickly.

"Oh I'm really sorry! Please forgive my bluntness. I couldn't see that you had... (she cuts herself. They both have issues with talking it seems) Well, how should I do?"

"Just put it on the ground. I'll manage."

Still surprised, she does it. I kick my sandals and starts eating, looking at the sky. I'd like a nap...

"So, in which class are you, Tezuka?" asks the non-observant girl. I don't like questions, but this one I can answer.


"Oh, you're a second-year too." She smiles and seems to not have anything to add. We eat. They both interest me now that my stomach is full. I ask.

"So, why are you here, Satou?"

"We thought we could use some fresh air. This spot is enjoyable on days like this."

"No, I mean why you're in this school. What brought you to Yamaku?"

She frowns a bit. Did I upset her? My question is sincere. I collect people and I want them.

"... As you can probably see, I am blind. So this school fits my condition."

Oh. That's why her eyes are like this. She can't see them, too bad. She's like that boy from the art club. A bit interesting, but not too much.

"Oh, I thought your disability was to like to hit people with your cane. How disappointing."

She laughs a bit. "Sorry to let you down."

The other one didn't say a word, she looks at her feet. I speak to her.

"And you? Do you have a problem with your feet?"

She almost panicks. It's like she was elsewhere. I know that sensation.

"W-What?! No!"

The blind girl frowns again. Did I do something wrong? Better not talk about her feet again.

"So, were you an adventurer who was cooked by cannibals but managed to escape? I like to guess. That would be very scandalous." I smile, proud of my idea. She stands up.

"N-No! Why... I've got something to do!" She dashes as fast as Emi and leaves the roof. Oh. She wants to use the toilet. Probably. The other girl starts to stand up, then nods, sits down and sighs.

"Miss Tezuka, could we talk a bit?" She points the empty seat next to her so I stand up quickly and sit next to her.

"Call me Rin. I don't mind."

She smiles. "Then call me Lilly, Rin."

She stops talking a bit and I look at her eyes again.

"Rin, if I may say, do please be careful around Hanako."

I'm hypnotized by them.

"I like it when you open your eyes."

She giggles weirdly, like Emi did when she had to deal with my period for the first time. Her face was interesting back then.


"They're like the sky. Like it was trapped in them. Sky is the only thing that is perfect. But you have it in you. Are you perfect?"

Is she blushing? Does she think I'm secretly a romantic boy? She'd be disappointed.

"I... I don't think I am, but that's nice of you to say." She waves her hand before her face. I can't do that. She talks again.

"But you dodged the subject."

"I didn't even move." This person is strange. She sighs.

"Please don't be direct like that with Hanako. She... doesn't like it."

"Oh. Was the feet thing the problem?"

"... Not really. Your joke was."

This time I'm the one surprised.

"I never joke."

She frowns. I'm not good at answering again.

"Well this was quite rude then. I would suggest that you don't talk to her again."

That I can do.

"Oh okay. Do you paint?"

"I'm afraid I don't. Do you?"

"No. Yes. There's this boy."


"Art club. Maybe not right now since it's lunch."

"My my, art club? That's wonderful."

Hers hers? She really talks funnily.

"He's blind. So he can't see."

"... Indeed."

"But he's here."



"Could you develop Rin? I'm starting to loose track..."

"He paints. Because he can't. It's interesting."

She thinks a bit then talks.

"That is interesting Rin, indeed. Do blind people interest you?"

"Interesting people interest me. That's why I ask questions."

She smiles again. She does it more than Emi, thought it was impossible. She looks like one of those porcelain dolls. Dead things with eyes. Creepy.

"Then you should be more careful with your questions."

"I'm not good with people."

"Smart as you are, I'm sure you have good friends."

"Wrong. Everyone says that I'm light-headed an nonsensical. Can I look at your eyes?"

She's surprised again.

"I don't see why not. You're quite direct, aren't you?"

I say nothing and look at her eyes closely. My face is almost touching hers. These eyes...

She blushes a bit after a moment and breaks the silencer.

"Would that be enough?"

"No. A bit more."

After a while, lunch bell rings. Lilly pulls away and stands up.

"Oh my, I lost track of the time. I must head back. Shall we go?"

"No. I'll stay here. Need to do something."

"What is it?"

"I don't know. Do you?"

"Hmm... I must go now. Until we meet again, Rin."

"Your eyes... I like them, Lilly."

She makes a strange face and walks away.

She doesn't understand me. She never will. She wouldn't even be able to look at my paintings. That face she made... I know it. I creep her out, like everyone else. I lay on the ground.

The sky... Those eyes...

I need to paint.
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by nemz » Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:46 pm

Yup, sounds about right.
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by kulkukan » Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:19 am

Poor Rin, just wants to look at the Sky...

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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Ben KSTF » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:38 am


I'm a giant butterfly. In the sky. Other butterflies. They are the same as me. They try to be seen, to be understood, but they're just hidden in the mass. We go through fluffy orange clouds. It feels good. I feel alive. I feel...


I open my eyes. Two people just entered. They seem to be girls.

"Were you sleeping on the table, Miss?"

The one who talked is frowning, hands on her hips. She has long, messy and brown hair. That's why I avoid long hair. It's a pain in the butt. Literally for me. Why is she upset? Then I notice the other one. She's waving her hands around like a maniac. Is she crazy or what? I wonder what her disability is. She has blue hair, blue like when it's night, but not entirely. Shorter. She seems angry. What's weird is that she doesn't say a thing.

The other one starts moving her hands too. What are they doing? I tilt my head. Do people with hands do that and they've been hiding it from me? Oh, I didn't speak either.

"I was."

The brown-hair girl moves her hands with less rythm than her colleague, who gets even more angry and does the same. I look away, bored. I just wanted to sleep... I should leave them at their orchestral thing.

The girl talks again.

"It's against the regulations! You can't just sleep in an empty classroom like this."

"But I just did... And it isn't empty since I'm here. Or is it? It surely isn't now that you're here."

They're annoying, even the one that doesn't talk. The brown-haired girl moves her hands erratically and talks again after her friend's... answer? She's loud...

"Classrooms aren't meant for that anyway! You could get in trouble."

She then grins widely.

"Wahahaha! You're a funny one, aren't you? What's your name?"

Wow, it seems like she just changed personality between the sentences. Is she like a... I don't know what. Now she's just loud and all smiling, a bit like Emi. Even louder. The other one is still not talking. Nor smiling. I don't like her. She seems like someone hurtful. Perhaps I should answer.

"I'm Rin. Rin Tezuka."

"Nice to meet you, delinquent Tezuka! I'm Shiina Mikado, and this is Shizune Hakamichi, or Shicchan! You can call us Misha and Shizune, we don't mind, really! Wahahaha!"

What was funny about that? But I'm bad with jokes.

"Then call me Rin. I guess." I turn to face Shizune. "Why don't you talk? Is that your disability?"

The girl still doesn't say anything. I'm good at guessing, so I am probably right. Misha moves her hands after I talked, slowly. Then Shizune does the same quickly. Misha talks again.

"Wahaha! You're quite direct,aren't you? But yes, I am deaf, and by 'I', I mean Shicchan! She's deaf and mute, so I'm her interpreter even if I'm still a bit too slow for her! She says that your disability is kinda obvious too, Rin!"

Oh. "She's observant then. So that's why you both move your hands weirdly like this?"

Misha's smile drops for maybe half a second.

"It's not stupid, silly! It's sign language! A perfect way to communicate for deaf people!"

After, she signs, probably what she just said, to Shizune, who nods, smiling. I wonder...

"Is there any foot sign language?"

Misha signs, looking confused.

"No there isn't, Rin, I'm sorry... But I'm still here if you wanna talk with Shicchan!"

I don't even know which one is talking. It's confusing. I'd like to sleep... Oh. I won't be able to ever communicate with her then. At least she still can see my paintings. But I don't know if I want her to see them. She scares me.

"Rin! We're both from the Student Council!"

She's smiling again. And still talking so loud. She is like a hyper Emi. Like a giant bug you would want to smash sometimes. Maybe. I shrug.

"It's the place where everything is decided! We are here to make sure everyone is having fun and to organize everything! It's a lot of work, Rin!"

She frowns. I don't care... Everything can be decided as it wants, I am not into it.

"I guess you're in the art club?"

I am surprised this time.

"How can you know? Psychic powers?"

She looks confused again.

"No, silly! This is the art club room, only used by art club members! Shicchan guessed that you were one then!"

Oh. Disappointing.

"I am."

"Wahaha! Really? What do you do?"

I shrug. "Paint. Drawing."

They look at each other. This time I am pretty sure what they are wondering about.

"You can ask."

Misha translates and Shizune looks at me with interest. I don't like her gaze.

"So~ How do you paint with no arms?"


The conversation stops for a moment and I look around, bored. I don't know if I want to paint or sleep. Maybe both. Sleep-painting. Never tried that.

"Wooow that's impressive! Hey, Rin, we were wondering..." She grins widely.

I just look back at them, saying nothing. Fire your gun. I'm ready.

"Since we saw you doing something il-le-gal? (she seems to stumble on the word Shizune is waving around) and we represent authority, we could tell on you! Oooor~... You could help us! I'm sure we could forgive you."

What? Help them? They are really weird.

"I don't want to be forgiven."

"Aaaw... Come on, Rin! Just a little hand, we need it!" She frowns. A hand, uh?

"Why are you in Yamaku, Misha?" I want to know that. She seems surprised.

"What? Nothing special! I chose here because I was interested by the school and they have sign language classes! Wahahaha!"

"Oh." Not interesting. At all. These two are boring.

"So! Come with us to the Student Council room! It'll be fun fun fun!"

I don't want to... But I feel like I won't escape them. Shizune glaring behind Misha doesn't help. She looks like a dog waiting to attack. Or a bull. A bull, yes. Blue bull. Maybe I could paint that.

"Oh. Why not?"

So, we walk. They stay on each side of me, like they are fearing that I might run away.

"It's here, Rin, come on!"

We enter. The room is full of wood and what seems like a bunch of stalls. Guess they are really working here.

"Lilly isn't here today, so we're just two, that's why we need help, Rin!"

Lilly? Never heard of that name. But memory is tricky.

"I can't build stalls." Using a hammer seems a bit too hard for me. Never learned anyway.

They sign again.

"No, dummy! Since you're an artist, you could decorate the stalls with paint. They'd look very pretty and we'd make more money! Wahahahaha!"


"I don't have any paint on me."

They look at each other.

"Oh right! Misha forgot! Wait..."

What was that? My head hurts. Just want to finish this already.

"Uh... Which colors do you want? We'll get them for you!"

I shrug.

"Anything is fine. I need some brushes too. Please."

They nod and go. They seem pretty friendly, but I don't like how Shizune looks at me, like she was evaluating me. If she could talk, she would be a hurtful person. That's what I think.

They come back eventually with five or six cans and brushes, so I kick my sandals and start working. They observe for a moment.

"Wow, Rin! How can you do that? My back would be sooo painful after this!"

I shrug. "I just do it. That's what I do. Painting. I can do that."

"Wahahaha! You're awesome! I wanna try!"

And there she is, sitting beside me and trying. Why would she bother doing that? Then again, it feels kind of nice. She doesn't manage to pick a brush. Shizune starts working on the computer, not interested.

"Aaaaaw that's hard! And my back hurts, as I said! You're so strong, Rin! Wahaha!"

Stop laughing, please...

"I don't mind. But thanks, I guess."

She nods and stands up, joining "Shicchan" while I paint. Time passes. I don't know how much. I tried things on the stalls. Painting feels good.

The girls tap my shoulder. They're carrying drinks. Misha puts it on the ground.

"For your hard work, it's my treat! I mean, Shicchan's treat!"

I nod and sip. They look at the stalls and their eyes widen.

"Wow... That's... uh, very special, Rin... What is this? A goldfish?"

"No, a dragon."

They continue asking questions and I'm getting annoyed. I just paint. Paintings explain themselves. It's already a way of talking, like sign language, so it's pointless to talk about it. Maybe it was pointless to talk about sign language either. After that, they speak.

"That's... very original, Rin. Thanks for your hard work! You're free now!"

Good. I stand up and start walking to the door.

"But~ We could hang out. What do you say? Are you hungry?"


"I am. But I want to sleep first."

"Aaaaw... Okay... See you, Rin... And don't sleep on desks again!"

"I'll try. Bye, Misha, Shizune."

I leave and head to the art room. I need another nap. They were... kind of interesting, but still annoying. And they didn't understand my paintings. Their faces... It's like they regretted asking me for help.
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Oddball » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:51 am

"Nice to meet you, delinquent Tezuka! I'm Misha Mikado, and this is Shizune Hakamichi, or Shicchan! You can call us Misha and Shizune, we don't mind, really! Wahahaha!"
She's Shiina Mikado. There's nothing with with her introducing herself with her actual name or her nickname, but mixing them just comes across as wrong.

Other than that, it's an entertaining read so far. You really seem to have a good grasp of the characters and Rin is an interesting choice of narrator.

I'd also suggest not taking lines directly from the game. It tends to stick o a bit when you do so. While you have a good feel for the characters, using somebody elses lines for them doesn't seem to blend well with your style.

I do look forward to seeing more of this. Are you just going to stick with the main cast or will there be chapters with some of the minor side characters as well?
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Ben KSTF » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:15 pm

Oddball wrote:
"Nice to meet you, delinquent Tezuka! I'm Misha Mikado, and this is Shizune Hakamichi, or Shicchan! You can call us Misha and Shizune, we don't mind, really! Wahahaha!"
She's Shiina Mikado. There's nothing with with her introducing herself with her actual name or her nickname, but mixing them just comes across as wrong.

Other than that, it's an entertaining read so far. You really seem to have a good grasp of the characters and Rin is an interesting choice of narrator.

I'd also suggest not taking lines directly from the game. It tends to stick o a bit when you do so. While you have a good feel for the characters, using somebody elses lines for them doesn't seem to blend well with your style.

I do look forward to seeing more of this. Are you just going to stick with the main cast or will there be chapters with some of the minor side characters as well?

You're right about Misha. For the game lines, it's mainly for fun and to remind the reader of it. I don't use them so much, I think.

For now I'm just planning Kenji, Hisao (well this one will be "A Private Lunch" from her PoV) and Emi.
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Ben KSTF » Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:59 am

Hi! Sorry for the delay. Here's the third chapter.


It's raining outside. Clouds are merged in one big cloud. Is it the king of the clouds ? My nose touches the window. I like rain. It makes everything less real. Blurry, like my thoughts.

I turn back. This is my room, unless something happens. For now, it is. I should put painting on the walls. Or... why not paint the walls ? Could be good. Mom and Dad unpacked my things and left this morning. Told me "good luck". I don't know if I need any luck, or am lucky anyway. Is being here a lucky thing ? I just chose it randomly, don't know why. Maybe the people here will be more interesting than the others.

I look at the window again. Knock knock. King of the clouds... Knock knock. Guess I have a visitor. It's a loud knock. I walk to the door and open it.


A person with a skirt. Probably a girl, even if she's flat. She is short and her voice a bit too loud.

I don't like skirts much. I can't do anything without getting stared at, so I wear trousers. Mom and Dad told the owners of the school to give me a boy's uniform. It's a bit tight, but better than a skirt, I think.

"Hello? Someone there?" She giggles.

She's grinning widely, wonder why. I never thought I was a funny person. She has long hair with a ponytail. I look behind me.

"No. Unless I'm the someone you're asking about, but in that case, I'm here."

She raises an eyebrow. "… Sorry?” She giggles again. “Silly, I asked that because you weren't HERE, you know? You were dazing off and everything!"

I look at her for a bit, then looks at the wall. Should paint it...

"So uh... I noticed we were in the same class, and neighbors, so I thought I could introduce myself! That's normal, isn't it ?"

I shrug. "I'm not very good with normality. But okay."

I let her in. She enters and looks around curiously. Her legs are doing a weird noise. They look weird, actually.

"Your room looks nice! Not much decoration, but mine is the same! Can't do much on our first day."

She seems stuck on smile mode. Creepy. Or nice. Not sure.

"My name is Emi Ibarazaki. Nice to meet you!"

"Why are your legs making a funny noise?"

Her smile drops. "Well, uh... Okay (she sighs), I have the same... problem as you."

I am surprised. "You mean you can't peel oranges?"

"No, dummy : I have no legs. Like you have... no arms."


"But you are standing."

She smiles and removes one of her socks. There is a metal thing under it. Interesting.

"Oh, fake legs."

"Yes ! And may I know your name? You aren't very polite, aren't you?" She giggles again.

I shrug. Finding words is hard enough, trying the politeness is too much for me to handle.

"I'm Rin. Rin Tezuka."

She beams. "Rin! That's a nice name. I wonder if they made us neighbors because of our disabilities..."

I look at her, semi-interested. She keeps talking, fast.

"I mean, put us together and we form a complete human being!"

"No. We would have two heads. It would be a mess."

She frowns. "You got the idea, Rin ! Don't play stupid."

I don't like games, I am not playing.

"And we'd have four boobs too. Although..."

I look at her chest. More like two and a half boobs... She seems to get it, given the face she makes. I smile.

"Hey!" She pouts for a second. She really looks like a child when she does this. She's not tall either. I wonder if she does a thing she can't do, like me. Then she smiles again.

"Say, Rin..."


"… Damn, you are silly. I saw you in classes today. You weren't listening at all!"

I wasn't? Classes bore me. The teachers keep talking and talking, like this girl. Buzzing like insects.

"There was a cloud. Teacher was boring."

"That's no good!"

She then gets closer and winks. "I wasn't listening much either!"

And giggles again.

"I mean, come on, it's our first day! Excitation takes over studying!"

"I am not excited, Emi.”

I feel like last names are useless now.

“You should be. Bad Rin!”

She frowns and glares at me. I don’t see the problem. I look at the window, watching the rain falling. Emi pauses and looks in the same way.

“Hmph. Stupid weather for a first day!”

“Is rain stupid?”

“Uh? Eh, no… I mean, rain isn’t alive. But the fact that it’s raining is stupid!”

She seems confused. She is the one saying confusing things though.

I shrug. “I like rain, even if it’s stupid. Maybe I’m stupid.”

I’ve been told that a few times, after all.

She frowns. “But because of it, I couldn’t check the track!”


“Because it’s raining, and I don’t have an umbrella. Do you… oh, sorry…” She looks at my arms with embarassment. I have an umbrella, though. Everyone can have one.

“Just imagine you have one.”

She looks at me funnily. “But that won’t stop it!”

“Just imagine harder.”

She pauses, then smiles, giggling. “I may try someday. So you like walking in the rain with your imaginary umbrella?”



“Yes, I do.”

She seems curious. “Why, Rin?”

“Because it feels like walking in a painting. Everything fades away. Everything seems from another world. Maybe a world I know better.” I shrug again.

She smiles widely. “Oh, Rin! That’s so pretty! Never considered rain like that… Hey, finally you talk! I was afraid I was disturbing you.” She pauses. “I’m not, am I?”

She is my first visitor, and she doesn’t seem hurtful, like most people. “You aren’t.”

“Great! So, painting uh? Do you… paint, Rin?” She looks at my arms again.

“It’s a thing I can do, yes.” Maybe the only one.

“But how…” She interrupts herself.

“Ask. It's okay.”

“How do you paint? With your mouth?”

“Sometimes. But more with my feet.”

Her eyes widen. “Ooooh, that’s amazing! You’ll have to show me.”

I look at the walls again. I wonder if the king of clouds is still there… Wait, did she talk about the track?

“Why did you want to see the track?” I hope her reasons are interesting. Or scandalous. Or both.

She jumps a couple of times and grins. “I’m a runner!”

Okay, interesting. “How do you run with no legs?”

“My prosthetics are made especially for it! Well not these ones (she points at them), I have another pair!”

I never wanted any prosthetics because I don’t need them, but obviously she couldn’t run on her hands.

“So, you run.” I look at her.

“Yes! Wanna join? You must have some good muscles since you do everything with your legs!”

“I never run. It would hurt my feet and I prefer to paint.”

She grins. “I see! As long as you have something, that’s cool, uh?”

Cool? I don’t think anyone has called something I did cool in a long time. I shrug. She talks too loudly…

“I have something.” Yes, something. She thinks for a moment and talks again.

“So, I guess I’ll see you around, Rin! I’m glad to be your neighbor.”

“You shouldn’t try to predict the future, Emi.” I close my eyes. I need sleep.

“I’m sure I can try! I’m not afraid of the future! Later!”

She exits, closing the door with energy. What a strange person…

Morning. I don’t remember my dreams much, but I think I was running at some point.

Dressing myself is hard. Panty and socks are okay, trouser is a bit more complicated to close, but bra and shirt are a pain. Mom used to help me with them, but she isn’t here now… Stupid bra… Oh, I’m calling dead things stupid, like she did. Is that stupid?

Knock knock.

A few seconds after the last knock, the door opens, revealing an energetic, still as flat Emi.

“Hiiii Rin! I thought we could… uh?”

She stops and stares at me, struggling with my bra in my mouth. She seems to be about to laugh, but she doesn’t.

“Ow, you should have called me!”

She immediately comes nearby and helps me putting my bra on. I look at her face. She is focused and serious while doing it.

I give an explanation. “I’m bad with shirts and bras.”

She grins and grabs my shirt. “Then I’ll help you!”

We walk in the corridor together. I have to paint today, find an art room, chamber, something. I heard there was one. Emi seems happy.

“I ran before coming to your room! It felt good.”

I could paint a cloud king.

“We should go to classes together every morning, since I’m gonna help you getting dressed!” She adds.


She jabs my shoulder. “That’s what friends are for, Rin!” And she laughs.

What is… Why am I smiling? Friends? She sees me and smiles more.

Maybe I was lucky, after all.
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by KeiichiO » Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:26 am

It's quite accurate, I'll say that for certain.

Maybe a bit too accurate, if you know what I'm getting at.

It's like Rin, but too much Rin.

Not a disaster, though.

Very interesting fic, nonetheless. I just might read this again.

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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Wookie » Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:09 pm

KeiichiO wrote:It's quite accurate, I'll say that for certain.

Maybe a bit too accurate, if you know what I'm getting at.

It's like Rin, but too much Rin.

Not a disaster, though.

Very interesting fic, nonetheless. I just might read this again.
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Catharsis » Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:34 pm

Great stuff so far! Can't wait for Kenji...

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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Ben KSTF » Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:53 am

... I'm one freaking year late, but here's the fourth chapter, finally.

This is the scene depicted by Kenji in Shizune's act 2. Given how he doesn't recognize Rin when he meets her in her own route, I assumed this happened during Shizune's act 2.


Sheep. There are sheep running around me. They're all fluffy, like walking clouds. It's nice. A big sheep rises and comes to me. I want to paint it. Not on it, but paint it. It's the fluffiest thing ever.

The king of sheep looks at me and talks with a weirdly high voice.

"Hey, wake up!"

I shrug. I would've expected him to tell me something more interesting. He starts getting closer and shakes me with one of his legs.

"Rin! You there?"

The sheep starts morphing into something else that I can't recognize. The world goes to a blur and the other sheep disappear. All of this is replaced by a face. A half worried, half amused, half serious face. I feel a hand on my shoulder instead of the sheep's leg, and the face talks again, with that high and noisy voice.

"Wake up! I can't believe you fell asleep here."

Her twin tails waving around, Emi frowns. Given how it's dark outside, I guess my meditation went a bit too far. Maybe I should answer.

"Was meditating. Clouds were nice."

She removes her hand and giggles.

"Oh boy... I always have to watch over you, don't I? At least you were nice enough to fall asleep near the track!"

She stands back up, and I follow, slowly. I feel like jelly. Emi looks at me again. She's wearing her running outfit.

"Look, I've gotta run for a bit. Will you be fine getting back to your room?"

I nod. "I believe so. Unless something happens."

She gives me a sheepish look, and giggles again. Her super happy attitude makes my head hurts in the mornings sometimes. Well it isn't morning now, but a bit since I just woke up. I should find a word for that. It's almost unusual for her to run this late. So I ask.

"Why are you going to run? It's almost nightime. You could bump into something."

She dismisses my question with her hand, smiling. Not a very Emi smile though.

"I need the practice. The season is almost over but I can't rest on my victory from last week!"

She keeps that weird smile. I know her enough to know that that's not it. I think.

"You're not smiling like usual."

She makes a confused face. "What, Rin?"

"There's something, right?"

She frowns. "Not at all. I just... I just need to run, okay? It's weird that you inquire so much Rin. Hell, you just woke up! It's your brain acting up."

She giggles a bit. I guess she wants to reassure me. That bores me and I don't like Emi like this, so I shrug, not knowing what to say next. I'll just walk away.


I turn around and start walking to the dorms. The sun has set, but it's not exactly night. It's the most boring part of the day. Nothing to see. No sun, no stars. I don't like it much.

I think about Emi. I know that she's always a bit weird at this period of the year. It's been like this every month of June for the three years we've known each other. She'd wake up at night and cry, and I'd try to reassure her, but it was kinda hard. So I don't try much anymore. I think that's why she wanted to run. Ah, I'm thinking too much again. I shake my head.

I stop to look at the mural I painted a couple of weeks ago. It can't be seen very well under the almost night sky. I should ask the art shop for glistening paint, if that exists. Could be nice. But it really look different in the dark too, like a new perspective. I'm still not entirely satisfied. The middle could look better than butterfly's vomit. That reminds me... Nomiya asked me to draw someone for the next meeting. If I could. Maybe I'll ask Emi, but I doubt she can stay still for more than two minutes.

I remember that person who helped. What was his name? Heartbroken guy. Hisao. Haven't seen him, guess he was creeped out by me. I think I saw him with those president thing girls. He's more boring than I thought if he hangs out with them. Or he's just different. I guess I won't see him again.

I frown. I'm thinking too much again. I hear a voice coming from my right. It's a nosy, a bit high but not too much, voice.

"Hey man."

... Man? I turn and see a guy with a scarf. He's looking around franctically, like he's being followed. I don't see his eyes because he's wearing very thick glasses. He stops a couple of meters from me.

"Any of THEM around?" he asks, very fast.

I shrug.

"Hello. Probably."

He yelps and starts looking around again.

"Where? Tell me man!"

I look around too. "No idea. But there are many things around so I guessed. What's them?"

He looks at me and gets a bit closer. "You know, man. The biggest threat to this world. To us. Don't act like you don't know."


That's the thing that comes to my mind, but I don't see many weekends floating around.

He straightens himself and frowns. "No, worse! Feminists!"

... Oh. I guess I'm not. I don't really care about all that. I close my eyes, hoping he calms down a bit.

"There aren't."

That makes him brighten, and he gets a bit closer.

"Good. What are you doing? On a night mission like I am?"

His smile is conspiratory. What's up with this guy?

"No. I went meditating and suddenly it was night, so I started walking back. Who are you?"

He frowns. "Meditating? That's some weird shit man. You start with all that yoga bullshit and you end up with THEM."

He adjusts his glasses in a dramatic manner for some reason and extends his hand. Again a not really observant person uh?

"The name's Kenji."

I don't shake his hand. "The name's Rin."

He looks at me from feet to head and retreats his hand rapidly. "Okay, Rin. Damn, you ended up with a pretty feminine name. Or is it just a cover to infiltrate them better? You can tell me your real name. I'm trustworthy! I mean even if it's cool to be secret and all that shit, we've gotta stick together and-"

"I'm a girl."

He freezes entirely and looks at me again, making a very tense face.

"You WHAT?!"

I feel like I should explain. Why, I still don't know, but I guess I should.

"I'm a girl, I wear boys' uniform because it's better."

He seems on the verge of bursting into... whatever, but he gets closer and bows to look at my face. It's uncomfortable. He suddenly extends a hand again, to check if I'm real, maybe? But his finger ends up on my left boob.

I kick him. Why did he do that? He yelps in pain and steps back. I can kick hard, so I guess I hurt him.

"Ow! Man, uh... girl, whatever, that was a hard kick." He hisses like a cat.

"Don't touch my boobs if you don't want a kick, Kenji."

Maybe I kicked too hard? After a pause between us, I ask. "Are you okay?"

He looks at me funnily again and stands upright. "Of course I am! I'm a manly man! Nothing can hurt me much. I can surely endure a weak-ass woman's kick!"

His uneven breath doesn't really get along his last sentence. "I can kick hard, so I figured I asked."

I think he's gonna leave, but he keeps on talking. "Whatever. Damn I thought females were terrible at direct fighting, but you impressed me there. Quick reactions. If there are more like you, the incoming war is going to be hard."

He seems very concerned. "A war?"

A snort. "Well yes, the women taking power war! Slowly they're growing, their influence is everywhere, sneaky. And soon, they will reveal it. And this world will go to hell. That's why I'm always prepared. Feminists are dangerous. Shit, I shouldn't be telling you this."

He realizes that he's talking to a woman again and seems restless. His rambling was crazy and I kinda want to finish my night, so I try to reassure him.

"I'm not a feminist. I don't really care, really."

He seems surprised. "You're a non feminist woman? Nonsense! I know your tricks, you're just getting away with useful information! Damn, what have I done?"

He takes his head in his hands. As if I were going to tell this to anyone. People find me weird enough already.

"Kenji, I'm not."

Hearing that I'm serious, I guess, he gives me an analytic look. Targetted a meter to my right, but I guess it's analytical.

"Hmm, maybe you aren't. I mean, you'd have finished me off after kicking me if you were."
I nod. That makes sense, in his logic. He talks again.

"Think ya could spy for me? I don't trust you women, but you could gather intel to prove me that you're trustworthy."


He stops, obviously disappointed. "Why?"

"Because I'm too thoughtless to be a spy. It'd be like a butterfly hovering around and listening to conversations. If I could turn into one, I would've considered your offer, but I can't do that for you."

I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. He nods.

"I see. You sure there's nothing you can't do? I mean, taking a few pics of the women's dormitories should be easy enough..."

Taking pics? That'd be hard for me, but I guess he hasn't noticed. Maybe that's why he wears those glasses.

"Nope. Can't do much except painting."

He gives me a weird look again. "Painting?"

I nod. "Yes, painting. I paint."

"You mean, you're in the art club or some shit?"

He's smart, I guess. "Yes."

He pinches the bridge of his nose. "Maaan... I mean, uh... whatever. You shouldn't go there. You'll be enrolled before you know it. You seem to have avoided it 'til now, but you should quit that place as soon as you can. Clubs are organizations, and organizations are ruled by, guess what? Feminists!"

"But the teacher is a man."

He dismisses my counter with his hand. "Ha! In surface, sure. But you've gotta see the bigger picture."

As he rambles a bit more, I look at the sky. I'm tired. This guy is kind of boring and interesting at the same time. Maybe...

"Can I paint you?"

"... and then the rents flew higher and higher and... what?"

I look at him. "Painting you. Can I?"

He steps back. "Of course not! I can't let people know my face. I'm one of the most influential agents, you think I want to leave something behind?"

I shouldn't have asked. He calms down and mutters for himself.

"Then again... if I burn every document about me... when, I mean... and after I save the world... they'll need it to make the statue and..."

He looks at me again. "Can it be kept locked in a safe for a few decades?"

Not really. "No, it's for the art club. Teacher asked me if I could."

I shrug as he waves his hand. "Ah, Rin, no way! If they see my picture before I save the world, this makes absolutely no sense! Your timing is off. Come back in ten years or some shit."

I'm pretty sure I won't. "That'd be hard. But okay, I won't paint you."

"Good man." he says, then frowns but doesn't add anything.

"I may leave now. Tired."

He shrugs and thinks for a bit before getting closer again, with a funny look.

"Hey, I know you're a girl and everything, but if you want to be enlighted, drop by my room, SECRETLY! Sometime."

He pulls out a piece of paper and writes something on the back. "Here's the password. Make sure to destroy it as soon as you read it, or soon after."

I can't take the paper, so he stays here with his extended hand for a bit, before frowning and taking it back.

"Pft. Whatever, I knew I couldn't trust woman. I didn't meet you, you didn't meet me. Don't tell anyone or you'll blow my cover."

I nod silently. That's a thing I can do, forgetting. He walks away to the guys' dorms. As I start walking towards mine, I think I hear Emi coming back.

... What's wrong with this guy?
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Rhodri » Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:56 pm

A wild fanfic appeared!

Wild fanfic used 'good stuff'

It was super effective!

I'm loving it how recently a lot of seemingly dead/dormant fics that I have no idea about are popping out from the blue to surprise me with some good, quality stuff. This is one of them. Writing Rin at her Rin-est is always a tough job and I'd say you've done a good job of it. Really liked chapters 1 and 3 and your explanation for why Lilly struggles when Rin is about and how she and Emi met. Looking forward to more.
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Ben KSTF » Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:59 pm

Rhodri wrote:A wild fanfic appeared!

Wild fanfic used 'good stuff'

It was super effective!

I'm loving it how recently a lot of seemingly dead/dormant fics that I have no idea about are popping out from the blue to surprise me with some good, quality stuff. This is one of them. Writing Rin at her Rin-est is always a tough job and I'd say you've done a good job of it. Really liked chapters 1 and 3 and your explanation for why Lilly struggles when Rin is about and how she and Emi met. Looking forward to more.
Thanks a lot ^^

Honestly chapters 1 and 3 are my favorites too, with 2 being my least. For the first yeah the goal was to explain Lilly's awkwardness and Hanako's fear of Rin (Hanako's visible in the rooftop scene in Lilly's route).

From the basic project, only Hisao remains, which would be A Private Lunch from Rin's pov.
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters

Post by Ben KSTF » Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:18 pm


A few news. I edited chapters 1-3 (better late than never), taking your remarks into consideration. The biggest changes were on the second chapter.

Nothing major, but I removed the uses of KS punchlines (all except the imaginary umbrella one), fixed some typos and things like that, so it should be better now.

Also, next chapter was supposed to be the last (with Hisao), but I had an idea for a "bonus" one, with a character that everyone loves. I'm on it right now, so it should come out within the week.
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Re: Rin : Dreamy Encounters (UPDATE 10/30)

Post by Ben KSTF » Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:53 pm

And here is chapter 5. This one wasn't originally planned but an idea formed into my mind while I was talking with a friend that plays a very good Akira.

What we did is playing the scene out, co-writing it, me playing Rin and him Akira, then I rewrote everything from Rin's point of view. The result is an usual chapter that ended up being twice longer than the old ones. Enjoy!


Sunset. I like chasing it sometimes. It's like a big orange that's here for a bit, that shines in the prettiest way possible so that we won't forget it during the night.

I paint all the time these days. Sae looks satisfied, but today I saw that sunset and I wanted to grab it.

I started the exhibition thing to try to change. It's still the scariest thing ever, but for now I paint, so it's okay. Maybe I paint differently now.

The orange is almost gone, I can see it in the window of a shop. Oh, it's a clothing shop. It's funny because there are almost no colors. It's all black and white. Suits and ties. They look... different. Who puts that on? Colorless people? I wonder if suited people could look at my paintings without exploding. They could, probably, but you never know. I wonder how I'd look with one on... It'd probably be creepy.

"Til next time, Layra~"

I hear a voice coming out from the opened store door. It sounds like a woman's but it's low.

I keep my eyes on the suits. Black, white. Black and white. White and black. Oh, there's some red here, on a tie. But even that red looks boring.

"Ya know, if you press your nose against a window like that it could stick that way, right?"

She sounds amused. I didn't know about that.

"Really? I had no idea."

I look at the person. She's wearing, guess what, a suit. I guess she's a she, at least. Blonde and all smiling. I tilt my head, thinking about what she said.

"It never happened to me yet though..."

It would be bad if my face got stuck. I'd look like a creepy doll, or a walking painting. Paint doesn't walk, as far as I know, so people would probably not like it. I'm not sure I would either.

The woman grins. She seems the always smiling type, like Emi. That's a change from gloomy Hisao, for sure.

"Ah, but there's always a chance I've heard..."

Her voice trails off as she puts a hand in her pocket, her thumb staying outside. I can't do that. She's looking at me and my clothes. Maybe she finds me weird because I'm not a suit person like her.

That seems not too dangerous, and I want to keep looking at things, so I nod, closing my eyes.

"Wise words. It's a risk I can live with, I think."

She has a black tie. No boring red or blue. Her hair shines at least. She's looking at me again but doesn't look weirded out or annoyed, just relaxed. I'm pretty sure she's older than me too. Maybe she can teach me about suit people's ways.

"You bought a suit thing there?"

I point at the store window with my sleeve. Her grin widens even more.

"Sure thing, best seamstress in the city."

She brushes off some dust from her shoulder and plays around with her bag. Seamstress? I tend to avoid clothing shops because they always look at my arms funnily.

"You interested?" She asks.

Is she serious? I think she is. Maybe she wants to enroll me in the suit people clan. That's scary. I look back at the suits. Black and black. Bit of white. It'd be a change to try a world without colors. Is it scary? A bit. I look back at her, and back at the suits.

"I was imagining how I'd look with one. I have trouble with girls' clothes. Do you?"

Oh, maybe I'm wrong. I look back back at her.

"I think you are a girl. If you aren't, I'm sorry."

Suits aren't exactly girl clothes, maybe this person doesn't like skirts, like me. She laughs. Am I that funny?

"Nah you're right, I'm all woman~"

She runs her hands down her sides and winks in a very Emi-ish manner.

"If you'd like, I could set you up with a suit, Layra is always looking for new costumes, even if you're only looking to try something right this moment."

Is she serious? I thought that shop was a secret club or something. Could I just walk inside and try one of those things?

"You could?"

I tiptoe a bit. This is scary but at the same time I can't stop throwing glances at the colorless shapes. It's like they're drawing me in.

"I never tried things like this."

I frown. Is this an opportunity or just a very weird moment incoming? I thought I was trying to change so...

"Maybe I could, I think. Trying a new perspective."

At that she grins again and opens the door, motioning me to come in.

"Come on in, I'm Akira by the way."

I enter while she holds the door. Strange introduction.

"Hi, Akira by the way. What a weird name."

I smile a bit. She doesn't seem like a bad person. "I'm Rin."

She steps in front of me with confidence and calls out.

"Layra, got a girl here who'd like to try on a suit!"

She turns at me with an eyebrow raised, her smile never dropping.

"Nice to meet you Rin, and Layra will be more than happy to help us out!"

A woman's head pops from behind some suits, eyebrow raised too. She doesn't look more than happy, looking at me and Akira alternatively. Akira waves a hand.

"Yes yes yes, I doubt she will buy anything but think of the advertising and the lack of boredom."

The blonde woman grins back at me. I don't carry any money so she's right, and I think this shop is very expensive.

There are more and more suits, some dark blue, yellow, even green. All the colors are still lacking brightness though. There are hats, gloves, things... Oh, I should say hello.


Layra doesn't answer and comes at me with a measuring tape. She puts me onto a stand and starts using it on pretty much every part of my body. It's weird. I'm almost tempted to kick her out since it's even more overwhelming than Emi at 7 in the morning, but Akira looks at me with confidence, leaning against a wall and I feel like I should let her do what she's doing. I accepted to enter the suit people shrine, after all.

The seamstress talks with her mouth almost closed, muttering things like how difficult it will be without arms, but she is focused and doesn't hurt me, so I let her do. She quickly puts a curtain around me while looking for clothes that match. I shrug.

"You look like Emi when she dresses me up."

She helps me to remove my clothes saved for my underwear and quickly proceeds with what seems like a black and white outfit. Well, can't say I'm surprised with that.

She doesn't look too comfortable with dressing me up, so I tell her that it's okay and we're almost done when she asks me if I want my sleeves knotted. I nod and she does it. It's not the same as Emi's way of doing it, but it looks nice too. She tells me to stand up and as a put back my sandals, and looks at me without a word. She's smiling. I guess she's satisfied. She points at the curtain and I step out with a push of my head, meeting Akira who was apparently playing with her phone.

It's weird to wear new clothes, and they're kinda tight. I wouldn't wear this every day, I think. Layra grabs a suit jacket and puts it on me. She doesn't ask for knots this time. Oh, there's a mirror. Let's see...

I tilt my head. It seems like she used a black trouser, and a black vest with a white shirt that's hidden by the jacket now. All black and white. It's... different. Is this a different me? That me in the mirror looks as surprised as I am. I don't like mirrors...

Akira walks towards me and... whistles. I think no one whistled at me before.

"Damn fine work as always, Layra. Damn sexy, if I do say so myself. What do you think, Rin?"

Sexy? Oh. I don't know what I think, this me is so different, but it's not as scary as I thought it would be.


I frown a bit. Suit, suit, suit. Does it suit me? Maybe it suits me. Maybe it doesn't suit me. Suits. Shh brain, it's okay.

"It's nice. Like a half new perspective."

Yes, it's still me, but black and white.

"I like more colorful things." I add. That, I'm sure.

I look at the half new me again, and do a spin. Sexy? Surely not, but...

"But it's nice to be colorless sometimes. It's a change that doesn't scare me... I think."

Oh, the me in the mirror is smiling. Creepy.

"Do I look different?"

I wonder what she'll answer to that. Always grinning at me, she shrugs.

"Maybe, but that's a question you will have to answer yourself. I like suits a lot and I think ladies are sexy as hell in them, but what makes you different is if you feel different. That's the whole point of change clothes or perspective after all;"

Feeling different? Ah... That's what scares me. Feeling. The mirror me looks worried now.

"So you change when you feel you have changed? But what if you don't know what you feel?"

I think it's enough for today. I look one last time at colorless me. It still kinda fascinates me... I nod.

"Can I have my clothes back?"

Oh, forgot about that politeness thing. "Please."

I should say that I liked it a bit too. "It looks good. I might buy one someday."

Akira didn't answer my question. I look at her. Apparently she was waiting for me to finish talking. She smiles. Not a grin but more like a gentle one. I like her smile, it's not creepy or fake, neither annoying.

"You'll know when you have changed, you might not notice right away but it will come to you, a sudden realization usually."

She gives me a shrug. Sudden realization? That never happened to me before. Maybe she's right but it sounds weird to me. Layra, who had stepped back, comes back and starts pulling me back to behind the curtain. I should answer Akira before hiding behind it again.

"I'm trying to change now. I hope you're right, then."

I hope, but I'm not sure... The seamstress dresses me back gently, without a word. She didn't seem too happy at first but now she's smiling.

As I come back, Akira pockets her phone and grins.

"Good to see you're back to your sexy self~"

She kicks off the wall she was leaning against and nods towards the seamstress, looking happy. Why does she keep calling me like that?

"I'm not sexy. Why do you keep saying that?"

I ask. It doesn't make me angry or anything, but it's too weird. And I really wonder why. She laughs and shrugs as if it is nothing.

"No reason, it just creeps in sometimes. And you're plenty sexy, so don't let it bother you either."

How was that a clear answer? Oh well. She looks back at Layra and runs a hand through her hair.

"And I think we've overstayed our welcome..."

I decide to answer her unsatisfactory answer with a "I'll try."

Then I notice that Layra doesn't seem too happy now. Maybe it's because it is getting late.


I start walking towards the door and stop in front of it. It's a heavy one, and Akira said "we" so I'll just wait for her to help me out.

Sure thing, she follows suit (heh), ginving a "Til next time~" to Layra. As she holds the door open, she looks at the sky. The sun has set. My orange is gone. Tonight is getting more and more colorless, it seems.

"Wow, it's late... I didn't realize I kept you here for so long. Don't you have to get back to Yamaku?"

Still, the orange color is still painting the sky, where the sun disappears. Last remnants soon to be taken away by the night. Stepping outside, I look at it.

"It's orange... I like it."

I don't need to go back to Yamaku, I should explain that to her. Before that though, I look at that orange again.

"No. I have a place here. Like a second room."

I don't really sleep much there, but... I look back at Akira and smile. It's funny, in a way.

"You could call it a vacation home."

Not really.

"I mean no, I'm supposed to paint there. That's not really a vacation. Or maybe it is..."

Is painting a vacation? Surely I escape the world when I do it, but painting these days felt different too-

Waaaait a minute... I jolt back in surprise. I like doing that.

"How do you know my school?"

Listening to all this with her usual smile, she laughs and shrugs again.

"You have a different shirt on but the trousers are the same given to all Yamaku boys."

Oh. She's observant. She snaps her fingers towards the side of my trouser. I can't do that either.

"I might not be your typical fashion lover but even I pay attention to the labels of good pants. Also, my sister Lilly just so happens to attend your school as well~"

I expected a more interesting answer. Too bad.


Wait, I know that name... A girl... a cane, maybe? Cannibals? No... Ah, I went to town before the festival with Hisao and...

"Oh. Is she the sky-eyed girl? Her eyes make me want to paint."

I smile a bit. I really do like her eyes. Sky trapped in one person. At this she guffaws and nods.

"Yes, that is one way to describe her."

Apparently she finds that very funny since it takes her a while to speak again.

"Damn, I'm surprised you haven't mentioned my eyes yet, most do after they notice them."


Her eyes? It was dark so I didn't see them well. I step closer as she rolls them and snorts. She's a bit taller so I raise my head to see them well.


Red eyes. Red eyes! That's the first time I ever see that. They look so... hypnotizing. It's a pure ruby red, a color that completely destroys that black and white image I had from her. I can't look away from them. They're beautiful.

Akira looks surprised and raises an eyebrow. After a while, instead of calling me weird, she just laughs.

"Yes, so I've been told..."

She doesn't seem too comfortable either. I remember now, Lilly was embarassed. Maybe I should stop. I step back, satisfied.

"That's interesting. How did they turn red?"

There's maybe something scandalous involved. I look at the sky. "They make me want to paint too."

I hear her laughing again. "Always been this way, birth defect or something but it's not a big deal. And that's the first time someone said that..."

She sounds happy about that. For some reason, I like that. I shrug. Birth defect, I know that word.

"So, you're like me. Born with something different. I guess you're from a funny eyes family if Lilly is your sister. That's nice."

I close my own, not funny, eyes and nod. "It's like I could drown in her eyes or yours. I like that."

She nods and answers after a short pause. "That's pretty cool, never been an art fan myself, but the way you describe it, I wouldn't mind seeing a painting of our eyes."

She interrupts herself and pulls out her phone. It's very nice of her to say that. I don't like people questioning me about my paintings, but I feel like she wouldn't be the questioning type. She scowls and mutters something.

"Damn, looks like I won't be relaxing much tonight."

"I might paint something around that. I need to paint many things these days."

Do I need, or must? Perhaps a mixture of both. I smile at her muttering.

"You shouldn't predict the future."

At that she snorts and looks at me with her amused smile.

"It's not predicting if it's true."

She pauses, looking at me funnily.

"You're of age right? I need a drink and I hate drinking alone, care to join me?"

Wait, what? Does she mean... alcohol? This is surprising. I just expected to go back to the atelier and paint, but... she's nice.

"No. Yes. I mean..."

I bite my lip. Why can't I answer a simple question without messing up? What would happen if I accepted? Drinking? Is it that bad? Is this a new experience too?


I look away from her smile.

"I could.. Maybe."

I could drink. She's an interesting person.


What was that about age?

Not bothered at all by my hesitation, she just walks past me with her usual shrug/grin combo.

"Come along then, there's a nice place up ahead, we can grab a quick drink and then I need to head back into work."

She turns back and waves for me to follow her, which I do. I look at the sky. No orange anymore.

"No Sun anymore, and no night yet. This is the most boring time of the day. It's like... stuck. Not knowing where to go."

Yes, I don't like it much. Emptiness after beauty. Like when you're done with a painting and end up completely lost.

I should ask her about the drink.

"Also, by drink, do you mean alcohol? I never had any. Unless there is in paint."

Paint isn't too good. I try to not drink too much of it these days, it rarely ends up well.

Walking ahead since she isn't looking up like me, she nods.

"Yeah, just a drink. I need a beer before I head back to the office. If you don't want one, that's fine as well."

I said yes already, so there's no point in not going all the way. I catch up with her.

"Trying something new could help me. Getting a new experience. So I will try."

She laughs and grins. "Now that's what I like to hear, determination."

We walk in silence after that, quickly getting to our destination. Two blocks away, it's a small bar at the corner of an intersection. It's called the Treasure Corner, apparently. Akira holds the door open for me again.

"After you!"

I step into the bar. I don't think I've ever been to one. It smells funny... Is that smoke? There's some music playing from a radio. I think I hear a trumpet. There aren't many people, but the place is interesting.

"Never been to a place like that either. It looks like an old, living painting."

Yes, it has an anachronistic feeling. I could paint that trumpet smoke someday. Akira laughs again, motioning me to follow her.

"Interesting description. Come on, we're sitting at the bar."

The bar... High seats in front of a counter, a man serving people. Akira sits on one of them and pats the one to her right, while ordering two beers. She asks a straw for one of them. Some people are looking at my arms. I'm used to that so I don't mind. I kick my sandals and jumps on the seat without trouble. It's kinda high though. A straw? I look at her.

"You're observant. Drinking without a straw can be a problem for me."

The bartender looks at me funnily before preparing the drinks. He seems to know Akira since one look from her made him stare away.

"Why did you say you were going to have a bad day?"

I ask, since it was the only time when I saw her unhappy. Or not smiling at least. She purses her lips, looking annoyed.

"Eh, my boss called an emergency meeting and decided it couldn't wait until morning... Nepotism is still strong here in Japan, let me tell you."

I shrug. "You just did."

Two glasses (I think they're called jugs) of beer land in front of us, one with a straw. Nepotism... I don't know that word. I guess it's like I imagined : suit people have important and boring jobs. I don't want to inquire about that much. Does the suit make the job, or did she become a suit person after getting it?

"I don't know anything about work like yours, but now I have a boss too. Or someone that wants me to paint. It's weird."

I guess you could call Sae my boss. Does a boss call his employee kitten though?

Oh, there's the beer. I sniff it. Never smelled something like that, it's curious. I use my foot to draw the glass closer, and, with a bit of apprehension, take a sip.

"It's bitter."

That's all I can say about it after that small try. And there she laughs again, taking a big gulp out of her own. Am I supposed to drink it like that?

"Yeah, the first few always are but once you get used to it, there's nothing better in the world than a cold one after a long day of work! Or before a long ass meeting, for that matter."

Her grin widens. "Boss eh? You just started at an art gallery or something?"

Wow. I nod, surprised.

"You're very good at guessing. My teacher asked me to do an exhibition in a gallery thing."

I take a bigger sip this time. The taste doesn't get better.

"I can't see how it is relaxing yet. Only paint tastes worse than that. Or milk that got past the date."

Maybe it's a suit people thing. But I did wear a suit... For some reason, I want to explain my decision to her. The words come out fast, as always.

"So I said yes because I'm trying to change, even if it's like a huge sphere of terrifying stuff."

My thoughts are messy. Is this drink doing that? Akira shrugs and takes a short swig. She looks at me for a moment and answers.

"Well, the best way to change is to get a job, nothing changes you like responsibility."

And then, it happens. Her smile drops. Even if my thoughts are a mess, I can see that she looks sad for a second, but then it comes back as if nothing happened. It reminds me of Emi, she does that sometimes. She shakes her head and notices my stare. Does she have the same fears as me?

"You look sad. Does it scare you too? Or change made you sad?"

Maybe it happened after, which is even scarier. She takes a big swig, her voice trailing off a bit.

"Nah, change doesn't bother me, responsibility does. There are some things one shouldn't have to be responsible for..."

She remains silent for a bit after that. Guess she's keeping it mysterious. I tilt my head.

"Oh. I don't know much about responsibilities, I'm pretty bad with them. Did the change make your life better?"

Surely it did. Isn't change meant for that? And she looked so happy and laid back. Was she pretending? She gives me a shrug.

"Yeah in a way it did, so I can't say it was all bad. Just... hard."

She's almost done with her beer now. She seems to like it more than I do, at least. What she said is bad, very bad.

"I'm afraid of change. If all it brings is bad or sad, I'm not sure I want it."

I bite my lip. Was my choice a mistake? My thoughts are coming out and I can't control them, as always.

"Sorry, I'm bad with people and talking."

With that, I decide to take a large sip. Why not? I want to experience this, at least. Oooh, bad. My balance starts messing around. I have to move my butt up a bit so that I don't fall. Akira snorts and shakes her head, unless it's mine moving left to right, I'm not sure.

"Nah, don't worry about it. You don't have ot be good at talking to people to listen and I certainly didn't bring you there to listen to my crap."

After giving me a gentle look, she chuckles. "And you might want to slow down, no need to get drunk trying to catch up to me~"



I look at the jug as if it were going to say "yes, Rin, you're drunk" but it doesn't. Is this being drunk? She said I listened to her but but

"I listen but I can't talk normally and people get freaked out except that boy, maybe, and Emi but now I'm here and you are nice to me and I don't why my head feels like plum jelly right now-"

Wooow, the room is spinning. Or not, it's my head. Spinning.

"Weeeeird..." I say. It is. Weird. Hehehe. I see a hand reaching over and pushing my jug away, and I hear another chuckle.

"Yeah, I think that's enough for you in one sitting. Remind me to order you a can instead of a full pint next time I take you out!"

Next time? Taking me out? I see a grin. She's back to happy. Good.

"And don't worry about the not being able to talk thing, just being able to listen is more than good enough~"

I frown, looking at my faraway beer. Maybe a can next time. Why a next time? Do I want that spinning again?

"A can could do maybe... If I do that again. I don't know if I feel good or... oooh..."

The ceiling is moving! I hit my butt. Did I fall off the chair?


I see Akira kilometers above my head, amused. My butt hurts. Wait I have to answer it's important I think I must.

"I can listen, like a tree you'd talk to. But a tree doesn't give answers."

I frown. "Generally."

Pretty sure the trees would be singing songs right now. In this beer world everything is possible. But butt hurts. My suited companion stands up and helps me getting up. Wow, not so fast... Head spins again. She speaks.

"Generally, yes, but you're human so you can respond if you so choose. How about we get you home, eh?"

I think she pays the bar guy at some point. Me choosing to answer? But that doesn't work cause...

"I can but my words never come out right. That beer thing doesn't seem to be helping that. The head spinning is fun. Home's too far. I need to paint your eyes, and head spins. Painting while head spins. It could be a change."

I must paint, now. I walk to the door, focusing on it. I manage to walk but the floor became jellyfishes while I wasn't looking. I think I hear Akira catching up. Cool, she can open the door.

"Come on, lemme help you out, we can get back to that studio you said you were staying at. I bet it's close."

Oh, her voice is concerned like Emi when I went for a walk during a snowstorm with sandals on. I like sandals. Can she help me? She can, definitely. Hey, she must at least open the door like a gentleman.

"It is close. Very. I was just starting to chase the sunset when I looked at the suit shop. Hehe, suits."

I giggle. Suits did all this. Black and white ended up with a jellyfish world, with colors that don't exist. A bit too spinny for me though.

I feel an arm wrapping around my shoulders. Akira is supporting me, grinning. Yeah that's probably a veeery good idea, with those jellyfishes and everything. So I'm not kicking her.

"Then lead on, oh artistic one~"

Artist? I look at her.

"I'm no artist. Or I try, maybe. I paint because it's the thing I can do. The only one. Like... butterflies in my head but when I paint they fly on the canvas, you know?"

Yeah, am I an artist? I guess I'm trying these days. When I'm a rich artist I'll buy a mountain of suits. Perfect.

"Last time someone hugged me, I kicked her because I was surprised. Now I know that it's bad."

I smile. She's lucky that Emi took it first, eh. I don't know why I'm telling her all that, but I feel like I absolutely have to, right now. She laughs and gives me a squeeze.

"Well I'm glad you didn't kick me, and don't worry about what you can and can't do. Do what you love and everything will work out!"

Is it that simple? No it isn't. As we keep on walking in the now night, words come out faster and faster.

"I don't know if I love it. It's just the only thing that makes me really feel life, or something."

I roll my head, my neck touching Akira's arm. It's kinda nice. "That beer was interesting. I wonder if I'll forget what happened like when I took those pills and apparently kissed Hisao."

He told me that I did, at least. I don't think he was lying. Oh wait she doesn't know who he is. I shrug.

"Oh yes, he's just that guy who is weird too. You should see him. Or not. Maybe everyone is weird. Are red eyes weird? I find them pretty, but they're kinda weird. Less than dolls' eyes, surely, but those are the weirdest thing ever."

I talk, and talk, and talk. She listens, not pulling away or anything. She just chuckles.

"So you kissed lover boy and find my eyes pretty. I think I like you, Rin."

We're at the place. I pull away from her and point at the door next to the gallery entrance.

"It's there."

I look into her red eyes before closing mine and answering her.

"That's a nice thing to say, so thank you. I think I like you too."

The head spins less now, I guess fresh air helped. I need to paint now. "I'll be fine. You go do your work thingy. I have to paint some red beer eyes."

Yes, that. I hope I'll remember that evening. I tell her that, precisely.

She pats my head. It's weirdly comforting.

"Good luck painting those and I shall do my best. See you around, Rin!"

She shoots a last grin and goes away as if waltzing, waving her hand above her head. I look at her until she disappears from my sight.


I turn around and go to the stairs. I have a lot of things to paint now. I don't know if I can change but... I can try. Maybe I'll have a grin as beautiful as hers if I do that.

Would it... suit me, though?
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