Akira Pseudo-Route [Complete!]

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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/30]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:50 pm

...the brass doors slide apart, opening me to a lift with no other passengers...
I arrive at the top floor, which opens me up to a short hallway...
Hisao is opened by the doors? And later by the floor as well?
So Shizune is the unnamed relative? She would have been one of my first guesses, behind that blonde girl in the back of the class, but I can’t say I’m not surprised.
If he's surprised he doesn't show it at all. In fact I would have expected a lot more surprise...
Especially since so far he didn't seem to be interested in Lilly's cousin's identity at all (he asked neither Akira nor Lilly) I thought he'd suspect someone he didn't know.

Nice job writing Jigoro. I know I would go crazy trying to write him.
...lots of working Japanese women never advance past the "Office Lady" status, whose main job is to clean, copy documents, make coffee for the male collegues and look pretty while doing so.
While women in leadership positions in Japan are still extremely rare, this is simply not true anymore. There are plenty of women in Japan who hold regular office jobs.
Emi > Misha > Hanako > Lilly > Rin > Shizune

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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.
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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/30]

Post by Thanatos02 » Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:22 pm

Final segment of the chapter. I've spent about 12 hours total editing and proofreading, and even then I know there's still oodles of errors to be found, so I'm thankful to everyone who points those things out.
Before I post this, I'll just throw around some numbers real quick.
Chapter 5-2: 13,627 words across 27 pages.
The Entire Akira Route: 168,334 words consisting of 916,075 characters.

My hands hurt. I don't have any further comment, I'll let the writing speak for itself.

Act 5 - Part 2-3: Just The Way You Are

“Up a little more.” Akira chimes as she lies back into my hands, letting out a tiny sigh as I press my thumbs in and out against her back.

The clock on the wall reads '10:05 P.M.,' well beyond the time I should have stayed over here. I don't have it in me to leave just yet, though, seeing as how there was so much left to unpack and I would have felt bad leaving her to finish the remaining four hours worth of rearranging after all the work she had already done.

I might have to spend the night on the couch, as a matter of fact -- the buses stop running in about an hour and I doubt Akira has the energy to drive me back to the school. Then again; she probably doesn’t have enough energy to even stay awake for much longer.

With that in mind, one has to take into consideration just how comfy Akira's bed is with regards to the fact that it's magnitudes bigger than the tiny dorm beds. As a whole, this room is about ten steps up from my dorm -- the navy-blue carpet, twin closets, and curtains sealing us from any sort of outside light all make that very clear.

“Seems like you've had a hard day.” I joke, sliding my hands a bit farther down her back. Her coat now lies hanging from a rack in the corner and the fabric of her shirt feels soft against my touch. Try as I may, I can't help but let my fingers linger around her shoulders, hovering over the areas where her bra straps lie.

She lets out a frustrated groan, shooting me a displeased look over her shoulder. “It's like one big mess I just can't clean up. It doesn't help that Mr. Infuriating Jackass decided to stop by and do nothing but spout crappy advice.”

I have to give her that; when she said that she had family coming to visit, I was thinking we'd get some decent help or at least some kind of a hint when it comes to dealing with her father. It’s pretty clear that she’s more frustrated about it than I am, at any rate.

“Oh yeah, can you press a little harder?” She says, regarding my thumbs rolling around the flesh of her mid-lower back.

My hands comply without a second thought, although I wish I could focus more on my new duties as her personal masseuse rather than worrying about today’s events.

Sure we got a lot of advice, but none of it was very applicable to what we're dealing with – or to anything in general, really. I almost want to read his biography just to see if it's anything more than a venomous insult directed at every prospective reader in Japan.

“Yeah, your uncle didn't seem like very much help.” I remark, recalling that painful hour spent in the living room. “Your cousin didn't seem very interested in the situation either. From what I could tell she was only there for-”

Akira cuts me off with a snicker. “Did you just say 'she?'”

“I’m not too sure which one it was, alright? They looked like a girl, but when they spoke I figured it could be a boy.” I respond as she glances back at me giving a quiet moan as I slide the palms of my hands around her shoulders.

“Well, your latter guess was correct. He'll be thirteen in a few months.” She explains, not at all upset with my assumptions. “You wouldn't be the first to get a wrong first impression, though. That's what happens when the kid insists on wearing his sister's clothes.”

Those were Shizune's clothes? Either they were hand-me-downs or she has a thing for lounging around in clothes that barely fit someone half her size. Either way, I can understand being so harsh and domineering if that was the family you had to grow up with.

“You two seem pretty close though.” I comment.

Before continuing, she takes a moment to unbutton her shirt, sliding her arms out of the sleeves as I pull it off of her without question. Underneath the white work shirt is a gray tank top, the color red peeking out alongside the thick straps.

“I can barely feel anything through that.” She says, rolling her shoulders around before relaxing into my hands once more. “Anyway, yeah, I've known the kid since before he could walk, back when Lilly and I would spend weeks at a time over at the Hakamichi's seeing as how we couldn't hire a babysitter.”

Her skin feels soft to the touch, warming my fingertips as they glide over her shoulders. “I see. I guess sibling rivalry could explain why Lilly and Shizune are always at odds with each other.”

Akira shakes her head. “Nah, that's just some recent crap they've been going through. You're better off asking her about that, I don't have any of the details.”

“If it's any consolation, a lot of things did happen over at their house when we were younger, which is why she's anything but enthusiastic when it comes to visiting these days.” She continues, giving a gentle moan as I let my thumbs slide over the base of her neck. “I've always gotten along with 'em just fine, though. Or, at least, tried to. My uncle has never been squeamish when it comes to paying his babysitter at any rate.”

I laugh. “So you're the babysitter, huh?”

“Some might see it that way, yeah.” She returns with an amused smile. “I really do enjoy being with the kid, though. I wish you could have met him without dumbass dad tagging along.”

“Are all the parents in your family that dysfunctional?” I ask, deciding to let my hands rest for a while as she leans into me, clearly tired from the day's events.

She stops to think for a moment, her smile fading into a look of indifference. “I don't think there's any part of my family that isn't dysfunctional in some way.”

“It's a dirty thing to say, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only 'normal' one out of all of us.” Akira says, pursing her lips in reflection. “A sister without her sight, a cousin without her hearing, a couple of aunts and uncles with debilitating illnesses – I'm starting to think it's a miracle that I turned out alright.”

I nod my head in agreement. “That's not saying anyone's perfect, though. I just wish I could be as strong as you.”

“I'm not strong.” She chuckles, sitting up and giving me a smile. “Stubborn is a better word for it. I guess that's one way I'm like my father; too stupid to see when there's no point in trying anymore.”

She gazes into my eyes for a moment, caught in her own mind. “Not like you, anyway. I'd be better off if I could stand back and question things every now and then, you know? And there ain't a lot of people who talk quite like you do.”

Even if she says that, I don't think I could stand nearly as tall as she does. It's one thing to look at all the possibilities, but part of me wishes I could just jump for something; to fight against the things that are holding me down, rather than just playing with the hand I've been d-

“I say that, but then again... sometimes I wonder if you ever get tired of thinking.”Akira muses before flicking me on the forehead.

And then, before I have a chance to argue, she...

Her lithe fingers grip my shoulder and she pulls me closer, bringing her lips against mine. All of the thoughts that were swimming through my head are immediately purged and any semblance of awareness goes out the window.

The initial surprise wears off and I lean into it, shutting my eyes and wrapping one arm around her slender waist. What could have been a full minute feels like only a tiny moment as she pulls away, leaving me gazing into the glimmering rubies of her eyes.

I try to say something, desperate to liven up the following silence. “Kinda took me by surprise there.”

All I receive for my shock is a light shrug. “What, you didn't like it?”

I shake my head so hard that my hair shakes back and forth. “Of course I liked it. I just wasn't expecting my first kiss to happen like that.”

She snickers and gives me a wide smile. “Oh, so I got to have your first kiss? Lucky me.”

In one smooth motion, she grabs both of my shoulders and leans back in, our faces mere inches apart. “What do I have to do to get the second one while I'm at it?”

The contents of my skull practically turn to mush as she delivers that question, everything around me slowing to a halt as blood rushes to my head.

“Hold still.” I jab, pushing back against her in an attempt to meet her lips first this time.

Her fingers settle on my cheek, her lips holding on for a lot longer this time around. The room around me blends together into a haze of unnecessary detail, all of my attention going to the blonde-haired woman in front of me.

We break apart once more, my heart racing and my breath rushed.

“How was that?” I ask, falling back against her bed and letting my eyes wander up and down her figure, cradling my head in my arms.

She takes a moment to gather her thoughts. “Better than the first, that’s for sure. It needs some work though.”

“How much practice do you think I need?” I return, feeling my heart race as she glances back at me with a playful grin.

“Depends.” She answers, lying back and turning on her side. “More practice than you have now, at least.”

Her hands grip both sides of my face and she pulls me back in, fingers running through my hair as our lips lock together once more. I wrap my arms around her back and try to slide her in closer, my mind spinning as we pull apart only for a moment to grab a breath.

We begin to shift back and forth, my instincts taking the wheel as she rolls over and I climb on top of her. Everything about her gets my heart and blood racing, from her sultry tone and alluring smile all the way down to the ever-so-slight movements of her body against mine.

Our lips connect yet again and I offer no resistance whatsoever as her hands fly to the topmost button of my shirt. She works her way way down my torso, my imagination running at about a hundred clicks per second as my entire body flares up.

I pull away to slide my dress shirt off, almost afraid to remove my undershirt as my eyes trace the curves of Akira's figure.

A mischievous glint flashes in her eye as the dull clicking of metal dances past my ear. After a few moments, she pulls her belt off and then undoes the button of her suit pants, wiggling her hips back and forth as she slides out of them . “Muuuuch more comfortable.”

She then glances up at me and breaks out in a grin, snickering as as my gaze wanders around the bare skin of her thighs before focusing on the red satin fabric of her underwear. “C'mon Hisao, what are you looking at?”

My mind begins to give control to my body as I yank my undershirt off, shifting into a more manageable position on the bed as she hops on top and meets me with another kiss. In spite of any previous reservation, my hands begin to wander up and down her form as she straddles me, caressing the slim contours of her waist.

I don’t know what it is about her. The entire outside world could disappear and I wouldn’t care about anything other than this moment, and the next, and the next after that. School, graduation, college, a career, dealing with my condition, all of that can wait as far as I’m concerned.

Her lips settle against mine as she runs her fingers through my hair, the warmth of her body washing against my exposed chest.

After only a few more moments, she breaks away and takes a deep breath. Our eyes meet and we lie in silence for what feels like a whole minute, kept only in each other's embrace. Her breath is hot against my skin and I can feel all of her weight pushing against mine.

As if reading my body, Akira fixes me with a curious stare. "Is this your first time?"

I feel a knot swell up in my throat, unsure of where to go from here. “You mean, with stuff like this?”

“Well, yeah.” She answers, smiling. “But, I mean, you do seem kinda wound up.”



That -- that thing I wasn’t really paying attention to but now that she mentions it… “Well, that was just my first kiss, you know. What do you think?”

“Smart-ass.” She grins before nudging me in the side. “Do you want to keep going?”

I nod with as much confidence as I can.

We’ve only been ‘dating’ for what may be a month, but I feel as though I’d never be able to forgive myself if I let this chance slip. I certainly don’t have to force myself; the feelings are there, and I don’t think there’s anyone else on the face of the earth I’d rather experience this with. The confirmation that she feels the same way only adds to the difficulty of turning around and saying something like ‘we’d be better off waiting.’

“We’ve already come this far, wouldn’t it be stupid to stop now?” I remark, one hand sliding along her waist.

She offers me a reassuring smile before sitting up, steadying herself on my belly. “For just a moment there, I was scared that you were going to say no.”

I laugh. “Really? I mean, I’m not gonna say I wasn’t a bit worried. I mean, we have only been together for a short while…”

“Well, for some guys it’s better to wait.” She says, crossing her arms and looking wistful. “I’m not going to go into talking about the few past relationships I’ve had, though. What matters is that we’re here, and…”

Akira’s voice trails off as she glances around the room and then back at me. “Screw it, no need to beat around the bush. It’s only been a few weeks, but honestly, I think I’m in love with you.”

To say my heart skipped a beat would be inaccurate. For the entirety of the three seconds that follow, I feel as though tonight might be a repeat of that incident back in winter.

I manage to hold on, however, if only barely. “I, uh… uh.”

“I’m just telling it like it is,” she says with a satisfied expression. “Although, if I’m honest, I didn’t start seeing you as anything more than a friend until that night you confessed in the jazz club.”

“Oh, is that so?” I remark, laughing despite the fact that my heart could have very well started leaking after that jolt. “I don’t think I could tell you when I started to see you as more than the woman I randomly met in a suit shop.”

“What’s your best guess?” She ask with an amused gaze.

Could I really put my finger on it? I was fascinated with her even from the beginning, but I don’t think I ever considered that someone like me could be with her until later on.

“You remember that night I ran into you in the city and you showed me around?” I reply, still blushing from what was said.

She nods, a warm smile on her lips. “Yeah, you were just wandering around like you didn’t know left from right.”

“I think that’s when it happened for me.” I continue, recalling that night in the city. “Mostly at the jazz club. The way you talked and the way you joked around and the way you tricked me into betting on a pool game I had already lost before I picked up a cue…”

“That was pretty fun, you gotta admit.” She replies with a nostalgic sigh.

It’s been less than three months since that night, and yet I feel like it was so long ago. Time flies when I’m with her, and yet when I’m recalling the things we’ve done and what I know about her, it’s like I’ve known her all my life. It’s a strange feeling, and yet-

“So do you wanna keep going or should I wait for you to finish thinking about it?” Akira says.

I’m not given much of a choice, however. She doesn’t bother to wait for my answer before pulling off her tank top and revealing her toned belly and the red lacy pattern of her bra. A warm giggle breaks the silence as she lays one hand on my cheek, a look of curiosity on her face. “Are you nervous?”

“About as nervous as a guy with a time-bomb for a heart should be.” I nod, gulping in anticipation.

The soft touch of her fingers caresses my face and glides along my collar, all the way to the three-inch scar on my chest. “You know, you've never told me a whole lot about your heart thing. Arrhythmia, right?”

“Yeah.” I respond, my thoughts jumping back and forth as I try to recall how far is too far, whether or not I took my pills today, when I last took them, how much I've done since I...

“Is it gonna get in the way?” She asks with a look of concern.

The answer that pops into my head is neither yes or no. “I hope not.”

“That makes two of us.” Akira purrs, slinking back into the mood as her fingers trace all the way down my torso, centering on my belt buckle. “Anything we should avoid?”

I feel myself gasp in surprise as she undoes my belt and plays with the waistline of my trousers, undoing the button and letting her hand linger around my pelvis.

Nothing can stop me now, I don't think. I'm not going to let anything get in the way of this – not even a heart attack. “Well, I'd like to avoid getting too worked up, but if this is how we're gonna do things then that might not be avoidable.”

She shrugs and offers me one more warm smile. “Well, do you know how we can solve that?”

Then she starts to lean in; closer, and closer, and closer, until finally her breath washes against my ear and her cheek brushes mine. “Relaaaaaaaax.”

Before I can react or offer another opinion, she pulls me into a long and sensuous kiss, biting my lower lip as her arms wrap around me. My fingers caress the smooth, silken surface of her back and slide back and forth along the strap holding her bra on.

She smiles into my lips as I play around with it, having to make about four different attempts at undoing the hooks before they finally come undone.

My mind becomes a total haze, every part of my body wanting to react in different ways but all setting their goal on the woman straddling my lap.

My thoughts go blank as she pulls away and meets my gaze, her eyes like chiseled rubies gleaming in the moonlight. Without another word, Akira lets her bra fall forward and into her hands, which she then flings across the room without a second thought.

“Look at the bright side -- if something does happen, the paramedics have a straight shot here from the roof.” She smirks as my hands wander up her midsection, relishing the soft flesh of her modest bust.

A light moan escapes her lips as my fingers sink into her breasts, gently squeezing with as much self-control as I can muster.

She winces in pleasure as I pinch her nipple between two fingers, flashing me an enticing grin in response. “But hopefully we won’t have to involve any trips to the emergency room.”

Another trip to the hospital is, quite frankly, the last thing I want right now. If anything happens to tear me away from this moment, I’d rather it killed me. I don’t want to have to live with the fact that I fell off the mountain before reaching the summit.

We shift around on the bed as she tugs at my pants, pulling them all the way off and letting them flop off the side of the mattress before taking back her previous position. “Oh, polka dots again?”

“What, got a problem with polka dots?” I retort, almost gasping in bliss as she starts to tease me through the thin fabric.

“The only problem I can find is that you’re still wearing them.” She counters, any worry that had taken root in my head washing away as our lips meet again.

At the same time, I become dangerously aware of just how little the both of us are wearing. The only thing between us at this point is some black and white polka-dotted boxers on my end and a pair of ruby-red lace panties that flatter her hips in all the right ways.

We lie like this for a while, my hands wandering up and down the exposed skin of her figure while she shifts back and forth against me. Before long, she takes the initiative and begins to work her way down my body, laying a small peck against my neck, then my collar...

One on my chest, again on my stomach, each gentle brush of her lips against my flesh leaving a warm and wet sensation. I glance downwards in a mixture of anticipation and embarrassment while her fingers hook around the elastic of my boxers, a dumb grin creeping up on my face as she tugs downwards and lets out an impressed 'ooh~.'

I feel as though my entire body could melt into the bed as she meets me with a smooch, followed by another peck as I twitch against her breath.

A slick warmth rolls up and down from bottom to top, coaxing a shameless moan out of my throat and forcing me to grip the bedsheets. All self-control leaves my body as soon as I feel myself enveloped by her lips, unable to keep my hips from lightly bucking against her. She brushes a lock of hair out of her face as she swallows up more and more, one hand planted on my midsection while the other teases at the base of my lower half, sliding up and down in tiny motions as she rolls her tongue around me.

I force myself to sit up and gaze down, inhaling sharply each time her head bobs up and down. It's only a matter of time before I’m practically at the bursting point, at which point she pulls away and glances up at me, an expectant grin on her lips while her shoulders rise and fall with heavy breath.

“How was that?” She asks, one hand still rubbing up and down.

All I’m able to say is “Yes” while attempting to endure her treatment without exploding.

Akira laughs before crawling over to the edge of the bed, fetching my pants off the ground. “You keep one in your wallet, right? Most guys do, last I heard.”

“I... I think?” I reply, still dazed from finding out just how much control her lips have over me. “What are you talking about?”

“Protection, you goof.” She says, fishing my wallet out of the back pocket of my slacks. “Don’t ever go without it.”

“What if I don’t have any?” I ask, trying to recall whether or not I do. I think back before I ever got to Yamaku my dad bought me a wallet and slipped something along those lines inside as a joke on my mom, but if I’m wrong, then…

Akira groans. “Well, we’ll have to cut things short, since I’m not exactly the kind of girl that stocks those.”

Before I can answer, however, she pulls a small silver package out of the middle pocket. “Woo, dodged a bullet there. It’s a month before the expiration date too.”

I sit up as she… does most of the work for me. Not another word is said between us as we shift around for a few moments while trying to get settled in, rolling back and forth until finally I’m perched on top of her. Despite being only a centimeter shorter, her frame feels light and thin beneath me, each motion of her figure against mine making me wonder if I might accidentally crush her.

Those thoughts are quickly swept away from my mind as she nudges me up, shifting back and forth as she tries to remove the one piece of clothing she still has. With a bit of help, I hold the thin, lacy undergarment in my hand, paying no mind as I fling it over one shoulder and plant a long kiss on her lips. I can feel myself twitching against the bare skin of her pelvis, my mind a maelstrom of lust.

I don't wait long before trying to move onto the next step. “So is it alright if I…?”

My question is met with a wistful smile. “Well, you do want to, right?”

“Of course I want to. I just don’t really know if I should.” I gulp and nod my head, her eyes locking with mine as she gives me a wistful look.

She wraps her arms around my shoulders and pulls me in even closer, so close that I think I might slip inside if I accidentally move my hips. “You wanna know how you find out?”

I shake my head, at which point she pulls me in and meets me with another kiss, but softer this time. All I can do is return the sentiment, letting her soft lips fill every inch of my mind.

Her previous words start to bounce wildly through my head again. ‘I think I’m in love with you.’

Isn’t that all it takes? I’ve been spending this entire time thinking about how long we’ve been together or what I have to do in order to get to some imaginary point in the future, when in reality everything we need is already here.

Not a word is spoken between us as I pull away and meet her gaze. I begin to wonder if she’s actually able to read my thoughts as she winks at me, her expression silently saying ‘so what’s it gonna be?’

With her silent approval, I glance down and gently prod at the place where our hips meet, feeling her hands tighten around my back as I slide in bit by bit. I freeze up only a fraction of the way there as she tightens up, sending a warm surge throughout my body.

"You're a lot bigger than you look," she croons, her breath hastening.

I give a nervous chuckle before trying to move, gripping the bedsheets on either side of her and finding myself unable to look away from her alluring expression. Her hand slides down my chest and teases at my nipple, her fingers freezing for just a moment as a smooth moan graces my ears. The sensations washing over my body and mind send me into a frenzy as I continue to shift my hips back and forth, in and out.

Her toes dig into the sheets as I try to push myself further and further, her lips glistening as each exasperated breath and moan washes against my skin. I want to go all the way with this woman. I want to go further, faster, deeper, with as much force as I can must-


My hand flies to my chest and everything goes red, my entire body tensing up in inexorable pain. It comes and passes in a single instant, although I'm still frozen in place, a strange terror slicing through my mind and instilling a look of worry on Akira's face.

"Whoa there, you okay?" She says, pressing one hand against my cheek. A droplet of cold sweat trickles down my face and lands on her chest, drawing me back into reality.

I shake my head in an attempt to regain my senses, the strength slowly returning to my limbs. "Yeah, just... had a moment there."

"I think we were both having a moment there." She sighs, looking a bit more relieved as she gazes up at me. "Your heart thing acting up?"

"It was just a... yeah." I nod, beginning to feel embarrassed for spoiling such an amazing time.

She sighs and looks over my chest for a second, her finger tracing the large gash on my sternum. “I don’t think it’d be good for either of us to go through any more scares like that."

Common sense dictates that I should get some rest and put this away for later. But... my libido seems to have other thoughts. “Uh, I could try again...”

“You sure?” Akira says.

“I’m sure.” I reply, sighing as her hand rubs my torso. “If that happens again, though, I might just have to call it quits.”

She smiles and gently nudges against my shoulder, causing me to pull out and roll onto my back. In an instant she swings one leg over my pelvis and positions herself on her knees atop me. “I’ll just have to make sure that doesn’t happen, then.”

The moonlight bleeding in through the curtains glows against her figure, a pale light illuminating the sweat glistening on her face. From where I’m lying now, I can see everything; her wide hips curving into a slender midsection, the tuft of blonde hair between her thighs, and the beads of sweat trickling down her perky bust.

I want all of it.

"It's more comfortable for me this way, actually." She remarks, one hand on my belly as the fingers of her other gently slide up and down my length. “You were so caught up in taking the lead though, I didn't want to be selfish and not even give you a chance.”

She smirks as her comment causes me to twitch in her fingers. "I guess it's more manageable for you too, hmmm~?"

I give a forceful nod, gulping in anticipation as she continues to play with me, going so far as to lightly prod herself with it.

She leans in and plants a small peck on my lips, wearing a satisfied smirk as she sets her forehead against mine. "You know you don't need to be so nervous; I’m the only one who gets to see you like this."

Puffs of steam practically shoot out of my ears and my mind does double-takes and trips over itself at the same time as I try to think of all the things I could say in response and thefactthatshekeepsteasingmedowntheredoesnothelpmeintheslightest.

“I almost feel like I'm forcing you.” She says, tilting her head as her hips lightly sway against me.

“You're not forcing me.” I reply, my brain boiling in its casing as my heart, while not so stressed anymore, continues to beat like a heavy drum. “I just, I don't... I think I...”

I keep stammering and stuttering in an attempt to break up the awkward air left by my first incident, but ultimately I go silent again, my face burning up from all the embarrassment.

Akira takes it in stride, however, giving me a short 'heh' and shaking her head. "C’mon, it’s your first time, we’ve just gotta find out how far we can go."

That just about describes my entire life at this point. Playing around and skirting the edge until I find out just what my boundaries are. I don’t want that to be the focus, though.

“Are you going to keep playing with me like that or are you actually going to do it?” I finally ask, feeling as though my head might explode at any second.

“I dunno, at this point we may as well stop...” She trails off, cutting off just short of actually doing so and laughing at what may have been the most horrified expression she's ever seen.

She flicks me on the forehead once more. “Yeah, right.”

Without any further delay, she positions me between her thighs and slides down, moaning with satisfaction as I dive into her. I interlock one of my hands with hers before planting the other on her hip, my fingers sinking into her supple skin.

An ecstatic sigh rolls out from between my lips as I begin to move along with her, squeezing her hand each time she squeezes mine. I push my hips up to meet hers as she slides back down, slowly at first but picking speed much faster than when I was on top.

She plants her other hand against my side, trying to balance herself as she moves with more and more force, our bodies finding a rhythm rhythm with each wiggle of her hips against mine. I can feel my hand slowly crawling backwards, coaxing a pleased “oooh” out of the woman atop me as my fingers sink into her rear.

“Mmm.” Akira moans as I give her a healthy squeeze, a wave of satisfaction rolling through my body each time she drives me on. It takes everything I can to hold on and go along with her pace, quickly realizing that we're on two different levels when it comes to this kind of thing.

The sights and sounds filling my senses make me feel as though I could melt away into the sheets, driving me to push on and on in an attempt to keep up with her. She bites her lip with ecstasy as I try to thrust even harder, shutting her eyes and letting out a long, pleasure-filled sigh.

It isn't long before I find myself at the edge of my endurance, however, and I feel myself throbbing, ready to burst at any moment. Akira seems to be nearing the end of her rope as well, at least, her breaths uneven and her hand squeezing mine so hard that I can feel her nails digging into my skin.

Before I have a chance to prepare myself, my entire body tenses and I erupt, every ounce of strength and focus in my head fllowing out in one explosive moment. My arms fall to my side and I gaze up at Akira, who...

“Whoa, you’re done already?” She asks with a look of mixed curiosity, still caught up in her own side of things.





Oh god.

Not too long after the realization hits me like a dump-truck filled with bricks, Akira offers me a reconciling look before dismounting and lying on top of me, any chance at a satisfying afterglow punctured by my own lack of stamina.

In just those few moments, she catches up with the situation quite well. “Hey, you know this a stupid thing to make a face like that over.”

The fact that I finished before her seems like a pretty harsh thing to press against myself, but regardless of that it's not something I'm... proud of. I understand that it was my first time and that she was a lot better at these things than me and I kind of got ahead of myself and then didn't even have the decency to warn her that I was...

My thoughts are split apart as she gives me one last kiss, this time with a more gentle push.

“I, uh...” I trail off as soon as we break away.

She plants one finger over my lips to prevent any further comment, not that there would have been one beyond any ashamed stuttering.

"You remember what I told you?” She asks, her hand searching around my pelvis before toying with the rubber barely hanging on to my spent libido.

My mind goes blank, trying to search through the exhausted haze to pick out anything significant she might have said in the middle of... our deed.

Ultimately I shake my head, which only gets another smile out of her.

“Relaaaaaaaaaaax. It’s not like I’m going to stop caring about you because of it.”

With that, I feel myself slinking into rest, having a million things to say but without the strength to vocalize anything.

Content that she’ll hear no argument, the 'used' condom is deposited into a waste-basket next to her nightstand. She lies still for a while, no doubt contemplating whether or not she should take a shower, although it doesn’t take long for her to reach a decision as she slides under the covers facing me.

The magnitude of what just happened may not hit her as hard as it hit me, and for the first time in a while I feel like I've been left in the dust again. I don't know what I'm going to do, but for now, I...

I'm too tired for thinking.

There's one thing I have to do before wind up falling asleep, though. Well, besides grabbing the bedsheets and joining her under them.

“Hey.” I mutter, still trying to catch my breath.

She perks up. “Hey.”

I chew on the words for a few moments before firing everything into the open, not caring about what aftershocks it may have. “I think I love you too.”

The words roll off of my tongue as if it were something natural to say. The same could be said for everything tonight, really -- it all feels ‘right.’ Like it’s how everything is supposed to be. At the very least I could see myself easily getting used to it.

Akira doesn’t seem too opposed to the notion either.

“I love mushy stuff, but let’s save it for the morning. That’s the best time for pillow talk.” She groans with exhaustion, although she’s not so tired that she can’t give me one more smile before scooting a little closer and pulling the covers over her bare shoulder.

I hope it isn’t the last.

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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by BestTerribleApe » Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:11 pm

This is the best thing. Thanatos is the hero KS deserves.

Also, goddamnit, Hisao, did you have to think unsexy thoughts before the deed?

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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by Troy » Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:40 pm

You my friend have the best timing for me the 2nd time this day just when i woke up and just when i came home lol gonna read it now


I felt it coming this was pretty akward reading but for some reason i was smiling all the way trough it.
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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by Silver » Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:11 pm

My first child shall be named Thanatos02 :D

Great addition to the story and now to read it all again.

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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by khhero » Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:32 pm

wow well I'm not quite sure if akira had one as well i can tell hisao did but I'm not sure if akira did or just got close but i want to assume she did but can keep going a few rounds which for hisao first time he can't maybe with more practice like with the kissing he could get better and build stamina maybe some free time excise... right...? meaning more of this thing right? well that was just yea very good and well written and the way it lead into it at first i wasn't sure but then when she took her shirt off i was like is it gonna happen?! and it did (as you see i didn't say terms and such cause you didn't to much if at all in the chapter) :wink: :D why did i use those who care... and great time on the update now i must wait till the next part...
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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by octovaitor » Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:20 pm

Best thing about this story: it gets better the further we go. Great work
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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by YourFavAnon » Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:41 pm

The necessary Thanatos H-Scene has finally occurred. I am not disappointed. Excited to see where this continues!
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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by Maradar » Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:57 pm

Really well written. I enjoy the way that the H-scene was more about love and exploration then about fucking. I also liked how it wasn't perfect, nobody's perfect their first time, so well done with the realism. I'm thoroughly enjoying this route :), keep up the good work Thanatos02!

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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by Fanuilos » Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:38 pm

WHOO!! This is a great chapter. It was enjoyable to read how Jigoro and Akira interact and the growing romance is amazing!

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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by Gauldoth Half-Dead » Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:54 am

The best thing about this whole thing is that it's pictured so realistically. This part not being an exception.
Just... yes.
I have decided, this is one of my favourite pieces on this site, and for me it wins in the category of "canon character without a route". If I ever meet you, I'll buy you a beer or two.
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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by Hoitash » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:12 am

Gauldoth Half-Dead wrote:The best thing about this whole thing is that it's pictured so realistically....
If I ever meet you, I'll buy you a beer or two.

Guess Akira's gonna have to train Hisao to help him build his stamina, heh. And maybe go out on another date some day.
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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by BlackWaltzTheThird » Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:24 pm

*cue cheesy 80's montage scene*
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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by Wookie » Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:39 pm

That... was fucking hot.

Nice :P
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Re: Akira Pseudo-Route [Updated as of 8/31]

Post by Triscuitable » Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:52 pm

You went the route of actually integrating it into the plot without making it grating or unintentionally hilarious, as so much erotica has done before.

That, and you avoided the dreaded Nasuverse effect. Nice use of pronouns in place of nouns.

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