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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S8 Update - 7/13/14)

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Wow, it's been such a long time. But I finally got all moved in to my new home and a job and all that! So now with that, I can finally get back to work on writing this story.
Scene 8A Sudden Wilting.

I can't remember a time it felt so crowded when I was at my old school, but people sure know how to pack these hallways. Another morning brush with waves of students is becoming routine at this point. Despite the tiring effort to get around, I feel really happy for once in the morning.

The clearing near the classroom is a welcome relief, as I notice Hanako, Lilly, and Hisao by the door. It's great timing on my part.

"Good morning," the smile on my face doesn't feel normal, but it felt good.

"Good morning, Hiroshi," It came out almost in unison between the three of them.

Everyone looks relatively upbeat. I guess everything went without a hitch yesterday. Even with that belief, I don't know what to say, without bring it up in conversation. A quick glance at my watch is the only thing I can do to avoid appearing in a daze. There is five minutes before the start of class.

My attention turns back to the group, as I hear Lilly's voice.

"Since it’s such a lovely day, we should have lunch outside," that is definitely a change of pace, not that our usually lunch spot is anything to talk bad about.

Hanako hesitates about the idea at first.

"O-okay…," the smile she gives is reassuring.

"The bell is about to ring," Hisao informs the group, but I figure it’s more of Lilly's convenience.

"Oh my, we should hurry," Lilly's demeanor never ceases to surprise me, as she hugs Hanako.

Lilly heads down the hall to her classroom, as the three of us turn towards the door.

"Hold it right there, mister ninja!" that voice is unmistakable…, Misha.

Though with Hisao here as well, it’s hard to know who she is talking to. I turn around to face her, just in case.

"We have been looking for you all yesterday afternoon, Hiroshi," Both Misha and Shizune's grin, makes me wonder if they thought it was an elaborate game of hide and seek.

Though I wanted Hisao and Hanako to go inside and let me deal with this alone, as good friends, they would stand by me.

"I wasn't exactly hiding, or anything…, am I in trouble for something?" the amount of effort they gave is something I'm curious about.

"Nothing bad, we came to let you know that you have to go to the nurse's office this morning," Shizune signs to Misha with a proud expression on her face.

"As members of the Student Council, we are diligent in our duties to the school, even tasks like this," from all the things I would be told, this isn't a bother.

"Umm, thanks... I wouldn't want to get in trouble or anything," maybe this is a bit too sarcastic for me, but clearly the tone in my words goes over their heads.

"You're very welcome, Hiroshi," A quick translation of my words makes Shizune smile. I suppose I'll keep the truth to myself.

I wave a simple farewell to everyone and head back to the staircase. On the lighter side, I don't have to worry about the class assignment right now.


The door to the nurse's office is creaky as I open it slowly. To little surprise, Nurse, in his usual cheery manner welcomes me in.

"Well, good morning Mr. Yamashita," most people speaking formally to me felt odd, outside of teachers, it was out-of-place for me.

"So, what do you need from me?" it isn't the nicest way to speak, but by the look on his face, it is clear that he didn't mind.

"Just a physical, we need to make sure you're healthy," I resist the urge to roll my eyes.

He guides me into another room to begin the physical. All the medical tools hanging up on walls and the sterile appearance make me feel like I'm ill. Considering in the last few months of my life, everything was touch and go; I couldn't help but feel disconnected from the situation. The checking of my blood pressure, eye and ear, heartbeat, reflexes. My focus would only return each time I'm instructed to do something different.

This feeling of being in a medical environment was casual and relaxed at best in the past, but now It causes only this sensation of dread in my life, that I have to return ever so often to make sure I don't collapse or worse. With the path they want me to follow, what is worth moving forward for really, after finishing school?

A quick sigh escapes my lips just as Nurse finishes up.

"Yamashita, let us discuss some of the things I've noticed," of course isn't just good news.

"For the most part, things look well enough, though your heartbeat is a little fast from the norm," If that is everything, he made me sound a lot worse off.

"Your blood pressure is border line on the high-end. Considering your size and weight, this is probably due to stress," now it stacks up, but still not horrible.

"Just looking at your face, you seem to have pent-up stress, have there been any difficulties since your return from the hospital? Being more social can usually help reduce stress," once he stops talking, I can feel myself shocked and somewhat insulted.

It's sort of true I'm not exactly in the limelight with other students, but hearing it from him is upsetting.

"What does that suppose mean, I am social…," his face does not change one bit.

"Your sister talked to me the other day about you having trouble making friends, and around your age, that can cause undue stress," of course Katsumi would bring stuff like that up…

"Well she is wrong, I've had a good time with my friends since I've gotten back," I didn't lie, but I deliberately left out a few other things that have been on my mind.

He begins to look at me seriously for a moment, and then suddenly begins to chuckle.

"Both you and your sister have such a stubborn streak about yourselves, it’s uncanny," he looks very amused with himself.

"I suppose…?" I didn't feel like arguing about it, but I know I am not like my sister at all.

"Well, my advice for you is to try to relax more, its very bad for your heart if the pressure is too high," a simple nod is all I give.

"That should do it for the physical, you can head back up to class," the joy from those words couldn't be greater.

My back feels stiff as I get up and walk through the first door with Nurse right behind him. I think science is still going on, I'll ask Hisao or Misha what I missed when I get back.

The front door to the office suddenly opens as I spot Hisao and Hanako walking in, it's surprising to say the least, but my surprise turns to concern as I look at Hanako, she doesn't look well. She gives me a quick glance, but turns away before being brought into the infirmary. Nurse goes in to check on both, as I wait by the door.

A few minutes go by, with my mind racing. Clearly the stress I've been told to avoid isn't as easy to avoid as he made it sound. Hisao finally comes out with what I can only describe as a depressing look. It doesn't help my demeanor at all.

"Hisao, what happened with Hanako?" he takes a moment to find the words.

He begins to describe the situation that happened in the classroom. The group assignment that would eventually bring up Hisao and Lilly's trip to the city and teasing by Misha and Shizune, which lead to Hanako breaking down in class. The story comes to an end with Hisao revealing that Hanako will be back in her room by the evening.

"We should get back to class," Hisao did not want to openly dwell on the event, but I'm sure it's heavy on his mind, just like mine.

As we walked back, I couldn't help but think about my part in concealing the birthday planning from Hanako. If it affected her this much, then I caused her so much pain. What kind of friend does that to someone they care about.

Once we get to the door, we both walk inside. Mutou takes Hisao back to the hall as I get in my seat. Misha and Shizune look at me, but I don't react. I can only think about the people I've connected myself with and think about the pain I caused them. First the being how I made Shizune sad by her expression from my incident a month ago, and now with Hanako.

Should I really try to get involved with people, if it causes this kind of trouble?

Maybe I should just be alone…
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"I look down as I step forward, passing by all those that stare, and hold fear in my heart. I stop and look up, I realize I am not afraid of what others think of me. I am afraid of of what I think of myself."

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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S9 Update - 8/7/14)

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Scene 9Unexpected Rapture.

The feeling of a cool breeze against my neck urges me to open my eyes as I stare off into the distance. My fingers grasp the metal fencing in front of me, which covers the edges of the roof top of the school. Standing here was the only way I could feel any sense of relaxation, if only slightly more so than anywhere else.

I recall my excuse within twenty minutes of returning into class, a claim of discomfort that allowed me to leave. While I'm told to go to the Nurse, I had detoured to the roof, knowing I could be alone there.

There is so much uncertainty when it comes to this topic. It is all new experiences and I'm not sure how I should feel. Regret sets in as I go over things once again in my mind. I squeeze my fingers tight against the fence, doing my best to resist.

Am I supposed to feel this way? It's horrible and I hate it.

I want to believe that I'm over reacting, that maybe I'm not seeing everything as I should. However, the pain in my chest, which clearly isn't something physical, tells me otherwise. The internal conflict drags on for what feels like forever.

It would have gone on all day, if it wasn't for the bell ringing loudly on the roof. A strong jolt runs down my body which oddly helps me relax. I suppose it is time for lunch, but I don't know if having anyone around me is good right now.

The grip I have on the fence slowly loosens as I take a few deep breaths, going over my options. Either to stay here alone on the roof, or to go back down and talk to my friends. In the end, despite my hesitation, I decide that it’s best to show myself, so not to add any more fuel to the situation that we are all dealing with now.

My descent back towards the class hall was slow at best, as I took careful steps. I wasn't exactly sure why I'm walking this way, but I couldn't help feel uneasy as I reach the bottom of the staircase.

My hand pushes on the corner of the wall, letting out a deep sigh and looking down the hallway. Only a few minutes have gone by since the bell rang, as I spot Hisao and Lilly talking to each other near the classroom door.

There is no doubt in my mind they are discussing what happened to Hanako. The only thing to do for now is to join in on the conversation.

About halfway towards them, Hisao notices me, which apparently grabs Lilly's attention as well.

"Hey…," my voice sounds off, despite the effort to speak normally.

"You disappeared for a while, Hiroshi. Are you feeling all right?" Hisao's words feel out-of-place, considering the situation, but I push forward.

"…Everything is fine…," Hisao doesn't reject my words, though Lilly keeps her concerned expression.

A pause comes between us. The numbing sensation of uneasiness feels like a strong pressure at my core, while it lingers, the tone between us changes once again. Hisao then begins to tell of the event in more detail. Lilly appears focused on his words. I on the other hand start to wonder if I had just told Hanako about the trip, while not revealing its purpose, I may have saved Hanako from this grief.

The story comes to an end, as a sense of dread fills the air around me.

"If maybe I didn't keep her so in the dark yesterday, maybe this wouldn't have happened," my voice is a little shaky as I spoke.

"Hanako's birthday is a difficult time for her," Lilly points this out, though it doesn't help me feel any better.

"So what should we do?" Hisao clearly wants to fix the situation.

"It would be best to speak with Hanako when she returns from the Infirmary," Lilly speaks with a strong level-headedness that I couldn't imagine matching.

"We shouldn't expect her back until the evening," I could only wonder if the panic attack for Hanako was anything like what happened to me a month ago.

Once the silence returns, I began to feel the uncertainty in my heart that I had while on the roof. A small sigh leaves my lips, as I look at both Hisao and Lilly.

"Hisao, could you grab some lunches for us, please?" Lilly is quick with her words.

"Uh… oh…, sure thing," I couldn't be sure how Hisao felt about the request, but I could assume he is caught off guard with it.

Hisao heads down the hall to the staircase and soon disappears from sight. Lilly turns to me; she had a small smile on her face, though it looks oddly unhappy.

"Hiroshi, let us go set up the table," Lilly spoke in a tender manner.

What is she up to? This doesn't feel like Lilly, but it kind of does. I'm so confused, but maybe I shouldn't stress over it.

"Okay…," It takes a moment to get myself to start walking over to the room with Lilly.

Stepping inside, it feels warm, but with the sun coming through the window on this side, it isn't much of a surprise.

"Hiroshi?" I turn around, looking at Lilly, who is no longer smiling. I hesitate to respond.


"Are you feeling well?" The only thing I could imagine I was doing was making an odd face, but considering it is Lilly, that wouldn't make any sense.

"…I'm fine…," obviously this wasn't true, but I've caused enough problems already.

"You're sighing a lot, and I notice your breathing is erratic," Lilly injected worry into her words.

I'm definitely feeling down, but I can't believe it's so apparent. Bottling it up anymore at this point seems like it will drag me down for the rest of the day. Maybe it is best to just tell Lilly.

"Well…," the words aren't difficult to come up with, but expressing myself is the real challenge.

"I've caused a lot of pain to everyone I've talked to since coming to Yamaku…, I feel like a terrible friend," There is a stillness to my heart as I reveal my thoughts to Lilly. Uneasy wouldn't begin to describe it.

"What do you mean, Hiroshi?" of course she wants clarification.

With her inquiry in hand, I pull up a few chairs to the table, and take a seat. Lilly does so as well.

I make sure to take my time explaining both major events in detail, being sure to not to sound over dramatic about it. In retrospect, the issue with Hanako did not weigh in as much on my guilty as the first, it did ping a sense of guilt and frustration that came from the first issue that lead me to being hospitalized.

From the moment I finish talking to Lilly, I place my elbow against the table with the palm of my hand against my face, leaning against it.

Her reaction looks blank at first, as if she is absorbing and analyzing everything I said. Then, what feels like a minute goes by before she begins to speak.

"As distant as you like to present yourself at times, you are actually an empathetic individual," the grace of her words impact me hard.

"I know deep down, you have no intention of doing anyone any harm, and sometimes things are out of our control. As kind-hearted of a person you are, you shouldn't feel like a burden upon anyone," I can feel as if my heart is being pulled slightly as she speaks.

"Lilly…, I just…," a feeling of happiness and sadness fills me. I want to cry, if only because of the comforting mood, but it doesn't come out.

My left hand comes up from the table as I rub my eyes, trying to center myself. As soon as I get my focus back on Lilly, I notice her hands reaching over to the table, just near my face. My heart might as well of stopped I that moment.

Her finger tips pass against my cheeks, it's a tenderly warm sensation to say the least.

"It is all right, Hiroshi," I want to believe all that she said.

"Hey, I got the lunches" Hisao voice easily kills the atmosphere.

Panic sets in quick as I pull my face from Lilly's hand, the force of my movement forces my knee to hit the bottom of the table.

"Argghhh…," I wasn't sure how to react as I rub my knee. As close as Hisao and Lilly seem, it would have made things awkward.

"Is everything okay?" there is no surprise that he appears confused.

"Y-yeah…never better…," I give a fake chuckle, though I feel an urge to curse at my pain.

Despite what happened to my knee, I think I feel a lot better now, I'm not completely assured, but at least things are at ease.

Hisao joins us at the table as he passes the lunches around. I open mine up quickly, but wait for them to start eating before I begin. Another sigh leaves my lips, but it doesn't sound so negative.

"Thanks by the way, Lilly…," I smile a little, as close my eyes for a moment.

"It was no problem at all, Hiroshi," As I open my eyes, I see her usual tender smile.

"Let's dig in, "Hisao must definitely be hungry now.


Whether it was due to the conversation between Lilly and I, or just how long we took to eat, it seems that our time to get back to class is short. I offer to set the table and chairs back as Hisao and Lilly clean up our little mess.

Once everything gets put back into place, we walk out into the hallway.

"See you after class Lilly," I can only hope things go as well for Hanako as they did for me.

"Take care, both of you," Lilly gives a small wave before walking to her class, though the sight of her without Hanako feels odd.

Hisao and I head back to class, knowing the bell would ring any minute now.

Feeling as well as I do now, I wonder if I should make sure to get some advice for my problems. Katsumi might have things to say, if I could ever deal with a long conversation with her…

Something dawns on me.

Oh crap, I never came back before the lunch periods…, let's hope he forgot about it…,
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"I look down as I step forward, passing by all those that stare, and hold fear in my heart. I stop and look up, I realize I am not afraid of what others think of me. I am afraid of of what I think of myself."

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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S10 Update - 8/18/14)

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Scene 10Cautious Stride

…and with that, the square root ends up being about 104 if I round-up. Now with that I just need divide it by 4.29 and it’s done. Wait… I forgot to carry over the two, so it should really be 106 instead of 104… right? Umm… let me think, ok so the answer looks like…err… wait… I forgot to multiply X with 13 then add Y which multiplies by ¾… Why do I have to do this kind of work right now…!

I can't even tell how much time has gone by since I started this, and I am no further along with understanding any of this. Maybe I should just guess at this point.

With a few simple flicks of my wrist, I redo the formula to adjust for my mistakes, and finally get everything back in order on the sheet.

"That will do for today, Yamashita," the stern voice of the math instructor isn't something I'm taking lightly.

"All right…," I turn in my work to his desk and start towards the door.

"I hope you understand that your choices have consequences Yamashita," clearly it’s a result of people who act the way you do...

"Yes…," I couldn't pray any harder than I am now, to get out of this room.

"I'm sure you can show me your understanding once again, same time tomorrow, Yamashita," All I give is a simple nod as I walk out the door and turn straight towards the stairs.

There is only one word that will ever come to mind now when I think about him… Hard-ass….

I can't believe that I had any hope that he would forget or let it slide, but it seems that I didn't know the variables… Oh god, I'm making math puns now, the horror of it all!

As I walk downstairs, I try to get the idea of numbers out of mind. It is a huge surprise that when I think of Misha and her powerful voice, more specifically her laugh, it drowns out everything else. That is the definite first sign that I'm going crazy, when Misha's voice is a pleasant thought, hahaha…

With my thoughts out of tone with the rest of the world, I press my hand against the door on the first floor, the cold feel of the metal handle brings me back.

Where the heck am I going?

I place the palm of my hand against my forehead as I try to recall something that feels important. My eyes shift around, clearly giving off the impression that I'm deep in thought. I just know I'm going somewhere for something…

Maybe some fresh air will help me out. A quick push on the door and I get outside. The first thing I do is look up at the sky, still trying to figure things out.

I stared up at the sky for at least a minute before I hear something.

"Hiroshi, there you are." The voice draws my attention..., this hasn't been my day.

"Oh…Hisao, what's going on?" I guess I was in up in the classroom a lot longer than I thought.

"We've been waiting for…," what I forgot finally comes back to me.

"Oooooooohhhhh!" Hisao looks spooked as I realize how loud I just was.

"Sorry…, right, we are going to see Hanako …ahem…," I couldn't help but rub the back of my head.

"Lilly is waiting for us," Hisao regains his composure.

"Let's go," He takes the lead as we head over to the dorm.

We end up walking side by side as I look at the ground, feeling like a goofball for being so over-dramatic. I try to let myself feel that way until we reach the dorms, but the silence ends unexpectedly.

"So Hiroshi, I have a question," where will this lead I wonder.

"Sure, ask away," have to stay confident, maybe it's nothing big.

"Earlier, when we were having lunch and I came in, you almost flew out of your seat, what happened?" Oooh.. It’s something big...

Quick, think of something to tell him, umm…, hmm…,

"I've just been on edge…," this is a sinking boat…

"On edge?" crap…, umm…

"Yeah, w-with everything that has gone on… recently…, I've been a wreck…," I'm starting to feel bad for coming up with this nonsense.

Hisao looks as if he is pondering my answer. I can only hope the questioning ends.

"I guess we all have felt that way recently," a small sigh escapes my lips as we reach the dormitories. Not a moment too soon.

We head inside and walk into the female dorm. Within the first moment of walking in, we spot Lilly. I glance around the room while Hisao approaches her.

This definitely gives a different feel than the male dorms. Sort of a sweet smell in the air, but I'm not exactly sure what it is. I don't think I could really give a describing smell to the male side, though I would swear that when I walk by Hisao's door, I smell a lot of greasy food. I can't imagine it's coming from his room though.

I head over to Hisao and Lilly, noticing a few of the girls in the hall giving me an odd stare. I guess this is my first time here and it's weird for them.

"Hey Lilly," time to get ourselves on course I suppose.

"Oh, Hiroshi. Are things all right? Hisao told me you had some trouble in class," I guess I should just quote what happened.

"…Apparently, I made an "Ill-calculated decision that is not appropriate or becoming of a productive member of society,"" the last few words make me notice how sarcastic I was being.

Lilly has a slight distressful look on her face, though I can tell she is trying to keep up a strong front.

"I hope that you are able to reflect on it, Hiroshi," regardless of her intent with her words, she has a point.

"I have a lot of time to reflect on it, it seems," a few more days of punishment to deal with isn't too bad.

"Let's go see Hanako," Hisao insists, and I'm sure we all want to deal with what we gathered to do.

We walk a bit down the hallway; Hanako's door isn't too far in. Everything feels uneasy as Lilly knocks on the door.

I've never had to deal with something like this before. I should just let Lilly take the lead and see where I need to fill in.

There is no response to Lilly's knocking, and we wait a few moments. Lilly then reaches for the door knob and starts to turn it, clearly showing it's unlocked. Without any hesitation, Lilly moves inside first, followed by Hisao and I come in last.

The room looks pretty bare, save for a few things; it seems like the basic design. Though I'm not one to judge, my room is almost identical in set up.

Hanako is lying on her bed, and with a closer look, the trail of tears is easily noticeable on her cheeks. With as overwhelming as things have been today for her, it's something that couldn't be helped.

Hisao takes a bag and places it on her desk.

"Hello, Hanako. I've heard what happened today, are you all right?" Hanako looks so fragile; I hope we don't make this any worse by being here.

"I..I'm all right…," She focused on Lilly at first before looking over to Hisao and me.

"S-sorry for making… y-you all worry…"

"I'm r-really… a-all right…," Hanako's expression doesn't really match her words, but I would never attempt to cast doubt on it. I can only hope that she is really in a better state.

"There is no need to apologize for this," Hisao's words sound reassuring.

"Hisao's right, we... I… shouldn't have tried to hide our plans for your birthday from you," Lilly kneels down to Hanako.

"I should be the one to apologize, Hanako."

I couldn't help but notice the long stare Hanako gave to Lilly, it seems almost piercing. Though not too long after, she slides herself up to sit on the bed. Lilly joins her as she sat next to her, taking Hanako's hand into both of hers. It still feels like tensions are high, however.

Hisao and I give each other a simple glance, I guess I'm not the only one feeling awkward.

"If you need us to go, Lilly, we can…"

"I don't… want that…," Hanako surprises all of us with her sudden confidence. Hisao mumbles something, though I couldn't hear it clearly.

I feel useless right now. Lilly has such a strong connection with Hanako, I could see why she can help put her at ease. And Hisao is so confident about how to act. Maybe I've not really put the right amount of effort.

"There is some bad news, I'm afraid, Hanako." What bad news is she talking about?

"I must return to my family, my aunt has falling ill, and I will be gone for a time." Hanako looks concerned, I wouldn't blame her, this is shocking news to both of us.

"You mean… in Scotland…right?"

"That's Right, Akira and I will be leaving Saturday."

"S-so you are going away?"

I couldn't really find the words to speak, I'm just trying to absorb what's happening.

"Not too long, only for a week or two. Hiroshi and Hisao will be here, of course," once I hear my name, I snap back into focus.

"Yeah, I'll be here for sure," I have to do better, so I won't have doubt.

"We aren't going anywhere," Hisao backs me up, with such reassurance.

"W-will your aunt be all right?"

"I'm unsure," Lilly speaks honestly, though the atmosphere isn't any help for the downward spiral that today has gone.

"We were thinking, it would be best to hold a small going-away party for Lilly, which can also be… yeah…," Hisao cuts himself off, I can only assume for good reason.

"Does that sound all right to you, Hanako? It will be something just among us in my room."

Lilly sells it well, though I don't know if that setup will be very spacious.

"O-only the four of us, at the school?"

"Yes, and If you like, I can ask Akira to come as well."

"All..right…, you will only be gone for a week?"

"I promise, no longer than a week or two."

"O-okay," I think things are finally settling down.

"You should get some rest, Hanako. I think it would be best if we head back to our rooms," I suppose Hisao is right, it is getting a late.

"If you need anything, you know we are here to talk, right?" Lilly's tone is unusual.

"Thank you, Lilly, Hisao, Hiroshi. I understand," the smile on Hanako's face puts me a little at ease.

"Good night, Hanako," each of us bid farewell, the same way.


Coming out of the room, it's surprising how relaxed I feel once I'm back in the hallway. I couldn't imagine how everyone else feels.

I glance over at Lilly, who doesn't look in full form.

"Is everything all right, Lilly?" I feel we have come full circle since me and Hisao walked on dorm.

"Just tired, today has been quite… frantic…"

"Without a doubt, it has been. But, it seems like more than that," I couldn't help but feel concerned.

"I'll be all right for tomorrow," as helpful as she is, she sure resists getting help.

"You should really relax, it won't do you any good to soak in dark tides," I'm not sure where I was taking that, but it sounds good.

Lilly giggles, which is a good sign at least.

"Thank you, have a good evening, Hiroshi, Hisao."

"Good night, Lilly."

"Night, Lilly," Hisao is the last to speak as we head back towards the male dorm.

Lilly had entered her room already before we leave the hall. I'm not sure what to say to Hisao, though I'd like to know why I wasn't told in advance about Lilly's situation, even a text message would have been nice. But I won't stress out about what’s already passed.

Hisao gets to his room first, as I wave him farewell. A few more doors down to get to my room.

I can only hope everything works out well for this get together, I'd like to see more smiling faces…

Maybe I should try to smile more too, I don't do it that often…


Why did I just think of Misha laughing again? I need some sleep….
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"I look down as I step forward, passing by all those that stare, and hold fear in my heart. I stop and look up, I realize I am not afraid of what others think of me. I am afraid of of what I think of myself."

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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S10 Update - 8/18/14)

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It's looking good. I've read it all so far, and I like Hiroshi as a character! Just a minor error. "O-only the three of us, at the school?" I think that should be four. Hanako, Lilly, Hiroshi and Hisao.
Other than that, it's looking good!
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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S10 Update - 8/18/14)

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azumeow wrote:It's looking good. I've read it all so far, and I like Hiroshi as a character! Just a minor error. "O-only the three of us, at the school?" I think that should be four. Hanako, Lilly, Hiroshi and Hisao.
Other than that, it's looking good!
Fixed! I read over it 4 times and I'm like, everything is good, and the sentence makes sense, so it's good to go, clearly I can't count at times. Lol
"I look down as I step forward, passing by all those that stare, and hold fear in my heart. I stop and look up, I realize I am not afraid of what others think of me. I am afraid of of what I think of myself."

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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S11 Update - 9/14/14)

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Scene 11Warmhearted Fête

The sequence of numbers ends up totaling at about a quarter of its value since "x" is divided with the sum instead of it just being another addition. That should finish off this section. Uggghhhh…, I wish this clock would hurry up; I'm already going to be cutting it close as it is to meet up with the others. This punishment really seems pointless if I actually attend the class and know what I'm supposed to do ahead of time…

Well at least it's not as bad as yesterday…

The sound of the pencil against the page echoes in my mind as I work out each problem. While I do make the effort to get this done, my thoughts slip in and out from the work. I can't help but think about the get together in Lilly's room.

What is her room like?

I can't imagine it being bare, just like Hanako's, but I would figure any special arrangement she made isn't for the aesthetics. Maybe that is why she offered to hold the party in her room; it probably can accommodate everyone easily.

The instructor gets off his seat, which pulls my attention back to him.

"That will be all, Yamashita. I hope this will keep you on the right path, so we don't have to do this again," he sure makes it sound like he doesn't want to be here, but it is difficult to imagine he doesn't like the torture he put me through for these few days.

A simple nod is all I give. I'm not in any real mood to talk with him anyway. He might even give me more trouble if I say something out of turn.

I'm not too fond of being lectured to about the same thing over and over. More so from a classmate, and Shizune knows how to push those buttons.

Well I guess it was Misha talking, but clearly Shizune had a lot of things to say to me about cutting class. I almost thought she was like a nagging mother, but in retrospect, that would be an odd thought for me. And I could be wrong, but the choice of words sounded more concerned than angry, but that wouldn't be the Shizune I understand if that is the case.

I guess it's not important now…

Getting my things together is quick enough, since I have only had one book out. I sigh to myself, making sure the instructor couldn't hear me as I leave the room. At least there is something to look forward to now.

There should be enough time to go to my room and get Hanako's gift, though it seems I will be hanging out in my uniform this evening.

It's a letdown, but I shouldn't procrastinate with these thoughts, got to hurry…


Walking into the girl's dorm, just as it turns six. I really expected to be late. I shrug the thought from mind as I try to remember which door belongs to Lilly.

The concern disappears as I notice Hisao ahead of me. I guess we got here about the same time.

"Hey Hisao," he is carrying a sort of small square-shaped present. I'm not sure what it could be.

"Just on time, Hiroshi, thought you might have had trouble due to detention," I would hope any kind of detention seems like trouble.

"Things worked out I guess," I keep Hanako's gift gripped firmly in my left hand. I'm still curious of what Lilly and Hisao got her.

"Let's head in," I'm as ready as I will ever be.

Hisao knocks on the door three times, they are pretty strong knocks. I have a rather strange thought about how to knock on Shizune's door to get her attention. Silly I know, but it doesn't stick around for long, as the door unlocks. Hisao goes in and I follow right behind.

Lilly's room is to no surprise, very vibrant, though it could just be the lighting. However, the spacing was not what I expected, with a low table in the middle of the room. Nice to have for company I suppose, but seating might be tough for four people.

Both girls are dressed in what I figure are their Pajamas. Hanako has on a rather large night-gown. Considering her nature, I guess it is fitting, though it does show her neck and shoulders. It's a nice slender look to say the least. Lilly on the other hand is wearing something that looks like it's made of silk. With her legs revealed, I wouldn't be surprised if they were as soft as the silk. The top looks almost like a normal shirt, but seems a little loose on her. And with her hair let down like that, it completes the look.

Err…, let me not go too far into these thoughts…

"Hisao, Hiroshi is that you?"

"Yes it is," I smile a little, if only to try to expression my good mood.

"Please, have a seat, we are having tea."

Hisao sits on the left of Hanako, so I'm forced to squeeze in near the dresser. At least I can lean back against something. Both Hisao and I turn to Hanako now.

"Happy Birthday, Hanako"

"Happy Birthday, Hanako. So you're turning eighteen huh?" I can't help but feel that is an odd way for Hisao to start a conversation.

"T-thanks…, Yes…," Hanako's words seem hesitant, though I'm sure she isn't feeling 100% just yet.

"So who is older, you or Lilly?"

"Lilly is…, her birthday was in February." So was mine, that's interesting I guess.

When was your birthday, Hisao?"

"It pasted a while ago."

It is so odd to hear Hisao ask these questions, I figured he knew much more about the two of them, than I do. It feels surprisingly comforting that I'm not too far beyond Hisao.

I pour myself some tea, which gives a different kind of aroma then what Lilly normally makes. It isn't a bad scent, so it should taste good, at least I hope so. Hisao pours himself a cup as well and we both begin to drink.


The scent betrays the actually taste of this tea, it's not bad but the flavor is really unexpected, at least to me. I couldn't help but notice Hisao coughing slightly from his sip. Did it go down the wrong pipe?

"Did you not like it?" considering Hisao's reaction, I totally understand why Lilly would ask.

"Oh no, it just surprised me, it's not what you usually make."

"It's Orange Jaipur."

Well no wonder it was a surprise, Vanilla and Orange are very distinct from each other.

Hisao finishes his cup and looks at me and Lilly. He picks up the square gift. I guess I know what he wants to do.

"I think it's about time…"

"Oh, yes Gifts." Lilly had a doll placed next to her. It is sort of old-fashioned, made of wood and it has brown hair.

Lilly hands the doll over to Hanako, and she holds it close to her. Clearly she is in a happy mood.

"Here you go Hanako, this is from me," I hand over the Teddy bear, which Hanako places right next to the doll.

Hisao hands over his gift now. It makes me wonder if I should have bothered doing that for myself and make it seem like a surprise. But, I guess Lilly didn't bother to either, so it isn't a huge deal.

Hanako quickly removed the wrapping and her face reacted to the sight of a rather fancy looking chess board. Damn that is a good idea; I can't believe I couldn't think of that. She opens a part of it and picks up one of the chess pieces, examining it.

"It's made of coral, natural coral, un-dyed, so I'm told."

"T-thank you, everyone." Hanako looks content as she sort of basks in her gifts.

"I need to play you again, sometime," Hisao happily insisted

"I'll… make sure I'll play you first…" Hanako smiles.

There is some silence in the room as we all look at Hanako. She soon moves over to Lilly and hugs her tightly. It's easy to see the strong friendship that both have. I could only wish that the four of us can eventually reach a level like that.

"Let's have some cake," Hisao places a cake on the table. Along with plates and forks.

We all start with a small piece. It is a wonderfully sweet taste. I can't remember the last time I had cake or anything like this… maybe before transferring to Yamaku? It's not a big deal though.


The cake is gone off faster than expected. I knew I should have grabbed a second piece, but Hanako and Hisao just dug into it and I didn't want to seem greedy.

"I feel so stuffed…," Hanako probably had almost half the cake by herself I think.

"Next year, I'll bring a smaller cake," that comment makes Hanako smile.

I was about to say something, but someone began to knock on the door. I wonder who that could be.

Suddenly someone bursts in, the kind of energy she was putting it could put Misha to shame.

"Akira Satou is in the House! Happy Birthday, Hanako!" who is she exactly?

"Ah… thank…you…"

I ponder on the girl's identity. For a moment it's a blank thought until I recall her name. Satou… oh! She must be related to Lilly…

"I thought you'd have work, Akira. Did you manage to get some time off?" I guess Lilly is just as surprised as everyone else.

"Eh, kinda. I feel bad about ditching the guys doing overtime, so I have to get back soon."

"But I felt bad about not coming to cute little Hanako's birthday too, so now I'm here."

Hanako's embarrassment is clearly off the charts as she blushes hard. But it isn't long before she relaxes.

"Oh, I haven't introduced you yet. Hiroshi, Hisao, this is Akira Satou, my elder sister."

Elder sister huh…

"So you are the two that Lilly has talked about," she does?

"Nice to meet you, Akira."

"Same here, Akira," I feel like Hisao and I are on the spotlight pretty often recently, though that might be overstating things.

"Time for my gift," Akira takes out a brown bag and pulls something from inside; it's two large glass bottles, with fancy writing on it.

Is that Wine?!

"Akira… this isn't…" Hanako looks curious about the bottles.

"What is it?" Lilly looks a bit lost.

"Wine. One red and one white," Hisao is quick to explain the situation to Lilly

"A-Akira! That's…!"

"It's not like Shizune is going to find it, its fine," Akira tries to reassure everyone.

By the looks of it, Hanako and Hisao are interested, and I'm not too against the idea either.

"Please, just don't let anyone from the school find out," Lilly is always cautious I suppose.

"I won't say anything…," Akira pours some of the first bottle into each of our glasses. Once it is all set, we all take a hold of them.

"For Hanako, and Lilly's Trip," Hisao calls in for a cheer.

"Cheers!" Everyone but Hanako says.

"C-cheers…," Hanako smiles and joins in as we start to drink.

Everyone more or less seems to enjoy the wine, or at least no one is making a face about it. So we start on our second glass.


Four glasses, five…six… I went to seven… man is everything wobbly all of a sudden. I didn't feel anything after three drinks, so I thought it was odd and had more. I guess it wasn't the best idea.

I put all my effort into keeping myself steady, as I look around the room. Hisao and Hanako are talking, but I can't really make up what they are saying. I place my hands on the table and lean back against the dresser now. But, even that does not help much.

Hisao and Hanako leave the room, which leaves me alone with the Satou sisters. Not that I'm any less unfocused than before, but at least I think I can make some things out.

"Hiroshi, …re… alrig…?"


I try to ask what's going on, but everything I say sounds weird. I repeat myself, maybe I'm saying the right thing and I don't realize it.

I place a hand on my head and close my eyes. I start to mumble, or I think I am. I feel my lips moving.

I can't see anything and yet everything feels like it's spinning around. Aren't I leaning against the dresser? I mean I think I was, but I'm unsure. Man, I'm tired, I just want to sleep, but I don't wish to be rude to Lilly either…

Maybe a quick nap… won't be a big deal, then I can get up and be alright…

Well maybe I should ask Lilly first, but I'm too tired to open my eyes, or even move.

“L...lill.lly… …………… …………………………… ……………….”

Everything fades.
"I look down as I step forward, passing by all those that stare, and hold fear in my heart. I stop and look up, I realize I am not afraid of what others think of me. I am afraid of of what I think of myself."

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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S12 Updated 12/25/15)

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Scene 12 – Aching Recovery

A sensation of swaying envelops my body as all that I can see is blackness. However, ever so often I’m able to get a glimpse of something.

It’s a long hall way maybe? I am moving? Or am I just looking around?

My vision blacks out again, as the swaying intensifies.

The next image to come to light is, what I think is the ceiling.

Am I still in the hall? I think I’m laying down at this point, but everything is still moving. I at least give one full attempt to move, but I don’t think it did anything, and once again, everything fades out.



The sound of my alarm clock is jarring to say the least, as I glance around. My head is aching like no tomorrow, and things are still spinning around, but not as much as before. I think the sun is out, is it morning?

Let me get up…

I roll out of bed, with as little balance as possible. It is a trial to get myself up, though at first I think I’m just about on my feet, I fall down and hit the floor hard, my eyes close, feeling exhausted and weak. Maybe if I rest a few moments, I’ll be ok…



Is my alarm still going off?

The sound is so irritating, as I start to look around for it.

A swift motion gets me on my feet and I hit the snooze button. The spinning sensation is gone, though I can still feel the terrible pain throbbing from my head. I guess it would be best to avoid sleeping next to a screeching sound.

There is a moment of pause, if only to try to find a central of balance, as I look around. It still seems early and one glance at the clock confirms it. A huge yawn almost roars out of my mouth as I reach for my medication, knowing it will be of great assistance right now.

A quick downing of the pill and I look around the room again, straightening up what I’d best label as a wild night of rolling around in the bed. The idea of rolling around like that is out of place for me. I’m usually pretty stable in my sleep, but I suppose a party like the night before will do that to anyone.

I quickly notice that I’m still in my school uniform, which as some stains on it, let alone a smell that can be best described as Kenji level.


I got to shower and get ready for class…


If there is anything on my mind that is something I believe with great certainty, it’s that I’m glad that I am up earlier than normal. Walking requires a lot more effort right now, and I can only figure its part of this hangover I’m dealing with.

One foot over the other…, up the stairs we go.

Whoooa… that was close almost tripped there…

Okay…few more steps…

I sigh as I get to the top, feeling relief, using the wall as a brace to help get into the classroom. I can only guess what kind problems everyone else is dealing with, though… I suppose I drank more than anyone else…

With the classroom apparently empty, I wobble over to my desk and sit down, laying my head against the top of the desk and resting, I’m sure someone will make sure I’m not asleep when class starts, though I don’t know if I can handle one of Misha’s energetic bursts right now.

The few moments of peace stop as I hear footsteps, but since they are very slow paced, I have good reason to believe it’s not Shizune and Misha. This is confirmed once I get poked on the shoulder.

“Hey Hiroshi, are you doing all right?” Hisao spoke with concern, but his words seemed a bit off.

“Err… let me know when class is over…” I feel like I need more sleep, or just some time to relax.

“I’ll take that as a no,” He seems chipper, or at least more than me.

“I had to carry you all the way back to your room, you seemed so far gone the other night. Do you remember anything?” That explains how I got back to my room.

“Everything was… spinning… or swishing…, and dark,” it’s about as much as I can recall.

“Lilly was very worried when you just collapsed,” Well, that sound about right…

“…I’ll apologize… when I see her…,” I roll my head over to the side in the direction Hisao was talking from.

Oh boy…

It would be my luck to notice Shizune and Misha walking into the classroom and head directly to both of us. I’m not sure if I’m ready.

“Well, look who shows up to class after missing a day,” well I guess that is how this morning is starting.

Wait a minute, missed a day of class…?

Oh god…?!

I grumble a little, not having the energy to really defend myself, Hisao on the other hand, speaks up.

“People don’t feel well at times, it happens,” I think it’s a good point.

“And it so happens that your little group all misses class on the same day?” Misha and Shizune are getting pretty serious.

“Well that…,” Hisao is interrupted pretty quickly now.

“Whatever you four did, still looks like it’s there. Hiroshi looks terrible right now,” I start to wonder if they think I got dragged into it, when I did this to myself.

“…I always look terrible…,” I feel like I punched a hole in their argument, but a sudden sadness hits me.

I think I just insulted myself…

There is a pause, I’m not sure what is happening, but I don’t feel like things are going to escalate.

“Don’t you worry, we’ll figure out what you are up to Hicchan,” They take their seats, as well as Hisao.

Fortune would have it that Hanako walks into the class just as that argument ends. I think for her and everyone else sake, it's best we don’t bring it up again anytime soon.

The rest of the class eventually comes in and the bell rings for the start of class.

Please, someone just wake me up by lunch time…
"I look down as I step forward, passing by all those that stare, and hold fear in my heart. I stop and look up, I realize I am not afraid of what others think of me. I am afraid of of what I think of myself."

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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S13 Updated 12/27/15)

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Scene 13Developing Journey

Out of all the times to find myself in a huge scramble, it had to be now…

I suppose it can’t be helped, considering what’s happening. Lilly is finally leaving for her trip to Scotland. I know we had some time to prepare and plan for it, but I still feels like it’s so sudden. Uneasiness lingers in me when I think about Lilly being gone. I can’t find the words to describe this feeling; I just know it doesn’t feel good.

Considering the time I’ve been at Yamaku, I can say the closest friendship I’ve had with anyone would have to be Lilly, Hanako and Hisao. It hasn’t been so long that I think of it as long cherished, but considering the my history, I think even these few weeks alone have felt like ages to me.

While I’m still not certain that I’m as good of a friend as I should be, I will do my best to trust in Lilly’s words. It’s odd really, when I close my eyes at this moment, all I can see is Lilly’s face, but I guess with her leaving, it comes to no surprise that is what I’m thinking of. I still have to be here for Hanako and Hisao, things might be rough without Lilly after all.

Speaking of rough times, I got to hurry, I don’t know if I have much time left to dwell on my thoughts.


I couldn’t have imagined changing clothing would take so long, but I try not to worry too much as I sprint towards the main gate.

There is no forgetting that I should keep myself relaxed, but this is too important to me.

Once I reach the gates, I stop for a second to catch my breath, my heart feeling erratic, as I pull the iron gate open to join everyone else.

So, far it seems like everyone is just waiting. I suppose the taxi is running late.

Everyone is dressed up casually, which makes me feel a little less guilty for taking the time to change as well. While I have seen the type of clothing Hisao and Lilly wore, this was the first time I saw Hanako dressed this way. I suppose it is fitting attire for her, when I think about it.

My breathing is still off as I speak up.

“….Sorr.y.. about being…la..late… Didn’t mean to…. Hold you u... up…,” I slouch over, which is a poor attempt at relax my body

It’s clear that I’m way more exhausted than I give myself credit for.

“Are you feeling well, Hiroshi? There was no need to rush” Lilly spoke in her usual concerned manner.

“…Yeah…, Just need a few seconds…,” Maybe that was overestimating it a bit.

I’m sure Lilly is even more worried at this point. I really hate myself for making her feel that way.

Almost immediately after the thought, I stand up straight and close my eyes. I let out a big sigh, as I can feel my heart slowing down slightly.

Relief is the only feeling I have as I regain my composure. Opening my eyes, I glance around to take in the feel of the atmosphere. It seems to have settled back to normal levels.

Hanako still looks a little concerned, though I have a feeling it doesn’t have anything to do with me.

“So, how long is your flight, Lilly?” Hisao asks something that I’m also curious about.

“About sixteen hours, If I recall. It’s hard to tell with changing time zones,” that’s a long trip for sure.

I don’t know about Hanako or Hisao, but I’ve never flown and the idea of flying for so long sends small shivers down my spine. But, I have to figure that Lilly has done it enough to not feel that way about it.

“So long…,” Hanako words start to make me feel she is more stressed than concerned.

“It’s not too bad. I’ll spend most of it either asleep or catching up on my English. I hardly use that here so I need to refamiliarize myself with it a little,” her words give me an odd thought.

If I slept for that long, would it do much for me? I can’t imagine so, but one can dream, I suppose.

“W-will your accent… be a problem?”

“I wouldn’t worry about that too much. It may be an issue initially, but I should be fine once I get used to it,” Lilly gives Hanako some reassurance as everyone moves to sit on a small bench near the gate.

It’s sort of a tight fit for four people, but we manage.

I glance over at Hisao, who hasn’t said much. I wonder if he is really impacted by her leaving, though I don’t feel his face matches up with that idea for some reason.

Hanako pulls my attention away from Hisao, as she is nervously biting on her fingernails. Hisao moves a bit closer to her, whispering something to her.

A familiar sensation of being left with my thoughts makes me feel uneasy. I’m worried about how Hanako will be without Lilly around, but at least I know she will have support from us. I on the other hand, don’t think I’ve done well to talk about my thoughts with either of them. Lilly is the only person to really ask, but I think that has more to do with me than anything else.

“Hiroshi?” Lilly’s tender voice pulls my eyes to her.

“Yes…?” a quick glance past Lilly, I still see Hisao saying something to Hanako.

“Please take care of yourself…,” I feel like there is something hinted in her words, but I don’t exactly see it. I guess I worry more about everyone else than myself.

“I’ll do my best…,” my tone is pretty plain, though I think it wasn’t fitting for the mood.

I can’t describe Lilly’s face after my response, but before I have chance to inquiry, Hisao suddenly speaks up.

“Ah, I think the taxi is on its way…,” I take a moment to look over, seeing it in the distance as well.

“Well spotted Hisao, I only just heard it as well,” Is that why her expression changed like that? I guess I over thought it for a moment.

The taxi stops right in front of us and the driver rolls his window down confirms the booked trip with Lilly. We all get her luggage sorted out and get it situated in the trunk. Lilly climbs in with the driver’s help as he gets back in and shuts the doors.

“Have a safe trip, Lilly,” Hanako looks really sad as she speaks.

“Take care of yourself,” Hisao keeps his words sincere.

“We’ll miss you, Lilly…,” It’s a lot stronger of a feeling than I let on.

“Of course I will. I’ll be back before long, don’t worry. There will be other people here for you too, won’t there?”

“Of course,” both of us ended up speaking in unison.

Lilly seemed amused by it, though I wouldn’t blame her. Hisao places his hand on Hanako’s shoulder as we all spoke up

“See you, Lilly.”

“Good Bye!”

“Farewell, Lilly.”

The driver starts the engine as Lilly gives her final goodbyes, which she clearly is hesitant with. Not too long, the taxi goes down the hill off to its destination.

A prolonged silence sits with us as we take in Lilly’s departure.

I’m at a loss for words myself.

“What do you wanna do?” Hisao breaks the silence.

“I… dunno…,” Hanako’s voice lowers down a bit as she speaks.

Staring at the road just leaves lingering thoughts. An idea comes to mind.

“Why don’t we go to the city?” it definitely feels like a toss-up idea.

“That sounds good, doesn’t it Hanako?” at least I have support for it.

“Yeah…, let’s go,” I’m surprised by Hanako, even if it’s just a little.

We all nod in agreement and not a moment too soon, the bus comes down from the other side of the road.

I guess this trip was something fated for us. No harm in having hope in that. While I wonder what the three of us will do while we’re there, I still feel some persistent thoughts of Lilly. I do hope she is going to be ok…


I’ll have to make sure we get something good to eat while we’re down there. I’m really famished.
"I look down as I step forward, passing by all those that stare, and hold fear in my heart. I stop and look up, I realize I am not afraid of what others think of me. I am afraid of of what I think of myself."

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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S14 Updated 12/29/15)

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Scene 14 Desired Serenity

It has been a few days since Lilly left for Scotland. I can’t help but feel like the normal routines have all but disappeared. I guess everyone still hangs out and has lunch together like always, but it just doesn’t feel the same for some reason.

Class has been pretty steady with the work load. Shizune and Misha have been on both Hisao and me all this time. It’s like they really want to make up for that missed day of class. I won’t complain, in a way it’s helping the days seem faster, at least in part.

There is still the matter with Hanako. While the first day, everything seemed to be going well, I can’t help but feel that it was a fleeting moment. The second day, her usually withdrawn nature came back in full force, but we all still spent time together. And now, I’m not sure yet. But I can only hope there is a way to put her in a better mood.

This morning is one of those few days I walk into class a little earlier than normal. With the extra time, it’s no wonder I am thinking everything. Hisao and Hanako haven’t come in yet, and I will probably not expect them to be. On the other hand, I feel that…,

“…Hahaha, w..what?!” I can’t help but start laugh, as I feel my sides being tickled out of nowhere.

“Look who’s up early today, Wahaha,” how in the world did they sneak up on me?!

I do my best to resist, and with a few more seconds, I break free and back away from the two.

My breath is labored as I try to relax myself. An unexpected attack in the morning is kind of annoying, but in the end, I’m not really mad about it.


“You looked so grim, we thought to brighten up your day,” Misha and Shizune sure bounce between how they treat me, It almost feels unnatural.

“Brighten my day…?” what a step in logic, maybe pointing a flashlight at my eyes would be even better…, on second thought, let me not even think that, considering my luck…

“Well, you haven’t even been in a mood to spend time with us in a while,” I got to say, they sure play their roles well.

“I’ve just been busy is all, and it’s not like you don’t see me in class,” won’t allow myself to be put in a corner this morning.

“Not busy enough to hang out with Hicchan and Ikezawa,” Shizune has that look in her eye. The same one she gets when she wants to win, this isn’t good.

I can feel a little sweat dripping down my forehead at this point, but that won’t stop me now.

“Maybe, but do consider that between Hisao and me, you’ve let the hammer down. I think both of us know that you two are absolutely caring of our situations,” I’ve got to say that I’m impressed with myself there.

“Yeah…, but that is still just work,” this might go into circles.

“Well, listen…, I promise to try to make more time for you two, but for now let us take it easy, since it’s still early,” the excitement I express makes my heart beat a little quicker, though I don’t feel much of it. I have to be thankful for the medication.

“All right, since you promised, we will,” in this situation, it’d be best to just leave it as a draw, since Shizune and Misha are smiling after all.

We all end up sitting down and start to discuss things in general, I don’t bother to say much, just nod or shake my head when it’s appropriate to do so. While this is going on, I can’t be sure about the amount of time going by, but eventually people start coming in, Including Hisao. Hanako on the other hand hasn’t shown up as the class bell rings, but maybe she’ll be late like she occasionally is.

“Morning, Hisao,” a pretty genuine smile takes hold on my face.

“Good Morning, everyone,” Hisao gave me an odd look all of a sudden.

“What have you three been up to?” I feel like he might be assuming something.

“Nothing much except talking, Hicchan. I hope you’re not jealous,” Misha would have to further tease these ideas…

My expression changes to one of embarrassment, it’s not like anything happened, but I wouldn’t want anyone to think it did either. Not that either of the two seem like bad options.

Why am I even thinking about it…?!

This is getting me all mixed up.

I lay may head down and listen to the laughter between the four of us go on.


Who would have thought I would do better on that quiz than Shizune? Miracles are a thing after all, probably won’t happen again.

It’s time for lunch, but that isn’t really the concern on my mind.

Hanako hasn’t come to class at all, which is very unlike her. With Shizune and Misha discussing something with the instructor, this might be a good chance to talk with Hisao about it.


“What’s up, Hiroshi?”

“Well, it’s about Hanako. It’s a big surprise she hasn’t come at all yet.”

“Today is her birthday, so that might have something to do with it.”

I must have forgotten this fact, I should have really made an effort to remember the exact date.

“Hisao, what do you think we should do?”

“I’m not sure, it might be best to just go talk with Hanako directly.”

There is this gut-wrenching feeling that fills me from hearing that idea. But, on the other hand, I don’t have any ideas of my own about this, at least ones that seem safe. If only Lilly was here…

Wait… Lilly!

“Hold up, Hisao! Maybe we should call Lilly and ask her about it,” she is a lot more experienced on this matter, and I’d rather have her advice than just make a move without it.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, let’s call her now.”

“We should probably wait, it’s definitely after midnight over there in Scotland,” the exact time is unknown to me, but based on the length of Lilly’s trip, I figure it’s very late now.

“On top of that, we have another matter to attend to…,” if he could feel their presence, I’m not sure, but Shizune and Misha are done talking with the instructor and look quite happy as they stand behind Hisao.

“Why are you two still sitting in here, I wonder?” both of us end up shrugging at the question. I can assume that just like myself, Hisao doesn’t really wanna discuss these matters.

“Could it be, you were waiting for us?” innocent smiles replace the curiosity that once gripped both of them.

“Uhh…, yeah, that was exactly it. I did promise to spend some time with you, right?” with things the way they were, I might as well take this path, it’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Hisao looks like he will follow my lead with this, as he nods in agreement.

“Yeah, let’s go eat!”

I wonder if anything good will be left once we get down there.


The school day came to an end like any other. Spending time with Shizune and Misha did well to pass the time, though the uneasiness I felt since lunch has not faded one bit. In a way, I feel that I’ve been too eager to focus on one problem, and let other things escape my grasp. I’ve never been good with any of this, …friendships…

Things are starting to feel like they were back at home. In a weird way, it’s not unexpected, but I just have to resist these feelings, I know things can get better.

The classroom was pretty empty at this point, with the exception of Hisao and me. He was already waiting for me at the door. We figured it would be best to go to our usually spot to call Lilly together.

Once we leave the classroom, it doesn’t take too long before we get to where we were going. The school was abnormally quiet for this time of the day, and it doesn’t help how I was feeling.

We sat at the table and place the cell phone in the middle, dialing Lilly’s number. It was set on speaker so we can both listen in.

The ringing lasts a little longer than expected, but someone does answer. It had to be one of her relatives. Thanks to Hisao, who is better at English than I am, we were able to get Lilly on the phone.

“Hello, Lilly speaking.”

“You sure sound tired,” her voice made me feel she had just gotten up.

“A little. What time is it there?”

“Late afternoon. School finished for the day not long ago,” Hisao’s words sound anxious.

“Hanako’s not well, is she?” Lilly is fast on picking up the mood.

She must have been prepared for this.

“She missed school today, and based on how she was yesterday, we’re worried to say the least.”

“Hisao is right, we don’t have any idea of what to make of it. Has this happened before?”

Lilly pauses a moment, which I’m sure is to articulate her thoughts.

“Yes it has.”

Lilly begins to explain what happened the year before, along with her opinion on the matter. Having heard some of this for the first time, it’s hard to imagine myself in her shoes, let alone how I’d want to handle it. In this way, I can see us almost at other ends of the spectrum. But I know that whatever she is feeling must be weighing heavily on her heart.

Her advice on the situation is quite the surprising to me.

In the large scheme of things, when we think about Hanako, what she has probably gone through and what she is dealing with now, she would not succumb to it, more so that she has people connected and concerned about her. In the end, it is Lilly’s suggestion to leave Hanako alone and allow her to come out on her own.

Hisao’s face gives the look like someone who is resisting the urge to accept it at first, I’m not sure what it really means, but once he agrees to it, I’m confident things will be fine.

The air feels a little heavy as he starts to small talk a bit about Lilly’s trip and things in general, it isn’t really much, consider what’s going on.

“ I need some time to think,” Hisao says his farewell to Lilly and I and heads out of the room.

Left alone, I end up thinking about a lot of stuff, not just Hanako, but Hisao and Lilly and myself. It wasn’t until I hear her voice, before I realize I left the phone on.


“I’m sorry, I kind of lost myself for a moment.”

“I actually wanted to ask you something,” Lilly’s voice got a little stronger.

Something to ask, while Hisao isn’t around. I wonder what it’s about.

“Have things been all right with you?”

What? I thought I’d be the one least worried about in this case.

“I’m fine, nothing is really going on,” there is an interest in her questions I can’t help feeling.

“Before I left, I felt that you were dealing with something unrelated to Hanako.”

Something else?

“I don’t understand?” my heart feels like it’s slowing down.

Making assumptions might be bad, but in a way, I think I might know what she is talking about.

“The way you speak, or rather, how you go about speaking to everyone. It’s like you’re trying to get your mind off something that is bothering you. I don’t mean to pry, and understand if you don’t wish to talk about it,”

She does notice…

“Well, I…”

It’s not exactly something I want to discuss or bring up… or maybe it’s just I’ve had no one to ever open up to in the first place. I’ve never shared these thoughts, but it’s clear I’m no good hiding them either. She does seem to care enough to take notice, even if it’s in a motherly way.

I feel so anxious about this, so lost and weak now. Maybe this isn’t the time, but she should know…

“Hiroshi, are you ok?”

“…Lilly…, I think……… I think that it would be best to tell you in person, rather than over than phone. I think seeing your face might make it easier to talk about… so… I promise… to talk to you about it, when you come back…,” I let out a huge sigh of relief when I finish.

“All right Hiroshi, I understand.”

I pause, knowing I need to dwell on this to figure out how to explain this when the time comes.

“Lilly, I’ll talk to you later…”

“Take care, Hiroshi,”

“Take care, Lilly, I do hope to see you soon…,”

I shut the phone off after a few moments of silence.

I don’t know if I should feel at ease or not, though I’ll figure it out one way or another.

Leaving the room seems to take longer for me than I want it to, but at least things are in motion.

I have a silly thought in mind as I walk down the hall.

All things considered, I think I might practice on my violin tomorrow.
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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S15 Updated 12/30/15)

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Scene 15Uncertain Gap

Today will be the first time I think I’ve ever gotten through that line for lunch so quickly. A little daring maneuver sliding down the last banister. Thank god none of the instructors saw me do that.

I chuckle at the thought as I finish up the last pieces of my meal.

A quick glance at the sky helps me have clear thoughts. Hisao opted to stay in the classroom to study, I decided to come up here, and it’s a lot more peaceful than downstairs. It also gives me the privacy I need to start playing.

I pull the violin case over and open it up. Unlike the last time I played in the main building, this is my personal violin and I doubt I’ll suddenly have strangers gathering around me up here.

The wooden frame of the violin fits firmly into position as I think over what to play.

With a little time for thought, there lingers a wish for the book of music sheets that would have been helpful.

It couldn’t be helped as I start to play a string of notes to the first thing that comes to mind.

A lengthy set of notes with slow intervals is something I end up sticking with and only change when I feel it has gone on for too long.

I close my eyes and start to think about things, as I play.

At first, it starts off simple, My friends, Lilly, Hanako, Hisao, Misha, and Shizune. Things are peaceful enough with the sound of the music in the air. The next sets of images that come to mind are my sister Katsumi and our parents. I can feel the smile on my face fade as my strokes get a little more intense. My breathing starts to get slightly fast at this point as I try to keep those thoughts from filling my mind and go back to my friends.

With a sense of frustration and anxiety, I continue to play. The combination of the internal struggle and trying to find a sense of peace in my mind start to create unfavorable ideas.

What I start to envision are things that I would never want to fathom as a possibility. Like in a trance, I can’t help myself as I allow it to persist, sending myself into a spiral in my mind.

I stop playing the violin and with my eyes still shut, put it back into the case with the bow. It’s the only thing I can do to avoid damaging either as I feel my hands clinching tightly.

All these feelings I’m having right now, all the things I’m seeing in my mind, they’re irrational. They won’t happen, I’m just… feeling so much stress… but this hurts so much at the same time…

Tears start to slightly flow down my face, as I keep my eyes shut. The sound of everything around me is muffled as I start to curse myself.

“Damn……it...............Damn it……, don’t do this…, just…”

I open my eyes, and everything seems a little blurry. Despite that, I can see two people approaching me, as I wipe the tears off my face, before they get closer. I sniffle before I speak up.

“Who’s that?

“Hey Hiroshi, look who’s here,” that sounds like Hisao’s voice.

It doesn’t take long for my vision to get better as Hanako appears clearly in my sight

“…Oh Hanako! Hey,” I try to look a little more relaxed, but I’m sure my current appearance won’t match.

“Hello, Hiroshi,” Hanako seems good, I suppose Lilly was right on the money.

“I’m glad to see you,” my chest feels tight as I cover my mouth to cough.

“Are you all right, Hiroshi,” Hanako looks concerned

“Uh yes, I’m all right, don’t you worry,” it would be bad if that happened

If anything I’m more worried about her, and now that she is back, I hope things stay in a more positive light with her.

“If you… say so,” Hanako smiles and the two of them take a seat near me.

“Unfortunately, since I’ve already eaten, I can’t join you two. But…, I have something in mind.”

A quick pull of the case gives me access to my violin as I prep myself up. This time I have a theme in mind as I start to play some soothing music for lunch, though a crazy thought comes to mind as I go. If I could eat a sandwich while I was playing the violin…, …probably not a good idea.


There was a clear lack of preparation on my part when it came to lunch. Of course, I did expect to be alone the whole time and also did not even expect Hanako to come back the day after we all discussed the matter.

Almost being late to class was a panic for me for sure, I’m sure Hisao and Hanako felt that way, though I can’t imagine any instructor saying anything to Hanako about it.

However, the rest of the school day went smoothly. I was a little surprised, but grateful all the same.

As the three of us began to head out, figuring some time at the Shanghai would do us some good, my phone starts to vibrate.

I can begin to suspect who is texting me, as I pull the phone out to confirm. Of course it’s Katsumi. She’d like to meet up in the city in three days. As much as I’d like to not deal with that, I’m sure she’d show up here, and that is something not preferable.

How can I really refuse?

I text back with a simple response to let her know that it’s fine.

Either way, I just want to spend some time relaxing with my friend before dealing with something new…

…maybe they’ll have some nice cake today.
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"I look down as I step forward, passing by all those that stare, and hold fear in my heart. I stop and look up, I realize I am not afraid of what others think of me. I am afraid of of what I think of myself."

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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S14 Updated 12/29/15)

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Zykes wrote:Shizune and Misha have been on both Hisao and I all this time.
on Hisao and me
“Maybe, but do consider that between Hisao and I, you’ve let the hammer down.
between Hisao and me
Also you jump wildly between tenses, sometimes within one sentence like here:
The ringing lasts a little longer than expected, but someone did answer.
Scene 14 felt almost exactly the same as in the VN - only with two Hisaos instead of one.
And you might give some indication of how much time passed between the two scenes. Since Hanako seems completely okay it has probably been at least a few days.
“Unfortunately, since I’ve already ate,
and that is a less preferable situation.

"less preferable" does not make sense here. For one option to be "less preferable" you need to have at least three options, two of which are preferable to the third but one slightly less than the other

All in all the second scene is a lot better than the first.
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Re: Staggering Harmony - (A2,S14 Updated 12/29/15)

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All right, I made those adjustments for the most part, I'm going to look over the last four scenes again to see if I can catch more of those tense jumping problems.
Mirage_GSM wrote:Scene 14 felt almost exactly the same as in the VN - only with two Hisaos instead of one.
It was a choice I had some trouble with, but I feel it's something I had to lean heavily into for the narrative i'm working towards.
"I look down as I step forward, passing by all those that stare, and hold fear in my heart. I stop and look up, I realize I am not afraid of what others think of me. I am afraid of of what I think of myself."

Staggering Harmony - OC Fanfic

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