YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Update 3/16]

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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [New Story 10/8]

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Mirage_GSM wrote:Yes, but why would you look for a bad mother rather than just not caring about that quality?
All that line was meant to show was the importance of motherly qualities to him. It's not even saying anyone in general would go and specifically look for a bad mother, at least, that was not the intention at all.
I write things occasionally.

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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [New Story 10/8]

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Man, it's been a while since I've been on here. You've put up quite a lot of new stuff so...


Ha, ha, ahahahaha....
*cough* Excuse me for that.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's always fun to write out a scene to classical music don't you think. Even since reading that Hanako likes karaoke in her route, I have always thought that she had some aptitude for musical endeavors but lacked the confidence to follow through with it.


Maybe it's because I haven't bothered to look, but I haven't seen many Hisao/Akira stories. It's an interesting route to take (not my cup of tea, mind you, but interesting none-the-less). An Akira that enjoys romantic stuff (or Hisao's company for that matter) just doesn't register very well in my head.
I liked the Pavlov joke...


You like writing stories in the snow don't you? It's a sweet little story but there really isn't much too it after that.
Not saying that it's bad or anything, it just doesn't have much sustenance past admiring Lilly.
KS: Bloodline The story of Yaso Atoza, 24 years after the events in KS.
Nomad: A Hanako Tale Hanako's search for her own personal paradise, ten years after KS.

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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [New Story 10/8]

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atw_ah wrote:

Ha, ha, ahahahaha....
*cough* Excuse me for that.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's always fun to write out a scene to classical music don't you think. Even since reading that Hanako likes karaoke in her route, I have always thought that she had some aptitude for musical endeavors but lacked the confidence to follow through with it.
Was certainly interesting. I originally had gone with a composition called Aero by Wick for the piece, but I kind of got bored of listening to it on repeat and went with the last song that popped up in my playlist (which happened to be Arabesque #1).
atw_ah wrote: Galaxy

Maybe it's because I haven't bothered to look, but I haven't seen many Hisao/Akira stories. It's an interesting route to take (not my cup of tea, mind you, but interesting none-the-less). An Akira that enjoys romantic stuff (or Hisao's company for that matter) just doesn't register very well in my head.
I liked the Pavlov joke...
Certainly understandable. I was trying to more or less tackle this idea that she wasn't as she appeared to the public, which is the tomboy-ish, carefree (or careless, depending on how you look at it) Akira that we all know. I figured while writing it that certainly not everyone would enjoy it, but I personally think everyone has the touchy romantic / caring side, and that's what I wrote for her in this piece. Although, I wanted to make it as awkward as possible for her in the process, which I think I achieved at certain points in their dialogue.

You like writing stories in the snow don't you? It's a sweet little story but there really isn't much too it after that.
Not saying that it's bad or anything, it just doesn't have much sustenance past admiring Lilly.
All this one was meant to be was cute and warm feeling on in the inside, nothing more than that. I wasn't really aiming for it being a whole lot another that in terms of character development or... anything at all, for that matter.

And winter holds some special moments in my life so far, so I personally love and hate winter at the same time.
I write things occasionally.

Dumps of my 35+ fics can be found here and here (including some non-KS stuff).

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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [New Story 10/8]

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The Next Step

I continue to hustle around the kitchen, my apron flapping around I practically sprint across the room from the stove to the small table we have off to the side.

It's a beautiful night out, the moon giving ample lighting as it cascades through the window and onto the table. I run down the things I have laid out on the table, making sure everything looks perfect.

It needs to be perfect.

Otherwise, tonight is going to be a miserable night.

Under my soiled apron, remnants of the various foods I've been preparing literally all day long splattered in various spots all over it, I'm wearing my nicest sweater vest, a long-sleeved dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants.

I really need to be myself when she gets home, as I don't want to give away any surprises before I bring her into the kitchen.

Shizune will be home from work any minute.

In a fit of panic, I run through a mental checklist in my head as I untie my apron, tossing it out of view.

Table set up with candles and the moon as our only form of lighting. Check.

Shizune's favorite foods. ranging from a huge salad to the best tasting crab I've ever managed to cook up. Check.

Use of silver and glassware that she has constantly forbidden me to use under any circumstance at all. Check.

A perfectly chilled bottle of wine centering it all. Check.

Last, but certainly not least, I run my hand over top of the tiny box that I have hidden off in a corner of the room, making sure to keep it out of sight.

Just as I finish wiping down the counter and tossing away useless remains of various spices and ingredients, the lock at the front door begins to twist as she inserts her key to unlock it. I rush out of the kitchen and wait patiently as she pushes the door open, looking a bit surprised to find me waiting for her.

She hangs her heavy winter coat up on the hangers off to the side of the hall, also kicking her shoes off.

Her eyes haven't left me yet as she raises her eyebrow at me, crossing her arms over her chest.

I gulp and grin nervously, trying as hard as possible to hide what she'll find in the kitchen for a moment.

[Welcome home. How was your day at work?] I lean in and give her a quick peck on the lips, something the two of us have become accustomed to doing when one of us returns home from a long and treacherous day of labor.

She sighs at me, pushing her glasses back up to the bridge of her nose.

[Frustrating as usual. Sitting in meetings all day, ready to just come home and crawl into bed...] She drops her hands to her sides at the end, more or less trailing off in what she was signing. She clenches her fists and closes her eyes for a moment, trying to relieve the stress of a common day.

I give her a sincere smile before wrapping her in a hug. She graciously returns in, gripping me harder than she has in quite some time.

She looks up at me before pulling her hands back to sign, looking at me with a hint of curiosity.

[Okay, Mr. Nakai. What are you scheming here? Waiting for me at the door, looking awfully shady and all isn't necessarily the best way for you to hide something.] She squints her eyes at me, a habit she's gotten into while trying to draw information from me.

I reach up and rub the back of my head for a moment, letting out a couple of shaky laughs.

This isn't going as smooth as I was originally hoping.

I reach forward and grab her by the hand, catching her off guard, and lead her down the hallway with little resistance. We round the corner and enter the kitchen as I turn around to face her, an expression of anger completely melting off of her face and morphing into one of complete surprise.

I can feel my face burning red as she reaches her hand to her mouth, staring in awe at the surrounding setup.

[I thought you deserved a nice dinner prepared by none other than your wonderful boyfriend.] I look down at her feet out of embarrassment as she still is looking at the table before her, stepping past me and standing beside the table.

When I finally look up at her, she has one of the widest smiles I think I've ever seen from her.
Shizune looks up from the table for a moment, gazing into my eyes with amazement.

[So this is why you took of work today?]

I rub the back of my neck and grin.

[Maybe.] I walk around her and pull her chair out, offering her a seat. She accepts and sits down on the chair before I push her in, taking my position on the opposite side of the table.

For a moment, both of us just sit in a motionless state. My heart races at an uneven pace as I force myself to smile. She takes a look outside at the moon resting in the night sky, streaks of light creating shadowy patterns on her face.

After a few moments, her eyes meet mine once again as she raises her hands and attempts to string together some form of a conversation starter.

[Why are you doing this?] Her face looks curious and actually slightly emotional, her eyes appearing a bit glassy.

I can't tell her the real reason yet, can I?

I mean, I know she's going to press the matter at hand here, but what am I supposed to tell her?

I take a moment to process my thoughts before responding, my cheeks lighting up as I move my hands.

[Well, you're always working hard and long hours. I thought maybe I could show you my appreciation of what you do.] Upon finishing, I reach forward and take a hold of her hand between the two of my own, holding it tight.

She looks down out of embarrassment, her cheeks showing a hint of red.

It's certainly not easy to get her to be embarrassed or flattered, but romantic settings have always been a soft spot for her.

I retract my hands from around hers and grasp the bottle of wine sitting in the middle of the table, taking the opener and pulling the cork off. I offer her a questioning look, to which she simply responds with a nod and a smile. I tip the bottle and fill her glass up, following that up with my own shortly after.

I take a sip and place the glass back down on the table, my mind distancing from the world we're in.
That's how tonight needs to be.

We need to be in our own little, dysfunctional universe.

Shizune sits with her hands on her lap, still sort of settling into the mood of the room. It's completely understandable that she would be, anyways, as my goal of catching her off guard was greatly achieved.

[Now, Mrs. Hakamichi. How may I serve you this evening?] She brings her hand to her mouth and silently giggles, smirking at my very interesting attempts to impress her.

[I think you can 'serve' me by taking a break. You've done enough for me today.] I frown a bit at her. I worked hard to get this perfect set together, yeah, but that doesn't mean my act is over yet.

Before I can get anything else out, she begins to take food from the various mounds scattered across the table, filling her plate up high with crab and various greens.

I pout.

[Fine. I was just trying to be nice...] She offers me a pat on the shoulder and a satisfied smile.

[You've done plenty enough for me, Hisao. Let's eat.]


After a good half an hour of eating and mindless talk about work and things going on in town, I finally set down my silverware and pat my stomach. Shizune imitates me, resting the back of her hand against her forehead and mockingly sighs at her filled stomach.

I glare at her, but she doesn't seem to catch it. I stretch my arms and stand up, clearing the table and carrying our dishes over to the sink. As I go to dump excess food into the trash, I sneak my hand up and remove the ring box from the hidden corner, putting it in my pocket.

I think it's time.

After putting the rest of the dirtied items in the sink, I take my place back in my chair, Shizune waiting for me with her seemingly non-removable smile still perched on her lips.

It's strange.

I don't think I've seen her this happy in almost a year.

It's definitely a satisfying feeling when you know that you've made the person you love happy.

She takes a sip from her third glass of wine, her cheeks slightly red from the alcohol getting to her head.

[I think we need to take a vacation, Hisao.] I look at her with a confused expression.

She's generally the one who doesn't want to take a vacation because she's afraid her workplace will go nuts without her there.

[Is that so? Where did you have in mind?]

[Here. Just you and me.]

She looks like she could use a break, really. With my work picking up around now for the holiday season, I'm not sure how long I can get off for.

But I will damn well make sure it happens.

I grin.

[I think I like that idea. What would you want to do here though?] She smirks deviously, her eyes regaining their strength.

[Oh, I have more than enough ideas of what we could do...]

I blush.

She's getting too good at sneaking in references to our sexual expeditions.

Enough of that though. It's time to build up to the big question. I take her hand in between mine again, my muscles tensing as every moment begins to lead to the goal.

She looks at my with a glance of interest as I retract my hands, preparing to hit the home stretch.

[Shizune, do you know how long we've been together?] She takes a moment to count the years in her head, her grin widening with every year added to the total.

[Six years. Why?]

I swallow hard, my nerves beginning to get the best of me.

[I want to know something. How much have these six years meant to you?] She stares at me for a moment, the wheels in her head churning as she buys time to come up with a response.

[You're acting really strange.] She looks almost worried, turning her head and raising an eyebrow at me.

[Just answer the question, please.] She rests her head on her hand for a moment and looks into my eyes, trying to read what's going on in my head. After a failed attempt, she finally gives in and gives me an answer.

[Fine. The past six years have been the greatest of my young life, and you already know that well enough. I'm just hoping we can make the rest of our relationship be just as amazing as these last few years have been. Happy?] I can tell she's exhausted from the wine and stress from work today.

Time to put it out there.

[What do you think of taking our relationship to the next level, then?]

Her eyes go wide, her mind seemingly waking up. She brings her hand up to her mouth as I stand up from my seat and take my position beside her, getting down on one knee.

I then reach into my pocket and remove the box, containing an item I've been secretly saving up for over the past year.

I look into her eyes, a steady stream coming out of the corners of the two of them.

[Shizune Hakamichi, will you marry me?]

Without hesitation, she lunges forward and tackles me backward onto the ground, completely disregarding the dangers of my heart condition. She straddles over top of me, her teeth shining in the dim light of the room.


A drop falls off of her cheek and onto my shirt as her muscles seemingly shake with joy.

She lowers herself down to me and our lips meet, being held together for what feels like an eternity.

The two of us get up as she continues to hang onto me, like a child clinging to one of their parents. I put a small space between the two of us and take her hand, taking the diamond out of the box and sliding it onto her finger.

A perfect fit.

She holds her hand in front of her face, staring in amazement at the stone. The light of the moon reflects off of the stone, causing it to shimmer in an awing fashion.

She finally peels her eyes away and wraps her arms around my neck, bringing our foreheads together.
I hold her with my arms around her waist, a massive grin forming from cheek to cheek as I mentally give myself a pat on the back.

She pulls her hands away for a moment so she can talk.

[I love you. More than you can even imagine.]

I smirk with an evilly, always ready to tease her with every chance I get.

[Are you trying to insult my mental capacity?] I laugh out loud as she punches me in the arm, my joke easily killing the tender moment between the two of us.

[Don't be a dick. This is serious!] I smile lightly, wiping away a bit of the trail left from her tears.

[I think you already know that I love you.]

She shoots me a competitive grin, her eyes gaining that edge once again.

[Then you should have no trouble showing me how much.] She takes me by the rest and runs the two of us out of the kitchen, heading towards the bedroom.

I find myself laughing all the way, as we enter the room and she hops up onto me, wrapping her legs around me and kicking the door shut on the surrounding world.
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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [New Story 10/21]

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Loosely based off some earlier Miki stories I wrote.

A Dream

I squint my eyes and stretch my arms, coming out of a fresh bout of horrible sleep.

Reaching up, I wipe the remains of slumber away, looking out the window of the train as it continues to rattle along it's restricted path.

Shit, what time is it?

I twist my head in multiple directions before finally locating a clock, the red LED blinking out a solid 11:39 PM.

On a Sunday.

In the middle of winter.

I shrug any bit of self doubt from my head, though some thoughts continue to linger.

How will he react to me showing up at his house in the middle of the night?

Why am I heading to move in literally four days before the date we agreed on?

Why am I such a selfish bitch and only caring about what I want?

I shake my head from side to side, tapping my stump against my head in an attempt to knock these negative ideas from my overworked brain. I hurried and studied hard to finish my finals as quickly as possible today, certainly proving myself wrong about how motivated I can get myself to be.

He agreed that any day Wednesday or after would be fine for me to move in to his little apartment in town, not to far from the campus of his university.

Problem is, it's Sunday, and here I am taking a three hour ride south from the location of my old and temporary home.

I guess I've gotten a bit... greedy, maybe? I mean, I literally just threw out everything we had planned and talked about for months because of my own problems.

The nightmares and horrible phantom limb pains, the accident replaying in my head over and over again...

Whenever I'm alone, they're constant. They just relentlessly assault my mind with no sign of ever letting up. It's almost more frustrating at this point than it is scary, having the same scene rewinding on a nightly basis and getting to the point where I have almost have every little detail drilled into my mind.
I can picture it all of the time at this point.

It's like I have a picture of it from the outside looking in.

Regardless, what I'm trying to get at is this: he still doesn't have a clue that I've been having these issues.

I've called him, bawling and panicking at three in the morning a couple of times. In my own attempt to save some face, to make myself seem like I'm a stronger girl - rather woman - than I actually am...

Maybe, just maybe, I've actually hurt myself more than made some progress.

I don't know what I'm going to say to him when he answers his door. He still has two or three finals to get out of the way before we can both enjoy our time off before we graduate. I'm going to feel awfully bad waking him up at this time at night, but I'm in desperate need to be with him.

When I'm with him, the nightmares and pain all seem to fade away.

I spent a week off of school with him once, and while the first night was still terrible, he managed to comfort me and ease the pain in a time of suffering.

I remember that night like it had just happened yesterday, same old things going down: me waking up from the replay of the accident, my wrist feeling as if it's getting clawed and torn apart by some primal beast.

I managed to wake him up. I mean, he should have considering I was basically screaming and crying my eyes out. He flicked the light on and just wrapped his arms around me, shushing me and trying to ward off the agony that I face on a nightly basis while I'm alone...

It worked.

I don't know if it was fucking magic or what, but I can say that it absolutely worked.

On average, the fits last about ten to fifteen minutes, but with him there, holding onto me tight... I don't even think it lasted five minutes. Not to mention, until I returned back to campus a week later, the nightmares stayed away and actually gave way to some of the best sleep I've had in over four years.

I blush thinking back on his words.

I wanted to explain so badly, right then and there, but as I went to do just that, he silenced me with a simple index finger being touched to my lips.

'Not now, Miki. Wait until the morning, or another time when you're actually more comfortable.'

After my initial impulse, I managed to get myself to the point where I didn't want to talk about it with him. As much as I love him and trust him with my life, I couldn't tell him something so simple...

Over the intercom, the conductor speaks up as the train begins to come to a complete stop.

Well, I'm going to tell him tonight.

I have to tell him, otherwise he'll probably be mad at me for showing up before I was supposed too.

I stand up and grab bags; just one small, wheeled suitcase and a gym bag. Stretching my arms and legs, I step out of the car and onto the platform, immediately getting attacked by the freezing night air.

I rub my hands - er, hand and stump - against my shoulders to try and force some warmth into me, but to no avail. My mind and heart seem to be fighting over which should be more nervous, as I certainly can't tell which is racing faster.

I walk my way out of the platform area and through a pair of gates that leave me on a sidewalk in town, my footsteps tempo getting awfully close to a light jog as I hurry along my way.

Only about a two minute walk until I get to his place, and yet I still don't have a single clue as to how I'm going explain myself. A couple of comical lines filter through my mind, but at this point, nothing seems funny anymore.

Rather, for the time being, I'm completely serious.

I don't think I like being too serious. Definitely not something I plan on turning into a permanent trait of mine.

Seconds continue to tick by as I round the last corner on my short journey to his place. Finally within view, I've decided I'll just sort of wing it with whatever feels natural.

A set of stairs down and now I'm here, standing in front of Hisao's door.

I can feel my muscles shaking as my nerves begin to fail me, my hand creeping up towards the door as it closes into a fist. Before I can even try to talk myself out of what I'm doing, I'm banging my hand against the door as hard and loud as possible.

I reach into my pocket and pull my phone out for a split second, checking the time.

Almost midnight.

This boy is going to be absolutely thrilled to see me.

Before I can even laugh it off, I can hear locks being undone and the doorknob being twisted open.

In front of me stands a boy - I guess I should call him a man at this point - rubbing his eyes and struggling to keep himself standing on his own two feet.

"Excuse me, but it's freaking midnight. Can I please ask what you want?"

Yeah, he sounds a bit cranky.

Good thing he hasn't opened his eyes yet.

He finally drops his hands to his sides at the dead silence between the two of us and opens his eyes, his mouth dropping to the floor.

"M-Miki? What are you doing here, I thought we said the move in day was-"

"I know what we said. Can I please just come inside? Or would you rather leave your lovely mistress in distress standing in the freezing cold?" He sighs, almost sounding more relieved than upset, moving behind me and corralling me inside the small apartment.

Inside, I drop my bags in the doorway as he leads me over to the couch, flicking on a light and grabbing a thick blanket. He comes and sits beside me, draping it over the two of us as I let my head fall to the side and rest on his shoulder.

An awkward silence falls between us. I don't know if he's just too shocked that I'm here or what, but something certainly seems a bit off.

"So, uh... Surprise?" I try to sound cheerful, but from the onslaught of cold and emotions surrounding my body, it really doesn't sound as much happy as it does nervous.

He laughs it off and wraps his arm around my shoulders, drawing me closer.

With his non-occupied hand, he rubs his forehead, his messy hair spewing out in various directions.

"Indeed it is. I'm not sure whether or not I should be pissed that you've woke me up at midnight the night before I take my finals, or to be happy just because you're here. Though, you clearly can't keep track of time, or days, for that matter."

I let out a shaky giggle, nuzzling my head into his shoulder.

"I know what day and time it is. There's just... some things that that I guess I should explain that made me come here a bit early."

He groans jokingly, jabbing me lightly in the ribs with his finger.

"Can this wait for the morning? I'm taking my exams pretty early, and we could easily just spend some time talking afterwards."

For a moment, I tilt my head back and ponder that option a bit. But I come to a conclusion fairly quickly, shaking my head from side to side.

"I'll give you the short version tonight."

He laughs at me.

"Girl, we have far different opinions on the word 'short'." I pout and punch him in the shoulder, drawing a slight grimace from him.

He knows damn well I hit hard and don't like to mess around when I'm trying to be serious.

Though, that being said, isn't very often. But still.

"Just listen to me, okay?" He smiles at me, rubbing my shoulder and planting a playful kiss on my forehead.

"Very well. What's up?"

So informal and definitely not the most appropriate way to ask what's wrong...

But that's how the two of us are around each other. Just two loving, informal adults.

I breathe out a heavy amount of air, my heart beating about a million miles per hour.

"I've, well... you see, it's just... for fucks sake, I've been having really bad nightmares for a long time and they won't go away." He leans forward to look into my downcast eyes, an expression of genuine concern spread across his face. "I decided to come early because when I'm here, with you, they seem to go away..."

A light seems to flick on in his head.

"Miki, that week that you spent a bit ago... that first night. Was this what was going on?"

I nod my head, a couple of tears forming up in the corner of my eyes. I can feel my face burning red as his eyes inspect my reaction, a curious expression mounted on his face.

"But I thought it was just your phantom limb pains that you get every so often?" I let out a sarcastic snicker, wiping some moisture from my eyes.

"Try every single night that I'm alone."

He looks completely stunned. Unwrapping his arm from around my shoulders, he takes my hand in between the two of his.

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?" I shrug, staring at him right in his concerned eyes.

"I honestly figured you'd prefer a little bit of space from me. I'm sure it was nice not having to worry about your girlfriend being around all the time." He shakes his head hard, looking slightly offended.

"Why the hell, Miki, would you even begin to think that? You're a strong woman, and I get that. But, sometimes, it's okay to drop the 'tough girl' act and be yourself." He sighs, drawing in another breath. "I know what you're like. You project yourself to others in a far different way than you should, because it's really not you at all."


"Stop. No more buts. No more nightmares, and hopefully minimal pains and tears. You're here now, and even if it's a few days early, I'm beyond happy. We can save this discussion for another time, but just know, it's not important anymore."

"What do you mean?"

He stands up, pulling me up to my feet. I feel my heart finally slowing back down to an even, rhythmic pace, my nerves giving way to a calm I haven't felt in a very long time.

I tilt my head up to face him and wrap my arms around his waist, putting on a look of desperation. Getting the hint, he leans down and connects his lips to mine, our bodies melting into each other as emotion builds up in my throat.

I can feel my eyes beginning to water once again, but not because of hurt.

It's because of happiness.

He pulls away first, reaching up and wiping a stray tear off of my cheek. With our foreheads connected, he finally answers my question.

"Sometimes, though not all the time, it's best to leave the fine details out. General and basic details can go a long way."

I smirk at him, jabbing a finger into his chest and dragging it down his stomach.

"You sure you're not just trying to get me to come to bed with you?"

He grins, rubbing the back of his neck out of embarrassment.

"Maaaybe. Maaaybe not." I jab him in the stomach and cross my arms, nearly making him double over. I laugh and grab his hand, pulling him towards his room.

"You better make tonight quick. Tomorrow will be even better."

As we slam the door behind us, everything is locked out. Stress, nightmares, pain; on a night like tonight they can all achieve one common goal.

They can all go fuck themselves.

'A Dream' is a song produced by Rundfunk.
I write things occasionally.

Dumps of my 35+ fics can be found here and here (including some non-KS stuff).

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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [New Story 10/21]

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Yeah, there's a lot of sex in here. This was just meant to be awkward, funny and sexy all in one. Sorry if the dialogue is shit, I cannot into.

A Sweet Competition (Halloween Special)

I yawn as I close the door on our final visitor of the night, the moon shining high in the sky as the time continues to span past midnight. With a grunt, I flop down onto the couch, spreading my body across the cushions in an attempt to relax.

Let me start by saying this.

It's been one hell of a day.

Being on my feet the entire day because of my lovely overlord commanding me around the home, for one, isn't the best way to build up to a huge party.

Then it was finally time, and within a couple of hours, everyone is now gone.

I'm also left more than slightly buzzed from the amount of alcohol I've consumed. Speaking of my wife, on the other hand...

Where the hell did she run off to?

I groan as my feet ache from about ten or so hours of standing up, being put back into their previous misery while I head in a small scale adventure around the home.

I take my journey through the kitchen, dining room, laundry room; all leaving me empty handed with an answer as to where Shizune is. I finally reach the hallway that runs past the bathroom and to our bedroom, a quiet but frequent amount of shuffling finding its way out from behind the bathroom door.

I grin.

Why is she changing right now? Our Halloween party had some spirited guests, but she certainly was not among that bunch. She has no reason to be trading outfits at this time of night, especially because of her general bedtime being at a much later point during the night than now.

I fight back and forth in my head for a couple of seconds, deciding on how terribly it would go against my morals to take advantages of her deafness and try the knob to the door.

My male form of curiosity certainly takes the best of me, my hand reaching down for the knob and delicately pushing the door open a crack.

I'm caught off guard as soon as the door slams shut in my face, nearly knocking me back into the opposite wall of the hallway.

I rub the back of my neck out of embarrassment as she cracks the door open, peeking her head and hands out. Of course, I'm met by the evil and burning glare of a thousand suns, he eyes practically eating my skin alive as my face begins to feel hot.

She frowns, obviously disappointingly, in my direction.

[What do you think you're doing, Hisao?] She continues to hide the majority of her body behind the door, leaving me and my raging male drive flooring in reverse,

I scratch my neck as I attempt to come up with a response.

[I was just looking to see where you were, is all.]

She shakes her head from side to side, an evil grin forming on her lips.

[Oh, so you just happened to figure I'd be in the bathroom? If you'd figured that much out with that despicable brain of yours, then what else was driving you to actually want come in here?]


I know where this is going, and it's certainly not going to end in my favor.

This is literally how most chess games go between the two of us, for example. I make one single mistake of a move, and she will spend an hour cornering me in my own failed strategy until I admit defeat.

Her villainous smirk continues to spread as she sees my expression turn for the worse, taking every chance she gets to add more shots.

[Let me guess: you wanted a free show?]

I hate submitting defeat to her. I really, really do. Maybe I'll get let off for good behavior if I admit to it.

Sometimes, being a guy who lives alone with his extremely attractive wife has its pitfalls.

[I guess you could say that.] I sign to her, my hands dropping to my sides as my face continues to blow up into an unbelievably bright red.

Seemingly satisfied with my answer, her eyes seem to loosen up into a more fire driven look than evil.

[You admitted defeat quite easily this time. How disappointing...] Her hand travels up to her mouth to cover up a silent giggle, followed by wiping some imaginary remains of tears from the corners of her eyes.

I glare at her as she adjusts herself, looking down to make sure her generous chest hasn't been showing past the door. Finally, she tacks on one more thing.

[If you know what's good for you, you'll go wait in the bedroom with your eyes closed.]

I shoot her a glance of confusion.

[Why? Also, how will I know when to open my eyes?]

She grins at me once more.

[Oh, you'll find out. Just stop asking so many questions and do as I say.] As she begins to retreat behind the door, she adds on one final cliffhanger. [Otherwise I'll start second guessing what I'm about to do even more than I already have been.]

Her face changes to one of what almost appears as guilty pleasure as she disappears behind the door once more, locking the door as it slams shut.

I'm left in a dazed and confused position, my body obeying her orders as I turn and drag my legs towards our room.

It can't be all that bad, right? I mean, after all, generally when she tells me to head to the bedroom, that means one thing, doesn't it?


No, maybe not?

I suppose that's some wishful thinking.

A few minutes pass by as I find myself laying on the bed, my eyes closed and covered by a pillow as a form for reinforcement.

The anticipation is nearly at it's bursting point in my head, my body nearly ready to fly through the wall and into the bathroom.

What could possibly be taking her so unreasonably long to get out of there? I mean, it's obvious she's changing into something, but what?

One light flicks on in my head, connecting a few dots together.

Halloween outfit?

My brain begins to strain itself as I try to remember back a couple of weeks, a time where we took a shopping trip in town and she ended up purchasing a costume I wasn't supposed to see.

I remember seeing it, and it's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't quite retrieve the image from my memory.

My train of thought is shattered as a massive snap rings through the air, nearly making me throw my body off the side of the bed. In the process of reacting, I managed to throw the pillow off my head and peel my eyes wide open.



What the fuck?

My jaw begins to descend on its own, my brain having a clash over what to do.

Should I laugh because of how embarrassed she looks, or rather be overly happy because of the amount of my fetishes being met in one single swing of the bat?

I eye Shizune up and down, her cheeks lighting up in a tinted red color.

I should add that it's her, accompanied by the outfit suitable of that assigned to a French maid.

A curve emphasizing, high cut black dress and apron with stockings and high heels, all brought together with a black bow tied into her shoulder length hair.

Also, glasses. Can't forget those.

She directs her eyes away from me, smirking a bit and attempting to avoid.

Feeling confident, I give her a massive, shit-eating grin.

[You're really into some weird stuff, aren't you?] Of course, I receive the reaction I was aiming for, She leans forward and scrunches her face at me, fuming a crazy amount as she takes my comment to heart.

[I'm into weird stuff? Try that again, only the other way around.]

I grin and shrug at her.

[Every good man loves a girl in a maid outfit. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. You're the one who actually went out of the way to please me with such a thing.]

She leans back a bit and raises her eyebrow at me.

[Oh, so what is this now? Are you accusing me of doing this out of my own pleasure?] I fall back into the mound of pillows on our bed, holding my gut as I laugh hysterically. This woman is so easy to mess with, even with her thick and generally playful attitude.

[Actually, yes, I am. After all, are you that daft to realize that I just said you're into some really weird stuff?]

She pouts at me, her teeth seemingly grinding together behind her lips.

[Okay then, Mister Nakai. What are some 'weird' things that I enjoy when it comes to sex?] I have to control myself at her usage of the word sex, as it's something she really has dropped from her vocabulary altogether.

Gathering myself back together, I begin to rattle off various experiments that she's wanted us to try.

[Where should I start? How about anal?] Her mouth drops open as her eyes squint at me, her facing crinkling up.

[That was a one time thing! Not to mention, you enjoyed it too!]

I let out a small bout of laughter, trying to contain myself once again.

[There's a difference between enjoying something and being the one to initiate it. What about the time you wanted to do it in that alleyway outside of your office? You know, like, in public and all?]

She moves forward quickly, disposing of her heels that were obviously just for show and pouncing on top of me. Her thighs straddle the lower half of my body, leaving me to gulp as her eyes shine with an expression of lust.

This right here... it is everything a man dreams of.

Well, at least, I think every man.

Actually, it could just be me.

I move to sign as I can't really adjust myself into a comfortable position, but to no avail as she restricts my hands from doing so.

This woman has such cheap tactics that it's unbelievable. Any and every opportunity she has to win something, whether it be a little domination fight in bed or a game of Risk, she will take the easiest way out.

It isn't happening like that tonight. No way in hell will I allow it.

With a strong turn of my hips, I manage to catch her off guard and swing her into position underneath of me, claiming top as my own.

She raises her an excited eyebrow at me, an evil aura meeting between our gazes.

[Hisao Nakai, taking charge in bed? What a shocking twist that is!] She seems giddy with her excitement nearly uncontainable, giving me a nice little boost in confidence.

[I aim to please.] She rolls her eyes at me, provoking another question. [Why no response about your crazy public sex fantasy, by the way? Admitting defeat for once?]

She attempts to protest, giving me a little jab to the arm.

[Mrs. Shizune Nakai never admits defeat. Ever.]

I raise my eyebrow at her, my lips beginning to tingle in hopefulness of what's to come.

[Well then, Mrs. Nakai, what are you trying to say? Would you like to make things a little bit more interesting? Say...] I pause for a moment for dramatic effect, drawing out the conclusion to my question.

[...a competition?]

A fire lights in her eyes immediately, bringing forth a sense of competitiveness that hasn't been present in a couple of weeks.

[What do you have in mind?] I ponder her words for a moment, coming to the idea that I probably should have planned this out a little bit better. After a couple seconds of frantic thinking, I organize my thoughts into words.

[A war over pleasure. Rather than a... well, dominating contest, as you seem to enjoy so much, we do things a bit differently tonight: We take turns making each other feel good. Come to the end of our time and after that, a victor will be named in terms of who was better at making the other feel better.]

Her glasses catch a glare from the light above us, making her smile look all the more menacing.

[I accept this challenge. Now just freaking kiss me and stop dragging this out, you know I need to be up for work tomorrow morning.]

Without any further mention of getting started, I take lead and force my lips against hers. Our tongues clash in a tide of passion, fighting for the glory of royalty when it comes to our bed expeditions.

Her hand not shortly after we start begins fumbling around with my pants, rushing in an attempt to beat me at my own game. I hold her down for a moment, causing her to nearly pout in disapproval of my momentum killer.

[Now, now. No need to rush, right? After all, I could potentially be interested in taking things slow this evening.]

She scoffs at my remark, seemingly frustrated.

[I've already told you that I have to get up in the morning! You, on the other hand, do not have to be up at the crack of dawn.]

Oh boy, this is almost too easy.

[I suppose you're okay with not winning, then. I'm perfectly okay with that, you know.]

She releases a hefty amount of air, nearly at the temperature of steam. I, of course, laugh in her face as she slows her pace to a much less frantic one, going slower as our tongues resume their war.

One my pants are finally discarded off of the bed, she takes a gentle approach to putting me on the bottom of the two of us. My hands move up her dress, dragging her pair of skimpy underwear from their space and flinging them aimlessly over into the ever growing pile.

Our lips continue to fight, my eyes staying closed as a massive amount of pleasure begins to overcome my body at a newly started stimulus: her hand grasping my hardening length.

She smiles as she can see I fight off the urge to let her know how good it truly feels, my nerves warding off the onslaught of absolute lust. Her hand slides up and down, a couple of silent cues telling her to continue on.

Catching me off guard, she halts all of her kissing on my lips and moves to a full on attack to my emotions, kissing me on my neck and trailing down to a much lower location. Finally, she shifts her body into a position where her lips can easily access my genital area.

God damn, why has she gotten so good at this stuff?

She can read me like a book, as if there are step by step instructions on how to beat me at everything and anything.

I close my eyes for a moment as I prepare myself for the first battle of many, her lips teasing as they brush against my tip. Next, as expected, she involves a little bit of tongue, driving me to a stressful situation to as I attempt to refuse an early battle loss.

It's going to be a hard fought war tonight.

Then again, it is almost every night.

With that said, she brings the full blown attack. With a wink at me, taunting me with her deceptive and veiled attempts at tricking me into losing round one.

Her mouth takes my in my entire length, warmth and moisture being sent spiraling up and down as she begins her motions. She messed with me an unreal amount, throwing various pace changes to tease and send forward on my way to climax.

My hand finds its way to the back of Shizune's head, willing her along a bit and causing her to create a fast, rhythmic pace. Of course, being a person who can use sign, she simply shows me her disapproval, even while having her mouth and... well, a slight bit of her throat preoccupied.

[Hands off, or I'll bite down. You remember the last time that happened?]

I nearly wince in pain at the flashback to that day, a quite dark moment in the history of mankind. I'd like to not think about the fine details of that, though.

Giving her a mini salute, she brings herself back to finishing me off, speeding up and bringing me to the edge.

I think I'm going to lose.


I can't hold back this passion I'm feeling towards this woman right now, and it's making me go mad in my head.

Shizune peeks up at my face, seeing the vast look of horror and taking that as a sign of what seems to fast approaching. Removing the contents of her mouth, she resorts back to using her hand, giving me one of the biggest shit-eating smirks I've seen in my entire life.

[Oh my, Hisao. Are you feeling alright? You look as if you really want to let something out.]

Not bothering to give her a fair warning, and in a certainly correct manner, I finally reach my limit and release myself onto her face, leaving her stunned in disbelief of what just happened. I'm left in a flash of brilliant white, trying to regain my senses and move forward with my plans.

No more games.

I don't care if I lose.

I just want to feel good again.

She's going to feel damn good in the process, too.

Shizune stands up from the bed for a moment and discards her soiled clothes, leaving her just with a pair of glasses on her body.

I reach up and pull her back down to me, pushing my lips against hers a mix of lust and passion once more. She allows it for a moment, before shoving me away, crossing her arms across her chest and looking quite discontent.

[What do you say?]

[What are you talking about?]

[Say you're sorry for doing that on my face, you dick!]

I laugh it off, pulling her back down and settling for catching her off guard. I swing myself back on top of her, moving my hand down in between her legs. She hisses in approval, one of the only noises I've ever heard her make since we've been together.

Actually, that's kind of... disappointing?

All my wife can do is 'hiss' during sex to show her taking a liking to what I'm doing?

Whatever, can't say that's much of a worry.

My fingers glide up and down across the opening of her lower lips, teasing her and causing her hips to buck a bit. Her breaths sound erratic and feel hot as the brush against my ear, allowing me to regain some strength in my lower half.

“...ngh!” My thumb brushes against her slightly hardened nub.

I grin.

I think it's time to take back some ground in this war.

I slide two fingers inside of her, a sharp breath coming from her lips as she gives a diluted moan of sensation. Gliding in and out, lubricated by her already quite slick walls, her hips buck up and down, leaving me quite satisfied with my beginning forward attack. Mixing things up, I return to rubbing her nub, leaving her eyes pinched shut and her breaths as fast as I've heard them come in months.

She starts to sign at me.

[This doesn't even feel good! Maybe you should have thought of-] She cuts her signing for a moment to scream internally, a fresh bout of liquid oozing out onto the palm of my hand. Giggling like a child, I lift my hand to her face, one that looks completely overcome with fatigue. Her chest heaves in and out as her lower half finally tops bucking from the blast of sensation.

[You want to take that back?]

[Maybe...] She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath for a moment. [But I'm still winning easily. You have ground to make up still.]

She adjusts her glasses as I slip in a little cheap shot, pinching her nipple. She reacts by slapping my hand away, looking pissed as ever.

[What the hell was that for?]

I shrug.

[Getting you ready for the final round.] With that, I position myself in between her legs with my full rejuvenated shaft, taking the tip and teasing her just like I had with my fingers. Obviously still sensitive from the last time, she pulls back a bit at first, before finally giving in to the horrifyingly great feelings that are about to come her way.

She pouts at me, pushing out her lower lip.

[Stop teasing me and just put it in already...]

[Duly noted, ma'am.]

I slowly spread her entrance apart as I begin to insert myself into her, drawing overjoyed reactions from the two of us.

After a moment, I'm the entire way in, my eyes staring into hers as if I'm awaiting conformation to begin. She simply nods her head, enough to send my hips into gear. I flow in and out, our unusual breathing patterns mixing with sweat and other fluids below, creating a slight squishing sound with every thrust.

Her eyes squeeze shut and open almost in rhythm with every push, myself groaning upon deaf ears as sensation sets off fireworks in my imagination.

This right here may be the greatest night of my life.

Okay, that's a lie. Maybe top ten greatest.

But it's still pretty damn phenomenal.

I mix up my speeds a bit and rub her nub a bit as I continue to move, sending her lust into overdrive. Her hips begin to move on their own, leaving me with a brief moment to catch my own breath.

I can feel the end of our night nearing, my body beginning to heat up as I slow down for a moment, deciding to give her a moment of fair warning.

[I'm getting pretty close. Where do you want me to... you know?] She laughs at my awkward way that I go about addressing our current situation, leaving me a bit embarrassed. Within a split second, I find myself being put on the bottom, her thighs straddling me once again.

And thus, we're back at square one from our adventure this evening.

Minus the maid outfit.

[Let me handle it.] I frown at her, not entirely sold on the idea.

[You always 'handle' it. Why can't you let me take lead sometimes?]

She smiles in an unusual shy manner, attacking my senses in a way that I haven't quite felt before.

[Other than being a winner and competitor, I think I do it because I love the idea of making the man I love feel good. Is that too much to ask for?] I place my hands on her hips and get her started on her own, giving her an answer that should certainly appeal to her personality.

From there, she takes over, riding me as if I was a god damn horse. It's a fantastic feeling as I begin to feel myself about to finish off, her hips and breathing syncing to a point as fast.

In one final moment of brilliance, my eyes white out one final time for the night, my hips moving on their own as I retract the flood gates inside of her.

As I finally come back to reality, the realization of our fluids mixing inside of her finally fading away, Shizune falls off of her position on top of me and regains control of her breathing, her eyes closing as she tries to recover from an obviously more powerful finish than my own.

She scoots off the bed for a moment, stumbling around the room and into the master bathroom to clean herself off, returning and wearing just a pair of my boxers. I sigh in disapproval, not really caring as much as I normally would.

[Stealing my underwear now? Woman, you've got some weird characteristics.]

She puts her hands on her hips, forcing a menacing grin that barely covers up a smile.

[Your boxers are more comfortable. Anyways, you're sleeping nude because I stole your last pair.]

I groan as she rolls into bed beside me resting her chin on my chest and staring up into my eyes.

[Hisao?] I reach over and turn the lamp on my night stand off, darkening the room quite a bit.

[Let me guess: you want to know who won our little competition tonight?]

She lets out a silent giggle, nuzzling her head into my chest a bit and letting out a soft sigh.

[Actually, I was going to tell you that you won.]

Okay, now this night has reached one of the top five best in my young life.

I grin at her as I can feel her body relax and transition into a peaceful slumber, planting a kiss on her forehead.

Not too long after, I fade off into my own dream world, feeling as accomplished as I have in this household in a very long time.
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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Halloween Special 10/26]

Post by MrDan » Sat Oct 27, 2012 3:46 am

YourFavAnon wrote:This was just meant to be awkward, funny and sexy all in one.
Mission accomplished, good sir. You managed to write something decently sexy that also made me legitimately guffaw, and that's an impressive feat.
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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Halloween Special 10/26]

Post by YourFavAnon » Sat Oct 27, 2012 9:43 am

MrDan wrote:Mission accomplished, good sir. You managed to write something decently sexy that also made me legitimately guffaw, and that's an impressive feat.
Heh, glad you enjoyed.
I write things occasionally.

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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Halloween Special 10/26]

Post by YourFavAnon » Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:05 pm

Yeah... Just take the title as a warning.

The End Isn't What You'll Be Expecting (Quick Story #1 - Approx. 15 minutes spent writing)

I wake in a fit of panic, my body numbingly returning from a horrible state of unconsciousness for the first time ever. My eyes squint at the single dangling light above me, adding light to an otherwise completely darkened room.

My mind, fuzzy from its return to reality, is overly confused right now. I attempt – key word, right there – to bring my hand to wipe a stream of sweat from my forehead, just to come to a very blunt and terrifying realization.

My body is tied down.

To a table.

With rope.

I immediately begin to twitch my body around, my muscles and nerves getting the best of me as I struggle to break free.

Obviously, and rather unfortunately, it is all for nothing. The rope doesn't loosen its tight embrace of my body, my perspiration picking up at the sense of helplessness.

Oh, and just to tack on something else that's quite odd and horrifying, my pants appear to missing.

Scratch that, both my pants and underwear appear to be missing.

“What the fuck is going on here!” I can't help myself by blurting out the statement, my movements leaving bits of rope burn along some areas of bare skin.

And now, a very familiar voice reaches out from the depths of evil surrounding me.

“Oh, very good! Are we awake now, Mister Nakai?”

Out of the black steps a face all too recognizable. A generic smile, squinted eyes, somewhat purple hair...

“Nurse? What the hell is going on? Untie me, quick!”

Finally, his full body reaches its way into my vision. I'm met with a very disturbing image, something that I can truly say I would not have wished to see at any point in my lifetime.

Let alone, my adolescence.

Here, now standing beside the table with his hands behind his back, is a fully nude figure that I know as the Head Nurse of Yamaku Academy.

“Quite up front with the questions, aren't we Hisao? You've simply been brought in for some rather... extensive procedures.” My eyes widen, trying to keep my eyes staring at his even with the problem of his genitals being positioned very uncomfortably close to my face.

“W-What kind of procedure? I never signed up or agreed to anything being done! Also, not to be very direct, but why the fuck are you naked?!”

He frowns at me, looking quite disappointed in my words.

“Oh, a bit unaroused by my appearance? I'm quite sorry, it's just my typical look while I do my surgical procedures.”

There's that word again.


“Not to butt in, but what is this procedure exactly?”

He grins.

“Your parents have requested a very serious surgery upon word that you've been hanging around with various women on campus. This is completely out of your own hands, Hisao boy.”

“Just stop avoiding the fucking question and tell me already!”

He winks at me, reaching back onto a tool cart behind him and grasping a very odd looking saw.

Wait, what the hell is this!

A fucking saw?!

Upon seeing my absolutely horrid expression, the man smirks at me once again, slowly lowering the tool towards my lower half.

“Upon belief that there was a risk of you impregnating one of these pure, virgin girls, your parents have requested a simple surgery to make sure that nothing bad happens.”

I feel cold metal touch against the bottom of my sack, making me scream in surprise and absolute misery of what is to come.

The nurse smiles as he prepares to go to work.

“Surprise, Mister Nakai! It's a castration!”
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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Update 11/9]

Post by MrDan » Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:15 pm

Pretty quality writing for 15 minutes of work, and that last line is gonna stay in my head for longer than I would like. Keep up the good work!
Sometimes the easiest decision to make is the one where you only have two-tenths of a second to decide.
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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Update 11/9]

Post by griffon8 » Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:16 pm


I think I'll just stick to the fact that your first three uses of the word 'it's' should be 'its'.

I don't think I want to comment any further. :?
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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Update 11/9]

Post by YourFavAnon » Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:27 pm

griffon8 wrote:Yeah…

I think I'll just stick to the fact that your first three uses of the word 'it's' should be 'its'.

I don't think I want to comment any further. :?
It's getting late, my mind is running on full blown 'what the fuck was that' mode right now.
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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Update 11/9]

Post by Kyvos » Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:51 am

Uhh. Why was the Nurse nude? Up until he brought up Hisao hanging out with women, I was expecting some Banda shit to go down.
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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Update 11/9]

Post by YourFavAnon » Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:54 am

Kyvos wrote:Uhh. Why was the Nurse nude? Up until he brought up Hisao hanging out with women, I was expecting some Banda shit to go down.
I feel like it's the same answer to 'How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?'

The world may never know.

Other than myself.
I write things occasionally.

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Re: YourFavAnon's Various Fictions [Update 11/9]

Post by Shyierguy » Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:37 am

I would question what made you think of this, but I'm just shocked that this was the product of that thought.
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