Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Banda » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:49 pm

Guest90206 wrote:Image

It's... just not as good as your other stuff.
Throwing sad NPH at me...

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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by CBuM » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:46 pm

Better than I thought it would be.
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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Bi-Polar Hernandez » Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:12 pm

>trying to use a picture directly from 4chan


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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by YourFavAnon » Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:24 pm

Bi-Polar Hernandez wrote:>trying to use a picture directly from 4chan

And you're attempting to greentext outside of 4chan.

I write things occasionally.

Dumps of my 35+ fics can be found here and here (including some non-KS stuff).

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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Banda » Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:44 am

None Unturned
A little Yandere Hanako, part one of two.

You always remember your first time.

Of course you do, it’s an emotional moment, the way your stomach turns into a cold pit along with exhilaration rushing through the rest of your body.

It’s always different for each person as well.

Sometimes it’s messy, requiring that hurried embarrassed cleanup, and with others its relatively clean, requiring little else but to awkwardly go along with your day. It was messy my first time, and I’m glad that since then it’s never been like that.

My first time wasn’t fun, nor was it consensual, and by God was it messy.

He was a school bully, back when I went to a normal high school that is. He had me backed into the girl’s locker room, how he managed to avoid the teachers I’ll never know, but it wasn’t long before he had me on the cement. He was whispering things in my ear as he fumbled with my uniform, I guess he thought he was doing me a favor somehow, and I almost let him get what he’s after when my hand closes around my bag.

The blow is unexpected, and sends him rolling off me, leaving him open to the torrent of swings I lay on him. I was relentless, repressed anger from being tormented by him and his ilk, and this was the perfect vent for it all. He tries to scream as I wail on him, this weak whimper escaping his lips as I drop the bag and begin to choke the life out of him.

I guess I was squeezing too hard, side effect of the adrenaline I think, my hands digging hard enough into his neck to break the skin and blood starts flowing. It trickled slowly at first then before I knew it, my hands were stained bright red, and he was gone. His eyes glazed over as he let out a final death rattle, and his body went slack under me.

Like I said, messy, but I’m glad it’s not like that anymore.

This time it’s clean, one simple knife cut, and the blood soaks up in a towel as I slow the body from falling.

I’m honestly saddened by this really, never thought I’d do something like this again, but I had to protect what’s mine.


They were always so close, spending time together when I wasn’t around, or going into town without me. I almost didn’t expect this from her, she’s been my be- well my only friend since coming to Yamaku, but lately she’s been strangely distant from me. I don’t understand it though, she was so happy when I told her about us being together, and she congratulated me on coming out of my shell so much.

Why would she try to take him from me?

I guess she must’ve been jealous of me, jealous that he chose me over her, and I almost scowl at her expressionless face.

I must say though, she looks beautiful, even with the thin red line across her neck, and I play with her hair a bit while I think of a place to put her. I would choose to leave her here with a fake suicide note, but I kinda shot that out of the water with the neck thing.

I need room to think.

I struggle a bit lifting her onto the bed, preening her still form before turning and beginning to pace around the room.

I play a little game as I think, placing one foot exactly in front of the other, holding my arms out to my side as my mind strains to think of a good place.

I always enjoy these little games, whether it’s the tile game, or just one I come up with on a whim. They always help me push out the world, allowing me to focus directly on whatever I so choose.

I don’t know how much time passes as I pace around, but a stroke of genius finally hits me.

My secret place!

Why didn’t I think of it to begin with!

I’m giddy, almost prancing back to her body with joy, and I check my watch. It’s late, one in the morning, and I know I’ve only got a short time to stow her away.

It’s… not easy carrying her out of the dorms, almost impossible really, I’m not that strong.

Which is why I had to drop her.

Not just drop her mind you; I wrap her in all the blankets I can find in each of our rooms, and I aim for the bushes to soften the fall.

There’s little noise when the body hits the ground, thankfully, and I sneak my way outside to collect her before heading off to my spot.

It’s a little hole in the ground, a small set of steps leading to a 4x8 room with cement walls, and a dirt floor. Around it lays the remains of a cabin, rotted beams sticking out of what’s left of the foundation, and pieces of a long gone roof lying about to complete the look.

I found it not long ago, before Hisao came along, and I used to come here a lot whenever I felt really shitty. It was a nice place to come and scream my lungs out to relieve the pressures of the day, but nowadays I like to spend time with Hisao instead.

I pull a small penlight out of my pocket, illuminating the stairs just enough to let me drag Lilly down into the dank basement, and place her safely in a corner. I feel this massive weight come off my shoulders as I step back into the humid air, covering the entrance with a handful of broken branches, and playing another little game as I make my way back to my room.

This time it’s a skipping game, trying to avoid muddy spots and still keep a steady pace. I don’t do as well with this as I do the tile game, but nothing can really bring me down right now. With Lilly out of the way Hisao is finally completely mine, and I’m practically floating on air.

I sneak back into the dorms, taking a moment to reorganize Lilly’s room the way it was prior to our interaction, and prancing back to my room to sleep.

I start to fall asleep quickly, my eyes drooping as my vision begins to fade, and I can't help but smile as this feeling of contentment washes over me.

Inb4 I'm a horrid monster, but I've had this in my head all weekend. Need to get it out.
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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by MrDan » Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:49 am

I... I don't... I feel a little sick.

Great writing once again, I'm gonna go curl up in a ball under my covers now.
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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Helbereth » Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:12 am

This is the first thing you've written that I thoroughly enjoyed, Banda.

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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Hoitash » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:42 am


what Shizune said.

I'm gonna go find a Corner of Woe now. Preferably one Mio is using.
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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by uwa » Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:56 pm

I love yandere Hanako.
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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Total Destruction » Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:13 am

Aoi and Keiko getting freaky with Miki
The Student Council room in this story brings to mind this room in the upstairs of the auditorium in my old high school that EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, used as the sex room. And in this room was a couch that everyone, and I do mean everyone plus infinity, screwed on. Well, I had no idea, and I actually sat on this couch once, and the motherfucker was CRUNCHY. I'd imagine that's how every piece of furniture must be in the Student Council room now. Thanks for that. Hahah.
Hanako goes off her rocker in an oddly serene way

When you understand and/or sympathize with a crazy murderer, it says a lot about you. None of it any damned good. It also speaks a lot about the skill of the writer, which is pretty damned great. Good job.

Go back to dickgirls now, lawl.
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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Banda » Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:43 am

Reap What You Sow
A little slice of Futa for you all again, Shizune and Hisako continuation from an earlier piece.

She really didn’t know how she kept getting into these situations…

Oh wait, because she assumed Shizune wouldn’t try to get her back.

If there’s one thing you do in life, it’s never assuming anything about Shizune Hakamichi.

So here she was, lying on her stomach on Shizune’s bed, hands locked in a pair of cuffs behind her back, while she “dressed” her. The outfit consisted of very little, a strapless black bra with matching panties that had a little “peek-a-boo” hole near the top of her butt crack, and a pair of fake dog ears that Shizune meticulously placed on her head.

Shizune straddled Hisako’s legs, pulling the panties down over her ample cheeks, and began to knead the jiggling flesh with one hand as she reached for something Hisako couldn’t see. The item was a small bottle of lubricant, which was immediately applied to one of Shizune’s fingers, and then said finger was shoved into Hisako’s anus. Giving her a few seconds to get accustomed, Shizune began to pump the finger in and out, not to loosen her up but to spread the lubricant for the next thing to go in her ass.

Hisako mentally prepped herself, expecting to feel Shizune’s cockhead on her entrance, but was surprised to feel the cold plastic of a butt plug. It was a small one, a long dog tail attached to the non-insertion end, but Hisako still grunted in pain as Shizune fed it into her. After it’d been set in place, Shizune pulled her panties back up, pulling the tail through the small hole in the back and rolled Hisako onto her back.

[Such a cute puppy.] she signed with a devious grin.

Then the fun began.

Shizune’s hands went all over her body, gently tracing from her ample thighs, to her curvy hips, up between her modest breasts, and finally resting on her face as she kissed her deeply. As they kissed Shizune let one hand slip down into Hisako’s panties, and began to play along her lips. Shizune’s hands were amazing, being as they’re constantly in use, and Hisako’s arousal soared as they danced inside her. Each finger worked independently, two spreading her lips for the other two to flit around inside, and her free thumb flicked across Hisako’s clitoris. Before she knew it, Hisako was almost coming, Shizune’s hand doing wonders on her and completely blinding her to the small remote-control vibrator Shizune slipped inside her.

Giving her slit one last caress, Shizune pulled Hisako off the bed, and pushed her down to her knees. Pulling something out of her desk, Shizune gave Hisako a devious look before tying the blindfold over her eyes, and preparing herself for what came next.

Opening her closet, Shizune pulled out her new outfit, having given the old one to Hisako after the encounter at Jigoro’s. Her new outfit was of much higher quality, and had set Shizune back a fair bit. It consisted of a pair of thigh high stockings, black with scarlet trim, and a set of matching elbow gloves. She didn’t wear any panties with it, preferring to let her erection bob freely in the air, though she did wear a pair of stiletto heels. The top was a corset, but not your typical one. It didn’t cover her breasts, it was more made to put emphasis on her curves, and her large bosom jiggled freely as she finished dressing.

Pulling the blindfold off Hisako, she took a moment for her to absorb the new clothes before sitting down on her chair with the remote on her lap.

[Now anyone who has a new puppy knows how hard it is to housebreak them. Most go by a reward/punishment system. Bad puppies get punished; good ones get rewarded, understood?]

Hisako nodded slowly, unsure of where this was going.

[Now, seeing as you have already made a mess on the bed, you start with a punishment. Come over here and lay across my lap.]

She was referring to how aroused Hisako was earlier, and that she’d soaked through her panties enough to leave a mark. Shuffling over to her, Hisako positioned herself on Shizune’s lap; nervously waiting for what she knew was going to happen. Shizune delicately pulled Hisako’s panties down, careful not to dislodge the tail, and gently caressed the creamy white cheeks before the first smack hit.

It was hard, hard enough to leave this bright red handprint on the otherwise unmarred flesh, and Hisako let out a loud gasp as the pain hit her.

Hmmm, ten ought to do, Shizune thought as she started to bring her hand down again.

By the time the last spank hit, Hisako’s ass was bright red, and she had gotten even more aroused than before. Shizune pushed Hisako off, positioning on her knees once again before giving out her first reward.

[You took your punishment like a good girl, and now I’m going to give you a little reward.]

She clicked the remote up to the second setting, chuckling at the shocked look Hisako gave her as she realized that the vibrator had been ninja-d into her before moving onto her first “lesson”.

[Good puppies know how to please their mistresses with all parts of their body. We’re going to start with your mouth.]

Spreading her legs, Shizune beckoned Hisako to come close, and it didn’t take long for her to shuffle in between her thighs.Shizune didn’t let her start immediately, instead manually using one hand to open Hisako’s mouth, and guiding her cock in with the other. Then she left Hisako to her own devices, running one hand through her thick brown locks as Hisako began to bob up and down slowly.

She had talent for this, that was readily apparent, but she lacked patience as she always tried to cram as much as she could into her mouth. This time was different though, Shizune’s hand slowing her bobbing enough that she could get accustomed to the size, and work her way into deepthroating her eight inches. Shizune removed her hand quickly after, allowing Hisako to go at her own rhythm now that she could handle the size without gagging.

Hisako’s bobbing was fast, her hair bouncing wildly as she moved up and down Shizune’s shaft, and the inability to use her hands made her focus more on using her tongue in inventive ways. Mainly twirling it around the tip, or managing to play with Shizune’s balls when she went deep. The enthusiasm Hisako showed prompted Shizune to give her another reward, clicking the remote up a setting and enjoying the vibration on her cock as Hisako moaned at the feeling of the vibrator moving faster inside her.

Feeling her balls start to churn, Shizune pulled Hisako off her cock, and stood up quickly.

[You’ve done a good job, but you have to beg for your reward.] Shizune signed, slowly tugging her cock with one hand afterward.

Lust making her more obedient than normal, Hisako leaned her head back and opened her mouth, lolling her tongue out as she waggled her bra-clad breasts at Shizune, hoping for a creamy treat that Shizune was all too happy to give. Her hands moving in a flurry over her length, moving even faster as her body tensed up as her orgasm hit. Her cock twitched visibly, thick ropes of white semen splattering onto Hisako’s face and neck, covering her with the sticky liquid.

Shizune didn’t let Hisako clean her face, but did let her suckle the few drops of cum hanging from her tip as she pulled one last thing from her desk.

A collar, complete with matching leash.

Slipping it into place around Hisako’s neck, Shizune kicked the vibrator up another setting before leading her around the room by the leash.

[I have one last lesson for you today puppy.] She signed with an extra-wicked grin.

Stepping over to the door, Shizune unlocked the bolt and turned to make sure Hisako didn’t have a heart attack at what was about to happen. Hisako was honestly too aroused to care much, a little nervousness still remaining, but the exhilaration at possibly being caught only added to her lust. Undoing the cuffs, Shizune smiled as Hisako reflexively fell to all fours, and the duo left the room.

Walking quietly down the hallway, Hisako felt this odd sort of happiness.

It was like… Shizune was proud of her, and wanted to show her off to everyone.

That was about as close to an “I love you” she’d gotten from the Student Council President, and that filled her with a different kind of warmth.The realization lifted her mood a bit, causing her to sway her ass, making the fake tail give the illusion of wagging. Shizune noted this, clicking the vibrator up to one of its last few settings as they moved back toward the room, closing the door behind them.

Turning to face Hisako, Shizune unclipped the leash and ordered her to sit, Hisako immediately reverting back to her kneeling position as she eagerly anticipated what was to come next.

[Now it’s time for your last reward, since you’ve been such a good girl.]

Leaning down Shizune kissed her, tongue dancing in her mouth (and over her cum covered face), before breaking off. Hisako already knew what to do, no prompting was necessary, and she quickly dropped to all fours again. Pushing her ass high into the air and shaking it for Shizune as she rubbed her cock. Kneeling down Shizune slowly pulled the panties off, taking a second to pull the still whirring vibrator out of her, and gave her glistening lips a quick peck before placing the tip of her rock hard dick against her.

She dove in with one quick thrust, burying her entire length in Hisako, and marveling at how tight she felt today.

Then she felt Hisako squirm underneath her, and realized just WHY she was so tight.

She’d came just from being penetrated, the long bout of teasing having kept her on the edge since the beginning, and just now she’d gotten her desired release.

Seeing this as an okay to let herself go as well, Shizune began to rapidly pump into her, breasts juggling as she used Hisako’s hips as handles to increase the force of her humping. She couldn’t hear it, but Hisako was moaning loudly, her orgasms duration extended by the sudden sensation of a hard cock splitting her in half, and she found it impossible to control her voice.

The pleasure wouldn’t last forever though as Shizune’s orgasm came quickly, her body tensing up once again as she slammed herself in deep, releasing a torrent of hot cum inside of Hisako. The feeling of Shizune’s cock twitching inside of her was the perfect ending to her own orgasm, and she let out one long moan before collapsing on the floor in exhaustion, rolling on her back as Shizune pulled out of her.

[Such a good puppy.] Shizune signed before collapsing next to her, dragging a blanket off the nearby bed to cover their bodies. The two of them cuddling together, breathing in rhythm as sleep overtook them, all cares washed away until the morning.
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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Hacksorus » Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:20 pm

I swear, there is no better thread on the internet to find reaction pictures and gifs.

I also really enjoyed that Hanako yandere short story.

Banda is a cool guy.

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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Banda » Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:25 pm

Feels Like the First Time [Non-H]
Hisao and Hideaki go to the movies.

“Hisao, we’re gonna miss the moooviiieee!!”

I look up from the book in my hand, turning my head toward the source of the whining. It’s Hideaki, face scrunched up in a pout/stern look at the end of the aisle. He’s dressed up today, more than normal, short shorts traded out for a navy blue skirt and white blouse with a pair of black flats to complete the outfit. He’s changed even more since that night, going from androgynous to pretty much full female. His hair is longer now, almost down to his shoulders, and a recent trip to a stylist makes it look surprisingly good on him. Of course he kept that little twinge of hair, and the hairclips that pin one side behind his ear.

Like I said, a little dressed up, but it is our first date after all.

We’ve technically been together over a month, but… it’s been difficult.

Shizune caught us that morning, basically pulling Hideaki out of my bed and signing so fast that I couldn’t keep up. Hideaki did though, never told me exactly what she (or he) said, but calmed her down enough that he could slip me his number before she dragged him off. We communicated for a while in text and email after that, Shizune not letting us interact in person, basically trying to sever ties between us.

I can’t blame her really; I did fuck her little brother, despite it being his decision.

Well, after two weeks of being quarantined, Hideaki finally managed to talk Shizune into letting us hang out together… the three of us.

Imagine the most awkward situation you’ve been through, and then double it.

That’s what it was like.

Again, I totally understand why, but she took it a bit too far. It got to the point where she’d stand in-between us, and even to where if we got looks she’d hold my hand and act a bit lovey dovey.

That’s when it got ugly.

We were in the middle of a park when Hideaki snapped, signing faster than a machine gun, startling Shizune with how angry he was. Again, I couldn’t keep up, just watching as they argued via hands until Hideaki balled his fists and glared at his sister.

“He’s MY boyfriend! You had your chance, and YOU left HIM!”

I’ve known Shizune for a while now, and if there’s one defining quality she has it’s that she’s one of the strongest people I know.

But that broke her.

She gave me this look, the saddest look I’ve ever seen, and just started crying. We eventually managed to calm her down, and she apologized to Hideaki for her actions, and after a very quiet car ride home I got to have an even more awkward experience.

Jigoro catching myself and Hideaki kissing.

It was at that moment I thought my life was over. All I saw in my mind was a flash of steel and spray of bright red blood, but I was horrified/relieved when Jigoro started laughing, and then he patted me on the back with one meaty palm. Apparently he never expected Hideaki to be manly, and wasn’t surprised with his homosexuality in the least. Also I think he was just happy that Shizune and I weren’t dating.

Things got a lot better after those debacles, our only bar for dating being my schooling, and the minimum wage job I kept for spending money. Thankfully though, I managed to wrangle a weekend off, and treating Hideaki to a movie. Before that we wandered around the mall the theater is attached to, the entire thing was done up in a mixture of 80’s American and current Japanese style. It’s this weird clash of neon, bright colors, and technology that Hideaki completely adores.

The bookstore was our last stop, and until now I was looking at this biography of a French philosopher. Dude was a mathematician and writer as well, but the most interesting part of the book was the cover. It was this painting of the man staring directly at whoever picked it up.

It felt… weird.

Like, he was compelling me to do something, bending the fabric of time in order to deliver a message.

A message… to give someone th-

“Onii-chan… we’re gonna be late…”

Oh you fucking brat.

Hideaki giggles as he rushed off around the corner, knowing that calling me by that fucking name would get me immediately. I chase him around, eventually catching and pulling him into a kiss. A kiss that quickly progresses into us making out in that aisle, Hideaki wrapping his arms around my neck as I place my own on his hips. I almost forget that we’re going to be late when Hideaki’s phone beeps loudly and he breaks off.

“C’moooooon~!” he whines, pulling me out of the store.

I follow him out into the crowd, keeping an even pace with him as he gazes around. Every once in a while though his hand bumps mine, accidental I think until about the tenth time and I realize something.

He wants to hold hands.

Well… I’m an idiot I guess.

I quickly grab his hand, noting how he immediately seems to get happier, and I get this slight feeling of accomplishment at getting something right on the first date.

We reach the theater in record time, and grab some concessions before grabbing a seat perfectly level with the center of the screen, getting comfortable right before the previews begin to show. The movie we’re here to see is a typical monster movie; trailer for it was about some kids pissing off a swamp creature, pretty generic really. I’m honestly surprised that Hideaki wanted to see it, and it isn’t until the first monster kill that I figure out why he picked this one.

“Wah!” he exclaims as some random girl gets mauled, wrapping his arms around mine in a bear hug.

Realizing what he wants, I pull my arm free and lift up the armrest, allowing him to scoot a bit closer as I drape my arm over him. He cuddles up close to me, burying his face in my chest each time something scary happens.

I can’t lie, him being this close feels really good, and I feel like I’m on top of the world each time he cringes in fear.

The next time he cringes I chuckle a little as I run my hand through his hair, leaning down to plant a kiss on his forehead. He looks up at me with a sheepish smile, and I can’t help but kiss him again, quickly pecking his lips with the intention to return to watching the movie.

But one kiss turns into another, which turns into another… and another.

Before I know it we turn into that couple, the ones who spend most of the movie making out instead of actually watching the film, and the movie is almost over when we finally break off. Blushing slightly, I pull him a bit closer as we watch the last little bit of the climax, and we end up being the last couple out of the theater.

The bus ride home is quiet, most of it spent with my arm around Hideaki, and one of his iPod headphones in my ear. He listens to mostly J-Pop, stuff like Vocaloid and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, but surprisingly tonight he’s listening to old teenage romance shit. Some song about swinging and moonlight that I can barely stand until I notice that he’s fallen asleep on my chest, this look of contentment displayed on his face as his chest slowly rises and falls.

I let him sleep until our stop, gently shaking him awake and getting off the bus with him.

“Hisaooo… I’m tiiiiirrrreeeddd…” he quietly grumbles, rubbing one eye with his hand.

I turn back toward him, this… really stupid idea crossing my mind.

“Hisao what’re you doing?” he asks as I drop to one knee.

“I’m giving you a piggy back ride home, c’mon,” I reply.

“B-But your heart… you could have an attack,” he argues.

“Shush, you’re like 130 pounds soaking wet, now get over here,”

He doesn’t reply, silently climbing on my back and wrapping his arms around my neck as I stand up. He’s really not heavy at all, and I feel like I could run the rest of the way back to his house, but I settle for walking slowly to drag out the inevitable end of the night. As I walk Hideaki manages to fall asleep on me again, using my shoulder as a pillow forcing me to pay attention and make sure he doesn’t fall off.

Eventually we reach Jigoro’s house, and I wake Hideaki up again as we reach the door.

“C’mon, time to go to bed,” I shrug my shoulders to jostle him.

“Nnnn, don’twanna,” he grumbles, tightening his hold on me.

“You gotta go to bed Hideaki, you have school tomorrow,” I let go of his legs, making him yelp as he’s forced to balance himself.

“M-Meanie,” he says with a pout, crossing his arms.

“Yea yea, but you have school, and I have work. So… I guess this is goodnight…” I drag out the last bit, unsure of what to say next.

Fortunately nothing needs said as Hideaki jumps on me, pulling me into another kiss, and again my hands wrap around his waist as I return the kiss with equal fervor.

I want him, I want to take him the same way as that night he came into my room, and honestly I probably could. Jigoro isn’t even home right now, off at some bar with a friend, and Shizune is at university all the time.

God do I want to take him inside right now… but I can’t.

It’s our first date, it doesn’t matter whether we’ve done it before or not, I intend to start this… relationship off right.

I break away from him, giving him a hug before he goes inside, and turns to smile at me as he closes the door.

Tonight was a good night.
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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by YourFavAnon » Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:30 pm


Not a damn clue how I feel about this, man...
I write things occasionally.

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Re: Banda's Wonderful Smut Compilation

Post by Banda » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:17 pm

So like, after this last story I've more or less decided that I really like writing Hideaki, so the next handful of upcoming stories are going to be in their own timeline that's post KS Shizune end.
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