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Re: Hisao and Kenji- Master Detectives! Updated 2/23

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:35 pm
by griffon8
CptSalsa wrote:
“Kids have that affect on you,”
I'm pretty sure it should be effect. Don't cop-out and say it's how he talks. I just think it looks bad when I read through and a science professor should never get those two words wrong.
Nope. Affect is correct. To quote my favorite editing tool, Bryson's Dictionary of Troublesome Words:
As a noun, the word needed is almost always effect (as in "personal effects" or "the damaging effects of war"). Affect as a noun has a narrow psychological meaning to do with emotional states (by way of which it is related to affection).
We're definitely in the emotional states area here.

I'm curious though: why would a science professor be particularly knowledgeable about the word to use?

Re: Hisao and Kenji- Master Detectives! Updated 2/23

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:47 pm
by CptSalsa
Ah, a shameful display. I done goof with their meaning. I guess you could call me a kleptomaniac.

But in all seriousness, :wink: to quote my favourite editing tool, Grammar Girl:
It's actually pretty straightforward. The majority of the time you use affect with an a as a verb and effect with an e as a noun.
I actually have another source for that, Merriam-Webster.

Difference of opinion? Agree to disagree? And a science professor should have to know these things because he is a great guy and people love to be around one.

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Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:59 pm
by Hoitash
CptSalsa wrote:Is this really the last one? :cry:
Sort of. All good things must come to an end (I know, that presumes this was good :wink:). However, there are, of course, holiday specials and prologues to consider. After all, what good is reading of Hisao and Kenji: Master Detectives! without also reading of Hisao and Kenji: University students who seriously need to watch fewer action movies (hmm, title is kinda long, though.)

And I may, some day, reveal the Great Kyoto Caper. I built a setting and even a few characters, and I don't see that dying anytime soon. Plus it's good practice for my other writing.
various edits
Attended, too. Thanks for noticing them. I was kinda in a hurry this morning, unfortunately.

It's interesting you mention Grammar Girl, as that's now on my amazon wish list (along with a million historical books and anime disc sets. And orks. Lots of orks.) Must get job...
Formatting stuff
Yeah I'm getting better at those. Well, capitalizing stuff. When I notice it. I tend to prefer commas for sake of flow, but my editor, when I seek his aide, helps me focus more on format stuff.

(Just nod along and agree, man.)

Re: Hisao and Kenji- Master Detectives! Updated 2/23

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:06 pm
by CptSalsa
I spent five minutes trying to find H&K: University students who seriously need to watch less action movies. I wisely gave up. Also what's with the censoring? In your little font I'm sure this 'man' was actually someone called made you look. :wink: I hope that makes us even. At least in another universe. Oh feel free to keep posting your story this is not an act of war move along.

Re: Hisao and Kenji- Master Detectives! Updated 2/23

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:55 pm
by Hoitash
CptSalsa wrote:I spent five minutes trying to find H&K: University students who seriously need to watch less action movies. I wisely gave up.
Well, I gotta write it first. What else what would I do for a prequel? Oh, right, I could write lol.
Also what's with the censoring? In your little font I'm sure this 'man' was actually someone called made you look.
I tend to ask Helbereth to edit for me, but I don't like to bother him too much, since he has his own life to live, unlike myself.
:wink: I hope that makes us even. At least in another universe. Oh feel free to keep posting your story this is not an act of war move along.
I demand satisfaction! We shall fight upon the dueling field at dawn with flint-lock pistols and a bottle of lemon flavored lubricant.

Just kidding, you're awesome :).

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Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:38 am
by LegyPlegy
Hoitash wrote:
CptSalsa wrote: :wink: I hope that makes us even. At least in another universe. Oh feel free to keep posting your story this is not an act of war move along.
I demand satisfaction! We shall fight upon the dueling field at dawn with flint-lock pistols and a bottle of lemon flavored lubricant.
COMBUSTIBLE lemon flavored lubricant, I hope. :twisted:
portal references ftw

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Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:52 am
by Hoitash
Good news: I can no longer use my thesis as an excuse for when I suck, as the first draft is finished.

Bad news: I can no longer use my thesis as an excuse for when I suck, as the first draft is finished.

Previous Chapter

Part Two: The Contact

After some incredibly falsified paperwork, Kaze gave us a card with his cell phone number and left the office. That left Kenji and I staring at each other across the desk.

“We have to be out of our minds,” I grumbled.

Kenji shrugged and got up, “probably, but we gotta finish what we started. To the Wok?”

I sighed and nodded, “Kaze might not be able to help us get in contact with the Yakuza, but Itachi will.”

Kenji grinned and nodded, “exactly. He doesn’t have a Mark on him yet, at least.”

Grabbing our worn, brown fedoras from the hat stand near the end of the hall, we left and locked up the office.

Itachi was a janitor/server at an old bar near the airport called the Brass Wok. Somehow the place remained in business, long after any semblance of cleanliness or human decency had left the building. I never understood why the owner didn’t clean it up, but he served good chicken wings, and that made up for the decrepit state of the building.

Itachi was one of Kenji’s most knowledgeable information brokers. If anyone could help us contact the mob besides Kaze –who understandably wanted to keep a low profile- it was him. Parking near the ancient building, we walked in and examined the disturbingly well lit inside.

With seven older men in aging suits sitting along the bar counter, the place was definitely in its evening rush. The small round tables scattered around the place were empty, and Itachi was wandering around them sweeping. A short young man with dark brown hair and gray eyes, his white apron stained gray, when he noticed us he sighed and called to the bar tender.

“Hey, Boss, Kenji and Hisao are here!”

The bartender wasn’t the owner tonight, but he must’ve known the drill, because he waved to us and said he’d have a plate of wings and two shots of scotch ready in no time. Kenji nodded an acknowledgement and we found a remote table to sit at. Itachi shuffled over to us, setting his broom down near the table as he joined us.

“So, what do you want this time?” he asked, glancing at a nearby wooden pillar that looked to be more cracks then wood.

Kenji leaned forward and spoke in a low voice, “we need to contact the Yakuza.”

“Specifically, one of the two surviving Syndicates,” I added, and named the Syndicate Kaze said he had been working for.

“Though if you could help us arrange a meeting with both,” Kenji said, “we would be very appreciative.”

Itachi sighed, “Why is it you never want to know anything simple, like who the local Diet member is having an affair with?”

“Because we have standards,” I replied.

The weasel smirked, “You have balls, that’s at least certain.”

The bartender grunted and Itachi excused himself. He returned quickly and placed a platter of Jamaican style chicken wings, two shots of scotch on the rocks, and a short amber beer on the table. He sat back down and sipped his beer.

“Normally I’d charge more for something this difficult to obtain,” Itachi said, “market forces, supply and demand, and so on. Since you two are my best customers, I’ll just charge my normal fee.”

“We appreciate that,” I said. You find business courtesy in the oddest places.

Kenji’s eyes narrowed in suspicion, “is that the only reason?”

Itachi nodded, “yup. I mean, I could charge more, and you’d have little choice but to go with it, but what if you guys start talkin’? The info dealer is always first to be sold out when shit hits the fan.”

Kenji nodded and eased back slightly, “fair enough.”

He glanced at me and I pulled the cash from my jacket pocket and waved it at Itachi. He grinned and started talking. When he was done, we were both less than impressed.

“That’s it?” I asked, “two Syndicates left, and that’s all there is to it?”

Itachi shrugged, “it sounds easy on paper, but in practice it gets more difficult. These guys were paranoid to start with, now they’re all more nervous than a meth chemist.”

“Makes sense,” I mused, “anything else we should know?”

“Just that even if they agree to meet with you peacefully, it doesn’t mean they won’t off you later,” Itachi paused to drink his beer before adding, “They’ll all be armed, whether you can see a weapon or not. Not to mention martial arts training.”

“I doubt they’ll let us bring any weapons,” Kenji lamented.

Itachi smirked, “of course not, that would be insulting. They won’t search you though, so if you can conceal something, you should be fine.”

I raised an eyebrow, “why wouldn’t they search us?”

Itachi shrugged and sipped his beer, “common courtesy. They may be criminals, but they like to try and put on airs of status and honor.”

Kenji grinned, “Good, then we have a chance.”

“Assuming things get violent in the first place,” I remarked.

Kenji shrugged, “gotta plan for everything.”

“If there’s nothing else?” Itachi cut in.

Kenji nodded at me and I placed the money on the table. Itachi grabbed the cash and sauntered off to sweep more dust from the floor to another part of the floor. After finishing our drinks and wings, we headed out back to the car.

“So,” I said, “back to the office, or straight to the Syndicate?”

“The stuff’s in the trunk, right?” he asked as we eased into the car.

“Of course,” I replied, “but I was hoping we could come up with a plan before waltzing in and asking to speak with the head gangster.”

Kenji grinned in that mischievous way that always made me nervous, “I already have a plan.”

As he proceeded to tell me his plan, I alternated between planting my forehead firmly in my palm, pinching the bridge of my nose, and groaning.

“Congratulations,” I said when he was finished, “you have finally made a plan that can fail more spectacularly then Kyoto.”

Kenji sighed and frowned, “I thought you were over that.”

“You shot me!” I snapped, “With the bad guy’s rifle!”

“It was an accident!” Kenji retorted.

“That’s beside the point,” I stated, “the point is, that plan looked good on paper, and ended up nearly getting me killed. This plan looks poor on paper, and will get both of us killed.”

“Have some faith, man,” Kenji said with a grin, “We’ve been through worse and managed to come out of it fine. We can handle this, no problem.”

I sighed and nodded, never really able to turn one of Kenji’s plans down because they usually worked out somehow, “alright. We can do this. We have a job to do, and we’re gonna do it.”

“And seriously fuck up anyone who gets in our way,” Kenji declared.

I chuckled, “that’s usually how it works out, yeah.”

Starting the car and sighing one last time, I slowly drove us off towards our next- and hopefully not our last- destination.

Next Chapter

Although considering Kenji’s plans tend to devolve into “shoot everything that moves and run for your fucking life” I sometimes wonder why he bothers making them more complex.

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Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:24 pm
by Hoitash
You come to me, on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding, to ask for my help, yet you have never once invited me into your home, for a canolli or coffee and biscotti?

Okay, Godfather reference checked off the list. Let’s move on.

Previous Chapter

Part Three: Diplomacy

Getting a meeting with the Syndicate was a complex and annoying process. We had to go to their front business, which was a family owned noodle restaurant. Cliché, but predictable. We had to request a specific table, order a specific menu item, and order a specific brand of sake. The sake was important, because what brand we bought would set the precedent for the meeting, if we were granted one. It could mean anything from a request for peace between two Syndicates, to wanting the head of the Syndicate Leader on a stake in front of my koi pond.

We wanted to avoid that last option if we could help it. Parking a few blocks away in a secluded spot, I popped the trunk and we carefully armed ourselves. Kenji placed a straight razor in one of his pockets and his small Nambu pistol in his inside jacket pocket. I carefully did the same with my Tesla pistol. The polished black and brass steampunk contraption had saved my hide more than once, so its weight felt comfortable and reassuring as it settled in my pocket. I also had a sheathed, blue-hued dagger that I managed to hide in my left sock. Glancing at Kenji, who nodded, I sighed, closed the trunk, and we headed toward the Yakuza stronghold.

The restaurant was small and well decorated in a traditional style. Small square tables were scattered around, over which was usually a lantern. The hostess, wearing traditional clothing, greeted us. I requested the specified table. The hostess blinked and asked if we were sure we wanted that table. We assured her we did, and she slowly sat -well, kneeled, but you get the idea- us at the requested table. When the waitress arrived to take our orders, we requested the specified entrees and sake. The waitress looked as uneasy as the hostess had, and she asked us if we were sure about our order. We were, and, to let her know this wasn’t just a series of coincidences, Kenji asked to speak to the manager. The waitress blinked, bowed, and dashed off.

Kenji grinned, “Goin’ well so far.”

“Yeah, well, we haven’t actually met anyone important yet,” I countered.

Kenji nodded and we waited. We didn’t have to wait long for the very worried looking waitress to return.

“The manager will see you,” she said, her eyes glancing nervously from side to side as she spoke, “this way, please.”

We heaved ourselves up and the waitress led us down a back hallway passed the bathrooms. At the end of hall was a light wooden doorway. The waitress knocked lightly on the door twice.

“Enter,” a gruff voice called from behind the door.

The door creaked open slightly. The waitress turned to us and bowed, “you may enter. Good luck.”

We both nodded and stepped forward as she retreated back into the restaurant. Kenji stepped in first, pushing the door aside as I followed. The room was a small meeting room. A short, rectangular table was placed in the middle of the room. Sitting at the far end of the table was a middle aged man in a black suit. Two middle-aged women sat next to him, one on his left and one his right. The man was flanked by two men with black hair, their gun holsters and sword sheaths clearly visible from where we were. Two women guards similarly dressed and armed were flanking the door next to us.

“Who are you, that dares request a meeting with this Syndicate?” the man asked.

He looked relatively tall, with dark brown hair that was just starting to gray on the sides. His eyes were dull gray, and their steady gaze would’ve been unnerving if I wasn’t used to similar looks from bored students.

We both bowed deeply, and Kenji answered him, “we speak on behalf of another.”

The man slowly nodded, “and who might that be?”

“He is a former informant from the other surviving Syndicate,” I replied.

The man’s eyes narrowed, “you speak of the one who goes by the name of Kaze?”

We nodded. The man scoffed and smirked.

“Well, he’s more ballsy then I thought. So are you two, if you come here to speak for him…. Very well, I will here you out as long as what you have to say amuses me, and what he has to offer interests me. You may both sit.”

The man gestured at the two chairs at the end of the table. They were across from the other end and squeezed next to each other. We bowed again and slowly sat. I heard the door close behind us and the two guards by it shuffle over behind us.

“Pay the guards no mind,” the man said with a flittered wave, “they’ve become paranoid over the last year or so. Would you two care for some tea?”

Drinking Yakuza tea struck me as unwise, but so did refusing it, so we accepted the offer. The man spoke to one of the guards behind us and I heard the door open and close. We sat in awkward and nervous silence until the guard returned, as had our waitress. The waitress placed a tray with three cups and a tea pot, some sugar, and a small tray of snacks on the table. She bowed, pored us some tea, fixed it as we requested, bowed, and left in as much of a dignified hurry as she could manage. After the man had taken a sip, and we had faked doing the same, the meeting finally began.

“Before we begin,” the Syndicate Leader asked, “I would like to know who Kaze has turned to for help. Names are not needed; I trust you will extend the courtesy.”

“Of course,” I replied.

As the one least likely to get pissed off and just shoot the guy in the head -which, in hindsight, would have been the way to go- it was decided I would do most of the talking. When Kenji started shooting was the hint that the time for talk had ended, “we are former business associates of his, who from time to time have called on his services to aid us. As a result, we felt we owed him some help in this time of trouble.”

“I see,” the man said, “that is most honorable of you. What, then, does he ask of me?”

“I’m sure you are aware that Kaze has been marked for death,” I said. When the man nodded, I continued, “You are also no doubt aware you owe him a favor. We would like to arrange a meeting of the Yakuza leader’s to arrange both your protection of Kaze, and the removal of the Mark, under whatever terms all three parties can agree to.”

The man blinked and nodded slowly, “it is true we owe Kaze for his help in the past. However, it is also true that with the Yakuza so weakened, we must rally what strength we have. This issue could divide the survivors to such a degree that we would not survive. However, if we were to eliminate Kaze ourselves, our rival Syndicate would be more favorably disposed toward us. As a result, we could join together, as a stronger entity, and from there rebuild our power.”

Sure, that was totally going to happen.

“Your goals and Kaze’s aren’t exclusive,” Kenji stated, “if we can get all three parties together, I’m sure we can find a way to make everyone happy. Without making everyone dead, too.”

The man silently sipped his tea before nibbling on a snack. He was considering the idea, at least. After a few more moments of silent contemplation, he slowly nodded.

“If the other Syndicate agrees to a meeting, we will attend. We will not claim Kaze is under our protection with the Mark in place, and we will take no action if our rivals do not also agree to the meeting.”

“That’s fair,” I stated.

The man nodded, “indeed. If there is nothing else?”

We shook our heads, and, when he waved us off we slowly rose, bowed, and turned to the door. The two women guards stepped back and opened the door for us. We nodded silently to them and stepped out into the hall.

We stuck around to eat some dinner, since we were going to be late for it at home. After eating we called the wives to let them know we would be home in a few hours, and drove off to the other Syndicate’s front.

Next Chapter

Proof that Kenji is capable of solving a problem without using violence.

But what fun would that be?

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Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:16 pm
by Hoitash
Nice to know my graduation plans aren’t the only thing getting frakked up.

Previous Chapter

Part Four: Breakdown

Repeating the same process on the other side of town, we were once again seated across from a middle-aged man flanked by two guards. On his right and left sat two younger women, and two stocky male guards stood behind us. This Syndicate official had a short scar under his right eye, and the contemptuous gaze he kept giving us gave me the impression this part of the plan would not go well. Once more tea and snacks were served, we got down to business.

The Syndicate Leader gave a cold smirk as he sipped his tea before speaking in the gravelly voice of a former smoker, “so, Mr. Setou and Mr. Nakai, after all they have done to eradicate my way of life, have come to me to negotiate.”


I cleared my throat lightly, trying to organize my thoughts, “how do you know who we are?”

The man sighed, “Your adventure series. The events it depicts may be sensationalized, but I am well connected enough- or at least, I used to be,” he paused to glare at us, but neither of us reacted, “to be able to connect the dots.”

I glared at Kenji, “I told you to use a penname and to not have me on the web site for the Agency.”

Kenji shrugged, “Hakamichi and Satou nixed the gold statue, so I didn’t have a lot of choice. And I needed to have your name on the site for tax reasons.”

I sighed and pinched my nose; I knew becoming Kenji’s business partner would bite me in the ass someday.

Kenji, meanwhile, continued speaking to the mobster, “I take it from the fact that we aren’t already dead that you are willing to honor the protection granted to us by the efforts of Jigoro Hakamichi’s daughter?”

The man sighed and nodded, “as much I would like not to, at this point, our honor and our word are all we have. So, speak your mind.”

We again explained that Kaze had come to us for help, and then explained that he wanted the Mark removed.

“…If I have the Mark removed, and he is claimed by my rivals, what benefit do I gain from this endeavor?” the Syndicate Leader asked.

“Well,” I said, “it would be a nice gesture of peace between both groups. Solving this problem peacefully would demonstrate to the other syndicate that violence isn’t the only option these days.”

The man sighed again, sparing a glance down to look wistfully at his tea, “if only that were true.”

“He also has information he’d be willing to exchange for the removal of the Mark,” Kenji added.

The man grunted, “Information that by rights should be ours regardless.”

Kenji glanced at me. He was rubbing his spleen and I suppressed a shudder. We had one last option besides violence, and I was going to take it.

“Negotiating these types of things when all the parties are apart can make things unnecessarily difficult,” I stated.

The man sipped his tea and raised an eyebrow, “this is true. What do you propose?”

I quietly exhaled slowly before continuing; if he considered what we suggested an insult, it was time to gun and run, “your rivals are willing to discuss this in person. Kaze has already granted us the power to negotiate on his behalf, so if all three parties could meet on neutral ground, I’m sure we could come to some sort of agreement.”

“Your rivals have already agreed to a meeting,” Kenji added, “if you are willing to attend.”

The man sipped his tea, lowered his cup, and leaned forward to glare at us. We both knew better then to react, so we calmly waited as he looked into our eyes –or tried to, in Kenji’s case. His steely gaze would’ve been unnerving if I wasn’t used to Hanako’s Stare of Judgment or the idiot administrators at school who seemed to think I spent all day sitting at my desk scratching my ass. The syndicate Leader glared at us for some time, but when neither of us faltered or wavered, merely returning his glare with placid looks of mild impatience, he leaned back and smirked.

“Very well,” he said, “We have an old warehouse on the edge of town that we use for such meetings. I will give you the address and contact our rivals. Since it seems likely they will agree, all three of us will meet in…four hours.”

Kenji smirked, “you guys work fast.”

The man nodded, “the negotiations may take some time, but meeting quickly will ensure that no one has time to plan anything deceptive or underhanded. If there is nothing else, I shall see you both soon.”

He waved us off, and after some deep bowing, we departed the back office. Before we left, one of the guards handed us a business card with the warehouse address on it. We nodded in thanks and left the restaurant.

“This is going too well,” Kenji grumbled, rubbing his spleen a bit more forcefully then before.

I nodded, “that does seem to be the case. I don’t suppose it could just be things going well for once?”

Kenji leered at me over his glasses.

I sighed, “It was just a thought. So what do we do?”

Kenji waited until we were back in the car before responding, “We play along. Until everyone has their cards on the table, we can’t properly react to whatever’s happening.”

I sighed and started the car, “we’re going to get shot at again, aren’t we?”

Kenji shrugged, “probably. Let’s head to the office for some rest.”

I nodded, “good idea.”

After some rest and resisting the urge to grab more weapons –though I did pick up a certain tooth filled bracelet, for good luck- we headed off to the warehouse. The address provided did lead to an abandoned warehouse, which, while cliché, was at least easy to plan for. We parked a few blocks away and stepped up to the old metal structure. It was painted a dark green, and the blocky windows were barred, but the glass was intact and reflected the night sky and surrounding city lights, few as they were in this part of town. The front door was black and made of thick metal. We walked up to the door and paused.

“You know,” I said, “I can’t help but notice this is the first time we’ve walked into an abandoned warehouse with non-violent intent.”

Kenji frowned, “enjoy the novelty while you can, man.”

I sighed and nodded before knocking loudly on the door. The door opened and I saw part of the face of one of the Yakuza guards leer at me. The door opened wider and the guard gestured for us to enter. I glanced at Kenji. His face was set as he nodded. I nodded back, and we stepped inside.

The warehouse was disturbingly clean. Its vast expanse was missing the usual piles and stacks of junk and old equipment you expected from such a place. In the center of the lone room there was a large round table. The two Syndicate Leaders were already seated, as were the other four who had sat with their respective leaders earlier. Two empty seats at the table were obviously meant for us. The only other person present was the guard at the door, and another one tending to a cart loaded with tea, coffee, and snacks. You found good hospitality in the strangest places.

“Ah,” the man from the Syndicate Kaze wanted to join -I forget the name, started with an H when Anglicized, I think- said, nodding towards us, “would you two like some tea? Or perhaps you prefer coffee?”

Politely accepting the coffee, we bowed and took the two empty seats. Two cups of coffee, some sugar packets, a small pitcher of cream, some stirrers, and a small tray of snacks appeared in front of us while we sat. When the guard serving us retreated, the other Syndicate leader -I think the name started with an A- spoke up.

“Yes, now that you have arrived, your underhanded scheme to wipe us out can come to fruition.”

“What?” I asked. I glanced to Kenji and saw his hands move slowly towards his pistol.

“What are you talking about?” Syndicate Leader H asked.

Syndicate Leader A sighed and glared at us, sneering for extra evil points as he stated, “After all these two have done to destroy our way of life, do you really expect them to negotiate with us? They have asked for this meeting to ensure Kaze’s safety while also finishing us off once and for all.”

“You sneaky bastard,” Kenji growled. Seeing the guard and the Yakuza lieutenants tense, I slowly reached for my pistol, while also trying to calm everyone down.

“I assure you that’s not why we’re here,” I declared, “We just want a peaceful solution to help a former work associate.”

Syndicate Leader A turned to his rival counterpart, “after all that has happened over the last three years, after all they have worked so hard to achieve, do you expect them to be satisfied with any of us surviving? They will not stop until we are all dead!”

The other Syndicate Leader stared at his rival. He sighed, cleared his throat, and spoke calmly and slowly, “I think you may be feeling the strain of the last few years. There has been no indication that they have violent intentions for this meeting.”

“You’re the one that feels the strain!” SLA snapped, “You’ve deluded yourself that things are fine as you sit there with your tea and your pathetic entourage! Rome is burning around us and you’re playing your damn lyre!”

The rambling Syndicate Leader shot out of his chair, holding a katana that he must’ve had under the table, “and now they will die for their treacherous ways!”

The other Syndicate Leader slowly rose out of his chair, unarmed, “you had no intention of negotiating, did you?”

The raving Leader’s eyes were wide with insanity and menace as he sneered at his rival, “Finally caught on, have you?”

Syndicate Leader H sighed again and snapped his finger. The four other Yakuza sitting at the table slowly stood up. The guard by the serving cart reached under it, pulling out five more katana. The other guard dashed behind us, drawing a pistol and aiming it at Kenji. At the same time the two did that, the raving Syndicate Leader’s posse each pulled out a black nine millimeter pistol and aimed them at the other Syndicate.

Kenji groaned and yanked out his own pistol, pointing it at the unhinged Syndicate Leader, “I think you need to calm down, man.”

“You brought weapons, as well?” the saner Syndicate Leader groaned.

I sighed and pulled out my Tesla, pointing it at the guard by the cart, “I think everyone here needs to calm down,” I glanced at Kenji, “that includes you.”

“The time for calm has ended!” Syndicate Leader A snapped, “Now is the time for action!”

“He is right,” the other Leader sighed, “weapons have been drawn. Accusations have been made. The time for talk is at an end. Now, there is only one way to settle this, and that is through force of arms.”

He turned to us, his face hard but weary, “we knew that this meeting might break down into violence, and so we came prepared. We also brought extra weapons for you two, if you desire them.”

He pointed towards the small stack of katana. Three of them were the longer kind, while two were shorter. They’re called wakizashi, if you’re curious. I looked to Kenji, who shrugged.

“You wanna dance, let’s dance,” he stated.

I groaned and rolled my eyes, “you know, just because we have to start shooting, doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it so damn much.”

“We will allow the weapons to be distributed, in the interest of fairness,” Syndicate Leader A grunted.

“You do know what century it is, right?” I asked.

The guard distributed the sheathed weapons. Kenji and I awkwardly unsheathed our shorter swords while the others did the same with their longer katana. The guard, now out of katana, pulled out a nine millimeter pistol and shot the guard standing behind Kenji.

“Where did he come from?” Kenji asked, turning briefly to face the crumpled body.

“The door,” I explained, which was the last thing anyone said for a while, as with the first shot fired, chaos quickly followed.

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I may be predictable, but I like to think I’m still entertaining, even in my predictability. Helps me keep writing.

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Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:17 pm
by griffon8
Obviously, I'm still along for the ride. :mrgreen:

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by Hoitash
griffon8 wrote:image
That pretty much sums up Kenji and Hisao's friendship :D
griffon8 wrote:Obviously, I'm still along for the ride. :mrgreen:
I thank you, sir, and hope to see you in in the future, as I continue to plunge the depths of my own insanity and depravity. As long as I can see the surface, I figure I'm still good :).

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Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:07 am
by CptSalsa
First off let me say this was an excellent addition to the story.
And now let me say that I hate when one person keeps labelling characters with many variations. ( like what Hisao did with each syndicate leader) It was made more confusing with you having two of them. But at least it was only for a relatively short while.
Oh and the first name to pop into my head for Syndicate H was the Hare Krishnas and for Syndicate A, the Angels of Death. Dunno why I included that, probably just for you to analyze my thought processes :( :? :wink:

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Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:08 am
by Hoitash
CptSalsa wrote:First off let me say this was an excellent addition to the story.
Thanks, glad you liked it, and thanks for reading :)
And now let me say that I hate when one person keeps labelling characters with many variations. ( like what Hisao did with each syndicate leader) It was made more confusing with you having two of them. But at least it was only for a relatively short while.
I figured that might be an issue. I considered abbreviating things to SLH and SLA, but was worried that'd just add to the confusion.
Oh and the first name to pop into my head for Syndicate H was the Hare Krishnas and for Syndicate A, the Angels of Death. Dunno why I included that, probably just for you to analyze my thought processes :( :? :wink:
That is a very interesting mix :). My own brain has had issues with my liking of J Rock and power metal, which has somehow not caused my head to asplode.

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Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:32 am
by Hoitash
Hmm, I wonder what would happen if you put Jigoro, Shizune, two Warehouse Agents, and the Detective Duo in a room against a group of bad guys- xenomorphs, Predators, or a horde of Yakuza.

Sounds like the start of a great joke. Or my next mystery (Just kidding. Most likely.)

Previous Chapter

Part Five: Aggressive Negotiations

Kenji and I ducked under the table as the two Syndicates started shooting and slicing at each other.

“Got a new plan?” I asked Kenji as we crouched under the table.

Kenji nodded, “yeah: don’t die!”

I groaned and glared at him, “That’s your plan?”

Kenji grinned, “Nice and simple, isn’t it?”

I sighed and nodded, “do we just stay under here, or go out there?”

Something slammed onto the table and it cracked in half, causing it to cave in partially on itself. I glanced at Kenji and he nodded. We both knew what we had to do; not die. Putting that plan into practice would be easier said than done, but hey, it never stopped us before.

With a grunt we both rolled out from the table and shot at the closest target. I fired my Tesla at one of the male lieutenants with a sword while Kenji managed to kneecap a Yakuza member with his Nambu after his third shot. The woman groaned and collapsed onto the ground, so I fired my Tesla at her while glancing around.

The reason the table was cracked was because the two Syndicate leaders were grappling each other on top of it, their swords imbedded into the wood beside them. The other guard had a bullet hole in her head and had been dropped where she had been standing. The other two Yakuza lieutenants were dueling each other with their katana.

I looked to Kenji and he looked back, his face hard to read. I shrugged, he sighed, and then he fired a shot into the air.

“I don’t suppose we can get back to diplomacy?” he asked.

I took the fact that the other four ignored us as a no. Sighing, I moved over to the two dueling lieutenants while Kenji tried to pry the Syndicate leaders apart. I bolted around the remains of the table and fired at the two duelers. The blue jolts of electricity deflected off their swords and up towards the vent work. I groaned for the umpteenth time that night as their swords started glowing light blue.

“You have got to be kidding me!” I snapped; their weapons were Templar artifacts.

The two Yakuza glanced at each for a second before turning to face me.

“Oh come on!” I barked, “This isn’t fair!”

The two Yakuza grinned and lunged at me. The male Yakuza charged and swiped at my head while the woman sliced at my legs. I deflected the one on my right with my sword and managed to sucker punch the other one in the shoulder, which sent her back a pace. The male Yakuza sliced at my torso but I deflected the strike and tried to punch him in the face, but he blocked it and tried to flip me onto the floor. Fortunately for me he had to focus to do that, and I was quickly able to stab him in the kidney. He had two of them anyway. He yelped in pain and tried to stab back at me, but I ducked and rolled away. Which was good, because the other Yakuza was right behind me. Unfortunately, I ended up ducking into her.

I glanced back at Kenji, who was at this point dueling the two Syndicate leaders while they tried to hack each other to pieces. Rolling into the Yakuza caused her to trip and crash into the other Yakuza, and both collapsed onto the ground. I recovered my stance and noticed that the male Yakuza had managed to shove his sword through the woman’s stomach, while she had impaled his shoulder with her own katana. The two tumbled and tried to get apart, ignoring me completely as they grappled. I still couldn’t shoot them, but when the male Yakuza finally forced his opponent’s sword out of his shoulder, he shoved the woman away, yanking his katana out in the process. With her katana clattering to the floor half a meter away, I risked my second to last shot and fired my Tesla. The jolts danced around the man and into the woman, who collapsed onto the floor, her blood staining her clothes and starting to slowly pool around her. The still standing lieutenant snarled and charged for me.

He sliced for my head and I ducked and swept at his feet, but he had pivoted away to stab at me. I deflected the stab and rolled away, managing to get on one knee as he tried to slice at my left hand, though he managed to graze my arm in the process. I ignored the thin red line as my heart raced, its rhythm more erratic than usual. I had to do something quick or risk a flutter. When the lieutenant pivoted to lunge at me, I seized my chance. I partially deflected his stab so that he grazed my shoulder. Before he could adjust his stance I elbowed him as hard as I could in the face. He reeled back from the blow, blood leaking from his nose as he growled and readied himself for another slice. Before he could, I shoved the Tesla into his kidney wound and fired.

In hindsight, it would have been really cool to have said “deflect this” when I shot him, but Kenji was always better at the one-liners then I was. I was a teacher, not a fighter, despite all evidence to the contrary. The lieutenant dropped his katana as he collapsed onto the floor. Sighing and trying to catch my breath, I checked my heart and spent a few precious seconds steadying myself, working to get my heart back to what passed for normal for me. When I was satisfied I wasn’t going to keel over soon, I turned back to see what Kenji was up to.

Syndicate Leader H was on the floor on his back, the front of his suit stained red near his left lung. He was still holding his sword, but he was doing it with his left hand, because his right hand was missing three fingers. He also had a bullet wound in his right shoulder. How he was still conscious I had no idea, though his breathing was shallow and labored. The other Syndicate Leader was trying to cleave Kenji, who was using a full sized sword he must’ve grabbed from somewhere nearby. He was holding it one handed, his left hand still clutching the pistol. Occasionally I had heard a single shot from his section of the fight, and, assuming he had reloaded at least once, he still had three shots. His suit was ragged and torn in several places, and I saw a few blood stains on his right arm and left leg. I attributed both of our survival up to that point to dumb luck and our opponent’s arrogance, but both were running out by now.

I sighed, shoved my pistol back into my pocket, and grabbed one of the Yakuza lieutenant’s swords. Shizune had trained me a bit on how to use a katana, but I had always preferred straight swords. Katana require too much finesse to use properly. A straight sword you just stab, deflect, thrust, parry, swipe, and then shoot the guy when you get an opening. I probably should’ve got a Western cavalry saber or a scimitar, but no sense worrying about it now. I glanced at the two duelers and rushed in to join the fray.

“Welcome back,” Kenji said as he parried a swipe at his left arm.

“Couldn’t let you have all the fun,” I quipped as I sliced at the Yakuza’s right leg.

The Syndicate Leader pivoted on his left leg and swiped at both of us, forcing us back. Kenji was the greater threat because of his pistol, so he focused his efforts on removing said pistol. Apparently this also involved attempting to remove Kenji’s left hand, because the Syndicate Leader sliced at an up angle toward Kenji’s left arm. Kenji dodged and aimed the pistol but the Yakuza quickly sliced at it. I managed to defect the slice, giving Kenji a chance to shoot- and miss.

“I think I got closer that time,” Kenji declared.

I sighed, “You really need an SMG.”

Kenji grinned and rolled his eyes, “sure, now you want me to have a gun with a high rate of fire.”

The Syndicate Leader lunged at Kenji, using his sword to swipe at the barrel of the gun. Before I could defect the blow the blade slammed into the pistol and it slipped from Kenji’s hand, clattering to the floor behind me. While the two started grappling I dived for the pistol. I dropped my sword and grabbed the Nambu, wheeling around to face the two as they struggled. They were both holding each other in a grapple, their swords locked as they struggled against each other. The Syndicate Leader forced Kenji onto the floor and I fired twice. The first round clipped his left shoulder, but the last one hit him in the right hip. He groaned and Kenji leapt up to slam him down using his right shoulder.

I paused to check my heart for a second before heaving myself up. I dragged myself over to Kenji as he aimed his sword at the Yakuza’s throat.

“Alright,” I said, checking my heartbeat and trying to catch my breath again, just to be sure, “let’s try this again. The Mark?”

“Removed,” the Syndicate Leader spat out, some blood spraying out along with some spit aimed a my feet. Jerk.

I bowed lightly –no sense being rude, “thank you. Our lives, and that of our families?”

The Yakuza man snarled, “Safe. If anything were to happen to you, the Hakamichi’s would rip us all to pieces. With their bare hands.”

Kenji and I bowed, and I moved over to the other Syndicate Leader. He was pale and clutching his wound, breathing shallowly as his katana lay forgotten at his side. Again, I marveled that he wasn’t unconscious or dead.

“The other Syndicate has agreed to remove the Mark. Will you allow Kaze to join you?”

“Yes,” Syndicate Leader H wheezed out, spitting some blood from his mouth as he spoke.

“And our families?” I asked.

“Protected. The Hakamichi’s… would kill us all if we even looked at you the wrong way…”

“So everything’s settled?” Kenji asked.

I nodded, “sure looks that way. Let’s get out of here and tell Kaze the good news. Oh, and do you know a discreet doctor we can call for you guys? You dying might put a damper on things.”

“I’m indifferent myself,” Kenji grunted.

“We have our own medical staff,” Syndicate Leader A growled.

“Okay,” I would’ve felt worse about leaving everyone in such a state, but they had tried to kill me, so my magnanimity had its limits, “sorry for the mess, let’s never do this again.”

“I warn you,” Syndicate Leader A grunted as we slowly backed out of the warehouse, “if we meet again, not even the threat of the Hakamichi’s will keep us from hacking you to bits.”

Kenji sighed, “After three Secret Societies, a werewolf, an alien, and the Mafiya, do you really think we’re worried over a couple of two-bit mobsters with no power?”

“Please don’t antagonize them,” I chided, before turning back to the Yakuza, “don’t worry, I’ve had my fill of organized crime. Oh, and I did most of the work with the alien and the wolf.”

We backed out of the warehouse and opened the door. When we were sure the way back to the car was clear, we dropped the swords, stepped outside, closed the door behind us, and made our way back to the car, bloody and breathing heavily, but still alive. That was the important part, in my book.

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The end is nigh! But not yet.

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Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:40 pm
by LegyPlegy
Hoitash wrote:Kenji sighed, “After three Secret Societies, a werewolf, an alien, and the Mafiya, do you really think we’re worried over a couple of two-bit mobsters with no power?”
Mafia, right? Unless it's the name of a group, which i'm sure it's not. right?!?! D:

Don't worry! I still read every single update, so even if I (along with other people, I'm sure) don't comment, we're still here. c: