Fate (Mirai Nikki/KS One-shot, Hisao/Misha)

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Fate (Mirai Nikki/KS One-shot, Hisao/Misha)

Post by BobBobberson » Wed May 02, 2012 11:28 pm

Tried finishing Chapter 9 of Running Interference, ended up with this. Mirai Nikki has invaded my brain, and I will now associate pink hair with yanderes ._.
In a dilapidated control room in the basement of a hotel...

"Hicchan...time to eat." A girl's voice sounds from the seat she's occupying, allowing her view of the monitors. Two smaller seats flank her, facing the other way. Each of them house a skull, one skull having long blonde hair flowing from the back of it.

This 'Hicchan' does not respond, neither with voice nor movement, not that he could move if he tried. The chains shackling him to his chair prevent him from getting up. He's clothed only in his black boxers and a white tank top, and he looks forward with dead eyes. Behind him are several pictures taped to the wall, all the same, of him and a pink haired girl with drills dressed up as if they were getting married.

The girl, dressed only in a bra and panties, gets up from the control seat and takes a tray with a bowl full of food on it. Walking towards the chair containing 'Hicchan', she bends down in front of him while saying "It's beef stew, your favorite. Be sure to eat it up."

The girl takes a spoonful of the stew and holds it out to 'Hicchan'.

"Say ahh." The girl says, treating Hicchan like a toddler. However, the guy in the chair makes no effort to open his mouth, the girl's efforts being repulsed by Hicchan's wall of teeth. She tries to feed him for several seconds, before someone interrupts.

"Stop doing that, Mikado! He doesn't want to eat!" Another girl yells out. Except she's been tied up so she can't move. Her twin pigtails flutter about, as she struggles in a futile effort to free herself. Her prosthethics lie on the far side of the room, useless to her.

At this interruption, the girl, now known as Mikado, stops for a moment and turns to the tied-up person.

"What?" Mikado asks in a confused tone.

"He doesn't want to eat! So why are you forcing him to?" The bound girl asks, distraught present in her voice. "Aren't you his girlfriend? You ought to have figured that out?"

Her words are met with deaf ears, as Mikado turn towards Hicchan.

"No, no, he's happy! Aren't you, Hicchan?" Mikado rhetorically asks, directing her attention back towards feeding him. She continues speaking as she gently pries Hicchan's mouth open.

"As long as we hide here, the other diary owners can't find us, let alone the police or anyone else. We'll be happy here!" Mikado explains as she deposits the contents of the spoon on Hicchan's mouth, than manually chewing it.

"In fact, we'll be together forever! Wahaha~!" A hint of insanity creeps into Mikado's voice at this point. At this, Mikado gets on top of Hicchan, straddling him. But as soon as she got on top, she gets off, noticing something amiss.

"Oh, look, it's pee-pee time already, Hicchan! You sure have to go to the bathroom a lot." Mikado chuckles as she bends down to drop the tray of food.

The bound girl can only watch this spectacle in horror, helpless to do anything. If only she hadn't so easily fell into Mikado's trap, Hicchan would be free right now. At the sound of 'Pee-pee time', she tilts her head up in surprise.

Mikado gets up from the floor, holding a male urinal in her hands. The tied-up girl decides she's had enough, and yells out again.

"Dumbass! What are you trying to do now?" She yells out.

"I'm letting Hicchan go pee-pee. Can't have him wetting himself now, can we?" Mikado replies in a cheerful tone, not even bothering to look back at the girl.

"Ok, Hicchan, I'm taking off your pants now." Mikado declares. If Hicchan has any objections to this violation of his body, he doesn't show it. He still looks dead ahead with those vacant eyes of his.

"Don't!" The tied-up girl yells from the floor. Mikado ignores her and grabs Hicchan's boxers by the waist. She's about to pull them down when a new person interrupts.

"Oy, you getting this, you dumb broad?" A masculine voice challenges from the monitor's speakers.

At this, Mikado stops, swiftly turning around and striding over to the monitors. There, she focuses on one specific screen that shows three people standing around an enclosed room. One of them, an auburn-haired girl with no arms, has a vacant expression on her face, idly looking around the room. The other girl in the room, a long, dark-haired girl with burn scars visible on her face and hand, is looking around nervously, as if trying to find a way to escape the room they're in.

It's the only man in the middle that draws Mikado's immediate attention. He's wearing a gold and yellow scarf around his school uniform, and thick eyeglasses to slightly improve the horrendous eyesight that he has. He's holding a phone towards the camera in the room they're imprisoned in. And despite the situation he's in, he has a grin on his face.

"I know you're listening, bitch! You won't be happy to learn what information we dug up on you, Mikado! We know those two corpses at your house are your parents, but Nishijima-san found a third corpse among those two. But the funny thing is, the new corpse was well...new. And don't you think it's odd that around the same time, one of our schoolmates go missing?" The spectacled guy says with a smirk.

Mikado's brow furrows with anger at the guy's revelation.

"I'll kill you...Kenji." Mikado murmurs.

The bespectacled man, now identified as Kenji, continues speaking.

"Normally, I don't negotiate with feminists, but I guess I can make an exception this time. How about you let me and the two girls I'm with," Kenji gestures towards the girl with the missing arms and the one with the scars. "Go, and I won't send this incriminating text to the detective."

For effect, Kenji waves his newly procured phone at the camera lens. Normally, he was loathed to even possess a phone, but he realized the usefulness of having one once he knew about the capabilities of Mikado's and Hicchan's phone.

Kenji stops talking, letting Mikado gather her thoughts. After a few moments, the scarred girl speaks up.

"M-maybe she's ignoring you, K-Kenji." She says quietly.

Kenji ignores her, speaking up to the camera and Mikado again.

"So, Mikado, what's your answer?" Kenji asks.

Mikado just stands there for a moment, before she pressed the PA button and starts to laugh. It isn't a normal carefree laugh though, it is the laughter of the insane. She goes on for a few moments, and even Kenji, the self proclaimed 'last sane man on Earth' is slightly unnerved by the sound.

"Answer? I don't need an answer from the likes of you, Kenji! Go on, figure out who that third corpse is! As long as I have Hicchan, you, Hanako, and Rin can go to hell!" Mikado yells into the mic, her insanity starting to take over. She presses a button, and its desired effects are immediately known.

"Kenji, there's gas being leaked into the room." The girl with the missing arms informs Kenji. Strangely enough there's no sense of urgency in her voice, even though she's well aware of the lethality of the situation.

"Oh, fuck! That crazy bitch jumped off the deep end! Damnit, Emi, you just had to go and get yourself captured!" Kenji yells, frustrated by his failed negotiations.

Mikado smiles and turns away from the screen, walking back towards Hicchan. From the bound girl's view, who Kenji called Emi, she recoils in fear from the deranged look in Mikado's golden eyes.

"Don't worry, Hicchan, I've taken care of those meddlers." Mikado croons, stroking Hicchan's cheek. "There's just one more person we have to take care of."

Heading towards a duffel bag lying against the same wall Emi's prosthethics are, Mikado bends over the bag and opens it, pulling out a long curved knife of sorts. With a jolt, Emi recognized the object as a kukri. Realizing what Mikado meant by 'take care of', she frantically tries to back away from Mikado.

Mikado approaches Emi with a murderous look in her eye. Hicchan does nothing to stop Mikado, and even though Emi knows it would be futile even if he tried, it's his inaction that unnerves Emi more than the slowly approaching Mikado.

"Just one more death, and now no one can separate Hicchan and I forever!" Mikado laughs as she towers above Emi, kukri raised high above her. Emi whimpers and closes her eyes, bracing for the blow. Suddenly, the noise of static emanates from two cell phones lying at the control panel's desk. But at the same time, the door behind Mikado bursts open, distracting her.

"I've been looking for you, Mikado Shiina. I knew you were trying to hide Hisao from the rest of the diary owners." A male voice echoes from the now empty doorway. The intruder slowly walks in, and as the dim light from the overhead lamps reveals his face, Shiina's face contorts into anger again. Emi, however, is relieved at the arrival of the newcomer.

The man steps forward, holding a lead pipe in one hand and an open cell phone in the other. His face looks tired, with stubble over his lower face, but there's a sense of purpose radiating from him that both Emi and Shiina sense.

"Even though I have no intent of becoming God, I'm not going to let you win, Shiina. As the owner of the Observation Diary, you cannot best me." The man declares, glancing at his phone as he speaks.

14:30 - My entrance stuns Mikado momentarily and knocks Hisao back into his senses. After subduing Mikado, I free Hisao and the rest of his friends and take them back to Yamaku with Nishijima-san.

As if by magic, the sound of the man's voice rouses Hisao, or Hicchan to Shiina. Slowly blinking his eyes, he looks towards the man wielding the pipe and phone.

"Mutou? Professor Mutou?"

Ehh, I thought crossing over the two would be worth a shot, with Misha taking the role of the queen of yandere, Gasai Yuno. I wrote this really fast, so don't judge me too much on the quality :/ I swear I'll post Chapter 9 tomorrow.
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Re: Fate (A Guess the Crossover One-shot)

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I guessed that it was Mirai Nikki just by looking at your avatar. Hell, I haven't watched the show but knew where that look was from.

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