Katawa Ikkou [Corpse Party Crossover] *RIP* - Is dead

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Katawa Ikkou [Corpse Party Crossover] *RIP* - Is dead

Post by MystiKnight » Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:17 am

Hello Katawa Shoujo Forums! This is my first time posting a story anywhere on the internet, so constructive criticism would be gladly appreciated! Just before you start reading, there are a few things that I should clear up. Firstly, the name would roughly translate into 'Disability Party', which is a combination of Katawa Shoujo and Corpse Party. Secondly, since this is a crossover with Corpse Party, characters may be killed in horrible and/or gruesome ways. You have been warned! Anyway, enough of this. On to the story!

Opening Act : 1 / 2
Act 1 : 1 / 2

Opening Act: Chapter 1

I’d been having a terrible day today. First, I had a minor heart attack after trying to run with Emi. The head nurse got pretty angry with me, and he lectured me for a while about not over-exerting myself. Then, I was late to class and I got piles of homework so I could catch up. Luckily, it was just science, so it was pretty simple stuff. Next, Misha pestered me for a while. I don’t know what I was thinking, getting so pissed at her. Maybe I should go apologize tomorrow, I mean, we were getting pretty close. I’ve only been here for five days, and I don’t think I should be going around ruining friendships. Emi invited me for lunch up on the rooftop with her strange friend Rin, but nothing really happened up there. But after everything that happened today, I just want to go to my dorm and sleep.

I was kinda surprised that Kenji didn’t burst out of his room to complain more about his stupid feminist conspiracy again, but what surprised me most was what I saw when I got to my door. On it, there was a small pink note taped to it, clearly marked ‘To Hisao’. Just like Misha herself, the note stands out in the bland hallway. I grab the note and stuff it into my pocket, pulling out my key from my other pocket. Suddenly I hear numerous locks unlocking from behind me. Oh crap, I guess I spoke too soon. I fumble and drop my key. 'Dammit' I think as I pick it up. I sigh and turn around to look Kenji in the face.

“Hey! Who's out there?”

“Whoa, Kenji, calm down. It’s just me, Hisao.”

Kenji’s expression changes almost instantly, “Oh, sorry man. Gotta be careful, you’ll never know when there’s a evil feminist lurking outside.” Kenji being Kenji, I suppose. “Thought there was some feminist trying to break in to your room, so I decided to try and surprise her. Y’know, capture her and get some info outta her? Those feminist bitches are getting smarter, man. I say we strike them down before they get too smart for us.”

“Uh, yeah. Sure, that sounds great. But, uh, I have to get to my room, Kenji. I’m really busy, heaps of homework and stuff to do, uh, maybe we could plan our attack another time…”

“Alright man, that’s cool. I can understand that. I’ll see you later, dude.” Kenji walks back into his room, and starts locking all of his locks. I’ll never understand that guy, ever.

I try to walk back into my room, but I slam into the door. “Oof… Goddammit!” I seemed to have forgotten that I haven’t unlocked it yet. 'Stupid Kenji…' I say to myself quietly. After I finally get into my room, I drop straight to my bed. I start to drift off to sleep when I realize I smell terrible. I didn’t get to shower after my run with Emi or after I woke up in the Infirmary. Ugh, great. I thought I would be able to just drop off to sleep straight away, but might as well go shower now.

I’ve always liked showers, just standing there in the water. It’s so refreshing after a long day, but it always seems to wake me up. Oh well, I guess I should just read for a bit, that’ll calm me down. I walk back to my room when I remember Misha's note in my pants pocket. I pull it out and start reading…

'Dear Hisao,
That wasn’t very nice, what you said to me during class! Actually, that was a terrible thing to say! But, we understand how much stress you must have been in, after that heart attack of yours. So! We have decided to let you make it up to us. Hopefully, you’re reading this before curfew. Meet us at the Student Council Room ten minutes before curfew. No need to wear anything fancy, just don’t be late.
From, Misha

I really regret what I said to Misha in class, so I guess going to this little meeting would be a good idea. I have no idea why they decided to do this late at night, though. And in the Student Council Room? This seems a little suspicious to me… Maybe Kenji was right about those feminist conspiracies of his… The thought that I actually believe him sends shivers down my spine. Although, I do have half an hour left until I have to get ready. Maybe I could get him to repay me some of that money he owes me…

[ ] Ask Kenji about the note
[X] Read a book

What am I thinking? There’s no way he could be right about those stupid feminist things he talks about. I guess I’ll just read for a while. I pull out one of the books that I got from the library today, and read away. Eventually, it's time to go. After quickly getting my uniform on, I sneak into the main building of the school and head to the Student Council Room. I can’t believe they haven’t locked the building up yet, as it’s pretty late. Maybe Misha and Shizune just unlocked it for me?

I finally get to the room, and I notice the light coming from under the doorway, but whoever's in there is being really quiet. I knock lightly on the door, and Misha tells me to come on in. She’s standing on the other side of the room, beside the window. I’m about to say hello when a pair of hands cover my eyes from behind.
“Guess who~!” Asks Misha. Well, if she’s over there, then it must be...

“Shizune, am I right?”

Misha laughs with her trademark laugh, “Wahaha~! I knew you’d fall for that one, Hicchan! Nope, it’s not! So try again!” Eh? Who could it possibly be? Misha is on the other side of the room, and if it’s not Shizune...“Wahaha~! We got you, Hicchan! Do you give up?”
A light giggle comes from the corner of the room, and I start to understand what’s going on. I can hear an even lighter voice coming from the corner, and from what I can hear, it sounds a little like Hanako. And the giggle must’ve been Lilly. That leaves only one person.
“It’s Emi, isn’t it?”]
“Haha, no, it’s no- Wait, what~?” Girlish laughter comes from behind me and I instantly recognize it as Emi.

She lifts her hands, and I quickly scan the room. Everyone’s sitting on the floor now except for Emi and I. Misha and Shizune are at the front with Rin next to them and an empty space, probably Emi’s. Then there’s Lilly, still as elegant as usual. Hanako’s still being a little shy, even though it’s just the eight of us. And then there’s the mystery person. I don’t know who it is, but you can instantly notice their resemblance to Lilly. He (or she, I can’t really tell) is wearing a business suit but is sitting in a casual way. Then, there’s another empty spot between Him/Her and Misha, who calls me over to go sit next to her. Actually, this is the most people I’ve ever seen in this room.

As I go to sit down, the mystery person holds out their hand to shake mine. “Oh, Hisao, that’s right. You haven’t met my older sister yet, have you? This is my older sister, Akira. Akira, this is Hisao Nakai.”

“Nice to meet ya Hisao.” She’s acting so casual, completely contradictory to the clothes she’s wearing.

“Its, uh, nice to meet you, Akira. So, what brings you here?” Akira frowns when I ask her. She sits for a moment, before turning to me with a confused expression.

“She did, actually,” She beckons at Lilly. “I just came here to visit Lilly, and when I got to her room she was right about to leave, to here, actually. So I came along and here we are. Actually, you got here just a little bit after us,” Ah, so she has no idea either? “But Drills over there should know. She was here with Shizune before everyone else.” Hmm... I wonder what they’re up to.

I lean over to Misha and Shizune who are signing back and forth between each other. I tap on Misha’s shoulder to try and get her attention, but she continues to sign. They’ve barely noticed me after I saw past Misha’s trick, maybe she’s mad at me? I try again. Shizune’s shoots a glare at me over Misha’s shoulder, and I can feel it burn straight into my soul. I don’t think they’re going to talk to me for a while, so I go over to Emi and Rin. Maybe they would know why we’re all here. Or, at least, Emi would be able to tell me in a way I could understand. I walk on over and patiently wait for them to finish their conversation.

“…No way I can finish the mural now, unless maybe there’s some sort of machine that can send me back in time. Like a go-back-in-time machine. Yeah, a go-back-in-time machine is exactly what I need.” It takes a while for Rin to notice me, and Emi seems to have fallen asleep during Rin’s ramblings. Oh well, it seems like I’ll just have to see if Rin knows why we’re here.

“Hello, Rin. What brings you here?”

“My legs. I walked here. Did you think I was carried by Emi?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. I mean, why did you come here?”

“Oh. Well, because I felt like it.” I just can't talk to this girl. Luckily, Emi wakes up just in time to save me from talking to Rin any longer.

“Hisao! It took you a while to get here!”

“Eh, sorry. You seem a little more tired than usual.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry,” She lets out a little yawn after she says this. “It’s been a long day, really. And this little meeting is taking up my sleeping time, so I thought why not just sleep now, y’know?” I look down to my watch to check the time. Yeah, it is quite late.

Emi leans in closer to me before speaking. “So, word out on the street is you had a fight with the Student Council Girls, eh? Wanna fill me in on the details?” She nudges me playfully on the arm a few times, waiting for an answer.

"Well, I just wasn’t feeling good. At all. Y’know, I did just suffer a minor heart attack.

“W-What? Another one? When? Was it my fault? Eeek! I’m sorry Hisao; I didn’t mean to give you so much trouble, I just-“ I hold onto her shoulder to calm her down.

“Calm down Emi! I was taking about the one at the track. It’s okay, you only gave me one attack today.”

She pouts at me. Oh that face, if she keeps pulling that face I think I might just have a second heart attack. ”Hisao! Why are you so mean for!” She playfully pushes me over. “Make sure you get enough sleep tonight, okay? We’re going to wake up extra early tomorrow!” She looks at me with a mischievous grin. “Anyway, how’d you like our little trick? We almost got you, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, almost. If it wasn’t for Lilly and Hanako, I probably wouldn’t have ever guessed it would be you.”

“Well, thanks for guessing, Hisao. Rin owes me 500 yen now.”

“Uh, no problem, Emi. Sorry for that, Rin.”

Rin’s just sitting there, blankly looking at the roof. I’m about to go sit back down before I remember my original question. “Oh, Emi, I just need to ask, why did you come here? The note that called me over wasn’t very specific.”

“I have no idea. There was a note on my door that told me to come. Same for Rin, actually. What about them?”

“A note, just like you guys. And Akira’s here just by pure luck. I haven’t asked her yet, but I guess Hanako got a note as well. Strange, eh?”

“Yeah, really strange.”

“Ahem!” Misha’s voice booms through the classroom. “If we could all sit down, please. Hisao. That means you.” She shoots me a look that could quite easily kill. Still mad, I see. I take my place and Misha starts to recite Shizune’s speech.

“As you should all know, each year our school has the proud tradition of holding a grand festival. From all the work we’ve been doing,” Shizune leers at Lilly for a bit while Misha is talking, before regaining her usual composure. She does remember that Lilly’s blind, right? “This should be obvious. But what isn’t obvious is one of our traditions, hidden from the sight of everyone,” There seems to be a little emphasis on the word ‘sight’ but Lilly’s still as calm as usual. I still don’t understand why they fight with each other so much. “But today, we have come together to celebrate this tradition! Although~, I don’t see why we would celebrate something like this. Stay on topic, Misha! … Wait, I’m Misha.”

Emi raises her hand like a student answering a question in class. “Yes, Miss Ibarazaki?”

“Umm, well, you haven’t told us much about this ‘tradition’. I think it’s a bit mean to keep teasing us about it.” She crosses her arms and pouts.

“Wahaha~! Well, I was going to start explaining, but now you guys are on your own~! But, I will give you one hint. Heavenly Host.” What? Heavenly Host? Is that all she’s going to tell us? I think I can vaguely remember something about the name. I look around me, and everyone is as confused as I am, other than Akira, who’s deep in thought. Maybe she knows something, I guess I should ask her about it.

I lightly nudge Akira, and she turns to me. “Huh? Yeah, Hisao?”

“Hey, do you have any idea what they’re talking about?”

Akira bites her bottom lip. “Uh, no. I guess you have no idea either?”

“No, not a clue. Misha’s probably going to explain it to us, anyway.”

I look up at Misha, and she’s signing back and forth with Shizune. She’s probably explaining it to Misha, but it looks like Misha isn’t getting much of what Shizune’s saying. “They might be a while, are you sure you don’t want to get it off your mind?”

Akira sighs, “Alright. I’ll tell you what I know. Heavenly Host was a junior grade school from way back. You guys don’t know much about it because it was knocked down years ago, before any of you guys were born. I was pretty young at the time as well, but I remember something about the school having a terrible history. I can’t remember many details, but the important thing about it was the deaths that took place there..”

D-deaths? What?

"Uh, the details are a little sketchy to me, I can barely remember. I think it was some missing children, yeah. Some teacher went insane and killed them, then commit suicide. Or something like that. I, er, think." I look at Akira to go on, but it seems that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, and a glimpse at Misha tells me that they’re not going to say anything else about the subject. Just what the hell have I gotten myself into?

[EDIT] Yup, it's dead. Sorry to anyone who liked it (If there were any), or anyone who will like it in the future, but it's dead. Might as well confirm that. Why? Well, I just lost intrest, really.
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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Crossover]

Post by BobBobberson » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:36 am

Aww yeah. more stories where the characters die! Just wikipediaed "Corpse Party", and I could see how that might work with KS. Kill Shizune off first though, she sucks :P

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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Crossover]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:38 am

I'm not quite sure how this is going to work with KS.
Shizune is not the type to go on a rampage and kill of other students.
Also, you might want to think of a reason why Shizune would invite exactly those people for whatever she planned - and I mean a reason other than "they are the main characters of the game."
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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Crossover]

Post by MystiKnight » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:12 pm

Mirage_GSM wrote:I'm not quite sure how this is going to work with KS.
Shizune is not the type to go on a rampage and kill of other students.
Also, you might want to think of a reason why Shizune would invite exactly those people for whatever she planned - and I mean a reason other than "they are the main characters of the game."
Yes, there's a reason for Shizune inviting these people specifically, but thats going to be revealed at a much later date. It's carefully planned, trust me. Corpse Party is really good at building suspense. It piles on a whole lot of questions through the game, but slowly drip-feeds you answers, so you crave more.
And, I think you'll just have to wait and see what happens to Shizune. She has ways of destroying your hope in other ways then going on a rampage..
BobBobberson wrote:Aww yeah. more stories where the characters die! Just wikipediaed "Corpse Party", and I could see how that might work with KS. Kill Shizune off first though, she sucks :P
Heh, I might just..

Anyway, it seems that I won't be home over the next few days, so I'll try to clean up the draft of the next part of the opening and post it today. Hopefully, I can get it done and we can go straight into the fun part of the story.
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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Crossover]

Post by Roamin12 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:18 pm

It looks like the writing is alright, but I've had enough of these types of stories lately, I might come back this in the future though.
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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Crossover]

Post by MystiKnight » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:27 pm

Roamin12 wrote:It looks like the writing is alright, but I've had enough of these types of stories lately, I might come back this in the future though.
Which part did you dislike? The horror/gore aspect? The crossover part? If you could be a little more specific, it would help me improve my writing.
Ah well, not everyone's going to enjoy my story. I do hope that you come back to read the rest of it as I post it.
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Currently Writing : Katawa Ikkou A Katawa Shoujo / Corpse Party Crossover. Up to it's 4th chapter since 11/5!

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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Crossover]

Post by MystiKnight » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:40 pm

Sorry for the double post, I'm leaving in a few minutes, but my draft has been cleaned up nicely and I'm fine with what I've written, so I've decided to just go ahead and post it.

Opening Act: Chapter 2

I’m still confused on just what is going on. Everyone was called here with no explanation, and our hosts refuse to release any information on the subject, and to top it all off, from what I’ve gathered; it’s a celebration on some deaths that occurred at some old school. Just what is going on, and what are they hiding from us? Throughout the night, Misha/Shizune haven't said anything else about Heavenly Host, and I think it’s just a red herring to scare us all. It doesn’t feel like much of a celebration, though. It’s more like a secret club meeting.

At first, we thought it would be fun to turn off the lights and sit by candlelight, but the idea terrified Hanako to the point where she was sitting in the corner of the room, arms around her knees. It took a while for Lilly to defuse the situation, but Hanako's alright now. Right now, Misha is telling us a horror story. Emi seems to be the most un-nerved by it. Everyone else is a little scared, other than Hanako, who’s still a bit shocked by the candlestick idea, but unfazed by the story itself. Of all people that I expected to not be afraid of horror stories, Hanako would never, ever be one of them. I turn back to Misha and start listening again. I think that she's just about at the climax of her story.

"And then, she hears it again. Tap. Tap. Tap. She calls out, once again, but there's no answer. Only a tapping sound. She stands up, and starts to walk to the door, but it stops. Knock. Knock. Knock. At first, it's quiet. Then, it gets louder, and louder, until it becomes a loud banging. At first, she's paralyzed in shock, but she calms down and walks towards the door. She steps up to it, holds onto the handle, and begins to t-" Suddenly, a quite knock is heard on the door, and almost everyone jumps in shock. My heart races, and I shut my eyes and concentrate on slowing down my heart rate.

"Hisao? Are you okay there? Y'know, I nearly got a heart attack from those knocks as well, he he." Oh Akira, how clueless you are..

Another knock is heard from the door, slightly louder than the last. "S-s-someone should c-check it o-out.." Hanako's voice is hushed, as if trying not to tell the person on the outside that we're inside.

"Yes, that seems like a good idea." Lilly's voice is still calm, as usual.

Knock. Knock. My heart rate is back to normal, and I open my eyes.

"Alright, sounds like a plan. Hisao? Would you like to do the honors?"

"What? Why me?" Akira grins after I say this.

"Well, a gentleman would never force a lady to do something scary like that. Are you a gentleman or not, Hisao?" I'm about to tell her about my heart condition, but Lilly interjects.

"Hisao? I hope you don't expect one of us girls to go and open the door? It's far too scary." I sigh, and start to walk to the door. Knock. Knock. *Kathump. Kathump*. My heart rate speeds up as I get to the door. Okay Hisao, on three. I take a hold of the handle. One. Two. Three!

Nothing. There's no one outside. I turn around and look back at the girls. Emi lets out a sigh of relief, and then looks up again before screaming. I don't want to turn around, but my body does it anyway. A figure dressed in a large coat is standing in front of me with their arms out, ready to grab me. On their face is a pale white mask, featureless except for a small cut for the mouth. I stumble backwards and fall over, and I clutch my heart again. I close my eyes, trying my hardest to get ignore the searing pain in my chest, but it's not working. It's just getting worse. Oh no. I'm going to die, aren't I? I try harder to make the pain go away, but it's only getting worse. *Kathump. Kathump. Kathump. Kathump*.

C'mon, you can do it Hisao.. *Kathump. Kathump. Kathump*. Someone picks me up in their arms, and lays me down on a table or something. *Kathump. Kathump. Kathump*. I can hear several people talking, but I can't actually make out what they're saying. One voice, however, is a monotonous, male voice, which I can only guess belongs to the masked. *Kathump. Kathump*. The pain is slowly subsiding. Real slowly. Breathe, Hisao. In.. And out. *Kathump. Kathump*. Someone's shaking me, and it's ruining my concentration. Goddammit! Just breathe, Hisao. *Kathump* Great, I've calmed down now. I can make out some of the conversation in front of me.

"Mikado! Hakamichi! You said nothing about Nakai being here! Look what you've done!" I can hear the swatting of air around me as Misha signs with Shizune.

"Sorry, Mr. Mutou! You would never have done it if we said so! But, even we didn't know how Hisao would react to you! Honestly!" *Kathump*
There's a sort of grunt that comes from Mr. Mutou, and he starts speaking again. "This is why I never participate in your late night escapades! The one time that I do, I almost kill a student! You have to be more responsible for your actions! And just who is that? Visitors aren't allowed to be inside the school building after curfew. We're breaking enough rules as it is!"

Misha does some more translating to Shizune, and Akira speaks up to explain herself. "Well, uh, Mr. Mutou, I came along with Lilly. She, umm, didn't know how long this was going to take, so she decided to bring me along with her. And, uh, yeah. Here we are."

Mr. Mutou thinks this over before remembering about me. "Ah, yes. Well, back to the main priority. Mister Nakai? Are you okay yet?" I weakly hold up my left hand before turning it into a thumbs up sign. "Ah. Good. Can you get up for me?" I weakly manage to sit upright. "Alright. Now, do I need to bring you to the Head Nurse's Office?" I shake my head. "Are you sure?" I nod. "Hmm. Okay, Hisao." I open my eyes to see nine worried and concerned faces.

"But Hisao! You almost died! You have to see the Nurse, right now!" Emi starts to give me the puppy dog face, but I turn away to Akira. "Sorry bout' that Hisao. I had no idea about your heart problem." She holds out her arm and I shake it. "Uh, that’s alright. I still would have fainted even if I didn't open the door." I look back to Mr. Mutou, and I speak up. "Sir?"

[X] What are you doing here?
[ ] You almost killed me!

"Just what are you doing here?"

He rubs his chin in thought before replying. "Er, well, I'm sure that Miss Mikado would be glad to explain it to you." He looks to Misha, who just laughs.

"Wahaha~! All right then! See, another tradition of ours is to scare some of the newer kids to the school. You were the only one that was recent, though, so we decided to invite a whole bunch of other people as well! Anyway, we asked nicely, and Mr. Mutou agreed to help scare some people. We didn't really say it was you, though, so he didn't know. Although, he really did drive a hard bargain! We had to sign a contract to increase funding to the science department of the school!" I feel a little disheartened to learn that the only reason for the party was to scare me. "So, we gave him the mask and told him to come to this room when Shizune gave the signal. We didn't originally plan to get you to open the door, but we thought it would be much funnier if you did! And, well, here we are! But Hicchan, everything we wrote on that note was the truth!" Huh. How did she know what I was thinking?

"Alright then. Now that everyone is okay, I think that we should all go to sleep. Tomorrow's still a school day, and then there's the festival the day after."

"No! Sir! Wait! There's still one part left! Just one part! It won't take long! Please~!" Misha seems determined to get this last part done. I wonder what it is?

"Hmm. Well, I guess so. What is it, Mikado?" Misha's expression lights up, and she quickly pulls something out from her pocket.

"Wahaha~! Okay, here it is!" Misha pulls out a small paper doll of some sort. "Its a charm I learnt about in a old file in the student council's records! It’s really simple. Each person just grabs hold of it, and then we all chant 'Sachiko, we beg of you’," She pauses to count everyone in the room "..Nine times! Once for each person. Then we all rip a piece off. The file said that this would keep us together, forever as long as we keep our part of the doll! So~? C'mon~! Let's do it!"

We all circle around the paper doll, except for Mr. Mutou, and hold on to a part. Hanako helps guide Lilly to where she has to hold it, and Rin manages to hold on with her foot, but we all have to lower the doll down to help her. Misha notices Mr. Mutou, and puts on a cross face. "Mr. Mutou! You have to join in too!" Without waiting for a reply, Misha runs over and drags Mr. Mutou to the rest of us and places his hand on the paper doll. "Okay, remember, nine times!" We all start chanting. 'Sachiko, we beg of you. Sachiko, we beg of you..'

Seven. Eight. Nine. Nine times. Misha must be done as well, and she speaks again. "Are we done yet?" Everyone nods. "Right then, on three we rip! One, two, three!" and at that we all take our parts of the doll. "Wahaha~! And that’s it! We're done for the night! I suggest that you all put the paper somewhere safe! It only works if you keep the paper with you! This way, even after the school year, we'll always be together~!" Misha starts signing to Shizune, and I start to head out along with the others. Mutou turns around and reminds Misha that she has to fix up the room before she leaves. "Aww! Do I have to? Well then, Hicchan! You have to help me!" Ugh, great. I walk over to the far side of the room to pick up the candlestick, but when I pick it up, the base slides open and some matchsticks fall out. Huh, sneaky. "Hicchan! You're not very helpful, Y’know! No wonder you didn't help out much for the festival, you would have been useless! Wahaha~!" I'll keep my mouth shut for now, talking to Misha hasn't gone well recently. Over by the door, they seem to be having trouble opening it.

"It's locked!" Emi screeches.

"But it can't be locked. It was open when I got here."

"No, it's definitely locked! Here, you try!" Click. Click.

"Miss Ibarazaki, it seems that you are correct. Mikado, do you have the k-" Suddenly, everything starts to shake. I know it's definitely not just me, because everyone is wobbling around as well.

"Eeep! An earthquake! Mr. Mutou!? What do we do!? WHAT DO WE DO!?!" Emi seems to have gone into a crazy panic; I've never seen her like this before. Hanako is holding onto Lilly for dear life, and Rin’s blankly watching the two. Misha and Shizune are at the other side of the room, signing rapidly to each other.

"Emi! Please, calm down! Nobody panic. Calmly head towards the tables and wait underneath until the earthquake stops. Miss Mikado! Get away from the windows!" Mr. Mutou is quite calm, and starts to guide Emi towards the desks at the far side of the room. *CRAAAACK* There's the sound of splintering wood from underneath and behind me. I turn to see the floor behind me breaking away. "Hisao! Get back from there! Now!" Mr. Mutou's voice rings from behind me, and I cautiously step back. The floor falls away, and continues breaking down. Then, a large streak tears down the middle of the room, right under me, and the floor gives way.

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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Crossover] Opening Act Complete!

Post by MystiKnight » Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:36 am

Ah, jeez. No replys? Aww :(

Oh well, I guess I'll just post the new chapter anyway. Sorry about the delay (I wonder if anyone's actually reading this?), several things got in the way over the last two weeks, and I just haven't gotten any time to write. Oh, but enough of that. Here's the next part:

Act 1: Chapter 1

No. No. No No No No No! Where am I? What the hell is going on!? This is completely insane. An earthquake, of all things. This has got to be a dream. This can't possibly be happening. Wake up Hisao. Wake up. It’s all a dream, just wake up. “Wakey-Wakey~” C’mon Hisao, just wa- What? Whose voice was that?

“I dunno, he looks a bit dead,” There was another one. “Dead on entry. Wow. That’s weak.” Who are they? I’ve never heard them before.

“No, no. Look, his chest. Up.. Down. He’s alive. Maybe he’s still knocked out.” The two voices are definitely female., and young-ish, by the sounds of it, maybe around my age.

“Alright, whatever. Look, how about we come back later.” Hisao. Get up. Or at least open your eyes. C’mon, GET UP!

“Ugh, fine. We’ll come back.” They’re gone. Great. My body feels completely drained of all strength. I think I might just lie here for a while. Ugh, I feel oddly nauseous as well.

I finally manage to get my eyes open, and all my strength comes back to me. If that really was an earthquake, then I probably dropped a few floors, so I think that makes this the ground floor. I should only be a few rooms from the lobby, I should try to get over there. The most concerning thing, however, is the darkness. I can see maybe a few feet from where I’m standing. I guess this is how Kenji feels all the time. Still, it shouldn’t be this dark, there should at least be some moonlight, or something. I wave my hands around to get some bearings on where I am, and before I know it, I’ve tripped over something. “Oof!” I turn to see what I tripped over. The candlestick. Must’ve rolled down with me when the earthquake happened. Now, I’m quite sure that if you slide the base, there should be some.. Aha! Matches! I strike one and light the candle on top.

Eh? This must be some kind of joke. I’m in a classroom, alright, but there’s no way I’m still at Yamaku. The classroom looks years old. The chairs and desks are strewn across the room, but there’s no visible damage to anything, apart from ageing. The roof is perfectly fine as well. There’s only one exit to the room, but it’s not one of Yamaku’s usual doors. It’s a sliding door, not a swinging door. Where the hell am I? There’s a note on the wall next to the door. Most of the writing is covered by smears of some red liquid, kinda like.. Blood. There are only a few words on the paper that are still readable. ‘Attention to Staff and Students of Heavenly Host Elementary School…’

Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny. I wonder how they did all this. It must have taken ages to prepare the room for this, and that earthquake was pretty amazing, like it was straight out of a movie. But that note just goes too far, it completely ruins the joke. They must’ve planned on Akira telling me lies about Heavenly Host. Well, that just won’t work. I slide open the door and walk right on into the hallway.

I take back everything. The hallway is a mess. The walls are old and mossy, and the floor is missing chunks and planks, heck, the floor is wooden and not tiled. There’s no way that this is all fake. Behind me is a large section of the floor, which is completely gone. It looks like a pit that goes on forever. I throw the used matchstick down and wait for the drop. *Click*. Damn. It might as well just go on forever. I guess I can't go that way. The smart idea would be to follow those two girls, but I don’t know which way they went. Actually, I wonder what happened to everyone else. Did they end up in this strange place like me? I really hope they managed to get out of the class in time.

The hallway is blocked by a massive pile up of desks, chairs and debris, which funnels me into another classroom. There’s another gaping hole in the middle of the room that forces me to edge along the sides of the classroom to get to the other door, which is open unlike most other doors I've seen. There aren’t any windows in these classrooms for some strange reason, and the lights aren't working. This is starting to get a little lonely.

I follow the hallway for a bit before I come to a stairwell. I walk down the flight until I’m stopped by even more debris. *Sigh*, I guess that means I’m completely trapped. Maybe I missed something on the way here, otherwise I would’ve seen those girls around here somewhere. I wonder what they’re doing here, anyway, in a demolished school that isn’t supposed to be real. Something strikes me as odd, though. I sit down on a step and place the candlestick next to me while I think. The stairs are clearly going down, which means that I woke up on the second or third floor. But if there was an earthquake, and I really did fall down a floor, how the heck did I manage to end up on the exact same floor?

I start walking up the stairs when suddenly the building starts shaking again. The sudden shaking causes me to trip over, but stops soon after. Ah, dammit! The candlestick blew out as I fell, and I dropped it. I scramble around trying to find it, but it seems to have rolled away. I stagger around on the stairs before regaining my bearings, and I slowly walk down the stairs. I stumble down the stairs, no help from the nausea I'm feeling, while feeling around for the wall of furniture that blocked my path before, but it never comes. Eventually, there's a quite sound at my feet, the sound of clashing with metal. Aha! The candlestick! Without hesitation, I pick it up, strike a match and light the wick.

I'm most definitely not on the stairs anymore, which is strange. Wasn't there a wall of furniture blocking the exit before? Maybe it's just my nerves, or the strange dizziness I'm feeling. There's nothing else to do, so I guess it's more exploring for me. The layout of the floor is identical to the floor above, mostly hallways with rooms branching off of them. Each door I check usually has the same problem, it doesn't actually seem like a door. To be more specific, it's a lot more like it's just been painted on to the wall. Eventually, I come across a classroom with an unlocked door.

Just like all the other rooms I've seen so far, it’s a classroom. There doesn't seem to be anything interesting inside, I might just keep looking aro- Eh? Something glimmers in the darkness and catches my attention. I guess I might as well go check it out. Tables and chairs have been haphazardly thrown around the room, and along with the gaps in the floor its a bit hard to navigate around the room, but I manage to get over to the other side eventually. Over in the corner of the room, theres something on the floor crumpled up into a pile, and something glimmers from under it. I reach over towards the pile and take a hold of something, but it quickly crumbles to dust. I bring my candlestick closer to see just what it is.

Ah! It.. No, it can't be! I leap backwards in shock and fall over backwards. These.. These are bones. Human bones, among the tattered remains of a uniform of some sort. But human bones! Why would there be bones here? Oh no, it couldn't be.. I snatch up the thing from under the pile and prepare to flee, but something happens. Out from the bones rises a small blue flame that hovers over the body. "Eh? Oh, hello there!" Ah! It can speak! "Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to scare you."

"Y-y-you can talk?"

The flame just laughs at me. "Ahaha! Yes, of course I can talk. Your new to this place, aren't you?" I nod in reply. "Ah, I thought so. Well, I'm Kensuke. Kensuke Kurosaki, and I guess I'm your guide! Here, come on, follow me." He starts to fly over into the hallway. Here's my chance! This could very easily be a trap, and this might be my only chance to run..!

[ ] Run away
[X] Follow Kensuke

Screw it, I don't know what to think anymore. I wander into the hall, where Kensuke is waiting for me. "You already know where you are, so I don't need to explain it to you. I guess I should tell you how to get out, that seems important. Trust me, you have no idea how lucky you are. Back when I was alive, getting out was near impossible, but since that last group of people got out, Sachiko's much weaker than before."

"Eh? Who?"

"Oh, you don't know who Sachiko is? I guess I'll have to explain that to you later. Anyway, here's what you need to know. You just have to get out the front door. Simple, very, very simple."

What!? The sudden revelation causes me to lose my balance, along with the nausea that I've had. "That's it? That's all I have to do?"

"Ahahaha! It's going to be a lot harder than you think. Do you think that the ghosts that haunt this school are just going to let you waltz out the front door like that? No, of course that's not all you have to do! The door itself is going to be tough to open, and these spirits will have some nasty surprises waiting for you. Not to mention, it won't open to just one person. You gotta go find some friends to open it with you, see? And finding a living, breathing, sane person is going to be hard in a place like this. But still, you have it much easier this time round. Trust me."

"Why? What made it so hard last time?"

".. It's not something I'd like to talk about. But, I will drop you some useful advice. Your friends who keep their sanity will be your greatest chance of survival. As long as you can cling onto hope, you'll make it out of here alive. Don't end up like me, and go. Go escape!" Slowly, Kensuke fades away, and he leaves me standing in the middle of the hall. A gust of wind comes from the further down the hall, and it blows out my candle. I guess I'm going that way.

Suddenly, a voice I know comes from behind me. "Hisao~! Finally, you're awake! Jeez, we've been waiting for you for some time. Y'know, it's un-gentlemanly to keep a lady waiting!" I stand in the middle of the hall, dumbfounded at the sight behind me. It's dark, but I can make out two feminine figures standing in front of me. The one on the left is a lot thinner than a usual girl, and her eyes are a deep red which look quite scary in the dark. Next to her is another girl whose earrings are glowing in the dark. Standing next to each other, they look quite ominous.

"How do you know my name? And who are you two?"

The one with the earrings giggles. "Ehehe. No time for that! C'mon, Hisao! Keep up!" They turn and start running in the opposite direction. Ah, dammit.

"H-Hey! Wait! Come back here!" Dammit! Just who the hell are these two?
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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Corpse Party Crossover] Finally Updated! 2

Post by Hadokant » Sat May 05, 2012 7:27 pm

For the love of god,
Don't kill hanako
If she has to die, At least let her die saving hisao or lilly
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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Corpse Party Crossover] Finally Updated! 2

Post by MystiKnight » Sun May 06, 2012 5:11 pm

Alright, its been forever since the last update, hasn't it? Sorry about that, but RL's been hectic these past two weeks, Ive been working late into nights for school, and I havent had much time to myself lately.

Also, I seemed to have encountered writer's block concerning Hisao's route, so I might change up characters in the next chapter.
Cuteness Overload!

Currently Writing : Katawa Ikkou A Katawa Shoujo / Corpse Party Crossover. Up to it's 4th chapter since 11/5!

"I know how you're feeling. Anybody will get nervous on their first time."
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Re: Katawa Ikkou [Corpse Party Crossover] Another Update! 11

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Aha! I've finally gotten a break from my stupidly busy life, and I decided to write a little more. It's not a very long chapter (1600+ words), actually, it's my shortest chapter yet. But hey, it's been much too long since a proper update, I might as well give you this. So, here it is:

Katawa Ikkou
Act 1: Chapter 2

"Come on, get up.." No.. I want a little more sleep.. "Hey, are you okay?" No.. Stop bugging me.. My head hurts.. "Ah, jeez, uh.." What do you want..? "Argh.. HELLO THERE?" Ow! That hurt my ears..

I open up my eyes and get up from my slumber. Usually, I expect the light to come in through the curtains, they always help me get up in the morning, and so I don't really need an alarm or anything. But today, some stranger came to wake me up. I can wake myself up perfectly fine, thank you. And a boy? Who would send a boy to come wake me up? Boys aren't supposed to be in the Girls' Dorm at this time.

H-Hold on. Where am I? T-This isn't the Girls' Dorm. This isn't my room. What am I doing here?

"Helloooooo there? Are you up now?" Who is that?

"W.. W.. Where a-am I?" I stammer out. I can't see much because it's quite dark, wherever this is.

"Oh, finally! You're up! Jeez, you've been out cold for, like, 15 minutes already. I think." The lights in the room I'm in are broken, I think. They're emitting an extremely small amount of light, and the lights are constantly flickering on and off. "Hey, hey! Don't ignore me, I was pretty damn shocked when I saw you just lying there. Are you going to tell me your name, at least?"

I try to re-collect my memories. My head hurts a lot, I have a splitting headache, and I can't remember much about what I did before I fell asleep. Mmm, uh.. No, nothing. I can remember having lunch with Lilly, just like I normally would, but my memories just get hazy from then on.. "Heeeeey, hellooooooo theeeeeereeeee! Seriously, do you have brain damage or something?"


"Ah, alright, Hanako. It's nice to meet you, I'm Rei." He holds out his hand to help me up, and I take it. But instead of pulling me up, he shakes my hand. "No, really, it's great to meet you, Hanako. It's been like, a whole hour since I've seen another living person here. It's been quite lonely, really."


"Oh, you just woke up, that's right. So you still have no idea where you are, am I right?" I nod my head in reply, "Ah, I thought so. Well, join the party! I still barely even know where we are, apart from the face that we're in a classroom. Jeez, I hardly even know how I got here! Well, actually, that's a little wrong.." He starts to trail off. Oww, my head hurts.. The migraine is pulsing faster, and I instinctively clutch my head in pain. "Oh! Oh! Ah, you don't actually have brain damage or something, right? C-Cause I just meant it as a joke, really, I didn't know that you had brain damage, I mean, I saw the uniform, so I knew about the school, and I ju-" Ugh, stop rambling! I decide to just cut him off, he seems like he could talk for an hour straight. "N-No, I'm a-alright.." Ahaha.. He's a little weird, this Rei.

"Ahhh, phew. Oh, jeez, what am I thinking, I haven't even helped you up yet. Some gentleman I am, eh?" Once again he holds out his hand, and I slowly take a hold of it. "Huuup! Up you get! Ah, that’s it. Right then, Hanako, would you like a seat?" Rei slides over two chairs and takes a seat on one, which quickly snaps under his sudden weight.

"Gah!" He falls to the floor with a thud, and I can't help but giggle. "H-Hey, it's not nice to laugh at the misfortune of others. Ahh.." The lights suddenly stop flickering, and after a long delay, the lights come back on again at a proper brightness. My brain kicks back into gear and I quickly hold up my right hand and cover my face. He hasn't noticed my scars yet, it's been too dark. But what if he notices them, and he thinks I'm some sort of monster? Will he just leave me here? I look back down to him sitting on the floor, and he's now just lying there with his eyes closed.

I take this opportunity to look at him. He's a little taller than average, and his body looks fit, but not like he works out or anything. His hair is ruffled and untidy, and it's a dark amber colour. His uniform is a dark green blazer with a golden yellow outline, with simple grey jeans. Unlike me, there seems to be nothing wrong with him.


He speaks without moving an inch. "Hmm? Yes, Hanako, what would you like?"

"W-What are y-you doing?"

"Well, I'm tired. I really envy you, I mean, you were sleeping so calmly. I'm pretty damn beat, y'know? I've been wandering around for an hour trying to figure out just what is going on, you see? So I thought, 'I'm just gonna rest a bit'. So that's what I'm doing."

"U-Uh, okay.." He really does talk a lot.

"But, I think I'm fine now. So, that brings us to our current problem. Just what are we going to do?"

".. We?"

"Yes! Of course, 'we'! It's dangerous to go alone! Haven't you ever watched a slasher film? It's always the ones that go off alone who die. Therefore, it's much safer to go around in a group, don't you agree?"

"Umm, I g-guess so.."

"You don't seem very convinced. OK, how about this. We'll look for your friends first, how about that? That'll make you feel better, right?"

"Alright.." Friends, huh.

"Sweet, we have a game plan. Right then, let's get going, eh?" After saying this, he gets up and looks out the window. "Actually, that isn't much of a plan. I don't know about you, but I think that the first priority should be finding an exit. Really, that's a much more straight-forward goal, wouldn't you agree?"

"Uh, y-yes.."

"OK, then our goal should be to find the entrance, I think I saw it on the way he- WOAH!" Halfway through his sentence, a loud rumbling sound rings out and the whole building starts to shake, is it another earthquake? "Argh, not again!" The building shakes for a little bit, but it's nothing compared to the first one at Yamaku. My headache starts to act up again, and I clutch my head in pain, and drop to the floor. "H-Hanako!" Rei turns around and notices me on the floor, and the building slowly stops shaking. "Hey! Are you okay?"

"I'm f-fine, Rei. It's oka-" I look up as I speak, and the sight in front of me renders me completely speechless. Behind Rei are two floating flames, both a deep, dark red. Each one looking just like a fire. Not only that, but there's something emanating from the flames. Not just heat, but something much more.. sinister. It feels like they're radiating pure.. hatred. Anger, rage, fury. The two flames were pouring out pure, raw emotion, and it felt a little overwhelming. "H-Hanako..?" I open my mouth to speak, but no words come out. I hear him murmur something, but I can't make out just what he said.

The flames multiply, and my head throbs even harder. It feels like my head is going to burst. Before I know it, my arms have given out from the pain and I'm lying there on the floor. STOP! STOP IT! Who is doing this to me! "Hey! Hanako!" I can hear Rei trying to talk to me, but it's no use. My head is throbbing too much to talk. "Hanako! Are you alright.." He's still trying to talk to me, but I can't hear anything anymore. There's a loud ringing sound in my ears, drowning out all of his words. I shut my eyes to try and shut out the pain, but it's not working. Rei is trying to say something, but it's all fuzzy and distorted thanks to the ringing sound. Slowly, I can feel my consciousness start to fade away..

How long have I been here? I woke up a little while ago, and it feels like I've been asleep for hours. My head's clear now, and there's no longer a ringing sound in my ears, but.. something feels off. I hold my head up to look for Rei. Oh? What..? I'm not in the classroom anymore. I think I'm in a hallway, probably the one outside the classroom, but I don't know for sure. Like when I first woke up, the lights are really dim and flickering on and off.

"..R-Rei?" I call out into the darkness, expecting an answer, but nothing calls out back to me. "Rei!" I try again, but to no avail. I sit upright against a wall and I try to figure out just what is going on. He wouldn't just leave me here, would he? No, there's no way. He wouldn't wait by my side for me to get up just to ditch me later on. I remember something he said to me, and I mutter it to myself. 'It's dangerous to go alone.." It would be stupid for him to just leave me here.

Maybe it was my fault? Maybe he saw my scars, and thought I was hideous. He saw me as a monster, he wanted to get rid of me. He saw what I really looked like, and because of that he dumped me here, alone, in the darkness.

I ponder this while I sit here the darkness, waiting for whatever comes for me.
Alright! So, a change of perspective, an OC (He's not in Corpse Party!) and some amnesia. Things are starting to get more fun, no?

Next week I'll be studying for Half-Yearly exams, and the week after the exams themselves take place. So, there may not be too much progress on the story, but I'll try my hardest!
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Currently Writing : Katawa Ikkou A Katawa Shoujo / Corpse Party Crossover. Up to it's 4th chapter since 11/5!

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