A guy's luck (TF2 Crossover)

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A guy's luck (TF2 Crossover)

Post by BobBobberson » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:26 pm

Yes, I'm releasing this first chapter of my abomination of a story out to the forums. *flame suit on* But as for why I did this in the first place, there are so many places in the story where Hisao does some stupid thing, so this story's basically me as HIsao, except I don't know what's going to happen to me (to an extent), and Scout's in it because I can (and because he'd make a good pairing with one or two of the girls *cough cough* not the main girls *cough cough*) So behold! *Puts another flame suit on* Oh, and yes I know I mess up with my tenses. Still working on that. *Tugs Pyro's suit on as well* I'll try to keep things as sensible as possible. Maybe.

Additional disclaimer: Some lines and conversations are copypasted from KS itself, but those events should occur less as the story progresses. And lower your expectations before reading! Thanks! Oh, and H-Scenes are turned off. And don't mind any grammatical errors, I already get enough of correcting that in doing papers ._. unless you point them out so I don't have to find them before I fix them :P

3rd disclaimer: The first chapter (and most of chapter two) are essentially minor revisions of the original introduction of KS. I will probably rewrite them later, after I finish chapter 3, so don't take them so seriously

Chapter 2!
Chapter 3!
Chapter 4!
Chapter 5! (Prologue)
Chapter 6!

I approached the gate with a feeling of foreboding. I wasn't even sure how I ended up in this position to begin with. The person I was with, however, knew his situation at least.

"Awwh crap, why do I have to go back to school? The rest of the guys at Teufort are at least as dumb as me!" Scout moaned as he walked next to me.

"Well, unlike your team, you don't have a high school diploma. Why Helen decided to ship you to the other side of the world to get said diploma is an enigma, however." I replied.

"Bah, dumbass Announcer. Well, let's get this crap started than." Scout said as he pushed the gate open and allowed me to pass. We walked down the greenery-lined path to what looked like the main building, since it was the biggest. Once we were inside, the only person inside the lobby looked up and stared at us for a bit. Scout and I returned the stare for a moment, wondering why he was staring at us. After a few seconds, the man shook his head and extended his hand.

"Ah, you must be the new foreign students. I apologize for the awkwardness, Yamaku doesn't really get much foreigners. I'm Mutou Akio."

A bit dumbfounded, I extend my hand and exchange the very definition of a neutral handshake. Scout mirrors my handshake, and Mutou continues his introduction.

"Well, class has already started, and you're going to be in my class. Do you want to introduce yourselves?" Mutou asks.

Mulling it over, I decide I might as well. The best person to give a first impression is yourself.

"Sure, why not? What about you, Scout?" I ask.

"Derr, of course. Gotta spread the word about the fastest man this side of the globe!" Scout responded in his signature yet annoying Boston accent.

"Excellent, now if you'll follow me." Mutou said. We follow him up two flight of stairs and end up in a hallway with a slightly creepy painting on the intersection ahead of us. Pushing open a door labeled 3-4, he enters, beckoning us to follow. I spare a glance at Scout and shrug, going through the door as well and him following me.

Inside, I'm greeted by the sight of about 15ish pairs of expectant eyes staring at me and Scout. Getting that feeling of familiarity, I decide to examine the scene anyways. I notice one girl with a STUMP for a hand, a guy with a pretty thick cane leaning against him, as well as a fat guy all the way in the back of the class. What catches my eye however, is this cute girl with pink hair...I'm not sure what to describe said hair though. She seemed to make a few hand gestures to the girl next to her, a blue-haired girl with glasses that seems to be analyzing me and Scout. I snap out of my reverie when I hear Mutou say something about new classmates.

"...and here is your two new classmates." Mutou finishes.

Caught off guard, I'm forced to do this introduction on an improv manner.

"Umm...hey there. My name is Guido. I'm from uh...New York, all the way down in the United States. I like to run and eat...and by eat I mean like a lot. ANd I do hope I don't get on any of you guy's bad side this year." I say lamely, mentally punching myself for that last line. Scout, sensing that it's his turn to speak, steps up.

"Sup, I got a name, but you can call me Scout. I come from a place where you'd be dead if you were from there, Boston, Massachusetts. Like my friend Guido here, I like to run as well, but I also love bonkin'." Scout enthusiasically says as he does his trademark taunt in tune with the last sentence. Luckily for him, no one asks to elaborate on 'bonkin'', something that would surely go against his contract if he did explain. Mutou takes over from there, going off to say the usual things that teachers say when new students arrive like being nice to them and whatnot. When he finishes, he motions for us to come to him.

"We're going to be doing some group work today, so that'll give you two a chance to talk with everyone. Is that okay with you?" Mutou asks.

"Yeah it's fine." "It's cool." Scout and I respond simultaneously.

"That's good, you two can work with Hakamichi. She's the class representative. She can explain anything you might want to know. And who else would be able to do that better, right?"

Leaving us standing awkwardly, he grabs a pile of papers and announces that we'll be doing this assignment in groups of three to four. As he does this, Scout whispers, "Umm, who's Hakamichi?" to me. Realizing that Scout was actually quicker on the uptake mentally for once, I drop my head. But the teacher seems to notice my helpless expression.

"Oh yeah, that's Hakamichi. Shizune Hakamichi." He says as he walks back to his desk.

As he says her name, the cute girl with the pink her and cool gold eyes waves to me. Scout and I grab desks near her, than pull them closer so none of us are at an awkward angle.

"Soo, I take it you're Hakamichi. Nice to meet you." I said.

"Hahaha~!" The girl laughs, catching me and Scout off guard. "It's nice to meet you, too! But~! I'm not Hackamichi, I'm Misha! This is Hakamichi, Shicchan~!" She said.

Giggling, she gestures to the blue haired girl who I noticed signing before. Apparently, she had been staring at us the whole time. She nods to show that she knows me and Scout are there, if only barely. Taking a closer look, I see that her eyes match her hair; they're both a nice shade of dark blue.

"Nice to meet you as well." I said, not wanting to seem rude. "Likewise." Scout echoes after me.

Misha gestures something to Shizune when the two of us said that. Shizune then replied with a few gestures of her own. Suddenly, I'm caught wondering if the teacher was trolling when he said "explain anything you might want to know" and "who else would be able to do that better". Looking at Scout, he tilts his head slightly, signifying that he's having the same thoughts I am.

"I can see why you're confused, right? But I see why you'd think I was Shicchan?" Misha interjects, noticing our less than bright expressions. "Shicchan is deaf, so I'm her translator, basically. She says its nice to meet you, too!" She exclaims enthusiastically, giving us a matching smile to boot.

Noticing a couple of signs from Shizune, Misha replies with signs of her own, although she attempts to include us in their conversation.

"You two must be the new students, aren't you? Well, Shicchan, of course they are! If they weren't, they wouldn't be up there, would they, right? Right~! They seem like interesting people, especially since they're not from here! We didn't expect them to come so soon, right Guids?"

Noticing the same goddamn nickname that's plagued me for a while, I cringe. Noticing my displeasure, Scout uses it to his advantage.

"HA! Guids? Really?" Scout asks in disbelief.

"Yup~! It fits, doesn't it?" Misha replies. I really shouldn't have done anything. Too bad it's a reflex for me. Looks like even across the Pacific, that nickname will follow me.

"Yeah no." I sullenly respond.

"Nope! You look just like someone whose nickname is Guids!" Misha says. Still wondering why every girl I meet loves to call me that, I mentally sigh.

"Why does this always happen to me?" I mumble.

Noticing a tap from Shizune, Misha turns to her to get her signs. Turning back to us, Misha says "Shicchan wants you to know that she's the class rep, so if there's anything you guys need to know, you can feel free to ask her. If you'd like, we can take you on a tour of the school after class?"

No shit, it's not like Mutou said that to begin with. But I repress the urge to be an asshole on my first day of foreign High School. Turning back to Scout, who's been uncharacteristically quiet this whole time, he nods and says something I'd figure he say.

"Well maybe we don't need your stinkin' help!" He exclaimed.

"Asking for help is normal! Don't act like you learned everything about Yamaku in the time it took to get to class!" Misha responded with the same amount of enthusiasm. Sensing how a debate could form from this, I quickly interject to save the conversation.

"Yes, yes, we could use the tour." I say, nudging Scout in the ribs in an effort to make him shut up. He does shut up, only for Misha to continue talking.

"Ah, and another thing, you don't have to call Shicchan something so formal like Hakamichi or class rep all the time! Just call her Shicchan~!"

Noticing Shizune blushing, and at the same time me remembering my crappy recollection of Japanese culture about nicknames or something like that, Misha scrambles to fix her mistake.

"Okay, maybe a bit too casual! Maybe Shizune would be the most appropriate?" After receiving a few signs from Shizune, she verifies that Shizune's fine being called Shizune.

"Ok, that's fine with us. In the U.S., we call people by their first names usually anyways. So it's no biggy." I said.

These two girls seem like cool people, and I wonder why I felt apprehensive about this whole situation to begin with. I'm still not sure how I ended up in this school of all places though. But I decide to ponder that later on.

"Oh, we should work on the assignment now, or Shicchan will get mad." Misha says.

Looking down at the paper, I notice that there's way too many problems, and by that I mean there's problems to do at all.

"Ahh, okee let's get started than." I say, taking the hint from Shizune's impatient glance at me.

Starting the assignment, it becomes painfully obvious that Scout and I are essentially dead weight, Scout moreso than me. His time at Teufort doesn't really leave much space left in his brain for anything that doesn't involving separating kneecaps from their joints with a bat. Somehow, our group finish the assignment first even with our late start. I take note of this efficiency for later. But while we were working, the personalities of both Misha and Shizune became a bit more prevalent. Shizune gave off that businessman vibe, with the no emotions look and attention to detail. Misha, on the other hand, is loud and easily distracted, much like Scout.

The lunch bell (or what I'm assuming is the lunch bell) rings, signalling the mad dash for food. Since I still had no idea where to go, I follow a beckon from Misha down the stairs and into the lobby and straight into the cafeteria, with Scout right behind me. The cafeteria looks like any other cafeteria I've ever been in, with long tables for the students and an entire wall consisting of windows.

"It's the cafeteria~!" Misha shouts. I give Misha a look that's meant to say "Really?" while Scout facepalms because of the fail in the air. Misha seems unfazed by our reactions however, and leads us to the line. Reading the menu, I notice all the selection of food, but than noticing that it was mainly for the kids with special dietary needs, I become slightly crestfallen. Scout, not even bothering to read the menu, grabs a couple of hot dogs and a chocolate milk. Since I'm not a cultural dolt like him, I decide to try the miso soup. Following Misha and Shizune to a table, I begin to sip the soup, only to be poked by Misha. I tilt my head quizically. Misha points at Shizune.

"Do you want to know something?" Misha asks.

"Que?" I reply.

"About anything! We are your guides after all, and you should ask if there's something on you or Scout's mind!"

Huh, now that I think about it, there is something I want to ask about. But before I can ask, Scout decides to ask something first.

"So, how'd Shizune become de-" Scout begins to ask, before I nudge him in the ribs again to stop a potentially awkward situation.

"You might want to learn some tact, man. You don't ask shit like that the first time you meet anyone." I whisper.

"Well, I was curious? Whadja expect?" Scout whispers back. Glaring at me, he goes back to his hot dog.

"I was wondering where the library was?" I ask to Misha, "I've been trying to catch up on my reading, so I'd like to check it out."

I receive a frown from her that indicates she doesn't think much of reading, but she quickly resumes her usual smile.

"There is~! It's on the second floor, we can show it to you sometime!"

"Thanks, I guess." Letting the conversation die out, Misha and Shizune begin to sign to each other. Since neither Scout nor I can understand them, we turn to each other to discuss the best ways of Spy-checking people. While we talk, I notice the two girls glancing at me and Scout every so often, but Misha doesn't translate for us. Wondering what they were talking about for a second, I get knocked back to Earth with Scout's idiotic suggestion that shoving every member of the team towards his respawn would be the best Spycheck ever. Distracted by said idiocy, I proceed to berate Scout for his brainlessness for the rest of the lunch period.

A half hour later, the four of us arrive at our classroom again, a bit earlier than expected. I notice a dark haired girl slumped on her desk at the back of the room. I feel like I've seen her when I first walked in, but didn't really see anything out of the ordinary from her. However, when Misha bumps into the desk in the front of the room with a loud 'CRASH', she flinches. However, Shizune and Misha pay no mind to her reaction and continue to their seats, signing all the while. I start to wonder about her for a bit, before Scout challenges me to a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe using some spare napkins he found in his pocket.

An hour or so later, I find myself waiting with anticipation for the bell to ring again, just like at my old school. School really does suck. When the bell finally rings, I immediately bounce up and grab my things, ready to make a bolt for my dorms. However, I hear Misha call my name before I can make it out the door.

"Guids, we can't show you the school today, we have a lot of work to do. I'm sure you and Scout can figure things out yourself." She says as she packs up.

"It's cool, me and Scout need to head to our dorms anyway, do all the unpacking and ishh." I reply. Running out the door with Scout in tow, we stop once we leave the front door, realizing that neither of us know where the dorms are. After getting directions from a nearby student, we race towards the building, which is conveniently only a small distance away from the school building. There's a garden in between the dorms and school, something me and Scout plow through without regard for the path. Finally reaching the building, we both stop and catch our breath for a moment.

"Goddamn man, you're way too fast." I say in between breaths.

"You just got fricken OWNED! You can't stop me, man. I'm a Force-a-Nature!" Scout brags, a bit winded himself.

"Yeah, alright. THere's probably a person in this school that can outrun your ass."

"Sureee, there's gonna be someone in a school of CRIPPLES who can beat me. Yeah, keep dreaming, moron."

Entering the building, we wander for a bit in the search for rooms 115 and 119, the rooms Scout and I will be occupying, respectively. After finding our rooms, I decide to point something out to Scout.

"Hey, y'know how's there's another room between ours?"

"Yeah, what about it though?"

"Well, we're gonna be living here for a year, we might as well introduce ourselves to our neighbor."

"Ehh, you got a point there." Agreeing with me, Scout knocks on room 117. After hearing what sounds like an unusual amount of locks unlocking, the door opens to reveal a boy with really thick glasses staring at Scout.

"Who is it?" He asks. He leans in closer to Scout until it looks like he's about to kiss him. Scout than leaps back, probably thinking the same thing.

"What the hell man, we just knock on your door and you try to kiss me?" Scout yells.

"What? Hell no man I don't roll that way. I just wanted to see what you looked like!" The eyeglass kid responds. He does have a point, he must have horrible vision if his glasses are thick. I interject before Scout can get in another word.

"Well, I'm Guido, and this is Scout. We're moving in the rooms next to you, and thought we'd introduce ourselves." I say.

"Oh, 'sup guys? The name's Kenji" The kid replies. He extends a hand out to me, and I take it. His hand is really sweaty somehow, and I quickly wipe it on my pants after I let go. Scout does the same thing, realizing his hand is sweaty after shaking it and opts to rub it on the wall.

"Well, there were some suspicious people going in and our of your room earlier. There was this one woman, with glasses, going in and out of 115. She had this behemoth of a man, like seriously he was built like a gorilla, following him around. I guess that's her bodyguard." Kenji says, oblivious to our discomfort.

"Oh, that must've been Ms. Pauling and Heavy, they mentioned something about unpacking for me when we arrived here." Scout says back, now squirming around for some reason.

"You must have some odd friends than, Scout. I wouldn't let anyone touch my stuff." Kenji says, "I only trust myself".

Unsure of where to go with this conversation, I come up with an excuse to get away from Kenji.

"Well, I've gotta go in my room and unpack. I don't have the luxury of having others unpack my crap for me." I say as I try to sidle around Kenji.

"Yeah, I gotta make sure my stuff's intact as well. Knowing Heavy, he probably ate all my goddamn food before he left." Scout adds as well.

"Oh, well never mind than." Kenji says with a huff. Slamming the door behind him, me and Scout exchange WTF expressions. Deciding to figure this moment out later, I unlock the door to room 119, and leave Scout to do his thing.

Looking at my new home for the next year, I take note of the plain-ness of everything. Beige walls, white bedsheets, a wooden desk and chair, and some drab looking curtains. Huh, everything I expected from a dorm. Noticing my luggage laid out on the floor, I get to work unpacking my clothes and school supplies. This takes up most of the evening and some of the night, as I start to debate where to place my Halo posters and the map of Skyrim I bought with me.

Inside the closet, I find a few sets of the school's uniform. Whoever put my stuff in here must've been thorough in making sure I was prepared for the school year, even if I don't recall shelling out money for the uniforms. Boosted by this stroke of luck, I start to call it an early night, changing into my sleepwear and shutting the curtains. Realizing that there is nothing to do in this room, I make a mental note as I drift off into sleep to grab some books or something tomorrow. Before sleep overtakes me, I get in one last thought.

"Huh, when I thought I was doing this foreign exchange program, no one explained that I was going to a school for the disabled. Meh. Doesn't seem all too different to me so far."

With that, I fall asleep.
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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:43 am

Well, the writing is not that bad, but can you give me a reason why I should continue reading this?
The plot is exactly the same as in the original with only a few lines of dialogue changed (and the nurse visit skipped).
Add to that the plot-hole of why two apparently healthy people should attend Yamaku...

About the self-insertion... Well, at least you're honest about it.
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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by MrDogsniper » Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:02 pm

I found this amusing I would actually like to see more...continue please.

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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by Gipp » Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:24 am

I agree, it's good to see something completely different on the forums. I am curious to see how this will go seeing that there are two main characters instead of one.

Will the rest of the TF2 classes make an apperence over the course of the story by any chance?
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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by MrDogsniper » Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:34 pm

I would like to see scout join the track team XD and beat Emi XD
Yeah and also see the other TF2 characters come along as well.
This story deserves a...Victory...

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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by BobBobberson » Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:26 am

Chapter 2!...and yes it's still crap. Although now I'm going to start straying away from the source material into original stuff at this point. And lower your expectations before reading, thanks!

I groggily force myself up from my bed, cursing the sun and all that is bright while doing so. Sitting in my bed while waiting for the motivation to change, I wonder how Scout's doing. School's going to be a lot different than the life he had back at Teufort. I mean, sure there's going to be structure still, but instead of the morning and afternoon matches of Attack/Defend and Payload, he'll be facing morning and afternoon classes of physics and Japanese. Well, at least we're in the same class, so I can help him adjust. I just hope his asshole part of his personality doesn't erupt too much.

With that, I change into my uniform. Yearning for the American way of wearing whatever the hell I wanted to school, I trot out towards the bathroom. This school doesn't seem as different as I expected it to be when I first walked in the classroom. I mean sure, there's people with all kind of disabilities here, but that doesn't stop them from doing their thing at school. Now that I think about it, me and Scout must be part of the few normal kids here, at least physically. I'm pretty sure that Scout is slightly insane, although I'm not telling that to him anytime soon. Although...what do the students here do?

A couple of hours later, I decide to ask Shizune that when our class splits into groups again. Shifting my stare onto her, she glares back at me, with a face of slight confusion, until she turns to Misha in an attempt to get her attention, except Misha's busy trying to get a perfectly sharp pencil. Finally noticing her glare, Misha bounces towards the 3 of us.

"Ahaha~! Sorry, sorry, Shicchan~! Is there something you wanted from me?"

I relay my question to her and she signs it to Shizune. I really do hope they know what I'm asking, Shizune is the class rep after all. After getting a few signs back, Misha turns back to us.

"Oh, well everyone's encouraged to join a club. Most of the students are in one, since there's nothing else to do here, really. There's also school events, like the festival coming in a few days. Almost every student in the school tends to help out with it, doing whatever they can. So~! You've actually transferred at a busy time...maybe you can help out too~!"

Mentally cursing the time I transferred into, Scout voices my opinion, except out loud.

"Screw that, Misha. I don't got time to be working on some festival BS" Scout said.

Frowning, Misha turns to Shizune. Looking down at her hands, I notice that Misha's been signing everything we say so Shizune isn't left out. Pretty impressive. Shizune's normally unexpressive face turns into an angry expression as she signs back to Misha.

"Well, since you are a new student, it's not like you could've done anything important now. But since you feel that way about the festival, I think I'll force you to do some work~!" Misha gleefully exclaims while laughing.

"Yeah, alright, you and what army?" Scout retorts. Sensing a fight if I allow this to continue, I intercept Misha's response with a question of my own.

"So, what's the festival about anyways?" I ask, actually wondering what the occasion is.

"Ummmm..." Misha fails to say anything, her expression of surprise giving away the fact that she has no idea what it means. Looking at Shizune in an attempt to bail her out, she gets no such help. Failing that, she moves on to Plan B, bullshit.

"Well, I'm not really from the area, so I wouldn't know...All you need to know is that there'll be cool games and lots of cheap food~!" She perked up remarkably quick after that awkward confession, which is slightly commendable, at least I think it's commendable anyways.

"SMACK" A loud whap from the wooden pointer the teacher wields knocks the four of us back into our senses.

"We're in the middle of class, and we should get started...oh yeah!" Misha quickly changes tones after receiving the new set of signs from Shizune.

"Guids, are you asking because you want to join a club?" Misha asks.

I immediately sense a change in the mood with the glance the two girls share. I exchange my own glance with Scout, and he's quick to understand what it meant.

"Yeah, I, and maybe Scout...wait Scout you trying to join a club as well?"

"Ehh, why not. Gotta see if they have a baseball or track team up here." Scout replies, twisting a pencil between his bandaged hands.

"Ahh, well Scout, Yamaku doesn't have a baseball team, not enough players. We do have a track team, however." Misha says to Scout after interpreting his remark.

"Godammit, this would happen to me. Well, I better poke around the gym today to join track at least." Scout drifts off into silence, brooding at the lack of baseball. Shaking my head, I turn continue my own quest.

"Yeah, I was thinking about joining something." I say.

Misha and Shizune exchange glances again, but I notice a girl silently leaving out of the corner of my eye. It's a girl with long, dark hair; apparently she's been someone who's escaped my notice so far. A few other students, along with the teacher, watch her go, but no one says anything. Well, almost no one.

"Hey, what the hell. How come that chick gets to play hooky?" Scout whispers to me.

"Yes, let's ask the OTHER transfer student why students here do something. Good job." I sarcastically retort back.

I do wonder why she left though, and make a mental note to look for her later.

"Guids~! You OK over there?" Misha's jarring voice knocks me back to Earth.

"Umm, yeah, I'm good."

"Okay~! Well, we were going to ask, you don't have any plans for lunch today, do you?"

"Well, I was going to go get some books or scout the school some more with...Scout" I awkwardly end the sentence, aware of the weird usage of the word Scout. "Ok, not really." I add as an afterthought, curious to what the girls have in mind.

"Do you want to have lunch together then?"

"Sure, the more the merrier!" To my surprise, Scout says this, not me.

"Yay~! Wahahaha~! Okay, Guiids~! Perfect!"

The rest of pre-lunch classes pass by quickly, but the dark-haired girl never came back. I look up from my work to another relatively angry stare from Shizune. Apparently she's peeved that we barely finished on time. Well, maybe if Scout could actually start contributing for once...but still, it's not like it was a competition. I voice this to Misha, who promptly retaliates.

"Yes it is, Guids!"

"Is not possible!"



Throughout this exchange, Misha continuously signs whatever words are being spoken, and I do appreciate the level of skill needed to do such a thing. Obviously, it's for Shizune's benefit. The problem is that I'm not sure who I'm talking to now, and who I should face when talking. Gah, this is too much thinking too early in the morning.

"Ok, ok, it was a competition. My brain hurts from that work. Can we eat now?"

"Sure, where d'you guys want to eat?" Misha asks.

"The cafeteria? Derrrr." Scout responds.

"Pshh, that's so plain. But whatever." Misha derisively responds, but all the same, Scout and I get pulled by Misha and Shizune, respectively, to the cafeteria. It isn't as packed as yesterday though. Scout and I should probably start looking for alternative food places than. I've only seen Scout eat hot dogs and junk food every time we've eaten together, and I think 'making' him try new foods would be good for him. After we finish eating, Misha picks up our conversation from the morning.

"So, Guido, you wanted to know about clubs right~?"

"Yes, jeez, get on with it already."

Exchanging nods, Misha straightens up, and I get the feeling she's going to start a speech.

"Guids, do you have anything you're really interested in?"

Well, there was cross country at my old high school, but I'm too lazy for that now. Mostly, I'm into video games, but I'm pretty sure what I as a Westerner like completely differ from Japanese tastes."

"Hm, well we don't have a video game club anyways, even though kids have been trying to set one up for a while now," Shizune quickly signs something to Misha, and Misha plows on, "But moving on to our point, you don't have anything else in mind?"

"Nope, not really. And how come I'm the only one being interrogated here. Scout's still got nothing to do either."

"Hey, don't drag me into this. I've already got my eye on track. You're the dumbass with nothing to do." Scout says as he drains a can of Bonk! Energy Drink.

"Well, no." I say turning my attention back to Misha.

"Great! That's really good~! Wahahaha~! Haha~" Misha starts laughing, and this immediately puts me on guard.

"Well, Guids, other than clubs and the festival, there is one more thing...Student Council!"

Huh, that was a long and elaborate setup. I usually associate Student Councils as illusions of giving students power. But I see no reason to share my thoughts with them. But judging from their reactions, this was definitely planned out beforehand, as Misha is laughing and Shizune is looking away while blushing. Scout, on the other hand, looks totally disinterested in the conversation, opting to take a quick nap before the bell.

"Hahaha~! Hm? Right...Guids, maybeee you should join the Student Council! They could use more people~. Yes! Definitely! You should definitely join!"


"Well, for starters, we could hang out every day~! Shicchan and I are both in the Council. Actually, Shicchan is the president."

Well, at least I know now this is a thinly veiled recruition attempt. I really shouldn't have said "I don't know" to what clubs I should do. Great. As if on cue with my thoughts, Shizune signs more directions to Misha.

"Hahaha~! Well it's not like we'd obviously benefit from you joining the Student Council, and therefore have an incentive to try and get you to -"

"So, you're basically admitting that-"

"Ahaha~! No! We admit nothing~! I mean, Guids, it would be nice if you joined, and we'd appreciate it! But even without that, joining the Council shows an interest in the workings of one's school. Yup~! It's true, Hicchan. Besides, don't you want to spend time with us after school, Guids?"

At this point, I can't determine if they're being legit or just trolling. They're both trying to look as cute as possible though, probably a form of psychological manipulation that they've tried before. But, the only girls I've talked to so far are Misha and Shizune, and it might make more sense to broaden my horizons first.

"Well..." I try not to give a definite yes or no answer.

"Okee~! Welcome to the Student Council!" Misha exclaims.

"Wait wait wait. I never agreed to anything!" I sputter, appalled at how forward they are.

"D'awwhh, I knew it wouldn't be this easy. Well, Shicchan owes me candy now at least!" Misha says.

"Wait, wut. My life isn't a game to bet on!"

"Yes it is, we just did. But speaking of games, would you like to play one? We can do Rock Paper Scissors, and if we win, you have to join!" Misha says.

"Yeah, no. I'd rather not risk my life in a game of chance."

"Well, what about paper football? It's this game people play in Ameri-"

"Yes, I know how to play paper football, and no I will not play it with you. Since you're suggesting it, you probably have a higher skill than me at it."

"Hahaha~! Yeah, that's true! How'd you know?"

Shizune frowns at Misha with this revelation, confirming my thought that she wasn't supposed to say that. These attempts to rope me into the council are annoying, but I wonder how different Councils are in the U.S. and Japan.

"Okay, Guids, what about Advanced Wars? The game of battlefield strategy?"

Hearing the game Advanced Wars makes me raise my head in a curious manner.

"Advanced Wars, huh? You think you can best me in that?"

"So you do know how to play it!" Misha exclaims.

"Yep, I fancy myself a bit of a strategist. But still, I don't want to play with something at stake..."

"It's alright, you and Scout can face me and Misha after class, no strings attached~!...wait I'm Misha?" Misha pulls a confused face from her sentence, forgetting that she was talking as Shizune, not Misha. It's a humorous scene.

"No strings attached, huh?" I take a second to turn to Scout, who's still knocked out at our table. I grab his shoulders and shake him violently, rousing him from his sleep.

"Yo, Scout, Misha and Shizune's inviting us to a little 2v2 Advance Wars session. You down?" I ask.

"Huh? Oh that game on the GBA you played on the way here, but then I tried it and sucked at it?" Scout replied.

"Yep, that one. Your track thing can wait for a bit, right?"

"Yeah, I'm not even in a hurry."

Wow, there's a lot of irony in that one statement. Since I got Scout's consent, I turn back to the girls, who's been silently signing the whole time.

"Yeah, we're down. Where do we go?"

"Okay, okay~! Perfect~! We'll see you in the student council room after school than, Guids!"

"Why there though?"

"That's where I keep my GBAs! Wahahaha~!"

I grimace to show my displeasure, but it's mainly for show at this point. I mean i did actually make an effort to do this, instead of being forced against my will. After making it clear to Shizune that nothing is agreed upon by doing this, we go back to class.

After class, Scout and I wander down to the lobby, where Misha and Shizune spot the two of us. They immediately flank us, Shizune grabbing my arm and Misha on Scout's arm.

"Hey, hey! What's with the escort?" I query. As that guy from every other movie says, 'I have a bad feeling about this'.

"What's wrong, Guids~? We're just going to play Advance Wars?"

Yeah, and torture me and Scout after that. Lovely. The fact that I think they would do that is unsurprising. The surprising thing here is that scout makes no remark when Misha pulls him towards the Student Council room. I think he may be enjoying the attention. The Council room is only 2 turns from the lobby though, and I voice this to Misha.

"Well, this was pretty over the top for two fricken turns." I grumble.

"Not really. Shicchan says that when their life is threatened, people have shown the capability to pull off superhuman bursts of speed."

"Um, 'life is threatened'? Yeah, that makes me really comfortable going into this." I shut up after that, allowing the two girls to push us guys into the room. Looking around, I see that the room is very spartan. There's a few desks arranged in a semi-circle with a bigger desk facing said arrangement. And besides a few bookshelfs with old paperwork on it, this room doesn't really offer much. The oddest thing, though, is that there's no one else here. Hmmm, well I might as well stay on guard, again. But I keep my thoughts to myself.

"So, you guys know how to play right? We can explain things to you while I get the stuff out." Misha asks as she pulls out 4 GBAS and a couple of link cables.

"Nah, we ain't no scrubs. Guido here introduced it to me on our way here." Scout responds, with the air of arrogance that I know associate with him.

"Yeah, and by introduce you mean sucking against the AI. I sweat, Scout, don't suck this time." I shoot the insult his way at an attempt to boost his will. Seeing Misha and Shizune's well executed ploys makes me wary of facing them in a strategy game.

Finally connecting the systems together, we all grab one each and make our way to the Link mode. The good thing is that we're playing AW2, which has more COs and the Neotank I love to spam. During the CO selection screen, I notice that Shizune picked Lash, an annoying Black Hole CO who gains power from terrain defense. Goddammit. Misha decides to go with Flak, another Black Hole CO whose CO powers center around luck. Weird choice. Looking back at the screen, I see Scout chose Max, an Orange State CO with high power with direct units like tanks and bombers, but suck with indirects like artillery and missiles. I quickly pick my own CO, Kanbei, a Yellow Star CO with high base attack and defense on all units, but at a cost of higher deployment costs. Now tense with the thought of a 2v2 battle, the battle starts.

20 minutes later, I find my forces being besieged by indirects from Misha and Med Tanks from Shizune. I try to think of how I can minimize my losses at this point, when a poke from Shizune breaks my concentration.

"Guids, Shicchan wants you to know that you are taking too long to make a move." Misha says.

"Well, maybe if you didn't decide to focus me first, I wouldn't have to actually think!'

'well, Shicchan also says that she'll go after Scout if you agree to join the Student Council~!"

"Hey, hey what the hell? I'm still building my troops, don't rush me!" Scout interjects, displeased at the turn of events.

"Well, maybe if you tried intercepting Shizune's copters, I wouldn't be considering their offer?" I shoot back, annoyed at his lack of assistance the whole game. Shizune and Misha are doing a superb job of coordinating their offence, which makes up for my higher firepower. The fact that they are offering me this also shows that they know I care who wins. Fuuuuuuuu-

"So much for no strings attached, huh? And no! I may be down, but I'm not out!" I say, pumping my fist for effect.

"Well, you're not going to win if you keep playing like this, no you won't~!" Misha responds.

Well, she's on the dot there. Right now, I've been more focused on capping properties so I can churn out a Neotank and start steamrolling her Med Tanks. I could either go with the tried and true Mech Rush (Sending waves of bazooka wielding infantry in an attempt to overrun the enemy), or churn out normal tanks and AA to create a defensive formation and hope Scout arrives with his fighters and bombers to wipe out Shizune and Misha's forces.

Bleh, I gotta keep them on their toes, and I highly doubt they'd be prepared for a Mech Rush. So I finish capping whatever properties I can and start spamming Mechs as if my life depended on it. I'm hoping it'll be enough to destroy Shizune's line, because if I break through that, Misha's missile units are wide open and my team basically win.

10 minutes later, Scout and I end up losing anyway. Shizune timed her Super CO power perfectly, saving it for right before I launched my main assault on her line. With the doubled defense bonuses from terrain, I couldn't get far enough to attack Misha's indirects. And with my defeat, it becamse easy pickings to overwhelm Scout with numbers.

"Good job Scout, way to not help your TEAMmate." I emphasize the team part of the word, hoping to drill that into his head for future games.

"Well, maybe if you didn't suck so much, we would've won!" Scout angrily retorts, not happy with my comment.

"It's hard not to suck when I'm being focused, dummkopf!" For some reason, that German word spills out of my mouth for some reason. Not sure where I got it from though. I should probably check that later on. Meanwhile, Misha and Shizune allow themselves a victorious high-five, grinning as they look back at us.

"You tried your best, guys. And that's what counts right?~! Using your potential?" Misha says while trying to stifle her laughter.

"Yeah, yeah. Good thing I wasn't betting on joining the Student Council, or I'd be screwed right now." I sigh dejectedly. Looking over at the clock, I see that it's getting a bit late. Scout should probably find the track coach now, and I'm kinda interested in seeing who runs in this school as well.

"Well...this has been a fun time and all, but Scout should really find that track coach before tonight, and I've got to do thing as well, kbye!" I quickly sputter out as I grab Scout and leave a dumbfounded Misha and Shizune behind.

"Ok, what's this about? I was about to show them mah guns!" Scout whines as I drag him towards the gym.

"First, you have no guns at all. But secondly, you still have to sign up for track right? That and if I stay with them too long, they'll try to rope me into the council again."

"Well, they are two good looking girls. I thought you'd enjoy the chance at a threesome." Scout nonplussedly replies back, not even thinking about that last bit.

"As cool as that sounds, wouldn't it make sense to see what other fish are in this pond before picking one?" Great, now my mind's starting to think of such a scenario, I force myself to blank out by going into a jogging pace. Scout easily jogs in pace with me, except I have no idea where the gym is.

"You wouldn't happen to know where the gym is, right?" I ask Scout after a minute of aimlessly wandering the first floor.

"Nope, I thought you knew where you were going?" He gives me a perplexed stare. Well, at least it shows I'm the pants wearer in this...friendship. Nope, I don't roll that way. While this exchange goes on, we stop in front of a door, and I look up at the sign, which says "GYM".

"Well, now we know where it is." I point the sign out to Scout who nods dumbly and stares at the sign for a bit, as if imprinting it into memory. After that though, he walks forward and opens the door for me, and I walk through, not sure of what to expect at this point.

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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by MrDogsniper » Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:36 am

ehemm...Bobberson you said that this chapter is crap.......YOU ARE NOT A BAD AUTHOR YOUR A DAMN GOOD ONE...I went to a TF2 fanfiction page to find more TF2 stuff only one was just as interesting as this although they didn't ever finish it and they ended writing it two years ago...Oh well looking forward to more.
You sir deserve a...Victory...(Woo-Hoo)

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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by BobBobberson » Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:00 pm

Mirage_GSM wrote:Well, the writing is not that bad, but can you give me a reason why I should continue reading this?
The plot is exactly the same as in the original with only a few lines of dialogue changed (and the nurse visit skipped).
Add to that the plot-hole of why two apparently healthy people should attend Yamaku...

About the self-insertion... Well, at least you're honest about it.
Yeah, I dunno, I near mirrored the actual intro, but from chapter 2 onwards, I'm going to start drifting into original stuff, with the occasional choice from the routes plopped into the plot, although I will change the scenarios behind said choices. Well chapter 2 already starts showing signs of drifting away from the normal plot (I hope), so that should satisfy your reason to keep reading, maybe.

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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:02 am

It's true, Hicchan. Besides, don't you want to spend time with us after school, Guids?"
If you rip the text, at least change the names ;-)
Still not very much in terms of deviation from the original plot - just substitutions of one thing for another.
Emi > Misha > Hanako > Lilly > Rin > Shizune

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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.
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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by BobBobberson » Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:35 am

Mirage_GSM wrote:
It's true, Hicchan. Besides, don't you want to spend time with us after school, Guids?"
If you rip the text, at least change the names ;-)
Still not very much in terms of deviation from the original plot - just substitutions of one thing for another.
I know, I dunno why I did that in the first chapter, I guess I needed a base to start out with. But like I said, from chapter 3 forwards, it'll be mostly or all original content. If there's enough commplaints about quoting KS itself, I'll probably revise the first two chapters to give more backstory on how I (in the story) and Scout ended up in Yamaku to begin with.

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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by BobBobberson » Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:54 am

Err, yeah. Now kinda starts the all original kickass writing by me, although I will lead the plot to choices that mirror the KS choices as well as the choices you can't influence as Hisao, but I as the main character can. Everyone knows Hisao was a bit dense sometimes in most of the routes anyways. Constructive criticism is appreciated, especially when it comes to how much Scout is OOC (or not). I'm really more of the Spy/Heavy writer since I play those classes most. I can say with 100% certainty that next update will either be rewrite of Chapter 1 or a filler chapter with backstory. Sorry.

I walk inside the gym, to be greeted by what one could call an extreme amount of normalcy. One side of the gym is completely dedicated to retractable metal bleachers, while the remaining 3 walls are taken up by basketball hoops. The Yamaku school logo is painted on the center of the wooden floor, but the ceiling shows a distinct lack of banners and whatnot commemorating the school's championships. On the right side, two doors lead off into what should be the girls and boys locker room. While I'm surveying all this, Scout walks in and takes the gym in as well. But while we're looking, a girl comes out from one of the locker doors. Noticing our dumb stares, she runs over to us.

"Helloo? You need help with anything?" She asks us while she walks towards us. When she gets closer, I notice she's one of the girls from our class, a tanner than usual chick with a STUMP for a left hand! But at the sound of her voice, Scout and I snap out of our daze, and we focus ourselves on the task at hand.

"I don't need help, but he does..." I gesture towards Scout.

"Yeah, I was looking for the track coach. I'm trying to sign up for track." Scout says to the girl, jogging in place for emphasis.

"Ohhhhhh yeah, you two are the new transfers from America in my class! Well, the names Miura Miki, I haven't had a chance to introduce myself to you two yet." She first sticks out her stump, but quickly realizes her mistake and replaces it with her right hand. We both do a quick handshake with her, before she gets down to business.

"Well, we just finished practice and Coach went home for the day. You'll have to wait 'til tomorrow to sign up! Sorry!" Miki says, giving Scout an apologetic shrug.

"It's cool...say you got any plans right now?" Scout asks. Hmm, I think I know where this is going.

"No, not really. If you're going to ask me on a date, you're really fast about it, aren't you?" Miki chuckles a bit at her joke.

"Well, can't blame ya for thinking I'm fast, but no. Me and my brudda Guido here kinda have no idea where anything in the school is, and y'know, we could use a tour guide or something. That deaf chick Shizune left us hanging." Scout blushes a bit, but quickly kicks back into his normal assholey nature rather fast.

"Don't mind Scout here, if you haven't noticed, he's a bit of a motormouth." I warn Miki, and she chuckles again.

"Really? I couldn't tell. But sure, I don't mind showing the new kids the way around here." With that, she spins around and pushes us, stump and all, out of the gym and back into the main school.

An hour or so later, after being shown nearly every corner of the campus, from that isolated classroom on the 3rd floor all the way to the track storage shed, it gets dark, fireflies lighting up the summer night...wait a minute SUMMER night? Oh yeah, the school system revolves around trimesters. Still sucks though, but whatever. I casually slow my pace down to allow Miki and Scout some space to talk. Scout's really transparent in his attempts to flirt, like when he offered to buy Miki something off the vending machine, but not me, that douchebag. Oh well, they seem to be hitting it off pretty well.

The three of us manage to wander back to our dorms, Scout and I exhausted from our trek.

"Well, I uh...I guess we'll see ya in class tomorrow, huh?" Scout stammers out. For a second, it looked like he was going to ask something, but I hold my tongue.

"Yeah, I need some food, and by some I mean a lot of food. Thanks for the tour." I say, patting my stomach for emphasis.

"It was my pleasure, Guido. See you guys in class tomorrow!" With a wave, she walks towards the girls dorm building. Scout and I head to our own dorm building, where I decide to ask what he was going to ask.

"Hey, Scout, were you going to ask Miki something? You sounded like you were?" I ask as I mash the elevator button.

"No, what made you think that?" Scout responds in a defensive tone.

"Because it was goddamn obvious that you were trying to get it in. I'm not dense. unlike you man. Can't even offer to get me something as well?"

"Whatt? I only had enough money for two things, and obviously I got to get in her good side! Y'know, set up a good reputation and all that!" We walk in the elevator when it arrives, Scout still going off about how he couldn’t get anything for me.

"Sure, alright, I see where you're going with this. Don't expect me to buy you any shit though." I finally respond, eager to get him to shut up.

"Yeah, like I'm ever going to need your stinkin' money!" With that statement, the conversation ends, leaving the two of us in a slightly hostile mood as the elevator rises towards Floor 11. When it finally gets there, Scout runs off to his room without even saying a goodbye. Sighing, I make my way to my own dorm and open the door, only to notice a note that someone slipped under my door. Picking it up, I start to read it.

Guids, Shicchan and I have a surprise for you. Go to the Student Council room after classes end. Go alone!
-From Misha

Oh what the hell? I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. It sounds like they're either going to 1. Kidnap me and torture me until I join the Student Council, or 2. Offer to do...things in exchange for me joining the Student Council. Ok, maybe not that last one. Unless they’re whores, which I highly doubt. But still, the insane scenarios I come up with all end up with them attempting to get me in their damn Council. What could they possibly gain from getting one person, me, to join?

Placing the note aside, I get to work on the homework. After finishing that and showering, I collapse on my bed soon afterwards.

Morning greets me like a punch in the face. Well a punch in the face with a side of screeching noise from my alarm. Punching the snooze button, I force myself to get up and face the new day. At least until I remember the note from yesterday. I groan and fall back on the bad, will sapped of all energy.


The sounds force me upright again, and I get off the bed with finality. Opening the door, I'm greeted with a bedraggled Scout, complete with polka doted one piece PJs, giving me a desperate look.

"Yo, Guido, you gotta let me borrow some cash! I forgot my pay from RED doesn't come 'til tomorrow!" Scout moans.

"Says the person who said 'Yeah, like I'm ever going to need your stinkin' money!'" I mimic his voice for maximum effect.

"Come on man, I need that money for lunch! I'm fricken broke!" Scout says, his voice getting louder.

"Well, what do I get out of it? You kinda were an asshole yesterday..." I drift off, pretending to close the door to rile Scout up some more.

"Ok, I'm sorry man, I'm sorry I was a douche to you yesterday. I just need 1500 yen to make it through the day. I'll pay you back double tomorrow, I swear I'm good for it! You know how much RED pays me!"

Well this is a tempting offer, and while I'd be content to not give the money out of spite, an extra 1500 yen could go towards speakers for my laptop. Or at least extra junk food for my stash. Sighing, I turn to get my wallet.

"Ok, Scout I'll give you the money. I swear, if you don't pay me back tomorrow though..." I give Scout a threatening glare to imply what'll happen, and he nervously swallows.

"Don't worry, man, I got you." Scout takes the notes and dashes off to his room.

"And nice pajamas!" I yell at his reteating figure. Closing the door, I finish changing, doing the usual things guys do when getting ready for school. Hoisting my backpack on me, I set out.

Heading out towards the school, I survey my fellow schoolmates trudging towards the building. While some don't have any obvious physical defects like the kids with asthma and other internal problems, others have noticeable conditions like missing digits or limbs, or having a deformed part of the body. But no one ever really calls out these kids on their respective disabilities. I guess these students have a bit of solidarity in that there's something wrong with everyone here. Well almost everyone, I certainly don't have a disability, and neither does Scout. Misha also looks pretty healthy, unless there's something wrong inside her...

Deep in my reverie, I barely notice the girl carrying a pile of books in front of me. BUMP. The girl gets startled by the contact, and books drop all over the sidewalk.

"Ahh, crap, I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention!" I hastily apologize as I pick up some of the books. Why does she have all those books anyways?

"I-i-it's ok. It was my f-fault." The girl stammers out while picking up the rest of the books. She turns to get the books from me, and we end up looking at each other face to face. It appears to be that dark haired girl who left class early with no one saying anything about it, although I never got a chance to see what she looked like. She looks normal, with purple eyes that complement her hair. But said hair also cover most of her right side of the face, more like a curtain than anything else. But it still fails to cover the darkened part of her skin, something I think is scar tissue, that seems to start on that side of the face. The silence between us grows as we take in each other's appearance, until the girl says something.

"Um, thanks." The girl says, interrupting the awkward silence.

"No problem, it's the least I can do for startling a cute girl like yourself..." I shut myelf up too late, as my mind to mouth filter disabled itself at the worst moment possible. And of course, I can feel myself blushing, although to my surprise, the part of her face I can see blushes as well, and she gapes at me with widened eyes. Than suddenly, she looks down and starts quivering. Maybe she isn’t used to compliments and doesn’t know how to react?

This situation is getting more awkward by the second, so I initiate my failsafe plan before I get stricken with whatever she’s feeling.

"Er...I'll see you in class then." I mutter before I set off at a running pace towards our classroom, leaving the dumbfounded girl behind. In hindsight, I should've asked for her name, but oh well. I don’t look back. I’d rather not see her reaction, although she probably thinks I’m either shy like her or a jackass. I do hope it’s the former, at least there’s a chance of redemption if so.

Making my way up the stairs and into the classroom, I find myself at my seat at such a blur I don't even recall how fast I got here. Looking around, I see a few faces, but none I distinctly recognize. Misha, Shizune, Scout, Miki, and that scarred girl seem to be MIA right now; that, or I'm simply too early. Since there's nothing to do, I do the one thing I can call at will whenever I'm sitting in a classroom, black out.

Looking back so far, me as myself is OOC in some places. Wut.
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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:16 am

Looking back so far, me as myself is OOC in some places. Wut.
Not only yourself - Hanako as well. She's beeing stared at from point blank range by some guy she doesn't even know and all she does is blush? That's panic attack material.
Then Misha signing a letter with "love" after knowing a guy for only a day...
You trying to turn yourself into some kind of James-Bond-like womanizer in this story?
The thing you should worry about least is writing a character from a shooter OOC. Can you even do that? I mean shooters are not exactly heavy on characterization^^°
Emi > Misha > Hanako > Lilly > Rin > Shizune

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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.
Sore wa himitsu desu.

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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by BobBobberson » Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:43 am

Mirage_GSM wrote:
Looking back so far, me as myself is OOC in some places. Wut.
Not only yourself - Hanako as well. She's beeing stared at from point blank range by some guy she doesn't even know and all she does is blush? That's panic attack material.
Then Misha signing a letter with "love" after knowing a guy for only a day...
You trying to turn yourself into some kind of James-Bond-like womanizer in this story?
The thing you should worry about least is writing a character from a shooter OOC. Can you even do that? I mean shooters are not exactly heavy on characterization^^°
Well it's not like I meant love literally, it's more of a mess with my mind kinda thing. I have no intention of being the Master of Romance, that's too stupid. Can't take everything so literally :P But ehh I'll change it, it's no biggie.

But from what I see on TF2 fanfics, everyone's obsessed with seeing believable classes. The backstory from the comics help flesh out the classes a bit.

And I write these stories on the fly, so not everything's gonna come out perfect.

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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

Post by BobBobberson » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:34 pm

K I lied. This isn't boring backstory this chapter. Next chapter will definitely be backstory though. Not that anyone's reading or anything

I feel someone poking my arm with a pen. It's annoying. I try to pull away but the pokes keep coming. Irritated, I lift my head off the desk to find Misha looking at me, pen in hand.

"Wahaha~! I was wondering when you'd wake up!" She laughs, grating my eardrums. Misha's laughter definitely isn't something anyone should wake up to. Looking around, I see that everyone's in class now, some looking at whatever commotion Misha's causing, but at the least the teacher isn't here yet. Scout gives me a lazy wave when I see him in his chair, but then out of the corner of my eye, I see that dark-haired girl looking iat me from the back of the room. Well, either that, or whoever's next to me. But then again, I'm flanked by Misha and Shizune, so I highly doubt that. why did I have to end up between these two again? The sound of the teacher walking in snaps me back to attention, and I get ready for the tedious day ahead.

A few classes later, and after many interrupted naps by Misha, I trudge out of the classroom with Scout in search of lunch. Surprisingly, the Council duo don't jump us today, so the two of us chill in the cafeteria and enjoy our Wahaha=less lunch in silence. As we walk back towards the classroom though, Scout says something.

"Hey, you have your laptop on your right?"

"Umm, yeah I do? Why you ask?" I respond.

"Well, I got mines as well, but the internet over at the dorms is slow as frikken hell. Can't play TF2 for shit! But anyways, Remember that room all the way in the back of the 3rd floor? We could go there after class and bonk some dumbasses online!"

"I'm still surprised your boss somehow gameified your little war and managed to make millions off it while managing to keep the secret that there actually is Respawn and you guys and all the guns and shit. No, really what's the point of that again? I ask. In my little run-in with the Announcer, she supplied some helpful backstory.

"Umm, something about the game being some kinda beta test for all the new weapons we receive to see if they're overpowered. Don't really care too much about that." Scout says back as we approach the room. When we arrive, it appears exactly the same way it was when Miki first showed it to us. There's a table sitting perpendicular next to the window, with a few chairs next to it. On one side of the wall, there's a small sink and a cabinet, which upon further inspection, appears to hold a tea set and some ingredients for said tea. While I'm busy digging around the shelf, Scout pokes around the room in search of power outlets for our laptops, only to find it on the part of the wall under the table.

After finishing inspecting the room, I take my laptop out from my bag and start to set it up, plugging the charger into the outlet since gaming drains the battery like a bitch to start with. Soon after the both of us get our laptops running and Scout plugs his signature earpiece into his laptop, my laptop fills the room with the sound of gunfire, explosions, and screams as we get to work defending Dustbowl from the BLUs. As I try to line up another bead on a Heavy before a Medic can uber him, I hear a faint tapping sound emanating from the hallway. The tapping sound soon becomes slightly louder and louder. I look over at Scout, who's too into his attempts at ganking Snipers to notice. Suddenly, someone speaks out.

"Hello?" Glancing at the door, a relatively tall girl with long blonde hair, surprisingly, stands at the frame, a long, if thin cane at hand. She seems unsure of entering the room.

"Hey, there." I respond, raising my voice a bit to get it heard over the sound of a backstabbed Medic. I quickly lower my volume so that the noise'll get less disruptive. "Can I help you?"

"Well, this is where I make my tea, but if you're busy, I can go-"

"No, no, we're not busy. If this is your usual hangout, Scout and I don't need to be those guys who mess up the natural order. I was wondering why there was a tea set here to begin with." I cut her off, hoping to make amends. This room really seemed to be in disuse, but if this girl knows about the teaset and stuff, than it must be her spot.

"You don't need to leave on my behalf. I could use a little company, notwithstanding the war sounds I'm hearing, of course. If you'd like, we could share a cup of tea together." The girl gives off a small smile with that statement, and for some reason I feel obligated to return it as well, even though she's probably blind. Why else would she need a cane? It's far too thin to be used for support.

"Of course, lemme mute my computer. And tell my companion about this. He's a bit, err, preoccupied at the moment."

Satisfied with the fact that she's allowed in, she walks towards the shelf and starts to busy herself making a pot of tea. Meanwhile, I get up and yank Scout's headset off him to get his attention.

"Oy, if you haven't noticed, a challenger has appeared." I whisper directly to his ear. "And please don't be a dick. This is her spot, after all."

Scout grabs the headset back from me, but not before saying in his normal (loud) voice, "Yeah, yeah, don't worry about it. Now lemme bat this guy's kneecaps in." He goes back towards his game, and by the looks of it, the newcomer didn't notice (or choose not to) anything. She continues to walk towards the table with a teapot in one hand and two cups stacked on top on the other. She gently places both items on the table, after I move my laptop away from where she was going to put said items. She then takes the seat opposite me, and starts to talk.

"I take it you and your friend must be the new transfer students? I've never heard your voice before, and there's definitely hints of a Western accent." The blonde asks, pouring tea into the two cups.

"Yeah, the name's Guido, and that's Scout over there. We kinda transferred from the U.S. for err...non-medical reasons, ironically. Considering the nature of Yamaku and all that." Well it is true.

"Scout? Is he here with you? I didn't bring him a cup!" The girl starts to pout a bit and moves to get up.

"Don't worry about him. He's far too addicted to energy drinks and sugar to even consider drinking tea. Hell, in fact, he's too busy playing to even join our conversation."

And as soon as I say that, Scout looks up from his screen and takes off his headset, probably wondering why the hell I was drinking tea.

"What? You drink tea, Guido?" Scout asks. Ok so scratch that probably and insert is in it's place.

"Ehh, more of a coffee person meself, but y'know, doesn't hurt to try a cup every now and than." I take another sip of my tea, surprisingly it's pretty good, at least for tea anyways. "Anyways, it appears we never got your name, stranger."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Lilly Satou, of class 3-2. It's a class specifically designed for the blind, legally or otherwise. Scout, would you like a cup of tea?"

"Nah, not sweet enough. I am thirsty though, shoulda bought some Bonk or something. Lemme run downstairs and grab some of that weird shit they have in the vending machines. Gah, why can't they have normal flavors like in the U.s.?" With that, Scout jumps up and dashes out of the room.

"See, told you he's addicted to sugar. You can tell because he's so goddamn hyper half the time." I say as I close his laptop for him. I doubt he'll need it. At that comment, Lilly giggles a bit.

"He certainly does talk faster than a normal pace. But if you don't mind me asking, how did you find this room to begin with? It is rather secluded."

"Well," I put my thinking face on, trying to recall the events. "Shizune and Misha were supposed to give us a tour of the school, but they couldn't, so we somehow ran across Miki Miura, who shows us every corner of the campus, which includes this room. Than today, Scout was like 'Dorm internet too slow! Let's go to that back room no one goes to!', so we went there. Than we started playing some Team Fortress 2, than...yeah you know the rest."

"Ah, that seems to make sense. I've heard many a gripe about how slow the dorm's wifi is. I'm more of an old fashioned kind of person myself."

"Well to each, their own. And by the way, thanks for the tea. It tastes great." I say, taking another sip of tea. Looking back at my screen, I see that I've been kicked to spectator for AFKing too long, but that's hardly important now. "And before I forget, I'm from class 3-3, with Mutou."

"At least that explains the Shizune part of your story. I take it Scout is in the same class as you?"

"Yep, you've already seen how he's like. It's difficult to tell who's more disruptive, him or Misha. Oh wait..." I fail to catch my faux-pas in time, but Lilly seems to take it in stride.

"No need to change your speech on my account. I imagine that this is your first time being exposed to an environment like this."

Well, this is a subject I'd rather not broach, not yet anyways. Time to move for some more politically-correct topics.

"So do you come here for tea often? I'm pretty sure that the teaset didn't find its way here magically."

"For the most part, yes. As class representative, I hardly have time for an 'official' club. So a friend and I use this room for having tea."

Wait wut? Class rep? I'd gladly take calm and collected Lilly over a volatile Shizune anyday.

"Sounds lovely. I was going to claim this room in the name of America and use it to get my gaming in, but it appears we have been beaten to the punch." I exclaim in a mock sad voice.

"There's always the sensible option of sharing the room. After all, we Japanese are very generous to our allies." Lilly responds with a giggle. "If you'd like, you could come here tomorrow at lunchtime. My friend and I should be here"

That sounds like a reasonable enough offer. Anything is better than trying to evade Shizune's attempts at recruition during lunch.

"I think I've got the time. I welcome a chance to meet new people."

Looking out the window, I see the sun setting below the trees. I'd better get back to my dorm. Didn't realize how much time I burned here.

"Ah, the sun's starting to set. I'd better pack up and head back to my room. Got hella homework to tackle." With that, I start putting away my stuff.

"Oh, really? I wasn't aware that the time flew so fast. I think I'll stay here for a bit though. I take it Scout left his things here?" Lilly points out. Noticing his stuff still lying on the table, I groan.

"Damn, yeah he did. If you'd be kind enough to w-guard his stuff until he comes back, that would be a huge favor you'd be doing for me. I really can't wait for this kid any longer." Placing the used teacup on the sink, I start to leave the room, but not before turning back to Lilly, who's starting to sip her second cup of tea. "Goodbye Lilly, thanks for the tea. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodbye to you too Guido." Lilly responds with a nod of acknowledgement.

I dash out to the hallway and down the stairs, continuing to run through the lobby, through the path, and only stop once I arrive at my dorm. I'm not sure why I ran though, I guess it's because I can. That and I'm going to eat lunch with someone that isn't Shizune and Misha tomorrow. That thought alone buoys my spirits up. Although, what the hell happened to Scout? Screw it, I have my own stuff to deal with right now.

A couple of hours later, a pile of completed homework sits on my table, ready to be handed in tomorrow. I flop myself on the bed, willing sleep to take over me.

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Re: A guy's luck (Self-Insertion/TF2 Crossover)

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I am enjoying the series looking forward to what comes next...also I saw a few small problems in it, like using the wrong word for a certain thing in a sentence, but nothing to get really worried about. I am still looking forward to seeing what happened to Scout many things are racing through my mind on what he could have done...continue on.
P.S.- I have the same Elite skin in Halo 3 as well.

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