On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

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On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

Post by themocaw » Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:56 am

Author's warning: This is nearly pure porn. You have been warned.

This is a continuation of the "Dinner with the Family" chapter of "Weekend at Hisao's:" http://ks.renai.us/viewtopic.php?f=52&t ... =15#p76754. It's posted here so that people who like erotic content can enjoy it, while those who don't can read the main story as a stand-alone.


She shrugs out of her blouse and unclasps her skirt, lets it fall to the ground. She stands before me wearing her favorite black bra and panties, her eyes smouldering with passion, mixed with. . . something else.


I'm pushed down onto the couch, and she crawls over to me like a lioness claiming her kill. She straddles my stomach, pulls me in close, kisses me hard and strong. She tastes like salt and meat, soy sauce and cabbage. I guess that doesn't sound like the most romantic thing in the world.

I honestly couldn't give a crap. I'm madly in love with this girl. In this place, at this time, nothing else really matters.

She comes up from my kiss with a wicked, mischievous smile, licking her lips as she sits up straight. I try to sit up as well, but she pushes me back down onto the couch, wagging her finger at me like a schoolteacher scolding a child. [The name of the game,] she signs to me, [is "Don't Move."]

I grin at her. [I love this game,] I admit.

Shizune frowns at me and slaps my hands away as I try to sign. I acquiesce and put my hands behind my head instead. She nods to me from her perch straddling my knees then carefully removes her glasses and puts them down on the coffee table. She reaches behind her back and unhooks her bra. The lacey black garment slips off her shoulders, allowing her firm, ample breasts to fall free.

I swallow hard and blink, interlacing my fingers together behind my head as I glance over at the clock. This is the game: I am to sit perfectly still on the couch, while Shizune does whatever she wants to me. If, at any time, I move from my sitting position without my girlfriend's permission, I have lost. Losing the game means that Shizune gets to do whatever she wants to me. If I can last at least ten minutes without moving, however, Shizune will be the one who needs to do what I command.

So far, we've played this game about nine times. My record is 3 wins, 6 losses. On the other hand, I do have to admit to throwing the game a few times. Losing, after all, can be fun too.

Shizune crawls up into my lap, cupping her breasts in her hands, her head tilted at a coquettish angle. She runs a cool, slender finger down my forehead, over my nose, my lips, and my chin. She undoes the buttons of my shirt, one by one, then traces that finger down over the sensitive scar tissue over my sternum. I close my eyes hard and inhale deeply.

Her hands splay over my bare chest. Her fingers trace the line of my collarbone before sliding down and taking hold of my nipples, pinching them tightly, but not too painfully. She tugs at them, letting the now-stiff flesh slip through her fingertips.

I open my eyes again. She's grinning. She lowers herself off my lap and begins to lick playfully at my nipples. I close my eyes again and breathe deeply, feeling myself return to equilibrium. If I can just keep this up for another few minutes. . .

I feel the zipper of my pants lower, and my eyes snap open. Oh no. . . not this. She's fighting dirty now! With careful, practiced motions, she undoes my belt and eases me out of my boxers. Then, kneeling before me, she squeezes her breasts together, squeezing my poor, beleaguered cock between those dastardly warm mounds, before slipping the tip between her rose-petal lips.

Treachery! Evil, evil woman! How can any red-blooded man resist such an assault upon his resolve?

I squeeze my eyes shut and bite my lip hard, stifling my moan of pleasure as her tongue plays across the sensitive tip. My hands tighten hard around the back of my neck as she strokes her warm tits up and down my hard shaft. Then, with a smooth, practiced motion, she releases me from the fleshy prison of her cleavage. . . and takes my entire length into her mouth.

I let out a low groan of pleasure, trying to distract myself with the memories of the first time she'd ever tried this: not knowing what to expect, she'd ended up gagging herself on me, and ended up having a nasty coughing fit and nearly throwing up. Not exactly sexy at all, right? Right? Keep remembering that, and. . . oh damn it, now she's cupping me just the way I like, digging her long fingernails just a little bit into my sensitive skin. . .

She comes back up for air with a gasp. I allow myself to breathe again. I glance over at the clock. Just a little while longer. . . I'm almost there.

Shizune looks at me with a frustrated expression. . . then she suddenly takes her fingertips and pokes me in the ribs.

"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF--!" I gasp, squirming away from her touch. Oh no no no no no. . . she's going for the nuclear option! I can't. . . aaaaaagh!

I grab at her wrists as I squirm away from her tickling hands, letting out a cry of dismay as I push her away from me. Shizune leaps to her feet and punches the air triumphantly: a victorious warrior clad only in panties and stockings. [I win!] she signs, gleefully. [Now you have to do anything I say!]

[Not fair!] I complain. [Tickling's against the rules!]

[No such rule! I win!] Shizune insists. She stifles any further arguments by leaping into my lap and kissing me, hard, with lots of tongue.

I wisely decide not to continue the argument.

[Now!] she signs, as we pull apart. [As the loser, it is your job to carry all our clothes up to the bedroom! I'm going upstairs to get ready to enjoy my reward!] She gives me another kiss on the cheek then jogs upstairs, nearly skipping in her glee. I sigh and start picking up my girlfriend's scattered clothes.

I still think she cheated.
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Re: On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

Post by Bagheera » Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:03 am

She totally cheated. Poor, poor Hisao. My heart bleeds. :lol:

I think this would fit nicely into the regular story. It's no more explicit than the bit at the train station, after all, and it's nicely in-character for both of them.
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Re: On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

Post by Lothbrok » Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:49 pm

i feel as though this should have been part of the other thread useless your planning to continue it. but the hell do i know this was great :D

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Re: On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

Post by themocaw » Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:02 pm

I kept this in a separate thread as a courtesy to those who prefer not to read such content.

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Re: On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

Post by bradpara » Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:14 am


Man, Shizune does not play fair, I love her even more, (Hanako, who?)
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Re: On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

Post by Guest » Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:13 pm

Are you going to follow this up?

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In the Bedroom

Post by themocaw » Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:10 pm

From here things get pornier and pornier. You have been warned.


So when I get up to my room, Shizune has re-lit all the candles and is sitting in my chair, her shapely legs crossed, flexing a riding crop in her hands.

I stare at her with my arms full of her discarded clothing. I really need to have a talk with that girl about her definition of "only the essentials."

I am immediately interrupted by Shizune slapping the riding crop against the palm of her left hand and bringing it down, in a sweeping motion, down and to the side, like a master commanding a dog to heel. I put the pile of clothes down on the ground and sigh. "I still say you cheated," I mumble, as I get down on all fours and crawl over to my girlfriend.

She extends her leg to me, resting the instep of her foot against my chin, lifting up my face so that I'm looking up at her from my position on the ground. She slaps the riding crop against her left hand again, licking her lips in anticipation. Her foot slides down the side of my throat, tickling my sensitive flesh, then brushing down my bare chest, over the scar in my sternum. She gets to her feet and brings her riding crop to a rest position behind her back, then runs a finger under the waistband of her side-tie black lace panties. Obediently, I reach up from my kneeling position and undo the ties: first the left, then the right. The flimsy garment falls free over her shapely hips.

The smell of her arousal hits me hard. From my kneeling position, her moist sex is right there in front of my face, temptingly close. I lean forward and try to bury my face between her legs, only to get a riding crop to the face: not hard enough to be considered even a light blow, but a forceful enough contact to remind me of who is in charge. I sigh. "Damn it," I mutter. "I should have won this one. I should be the one in charge here."

Shizune's eyes glitter: even though she can't understand my words, my expression says enough. She loves it when I complain and resist: I think that's why she lets me win our games, sometimes, so that she can enjoy it all the more to dominate me when she knows that I could do the same to her. A worthy opponent, if you will. She puts her hands on my chest and pushes me onto my back, then follows me down to the ground, straddling my face. Of course. I get to do what I wanted to in the first place, but on her terms. Typical Shizune.

She smells faintly like flowers, which makes me laugh: after an overly honest assessment of what it was like to eat her out, she sprayed perfume over her pubic hair: so much so that it was overpoweringly stifling, compared to her natural scent. I'd made fun of her for that, which got me an embarassed look followed by some anger. It's cute how self-conscious she is about this, but I'm glad she's toned it down, after her initial overreaction. Personally, I couldn't care less, but. . . typical Shizune. Ever the perfectionist.

I tease her a bit at first: instead of plunging right in, I start by licking some of the wetness off her inner thighs, running up the inside of her legs and stopping just short of her warm entrance. Her head is bowed, her eyes closed in bliss. She flexes her riding crop nervously between her hands, biting her lower lip in concentration. I give her another tease: a swift lap of the tongue up one side of her slit, then the other, then a small circle tracing around her clitoris, but never actually touching it.

Shizune gives a little animal growl of frustration at that, and she pushes herself down into my face, grinding herself against my stubbled jawline. I acquiesce to her desires and plunge in. There's a spot right about. . . there. . . where if I do this with my tongue, she'll. . . there it is. She lets out a happy sigh and throws back her head, pushing down harder into me, her thighs tensing up in response. I gasp for another breath and dive back into the fray.

Her first shuddering release isn't the most intense I've ever seen her have: more like a soft rolling wave that makes her give a little sigh of pleasure, followed by a small rush of nectar that washes over my working lips and tongue. I pull back and sigh in relief, working my aching jaw, as my girlfriend dismounts me, her eyes half-lidded with remembered pleasure. [Not bad,] she signs to me, languidly, [but not the best. I give you a seven out of ten.]

I roll my eyes sarcastically and give an exaggerated and exasperated shrug. Shizune smirks, putting her hand to her mouth. [It's not a bad start,] she signs afterwards, [but as the victor in our game, I'm not going to let you rest until I'm completely satisfied with your performance.] She gets to her feet and hops into the bed, bouncing up and down a couple of times. [Now, get over here and take off your pants.]

This is going to be a long night.
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Re: On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

Post by GG Crono » Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:18 am

This may be pure smut, but there's such a thing as well-composed smut, and this is certainly that. :)

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Re: On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

Post by Robnonymous » Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:28 am

"[Now, get over here and take off your pants.]"

... Let's see where she's going with this.
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Tied to the Bed

Post by themocaw » Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:44 am

Even pornier than last time. . .


Shizune throws back her head and lets out a moan of pleasure as she lowers herself down upon me. Her wet warmth envelops me fully as she bears down hard. Her breasts bounce as she rocks against my body, her hands braced upon my chest, her slender, yet curvaceous form writhing in her pleasure. Her full, soft bosom heaves every time I penetrate her, with every shudder of pleasure from her sex grinding against my hips. I long to reach up and take those pink nipples in my mouth, to cup her full breasts in my hands and run my hands down her smooth, sweat-traced sides.

I'd really love to do all that, but I can't, because Shizune's got me tied to the damn bed.

"There are times when I really hate you," I mutter through gritted teeth, as I surge forward against my bindings, trying to move against her naked body, longing to feel all of her pressed against my skin. Shizune grins at me and leans back a bit, giving me a wonderful view of her naked curves, licking her lips deviously as she continues to grind herself into me, supporting herself with her hands. "Seriously," I gasp. "You're outright infuriating sometimes."

She can see from my face that I'm frustrated. She loves that. She loves it so much she stops her bucking against me and, with a supreme force of will, pushes down against me and. . . stops. Her eyes are wickedly hot. She bites her lower lip as she gently grinds against me. It's her favorite trick for, as she puts it, "making me stew in my lust."

It generally works pretty well.

[Do you hate me now?] she signs, sitting up on me and giving me a few playful bounces. [I bet you're hating me right now. I should leave you tied to the bed and go to sleep instead of letting you finish.] An empty threat: the warm blush in her cheeks, and the excited trembling of her pale, hourglass figure, betrays the excitement she tries to mask behind sensual detachment. On the other hand, it wouldn't be Shizune if she didn't turn this into a game of some sort.

A game. . . ?

I glance up at the scarves tying me to the bed. I remember Shizune fussing over the knots a bit when she first did them. A little too much for a simple square knot, which is all that she really needed to keep me tied down. . . if that's what she really wanted from me.

Shizune bucks against me one more time, making me groan in pleasure. I open my eyes after another delightful thrill, staring carefully at the knots tying me down. Actually, now that I think about it, they're not really tied down all that tightly. In fact, if I can just do. . . this. . . and this. . . maybe this. . .

I twist my wrists inside the soft silk binding, causing it to dig into my flesh, but pulling the knot closer and closer to my fingers. Shizune leans down and bites my lower lip: not hard enough to draw blood, but certainly hard enough for me to feel it. I give a growl of anger and manage to pinch the loose end of the scarf between my thumb and finger.

I give it a tug and feel the knot loosen.

I surge out of my bindings like a hound slipped from its chains. With one hand loose, it's a matter of only a moment before I untie the other as well. Shizune's eyes ignite with delighted triumph as I rise up from the bed and push her off me. She tumbles against the bedroom wall with a solid thump that rattles the framed photos on my walls. I grab her by the shoulders and push her down into the mattress, gazing down into those excited dark eyes. "All right," I hiss. "My turn."

I fuck her. It's the only way to describe it: ugly, raw, and intense, filled with animalistic passion. "Mmmmph!" Shizune moans, the unwanted sound slipping past her silent resolve. I don't particularly care. She wants this, and at this point, I'm more than frustrated enough to give it to her. My hand squeezes her breast hard, mashing the pliant flesh between my fingers, as I grab at her hair near the roots and pull her head back to expose her pale throat. Her legs tighten around my waist, pulling me in, entrapping me inside her. She grabs and claws at my bare back. I feel her fingernails scratch my flesh. All the frustration, all the anger, all the tension that's been building up in me for hours rushes out into a mad dash of wild, desperate sex.

It ends with a stifled scream from my girlfriend as she tightens down hard around me, then again, then again, as I ruthlessly push on towards my own release. I go over the top with a loud gasp, feeling the world turn white.


Afterwards, I lay gasping on the bed, my hand pressed to my chest, black spots dancing in front of my eyes.

Shizune is straddling me again, but this time, there is no lust in her eyes, only worry. She's stroking my face gently as my breathing slows to a more measured pace, and the danger finally passes.

[I'm sorry,] she signs, at last. [I got carried away.]

[It's okay,] I sign back. [But. . . I think we're done for the night.]

Shizune nods dejectedly. [Are you sure you're okay?]

[I'm fine,] I reassure you. [I've had much worse just lifting and carrying heavy objects.]

Shizune snorts at that and looks offended. [I'm sorry!] I reply. [I didn't mean that. . .]

She grabs my hands: Shizune-talk for "Shut up." She lays herself down, resting her head on my shoulder, and hugs me tight, pressing her naked body against mine.

I pull the sheets around us both, and we fall asleep at last. The last thing I hear is the front door opening and closing, and the sound of my parents' voices, high and almost giggly, as they come up the stairs.


This one went into a really weird place from where it started.

Next time: the way Hisao likes it.

Continued in: Parenthood
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Re: On the Couch [Weekend at Hisao's Side Story - Pure Porn]

Post by alien.marksman » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:19 am

Is it possible to fall in love with a character all over again solely based on some fan fiction?
I don't know, but I think I am.
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