Katawa Elementary

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Katawa Elementary

Post by traitor » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:18 am

You open the door labeled "Tea Room" and poke your head inside


it is an vacant white room, save for a tall blonde girl with wavy hair playing by herself with a plastic toy tea set.





"I'm lost. I'm looking for the library"

"I'm Lilly Satou. Pleased to meet you"

"Why are you talking to the wall?"

Lilly slowly takes out her pink plastic teapot, and pours invisible liquid into one of her many ridiculously tiny teacups

"Would you like some tea?"


"It's very good" This elegant girl smiles at your general direction

she makes a final dip with her teapot, and motions you to sit down

you try your best to pinch the tiny hook that seems to be the handle, and pretend to take a sip

she lets out a small giggle before setting down the teapot, and then taking out a tiny teaspoon to stir her cup.

girls are so stupid.


"Miss Yuuko!" You release your underage frustration to an absent-minded Yuuko, the back of her head rams into a nearby bookshelf from the shock

She panics, recollects herself, and then puts a finger over her mouth at your general direction

you don't give a shit.

"WHERES THE COMIC BOOKS?" you scream louder

Yuuko flinches at the echoing noises in the library, she SHHH's louder while maintaining a nervous smile to look as friendly as possible

It has been five minutes since you have entered the library and you still didn't find what you were looking for. This needs to be resolved right. now.


"I... I'm sorry, we don't... we don't have comic books in the library"



"WHAT?!" your voice roars over the library

"th- there's a children's book section if you wan.."

"I AM NOT A CHILD!" you pout

then you uppercut no jutsu a nearby pile of books to prove your point

"AH! Please st-"

You didn't bother listening to the rest of Yuuko's sentence, so you turn 360 degrees and march past her

you take out the world encyclopedia on astronauts and begin reading it on an oversized table

It contains pictures of satellites and the moon.

Fuck yeah.


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