Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

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Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by Envy » Mon Nov 26, 2007 2:08 am

Protip: There are two sex scenes and they`re both near the end. Page down if you don`t give a shit about anything else.

EDIT 1: Made a slight change. I forgot to have Emi-chan orgasm while being raped in the second sex scene. Such a slut <3

The Summer days were hot, they always were, and the students on the track shared envious glances in the direction of the covered stands where Hisao lay, sprawled back over several benches, shamelessly. Bathing in the shade Hisao was finding it difficult to despise P.E. with his usual passion for Summer time brought cross country running, naturally an outdoor sport which, in the heat of the mid-day sun proved rather unattractive. Sitting high up in the back he had hoped to avoid attention but still caught disgruntled stares from his fellow class mates. Hisao tried to resist the urge to wave. From his vantage point he surveyed the track bellow, watching various races take place, squinting to try and make out who made it over the finish line first at the far end of course. It was difficult to make out, even considering certain identifying traits that some pupils had but there was clearly one only person dominating the field. A small frame on alien legs sprinted down the track past where Hisao sat, twin tails flowing behind her, followed by a ragged assortment of runners, the runner in the second place a good second or two behind Emi-chan. Hisao collected another lot of ill tempered glances from the slowest of the bunch.

Whatever, stare all you want. This is the only time I get to enjoy this class so don't expect me to feel guilty, he thought. Checking his watch Hisao noted that the lesson was due to finish at any moment, indeed he was watching the last race. After standing up and stretching he collected his things, a light novel and water bottle, and picked his way over the benches towards the rest of the class at the track edge. Sounds of distant cheering wafted over the air, Hisao didn't even need to look to know who had come first.

The teacher blew his whistle to signal the end of class and summon those that were responsible for carrying sports equipment. Carrying gear was always one of Hisao`s tasks but he didn't resent the task: the heaviest item he was made to carry was usually coloured bibs. Hung back from the crowd funneling through the gate set into the perimeter fence, a strange sight struck Hisao. Departed from her usual crowd of sports fanatic fans, Emi-chan dithered by the fence, talking to a slightly older boy who he only vaguely recognized as being in another class. The boy didn't appear to have anything wrong with him, but that wasn't uncommon, plenty of pupils appeared normal, Hisao being a prime example. What was so out of place was not that they seemed totally engrossed in each other, both were smiling profusely, but that no one else had noticed.

Driven by curiosity Hisao hurried ahead in order to dump the equipment in it's shed and take up position, waiting for Emi to walk by. Having no need to change cloths he could afford to stand idle outside the changing rooms. Emi-chan soon came by but was still entranced with her mystery friend who had escorted her all the way. Hisao tried to remain discrete as they passed by, taking a sudden interest in the floor. It proved unnecessary as a quick gaze upwards saw him and her still in a world of their own. He did however noticed several bumps and bruises radiating on Emi`s legs and arms, a sign of her enthusiasm when it came to physical activities he thought.

It didn't take long for her to exit the changing rooms once the two had parted ways. Hisao found her conveniently alone and sprung quickly, calling out her name. She turned to meet his voice, an absent minded expression fleeting rapidly to be replaced with her usual, bursting-with-energy grin.

"Hisao-kun!" She replied. "What are you doing here?"

"Well," said Hisao, trying not to cringe at having not been noticed previously, "I wanted to ask you something."

"Is that so? About what? Come! Let's walk," she offered. Already bouncing away, bag held in two both hands behind her back. Hisao caught up quickly.

"But it's lunch now, what's the hurry?"

"I know~ But I'm hungry."

"Mmm, that's right. You must be hungry from winning so much."

"Ah, hah. You noticed, huh?" She said, used to compliments.

"Yeah, but you should be more careful. You've got bruises all over you, you know?" Emi flushed, seemingly conscious about being studied in her gym cloths. "Ah, not that was really looking. I mean, it's hard not to see them." Stealing a glance at her now, during the silence, he spotted another bruise, this time on her neck. Taking on a more assertive tone of voice he said, "I can even see one now. Really now, how do you get a bruise on her neck?"

"Ah!" Emi exclaimed, hand shooting to her neck in order to hide the crime. "I fell over this one time. Anyway, what do you want to ask me?" Hisao thought it was suspicious that she would cover up a bruise like that: Emi was childish enough to still love showing off new scars. He was also pretty sure that falling on your neck would be quite seriously however, reminded of the question he wanted to ask he abandoned those thoughts for now.

"Oh yeah. Who was that guy you were with?"

"Who? Kawada-kun?" she said, still blushing but managing to face Hisao, innocently surprised as his question. "We have fun together. I mean, he's kinda like... like my boyfriend...."

"Oh," he managed, unsure how to react. "Is he in one of the sports clubs?" Emi shook her head.

"No... But he runs a lot, though won't join any clubs, and he's really smart too!` she explained, settling back into her disjointed, excited rhythm of speech

"I see. How long have you been going out?"

"Hmm, about a week. Kinda. It's not like we've been on a date or anything. But we've known each other for a while now," she said. Hisao wondered what had happened a week ago to mark their relationship but wasn't too surprised to find out that they'd known each other for a while, Hisao was as far as you could get from the circle of physical activities enthusiasts.

"Is that so?" They walked the rest of the way in silence. In truth they hadn't gone a long way since the changing rooms but it felt like an age had passed for Hisao. Regret clung to him, feeling that he'd missed out on something he never knew he wanted in the first place.

They parted at the organized chaos that was the cafeteria. Feeling mildly depressed Hisao gathered his meal on a tray and made for a free table, failing this he slotted himself onto the end of a table inconspicuously. He ate his lunch quietly in the din of the hall. Emi-chan was a few rows behind him, eating with another collection of friends, a quick glance confirmed this fact and Hisao also saw that Kawada-san was not with them. A scan of the students eventually picked up Kawada sitting at a separate bench, buried between older looking students. Sitting up straight he tried to estimate Kawada`s height and figured that Hisao was marginally taller. Kawada certainly won on boyish, good looks however, in fact he had something in him that reminded Hisao of Emi-chan, a kind of good natured innocence. By the end of lunch he found himself reluctantly happy for Emi.

Days passed uneventfully. Hisao noticed Emi`s lack of presence a whole lot more and occasionally sought her out. He always found her with her beloved Kawada-kun however, who he had begun to notice more. Indeed it seemed that Kawada had a healthy monopoly on Emi, often whisking her away after certain classes to do whatever it was that they did.

A whole week had passed by now and Hisao looked forward to yet another class of Physical Education. Cross country had abandoned the track this week and pupils were set to run through a course set in the surrounding area, a course that would lead them through a winding path of pleasant forest and undergrowth. It looks like fun and despite the heat Hisao was sorely disappointed that he could not take part, being resigned to walking the path picking up any casualties.

Lilly was there too, arm in arm with a female friend and Niji at her side, guiding her feet and describing the surroundings in decidedly more detail than was real. Hisao wondered a little way back, clutching a small first aid box in hand. The path, marked out with white ropes at either side, took a pleasant enough route and after a few minutes of failing to find anyone collapsed in the dirt Hisao began to enjoy himself. Unseen song birds twittered and light filtered through the branches, illuminating the dirt track that was rugged with shoe prints and the tell-tale impressions of Emi`s carbon-fiber prosthetics. Studying the ground Hisao`s eye caught on something, an imprint in the ground, barely noticeably unless you happened to be looking right at it. Squatting down he discovered a pair of imprints to go with it, proving that at least two people had left the assigned route and one of them didn't leave normal impressions.

Checking that he would not be noticed Hisao deviated from the path and strode into the bushes. Following the tracks proved more difficult that he had hoped however, there was only one clear way forward. Soon, above the noise of his brutal entry into the forest Hisao could hear noises not far off. Noises that could have been mistaken for voices if they were not so animalistic in nature. Crouching down low Hisao pursued the sounds, hoping to see something of interest.

He was not disappointed.

Peering over the ridge of a naturally formed slope Hisao gazed down into the basin from where a large tree stood erected, it's roots sprawling over the ground like overgrown veins. And there, in the between gnarled wood two figures merged together, emanating these alien sounds. He observed the larger of the two, a male with dirty-blond hair, his arms bearing down on the smaller one's back and neck, pinning it down roughly with his weight. Tearing away his eyes from the two Hisao instantly spotted the two legs, abandoned in the dirt a distance away from the pair. A pair of shorts and underwear lay much closer, brown with dirt. Only then did it click in his mind that that it was Emi-chan down there, moaning like a stricken animal. Too fascinated to move he continued to stare as Kawada-san rutted away at Emi-chan, dominating her completely so that she could only crawl her arms through the earth and groan that sickening, unnatural groan. Kawada had been increasing his assault steadily, becoming more unsteady himself. Suddenly he reduced his thrusts to great poundings and finally, stuck. One arm shot out and panted itself against a steady root while the other held her shoulder, forcing her close. This change of position allowed Emi to twist her head to face Hisao. Hisao froze, wondering if he had been caught but apparently she could not see him. Tears and dirt streaked her face, pitifully screwed up as Kawada came inside her small body.

Then it was finished.

Kawada removed his prick and rose on his haunches. Taking a handkerchief he cleaned himself off, buckled up his trousers and left but not before dropping the handkerchief on her face. To Hisao`s surprise Emi batted off the handkerchief, rolled onto one side and raised herself up with one hand, buttocks exposed to the world. He has assumed her dead, unable to comprehend anyone living through such an ordeal. He wanted to go down but paralysis had a strong hold on him. He could only observe as Emi wiped away grit and tears with the soiled cloth, doing her best to clean out Kawada`s seed. Satisfied with her attempts and conscious of time she crawled expertly across the ground, donned panties and shorts and made the journey for her legs.

At this point Hisao decided it was time to leave, he would surely be missed by now. Lilly had an uncanny ability to sense the presence of others and would have no doubt noticed his disappearance. Picking his way back through the forest he quickly found the path again and began to follow the direction of the footprints as fast as he could manage, entirely aware of his heart thudding away in his chest.

"H-Hisao-kun, wait!" Dangerously close to having a heart attack right there Hisao turned to see Emi sprinting down the path towards him. He stood dumbly, wondering if he had been spotted or heard in his retreat.

"Emi-chan," he replied, lamely. This close he could see fresh cuts, bruises and a little blood on her lip. "What happened to you?"

"I fell over..." She said, meekly. Hisao could have laughed if he hadn't see what he had. She was still stained with dirt all over, especially on her rear.

"Oh, right. Do you want some help?" he said, remembering the first aid box in his hand. It seemed rather inadequate right now. She stared at it too, refusing to meet his face and shook her head.

"Carry me."


"I'm hurt, so carry me. Please," she added. She was beginning to shake and looked like she might cry at any minute. He agreed and deftly scooped her up in his arms. She was light, so light it was scary. Hisao felt that if he dropped her she might shatter into a thousand pieces She simply rested against him, arms in her lap, if she was crying he couldn't tell. He wanted to hand a her a tissue but couldn't with his hands occupied, not least because he could smell it on her. He wondered if he would get the blame when he brought her back, injured, with red eyes and smelling of semen if you got close enough. "Hisao-kun," she said, in a tiny voice. Repeating herself more loudly, "Hisao-kun?"

"Yeah? What is it?"

"Why don't you talk to me anymore?"

"Umm," Hisao said, bewildered at the question. "I don't know. Because I always see you with Kawada-san now, I guess. We have different friends and we don't share a lot of the same classes..."

"I suppose so... Hey, put my down. I'll walk."

"You're not hurt?" he asked, letting her legs down.

"No, I'm hurt, but I can walk." So they walked the path and were met by the rest of the class. Few questions were asked and Emi was fussed over, receiving mock scolds for falling over and receiving her slowest record yet. To Hisao`s amazed to see Kawada there at the end of class. But of course he would be, just like he always was. It occurred to Hisao that what he saw in the woods hadn't been a one off occurrence, she must have gone through that experience multiple times by now, receiving a new set of purple lumps each time. What he couldn't understand is why she kept didn't say anyway, why even now she was smiling while chatting to him, why she had just lent up and kissed him on the Goddamn cheek.

Hisao felt rage rising up inside him. He wanted to smack both of them, he wanted to scream and shout and cry until the world made sense again. Instead he walked by and went to lunch. Taking out his frustration on his food Hisao ate alone, pondering on what to do. Kawada was clearly controlling her. She had fallen for him and he had forced her into sex. Blackmail! That was it, he must have some secret of hers that she didn't want to come out. That's it. I've got to go to confront Emi-chan. I'm her friend after all, he thought. Now determined he had but to resign himself to waiting until classes had finished before he could act.

Hisao had a vague understanding of Emi-chan`s schedule. Unable to locate her last period class room he thought to visit her room instead, hoping that Kawada would be content for the day and not draw her into another session of debauchery. The summer days yielded long hours of sunshine and light streamed through the corridors as he made his way through the dorm halls. Reaching Emi`s single room he rapped on the door, pressing his shoulder against it to hear any internal noises. The sound of shuffling, the clink of glass and a small voice, easily identifiable.

"Just a sec`~" More struggling inside could be heard, presumably she was having some difficulty with her legs. Soon the door lock clicked harshly and the door opened slowly inwards. Emi`s face appeared around waist height.

"I thought you hated the wheelchair."

"Hehe. Yeah, I do. It's just for my room really. Too much trouble to keep taking my legs off and on again in here. Mmm, what's up?"

"Mind if I come in?"

"Er, sure. But I'm going out soon, so not for long," she said. Backing up her wheelchair she swung around going deeper into the room.

"With Kawada-san?" She froze.

"Ah, no. With some other friends."

"You're a bad liar, Emi-chan."

"Heh, I guess you found me out," she said, sheepishly rotating her chair to face him. "Uh, what did you want anyway?"

"I wanted to ask about him actually."


"Yeah... Look, I know where you got those bruises from."

"... I know you do," she said, looking pale, "I told you. I fell over. I've been practicing a lo-"

"No," he said, feeling angry again. "I saw what happened during P.E. class today. You don't need to lie to me."

"Nothing happened. I told you, I fell over."

"I saw you!" shouted Hisao, losing his temper. "Stop lying!" Emi flinched at his outburst and looked close to tears. "I'm trying to help you, do you really like him that much?"

"... He's a good person," croaked Emi, head down. Hisao sunk to his knees and gripped the side of rests of her wheelchair.

"Stop defending him! Do you really like being raped that much?" She met his intent stare for a moment. He watched as a single tear rolled down her flushed cheek before he promptly received an open palm for the face. Emi pushed and kicked him away, like a child having a tantrum.

"Go away!" She hollered, tears flowing freely now, obscuring her sight and randomizing her lashing. "I love him!" Hisao stumbled back in shock, coming to rest on his backside. Regaining himself, he stood up and regarded her.

"You're not being blackmailed?"

"What? No! Get out, I want to see Kawada-kun!"

I'm going to rape Emi-chan, Hisao thought.

"I see. Well if you really love being raped so much, then I'm just going to have to rape you," he said. Pacing to the door and locking it.

I'm going to do it, I'm really going to rape Emi-chan.

Emi looked up at him through red eyes and puffy cheeks, speechless. She would have liked to think that Hisao had changed, that he had turned malevolent, something she could hate, but he hadn't He was the same old Hisao again but she could tell that he was serious. Before she could recover, he advanced and held her by the arms. She struggled, swinging a leg at his crotch to no avail. "Stop! Nn!" She cried, quickly becoming over powered. She was strong but did not have the strength in her arms to fight him off. He had a firm grip now and lifted her right out of the chair and dropped her on the floor. She landed her with a loud thump. The noise reminded Hisao that they could easily be heard if enough noise was made, he was surprised that someone hadn't interrupted already with all the shouting. He looked around the room desperately for something to gag and tie her with, he didn't think he was as strong as Kawada and be able to hold her down. A childish skipping rope was crumpled in a mess amid various other items. Hisao grabbed it and wondered if she ever even used it.

Probably, before the accident, he thought. Lying on her side like he had seen her earlier in the day he felt a twitch of excitement in his trousers. He bore down on before she could scream. She wanted to roll onto her back so that she could defend herself, he however had other plans. Grabbing her by the skirt he forcing her onto her front and sat on Emi`s small behind. She had little room to maneuver her arms in the enclose space of the bedroom and could only try her best to kick her legs and make noise. Hisao pushed down on her shoulder blades with one hand, relying on weight rather than strength, and used the other to tear the material of her top, exposing soft, bruised skin underneath. The cloth tore easily and with little effort he had a strip with which he used to gag her with. She bucked her head back and forth, trying to avoid being hooked by the cloth like a untamed horse. Her efforts made things difficult but ultimately proved useless. Hisao had her gagged and bound, he sat back and took a breather, admiring his work.

And now for the fun part, he thought. To his surprise Hisao found that he had become hard in the struggle. Already he had felt her soft, girly skin through the material of her cloths and wanted more. The exposed skin of her back stared at him invitingly. He tore along the seam some more and pealed away the top to reveal more skin marred by red marks and purple blotches. Two thirds of the way up her back was a bra strap. Hisao had honestly never seen one before and took his time working out how it clipped and unclipped. Emi-chan moaned underneath him, disliking the idea of having her chest exposed. Releasing that he couldn't touch her chest like this even if he wanted to Hisao changed his goal. Altering position he sat on her back, flipped back her skirt and all too easily removed her stockings. What he found was an lions.

Lions everywhere, all over her panties. It reminded him exactly how young Emi-chan was. One hand separated a leg while the other probed her crotch, pressing against the material he found it damp though Emi had clenched up her butt muscles in the best attempt she could muster to keep him out. Undeterred Hisao removed the panties, tossing them to one side and continued to explore. Her muscles were surprisingly strong but not enough to keep out his fingers. He entered her warm, semi-moist innards and she squieled, rocking violently to little effect. Hisao soon grew bored as fascinated as he was by a girl's genitals and the fact that she seemed to be becoming more slippery inside. The truth was that he dick ached.

Standing up Hisao dropped his pants and boxers. Emi took her chance and rolled onto her front, batting his legs with her stumps. When he turned around he saw a look of utmost enmity, staring at his erect penis through tears and hair that was plastered unattractively to her face. She knew full well what he was about to do as he dropped to his knees and drew her close. She screamed and wailed through the gag, a disturbing sound that seemed wholly alien. Naively she seemed to think that she could stop him keeping her legs together. Hisao grabbed legs together in one arm and guided his penis with the other until he came into contact with that same warm, wetness. With her legs together it turns out to be the perfect position and Hisao felt his prick slide easily inside. It was an entirely different experience than to putting his fingers in. She squeezed him tight, utterly failing to stop his entry, instead it made it more pleasurable and he began to thrust inside her. Emi-chan looked away and continued her sobbing, foreign moan, unable to meet his eyes as he violated her. Piercing her childish body felt indescribably good but Hisao wanted more. With his free hand he stretched forward and undid her school shirt clumsily and groped at her cute, puffy nipples. By now the noises she was making had turned to a low keening sound that peaked every time he entered her. During the course of reaching forward to grope at her hardening nipples he had risen her hips so that he spine was curved with himself bearing downwards, he found it much eaiser to delve deeper inside her that way. Emi-chan appeared to be having difficulty from the sounds of her groaning. Without warning she twisted her body and gave a mighty shudder, a gush of wetness, squeezing his penis tight inside of her.

"Hah. You really came? You must love being raped, Emi-chan," Hisao managed, struggling to stay coherent. She had stopped crying and said nothing, simplying looking ashamed.

Hisao could feel heat building up inside him at crotch level. The sensation quickly spread destroying consciousness as it went. Hisao became vaguely aware of banging on the door behind him, voices too but in his world there was only thrusting. Thrusting inside Emi-chan and suddenly, release. He poured a lake inside her, or so he thought, and slumped forward like a beached whale, devoid of energy. Awareness was slowly returned in the form of Emi wriggling underneath him, apparently she had freed the gag enough to speak. She was shouting something, at him? No, behind him. He turned just in time to see Kawada swinging one of Emi`s carbon-fiber legs directly at his head.

And then black. Blackness for an infinitely long time.

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Re: Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by Aura » Mon Nov 26, 2007 4:45 am

Envy wrote: What he found was an lions.
Quoting this because i thought it sounded pretty funny.

I'm also sure Tc will forgive you and lets you bunk with him again now that you mention puffy nipples.
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Re: Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by Anonymous22 » Mon Nov 26, 2007 9:01 am

Not violent enough.
hurr durr

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Re: Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by Losstarot » Mon Nov 26, 2007 9:11 am

Needs more of Nasu's wonderful nautical fetishes.
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Re: Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by Envy » Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:36 am

Aura wrote:I'm also sure Tc will forgive you and lets you bunk with him again now that you mention puffy nipples.
To be honest, that reference only came in by accident. I vaguely remembered it but not who said it.
Anonymous22 wrote:Not violent enough.
I know. Personally I wanted to make it more violent but it was already unlikely that Hisao would rape her, nevermind be violent with her. I expressed plenty of unsaid violence through the bruises and through Kawada.
Losstarot wrote:Needs more of Nasu's wonderful nautical fetishes.
Well I got in a bit of `beached whale`.

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Re: Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by frumplstlskn » Mon Nov 26, 2007 5:37 pm

"I see. Well if you really love being raped so much, then I'm just going to have to rape you,"

BEST LINE EVER. I lol'ed hard. It's Hisao channeling the spirit of rapeman, righting wrongs through rape!

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Re: Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by TcDohl » Mon Nov 26, 2007 6:16 pm

Envy wrote:What he found was an lions.
No Hisao. You are the lions.

And he got int he car.
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Re: Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by Nicol Armarfi » Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:17 pm

Needs moar guro.

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Re: Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by Syureria » Sun Dec 02, 2007 3:23 pm

Envy wrote:Protip: There are two sex scenes and they`re both near the end. Page down if you don`t give a shit about anything else.
you forgot to mark where the secks starts

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Re: Emi-chan Side Story - Mollusks in the Wood

Post by Envy » Sun Dec 02, 2007 9:33 pm

Syureria wrote:
Envy wrote:Protip: There are two sex scenes and they`re both near the end. Page down if you don`t give a shit about anything else.
you forgot to mark where the secks starts
No, I just couldn`t be bothered.

People can find where the hot dickings start on their own or they can read through the whole thing.

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