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Re: Katawa Kijo

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It's been two weeks since the last chapter, but the last three chapters kind os segue into each other, so I wanted to have them all finished before I started posting them. Yes, they're finished, except for possibly some tweaks to the epilogue.

Anyway, let's start with:

Chapter Eighteen – Hellfire
It is five minutes to ten when I arrive at the tea room, fresh from a nice, hot shower. Since it is Sunday, I was able to convince Emi to start our morning practice two hours later than usual, and if one had a good night's rest, morning runs are only half bad.

Given yesterday's progress with Kenji, I'm looking optimistically into the future for the first time in months.

Lilly is already there, sipping tea and eating a sandwich. It looks like a late breakfast. Maybe even Lilly likes to sleep in, if she has the chance. I greet her. “Good morning, Lilly.”

“Ah, good morning, Hisao.” She puts down her cup. “I haven't had the chance yet to thank you for what you and Kenji did for Hanako yesterday.”

“No need to thank me. I was only Kenji's support. I'm glad Hanako decided to go through with it, though. Do you think she'll consent to further sessions?”

“I'm certain she will. I've never seen her so happy before - metaphorically speaking, of course.”

We both chuckle at that, then I change the subject. “Where's Takeshi? He said this was so important and now he is late?”

Lilly instantly becomes serious again. “Oh, I almost forgot. He can't make it, but he left us detailed instructions for our exercise. It's a bit strange though...”

Lilly hands me a letter. The top half is written normally, the lower half in Braille. Frowning, I start to read.

Hello, Hisao,
I'm sorry, I can't make it for this lesson, but please follow these instructions very carefully! I want you and Lilly to practice a Scrying. A Scrying is magic that allows you to see another place. For today, I want you two to scry the principal's office. Lilly will do the Scrying and share whatever she sees with you. You will support her and try to keep up the magic for as long as possible. Lilly knows all other details.
Good Luck!

I look up from the note to see Lilly gazing at me. “So you know how to do that Scrying stuff? It sounds pretty advanced to me...”

“It is. But we've been training nothing else since Friday morning. For some reason, Takeshi thought it was very important. He made me promise not to talk about it to anybody. Not Hanako, not you, not Mr. Kanzaki...”

“Not even Mr. Kanzaki? What on earth is he up to?”

“I have no idea, but for now, let us just follow his instructions.” She motions for me to sit down across from her and starts to explain. “I'm still not very good at making sense of visual information. I can see what is going on at the place I am scrying, but it's hard to tell what it means. I can show you the pictures, though.”

She holds out her hands, and I take them. Lilly falls silent and starts to concentrate. Suddenly she starts. “That's strange. There's someone there. So far we only scryed empty rooms to protect the privacy of others. Should I stop?”

“No, this might be part of Takeshi's experiment.”

She hesitates a moment, then she nods. “Okay, I'll do it. You should close your eyes. It will be less distracting that way.”

She concentrates again, and soon I can hear the murmur of several voices. Shortly after that a picture comes into focus. It is the principal's office as seen from the window. The view is centered on the empty principal's desk. The voices seem to be coming from behind us.

“Can you shift the view to the left, so we can see the conference table?”

Lilly doesn't reply but the view begins to shift, and gradually the table comes into view. I almost gasp, as I see the people assembled there. All the magic teachers of the school, except for Mr. Mutou are gathered around the table, apparently engaged in a lively discussion. I strain to hear the words.

“...is unheard of! They have no right to do this!” I've never seen Akane this furious before.

“I'm afraid they do, Akane.” Mr. Kanzaki tries to calm her. “We will have to try to reason with them. Please try not to antagonize them from the beginning.”

I feel some hesitation from Lilly. Then a silent question. This seems to be an important meeting. Are you sure, we should listen in on this?

Takeshi is there as well. He has to have known about this meeting. I bet he wanted us to know about this.

Takeshi speaks up. “I agree, but most importantly, they don't know about Hisao yet. I think it would be best if we didn't tell them.”

“You think they would...” Mr. Nomiya's question remains unfinished, as Takeshi holds up his hand, calling for silence. Five seconds later there is a knock on the door.

The door opens and Mr. Mutou enters, closely followed by four more people.

The first is an elderly man, probably in his seventies, but still vigorous. He is tanned, but obviously not Japanese. His silver hair is cut very short and he musters the assembled people with a critical gaze.

Behind him is a giant of a man, just as obviously not Japanese. He looks almost like a wrestler, maybe ten years younger than Mr. Kanzaki, but with an even broader back. When he enters, Akane's face clouds over, but she stays silent.

The third person is a young man about as old as Takeshi. He is lean and looks fit, but is otherwise completely unremarkable. He looks like he might be Japanese, but he might as well be from any other Asian country.

The last person is a woman like I've never seen one before in person – well, if you can call scrying 'in person'. She is probably in her late thirties, but her skin is a very dark brown, bordering on black, but those parts of it that are visible are completely covered in Tattoos too intricate to make out from here. Her hair is bound up in dozens of tiny braids.

As I wonder how those four managed to walk through the school without drawing attention, Mr. Mutou tersely sits down at the table, while Mr. Kanzaki rises to greet his guests.

He approaches the elderly man, and cordially shakes his hand. “Hello, Angelo, it's good to see you again.”

The old man – apparently Angelo – replies in English. “You as well, Kozo. Do you mind if we do this in English? My Japanese has gotten a bit rusty lately, and neither Martine nor Alexej speak any.” When Mr. Kanzaki nods, he continues. “It's been too long, Kozo, and I wish we could meet under happier circumstances.”

“I still hope to convince you that the circumstances are happy, Angelo, but please take a seat first.”

When the four have sat down, Mr. Kanzaki introduces the faculty members to the newcomers. He then continues to introduce the newcomers themselves. “Most of you already know Mr. Angelo De Gasperi, chief advisor to the Mediterranean Council and a former teacher of mine. To his right, we have, Mr. Alexej Goratschin...”

“We know him as well.” He is interrupted by Akane. “Why do you have to send an Inquisitor? And him of all people! This is a school for god's sake!”

Ms. Miyagi puts an arm on Akane's shoulder, and she stops her tirade. Noticing Mr. Kanzaki's glare, she falls silent.

Mr. Kanzaki clears his throat and continues. “As I was saying, this is Ms. Martine La Ronde, a liaison from the Carribbean Council, and finally, Mr. Kazuhiro Saito, Mr. De Gasperi's secretary.

Can you move closer to those four? I ask the question silently, but Lilly understands anyway. Instantly the point of view moves to the end of the table where the four guests are sitting. I stare for a moment, and sure enough I find what I'm looking for. The rings, on the hands of the four guests. All of them are mages.

I'm not surprised to see the diamond ring on De Gasperi's finger. If he was Mr. Kanzaki's teacher, he is bound to be an Abjurer. Goratschin is wearing the ruby ring of an Evoker, Ms. La Ronde an Enchanter's amethyst, and Saito is a Conjurer, if his sapphire ring is any indication.

I share my observations with Lilly and then try to concentrate more on the conversation. Luckily it seems like not everyone at the table is fluent in English, and they are speaking so slowly that I can more or less follow them.

De Gasperi clears his throat. “Thank you for welcoming us, Kozo. You all know why we have come of course.” It is not a question.

“I still hope you will consider another solution. We have made great progress since my last letter, and...”

“I'm sorry, Kozo, but it is simply too dangerous to leave him be. Surely you can understand that.”

The foreign woman speaks up for the first time. Her English is very hard to understand with a thick accent... French? “'ow could 'e understand? 'e never 'ad to face 'is own grandparents in battle, and 'is people never endured se yoke of a Rasputin like Alexej's did.” She doesn't seem to be angry or agitated, but her voice is dripping with condescension.

“Please, Ms. La Ronde, Mr. Kanzaki has had his fair share of encounters with the remnants of the Dark Arts, that's why I'm sure he will understand why we have to do this.” De Gasperi looks at Mr. Kanzaki.

I do not like where the conversation is going at all. I quickly open my eyes to see Lilly frown as well.

Mr. Kanzaki sighs. “I do understand there is a risk. However I don't think we should ignore the possibilities. Think about it! To finally be able to cure illnesses by magic. Kenji is now able to cure small cuts in a matter of minutes, and yesterday he managed to reduce permanent scarring.”

“That is indeed remarkable, Kozo, but it has already been decided. We will take him with us to Rome, where he will be kept under constant surveillance.”

Ms. Miyagi tries to challenge this statement. “This area is under the jurisdiction of the Pacific Council! Why should the Mediterranean Council have any say in this matter?”

“The Mediterranean Council has a say in any matter regarding Necromancy.” De Gasperi's secretary explains. “As per the treaty of Shanghai of 1879.”

Akane's fist slams down on the table. “And how do you expect him to become a contributing member of society, if you're keeping him a prisoner all his life? He's just a kid for god's sake!”

“The council has decided not to take the risk of having a Necromancer on the loose again. That decision is final, and you are hereby ordered not to interfere with his capture.”

Takeshi lets out a sigh. “All right, none of the faculty members will oppose you.” Akane looks like her temper is about to flare up again, but he continues, before it has a chance to. “...but I find the choice of Mr. Goratschin for this peculiar. I've read the reports of what happened in Sao Paolo, and I'd like to remind you that this is a school, and there are many sick and disabled civilians about.”

“I agree.” Mr. Kanzaki turns to Goratschin. “If you so much as singe a hair of one of the students, I will personally make sure that you will never see daylight again.”

I think I don't even want to know what happened in Sao Paulo. I slowly let go of Lilly's hand. “I think I've heard enough. We have to do something. I'm going over to Kenji's room. Can you contact the others and send them over as well?”

Lilly looks at me with concern. “You don't intend to fight them, do you?”

I laugh at that. “Do I look suicidal? No, for now we need to get Kenji away from here. They don't have a Diviner, so we might be able to elude them.”

“Where are you going to go?”

“Well, I didn't really get to plan that far. For now 'away' will have to suffice. Misha and Shizune are in the Student Council Office. I'll get them on the way to the dorms. Emi should be out at the track, no idea about Hanako and Rin. When you've reached the others, try getting another glimpse at the principal's office, and warn us when they're leaving.”

I walk to the door, when Lilly's voice stops me. “Hisao!”

I stop and turn around. “Yes?”

“Be careful.”


Please look forward to Chapter Nineteen:
One Jump Ahead
Emi > Misha > Hanako > Lilly > Rin > Shizune

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Re: Katawa Kijo

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ooh... now you have me on tether hooks...

I wonder how Hisaos heart will handle all this?
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Re: Katawa Kijo

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Since the last chapters all end in cliffhangers, I don't want to keep you waiting too long...

Chapter Nineteen – One Jump Ahead
I burst into to the Student Council Office. Misha looks up at me in surprise. “Hi, Hicchan! Is your Divination lecture over already?” She signals Shizune who hasn't noticed me yet.

“No time for explanations. There are some guys who want to take Kenji away. Lock him up somewhere and throw away the key.”

Misha's mouth drops open, but she still signs my words to Shizune. Then the barrage of questions starts. “Who is going to take him away? Where to? What are we going to do?”

“Four mages. They're still in the principal's office arguing with Mr. Kanzaki and the others, but it doesn't look like they can do anything. I don't know what we can do... For starters we need to get him away from Yamaku. Then maybe we'll have time to think. Come on, hurry!”

Misha finishes her translation. She and Shizune rise with a determined look on their faces. Let's go!

As we run over to the dorms, I fill Misha in on the details, though it's hard for her to translate for Shizune while running.

We enter the boys' dorm and hurry up the stairs. When we reach Kenji's room I pound on his door with my fists. As I hear the locks being drawn back, I turn to Misha and Shizune. “Please, let me do the talking. I know how to handle him.”

The door opens a tiny bit and I see a very sleepy Kenji looking at me through the slit. “Oh, it's you Hisao. What do you want this early in the morning?”

I don't point out that it's almost half past ten by now. “Kenji, this is an emergency! We are under attack!”

At that Kenji's eyes as well as the door to his room fly open. “Really? We are? I mean... Of course we are! I knew all along that this moment would come someday!” He hesitates a moment. “Are you really sure?”

“Yes, Kenji, the intel is good. This place is no longer safe! We need to evacuate at once!”

“Evacuate? Shouldn't we find Mr. Kanzaki and support him?”

“No!... I mean. He's going to be okay, but they have him pinned down somewhere, and he won't be able to help us. Now they're after you. This is the time for a tactical retreat.”

“Is it... The Demons?”

I hesitate. So far what I've told him was more or less true. Best not stray too far from the truth, or it might come back at me later. “We don't have clear intel on that yet, but they might be in league with the demons.”

As Kenji ponders what I've said, I hear Lilly's 'voice.' The Enchantress and the Conjurer have left the office. Mr. Mutou convinced them to let the Evoker stay behind for now.

“Kenji, we have to hurry, they are on their way here!”

The urgency in my voice must have somehow reached him. “Okay, let me just get my important things.” Before I can protest, he disappears in his room, but he is already back a few seconds later, gripping his staff tightly. Well, at least it is something remotely practical. If worse come to worst, he can brain one of our pursuers with it.

As he steps into the corridor, he seems to notice Shizune and Misha for the first time. “What are they doing here?”

I am prepared for this question “They have agreed to help cover your retreat as a gesture of goodwill and because of what you did for Hanako yesterday.”

He brightens at that. “Really? I never-”

I grab his sleeve and pull him along. “No time for that now. Let's go!”

Together we run down the stairs and into the school-grounds. At the entrance we meet Hankao who seems a bit out of breath from running here. “L-Lilly told me e-everything.”

I simply nod. “Let's go via the track. If we go straight to the main gate, we'll run directly into them.”


“You're right Shizune!” Misha points the other way. “There's a service entrance if we go around the back.”

I start going that way, but Kenji isn't moving. Well, he ismoving, but he's not moving forward. It looks like something is holding him in place. What...

I look over to the main building, and sure enough the Conjurer – Saito – is standing there. How the heck did he get here so fast? The next moment I want to slap myself. Conjurer. Fast. Of course! How could I forget. I grab Kenji's arm and pull, but I can't move him at all.

Misha shoots an electrical spark at Saito. It doesn't seem to hurt him, but he loses his concentration. Suddenly, Kenji is free again, and between his straining and my pulling we both fall flat on the ground.

Shizune reaches down to help me up. Next time, try an Abjuration! The reproach is obvious even if there is no noticeable compulsion.

Saito curses. “Stop that and hand over the Necromancer! This doesn't concern you!”

None of us bother to answer. How can he say something like that? If they take away Kenji, Misha is going to die! Instead we focus on getting away.

Curiously he doesn't follow us and continues to focus on the spot where we've been standing a few seconds ago. I try not to second-guess our luck and we reach the corner of the dorm building...

...only to almost run into Rin, who has been hiding behind it. “Hello everybody. We should probably hurry. That won't distract him for long.”

Misha looks at her as if she'd seen a ghost. “What?”

“He thinks we're still standing there and have given up. I'm not very good at moving Illusions, yet, so he's bound to get suspicious soon.”

We resume running. “How did you learn something like that?”

“Takeshi asked Mr. Nomiya to teach me. He must have thought it would be useful someday. I wonder if it will be.”

The area behind the dorms is not as well tended as the school-grounds. There are a few trees and scattered bushes and the grass is apparently cut from time to time, but there are no tended paths or flower beds.

We have almost reached the back of the main building, when Kenji stops moving again. When I turn around, Saito is there again and he doesn't look happy. “You kids should really know how to behave.” Misha shoots another spark at him but he avoids it with a lightning quick movement to the left. “Do you realize what he is? You are aiding a Necromancer!”

He falters for a moment, then he shakes his head and focusses on Rin. “You're the Illusionist, aren't you? I'm sorry, but I can't have you distract me all the time.” He dashes in Rin's direction, almost faster than the eye can follow. When he reaches her, he grabs her shoulders and then they are both gone.

We look around in confusion, expecting another of Rin's Illusions, but then there is a startled yelp from the above. When we look up, we see Saito slowly gliding from the roof towards us.

Kenji shakes his fist at him. “What did you do to her, you fiend?”

“I just put her into a place where she can no longer aid you. I don't intend to harm any of you. I just want you to come with me.”

Support me. Shizune's silent command takes me by surprise, but still I try to strengthen her Enchantment. Whatever it is going to be.

Shizune takes a deep breath and then... DROP!!!

The force of the command makes me fall to my knees and I see Misha, Hanako and Kenji do the same. The effects on Saito, who is still about five meters above the ground are more severe though. He tumbles to the ground and doesn't move. His left leg is bent in an abnormal way, obviously broken.

Misha moves over to him and puts a hand on his chest. “He's breathing, but he won't be breathing down our necks for a while.”

Lilly is contacting us again. They heard that. The Evoker is leaving. De Gasperi is staying behind. Emi should reach you shortly. The Enchantress is also nearby.

Her voice sounds strained. It must be hard to keep those Scryings up for so long.

There's a sound from behind us. We all turn around, but it's only Emi. “Damn, you're hard to find. But if you play hide and seek, you shouldn't go around shouting like that.”

When she comes closer I notice that her knees and hands are covered in blood. “Emi, you're hurt!”

Emi grins at Shizune maliciously. “Well, someone caused me to fall down, while I was running at full speed. And they call me a danger to the public!” She winks at me. “Don't worry, those are just scratches.”

“Maybe Kenji could...”

She rolls her eyes. “Really, Hisao, I don't think we have the time for that. I've had worse.” When she sees me still hesitating, she points to her legblades. “Much worse.”

I relent. “Okay, we'll look at it later.”

We start moving for the back entrance again, when the dark-skinned Enchantress appears from around the next corner. She looks at the unconscious Saito and turns back to us furiously. “What 'ave you done to 'im?”

Misha faces her. “He's unconscious and his leg is broken. He'll be fine. Now you leave Kenji alone, and let us pass!”

She laughs at that. “You are trying to give me orders? Your trick might 'ave worked wis sat fool, but you won't be so lucky wis me.” She addresses Kenji. “You! Necromancer! Come wis me!”

Kenji is surrounded by a violet aura and starts moving towards Ms. La Ronde. I try my best to dissolve her Enchantment, but she notices what I'm doing. “An Abjurer? 'ow interesting. But you are not yet powerful enough to defy me. Do not interfere wis my magic!”

I stop trying to dissolve her hold on Kenji, even though I don't want to. Hanako and Misha try to restrain Kenji, who is still moving towards that woman.

Emi tugs at my sleeve. “She only told you not to interfere with her magic did she?”

I nod. “Yes, but what...?”

She grins. “It's time for our experiment. She's going to be my ceiling.”

I start to protest, but at that moment the Enchantress orders Misha and Hanako to stand down and they let go of Kenji. “Don't argue, or she'll order us to do something that we won't find a way around!”

I resign myself to the inevitable. “Be careful!”

Emi gets down on her knees as if she were going to start a race. “Ain't I ever?”

I concentrate on augmenting Emi's magic and a moment later, she's gone... No, not gone like Saito earlier when he teleported Rin to the roof, just gone very fast. I look up just in time to see Emi crashing into the Enchantress at full speed.

Ms. La Ronde flies backwards two meters and slams with her back into a tree. She and Emi collapse onto the ground.

“Emi!” I run over to her to extricate her from the tangle of limbs.

As we all gather around, she opens her eyes and grins. “It worked!” She tries to move her right arm, but stops and grimaces. “Ouch! I think I've dislocated my shoulder.”

I point to one of her legblades. “I think that's not the only thing you dislocated.”

She takes the blade in her left hand and examines it. “Drat, the strap's broken. Guess I'm out until I can get me my spare. I don't suppose you're up for carrying me? Just joking.” She eyes the Enchantress gleefully. “But she'll be out for a while as well. I think I hit her solar-plexus.

Evoker... coming! Lilly's voice sounds faint. I don't think she'll be able to keep this up much longer.

I stand up. “We have to get going. Try to get to the medical station and have them look at your shoulder.”

As we turn to leave, Kenji lingers behind for a moment. He holds out his staff to Emi. “I... You... You really saved me there. Thank... Thank you. Maybe my staff will help you get back.”

Emi looks at him surprised, then she smiles. “Thanks, Kenji, that will help a lot.”


Please look forward to Chapter Twenty:
Friend Like Me
Emi > Misha > Hanako > Lilly > Rin > Shizune

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Re: Katawa Kijo

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Keep 'em coming! I'm eager to see how much Kenji can and is willing to do for everyone. He's so different now haha.

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Re: Katawa Kijo

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This is still pretty awesome, good to see a bit of action going on

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Re: Katawa Kijo

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Well, the action scenes were not originally part of the plan, because frankly, I'm not very good at writing them. However, every story needs a climax, and there'd been enough drama already...
Looking back, they came out better than I expected them to.

Chapter Twenty – Friend Like Me
We finally reach the back gate, and I pause a moment to catch my breath. The others are breathing heavily as well. No wonder: Neither Kenji nor Hanako are the types to give much thought to keeping in shape and Misha has been through a lot this last week. Shizune seems to be the one to cope with this the best.

I look at the road leading away from Yamaku. “Where does this lead?”


“This road leads down to the road connecting the town to the highway. It's used to deliver the supplies for the school. That entrance over there leads to the kitchen.” Misha translates Shizune's explanation.

“Sounds good.” We run for the gate, but as we approach it, I notice Shizune falling behind and finally coming to a halt altogether. I turn around. “What's up, Shizune? We have to hurry!”

“...” Shizune looks frustrated.

“She can't step outside the school-grounds! Akane's Enchantment!”

I want to smack myself for forgetting something so important. I turn around and run back to Shizune.

“But Akane said you'd get into trouble if you removed that Enchantment.” Misha actually sounds worried.

“I don't think it will get any worse than it is already.” The Enchantment proves to be easy to remove. I'm certain Akane could have done better. Tempting me to break the rules? No matter. After only a few seconds, the Enchantment is completely gone.

There are sounds like a boar tearing through the bushes behind us. Without a word we start running again; out the gate and down the road. After a hundred meters I realize the futility though and stop.

The others stop as well. Misha looks at me concerned. “What's wrong, Hisao? Is it your heart?”

I listen to my heartbeat. It is quick but it doesn't hurt... yet. “No, I'm fine, but look at us. There's no way we can outrun that guy. Emi certainly could, and maybe Shizune could as well, but if we keep running, he'll just keep going after us until we've collapsed one after another. We have to stop him somehow.”

Shizune looks like she's going to protest, but after she looks at our faces, she thinks better of it. With a determined look she turns around and faces the gate. Misha and I join her and finally even Kenji and Hanako, though Hanako stays mostly hidden behind Kenji.

After a few seconds Goratschin bursts from the door, notices us and stumbles to a halt. His lips curl up in a disdainful sneer. “I zee ze Necromancer has already formed himself a coven. I don't know vat you did to take out ze lady and ze fool, but it von't vork on me. Zurrender now, and I won't kill you.”

Misha takes a step forward. “Kenji is our friend. We won't let you take him!”

Goratschin's sneer turns even wider. “Ah, zat makes zings easier. If you take his zide, you are no longer bystanders, zo I can do viz you as I please.” He thrusts his arm forward and shoos a sizzling bolt of electricity at Misha.

I cry out, but before I can react in any other way, Misha holds out her right hand to 'catch' the bolt and immediately lets it fly again from her left, where it hits a tree leaving a nasty scorch mark.

Misha turns around, shaking her hand. “Ouch, that stings!” Noticing our expressions, she grins. “What? Did you think Rin's and Emi's schedules where the only ones Takeshi fiddled with?”

She directs her attention back to Goratschin, who is still grinning. “Ah, zis is going to be fun! How long do you zink you can keep zis up?”

He starts to shoot smaller bursts of static at Misha in rapid succession. At first she manages to deflect them all but Goratschin gradually increases his attack, until it almost looks like Misha is hit by a steady stream of electricity.

I try my best to counter his attacks, but he is doing them too fast, too many one after another. Misha looks like she is frozen into place, and by now she only sporadically manages to release some of the energy hitting her.

I cry out and try to reach her, but Shizune is faster. She sprints at Misha and tackles her, pushing her out of the way and landing atop of her in the grass two meters away.

I sprint to their sides. Shizune's blouse is burnt away at her left shoulder where Goratschin's magic hit her. She's lying on the floor groaning. Misha has no visible injuries, but she doesn't move at all, though she seems to be breathing.

“Zat's it for zose two. And now to you, Necromancer.”

I turn around to see what the Evoker is doing. He seems to be preparing another attack. The area around his feet is covered in frost, while he is gathering what looks like a globe of red energy between his hands. “Don't worry, zis will only hurt for a few minutes.”

He draws his arm back to throw the globe. There's no way I can counter the magic at this point, no way to get to Kenji in time, no way to... He throws.


From the corner of my eye I see Hanako running towards Goratschin, surrounded by a green aura, then the globe explodes, and I throw myself over Misha to protect her from the heatwave washing over us.

When the flames have died down, I lift my head and look at the carnage. A large area centered on where Hanako was last standing is nothing but blackened ashes. Hanako has been thrown back and is lying almost at Kenjis feet. Kenji is kneeling next to her cradling her in his arms.

I notice Shizune getting up to her knees next to me. I motion for her to look after Misha, and when she nods, I dash over to Kenji and Hanako.

My mind is racing. No one could have survived a blast like that. I drop down to my knees and look at Hanako. My heart sinks. Most of her hair has burned away, her uniform is in tatters, and what is visible of her body is completely covered in burn...

No, those are not scars... What are...? Scales! Hanako's body is completely covered in scales! I remember the green aura I saw earlier. I suppose scales are not that complex things to form, but I never would have expected Hanako to have the courage to throw herself in front of a fireball...

“Why did she do that?” I look up at Kenji and am surprised to see tears running down his face. “I mean, we're enemies, aren't we? This is supposed to be only a cease fire, and now she...” He breaks off sobbing. It occurs to me that he probably can't distinguish between third degree burns and scales very well.

“I don't think she thinks of you as an enemy anymore, Kenji. Don't worry, she'll be fine.” To be honest, I am not so sure, but it's best not to tell Kenji about that. I put my hand on his shoulder. “You take care of her and I'll take care of him.”

With that I rise and turn to face Goratschin. Despite my words, I have no idea how to take care of him. He is much too experienced for me to have any hope of countering his magic.

He looks at me with contempt. “You are an Abjurer, aren't you? And you are ziding vith a Necromancer? You are a disgrace for your peers! A shame for ze girl, but she got vat she deserved for trying to shield him. Vat did he promise her? Eternal life? Shame he von't keep his promise. Zey never do, even if I leave him alive long enough.”

Now it is my turn to feel contempt. “I see, you do not know the meaning of the word friendship. Kenji is our friend, and we will not let you kill him.”

He let's out a laugh. “And vat vill you do to stop me? It is just you and the Necromancer now. If you step aside, I vill let you live.”

“I won't.” As I frantically search for a way to keep the Evoker at bay, I remember something the nurse told me last week. Abjurers can create barriers of magical force. Will that be enough to stop his magic? No choice but to try.

I picture a wall rising between me and Goratschin and direct all my power into that wall. Looking at it with my normal vision, I can see nothing at all, but looking on with my mage-sight, there is a barrier of white light. It looks a bit fuzzy around the edges, but it is definitely between me and my attacker.

Goratschin looks at me with something akin to grudging respect. “Not bad, boy. You might have had potential. Too bad you picked the vrong zide.” He begins throwing those bolts of electricity again. “You von't be able to keep zis up for long, you know.”

He is right. Already, the wall is starting to break up every time a bolt hits, and it is all I can do to keep it from disintegrating completely. I need to do something else...

Amplifying! Until now, I used this talent only on the magic of others, but can I also strengthen my own? Keeping the barrier up, I envision it growing stronger, much like I did with Nomiya's lights. There's a tightness in my chest, but I pay it no heed for now.

When I look up, the barrier has grown in brightness as well as in size. Goratschin is squinting at me. “Vat? How are you doing zat? You should not be able to do zomezing like zat!”

His attacks increase in ferocity. I feel each impact in the barrier, but it stands firm.

A sharp pain in my chest. My hand shoots up to cover it. No, not now!

Still the barrage is unrelenting. Need... to... keep... it.. up! The pain is increasing along with the effort I put into the barrier. My throat constricts, I can't breathe. There are black spots appearing in my vision. I fall to the ground. The barrier falters...

The last things I see before all fades to black are Kenji's face screaming something I don't understand and the whole area being bathed in a white glow...


“I think he's coming to again” The voice is somewhere far off. It is a voice I know, but I don't remember who it belongs to. “I'll take the rest, you go over and help Ms. Miyagi with Hanako.”

Where am I? The ground beneath me feels soft... Grass? Somewhere outside? Tentatively I open my eyes a tiny bit, only to close them immediately, when the bright afternoon sun shines in my face.

Afternoon sun? Wasn't it before noon, when...?

My eyes fly open again. This time the nurse shifts a bit to the side, to block the sun from blinding me again. I try to talk, but my throat is parched, and I only manage some croaking sounds.

The nurse looks at me with concern. “Just calm down, Hisao, everything's okay now. You don't want another heart attack so soon, do you?” He props up my upper torso with some blankets and hands me a glass of water.

My chest is covered in electrodes leading to an ECG. During the past few months, I've learned to interpret those squiggly lines a bit. These look like I won't be dying in the next few minutes.

“Hicchan!” Without warning, Misha throws herself at me, embracing me. “I'm so glad you're okay, Hicchan, they said, you might not make it this time, and...”

She is interrupted and pulled away from me by the nurse. “I'm sorry, but that will have to wait until later. He may not be in immediate danger any more, but he is still connected to the ECG.”

I glance at the display. Right now, the lines don't look healthy at all, but that might be because Misha tore off two of the electrodes. I try to talk again, and this time I manage a short question. “What happened?”

“Well, Takeshi showed us what was happening out here, and when people were starting to get hurt, Mr. De Gasperi decided to put a stop to this and we all went after you. Then we came upon you just as this Goratschin guy attacked you. Mr. Kanzaki and Mr. Mutou took him into custody, and I don't think you will hear from him again in the near future”

That's something, but another question is weighing on my mind. “Kenji?”

The nurse starts to answer, but Misha interrupts him. “Would you believe that Italian guy still wanted to take him, after all that happened! But you were lying there and the nurse said you were going to die, and Kenji said to let him help you, and he did, and then he said it was okay for him to stay here.”

I don't understand a word of what she just told me, and it must be showing on my face, for the nurse is trying hard not to laugh out loud. When he has himself under control again, he begins to explain more slowly.

“Well, using your amplifying powers in that way was a huge strain on you. By the way, I hereby forbid you from amplifying your own powers ever again. You would have died today, if it hadn't been for Kenji.”

I try to ask another question but my throat is still hurting. Misha fills my glass again and hands it to me. I nod a thanks to her. “How did he...?”

The nurse shakes his head. “Kenji came to my office Friday morning and wanted to know everything there was to know about 'a disease called Arrythmia'. He wouldn't tell me who told him, but I think it's safe to assume that Takeshi mentioned it to him.”

“Anyway, when Mr. De Gasperi saw Kenji tending to you and to Hanako, he changed his mind about taking him into custody. He said he'd argue Kenji's case with his superiors, and that he'd probably be allowed to stay here for the time being.”

I feel like I'm slowly regaining control of my voice. “What about the others?”

“We met Emi on our way here. I had to threaten to take her other legblade away as well to prevent her from tagging along. I told her to get herself to the medical station, but she'll probably come running as soon as she gets her spare legs. The others are all at the medical station.”

When he notices my alarmed look, he makes a calming gesture. “Don't worry, everyone's going to be fine. Shizune has some burns on her left arm and shoulder, but with Kenji's help it won't even leave a scar. Hanako's in a bit of a shock, so I put her to sleep for now. Ms. Miyagi is working to turn her scales back to skin, and from what I've seen so far, the skin looks like after a severe sunburn. I just sent Kenji after her to treat that, or it will become very painful in the next few days.”

“I'm most worried about Ms. Mikado here. She took quite a beating there, and though she looks fine there might be internal injuries from all the electricity. The problem is, she refused to go to the medical station, until she was sure a certain someone was all right.”

Misha grins at me. “Hey, I told them I was okay. I even let them bandage my hand.” She waves her right hand in front of my face. It is indeed covered in a bandage.

The nurse sighs. “I hope you'll agree to come to my office, because maybe then there is a chance that she'll come along.” I nod my agreement. “Great! You two wait a moment, and I'll be back with another nurse and a stretcher.”

I want to protest, but I have to admit, I'm probably not in any condition to walk all the way to the nurse's office right now.

The nurse disappears and for the first time in what feels like ages I am alone with Misha.

“You know,” Misha smiles, “you looked really cool when you were facing that big brute all on your own.”

“So you were awake?”

“Mostly... To be honest, if Shicchan hadn't confirmed it afterwards, I might have thought I'd been dreaming. It's not everyday I have a White Knight in Shining Armour fight a duel to the death for me. And the literal White Shining Armour has to be even more rare. I think it's customary for the princess to reward her knight with a kiss, isn't it?”

Before I can answer or react, she is leaning forward and embracing me again. This time our lips meet, and as I lose myself in her arms, I feel for the first time that if my heart would stop beating at that very moment, I could die without regrets...


Please look forward to the Epilogue:
Perfect World
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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.
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Re: Katawa Kijo

Post by scott1and » Sat May 14, 2011 7:02 pm

A great chapter once again, I'm kinda sad its almost all over but it has been a good long read, kudos goes to you :mrgreen:

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Re: Katawa Kijo

Post by AapoAlas » Sun May 15, 2011 10:20 am

I'm looking forward to an epilogue of the type: "And Kenji went on to become the most horrific Necromancer ever to walk upon the Earth. The first thing he did was to murder all of his friends in ways each more horrible than the previous. After that he set onto exterminating women except for an unlucky few who went on to become the breeding machines of his new army. An army built of death and destruction, the Kenji Machine. He would terrify the world for centuries to come, leaving only a small amount of 'free' people alive to fear him, just out of fun."
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Re: Katawa Kijo

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sun May 15, 2011 2:00 pm

Close... but not quite.
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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.
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Re: Katawa Kijo

Post by Mirage_GSM » Mon May 16, 2011 1:33 pm

So, this is it: the final part of Katawa Kijo.
What started out as a somewhat more serious take on a rather silly fanfiction soon grew out of proportion - with the final wordcount now at 47.911.
Originally I thought it would end up at a fourth, maybe a third of that.
A final thanks to Snicket and especially to Leotrak who proofread all of this (and who would be a rich man, if he could keep a dollar for each comma he took out of my texts).
I hope you all enjoyed Katawa Kijo.

Epilogue – Perfect World
A cold wind is blowing in our faces as we leave the gym and step into the schoolyard. Though the sun's rays are still weak, the sky is clear, and they are warm enough to feel comfortable once the wind has let up a bit. Slowly we make our way towards the dorms. Our parents stayed behind to chat with Mr. Mutou for a while.

Misha is holding my hand. “Can you believe it's almost been a year since we first met?”

I shake my head. “How could I? So much has happened since then that I feel like it's been an entire lifetime.”

“Really? I hope you're not getting tired of me after a whole lifetime.”

I know she's just teasing me, but no matter what I say in this situation, she will use it against me. Luckily I spot a chance to change the subject. “Look who's come to visit!”

Misha follows my gesture, breaks into a smile and waves. The two figures are still a ways off, but the tall silver-haired man and the dark-skinned woman are unmistakable – probably the reason they didn't attend our graduation ceremony. We change direction slightly to meet the two.

As expected Misha greets them loudly as soon as they get in earshot – which is quite a distance, if Misha is calling. “Hello Mr. De Gasperi! Hi Martine!”

In the months following the incident Mr. De Gasperi frequently visited Yamaku to keep track of Kenji's progress. It is probably due to his influence with the Mediterranean Council that they never sent anyone else to take him away.

The rest of us exchange greetings and handshakes when we have closed to a more reasonable distance.

“Ah, Hisao, Misha, good to see you. I hope the graduation ceremony went well?”

Misha snickers. “Yes, except for when Rin wandered off sometime in the middle, because she thought it was too boring.”

“And when you decided to embellish on Shizune's speech a bit. You should pray that Takeshi never tells her just what you translated.”

“Hey, everyone liked it, and it wasn't as boring as the stuff Shizune planned to say.”

Martine laughs. “I see, you 'ave not changed at all. 'ow are Shizune and Lilly?”

“Well, Shicchan complained a lot that Lilly was seeing more of her boyfriend than she did, but that should change now that she's not his student anymore. Besides, they should better get along now that they both decided to enter the diplomatic service.”

“They were both accepted to the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, by the way. Shizune enrolled in International Law and Lilly in Linguistics.” I hesitate and look at Misha. “It was English and Chinese as majors and Russian on the side, wasn't it?”

Misha shrugs. “I think so. She's so lucky she can read people's minds no matter what language they think in. Why does she even bother?”

“Sat is because she also 'as to be able to talk to people. Most people don't know about magic. She cannot just mind-talk to anyone. But in a meeting where sere are only mages are present, a Diviner is some kind of universal translator.”

“Yes, and Enchanters are highly sought after in diplomatic service to make sure no one is magically influenced during negotiations,” De Gasperi interjects. “You gave her the idea, Martine, didn't you?”

“We just 'ad a talk about my work. I would 'ave to be stupid to suggest this to such a talented Enchantress. If she starts working for se Pacific Council, she is bound to talk us out of New Mexico.” Despite her words, she is smiling.

Martine had taken a bit longer to warm up to us, but once Kenji had fixed her two broken ribs, she also became quite friendly – especially with Lilly and Shizune. Both of them developed a strong interest in politics - both regular and between the seven councils – after hearing Martine talk about her work.

“She's saying the Southern Council should be more concerned about Australia.”

Takeshi's voice startles me. I turn around to see him walking up to us together with Shizune. To be honest, I was quite surprised when Shizune told us that she and Takeshi had started dating, but Misha told me she'd seen it coming all along. I have to admit they make a nice pair, not only because they don't even need sign language to communicate. Back then Takeshi has proven himself a schemer to rival even Shizune...

“Ah, sere you are. 'isao already told us se news. Congratulations on your acceptance!”

Shizune smiles and takes both Martine's hands before greeting Mr. De Gasperi. She then returns to Takeshi's side, who puts his arm around her waist.

Mr. De Gasperi turns back to Misha and me. “So, what about you? Do you have any plans for the future?”

“We both got accepted into Gakudai.” Misha beams at him.

When his face doesn't show recognition, I elaborate. “It's a short for Tokyo Gakugei University, a school for teachers. I'm going for a major in Literature. If I'm lucky Mrs. Tsukamoto is going to retire around the time I'm finished, and I can return to Yamaku with Misha.”

“For now we've rented a small place about halfway between our University and Nippon Medical school where Hanako and Kenji are going to attend. Misha still needs regular treatments for her cancer so we decided rooming together would be a good idea.”

Martine looks at Misha with concern evident in her eyes. “'ow are Kenji's treatments progressing?”

“It's come to the point where the nurse said we could substitute his treatment for the chemotherapy. I got my last infusion three weeks ago, and the cancer hasn't grown since. It's still going to take a long time to completely cure it, but at least without the chemo, my hair is starting to grow back.” Misha points at the bandanna she is still wearing.

“Speaking of se devil...” Martine points towards the gym where two more figures are just leaving the building.

Sometimes it is still jarring to see Hanako's new look. Well, 'new' might be the wrong word, since she's been wearing her hair short ever since most of it was burnt away in that fireball. It makes her look more mature somehow.

The changes in her personality have been much more gradual, even after the scars on her face were hardly noticeable any more. By now, Kenji has assured me, there is not a single scar left on her body. She is now easily the most stunning girl on campus and has had no shortage of suitors – all of which were devastated to learn that she was already taken.

Kenji... Well, he is still mostly Kenji, but apparently Hanako has managed to convince him that garlic is not really effective against vampires.

More greetings are exchanged, then Mr. De Gasperi turns to Kenji. “I've been told you are going to study medicine. What field are you going to turn to?”

Kenji puffs out his chest proudly. “I'm going to be an ophtalmic surgeon!”

Both Mr. De Gasperi and Martine are taken aback by this statement. “An ophtalmic...?

“I am literally and figuratively going to open people's eyes about the demonic threat looming over us all!”

“But a surgeon? Pardon me, but your eyes...”

“Ah, don't worry about that, I've been working on that, and I'm sure it's going to be fine by the time I'm doing any actual surgeries.”

Mr. De Gasperi looks dubious, but Martine changes the subject by addressing Hanako. “What about you? Are you going to do se same sing?”

Hanako smiles, a sight that would have been unimaginable when I first met her. “I'm not sure yet. Ms. Miyagi suggested trauma surgery or internal medicine. I can't use Transmutation to actually heal people, but what it can do is stemming bleeding until regular treatment is finished or dissolving blood clots, temporarily widening arteries and many more things that can save people's lives.”

Mr. De Gasperi nods approvingly. “And Ms. Tezuka and Ms. Ibarazaki?”

Misha is the first to answer. “Rin is going to an Arts College of course. If she has any plans beyond that, she hasn't told anybody yet. Emi got into Tokodai...” This time she notices the blank looks she's getting herself. “Tokyo Institute of Technology. She's going to major in bioscience and biotechnology and wants to go into prosthetics research afterwards.”

Hanako continues for her. “Emi said she was lucky that she lost her legs below the knees, because there are no decent prosthetics for people who lost their legs above. She said she was going to fix that.”

“So, since you are all going to Tokyo, you are all going to live together?”

“No, it's just the four of us. Shicchan is going to move in with Takeshi, and Emi's and Rin's universities are a bit far away, so they got themselves a flat of their own.” She laughs, a clear sound I've been hearing more often again lately. “Doesn't matter much, though. She's gotten so good at Teleportation, she's probably going to be at our place more often than not.” She jabs her elbow into my ribs. “And a good thing that is, or Hicchan would never keep to his training schedule.”

“Hey!” I rub my smarting side. “Anyway, Lilly wasn't sure yet where she was going to move. She has relatives in Tokyo, but the commute would be very long. She might decide to stay with us after all. Hanako has been offering several times.”

Takeshi disentangles himself from Shizune. “I'm sorry, but I have to go now. There's a final meeting going to start in a few minutes. Kozo says you two are welcome to attend as well.”

Mr. De Gasperi looks at his wristwatch. “I think that would be a good idea. There are a few things I have to talk to him about as well.” He turns to us. “I think...”

He doesn't finish, because Shizune has started signing something. I'm still not any good at sign language despite Misha trying to teach me, but I can guess what this is about.

“I... that is Shicchan wants you to come to our graduation party tonight. Her dad reserved seats in a tea house in town, and there's going to be so many people two more won't make a difference.”

Martine and Mr. De Gasperi look at each other. “I sink sat we will find se time,” Martine says smiling.

The two leave together with Takeshi, heading for the auxiliary building. Hanako and Kenji also excuse themselves to grab something to eat in the cafeteria, leaving the student council to make their way to the dorms.

As Shizune walks ahead, Misha takes my hand, and we fall in step behind her. As I look over my shoulder and see the by now familiar Main building and park-like school-grounds, I am reminded of the day I first came here, the day my 'new life' was going to begin.

“You know, I'm really going to miss this place.”

Misha stands on her toes and places a kiss on my cheek. “I know. That's why we're going to come back.”


Thanks for reading !
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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.
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Re: Katawa Kijo

Post by scott1and » Mon May 16, 2011 2:29 pm

One word, only one small often overlooked word is needed here:


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Re: Katawa Kijo

Post by Petermeter » Mon May 16, 2011 5:58 pm

I loved this fanfic. Easily within the top ten of stories I have read - and I'd like to say I read rather a lot.
Thanks a lot for letting us in on that story, Mirage. If you find the time to write other stories, I'd spend my time on reading them anytime.
And btw: my respect for nearly 50k words o.O
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Re: Katawa Kijo

Post by Leotrak » Tue May 17, 2011 4:03 am

Mirage_GSM wrote:A final thanks to Snicket and especially to Leotrak who proofread all of this (and who would be a rich man, if he could keep a dollar for each comma he took out of my texts).
You're welcome :) So, when can I expect the first deposit? :P

Kidding, kidding ^_^" I had a blast proofreading this, and laughing in my fist when people made wild guesses about what was gonna happen next :3
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Re: Katawa Kijo

Post by Petermeter » Thu May 26, 2011 7:45 am

Just on a sidenote here - maybe you would like to update the OP with the links to the last four or five chapters ( btw: there is a typo in the OP in the number eightteen - not that it really matters). Just in case there are new people to this story.
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Re: Katawa Kijo

Post by Mirage_GSM » Fri May 27, 2011 12:46 pm

Petermeter wrote:Just on a sidenote here - maybe you would like to update the OP with the links to the last four or five chapters ( btw: there is a typo in the OP in the number eightteen - not that it really matters). Just in case there are new people to this story.
Thanks, fixed.
By the way, I'm looking for a second proofreader for my next story.
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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.
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