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Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:57 am
by darrin
"Hicchan? Hicchan! You're awake, hooray! Wahaha~!"

"Ooh, ooh, no, hey, easy, don't move, don't try to talk. Your jaw is kinda wired shut there, and you're... you're pretty banged up, Hicchan. Your left hand is okay, see? But your right hand and arm are a real mess, and your right leg is broken, and you've got a bunch of cracked ribs... woah, easy, that tube in your nose is for feeding you, they said not to touch it, so... um..."

"Do you... remember anything, Hicchan? Like... what happened? No? You, ah, you went on the roof with Kenji, the night of the festival, and you guys... Wahaha, careful Hicchan! From that facepalm I guess you remember, alright! That's good, that's really okay actually! The doctors were worried you might have some head problems too after all that, they couldn't find anything but they couldn't be sure! And your heart too, they have no idea how, but it's fine, fine! No worse for the wear!"

"Talk about miracles, they said you were lucky to even be alive, Hicchan! I mean, a three-story building, that's no joke! You kinda wanged off a fire escape halfway down, and then landed in this bunch of bushes, and it's totally lucky that someone was walking by and saw you right away! It was right before the fireworks started, otherwise there's no way I would have noticed with all the noise... I mean... anyway, they spent all that night getting you stable, and then most of Monday doing surgery. Yep, yep, it's Tuesday now! At least technically, ha ha! Let's see... geez, three in the morning! What a weird time to wake up, Hicchan! Ahahaha!"

"But I feel bad now, I promised I would stay awake but I guess I drifted off there for a while, ha ha. They said you probably wouldn't wake up for another day or so, though, so this is a rea~lly nice surprise! Don't you worry, things are gonna be fine now! The doctors said as long as your noggin is okay, there's not too much else to worry about, everything else will heal up eventually, it will take some time but we will help, whatever you need, it'll be fine! You'll be okay, that's the important thing! I... I just..."

"God DAMN it Hicchan, why would you DO something like that? Do you really hate us that much, have things really been that bad? Because of us? I don't get it, Hicchan! Okay, no, nobody thinks you were trying to kill yourself, but geez, all the folks you could have hung out with Sunday and you picked Kenji? That weirdo? I mean, if you like weird so much, why not hang out with someone weird who is also kinda maybe cute, and also crazy about... I mean... hey, that weirdo is in a lot of trouble, you know? No more parties on the roof for that one, wahaha! They actually thought for a while he might have pushed you, but that's when he REALLY started crying, and said there's no way that'd happen, you are the only one in the world he could ever trust, between the 'feminazis' and the... the 'padu-'... um... I wrote it down..."

"Here it is, the 'po-du-ka-bu-ru-chi-ni-ki', where the hell does he come up with this stuff, he says it's the men who are 'under the heel of the feminist oppressors', which is pretty much every guy on the planet, except you Hicchan, he says you're the only one who was ever on his side, and he would never ever do anything like that! But even if it was an accident, Hicchan, I <sniff>... I still don't GET it, I mean I know I'm not the brightest one around, but I just don't understand, why would you do something so depressing? Getting drunk on the roof with him, when I... I mean we... <sniff> Did you think we hated you? Or... is that it? Do you hate us?"

"Oh, hey, wait, Hicchan, don't... don't cry! Oh geez, oh geez, they said you had to stay calm, and take it easy, and here I am crying, and making you cry! Sorry, sorry! I just... Oh MAN! Talk about Not Very Bright! Here I am grilling you and I TOTALLY forgot to give you... TA DA! The Means to Defend Yourself! Wahahaha! It's a present from Shicchan, one of her notepads and pens, she always carries a bunch around, and this is her absolute favorite pen of all, I told her that when she left it for you, I said, 'Hey Shicchan, that's your most favorite pen of all!' And she said... um... hahaha, never mind, never mind! But she knew you'd need it, and..."

"Ow! Hiccha~n, that hurts, stop pinching me! I... no! You don't need to know what she said, it's just... ow ow OW! Okay! Okay okay! Geez you are so MEAN Hicchan! She said... she said, 'I know which fucking pen it is, just give it to him!' And she slammed it down on the table, I thought she was gonna smack me or something but she just left, wahaha! What? Oh yeah, I always sign when I'm thinking of Shicchan, force of habit, ha ha... wait, what? WHAT? Oh, um, yeah, this is... ARGGH this is so embarrassing, YES okay this is the sign for 'fucking', gah, NO once is enough, and make sure you never EVER say that because that is a VERY bad word and nice girls and boys like Hicchan do NOT use it, wahaha~! Figures that would be the very first word of sign you'd learn, you dirty-minded boy! Well of COURSE it hurts when you try to laugh you big dummy, why do think I'm trying to get you to stop, geez!"

"Okay, quit trying to change the subject, and fess up: just why do you hate me so much you'd drink half a bottle of whiskey with a conspiracy theorist and jump off... okay fine FALL off a three-story building, hmm? No, here, I'll hold the pad, you just hold the pen like this, see... That's it, yay Hicchan! Except I can't read a single word, wahahaha! Hey, hey, relax, just try again, here we go... nice and slow..."

"'Don't hate... love you all... screwed up...' Well, yeah you screwed up, I am asking you why... oh wait... 'no before that', what Hicchan? I don't... no, here, slow down... 'scared off Hanako... couldn't hlp you 2 festvl... blew off emi jogging...' Geez Hicchan, are you serious, a bunch of dumb stuff like that? Man, what is your problem?! Wahahaha!"

"Now come on, Hicchan, calm down, I just think you might be making a big deal out of stuff that is... not that... um... big a deal, you know? I mean, yeah, Hanako ran away from you, but she runs away from EVERYONE, you know, it is kind of just how she says 'hi' to people... 'Hi, I'm Hanachan, gotta go!' Zoom! Wahaha! Shicchan used to say she must think she has a really great butt, 'cuz that's all she ever shows anyone! Wahahaha~! Oh, wow, Hicchan, you look just like Lilly did when she heard that one, BOY did she have a thing or two to say to Shicchan, and vice versa, THAT was a catfight for the record books, I nearly threw my elbow out trying to keep up, Shicchan talks fast when she's mad, and they have been at it ever since really, ahahaha!"

"Ah... It's not really funny, I know, because she... Hanachan was really upset about it yesterday morning, Shicchan was going around telling everyone what was going on, keeping folks up to date, and texting me when she talked to people, and she said Hanachan started crying about it, and saying it must have been her fault, any cute guy would be upset if a girl ran off just because he was trying to talk to her... what? 'hanako didnt say cute guy!'? Never mind, someone did, never mind, never mind! And she definitely DID say that if you want to, you are always welcome to come have lunch with her and Lilly in that little room of theirs! She promises, promises not to run away this time! Promise! And then Lilly said, 'If I have to nail her feet to the floor,' wahaha, do you believe that?"

"Lilly? Oh, uh, she was in that room with Hanachan all day, I think... Well, Shicchan said... I mean you know she's Catholic, right? So um, she had those, those wooden beads, and I guess she was, you know, praying, and Hanachan was just sitting with her... I mean I'm not sure Hanachan believes in any of that, but I guess she must not have had anywhere better to go, you know? Ha ha, well, except here, but she just said she was too scared yet, and started crying again... 'tell her please come... anyone can come'? Sure thing, Hicchan, sure sure! I'll send texts out now, they'll see 'em when they wake up!"

"Done. Oh, more stuff? Let's see... 'what happnd yestrday... you said shizune went around??' Yep yep, she did. Well, word got around pretty fast Sunday night, I think everyone knew by morning. So after we found out about the surgery starting, and what things would be like after that if all went well, she left me the pen and pad and went looking for folks. After she left Hanako and Lilly, she found Emi, I think that's the next text message I got... she was just running around the track, around and around, wouldn't let Shicchan stop her, till finally she just fell down and threw up and started crying. So Shicchan told her... what? Well, DUH, of course, I said this was her favorite pen, not her only one! She's got like six pens and pads in that bag of hers! At least! Wahaha!"

"So she told Emi that if she had enough energy for that, she had enough energy to help. Then she dragged her to the dorm kitchen and they spent the rest of the morning making box lunches for Lilly and Hanachan and me so we could stay... um... stay where we were and keep, well, whatever."

"'rin?' Oh... um... well, yeah, they um... they found her after... after lunch I think... hey, speaking of lunch, are you hungry? Oooh, sorry, right, nose tube, um... Okay, okay, yes, they found Rin, she's fine, don't worry, fine fine fine..."

"Okay, okay, OKAY, I get it, yes, I'll tell you. She was... she was trashing her mural, okay? She was grabbing buckets of paint with her feet and... um... tossing the paint all over the mural. But she could only get so high, so she would also try to kind of scoop up some paint with her foot and throw it... um... higher. Emi tried to stop her but Rin got kind of rough and pushed her away or... well... I guess with Rin it's kind of hard to tell if she's pushing you or kicking you, huh? Aha... ha... um, sorry, I just... I mean all that WORK she put into that mural, and I never even got to see it, and when I heard I just... <sniff> ah, dammit..."

"Sorry. So then Emi just asked her what the hell she was doing, and Rin said... wait, she texted me the bits of the speech she got... what? Yeah, Emi was texting me too, it was easier than writing stuff down for Shicchan and then having Shicchan text me... anyway, oh here it is: 'If I had arms I would be building cyclone fences that actually act like fences way better than fences built by cyclone fence builders who already have two arms but evidently can't even build a cyclone fence worth half a damn even though building cyclone fences with two arms is already their job, but I don't, so I am pretending that this mural is a cyclone fence built by some bastard with two arms whose job it is to build cyclone fences, and I am showing him what I think of his totally crappy cyclone fence which even a girl with no arms could probably build a better one. Fucking cyclone fence building bastard.' So they left her a couple of lunches, and then Emi started to, you know, help her actually, 'cuz she could toss paint out of the cans higher up than Rin can... um, I guess that's when Shicchan came by here again in case I wanted dinner or something. And to find out if there was any news or anything, of course!"

"But... geez, Hicchan, I'm almost afraid to ask, but... I mean, you didn't say anything about Rin in this list of all the 'bad stuff' you did to all of us, wahahaha! So spill it, Hicchan, just what did you do to make her go all cuckoo even by Tezuka standards? Hmm?"

"Oh for crying out loud, not again Hicchan! Quit your bawling and just write it down, dammit! Geez, you are sulkier than Shicchan when she's having her... um... okay just start writing will you? Here let me help... no I got the pad, I told you, just hold the pen, okay, good, that's more like it... Hey hey, not bad, not bad Hicchan! I will have to make you an honorary lefty, you can borrow my scissors if you want! Wahaha!"

"Let's see... 'helped R couple days w/mural...' Well see that's GOOD Hicchan, why didn't you say so, a project that big, that counts as helping with the festival! So you DID help me and Shicchan, see! Okay okay, no more interruptions, got it... hmm... 'went shopping Friday w/Lilly... met Rin spaced out... walked her back to school...' Sounds like nothing but good deeds to me Hicchan, wahaha ow... okay, okay, shh, shh, bad Micchan..."

"'Got out of breath... Lilly asked why... i said fine nothing wrong... didnt talk rest of way back...' But... you weren't fine, were you, Hicchan, hmm? Oh hey, it's okay, it's... it's not really a secret anymore, I mean everyone knows now about your marith... ramithy... amiri... your heart problem... Please don't be mad at me, Hicchan! It's kind of my fault because I... well, while I was here I kept hearing the doctors saying stuff like 'His arimi...' dang it, I wrote it down somewhere, yeah here it is, 'His AR-RHYTH-MI-A could pose a problem,' 'The anaesthetics need to be compatible with his arrhythmia meds,' 'Vital signs are stable given patient's arrhythmia,' yadda yadda, so I finally texted Shicchan and asked her what the HECK this arrhythmia stuff was. They were all in Lilly and Hanachan's tea room by then, and Rin said yeah, it's this heart problem he has, and, well... that was it. Sorry if I... I mean... <sniff>"

"'how long you been here?' Me? Well... ha... ahaha, don't worry Hicchan! Wahaha! Not long, not long! I mean Sunday, well, geez, you pretty nearly fell right on TOP of me, you TOTALLY freaked me out you big jerk, wahaha~! So I had to make sure you got here okay, I wasn't just going to call the ambulance and then watch the fireworks and go home, ahahaha! And all night long they were like, okay, you can go, you can go, and I was like, no thanks, no thanks! Then Monday when they took you to surgery they were like okay, now you HAVE to go, goodbye! And I... well... ahaha... don't laugh Hicchan but I kinda went a little Rin on them, I mean I am not very loud usually right? But this time I think I did get a little loud, just a little TINY EENSY WEENSY bit ha ha, and I said there is no WAY in HELL I am going anywhere when the guy I love is in there DYING and... ah.. ah ha ha..."

"Wahaha, was I too loud there, Hicchan? Sorry, sorry! What? Um, ahaha~, never mind, never mind! It's a HOSPITAL, of course you have to say a lotta crazy stuff or they won't listen to you at ALL, they'll just make you wait in the lobby or send you home! A little white lie, hahaha~! So they said I could wait in the 'family waiting room' right by the operating room, as long as I was QUIET, and I really was, really really, just cried a little bit you know, Shicchan's messages and stuff kept me occupied, hahaha! And FINALLY they came and said you were out, and things looked good good good, a lot of recovery time but nothing we can't handle, long term things should be fine, really fine! And they brought you here, and, well, ha ha, here we are!"

"'whole time?' Well, geez, Hicchan, you make it sound like I was here a whole week, wahahaha! It's not like I did anything, not a thing, just sat here and blubbered a lot, wahaha! Just don't do it EVER AGAIN, stupid Hicchan, you hear me? I mean I don't care what the other girls think about you, or what you think they think, whatever, just promise me if you're ever feeling that down about ANYTHING, you'll give me a call instead of Mr. I-still-believe-girls-have-cooties there, I mean whatever you need, if you wanna go somewhere, or just hide somewhere and talk, if you're not... getting enough..."

"'enuf what???' Enough... um... whatever! Vitamins! Minerals! Ice cream! Wahaha, what did YOU think I meant, are you being dirty-minded again? Ahahaha! Okay, okay, I'm sorry, Hicchan, I know I can be kind of... annoying... and that there are plenty of other girls you'd rather spend time with... but... but I really meant it, Hicchan! If you ever ever feel that down again, if you need someone to hang out with like that, I... I really... <sniff> What, is there something in my hair? Um, ow, my neck, you're... um... hey, careful Hicchan, you've got broken ribs and stuff, remember? Oh! Okay, okay, just one hug, but Hicchan has to be careful!"

"Shh, okay, it's okay, go back to sleep now, see you in the morning, Hicchan! Good night!"

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:13 am
by Wren
Interesting read, I can see Misha doing that.

Though personally I would have told the doc to pull the plug, lol.

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:58 am
by Leotrak
That was... really good O.o

Do you plan on doing any more stuffs? :D

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:43 am
by Arias
Nice. Hope to see more.

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:27 am
by Halkure
Wow. :D That was good. Kinda long with every girl's reaction. Misha felt a wee bit out of character while delivering those.

Nice work~

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:04 am
by Darroth

Go for non-canonical harem end!


Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:43 am
by kosherbacon
So, Misha Route=Kenji Route?

She sure read off as being quite adorable. Good stuff, I enjoyed it.
Shicchan used to say she must think she has a really great butt, 'cuz that's all she ever shows anyone!
Sorry, my yuri fanboy took over there.

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:55 am
by Shades of gray
I hope to all that is holy that the Kenji bromance path actually equals Hisao+All Girls + friendly kenji....

what? I'm a perverted heavy smoker that drinks tea, long live me!

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:55 am
by Xuan
My mind is full of Misha. How am I gonna sleep?!

So Hisao's bad end is the secret route to Misha's garden...

Now let's go completely off topic: Brazil lost. WTF? Thank god I don't gamble...

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:53 pm
by darrin
Leotrak wrote:Do you plan on doing any more stuffs? :D
Well, the first thing I tried (about a year ago?) really sucked, but since this got a bit better reaction (thanks everybody!) maybe I will be able to work up the courage to do something a little less narrow/restricted than this one was...
Halkure wrote:Misha felt a wee bit out of character while delivering those.
Yeah, I was kinda waffling internally a lot of the time between hoping "but she's under a lot of stress, it's an unusual situation!", and worrying "yeah, but is it too much?" More simply, I guess I was hoping the comedy would win in its battle with the cheesiness; maybe it didn't, but that's what I was hoping for anyway. :(

To be honest, I was worried more about getting that response for some of the other girls (Rin, for example)...
kosherbacon wrote:Sorry, my yuri fanboy took over there.
Like Martha Stewart said in that Futurama episode, "It's a good thing."
Xuan wrote:How am I gonna sleep?!
Do what I did while writing it, listen to "Generic Happy Music" nonstop. After the first five or six hours, you still won't be able to sleep, but you kind of... don't care so much?
me wrote:three-story building
Dammit, here I had been convinced that the (third) floor with all their classrooms (3-3 and so forth) was the hightest, then just last night after posting this I finally remembered that they go upstairs from there to get to the art room. :x So that should probably be four-story (which I think would still be possible if not plausible; Misha is actually just guessing that he bounced off the 2nd-floor fire escape, when he probably got hung up on it a bit, before falling the rest of the way)... But since I am confused now, and don't think there's an explicit statement about this in the game itself, I am probably just going to leave it as is. And if a dev chimes in now to say it's really five or more stories, then just forget the whole thing, sorry. :lol:

Thanks again very much for all responses, and please feel free to keep the negative feedback coming, in addition to the positive.

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:39 pm
by SirMax
That was a really enjoyable story and was quite well written. My only minor complaint might be how Lilly was characterised, but extreme emotion and all that.

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:45 pm
by Escalator
I thought the reactions were a little over the top, considering Hisao would have known all these people for roughly a week. Otherwise, fun read.

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:46 pm
by Leotrak
darrin wrote:five or more stories
Say he fell through a tree, and add a load of tiny cuts and bruises :P
Xuan wrote:Now let's go completely off topic: Brazil lost. WTF? Thank god I don't gamble...
*Lion's roar*
Admit it, the Dutchies kicked ass in the second half of that match. They actually should've scored a few more times, though, if they didn't have to mess up that much...

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:57 pm
by EmP|ty
I really rather enjoyed this, there were a few small things here and there that could have done improving, and I didn't like Rin's reaction as it didn't seem like her really, but overall it was a rather nice read, definitely. I feel you got Misha's personality pinned down rather well, or at least plausibly believable.

Re: Constant Companion

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:11 pm
by PharaohSauron
darrin wrote:" can borrow my scissors if you want! Wahaha!""
For some reason, this brought a smile to my face.